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bridge, 1906. Clubs: City (N. Y.), Authors. Address:
87 Hamilton Place, N. Y. City.


Founder of the Junior Republic; b. West Dryden,
N. Y., June 4, 1866; s. John Francis and Eleanor
(Baker) George; ed. in common sch.; m. N. Y. City.
Nov. 12, 1896. Esther Ide Brewster; children: Eleanor
Miller, b. 1S9S, Esther Armington, b. 1904, Edith Van
Etten, b. June 7, 1908. Went to N. Y. City in 1880;
later became verv much interested in work for boys
and girls; in 1890 took a group of children to Free-
ville for the summer, and for five years thereafter
different groups were taken each summer for an out-
ing. In studying children, and the work being done
for them, came to the conclusion the giving the chil-
dren everything they needed, free, tended to increase
pauperism among them. While thinking over a rem-
edy for this conceived the idea of starting a junior
republic, modeled after the U. S. Gov't, and in 1895 put
his ideas into operation. The plan worked so well and
created so much interest that it was at once incor-
porated and placed on a permanent basis. The sum-
mer feature was abandoned and a permanent inst'n
established, which Is widely known as the George
Junior Republic; now devoting entire time to estab-
lishments of the Junior Republic System. Founder of
the Junior Municipality, which extends a measure of
self-gov't to all youth within a city between the ages
of 16 and 21. Author: The Junior Republic, collabora-
tor with Lyman Beecher Stowe in writing of Citizens
Made and Remade. Independent in politics. Recrea-
tions: All kinds of athletics. Address: Freeville. N. Y.


Diplomat, jurist; b. Geneseo, N. Y., 1867; grad. Co-
lumbia Co!., 1890, A. M 1891; grad. N. Y. Law Sch.,
1892. Entered N. G. of N. Y. State as 2d lieut., Co.
F. 12th Inf., and in 1892 attained captaincy, appt'et
q.-m., with rank of major, First Brigade, 1900. In
1907 elected Judge of Supreme Court of State of N. Y.
for t;rm expiring Dec 31, 1921. Mem. Comm'n to
attend Mexican Centennial, 1910; ambassador to Ger-
many, 1913. Pres. Mexico Soc. of N. Y. Mem. Bar
Ass'n, S. A. R. Clubs: Union, Tuxedo Country, Univer-
sity, N. Y. Athletic, Riding. Fencers, Democratic. Ad-
dress: Embassy, Berlin, Germany.


Civil eng'r, consulting eng'r for hydraulic and sani-
tary works; b. Hamburg, Germany. July 30, 1854; s.
Bernhard and Mathilda (Hiihn) Gerhard; ed. Italian
Coll., Alexandria, Egypt; Latin Sch., Kiel, Germany;
studied and graduated Technical Univ., at Karlsruhe.
Baden, 1871-1875; received hon. dr. eng'ring from
Technical Univ. of Darmstadt, July 28, 1911; m. May
10, 1881, Selma Weiskirch, of Milwaukee. Wis. (died
Nov. 27, 1901); children: Hans Weiskirch, b. 1883;
Norman Paul, b. 1884. Served in Prussian R. R. Reg't
in Berlin as volunteer 1S75-1876; civil eng'r in Ham-
burg, 1876-1877; came to U.S. 1877, settling in St. Louis,
Mo.; ass't eng'r to Pres. of Board of Public Works, St.
Louis, Mo., 1877-1879; in Capt. James B. Eads' office,
St. Louis, 1879-1880; chief ass't to Col. George E. War-
ing, Jr., at Newport, R. I., 1881-1883: chief eng'r of
Durham House Drainage Co., N. Y.. 1883-1884; editor
of Building, an architectural weekly, 1885-1886; in
practice as consulting eng'r for hydraulic and sani-
tary works, gas service and fire protection, since 1884;
on staff of State architect of N. Y. as sanitary eng'r.
1892-1899: hon. consulting eng'r to Health Dep't of
City of Brooklyn, 1895-1897. Independent in politics;
was mem. and delegate Citizens' Union. Author:
House Drainage and Sanitary Plumbing; Recent Prac-
tice in the Sanitary Drainage of Buildings; The Dis-
posal of Household Wastes; Gas Lighting and Gas
Fitting; Guide to Sanitary Inspections; The Preven-
tion of Fire; Theatre Fires and Panics, Their Causes
and Their Prevention; Fire Protection, Comfort and
Sanitation in Theatres: Sanitary Engineering; Sani-
tary Engineering of Buildings; The Superintendence
of Piping Installations in Buildings, 1907- The Sani-
tation of Public Buildings, 1907; Modern Baths and
Bath Houses, 1908: The American Practice of Gas
Piping and Gas Lighting in Buildings, 1908; The Sani-
tation, Water Supply and Sewage Disposal of Country
Homes, 1908; also of three German works; contb'r
of about 70 articles to the Dictionary of Architecture.



Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Technology* Club of
N. Y., Am. Public Health Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, hon.
corr. mem. Am. Inst. Architects, British Fire Pre-
vention Com. Residence: Searsdale, N. Y. Address:
42nd St. Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Brooklyn, N. Y Feb. 27, 1872- s.
Charles P. and Susan (Strembel) Germann; g'rad.
Boys' High Sch., Brooklyn, 1888; New Paltz (N Y.)
State Normal Sch., 1889; N. Y. Univ., 1892-1894- Co-
lumbia Univ., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa) 1895, Ph.D.,
1899; married. Teacher in Brooklyn public schools,
1889-1891; ass't in mathematics, 1895-1898 Univ. fel-
low in ed'n, 1898-1899; ass't in philosophy and ed'n
1899-1900; extension lecturer in ed'n, 1899-1902- reg-
istrar of Univ., 1900-1902, at Columbia Univ.; prin-
cipal Public Sch. 130, Brooklyn, since 1902 Lec-
turer in ed'n, Adelphi Coll., since 1911. Independent
in politics. Mem. Nat. Edn'l Ass'n, Am. Math. Soc,
Am. Psychol. Ass'n, fellow A. A. A. S., mem N. Y.
Phi Beta Kappa Alumni, Schoolmasters' Club, Brook-
lyn Principals' Ass'n, N. Y. Delta of Phi Delta Theta
fraternity. Recreations: Tramping, cycling. Address-
167 Rutland Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 25, 1837; s. Thomas R.
(U. S. N.) and Hannah G. (Goelet) Gerry; g. s. El-
bridge Gerry (signer Declaration of Independence, and
\ ice-President of U. S. during 2d Madison adminis-
tration), and of Peter P. Goelet; grad. Columbia, 1857-
m. 1867, Louisa M., d. Robert J. and Louisa M. (Storm)
Livingston, and g. d. Morgan Lewis (Governor of N.
Y and Grand Master of Masons); children: Angelica
L., Mabel, Robert Livingston (Harvard, 1900), Peter
Goelet (Harvard, 1901). Admitted to bar, 1860; mem.
I*. Y. Constitutional Conv., 1867, and on its com. on
the Pardoning Power. Became active in humane work
in connection with Am. Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals, and later in connection with formation of
Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, organized
1874. of which was pres. 1874-1901. Promoter of New
York legislation for benefit of children and animals;
appt'd by State Senate of N. Y., 1886 with Hon.
Matthew Hale and Dr. A. P. Southwick. as a comm'n
to consider the most humane and effective method of
executing the death sentence on criminals, as result
of which the present electrical system of ex-
ecution displaced the old system of hanging in
N. Y. Since 1885 gov. N. Y. Hosp.; chm'n exec. com.
Centennial Celebration of 1889; chm'n comm'n to con-
sider best method of caring for the insane of N. Y.
City, 1892; trustee Gen. Theol. Sem. of Episcopal Ch.
since 1877; dir. Newport Trust Co. since 1901, Indus-
trial Trust Co., Providence, R. I., since 1902. Mem.
Newport Reading Room. Mem. Sons of Revolution,
St. Nicholas Soc. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht (commodore,
1886-1893), Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, Turf & Field
Merchants. Players, Tuxedo, Darchmont Yacht, Ards-
ley (N. Y. City), Somerset (Boston), Metropolitan
(Washington). Residence: 2 E. 61st St. Address-
258 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Surgeon; b. Kassa, Hungary, Dec. 22, 1848; s. Nich-
olas and Caroline (Schmidt-Adamkovich) Gerster;
grad. Gymnasium a t Kassa, 1866; M.D., Ch.D., and
O. M., Vienna Univ., 1872; served as surgeon in Aus-
trian Army, 1872-1873; m. Cincinnati, O., Dec. 14, 1875,
Anna Barnard Wynne. Came to U. S. and practiced
medicine in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1874-1877; visiting sur-
geon German Hosp., N. Y., 1878;; visiting surgeon
Mount Sinai Hosp., N. Y., 1879; prof, of surgery N. Y.
Polyclinic, 1882-94. Mem. Am. Surg. Ass'n, German
Surgical Ass'n, Berlin, Germany; County and State
Med. Socs., N. Y. Acad, of Medicine, Royal Med. Soc,
Budapest, Hungary (corr. mem.) Writer on surg.
subjects and author of Rules of Aseptic and Anti-
septic Surgery. Club; Century. Address: 34 E. 75th
St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1848; s. Morltz
A. (architect) and Maria (von Weber) Gescheidt; ed.
public schs., Brooklyn; Scheck's Inst., Richmond Co.,
N. Y., and private tutoring in Europe and U. S. ; m.
N. Y. City, Katharine L. Gescheidt; one d. ; Minnie
D., b. 1890. Practising law 40 years; prosecuted and
defended large number of important criminal and
civil actions in U. S. and European countries. Trav-
elled through U. S., England, Germany, France, Ire-
land, Scotland. Holland, Switzerland and Italy. Mem.
Tammany Hall and Tammany Soc. 20 years; sch. trus-
tee and pres. b'd 20 years; pres. Sch. Insps. of First
Dist. of N. Y. City over five years and attended every
meeting held in that time and visited one sch. each
day; was chm'n of numerous entertainments in schs.
of First Dist. Pres. N. Y. Municipal Ass'n of All Na-

