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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 91 of 109)
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sons : Williatn and Elbert.

7. Charlotte Millikan' ( l ), eighth daughter of Jonathan^ ( 1 ), b. in Park Co.,
Ind., March 25, 1852 ; m. Frank Whittenmyer and lived at Montezuma,
Ind. No children.


1. Milton Millikan^ (1), eldest son of Benjamin-' (2), b. in Randolph Co..
N. C., Oct. 19, 1825; m. Hannah Stalker in 1850 (she was b. .March ^o,
1830) and lived on a farm in his native place until March 19, 1865, when,
to avoid joining the Confederate army, his sympathy being with the l^nion
cause, he went to Indiana. His family, consisting of his wife and six chil-
dren, followed in September. He rented a farm for seven years near Carmel,
Hamilton Co., Ind., and then, in 1872, he purchased the farm near Sheridan,
Ind., where he now ( 1902) resides. He served as a Justice of the Peace in
Randolph Co., N. C. for 15 years. Mr. Millikan is tall, erect, and muscular,
and well preserved for a man of his years. He was brought up in the
Quaker faith, but is not now connected with any church. Nine children.
See 5th generation.

2. Daniel W. Millikan^ (1), second son of Benjamin'' (2), b. Jan. 3, 1828 :
m. Ann Cross, daughter of Thomas and Tabitha Cross, ( b. in Randolph


Co., N. C, May 3, 1843) Dec. 22, 1859. He resides at Ashboro, the county
seat of Randolph ; is a farmer and holds the office of magistrate. Fourteen
children of whom with 5th generation.

3. Azel Millikan' ( l)j third son of Benjamin'^ (2), wash. June 7, 1829;
m. Eliza Ann Spencer, daughter of Joseph and Rachel Spencer ( she b.
lune 6, 1841) Jan. 30, 1S61. Her parents lived at Level Plains, Randolph
Co., N. C. Mr. Millikan, who was a farmer, d. Feb. 17, 1890. Nine chil-
dren, all living save one. See 5th generation.

4. Benjamin Millikan^ (7), fourth son of Benjamin' (2), b. Apr. 24, 183 1 ;
twin brother of Rebecca. He has been three times m. ; hrst to Mary Sawyer
who d. in Indiana .and was buried in the Greenwood Quaker churchyard;
secondly, Sarah Lauohlin who d. in 1875, and was buried in Marlboro,
Quaker churchyard, Randolph Co., N.C. ; thirdly, Ardelia P. Farlow*
who is now living. (1902) He inherited the old Millikan homestead first
granted to his great-grandfather, William Millikan, who moved from Pennsyl-
vania to Rowan Co. in 1758. He lived in the old house that was built on
the same site of the one burned down by Colonel Fanning in 1779, until
1891, when he erected a new residence. He was deputy sheriff for thirteen
years ; afterwards elected by the people sheriff for the county for two years,
and during his term of office it became his unpleasant duty, in the execution
of the law in accordance with his oath, to hang a man who had been con-
victed for the murder of his wife. In consequence of the exercise of this
function of his office his Quaker bretheren disowned him. He was elected
to the State General Assembly as representative in 1888 and served with
honor. He was also a Justice of the Peace for Randolph Co. His residence
at Sophia, is seven miles from Ashboro, the county seat. Mr. Millikan has
been a useful public man and highly respected citizen. He is a lover of
liberty and rejoiced in the emancipation of the slaves by the sweep of Lin-
coln's pen. A high-minded, sturdy, uncompromising Republican, he stands
for all that is just. He has many valuable old family documents in his
possession, among them an early land plat drawn from a survey by William
Millikan. Kindly responding to my every request, he has furnished many
records and much interesting information for this book. See introduction.
Thirteen children for whose record see 5th generation.

5. Rebecca Millikan^ (4), eldest daughter of Benjamin^ (2), and twin sister
of Benjamin, b. on the old homestead in Randolph Co., N. C, Apr. 24,
1831 ; m. Alexander Redding.

6. Nancy Millikan^ (5), second daughter of Benjamin^ (2), b. -in Randolph
Co., N. C., Dec. 3, 1833 ; m. Zebedee Stalker and moved to Indiana where
both have died.

