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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 93 of 109)
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Bend, La., on the Mississippi river, where her husband is engaged in the
practice of medicine.


I. Mary Jane Millikan'' ( 18), eldest daughter of William* (H), b. in Critten-
den Co., Kv., in 1848 ; was m. to George F. Thomas at Fords Ferry, Ky.,
in 1868.

Note. — The eleven children of Pleasant and Jimima Millikan. who lived to maturity
were all Baptists in religious faith, and of the eight sons not one was in the least dissi-
])ated in any way. Six of the sons served in the Confederate army and only one was very
slightly wounded; one, however, died from a disease contracted in the army.

rOSTEKlTY Ol- Wll.l.l.lM MII.IJKA.W 70;

2. Isabell MlHikan' (2), secoiul daufihtcr of William' (11). 1). Oti. 20, i.S4<j:
111. June 29, 1890, j(jHN W. DuNAiiUK at ( (Jininerce, Tex.; d, Oct. 2, iS()i,
at Cave-in .Springs, 111.

3. Bettie JVlillikaiV (1), third daiij;iiter of William^ (11), b. in 1.S55 : ni. in
1878, \\ . W. 1'km., at Cave-in Springs, III.

4. James Chesley Millikan"' (3), elde.st .son of William* (ll),b. in Crittenden
Co., Ky., Nov. 14, 1857; m. Nok.\ Mhi-kinson at Cave-in Springs, 111.. May

4. 1890. He is employed as a river pilot. Children as follows:

I. Imuph Millik.-\n", b. Jan. 24, 1891 ; tl. Jan. 10, 1892.
II. I AMIS K. Miiiik.^n", b. Sept. 9, 1893.
III. Daisy I. Mii.i.ikan", b. Sept. 9, 1897; d. Nov. 30, 189S.

5. John H. Millikan'^' ( 14) second son of William' ( 11 ), b. in Crittenden ( o..
K v. in 1859 ; d. in i86o.

6. Alice E. Millikaiv' (2), fourth daughter of William' (H), b. in Crittenden
Co., Ky. in 1861 ; m. and lives at Simpson. Her husband is a miller. She
has three children.

7. Sue E. Millikair' (1), fifth daughter of William* (11), b. in 1863; d. in
Feb. 1890.

8. Ceorge Franklin Millikan-' (6), third son of William' (ID, b. May 24,
1867 ; d. March 4, 1889.


1. James Wesley Millikan-"' (4), eldest son of John-* (5), b. in Henry Co.,
Ind., Nov. 4, 1839; enlisted in the Union army, Aug. 28, 1861, and d. in
the service of his country at Jeffersonville, Ind., Feb. 10, 1862, as Orderly
Sergeant of Co. " C," 36th Ind. Vol. Inf., aged 22 years.

2. Mary Elizabeth Millikan' (19), eldest daughter of John* (5) and Mary
Koons, b. in 1841 ; d. in infancy.

3. Sarah Jane Millikan^ (8), second daughter of John* (5) and Mary Koons,
b. in Henry Co., Ind., Aug. 3, 1842; m. Nov. 20, 1862, Thomas Bknton
Hunt, b. in Hamilton Co., O., July 29, 1840, a son of John and Margaret
(Mullen) Hunt, and a farmer near Newcastle, Ind. Mns. and Thomas 13.
Hunt are worthy members of the Disciples church, and to them have been
b. five children, four sons and a daughter, as follows:

I. Clay C. Hunt, b. in Henry Co., Ind., March 11, 1864; lawyer and
referee in bankruptcy for District of Indiana ; resident of Newcastle.
He m. Ian. i, 1890, Blanche Yount, daughter of David S. Yount
(Capt. Co. " H," 69th Ind. Vol. Inf.) and Julia ( Kursey ) Yount of
Newcastle, Ind. She was b. May 6, 1867. They have one daughter,
Nellie Catherine, b. Oct. 5, 1892,

n. John Millikan Hunt, b. in Henry Co., Ind., April 23, 1866; m.
Aug. I, 1889, Laura Mn.Horr, b. in same county, Nov. 16, 1869,
daughter of Benjamin and Hannah ( Per.sonett ) Milhoit of Newcastle,
Ind., where they reside as farmers. Members of the Disciples church.
Two children, '//<7S<:7 Maria, b. Apr. 24, 1S91, and Harry J!'., b.
Nov. 23, 1895.


in. Clkmma Hunt, b. in Henry Co., Ind., March 19, 1867 ; d. Sept. 23,
1884, aged 17 years odd.

