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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 98 of 109)
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borders of civilization.

Though but a boy he took an active part in ridding the country of the
savages, sometimes leaving the school room to go with the scouts after
them. Brought up on the border, and as a cowboy he was thrown often
with some of the most daring and desperate men. The early impressions
and admonitions of a sainted mother, together w'ith her prayers, saved him
from being drawn into drinking, gambling or profanity, often being the
only sober one in the crowd.

In August 1S74, at the age of 20 he gave his heart and life to Christ
and was baptised into the Lampasas Baptist church. He went immediately
to Baylor University to prepare for his life work, and Feb. 4, 187S, he was
ordained. He gave himself at once to preaching in the destitute regions of
Lampasas and surrounding counties, where he soon built up some strong
country churches. He has been closely identified with the mission work
of Texas ever since, most of the time under the employ of the state board.
Several vears he was general missionarv on the frontier of Texas.

As a missionary his labors were greatly blessed in many per.sons being
saved. Many churches, Sunday schools and prayer meetings being organ-
ized. Has baptised a great many people. His pastorates have been equally
successful as his work at r>urnett, San Angelo, Big Springs, Midland and
Pecos City, will testify; building nice church-houses at Burnett, San An-
gelo, Big Springs and Midland.

Hear what Dr. O. C. Pope, at the time superintendent of missions in
Texas, says in 1883, in writing up the mission work: " Brother L. R. Mil-
lican was called by the Burnett church two years ago. Assisted by the
state convention, he has builded well and wisely, a handsome house of wor-
ship, which is a credit to the denomination, and the church will report self-
sustaining next convention. Brother ^L does not make as much fuss as
some, but when it comes to earnest, hard work, he has few superiors." Dr.
Ci. W. Smith, editor of the West Texas Baptist, and founder of Simmon's
college says of him in writing up a missionary meeting: "Brother L. R.
Millican, with his mild and gentle spirit and manners, was there. On first
acquaintance one would think him too gentle and timid for western work.
But beneath that mild exterior burns a spirit that has the courage of a

752 millicaaY families in the southern states.

Napoleon and the fortitude of a Stonewall Jackson. He knows neither fear
nor failure."

He is now in the rushing and busy border city of El Paso, Tex., where he
hopes to do the greatest work of his life. He has been in a hot fight with
the hosts of sin for more than a year at El Paso, and was the leader in the
battle made by the preachers against the prize fights that were to have been
pulled off near that city. He conducted the correspondence with the Gover-
nors of Texas, and New Mexico, and United States Attorney General Harmon
with reference to putting down the prize fights and was one of the men who
sent the telegram to Congressman J. V. Cockrell that brought on the legisla-
tion which knocked the fights 387 miles from Y\ Paso and clear out of the
United States into a desert and uninhabited portion of Mexico." Children :
I. Elliott R. Millican^ b. Jan. 28, 1S79 ; m. April 30, 1893, to Mlss
Viola Wiley, and is chief bookkeeper for a large merchandise com-
pany at Alpine, Brewster Co., Tex.
Ti. Adoniram Judson Millican^, b. May 30, 1885. He is now in the

Sophomore class, Baylor University, Waco, Tex.
III. Lola Millican"', d. Aug. 1884, aged 254 years.

10. Marcelliis Roberts Millican^ (1), son of Elliott^ (l), b. Jan. 3, 1856;
was deputy sheriff of Brazos Co., Tex., for several years and was assassinated
at night while in discharge of his duty a few years ago. Not m.

11. Wilber Ashby Millican* (1), son of Elliott^ (l), b. Aug. 25, 1858; has
been superintendent of public roads of Brazos Co., Texas. Not m.


1. James Millican'' (2), son of William'^ (1); m. Miss Mary Ellis, and
resides in Zephyr, Brown Co., Tex. Was captain of a company of Texan

2. Pleasanton Millican^ (1), second son of Willianr^ (l), m. and lived in
Camanche Co., Tex., and his widow and children now reside there.

3. Travis Millican'' (l), third son of William^ (l), m. and has issue. He
lives in Gainsville, Tex. One son is a merchant in Denton, Tex. ; a "mar-
ried man." _^^^^__

^illkaiis of Ilodilnoob, ^cnn.