7. William P. Millikan^ (17), fifth son of Benjamin^ (2), b. on the old Mil-
likan farm in Randolph Co., N.C, Nov. 17, 1835; m. Rebecca Spencer,
daughter of Joseph and Rachel (Stalker) Spencer of same county, Aug. 4,
1859. She was b. June 25, 1839. He moved from his native county to

*TiiK Fakhav FAMII,^. Xathan Karlow was living in Randolph Co., N. C, when
Fanning burned William Millikan's house, and his posterity are now numerous there.
Two of the wives of IJenjamin Millikan of Sophia, N. C, were Farlows. Two of the sons
and four daughters of David Uavis whose wife was Rebecca Millikan, married Farlows,
but of distinct families.


POSTERITY or WILl lAM Ml I.IJh'.lX. (;;ii

Indiana, going by train, in March 1S70, and settled on a farm in Rush (O.
He d. Sept. 29, 1S75, in Hamilton Co., hid. H is widow in. secondly, a M k.
Shy, and is living at Westtield, ind. Si.\ children.

I. Sarah I'",. Mii.iikw, h. in Kiindolijh ( d., .\.('., Sej)!. 3, 1S60; in.
\\iiii\M K.\Ki., Sept. (), 1H85, and has Gracie xviiX Chalvwn.

II. t^uiNCV M. MiMikAN, 1). in Randolph Co., \. ("., .\'ov. 6, 1S62 : m.
Dec. 2, 1S86, LAifKA Sii.nARr. I'anner, and has I\ij\\ Or/, in,/,
Minnit\ ffers/ie/, Man,/. Live in Hamilton, Indiana.

111. Raciiki. V. Mii,i.iK.AN', b. in Randolph Co., N. C., March 30, 1-S65 ;

in. Nov. 23, 1S82, Ki-swokiii HiAt'cnAM!', farmer. One child, /'/vv/.
i\. JDSKi'H M. MiLLiKAN, b. in Randolph Co., X. C., Jan. 3, iS()S: in.

Aug. 31, 1889, XoRA Hkrruk and lives in Cleveland, ( ). A core

maker by trade. Two children, Ear/ and Carl.
V. Rknjamin Z. Millikan, b. in Rush Co., Ind., May 7, 1870; m. Sept.

22, 1889, TiLLiK G.-VLAMORK and has issue, Etiic/, Essa, Beniicr and

Betijamin B. He resides in North Piatt, Neb. Boiler maker.
VI. Wii.i.iAM P. Mii.LiKAN, b. in Rush Co., Ind., .\ug. 20, 1872; m. Aug.

1895, Dora Richardson and has issue, L/oy,/, Hcrsltal and J)on.

He is a farmer.


1. Henry L. Millikan' (2), eldest son of Andrew^ (1), b. in Randolph Co.,
N. C., Jan. 12, 1823 ; went to California and settled at Napa City, Napa Co.

2. Martha Jane Mill ikanMl), daughter of .Vndrew'' (l), b. in Randolph
Co., N. C, Dec. 25, 1825; m. Jonaihan Cloud, .Vug. 8, 1849, and has
issue five children: \Vi//iam I/., Jcrcfniali M., Ju/ia A.,, Alber'. D. and
Cliar/es E. Resides at Indianapolis, Ind.

3. Wyatt C. Millikan^ (1), second son of Andrew' (1), 1). in Randolph Co.,
N. C, Jan. lo, 1828; moved to Independence, Ks. in 1870, and is still
living there.


1. Caroline Millikan^ (1), daughter of SamueP (4), b. Jan. 28, 1818; m.
John Ki.i.iott. They removed to Indiana and are both deceased.

2. Jane Millikan^ (6), daughter of Samuel' (4), b. June 11, 18 19; d. young.

3. Jesse Millikan^ (4), son of Samuel' (4),b. Oct. i, 1820; d. when young.

4. Samuel Millikan^ (8), son of SamueV (4), b. Dec. 14, 1821 ; m. Hannah
HiKiT, remcned to Indiana and both are deceased.

5. Mary Ann Millikan^ (8), daughter of Samuel'' (4), b. Apr. 30, 1824: m.
Lemuel Spencer (b. Oct. 6, 1810) in June 1855, and lived on a farm in
the northern part of Randolph Co., about two miles from Guilford Co. line.
She was a Quakeress of the staunch kind. Mr. Spencer d. June 6, 1901 :
she d. May 5, 1902. Six children.