IV. James Russell Hunt, b. in Henry Co., Ind., Oct. 29, 1869; m.
Dec. 18, 1895, to Lizzie Nicholson, dau. of Jesse and Mary (Mc-
Afifee) Nicholson of Newcastle, Ind., b. in White Co., July 20, 1869.
He is a traveling salesman.

V. George Webster Hunt, b. in Henry Co., Ind., Nov. 3, 187 1 ; m.
Aug. 27, 1890, Flora, dau. of George and Ann Stanley of Indian-
apolis, Ind. He is city salesman for the Remington typewriting ma-
chine, residing in Indiadapolis.

4. De Vault Koons Millikan'^ (1), second son of John-* (5), b. in Hancock
Co., Ind., May 7, 1844; m. Sept. 16, 1874, Gertrude Boyd, daughter of
William L. and Martha (Hixon) Boyd, both deceased, of Henry Co., b.
Nov. 30, 1856. To this couple were b. two children named as follows:

I. Glenn Roscoe Millikan'', b. June 3, 1876; m. Dec. 28, 1898,
Stella Hall, dau. of James K. and America Hall of Martin Co.,
Ind., where she was b. Apr. 16, 1874. He resides in Indianapolis,
and is city solicitor for the Indianapolis " News."
II. Florence Emma Millikan*'', b. Aug. 18, 1888. All of this family
are members of the Disciples church.

5. Mary Elizabeth Millikan^ (20), third daughter of John^ (5) and Martha
Koons, b. in Henry Co., Ind., Feb. 16, 1846; m. May 26, 1869, Hamilton
Z. Beck, who was b. in Hagerstown, Wayne Co., Aug. 15, 1846. He is a
farmer near Newcastle, and a son of George and Elizabeth Beck. Both
members of the Disciples church. To them were b. two sons named as
follows :

I. Ray M. Beck, b. in Henry Co., Ind., Apr. 18, 1875. Salesman for

the " Smith Premier " typewriting machine at Indianapolis, Ind.
II. Frank Willard Beck, b. in Henry Co., Ind., June 10, 1883.

6. Francis Marion Millikan'^ (3), third son of John^ (5) and Martha Koons,
b. in Henry Co., Ind., Dec. 2, 185 1 ; m. Sept. 16, 1874, Emma Florence
Boyd, daughter of William L. and Hannah A. Boyd, b. Oct. 18, 1850, and
d. in Newcastle, Ind., Aug. 22, 1888, aged 38 years. Mr. Millikan is a real
estate Loan Agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
of Milwaukee, Wis., residing in Indianapolis, Ind. He has one son. He
m. second, Feb. 25, 1897, Mrs. Elma Elliott Barbour of Shelby ville,
daughter of Mrs. Ann Elliott of Indianapolis, Ind.

I. Harry B. Millikan'^, son of Francis, b. in Henry Co., Ind., June
18, 1875, and is a stockholder in, and connected with, the Indian-
apolis Veneering Company.

7. Thomas Benton Millikan-' (5), fourth son of John^ (5), b. in Henry Co.,
Ind., March 28, 1854; m. Oct. 26, 1877, Mary Alice Peed, b. in same
county, Feb. 16, 1854, and d. in Newcastle, July 25, 1902, in her 49th year,
she being a daughter of James C. and Martha (Boyd) Peed of Henry Co.,
Ind. Mr. Millikan is assistant cashier of the Citizen's State Bank of New-
castle, Ind., also State Bank Examiner. His residence is in Newcastle.
Three children named as follows :

I. John Russell Millikan", b. in Newcastle, Ind., Sept. 8, 1884.


II. Mary Louisa Millikan", b. in Newcastle, Ind., April 5, 1892.
III. Martha Janki- Mii-i,ik.an'', !>. in Newcastle, liul., M;ir(h 10. 1897.