Moses Scott Millican^ b. in the Spartansburg District, South Carolina, came
to Roane Co., Tennessee, early in the i8th century, and settled near what
is now known as Rockwood. He m. Narcissa Uuderwood, daughter of
Capt. John Underwood, in Roane Co., Tenn. in 1830. Was a farmer, and
of the same family as the Millicans in Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas.
He once made a journey to Texas to secure a sum of money bequeathed to
him and his sister Nancy by some kinsman. He d. in his 51st year; wife
was 80. He had issue three sons and five daughters.

2. Washington Millican^ brother of the preceding, b. in the Spartansburg
District, South Carolina ; was m., had daughters b. to him and d. some-
where in Illinois.

3. Nancy Millican' sister of the preceding, was b. in Spartansburg District,
South Carolina ; was m. to Barney Hill and had four children living in
Tennessee. (3ne is /. A. Hill, Harriman, Tenn.


^ccont) ('')Ciur;itlon.


1. William Washington Millican- (1), eldest son of Moses' ( 1), 1>. in Ro:ine
Co., Tenn., and d. in the I'nited States service in California.

2. John H. Millican- ( 1), second son of Moses' (1), b. in Roane c(»unly.
I'enn. ; m. Susan Kmii.v Aim.i., and is now livinj^ on a farm at Rockwood,
Tenn. Six children of whom with 3d generation.

3. Mary Jane Millican- d), eldest daughter of Moses' (l),b. in Roane Co.,

Tenn., and was m. to Sigman. She left three daughters named as

follows :

I. Nkttie Sigman, m. Rilev Summi r>, :inil lives ;\t W'nrtliurw M(.rL{;in

Co., Tennessee.
II. Mary Tknnie Sigman, m. James H. Acukk, and lives at I'ikeville,

Bledsoe Co., Tenn.
III. Sarah Elvira Sicmax. ni. joski-ii T. W'ksi of Rockwood, Roane
Co., Tennessee.

4. Moses Franklin Millican- (2), third son of Moses' (1), b. in Roane Co.,
Tenn., was m. to Sallie Deloser, and settled on a farm in Rockwood,
Tenn. Has children named as follows :

I. Emma Millican. a

II. John Charles Millican.

III. Mary Millican.

IV. GusTAvus Millican.
v. Edgar Millican.

5. Nancy Elvira Millican- (l), second daughter of Moses' (1), b. in kr,;int'
Co., Tenn. ; d.

6. Eliza Caroline Millican- (1), third daughter of Moses' (1), b. in Roane
Co., Tenn., and m. James M. Aytes. They lived in Roane county until
her death : then her husband moved to McMinn county. She left two sons
named John and Calvin.

7. Narcissa Elizabeth Millican- (l), fourth daughter of Moses' (1), b. in
Roane Co., Tenn.; m. Jefferson Bagwell, and left one child, Atidie V.,
who was m. to Thomas IF. Day of Rockwood, Tenn.

S. Sarah Frances Millican- (1), fifth daughter of Moses' (1), b. in Roane
Co., Tenn., June 11, 1848: m. Feb. 19, 1893, William R. Heni.erson.
No children.

(LbivL) cOencvation.


1. Annie C. Millican'' (.1), eldest daughter of John- (1), b. in Roane Co.,
Tenn. ; m. S. H. East in 1879, and removed to Texas where he d. in 18S1,
and she returned to her native place where she was m. to W. H. C.reer.
Died in 1890, leaving a son.

2. Hon. William Franklin Millican^' (1), eldest son of John-(l),b. in Roane
Co., Tenn., June 12, 1862; m. in 1S83, Annie Joseph by whom four chil-
dren. His wife d. in 1893, and he m. second, in 1895, Ml-^s Lizzie Acufe,


by whom two children. He was raised on a farm a poor boy and acquired
only a common school education. At the age of 19, he went to Rockwood,
Tenn., and secured employment as a laborer in the mines and continued
in this position until 1896, with the exception of one year, when he served
as city recorder, and one year when in business. In 1894, he was elected
to the State Legislature and served in the 49th General Assembly. In the
year 1895 he was promoted to general foreman in the mines and served as
such until Nov. 20, 1896, when by an explosion he was made a cripple for
life. He was appointed postmaster of Rockwood, Tenn. in 1897, and held
that position in 1903. His children are named Jennie M., Evujta, Annie,
Maud, Madge, William, and Neal IV.