I. Mary Caroline Spencer, b. May 24, 1858; d. May 4, 1864.

II. Sophronia Eliza Spencer, b. Jan. 3, i860; living, unm.

III. Isaac Millikan Spencer, b. July 8, 1861 ; d. May 12, 1864.

IV. Albhrp Sidney Spencer, b. Jan. 25, 1863; d. June 14, 1864.

V. MARfHA Louisa Spencer, b. May 22, 1865; d. Feb. 8, 1895.

VI. Infant Daughter Spencer, b. May 22, 1865; d. same day.


6 Tamar Millikan^ (3), daughter of Samuel-' (4), b. Dec. 13, 1825; d. in

7. Rachel Millikan^ (l), fifth daughter of Samuel-' (4) and Martha Coltrain,
b. in Randolph Co., N. C, Oct. 13, 1827; m. July 27, 1851, David Davis,
son of Nathan Davis, and lived near Edgar postoffice in Randolph Co. She
had the old bible of her grandfather, the Samuel Millikan who was b. in
Pennsylvania, containing a full record of his family, now embodied in this
book. Mrs. Davis furnished the compiler much incidental information for
this work which she had hoped to see published. He d. July 7, 1900; she
d. Dec. 24, 1902. They had thirteen children named as follows:

I. Iesse W. Davis, b. June 8, 185 1 ; m. Mary Coltrain and lives at
Glenola, N. C. He has seven children. Mr. Davis has manifested
a deep interest in this genealogy and has furnished records of many

II. Mary Ann Davis, b. May 10, 1852 ; m. Sewell Farlow.
HI. Samuel B. Davis, b. Apr. 18, 1853; m. Mary Farlow.
IV. Rebecca J. Davis, b. June 2, 1854; d. June 5, 1859.

V. Cyrus S. Davis, b. Oct. 18, 1855 ; m. Cynderilla Farlow.

VI. Martha C. Davis, b. Nov. 19, 1856; m. Isaac Farlow.

VII. Tamar E. Davis, b. Jan. 15, 1858; m. Rufus Sawyer.

VIII. Miriam A. Davis, b. July 25, i860; m. Elihu Farlow.

IX. Sybel M. Davis, b. March 31, 1863; m. Shubael Farlow.

X. Abbie E. Davis, b. Sept. 13, 1865.

XI. Rachel R. Davis, b. Oct. 5, 1868; m.

XII. David G. Davis, b*. Oct. 5, 1868; m. Cornelius Coltrain.

XIII. Elva E. Davis, b. Feb. 17, 1872.

Mrs. Rachel (Millikan) Davis had, in 1902, sixty-one grandchildren.

8. Mahlon Millikan^ (1), thirdson of SamueP (4), b. in Randolph Co., N.C.,
June 27, 1829; m. Nancy Davis, sister of David Davis, before mentioned,
daughter of Nathan Davis, b. Oct. 21, 1828, and removed to Indiana after
1863. Residence, Fairmount, Grant Co., Ind. Eight children were b. in N.
C. See forward to 5th generation.

9. Jacob C. Millikan' (2), fourth son of SamueP (4), b. in Randolph Co.,
N. C, Feb. 18, 1833; m. Feb. 14, 1862, Milliard Blair, b. Feb. 14, 1835
and lived on a part of his grandfather's farm where he d. June 18, 1887.
His widow and three children are living on the farm. Issue:

I. Sally J. Millikan-^ b. Nov. 24, 187 1. \ ^jj ^xx^a\^
II. Martha A. MILLIKAN^ b. Nov. 11, 1873. Y -^^ ^ ^^
III. Nereus M. Millikan^ b. Dec. 25, 1880. ) ^

10. Benjamin Millikan' (7), fifth son of SamueF (4), b. in Randolph Co.,
N. C, Apr. 2, 1837 ; m. Samantha Lyndon and remained on the homestead.
He is dead ; also his wife. Two daughters. See 5th generation.

J^iftb O)cncr;ition.