8. Isaac Newton Millikan'' (4), lifth son of john^ ( 5 ), I), in Henry Co., Ind.,
Dec. 31, 1855; in. Dec. 15, iSSi, Narcissa liovD, b. in same county, A|)r.
i6;i86i, being the daughter of James M. and Tamelia (Hunt) IJoyd of
Newcastle, Ind. Mr. Millikan is a farmer near Newcastle. .All members
of his family are members of the Disciples church. To this couple were b.
two children named as follows :

I. Imogexe Millikan", b. in Henry Co., Ind., Jan. 16, 1889.
II. Wayne Millikan'"', h. in Henry Co., Intl., I'eb. 18, 1895; d. July


1. Sophrona Jane Millikan-''' (l), eldest daughter of Matthew^ (1), b. Sejit.
26, 1852, and d. Sept. 27, 1857.

2. Nicholas Millikan'' (1), eldest son of Matthew^ (1), b. Apr. 7, 1857 ; m.
June 30, 1879, Miss Isabella Skildknect, who d. June 12, 1897. He m.
second, Miss Emma McCain, in 1898.

3. Lizzie Millikan'' ( 8 ), second daughter of Matthew^ ( 1), b. Dec. 26, 1858 ;
m. Feb. 17. 188 1, W. H. Wilson, by whom one daughter, Lowva Jessie, b.
June 8, 1886.

4. Phoebe Millikan'' (1), third daughter of Matthew^ (1), b. March 13,
1862; m. Feb. 15, 1883, Lsaac N. Koons, by whom one son, Luther, b.
Nov. 14, 1887.

5. Lovel Millikan^ (1), second son of Matthew* (1), b. June 22, 1864; m.
Dec. 31, 1887, Miss Clara Burton, by whom one daughter, Cleo, b. Dec.
3, 1890.

6. Perry Millikan"' (2), third son of Matthew^ (1), b. June 6, 1865 ; m. in
1895, Miss Ella Wrightman, by whom one son, Harold, b. June 18, 1897.

7. Clay Millikan-^ (l), fourth son of Matthew^ (1), b. Sept. 15, 1868; m.
May I, 1895, Miss Gertrude Wrightman, by whom two children, Bcrnice,
b. Feb. 17, 1898, and Eugene, b. Aug. 12, 1901.

8. Linnie Millikan"^ (1), fourth daughter of Matthew* (1), b. Apr. 20, 1872 ;

9. Bertha Millikan^ (1), tifth daughter of Matthew* (1), b. Feb. 9, 1874;
d. Aug. 7, 1875.

10. John R. Millikan-' (15), fifth son of Matthew* (1), b. May 30, 1876; m.
Dec. 25, 1 90 1, Miss Bessie Hewith,

11. James E. Millikan^ (5), sixth son of Matthew^ (1), b. Nov. 13, 1S7S ;
is unm.


I. Ora Lee Millikan^ (1), only daughter of David^ (2) and Martha, d. in

2. Mont V. Millikan^ (1), eldest son of David* (2), b. March 8, 1868.

3. Clint R. Millikan-'^ (1), second son of David* (2), b. Apr. 15, 187 1.



1. John A. Millikair' (16), son of William-* (14), b. in Grainger Co., Tenn.,
Oct. 7, 184S ; removed with his parents to Crittenden Co., Ky. in 1850, and
there grew to manhood. In 1870, he went with his parents to Montgomery
Co., Mo., and on Dec. 5, 1878, he m. Miss Lydia G. Morrow who d. Dec.
28, 1883. She was a native of Montgomery Co., Mo. He m. second, Oct.
3, Miss C(JRa M. Livey of Kansas City, Mo. She was b. Apr. i, 1877.
By this union one child, Egelteen Millikaii, b. July 17, 1901.

2. Sarah A. Millikan''^ (9), daughter of William^ (14), b. in Grainger Co.,
Tenn., March 3, 1850, and went with her parents to Crittenden Co., Ky.,
where she grew to womanhood. In 1869 she m. John B. Wheeler, and in
1S70 went with her parents, brothers and sister, to New Florence, Mo., and
with the exception of one year in Kansas, has lived in that state since.
Present residence. High Hill, Mo. Two children named as follows :

I. William M. Wheeler, b. in Crittenden Co., Ky., Aug. 24, 1869;
m. Elzoda I. Carroll, Feb. 20, 1895, and has two children. A
leading physician living in Franklin Co., Mo.

II. Thusia H. Wheeler, b. in Montgomery Co., Mo., Sept. 15, 187 1 ;
m. Nov. 26, 1902, William V. Patterson, school teacher for 10
years. Resides near Montgomery City, Mo.

