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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 97 of 109)
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in Atlanta, Ga.
VII. Capt. Alsbury Fowler, b. June 30, 1862 ; m. Jan. 18, 1880, and
lives in Orange, Ga.

6. Elisha Franklin Millican, b. in Walton Co., Ga., Feb. 2, 1826; m. Apr.
II, 1847, Malinda Fornetta Dickerson ; second, March 7, 1857, Lucinda
Ann Garrison; third, Nov. 25, 1880, Lou J. McFaddon ; fourth, Nov. 22,
1884, Malinza Ann White. First m. in Cherokee Co., Ga., and moved to
Cave Springs, afterwards moved to Cedartown. Farmer. Four children
by first wife.

I. Mary Rebecca Millican, b. March 30, 1849.
II. Frances Isabella Millican, b. July 19, 1850.

III. Elizabeth Frances Millican, b. Jan. 21, 1853; died Aug. i, 1854.

IV. Charles Nelson Millican, b. June 26, 1855; m. in 1879, Maggie
Beale, near Cave Springs ; lived and died in Polk county.

V. James Garrison Millican, b. Feb. 28, 1858 ; m. 1883, to Callie
Ann Crawford of Southern Georgia. Carpenter in Cedartown, Ga.
VI. Brillanta Forneta Millican, b. June 5, i860; m, to John Diffee
of Cross Plains, Ala. Resided near Cave Springs, Floyd Co., on a
farm till death. She lives with her sisters near Cedartown, Ga.
VII. Sarah McIntosh Millican, b. March 3, 1861 ; m. 1884 to James
A. Burton of Oglethorpe Co., Ga., and are farmers near Cedartown,
VIII. Paul E. Millican, b. Nov. 7, 1883; d. March 3, 1903. A traveling
salesman. Single.


I. James Franklin Millican, son of Charles, b. near Cave Springs, Ga., Dec.
30, 1846; was in the Confederate army in 1864, Co. C, ist Ga. Cavalry;
came home Apr. 9, 1865 ; went to school at Cave Springs about six months


in 1866, and on Dec. i j^th of that year in. .Sis.\.\ ( a i iikkink .Vsuhuk.n, b.
in Mailison Co., Ala., aiul il. July 8, 1901. His home is :\f Ivdiiu-, (',:\.
Children as follows :

I. Sidney Augustus Millic.w, b. Jan. 4, i8G8; now livinfj in .\h\-

l)ama. A railroad man.
II. Sus.vN N.ARCissu.s MiLLiCAN, I). .Marcii J9, 1869; d. May 5, 1869.

III. Thoma-S David Millican, b. June 25, 1870; d. May 1873.

i\-. Claude Ellington Miii.uan, b. May 12, 1873; now a moulder,

living in Rome, Ca.
V. MiNNiK Lkk Millican, b. May 10, 1875.

VI. Charles William Millican, b. Apr. 21, 1877; a railway engineer.
VII. Lewis Brown Millican, b. Nov. 7, 1879. Farmer,
viii. Susan Ollie Millican, b. March i, 1882 ; m. K/ra HARKERin Nov.
1901 ; d. Jan. 22, 1903.
IX. Atticus Depass Millican, b. Aug. 5, 1S84; now moulder's appren-
tice, Rome, Ga.

2. Rev. Charles Kitchins Millican, son of Charle.s, is a minister now at Dun-
kirk, Maryland.

Thomas Millican and wife Sarah lived three and a half miles north of Stone
mountain in Georgia, and was probably a brother of Andrew Millican who
had twelve sons and three daughters. According to statements written by
his granddaughter, his children were named as follows:

1. Andrew Millican, b. Nov. 22, 1810; m. Eleanor Seth Pounds, Dec. 11,
1834; she was b. Oct. 16, 1813, and d. Apr. 5, 1885. Mr. M. d. Apr. 19,
1 89 1. Children as follows:

I. Marv jMargaret Millican, b. March 19,1844; m. Ei.isii a Samuel

Harmon, Aug. 11, 1870. She d. June 8, 1887.
II. Attalie Elizabeth Millican, b. June 5, 1846 ; d. Feb. 4, 1873, unm.
HI. John Thomas Millican, b. Nov. 15, 1852 ; d. Aug. 3, 1853.