3. James Robert S. Millican'^ (l), second son of John- (1), b. in Roane Co.,
Tenn. ; m. Mollie Ingraham and was killed in a coal mine Dec. 1900.
He left children named Annie, Roscoe, and Reese K.

4. George Washington Millican'^ (1), third son of John- (l), b. in Roane Co.,
Tenn ; m. Emma Cooper, and lives in Dayton, Tenn. — possibly at Atlanta,
Ga., in 1903. He has four children : Edith, Earl, Everett, and Elsie.

5. John Moses Millican'^ (2), fourth son of John- (1), b. in Roane Co.,
Tenn. ; m. Kate Greer, and, afterwards, Pearl Isham. His children are
Gladys, Nala, and Clifford.

6. Louis deSable Millican'^ (l), fifth«on of John- (l), b. in Roane Co., Tenn. ;
m. Eliza French, and has one child, Susie.

7. Gideon Corson Millican^ (1), sixth son of John- (1), b. in Roane Co.,
Tenn. ; m. Londase Collitt, and lives in Rockwood, Tenn. Two children,
Frank, and a daughter, name unknown.

IIIHlicans of l^ouisianu.

William B. Millican is said to have come direct from Scotland, but I doubt.
He owned a plantation at Olive Branch, La. He had two sons.

1. William Millican came from Scotland with his father at the age of 13,
and lived at Centreville, Miss., where he run a hotel. Has four children
all born where he was, at Olive Branch, La. Their names as follows :
Exie M., b. 1877 ; Alma, b. 1879; Minnie, b. 1881 ; Joseph, b. 1883.

2. Joseph Millican, brother of William, preceding, was b. at Olive Branch,
La. in 1842, and is now a farmer at Deerford, La., and his five children
were born on Cedar Grove plantation.

L Bellezora J. Millican, b. 1865 ; m. Rev. B. \V. Tucker of the
Methodist church. She was educated at Reedville Institute, Baton
Rouge, Louisiana.
11. Th(jmas W. Millican, b. 1867 ; m. a Miss Tucker, sister of the
minister. He was educated at Deerford, La. Is now a merchant at
Zachary and Deerford, La., under stvle of " Dr. \V. Y. Millican
Ov- Bro."
\\\. WiLHURN Young Millican, b. 1869, was educated at Lebanon, O.
in literature at National Normal University; in medicine at Ken-
tucky school of medicine ; in pharmacy at New Orleans ; in chem-


^ .).i

istry at Louisville, Ky. He is a physician and drujjjiist at /achary
associated with his brothers in business, lli-. tod. m. ;i MissTucKKR,
one oi the three sisters.

IV. joANN.v K. Mii.i.iCAN, b. 1873; Ml. I. 11. TucKKk, (brcjther of the
minister) a farmer near I )eerford, La. She was educated at I'ort
Gibson, Mississippi.

V. John H. Mii.mcan, b. 1S75 ; was educated at Lebanon, ( »., at Mill-

sops college, Miss., antl at Centenary college, La. He m. a Miss


Hlilliaaii'^j of ^lluUl^as.

Julius Washington Milligan, ancestors unknown, had a son jtiiix .Mii.i.i«;an,
b. about 1796, and d. 1S92, who had issue ten children, named as follows:

1. Catherine Milligan m. a Mr. Davidson, and had a son /:///(///, who lives
at Houston, Mo. She m. second, a Mr. Paitkr.son, and they live in
Houston, Mo.

2. Nancy Milligan.

3. Martha Jane Milligan.

4. Margaret Milligan.

5. Jennie Milligan.

6. Armstead Washington Milligan, m. in Tennessee, and had issue seven
children, four living, named as follows:

I. James Milligan, lives at Cave City, Ark.
II. Calvin Milligan, lives in Illinois.

III. William Trimhle Milligan, b. Dec. 15, 1832; m. I'annik .\L\riin
in Van Buren Co., Tenn., and had issue nine children. See forward.