3. George R. Millikan^ (7), second son of William^ (14), b. Oct. 2, 1851.

4. Jehu Millikan'^ (1), son of William^ (14), b. in Crittenden Co., Ky.,
April 12, 1853 ; removed with his parents to Montgomery Co., Mo. in 1870,
and there grew to manhood. He m. June 5, 1878, Miss Mary P. Marrow,
b. July 3, 1861, and d. April 8, 1887. By this union two daughters. He
m. Jan. 10, 1889, Callie Davidson, b. Oct. 5, 185 1. He has always lived
in Montgomery Co., Mo. Farmer.

I. Mary P. Millikan*^, d. aged 2 years.
II. LoNA B. Millikan*', b. Apr. 17, 1882.

5. Theodorich Millikan-^ (l), son of WilliamM14), b. in Crittenden Co.,
Ky., near Dyersburgh, on the Cumberland river, Jan. 20, 1855, and in boy-
hood removed with his parents to Montgomery Co., Mo., where he grew to
manhood. He m. Miss Sarah E. Morrow, b. Dec. 19, 1852 in said Co.
By this union two children named as follows :

I. William E. Millikan'', b. Nov. 23, 1880; m. Nov. 27, 1901, Miss
Virginia Thompson, b. in Montgomery Co., Mo., Nov. 18, 1881,
and has Mattie C, b. Nov. 12, 1902.

II. Mary O. Millikan*^, b. Nov. 5, 1882 ; d. Oct. 7, 1892.

6. Harvey Millikan-' (1), fifth son of William^ (14), b. Oct. 23, 1859. Resi-
dence, Stevensville, Mont.

7. Matilda I. Millikan'' (3), second daughter of William^ (14), b. June 19,
1863 ; m. a Mr. Russell and resides at High Hill, Mo.

8. Isomes W. Millikan-^ (1), sixth son of William* (14), b. Oct. 13, 1867,


I. Mary Jane Millikan-' (21), eldest daughter of John^ (6), b. March 7,
1833 ; was m. first, to William Baker and had six children. She was m.

rOSTERllV ('/• Wll I.IAM MJI.I.lk.lX. 1\

second, to Hknrv Mook, who served in Co. "G/'Sylh Ohio liif, Union
army, \)\ whom she had one son, Jt-ssc Moor, h. May 5, 1S74.

2. Sarali Ann Millikaii'' ( 10) second ihiuj^hter of John' ( 6), b. June 19, 1835 ;
m. M ARiDA Ai.LKN and had two rhildrcn. She tl. with consumption.

3. Margaret Hannah Millikan'' (4), third chiuj^hter oi John^ (6), I). Apr. lO,
1837; was ni. to John Crownkr and has a son, IVilliom Miiri,l,i, living;
near Fairfield, la.

4. William T. IVlillikan'' (23), eldest son of John' ( 6), I), in i;rntoii ( o.. N.C,
1839 ; served through the Civil war in the L'nion armv, la. \'ol. 1 U- resides
at Parnell City, Nodaway Co., Mo.

5. Benjamin Franklin Millikan'' (10), .second son of John' (6), h. Jan. -9,
1842 ; d. when a l^oy.

6. Nathan B. Millikan-' (3), third son of John' (6), b. Nov. 29, 1843; m.
S.AR.\H Gr.w, and d. when a young man. Two children.

7. Malissa E. Millikan-^ (3), fourth daughter of John' (6), b. July 10, 1847 ;
d. aged 16 years.

8. John K. Millikan'' (17), fourth son of John* (6), b. June 29, 1849; d.
in infancy.

9. Samuel C. Millikan'' (12), tifth son of John' (6). b. Oct. 22, 185 1 ; d. in
his "teens."


1. Alpheus L. Millikan'' (l), eldest son of Samuel-* (7), b. .\ug. 27, 1S34;
m. MARrHA Hampton of Iowa, and had a son who d. young, and one daugh-
ter, now Mrs. Frank Reynalds of Harlan, la. Soon after he attained his
majoritv he went to Indiana where he remained for some time, then went
to Keokuk Co., la., where he m. He was hired by one Amos Burnett, to
drive a caravan team across the Plains to California, but d. with typhoid
fever, Sept. 16, 1859, and was buried at Fort Walla Walla, Washington Ter.