IV. Martha Ann Millican, b. Oct. 3, 1854. Single.

2. James Millican m. Nancy Bankston.

3. Jeremiah Millican m. Elizabeth Wood.

4. Thomas Millican m. : name of wife unknown.

5. Polly Ann Millican d. unm. in 1883, aged 80?

6. Hazley Millican m. John Wood.

Jeremiah Millican, a son of that Thomas and wife Sarah, whose home was
north of Stone Mountain, removed in early life to Mississippi, settling in
Simpson county. He became a wealthy planter and retired in afiluence.
The family is mentioned by one who knew them in Georgia as of e.xcellent
standing. Tradition says he was notified of a fortune deposited and await-
ing his call in the Bank of England. He m. Francis Hoi.mrdok and raised
a family of three sons and six daughters, whose names will follow :

I. Harrison Lee Millican m. Amanda Deer of Rankin Co., Miss. He d. in
Simpson Co., Miss.


2. William Millican m. Nancy Barlow, and d. in Simpson Co., Miss.

3. Pleasant Millican m. Nancy Davis of Louisiana, and had issue as follows :

I. Thomas Levi Millican m. Dicy Longstone. He was in Buford's
Confederate Battery ; also in Miles' Legion during the Civil war.
Widow living in Richland, La. Children : Luellen O., Susan, Lee,
Shrilda J., Thomas L., Mary A., William L., and Esau.

II. Laura Millican.

III. Adaline Millican.

IV. Emily Millican.
V. John Millican.

VI. Mary Millican, m. Harper.

Susan Millican m. John Gwynn and survives.
Julia Millican m. George Gwynn, Copiah Co., Miss.
Dinah Millican m. John Gates, of Copiah Co., Miss.
Jerusha Millican m. J. M. Rayland, of Laurence Co., Miss.
Ruth Millican m. Ashley Mahaffey, Simpson Co., Miss.
Lucinda Millican m. James Hilton, Simpson Co., Miss.

Samuel Millican had a son William Millican who lived at Boonesville,
near Briar Creek, and 30 miles from Augusta, Ga. Was a planter and slave
holder. Had two sisters. A son, Brady Millican, is an engineer on the
Georgia railroad. He knows but little concerning his family, nor does he
condescend to reply to letters of inquiry.

James Millican, was b. in North Carolina, moved from there to Madison Co.,
Ga., and thence to Jackson Co., where he d. May 12, 187 1. He m. Sarah
Moon. Was prominent at the county fairs where he exhibited fine bred
horses. He was small and of dark complexion ; a man of excellent character.
His family consisted of three sons and two daughters named as follows :

1. Col. Robt. J. Millican (l), son of James and Sarah Moon, was b. in Jack-
son Co., Ga., Feb. i, 1821 ; m. Oct. 19, 1843, Martha Foster Mitchell
who d. Nov. 18, 1883. They had no children, but adopted a daughter of
William and Mary Gilleland, who became the wife of Mr. Hi. Casey, and
lived in Atlanta. Mr. Millican was an able lawyer engaged in practice at
Jefferson, Jackson Co., Ga. He entered the Confederate army, was com-
missioned colonel and was killed at Big Shanty, Cobb Co., Ga., in the sum-
mer of 1 86 1.