tionalities for 20 years. This org'n took important
action in election of various mayors, and after its
dissolution was formed into camps and benevolent
ass'ns, to which has served gratuitously as official
counsellor. Pres. Gescheidt Med. Co. of N. Y. City,
London, Paris and Berlin (proprietary medicines).
Episcopalian. Mem. Ivanhoe Lodge and Park Lodge
(F. and A. M.), N. Y. City Scheutzen Corps, City
Scheutzen Corps, Independent Scheutzen Corps, Chief
Aquahongia Tribe of State of N. Y., hon. mem. Ed-
ward C. Stone Literary Soc, Lafayette Maennerchor
Soc, First Ward Benevolent Soc. Recreations: Camp-
ing, hunting, fishing, boating, horticulture, driving.
Address: 309 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Tribes Hill, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1877; s. Will-
iam Filmore and Viola (Shults) Getman; ed. Fonda
High Sch. and Albany Law Sch., class of 1899; m.
Buffalo, Aug. 17, 1904, Mabel G. Anderson; children:
Gertrude A., b. 'Feb. 3, 1906; Richard A., b. July 7,
1910. Admitted to practise law in June, 1899, after
which practised in Johnstown alone until 1906; since
then as one of the firm of Getman & Fraser. Att'y
for Little Falls & Johnstown R. R. Co. City Judge
and Recorder of Johnstown, 1906-1907. Pres. B'd of
Trade; past dist. deputy Grand Master of Masons, 19th
Dist. Mem. Johnstown Lodge, I. O. O. F. Republican;
Presby'n. Club: Colonial (ex-pres.). Address: 8 First
AV., Johnstown, N. Y.