I. Ann E. Millikan-' (4), eldest daughter of William' (6), b. July 22, 1836;
m. Edmond Emerson Wood of New Hampshire, March 9, 1870, and lives
at Reading Road, Avondale, , Cincinnati, O. Mr. Wood is a prominent


POSTERITY 01- liJLlJAM M//./ /A'AX. iJU;}

patent attorney. One son, 11 '////a »i A'dv U'ooi/, h. Jan. 14, 1S71 ; a graduate
of Cincinnati Law School.

2. Charles A. Millikan' ( 2 ), eldest son of William^ ( 6 ). No record.

3. William W. lYlillikan' (18), second son of William' (6), m. Xannii. R.
Smith and lives at Washinj^ton Court House, O., where he was associated
with his father in publishing; the l\i\<-tli- Coiiitty llt-ralil. Three children,
Susie M., Hiig/i and I\juliiu\

4. Louis C. Millikan'" (2), second daughter of William' (6), d. in Lake Co.,
(). in iS6>.

5. Emma C. Millikan'' (1), third tlau^Hucr of William' ( 61, d. in infancy.

6. Emma G. Millikan'' ( 2), fourth daughter of William' (6), is a stenog-
rapher. She was employed for nearly hve years in the office of Wood &
Boyd, patent attorneys, of Cincinnati, O. She has taught shcjrthand at
\\'ashington Court House, in Newalk, ()., and in the Lexington Business

7. Mary E. Millikan'' (9), fifth daughter of William' (6), d. in 1S63.

This family record is unsatisfactory, hut inquiries of author were not
replied to.


1. Francis M. Millikan'' (l), eldest son of Jesse' (2), b. at Washington Court
House, O., Jan. 10, 1834; m. Mrs. Mary Morehead of Philadelphia, I'a.,
at Sacramento, Cal. He went pverland to California in 1852, where he has
since resided. He is by occupation a printer and publisher, and is editor
of the riacer County Republican. He has a fruit ranch near his home in
Auburn, Cal.

2. Miranda Millikan"' (l), eldest daughter of Jesse^ (2), b. at Washington
C. H., O., Aug. 7, 1835 ; d. there, Aug. 18, 1869, unm.

3. Vasco Millikan^ (1), second son of Jesse^ (2), b. Nov. 18, 1836; never
married. He served in the army during the (Mvil war in the 7 2d Illinois
Infantry, known as the " First Board of Trade Regiment," of Chicago.
His company, the "Scripp's Guards," was named for the postmaster of
Chicago at that time. He was a printer and publisher by occupation. He
d. in Chicago — beingfound dead in his room — Sept. i, 188S. Hisd. caused
by disease contracted in the army.

4. Jared L. Millikan'' ( 1 ), third son of Jesse'* (2), b. at Washington C. 11., ( ).,
Aug. 18, 1838; served in the Union army during the Civil war by two en-
listments at Laporte, Ind., in Co. F, 9th Ind. Inf, Col. Robert H. Milroy,
and in Co. B, of the 138th Ind. Inf., Col. Jas. Shannon. He m. Mary L.
W'lLSON, daughter of Dr. John G. Wilson of Washington Court House, ( ).,
June 16, 1891. He is now (1897) a printer and reporter on the Daily
'Herald at W. C. H.

5. Baldwin Millikan'* (2), fourth son of Jesse^ (2), b. at Washington Court
House, ()., Apr. 4, 1841, and d. there Sept. 26, 1841.

C. Baldwin Hartzel Millikan' (3), fifth son of Jesse^ (2), b. at South Bend,
Ind., July 12, 1842; m. June 30, 1878, Elizabeth B. Dahi., daughter of
George and Ruth (Berryman) Dahl. Heenlisted in Co. C, 114th O. \"ol.



Inf'y., Aug. 20, 1862, and served until the close of the war. Was discharged
July 22, 1865. Since his return from the Union army he has served as Lieut.
Col. of the 6th O. N. G. for several years. He is now a successful business
man of Washington C. H., being a member of the hrm, " Dahl, Millikan Co."
one of the largest wholesale houses in southern Ohio. He has served as
Clerk of Courts for P'ayette Co., O. Is now a trustee of the Ohio Industrial
School for girls, besides holding a number of other responsible positions.
There were two children :

I. Ruth Maria Millikan, b. Jan. 8, 1879.
11. Jesse Hartzel Millikan, b. May 20, 1888.

7. George Millikan^ (4), sixth son of Jesse* (2), b. at South Bend, Ind.,
Uec. 27, 1843 ; d. in childhood.

8. Margaret Ann Millikan'^ (2), second daughter of Jesse* (2), was b. at
South Bend, Ind., Nov. 6, 1845 ; m. William M. Written of South Bend
in Sept. 1875. Three children, Laura, Williajii and Robert.