IV. James Park Milligan was in Elizabethtown, III.
V. Arthur Mti.i.igan d. in infancy.


1. James S. Milligan m. Ella King in 1S70, and had is'sue eleven children,
names unknown. Ella d. in 1901, and /<7Wt'.v m. Mrs. Alice Drake, by
whom one child.

2. Mary Jane Milligan m. Claudius Abernethv, and had ten children.

3. Berthie Milligan m. Franklin Blackburn, and had si.\ children.

4. David Milligan m. Jane Blake, and had issue six children.

5. William M. Milligan m. Mary A. TwiLLEvin 1888, and has three children.

6. Jesse A. Milligan m. Martha Hines, 1896, and has three children.

7. Armstead W. Milligan m. Eldora May Twillkv in 1900, and has one

8. America E. Milligan b. Oct. 8, 1879; unm.

illillllicns of i{cnfrclxi.^bin\ ^rotlanti;

w ■ ■ ■^

Maj. James Milliken was the head of this old family. He was a gentleman
of distinction and remarkable enterprise. He possessed a large estate on
the island of St. Christopher, in the ^^'est Indies, which still bears the name.
Unfortunately, nearly all documents containing the family record of this
branch were destroyed with Milliken house, by fire, in the i8th century, a
fact confirmed by the late Sir Robert Milliken Napier "of Milliken."

From an old history of Renfrewshire, by Crawford, we have found men-
tion of this family and estate, from which we make the following abstracts:
It appears that one George Houston, son of Ludovic Houston, alienated the
house and lands of Johnston to Major James Milliken in the year of 1733,
and he changed the name, assuming the title of "James Milliken of Milli-
ken, Esq." He dismantled the old mansion found on the estate acquired
by him, and erected an elegant house, larger, and more modern in style. This
has been described in quaint language and great fulness of detail in the
old history alluded to. It was three stories in height, rustic covered,
pavilion roofed, having a platform covered with lead at the top, with ten
steps of a stone stair in front up to the main door, which was built after
the Ionic order, with a portico. The front overlooked toward the East,
with office houses in the form of a court, and a long circular colonnade
passage extending from one end to the other. There were four nitches at
each wing, where was a terraced green.

Maj. James Milliken m. the widow Mary Stevens who was a lady of
wealth in St. Christopher where she owned a large estate which eventually
came to the Milliken family. He d. in 1741, aged 72 years; his widow d.
in 1746, aged 80 years. These had issue of whom presently.

Note— While the paternal ancestry of Maj. James Milliken, the first "of Milliken," has
not been satisfactorily .traced, we learn by his funeral escutcheon now at the Lyon office,
Edinburg, of date Feb. 1741, that he was descended, maternally, from the Hamiltoiis of
Inchgolrig ; the Fiirgiisons of Anchinsoul ; Hamilton Lord Belhaven ; the Frazers of Knox ;
Craiuford of Flatterton ; Brisbane of that Ilk., and Shmvs of Greenock. The pedigree
runs thus : — " Father, Alilliken ; father's mother, Hamilton of Inchgolrig ; father's father's
mother, Fers:uson of Anchinsoul ; father's father's mother's mother, Hamilton Lord Bel-
haven ; mother, Frazer of Knock; mother's mother, Craicford ol Flatterton; mother's
father's mother, Brisb7-ane of that Ilk ; mother's mother's mother, Sluuv of Greenock.

Sttont) 6 en emtio n.


I. James Milliken Esq., eldest son of Maj. James (1), succeeded as the
second of Milliken, and made extensive and costly improvements on the
estate. He made a pleasant bowling-green adjoining the west side of the
mansion, having rows of tall lime trees upon the south and north ends. The
orchards and gardens on the south side consisted of eight acres of ground
through which the Kilbarchan stream meandered, falling down in four
cascades. In the middle was a large circular pond surrounded by lime
trees. The green and pigeon houses stood in a parallel line.

^ «


In the year 1745, he :\<x|uireil the lands culled Anchinsloislie and Au-
chinsales, from Mr. ( iinninjihani of ('raifi;send ; alsr) the lands of Mansuarie,
liank'end, Lintwhite, Hallhill, Locher-mill, Wester and Faster Kainihills,
Boakshill, and others. ( )n some of these lands, coal and limestone were

About the year 176J, James Milliken purchaseil the lands of l-;aster
Whitelands from the heirs of James Young, and afterwards the lands of
Branscroft, from Robert Allison who removed to North Carolina with his

In the year 1767-S, Mr. .M illiken enclo.sed the lands of KaimhilKs, Hoaks-
hill, and others in the barony, and made a new road at his own charges
through the lands of iJranscroft and Whitelands into the town of Kilharchan.