2. John Millikan'" (18), second .son of SamueP (7), b. Apr. 12, 1834; fol-
lowed his brother Alpheus to Indiana, thence to Iowa, where he joined him
among his many relatives. He also hired with Amos Burnett to drive a
caravan team over the Plains to California, but d. Sept. 20, 1859, within
four days of his brother's d. with the same malady, and was buried by his
side at Fort Walla Walla, \\'ashington Ten, unm.

3. Emma J. Millikan"' ( 3 ), eldest daughter of Samuel' ( 7 ), b. Feb. 18, 1838 ;
d. May 31, 1839.

4. Ruth Millikan-'"' (1), second daughter of SamueP (7), b. Apr. 4, 1840:
was m. to JoHX Calvix John-son of Randolph Co., farmer, by whom three
children b. there; then moved to Indiana where they lived several years,
thence went to Clinton, Mo. Large family.

5. Nicholas Carter Millikan"' (2), third son of SamueP (7), b. Nov. 12, 1842,
and d. Aug. 10, 185 1.

6. Emily A. Millikan-' (2), third daughter of Samuel' (7), b. March 13,
1845; ^^'^^ '"'^- to joHX Addisux Bi.air, Dec. 14, 1S64. Both are members


of the Society of Friends, and have always resided in Randolph Co., N. C.
Their home is within one mile of the High Point tS: Ashboro railroad. Post
address, Progress, N. C. Mrs. Blair has long been an invalid and a great
sufferer, but has been sustained by an unfaltering trust in God's promises
and the possession of His grace. She has furnished many records for this

7. Margaret E. Millikan-^ (5), fourth daughter of Samuel^ (7), b. Oct. 3,
1S47 ; d. June 29, 1851.

8. Eleazer B. Millikan-"^ (l), fourth son of Samuel-* (7), b. Nov. 15, 1848;
m. Sadie Johnson and lives in Moravia, Ind. Farmer. Two children.

9. Mary E. Millikan^ (22), fifth daughter of Samuel^ (7), b. Apr. 9, 185 1,
and d. March 14, 1854.

10. Martha C. Millikan-^ (5), sixth daughter of SamueP (7), b. March 14,
1854. Is now in the hospital at Morgantown, N. C, unm.

11. Rachel A. Millikan'' (2), seventh daughter of SamueP (7), b. Sept. 22,
1856; was m. to Jesse Davis, Maud, N. C, and d. Apr. 7, 1902

12. Thomas C. Millikan-'^ (6), fifth son of SamueP (7), b. Oct. 16, 1859; d.
unm. Dec. 23, 1895. He was educated in the common schools and at Guil-
ford College, and was a gentleman of intelligence and uncommon talents.
He was Deputy Clerk of Courts for Randolph Co., N. C, and was a candi-
date for Congress in his district, being nominated by the Republicans in a
heavy Populist section of the state.


1. Jonathan Millikan'^ (3), eldest son of William^ (15), b. May i, 1845, and
d. without a family Apr. 21, 1902 in Hendricks Co., Ind. Lumberman.

2. Fanny Millikair' (l), eldest daughter of William^ (15), b. Dec. 22, 1846 ;
was m. to Robert English, farmer, Archdale, N. C.

3. Martha Millikan-'^ (6), second daughter of William'* (15), b. Nov. n,
1848 ; d. unm.

4. EdnaMillikan^ (l), third daughter of William^ (15), b. March 15, 1854;
m. Eli Franklin and lives in Belleville, Ind.

5. Mary Millikan^ (23), fourth daughter of William* (15), b. Nov. 9, 1858 ;
m. Jesse Kelley, deceased, and lived in Arcadia, Ks.

6. Elwood Millikaif' (1), second son of William-* ( 15), b. Aug. 5, 1861, and
resides in Belleville, Ind. with his mother. No family.


I. Oliver S. Millikan^ (l), only son of Calvin-* (1), b. in Randolph Co., N.
C, Nov. 9, 1842; m. Elizabeth A. Clark, June 21, 1863, and resides at
Stockport, la. as a farmer. Three children.

I. William A. Millikan^ b. Nov. 17, 1864; m. May 21, 1S86, Maggie
A. W.okins who d. March 10, 1887, and he m. second, March 21,
1889, Tabitha D. Kendrick. His residence is somewhere in Kan-
sas. Children as follows :


(i). Roy Mim.ikan'', b. Au<?. 17, 1887.

(2). Edith M. Millikan', b. Aug. 12, 1889.

(3). Claudia E. Millikan^ b. June 24, 1890.