1. John Wyatt Millikan (8), son of Nathaniel* (l), b. Oct. 10, 1849; m,
in 1S69, Mary H. Ockerman at Frankfort, Marshall Co., Ks. He is a
civil engineer. Residence, Vliets, Ks.

2. William E. Millikan^ (19), son of Nathaniel* (1), b. 1858; m. Belle
Shorne in July 1885, at Beattie, Ks. Residence, Kansas City Mo. Clerk.

3. Ulysses G. Millikan^ ( l), son of Nathaniel* (1), b. July 21, 1864. Farmer,
Wyman, Neb.

4. Kate Millikan^ (2), daughter of Nathaniel* (1), m. Peters; resides at
l^nion Star, (or station) Mo.


Charles W. Millikan'^ (3), son of John* (2), d. in infancy.
Charles Millikan-'" (4), second son of John* (2), d. in infancy.
Eliza Millikan-' (l), eldest daughter of John* (2), d. in infancy.
Mary W. Millikan-' (10), second daughter of John* (2), d. in infancy.
Francis Lewis Millikan-'' (2), son of John* (2), b. June 22, 1852 ; d. March

Carrie Luella Millikan^ (1), daughter of John* (2), b. May 24, 1855 ; was
m. Sept. 5, 1873, in Plymouth, Ind., to Eton Romain Ingersol, of Chicago,
111., who d. at Crown Point, Ind., Dec. 5, 1881. To them was b. in Chi-
cago, Francis Byron J/igcrso/, Sept. 17, 1874. Mrs. Ingersol is deputy auditor
of Lake county, Ind.

7. Virginia Ellott Millikan'^ (1), daughter of John* (2), b. in Laporte, Ind.,
Sept. 6, 1858 ; was m. Nov. 26, 1883, at Crown Point, to William E. Jakwav.
To them was b. in Chicago, Aug. 24, 1886, Ru//i Millikan Jakway. Mr.
Jakway is a wholesale hardware merchant in Lincoln, Neb.

8. John Wesley Millikan-' (9), son of John* (2), b. Jan. 18, 1864, inLaporte,
Ind. ; m. about 1895, Hellen Beilafkait. To them were b. at Hammond,
Ind., in 1896, Walter Millikan'^, and in 1899, Quineia Millikaif. He is a
merchant in Hammond, Lake Co., Ind.

POSTERITY or If//. /JAM M// / IKAX. [\\\;


1. Ednuind Millikaiv" { 1). eldest son of Samuel' (5), lives at (Jrecnfiekl,
Hancock Co., ind., where he is en<^a<^ed in the hardware and phinihinj^
trade. Has one child, Chcstei'\

2. Emma Millikan' d). eldest dauj^hter of Samuel^ (5), was ni. t(j Jamks
1,. Mason of Greentiehl. Iml.. ami d. six weeks after nuptials. Mr. .Mason
was a State Senator.

T,. Ellen Millikan"' (l), second daughter of Samuel' (5), was m. to Okorck
t'oDi.KV. a lawyer of Connecticut. She has d. 'I'wo children, /fsu' and

4. Samuel R. Millikan'" (9), second son of Samuel' (5), ni. Rei.i.k Gwvnnk
of Greenfield, Ind., where he is a practicing physician. Children: I'\iniiit-
ir\, Bi-///\ and Kaf/\

5. Jesse C. Millikan-'^ (6), third son of Samuel' (5), was adopted by Rev.
\\'oodrutY and wife of New \'ork, after the death of his father. He after-
wards lived with his brother Kdnuind and sister Kllen, and with ( urran
Millikan. Now li\ ing at Greenfield, Ind., and has a family. IMumber by


1. Catherine Millikan'^' (3), eldest daughter of CurranMl), b. March 27.
1842, lost her hearing as a result of scarlet fever, when seven years of age.
She was well educated and has traveled e.xtensivelv. She resides at Santa
Clara, California, unm.