General ins. agent; b. on farm at Ephratah, N. Y
March IS, 1856; s. Jacob A. and Elizabeth (Nellis)
Getman; ed. in common sch. and further ed'n by con-
tinuous study after leaving school at 15; m. Eph-
ratah, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1883, Libbie Hager; children:
Vera E. ; L. Marion. Started business life as clerk in
drug store at Fort Plain, N. Y., in 1872; returned to
farm during panic of 1873; clerk in country store sev-
eral years; started as carpenter and builder in 1S80,
and continued until 1891, when removed to Johnstown,
N. Y., and engaged in gen. ins. business which nas
continued. Designed Gen. Policy Register and Ex-
piration Register for use of local ins. agents and
index and entry books for agr'l socs. Also wrote
pamphlets, Hints to Insurers, copyrighted, 1897. Dep-
uty sheriff, 1884-1890, under sheriff, 1890-1893; clerk
B'd Supervisors, 1891-1892, and 1888-1903, supervisor
Ward 2 City of Johnstown, 1895-1896; sec. B'd of Trade
of the City of Johnstown, 1904-1906. Mem. Assembly
Dist. and County Com. (Republican), 1893. Sec. and dir.
Fulton Co. Agr'l Soc, 1907, pres. 1908; dir. B'd of
Trade, 1907-1908. Presby'n. Mem. Caroga Lodge, F.
and A. M. ; Cayadutta Lodge, Johnstown Encampment,
and Scorn Rebekah Lodge, I. O. of O. F.; Sir William
Johnson Lodge Knights of Pythias, and Oliver Co. 38.
Uniformed Rank K. of P. Recreations: Hunting and
fishing. Club: Lotos (sec 1904; since then treas.).
Address: 38 W. Main St., Johnstown, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Allegany Co., Md., Nov. 5, 1851; s. Joseph
T. and Alice (Traill) Getzen-Danner; ed. Dickinson
Coll., Carlisle, Pa., and Univ. of Heidelberg, Germany;
m. London, England, April 19, 1888, Annie Clark, of
Cleveland, Ohio; one d.: Eleanor Getzen-Danner, b.
1889. Studied law, and admitted to bar; connected
with Law Dep't of The Lake Shore & Mich. Southern
R'y Co., 1874-1901; asst. gen. counsel same 1880-1901;
gen. land and tax agent, N. Y. Central & Hudson River
R. R. since Nov. 1, 1903. Independent in politics.
Episcopalian. Residence: 901 Lexington Av. Address.
Grand Central Terminal, N. Y. City.


Railway official; b. Boston, Mass., Jan. 27, 1843; s.
Samuel Hammond and Catherine Brewer (Priest) Gib-
bens; ed. Chauncey Hall Sch., Eng'ring Dep't, Law-
rence Scientific Sch. (Har. Coll.), 1860; m. Jamestown,
N. Y., 1884, Isabel C. Sanford (nee Connelly). Engaged
in mercantile business, N. Y. City, 1866, which re-
linquished in 1869 to aiccept position as transfer clerk
in charge of transfer dep't of stocks and bonds, Dela-
ware, Lackawanna & Western R. R. Co.; appt'd ass't
treas. of Co., 1873, and elected treas., 1875, resigned
1899, owing to ill health, after service of 24 years;
appt'd 2d v.-p. 18S2, and discharged duties of that
position in addition to those of treasurership until
1886, when was relieved duties appertaining to former
office. Was treas. Syracuse, Binghamton & N. Y. it.
R. Co., and several minor roads, also v.-p. N. Y.. Lacka-
wanna & Western R'y Co. Chm'n Advisory B'ji
Mountainside Hosp.. Montclair. Recreations: Reading,
traveling, walking. Clubs: Century, Down Town,
Laurentian (Can.). Address: 77 Upper Mountain Av.,
Montclair, N. J.




Lawyer; b. Wythevllle, Va., Nov. 1, 1877; s. David
Kvle and Frances G. GIbboney; ed. University High
Sen., Richmond, Va. ; grad. Univ. of Va., LD.B. ; m. N. Y
City, Nov. 30, 1907, Constance F. Whitehead; one d.:
Constance F., b. 1908. Engaged in practise of law.
N. Y.. since 1903, spent year of 1904 in practise at
Paris, France. Served in Army of Occupation in Cu'ba.
1898-1S99; was on staff of Gen. Chaffee at Pekin, China.
1900, during Boxer Outbreak and subsequent occupa-
tion of Pekin. Associated with Win. G. McAdoo and
Wm. F. Mc-Coombs in pre-conv. Wilson Campaign.
Managed part southern pre-conv. campaign for Wilson;
sec. Contb'rs Nat. Wilson and Marshall League during
Nat. Campaign. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Phi
Delta Phi legal fraternity; N. T. County Lawyers Ass'n
Sec. N. Y. Southern Soc, 190S-1S1L:; sec. The Virgini-
ans, since 1907. Recreations: Golf, tennis. Clubs:
New York Reform. Residence: 616 W. 116th St. Ad-
dress: 30 Broad St., N. T. City.