11. Flora E. Millikan", b. Sept. 23, jS66; m. Sept. 20, 1887, (Iilhkrt

S. Post.
III. Ei.i/A j. Mii.i.iKAX'', b. June 11, 1S68; cl. [;iii. 30, 1868.


1. Nancy Angeline Millikaiv' (7), eldest daughter of Clark-" (l), b. Sept. 30,
1S52 in Randolph Co., N. C. Now living unni. at Sheridan, Ind.

z. Lewis Elwood Millikan'^ (3), eldest son of Clark^ (1), b. Oct. 10, 1855;
m. Mariha Em.kn Uakkkr, Eeb. i}^, 1882, and resides in Sheridan, Ind.,
as a fanner. Lewis is active and prominent in the Society of Frientls. 'I'wo
children as follows :

I. Arza Hamer Millikan", b. July 21, 1883.
II. Edna Pearl Millikan", b. June 24, 1886.

3. Infant Millikan' (1), child of Clark^ (1), b. Nov. 19, 1857; d. Dec.
8, 1857.

4. Florence Ellen Millikan'' (2), second daughter of Clark^ (1), b. June 30,
i860, in Randolph Co., N. C. ; m. April 8, 1879, L. R. Nickels, a carpenter,
and resides in Nobleville, Ind.

I. Clifton C. Nickels, b. Sept. 6, 1880.

II. Ueecher a. Nickels, b. Apr. 27, 1883.

III. Edgar E. Nickels, b. July 11, 1889.

IV. Florence E. Nickels, b. July 6, 1892.
v. Merrttt R. Nickels, b. Sept. 6, 1895.

5. Lunda Martisha Millikan"' (1), third daughter of Clark-* (l), b. Oct. 2,
1862; was m. March 17, 18S1, to Vinson Mordicie Moore of Nobleville,
Indiana. Children.

I. Nora L. Moore, b. Jan. 25, 1882.

II. Flossie G. Moore, b. May 24, 1886.

III. Cecil R. Moore, b. May 8, i88g.

IV. Orace C. Moore, b. Dec. 15, 1900.

6. Alice Martha Millikan-"' (3), fourth daughter of Clark^ (1), b. Aug. 7,
1S64; ni. Nov. 6, 1884, Owen D. Coy, who d. Feb. 23, 1894. A farmer.
Her address. Traverse City, Mich.

7. Anna Florence Millikan-'^ (6), sixth daughter of Clark^ (1), b. Dec. 5,
1869; m. Feb. i, 1891, Clark Stout, lumberman, Silver City, N. C. Issue:

I. Lester M, Stout, b. Feb. 21, 1894.
II. Larn C. Stout, b. March 31, 1896.
III. Lydia S. Stout, b. Sept. 12, 1901.

8. Lucetta Jane Millikan'^ (l), seventh daughter of Clark^ (1), b. Dec. 19,
1874; d. Aug. 30, 187S.


I. Thomas F. Millikan^ (7), eldest son of John^ (7), b. Aug. 9, 1846; was
m. three times; first, to Miss Hinshaw, second, to Miss Julien. Farmer,
Randleman, N. C. Three children.


2. Sally Millikan^ (4), eldest daughter of John^ (7), b. May 24, 1848 ; was
m. to Warrkn Alfred, farmer, and resides at Sophia, N. C.

3. William C. Millikan'' (24), second son of John^ (7), b. March 29, 1850 ;
was m. to Jane Clapp. Farmer and merchant, Randleman, N. C.

4. Mary J. Millikair (24), second daughter of John* (7), b. Oct. 11, 1853 ;
was m. to J. D. Robbins, a farmer of Newmarket, N. C.

5. Eliza V. A. Millikan' (3), third daughter of John* (7), b. Dec. 28, 1855 ;
Avas m. to L. H. Lamb and resides at Sophia, N. C.

6. Eunice P. Millikan' (l), fourth daughter of John* (7), b. Jan. 17, 1858 ;
was m. to Orlando Davis, farmer, of Sophia, N. C.

7. Allen W. Millikan' (3), third son of John* (7), b. Marc'h n, i860; m.
Minnie Underwood. A farmer, Liberty, N. C.

8. Rachel R. Millikan' (3), fifth daughter of John* (7), b. Oct. 6, 1862;
was m. to Addison Davis, farmer, Randleman, N. C.