2. Capt. William Terrell Millican (l), son of James and Sarah Moon, was
b. in Jackson Co., Ga., Jan. 7, 1823 ; was educated at the University of
Georgia, at Athens ; studied law under his brother Robert, at Jefferson,
Jackson Co., Ga. ; moved to vJamesville, Franklin Co., Ga., where he com-
menced the practice of law in 1855. He m. Feb. 10, 1856, Lucinda E.
Weld of Chenango, Co., New York. In 1857 he bought land and removed
one mile south of "Camesville, Ga. When the war of the Rebellion came on
he organized a company of which he was captain, (Co. B) in the 15th
Georgia regiment. His coippany was known as the " Tugaloo Blues.


Later he was promoted to colonel. He was killeil while {gallantly Icadin};
his company at the battle t)f Sharpshiir^, Mil., .Sept. 17, 1S62. I lis widow
d. at")<l"amesville, (la., .March 11, 1S76. I'hey left two children named as
follows :

I. Lucy Tkrrki.i.a Mii.i.ican, b. at Camesville, Ga., June 11, 1S57 ; lu.
Jan. 31, 1875, to Dr. A. L. Tavni:, a j^raduate of the Atlantic Medi-
cal College, in 18S7. and is now practicing medicine at I'orl Lamar,
Madison Co., Ga. I'hey have three children,
(i). William Osi^vr I'ayn'K, b. at Camesville, (ia., Jan. 10, 1^79.
Graduated with honor at the llniversity of Georgia, in June 1900,
taking his A. 15. degree. In 1902, he took his A.NL degree. He
is now tutor in the chair of history at the University of (ieorgia.
(2). Lucy KLizAiiKiH Pavnk,- b. at Camesville, (}a., March 24, 1.SS3.
She graduated at Breman College, Ciainsville, Ga., in NLiy 1902.
(3). DiAVirr Payni-:. b. at Camesville, Ga., July 4, 1SS6. Is now ( 1903 )

a student at the University of Georgia.
II. William Lamar Millican, b. at Cafrf5sville, Ga., Jan. 31, i860; is
unm. He is now a prosperous farmer and financier living at the old
homestead near Camesville, Ga.

3. John A. Millican (1), son of James and Sarah Moon, was b. in Jackson
Co., Ga., and was three times m. The names of his wives have not reached
me. His children were, so far as known :

I. Jamks C. Millican of Atlanta, Ga.

II. Sally Millican, now Mrs. Ricker, .\tlanta, Ga.

III. Emma Millican, now Mrs. Woodward.

IV. Camilla Millican, now Mrs. Woodward.
v. INIarv Millican, unm., Atlanta, Ga.

4. Mary Millican (1), daughter of James and Sarah Moon, b. in Jackson
Co., Ga. She was m. to Bryant, and d. 1898, aged 70. No children.

5. Amanda A. Millican (l), daughter of James and Sarah Moon, b. in
Jackson Co., Ga., was the wife of Fauces M. Dowdy of JelTer.son, Ga., where
she d. 35 years ago, (husband also dec.) leaving three children.

I. Sallie Dowdy, m. a Mr. England; d. 18 vears ago, leaving one

II. Lou Dowdy m. Dr. Brock of Brockton, Ga.
in. Tames D. Dowdy of JetTerson, Ga.

Andrew Millican, said to have been a brother of old James who m. Sarah

Moon, was b. near Jefferson, Jackson Co., Ga., about the year 1800, and

removed to Chattooga Co. in 1840, purchasing a farm 18 miles north of

Rome, where he resided until his death in 1873. Has one son, .-///^//va'

/. Mi/Ziid)!, living at'Trion Factory, Ga.

John Millican, brother of the preceding, settled early in Barlow, now Cass

county, 30 miles east of Rome.

Rebecca Millican, sister of the preceding, m. James Scorr, and settled in

Chattooga Co., Ga.

Sarah Millican, sister of the preceding, was not m.


Kitty Millican, half-sister to tlie preceding, was m. to R. P. McMichael
and removed in 1858-9, to Millican, Brazos Co., Texas.