2. Emily Millikan"' (2), second daughter of Curran' (l),b. March 29, 1S44:
was m. Oct. 19, 1869,10 John Dallas Stuckey, son of John and Margaret
(Jamison), Stuckey, b. in Fayette Co., O. Has lived at Washington C. H.,
O., where Mr. Stuckev was a mill owner and dealer in grain. Thev now
live on Linden Ave., College Hill, Cincinnati, O. There were five children
named as follows : Blanche Elizabeth, C/ara /aviison, Grace Millikan and

3. Melissa Millikan"' (l), third daughter of Curran^ (l), b. Dec. 19, 1850;
was m. Aug. 23, 1888, to Frank Johnson of Washington C. H., O., who is
a son of Solomon Faulkner and Mary (Creamer) Johnson. He is vice
president of the P. and I), bank at Washington C. H. Also special pas-
senger agent of C. H. & D. R. R. Co. One child :

I. Marv Flr.iZABK.rH Johnson, b. Jan. 11, 1890.

4. Herman L. Millikan"' (l), only son of Curran^ (1), b. Feb. 20, 1855; was
killed in a railroad accident, Oct. 9, 1880, in his twenty-si.xth year, having
fallen between the cars on an e.xcursion train.


I. Maria Millikan' (2) eldest daughter of Jessie^ (3), b. Oct. 9, 1836: was
m. to Nathan Hicks Pvle of Jay Co., Ind., Aug. 12, 1852 ; he was a far-
mer and school teacher. They lived on the farm of Louis Seamans, Mr.
Pyle's uncle, and on the farm of Don Piatt in Logan Co., O., for twelve
years, till 187 i. Mr. Pyle d. Aug. 8, 1881, and she d. May 5, 1878, in Jay
Co., Ind. Fight children as follows:

12, 1840,


5, 1842;


2, i859-



I. Ann Pylk, b. Apr. 11, 1853, m. July 16, 1872, James Ray. She d.
Feb. 4, 1881. They lived near New Mount Pleasant, Jay Co., Ind.
He was a farmer. Children: Lejvis Melviii, b. Feb. 4, 1876, and
John William, b. Nov. 16, 1877.
11. Jesse Millikan Pyle, b. March 29, 1856; unm.

III. Elias Hicks Pyle, b. Nov. 19, 1859.

IV. Augusta Pyle, b. Feb. 29, 1861 ; d. Feb. 29, 1861.

V. William Pyle, b. Apr. 5, 1863; d. Apr. 16, 1896, single.

VI. Ella Piatt Pyle, b. Feb. 13, 1866, m. Apr. 19, 1885 to Edward

Wise of Jav Co., Ind. They live on a farm near Dunkirk, Ind.

Children: Harold, b. Dec. 24, 1885; Maud E., b. March 16, 1888;

Lulie, b. March 26, 189 1 ; Eva G., b. July 18, 1894.

VII. Calvin Pyle, b. Aug. 26, 1869, is employed in a handle factory at

Veedersburgh, Fountain Co., Ind.
viii. Clayton Pyle, b. March 31, 1872; d. Feb. 8, 1883.

2. Samuel H. Millikan'' (10), eldest son of Jesse'* (3), b. Nov. 17, 1838, and
d. Aug. 24, 1848.

3. Benjamin Millikair (8), second son of Jesse'' (3), b. Sept.
d. Nov. I, 1840.

4. Elma Millikan-' (2), second daughter of Jesse* (3), b. Jan.
m. to WiLLLiAM Colwell Hudson of Jay Co., Ind., March
was a tanner, and later in life a farmer. They lived in New Mount Pleasant
until the fall of 187 1, when they removed to a farm in Jay Co. In the fall
of 1872 they removed to Missouri and settled in Worth Co., and in 1893
went to California. He d. at Gilroy, Santa Clara Co., Apr. 3, 1895. She
was m. second, Dec. 24, 1896, to Judge J. A. Bowdoin of Klamath Falls,
Ore., where she d. June 3, 1898. Six children by Mr. Hudson.

5. Melissa Millikan'^' (2), third daughter of Jesse* (3), b. Sept. 27, 1843, was
m. first to Pleasant Hammond of Jay Co., Ind., and lived on a farm in
Illinois. She went with her mother to California in 1873. Was m. second
to W. C. Thiele of Sutters Creek, Cal. She was m. Jan. 20, 1883, to Charles
H. Smith. They live at Lodi, San Joaquin Co., Cal. No children.