9. Winborn B. Millikan' (l), fourth son of John* (7), b. Apr. 4, 1865 ; m.
to Parthena Blizard ; second, to Miss Girson ; third, to Miss Deaton.
Farmer. Residence, Lexington, N. C.

10. Cora E. Millikan' (2), fifth son of John* (7), b. March 8, 1868 ; was m.
to William King, farmer. Havor Hill ? N. C.


I. William W. Millikan' (25), eldest son of Allen* (2), b. Aug. 21, 1839, at
Thorntown, Ind. ; m. at Lafayette, Ind., Nov. 19, 1868, Sarah Brown, and
resides at Thorntown, Ind., where he is engaged in farming and harness
making, having succeeded to his father's business. The following clipping
from a local paper speaks for itself : " The oldest continued business in
Thorntown today, and far away by many years over the next oldest, un-
doubtedly is the Millikan Harness establishment, which is 65 years old this
month. It is remarkable in other ways in that its management has passed
only from father to son, retained the same name, and remained in the same
location, sixty-three years. Mr. Will. Millikan, the proprietor today, was
born in a cabin on the same lot where the store now stands. About that
time the shop in front was burned out but in less than a month, loyal citi-
zenship had the then young proprietor. Boss Millikan, securely established
again in a new building. This business is also remarkable in the changes
that such industry has undergone. Many years ago the main work was the
making of saddles, and such an establishment made and sold principally
saddles. Orders for buggy or carriage harness used to come very far apart
and were from a distinguished or wealthy citizen. Today it is harness, and
never a saddle. Then it was a saddlery, now a harness store. Inasmuch as
every business must rise or fall by its own merit or lack of it, such a career
speaks volumes for honesty and the straightforward business management
with which such establishment must necessarily have been conducted to
reach such a position in years." To them were b. five children named as
follows :

I. John E. Millikan^, b. July 13, 1870, now a bookkeeper in Indian-
apolis, Indiana.


II. Jessik E. Millikan", b. March 23, 1872, She is a Kindergarten

teacher in Indianapolis, Ind.
IV. Raymond T. Mii.i.ika.v", h. Nov. 11, iSSo. He is a student and

harness maker.
V. Kai.i-ii a. Mili.ikan', b. June lo, 18S3. Harness maker.

2. Vestol L. Millikan'^ (1), daughter of .Allen* (2), was h. May 23, 184 1 at
Thorntown, Ind. and d. at Apulusia, La., Nov. 4, 1864.

3. Harmon W. Millikan"' (2), second son of Allen* (2), was b. .Aug. 23, 1843
at Thorntown, I ml., ant! d. there July 14, 1846.

4. Milton W. Millikan^ (2), third son of Allen* (2), h. July 4, 1846 at Thorn-
town, Ind., and was shot in battle at IJlue Pond, Ala., Oct. 21, 1864.

5. Francis E. Millikan" (4), fourth son of Allen* (2), b. Aug. 14, 1848 at
Thorntown, Ind., and d. there Aug. 21, 1857.

6. Elwood A. Millikan' (2), fifth son of AlleiV (2), b. Aug. 4, 1850 at Thorn-
town, Ind.; d. there Feb. 6, 1851.

7. Alice E. Millikan'' (4), second daughter of Allen* (2), b. Dec. 24, 185 1 ;
was m. Dec. 19, 1872, to George Coulson, druggist, at Thorntown, Ind.,
and has four children named as follows :

I. Harry M. Coulson, b. Dec. 8, 1873; d. July 21, 1874.

II. Ernest L. Coulson, b. Dec. 8, 1873; d. Apr. 26, 1874.

III. Edith E. Coulson, b. Oct. 7, 1880. Student.

IV. Earl G. Coulson, b. Oct. 21, 1884. Drug clerk.

8. Florence I. Millikan^ (3), third daughter of Allen* (2), b. July 17, 1853
at Thorntown, Ind. ; was m. Oct. i, 1874 to Hanneoan C. Norvell, a dry
goods salesman, at Winchester, Ind. One son, Walter, b. Oct. 14, 1875.
In dry goods business.

9. Charles E. Millikan'^ (7), sixth son of Allen* (2), b. Nov. 3, 1856 at Thorn-
town, Ind., and d. there Feb. 18, 1870.

10. Carrie B. Millikan^ (3), fourth daughter of Allen* (2), b. Apr. 15, i860

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