Note. — The father of the preceding married first, a Miss Clec.horn, afterwards, Mrs.
House. Andrew L. Millican says Robert and Lewis Millican, cousins of Andrew, John,
ajid James, settled in Chattooga Co., Tex., and that descendents still reside there.

Thomas Jefferson Millican, one of the twelve brothers, had a son Middlelon
Millican whose son Lewis Franklin Millican is now a resident of Atlanta,
Ga. He promised data but did not furnish it. '

There are also Lewis A. Millican and Jasper C. Millican, in Atlanta,


itans in Xultng, (Tcfas.

William Montgomery Millican\ was b. in Georgia about 18 10, and soon
afterwards lost his father and mother. He was brought up by his uncle,
John Millican, who with some aunts, removed to Tennessee. Two of his
brothers, John and James, remained in Georgia, and descendents now living
in that state hold the tradition concerning the exodus of their kindred to
Tennessee and Texas. Austin Church Millican, a cousin of this Millican,
was not many years ago living in the city of Austin, Texas, and his son
was engaged in the real estate business there. Mr. Millican m. Mrs. Violet
Parker, a widow, maiden-named Crockett, in Tennessee. She was b. in
North Carolina, and d. at Prairie Lea, Tex. in Sept. 1868, in her 65th year.
His second wife was a Mrs. Jane Cartwright of Texas, who d. at Pearsall,
1884. He d. at Luling, Tex. in July 1886, aged nearly 77 years. Names
of children and grandchildren follow :


1. Archibald C. Millican"' (1), eldest son of William^ (1), b. Nov. 4, 1839 in
Tennessee. He m. Nov. 8, i860, Masey C. Cochrane, and moved to Texas
in Jan. 1868. He is now (1903) Justice of the Peace for Caldwell Co.,
residing at Luling. Has four children of whom with 3d generation.

2. John M. Millican- (1), second son of William^ (l), b. March 21, 1842', in
Tennessee; m. there, Martha J. Madden, Feb. 1886, by whom issue. He
removed to Texas in 1868, and d. Jan. 10, 1890, at Luling, in his 48th year.
His widow and family resided there in 1893, but do not reply to any in-
quiries. See 3d generation.

2. William E. Millican- (2), third son of William^ (1), b. near Lynville.
Tennessee, Dec. 18, 1845 ; m, Nov. 29, 1865, Mary C. Barrett, the daugh-
ter of William T. Barrett, M.D., of Tennessee, b. April 25, 1849. He re-
moved to Texas in 1868, returned to Tennessee in 1872, and back to Texas
in 1877. He d. March 4, 1901. Eight children of whom with third

^birb feneration.


I. Annie E. Millican^ b. Sept. 21, 1861 ; m. Lawrence W. McMillan, and
had ten children, six sons and four daughters.


2. John W. Millicaiv', I). J;in. 15, 1S66; m. to Miss Dora Wki.i.s, and has
three sons and one daughter. Residence, ( 1893) Luling, Tex.

3. Jessie L. Millican'', h. Oct. 7, 1S73; unin.

4. Eliza 0. Millican^ b. Dec. 13, 1S77, and is a teacher; unin.


1. William H. Millican^ b. Feb. 1S67 : m. Miss ilKRniii; Ciiri.v, July 1S77,
and lived in Luling, Te.x. in 1H93. Six children named as follows:

1. William Millican\ b. June 18.SS.

II. Neuo D, Millican^ b. Dec. 1889.

in. Victor E. Millican*, b. May 1891 ; d. Dec. 31, 1895.