6. Erskine Millikan"' (l), third son of Jesse* (3),b. Oct. 10, 1845; served in
the Union army in the Civil war. He belonged to Co. G, 39th Regiment
Ind. Vol. Was present and acted as bearer of dispatches at the battle of
Chicamauga, and distinguished himself by his coolness and bravery. He
was afterwards sent out raiding, and was captured and confined in the
Confederate prison at Cahaba, Ala., for eight months. In Apr. 1865, he
was exchanged and with others took passage on the steamer " Sultana."
On the morning of Apr. 27, 1865, this steamer blew up, and over a thous-
and lives were lost, his among them. He was not m. An official account
of this accident may be found in the war records.

7. Mary E. Millikan-'^ (H), fourth daughter of Jesse* (3), b. June 14, 1847 ;
was m. to William Smith, a mine carpenter. She d. in Amador Co. Cal.,
May 1875. No children.

8. Jesse Millikan'' (7), fourth son of Jesse' (3), b. Sept. 8, 1849; m. Lydia
E. Hudson, daughter of Edwin and Sarah (Geiger) Hudson, of Jay Co.,


i:' (

Iiul.. j.in. 14, 1S71. I Ic is a wagon maker, carpenter and contractor. Tliey
have lived in several western states inchulinfi Missouri, Iowa, Kansas,
Colorado and California; their last known address was (Jrant City, Mo.

9. Samuel W. Millikair' (H), fifth son of Jesse' (3). h. Dec i.j, 1S51.


1. Elizabeth L. Millikair' (4), eldest dauj^hter of kit hard' (1), b. Aiij;. 2^,
1847; was m. to Ckorc.k Huwakd Cook., Dec. 25, iSOO. Shed. .May 20,
iSqG. Five children. They resided in Chicago.

2. Mary E. Millikair' ( 12 ), seroml daughter of Richard^ ( 1 ), b. Feb. S, 1849 ;
was m. to IIknrv Crozier, Feb. 12, 1S79. Reside in Washington, ( ). Three

3. Elvira A. Millikair' (1), third daughter of Richard^ (l), b. Nov. 22, 1S52 ;
was m. to Charlks B. Swknkv of Xenia, O., Nov. 12, 1870. She d. June
15, 1882. F'our children.

4. Josephine L. Millikair'^ (l), fourth daughter of Richard-* (1), b. Nov. 17,
1853 ; was ni. to Joseph S. Wilson, of Washington, -Vug. 3, 1894. No

5. Alice C. Millikan' (1), fifth daughter of Richard'' (l), b. Sept. 12, 1856;
was m. to William C. Card of Hartford, Ct., May 24, 1882.


1. Anna E. Millikan' (5), eldest daughter of John^ (3), b. May 14, 1852;
was m. to A. S. Jones of Middleton, Butler Co., O., Oct. 15, 1872. He is
of Welsh parentage but b. in Philadelphia. One son, Frank S.

2. Lyclia A. Millikan'^ (2), second daughter of John-* (3), b. Apr. 23, 1854,
and d. Aug. 28, 1855.

3. Jesse B. Millikan' (8), eldest son of John-* (3), b. March 4, 1858; m.
TiLLiE Dawson of Coalton, Jackson Co., O., Sept. 17, 1873. He is an en-
gineer on the Cincinnati, Hamilton tv: l^ayton Railway. No children.

4. Kate L. Millikan'^ ( 3 ), third daughter of John-* (3), b. Oct. 10, 1868 : was
m. to Frank McDowell, Nov. 3, 1887. They live at Washington, D. C.
Two children.

5. W. Frank Millikan'' (l), second son of John-* (3), b. Nov. 27, 1869; m.
Louisa C. Kohlhorst of Celina, Mercer Co., O., Dec. 20, 1893. He has
been a telegraph operator. Has traveled considerably. Now (1898) an
engineer on the C. H. &: D. railway. Two children.


1. Anabel Millikan-' (l), daughter of Baldwin^ (1), b. Dec. 28. 1S53 ; il. Jan.
30, 1877 at Viola, 111.

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