He was said to have expended more money on public roads than any
man in Scotland. The roads leading from the bridge of Johnstone to
Kilbarchan, on both sides of the Milliken mansion, were mostly made at
his e.xpense.

In 1761, he built a stone bridge having two arches, over the river lUack
Cart near the ruins of Cochran tower, where was a corn mill in Milliken
barony; and was a generous contributor toward building the bridge of
Johnstone in 1770, on the great road between Kilbarchan and Paisley. He
planted a number of hrs and other trees at a precipice called Barhrai- in
1767-8, and built a dyke on the summit; also opened a path from the man-
sion to the spot. There was a valuable freestone quarry on the estate.

It was said of this James Milliken, Ksq. that "his dignitv of mind and
grace of manners made him an attractive person." He m. Jkan Mac-
DovvALL, the daughter of Alexander MacDowall of Garthland, Ksq., and d.
June 7, 1776, having had issue two sons and two daughters whose names
will presently appear.

I. James Millikex, his father's heir apparently, died in \'enice. Italy,
when a young man, unm.

11. Alexander Milliken, second son died in Paris, France, when trav-
eling, unmarried.

III. Jean Milliken was m. to Col. William Napier of Culcruch, parish
of Fintry, Stirlingshire, by whom she had a son Robert, and a daugh-
ter Jaticf.

IV. Mary Milliken was ni. to Nathaniel Pence, a physician in Fdin-
burgh, and had issue. She d. March 3, 1774; her daughter /(///^V d.
Apr. 16, 1777.

Thus this family ended in the male line, and James Milliken, Ksq., the
second of Milliken, was succeeded by Robert Napier, son of his eldest
daughter, Jean, before mentioned. He also succeeded his father as heir of
Culcruch, April 1 1, 1773, and was an officer in the army. He assumed the
name of Milliken in addition to his own surname and quartered the Milli-
ken arms with those of Napier. See chapter on ".\rmsof the Family,"
first part of this book.

XoTE. — Col. Wii.LL\M MAcI)<nvALL had commanded a regiment in the island of St
Christopher, and it appears that Maj. James Milliken was an otticer in the same body.
CoL MacDowall married a daughter of the widow Mary Stevens who became the wife of
James Milliken, and a grandson was named Milliken MacDowall. This family owned a
large estate in Scotland, known as Castle Semple.


flosterttn of iiobert i»obn ||Villihen Hapier.

Robert John Milliken Napier, son of William Napier of Culcruch, and his
wife Jean Milliken, eldest daughter of James Milliken, Esq., second of
INIilliken, according to the will of his grandfather, assumed the name of
Milliken in addition to his own surname. He was senior Colonel in the
army, and commanded at the seige of Mangalore, in the East Indias. He
died in 1808, from wounds received in action, at the age of 43, leaving
one son.

Sir William Milliken Napier of Napier, and Milliken, baronet, b. in 1788;
m. in 18 1 5, Elizabeth Christian, 5th daughter of John Stirling, Esq., of
Kippenross, Perthshire. He d. Feb. 4, 1852, with issue two sons and one

Sir Robert John Milliken Napier, son of the preceding, was of Napier and
Milliken, b. Nov. 7, 1818 ; m. Apr. 4, 1850, Annie Salisbury Meliora,
daughter of John Ladevez Alercron, Esq. of Moyglare Co., Meath. Is
Justice of the Peace and D.L. for Co. Renfrew, and Hon. Col. Renfrew-
Militia ; formerly Capt. 79th Foot. Son and h^'u, Arc/iiba/d Lennox, h.
1885. Residences and addresses, Milliken House, Johnston, Scotland ; 32,
Moray Place, Edinburgh, Scotland , Army and Navy Club, S.W. ; 41, Crom-
well Road, W. (London).