IV. AuBRV J- Millican\ b. Apr. 1893.

V. Macikl MII.LlCAN^ b. July 1896.

VI. W'li.Lo Millican^, b. July 1898.

2. Cora B. Millican^ b. Feb. 1869: m. Oct. 1888, R. B. Smadk, and has two
children named as follows :

I. Carrie L. Shade, b. F'eb. 1890.
II. Vernon Shade, b. Feb. 1893.

3. Robert J. Millican", b. Dec. 1874; m. June 10, 1900, to Miss Sapha

4. James M. Millican-', b. Dec. 1S76; unm.

5. Clarence C. Millican'', b. June 1879 : unm.

6. Mattie L. Millican^ b. Sept. 1881.

7. Lulu L. Millican^ b. Sept. 1883.


I. Rev. William 0. Millican-', b. near Lynville, Giles Co., Tenn., Xov. 2.
1866; m. July I, 1891, to Elizabeth Evans, b. Feb. 16, 1869, daughter of
Capt. Samuel Evans of Ft. Worth, Texas. He took his literary course at
Baylor University, after which he served as pastor of the Lake Avenue
Baptist church, Dallas, Texas, for eighteen months, a position he resigned
to attend a course of lectures in the Theological Seminary at Louisville,
Kentucky, where he was located in 1894. He is connected with the Mis-
sionary Baptist Denomination of which his parents were members. One
child. Pa It line S., b. Jan. 23, 1894.

3. Violet C. Millican:'', b. near Prairie Lea, Tex., Jan. 12, 1869; was m. Aug.
27, 1890, to John B. Lane, son of C. M. Lane of Lockhart, Tex., where
thev reside.

All in Fort Worth.

Edward L. Millican^ born July 31, 187 1.

Arnet Z. Millican-', born Aug. i, 1873.

Thomas M. Millican'', born May 14, 1876.

Daisy S. Millican', born May 9. 1881. t' Texas, in 1894.

Roland A. Millican-', born June 9, 1886. |

Lilly P. Millican', born April 11. 1S91. J


Hlillicuns of il'irajos d'ountii, ^cv;is.

This is one of the numerous branches of an old South Carolinian family
so numerously represented in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama,
and Arkansas. They came into Texas as Colonists of S. F. Austin in 182 1,
and sat down at Old San Filipi ; but about 1826, came to Brazos county.
Their lands were acquired of the Mexican government. Living in a fron-
tier settlement during reconstruction days when the restraints of law were
but little regarded, the Millicans became involved in some of the feuds so
common at that period, and several were killed. They were men of un-
doubted courage and never fought under cover. One of the Millicans now
living in Brazos county, killed the man who assasinated his brother ; another
Millican killed the man who waylaid and shot his brother ; then the children
of that person, killed him. One of the Millicans was killed by his tenant
in consequence of some misunderstanding. The town of Millican, in
Brazos Co., Tex., was named for Dr. E. A. Millican, a prominent member
of this family.

Robert Millican- (1), descended from an old North of Ireland family but a na-
tive of South Carolina, b. about 1750, was one of the Colonists of S. A.
Austin and came, with his children and kinsman, into Texas in 182 1. His
wife was Miss Nancy McNiel, a woman of Scotch extraction and a daugh-
ter of Elliott McNeil. He died from exposure when afflicted with measles,
as the family was fleeing from Santa Anna when he invaded Texas, May
1836, aged 86. His wife, who was born about 1752, d. Oct. 25, 1849, aged
97 years. These had a family consisting of eight sons and a daughter of
whom more presently.

Andrew Millican- (2), came from Nashville, Tenn., to Brazos Co., Tex., and
removed thence to Brazoria Co. about 182S. His wife was maiden-named
Mary Cardigan, a native of Nashville, Tenn. • He was a farmer, stock
ranchman and slave holder. He d. about 1858 in Brazoria, He had but
one child, a son.

John Millican- (l), brother of the preceding, came to Brazos Co., Tex., with
others from Tennessee.

(Tbh'b 6cncratioiT.


1. John Millican* (2), son of Robert- (1), was a rich old bachelor. He
lived in Brazos county, Texas.

2. James Millican^ (1), son of Robert- (1), m. Charity ; lived in

Brazos Co., Texas. He was a ranchman. There were children named :

I. Willis Millican*, m. his uncle Andrew's widow, maiden-named
YouNfi, and had issue three daughters one of whom, named Bcftic,
became the wife of a Mr. Worley, a man of prominence in Gatesville,
Texas, who owns a flouring mill and telephone system.

iL John H. Millican^ m. and had issue.

III. Bettie Millican^ m. Mr. Ruherts but did not have any children.

IV, Harriett Millican^ m. Thomas Green, but d. without issue.

v. Sallie MiLLiCAN^m. a Mr, Dawson and had children. All are dead.


VI. MiN'A Mir.LiCAN^, 111. Ricii.ARi) Norwood and had children. A son,
U'as/ii Hilton, wa.s living in Haylor Co., Te.xas, and a daughter m. a
Mr. Bush, same county.

VII. M.VRV MILLIC.^N^ m. a Mr. Km. is and had children. Her daughter
Afo//it',m. James Millican, son of William Millican of (leorgia, who
was a cousin of Dr. Klliott M. Millican, and has children living, one
of whom, Jennie, m. lirooks Lee, and is living in .Midland, Te.vas,
and has issue. Hattii\ another daughter in. \\ . I-",. Connell, banker
and ranchman, living at Koswell, New Me.vico. Thomas, a son, living
with his parents at Zephyr, Texas.

3. Andrew Millican'' (2), a son of Robert- (l), was twice m., hut the name
of his first wife is not known. He m. a Miss \'oun(; by whom a daughter
Sallic, m. to .\. C. Brietz, Esq., a prominent lawyer of Bryan. Brazos Co.,
Te.x., who has been a Judge and a representative in the legislature. The
widow of Andrew was m. to Wilms Mii.mcan, as beforementioned, and had
other children.

4. Diadem Millican'' (1), son of Robert- (1), m. a Miss Cleavki.and, and
had issue, Robert, A'at/ian and Susan.

5. Daniel Millican'* (1), son of Robert- (1), m. and had one child. All are

6. Litte Millican' (1), son of Robert- (1), m. Miss Emeunk Mavs, and has
issue, a son of his name and a daughter /////<)'.

7. Dr. Elliott McNiel Millican' (1), a son of Robert- (1), b. Feb. 29, 1808;
was m. June 7,1828, to Elizabeth Campett, b. May 4, 1814, by whom several
sons and daughters. He m. second, Mrs. Marcella Elizabeth Triplet i,
daughter of Nicholas Boyce, by whom three sons and a daughter. Dr.
Klliott Millican was a leading physician in Brazos Co., Te.v., for many years.
He repeatedly represented his county in the legislature and was at one time
sheriff of the county. Four of his sons were killed, three by assassination,
two of them the result of political matters, during the reconstruction period.
The town of Millican was named in honor of Dr. Millican. His "head-
right " was a league of land and a "labor " of land situated in Brazos Co.,

8. Templeton Millican^' (1), eighth son of Robert- (1). d. before maturity.

9. Lucinda Millican' (1), only daughter of Robert- (1), was m. to her
cousin, a William Millican of Georgia, and d. a young woman, leaving
one daughter who was the wife of a Mr. White of Victoria Co., 'Tex. Wil-
liam then m. a Mrs. Thompson by whom several children, of whom with
4th generation.


Christopher Columbus Millican^' (1), son of Andrew- (1), b. in Nashville,
Tenn., Dec. 25, 1827 ; was m. June 22, 1861, to Mrs. Louisa J. Banton, the
daughter of C^apt. Joel Spencer, one of the pioneers of Brazoria Co., 'Tex.
His father removed from 'Tennessee to Brazoria Co., 'Tex. when he was an
infant, and located on the McGinnis place on the west side of San Bernard

XuTE.— Dr. Elliott M. Millican recorded in 1833, the death of " R. U. Millican 1821,"
and of " I.ettus -Ann .Millican Jan. 3, 1826." Were these his grandparents?