John Stirling Napier Esq. of Merchiston, Renfrewshire, Scotland, brother of
the preceding, b. in 1820 ; m. in 1845, Janet, only child and heir of Andrew-
Brown Esq. of Anchentorlie, Co. Renfrew, and has, with other issue, Williajn,
b. 1850. Mr. Napier, who was educated at Edinburgh University, is a J. P.
and D.L. for Co. Renfrew. Residence, Merchiston House, Johnston,


m^^^.:<jm^..,.. . . .W«^

illiqan.^ of Dunn;nuc. ^catl;intt.

Jolin Milligan", a f:\rnier at DumiaiiLc, in naliiiiij^ic, (;.illi.wiiy.-,lure, Scollaml,
was the fust known head of this family. He was twice n) ; first, to Si'sanna
Durham by whom there were three children, "/"////, .k'f''^, and A/rs.
Tluwipson ;" second, to Ei.izahkth C'liARrKRis, by whom A'oiwrf, Susan,
William and /</;//(•.*-, (twins) and Waller. The mother of the second family
d. in 1S31. On his gravestone in St. Michael's churchyard, Dumfries, he is
styled " Farmer." Some branches on the female side of the first family
seem to have lived at Palnakie and Dalhatie, and were legatees under the
will of Robert Milligan. the distinguished merchant of Acacia.

^^ccont) ('*)cncr;itioii.

John Milligan- (2). eldest son of John' ( 1 ) and Susanna Durham, was b. on
the farm of Dunnance, in Balmaghie parish in the Stewartrv of Kirkcud-
bright, Scotland; m. first, ("urisiiaxa Harii.i.v, third daughter of William
Hartley of Bowling, by whom si.\ children of whom with the 3d generation -.
second, Ann Harrison of Crossbills, by whom four children ; of these with
3d generation. The first wife d. Aug. 4, 1817, aged 29 years, and was
interred in Kildwick church, known as "the T.ang Kirk in ("raven." Mr.
Milligan d. at, Bradford, England, Nov. 17, 1S47, in the 76th year of his
age. Ann, his second wife, d. in Bradford, July 18, 1857, aged 68 vears.
(These dates copied from inscriptions on the gravestone). This John Mil-
ligan was the first of his family to cross the Scottish Border and settled at
Cross Hills, Yorkshire, . England. He afterwards removed to I'.radford,
where he was the founder of the firm of merchants known as "John Milli-
gan «1' Son." He acquired wealth and left a fortune to his heirs. He was
a man of distinction and much respected for his benevolence and integrity.

2. Mary Milligan- (1), eldest daughter of John' (1), was b. on the farm of
Dunnance, in the parish of Balmaghie, Galloway, Scotland, and became the
wife of James Rennie, founder of the firm of " Rennie, Lettie Cv: Co.," Brad-
ford, England, and left a daughter m. to John Wilkinson of Eeeds, who
left issue, James Rennie Wilkinson, Justice of the Peace of Thropstons,

3. Robert Milligan- ( 1), eldest son of John' (l) and Elizabeth Charteris.
was b. on the farm of Dunnance, parish of Balmaghie, Callowayshire, Scot-
land, Oct. 10, 1786, and d. July i, 1862, aged 76 years. His parents were
farmers of that honest and sturdy Scotch peasantry, long the pride and de-
fense of Caledonia. He crossed the Border, probably on foot, in 1802, and
for a time lived at Cross Hills, being a traveling Scotchman with a pack.
He settled at Bradford in 1810, where he and his brother John were pion-
eers in the stuff trade. He established a retail and wholesale department.
Robert Milligan tinally took in Mr. Forbes as partner, and, at that time,
built one of the most handsome stuff warehouses in town, with a mile of
mahogany counters. This warehouse, or store, is still standing. I" Mr.




Milligan's time the house attained one of the highest commercial positions
in the town. The elegant warehouse also commanded considerable interest
as it showed a business which would scarcely pale in importance before any
of the merchant princes of Manchester.

Robert Milligan was eminently considerate in an instance where a shop-
keeper had failed. Milligan & Forbes being the principal creditors, did
not appear at the meeting of the creditors, and finally loaned the debtor
;^2,5oo. He subsequently paid the debt and Robert Milligan had the sat-
isfaction of knowing he had saved one man from financial ruin.

He was, politically, a staunch Liberal, and took a deep interest in the

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 98 of 109)