river, and about five miles from the historic old town of Brazoria. Soon
after his settlement in Texas, Col. Millican died, and a few years later the
mother also died ; both were buried in the cemetery on the McGinnis place.
This son acquired his education from such advantages as were afforded at
the time, and being naturally apt and quick to learn, was soon employed by
a dry goods house in Galveston, on a salary. In 1846 he joined Capt.
McLean's company, in the regiment of Col. Albert Sidney Johnson, which
was raised in Galveston, and served in the Mexican war. In 1849 he went
to California to dig for gold, remaining three years, and returned with some
§13,000. After returning to Texas he engaged in cattle speculation. He
drove them along the "old trail" to Kansas. His experience during his
trip to the gold fields was also attended by many thrilling adventures in
fighting savages. In crossing the vast desert, the arid plains and the Sierra
Nevada, they and their horses suft'ered extremely for water.

Mr. Millican held many offices of trust in Brazoria county. In 185S
he was elected assessor and collector, holding the office seven years. After
the Civil war these offices were separated. He was then elected assessor,
holding the position four j^ears ; then sherift" and collector for two terms ;
then for a number of years he was commissioner ; meanwhile engaged in
farming and stock raising. Later on he was elected county treasurer,
holding that office for eight years consecutively. His name was identified
with almost the entire history of the county, and he was known, respected
and honored by all. He was a mason of high rank. He d. of apoplexy,
July 29, 1902, and was buried with masonic honors. Three children:

I. Lillian Millican^ m. Judge Jno. A. Ballowe of Brazoria, and is

now a widow in Richmond, Tex. ■
II. Andrew Horace Millican'*, m. Miss Margaret Jane Willis of

Brazoria, Tex., and is now deputy collector of U.S. Customs at

Velasco, Texas, where he resides. He is also president of the board

of trade, and one of the executive committee.
III. Walter Millican^ m. Miss Claude Height of Salem, Ala., and is

a farmer in Brazoria, Tex.

^fourth (Bencratioit.


1. Lticinda Millican-* (2), eldest daughter of Elliotf^ (1), b. July 5, 1830 :
was m. to William Dunlap and had several children who d. young. A
son Robert d. a bachelor. George W. is a merchant at Millican, Tex., unm.
Then there are, William, Robert, Samuel, and Mary, who was m. to Gus
Jameson, son of a prominent physician.

2. Mary Malinda Millican-* (1), second daughter of Elliott^.

3. E. M. Millican^ (1).

4. Elliott McNiel Millican^ (2).

5. Jasper Newton Millican-* (1).

6. John Earle Millican^ (3), son of Elliott^ (1), b. Nov. 8, 1837 ; m. Miss
Lucy McMichael, and had a daughter m. to Rev. Adams, a Methodist.
This John was assassinated.


7. William Hemphill Millican' (l), son of Kllioti' ( 1 ), I). July 25, 1843;
111. Miss Mki.vin A (i\i<\i\ of .\l:il):im;i, and li:i<l ont- dauj^liter, Jut/itiif, who
was the wife of a Mr. .Sharp, telej^rajih o|-)erator. iivini^ at Mnnis, I'cx. Mr.
Millican was also assassinated.

8. Elizabeth Susan Millican' (l), dauj^hier of Klliott'(l), !>• March 18,
1848 ; was ni. to J NO. Thomi'sdn, and had several children.


9. Rev. L. R. Millican' (l), son of Klliott- (l), b. .\u<;. 27, 1854; m. l-eh.
13, 1878, Miss G. D. Saundkrs, b. Jan. 2, 1855, beinjj the daughter of a
physician. He is a Baptist minister. [See the following clippings].

'£. y. HUlliran.

Rev. L. R. Millican, pastor of the First Raptist church, V.\ I'aso, 'I'e.x.,
is a native Texan Born in Brazos county where he lived till 13 years old,
being left an orphan, went to live with an aunt in Lampasas, then on the

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 97 of 109)