Lawyer, editor; b. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 16, 1847; s.
Thomas James and Ellen (Winnie) Gibbons; ed. Al-
bany Acad., Albanv Law Sch LL.B.; m. Cherry Valley,
N. V., Sept. 11, 1872, Josephine Campbell, g.-gd Mrs.
Col. Samuel Campbell who was made a prisoner by
the Indians at Massacre of Cherry Valley. Edited N.
Y. Weeklv Digest, 1S76-18S9; National Bankruptcy
Register Reports, N. Y. State Reporter, 1889-1894;
Gibbons' Digest of N. Y. reports; Appellate Division
Digest and Gibbons' Surrogate's Reports. Served as
Justice of peace two term and pres. village of Cherry
Vallev. Republican. Episcopalian, warden of Grace
Ch. Mem. N. T. State Bar Ass'n.; Cherry Valley Lodge,
F. and A. M. Capital City Chapter, De Witt Clinton
Council. Temple Commandery, Scottish Rite bodies
and Cyprus Temple, Mystic Shrine of Albany N. T. ;
Sons of Revolution. Pres. Cherry Valley Li/brary.
Address: Cherry Valley, N. T.


Lawyer; b. Buffalo, N. Y., June 9, 1857; s. James
Sidnev and Sarah (Burt) Gibbs; grad. public schs.,
Buffalo; Buffalo Central High Sch. (class 1876) ; studied
law with Hawkins & Stevens; m. Adelaide McFarland,
d. late Thomas S. McFarland. the banker. Actively en-
gaged in practise of law 30 years, in State and Fed-
eral Court trials; counsel for several leading ins. cos.
Delivered many public addresses, political, literary
and professional. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem.
N. T. State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, S. A. R. Former-
ly pres. Buffalo High Sch. Alumni and Independent
Club. Recreations: Boating, swimming, automobiling.
Clubs: Ellieott. Park, Wanakah Golf, Automobile of
Buffalo, Chamber of Commerce. Buffalo Gymnasium.
Residence: 409 Linwood Av., Buffalo N. Y. and Derby,
N. Y. Address: 85 Erie Countv Savings Bank, Buffalo,
N. Y.


Consulting eng'r; b. April 19, 1861: s. Francis and
Eliza (Hosmer) Gibbs; grad. Stevens Inst. Technology,
1882. Eng'r of tests and chemist, 1884-1887; mech. eng'r
1887-1897, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y Co.. con-
sulting eng'r Baldwin Locomotive Works and West-
inghouse Elec. & Mf'g Co., 1S97-1901; Interborough
Rapid Transit Co.. 1901-1905; 1st v. -p. Westinghouse
Church, Kerr & Co., 1902-1905; mem. Elec. Traction
Comm'n, N. Y. Central & Hudson River R. R., 1902-
1905: consulting eng'r Met. Securities Co.. 1904-1905;
chief eng'r of elec. -traction West Jersey & Sea-
shore R. R., 1904-1996; mem. B'd Eng'rs N. Y.
Terminal, Pennsylvania R. R. Co.; chief eng'r of elec.
traction and station construction. Pennsylvania Tun-
nel & Terminal R. R., 1903-1912; chief eng'r of elec.
traction, L. I. R. R.; consulting eng'r, Norfolk & West-
ern R'y; Pa. R. R., N. Y. Connecting R. R.; Public
Service Comm'n, First Dist., State of N. Y.; Chicago
Ass'n of Commerce Com. on Smoke Abatement ana
Electrification of R'y Terminals; past dir. Am. Soc.
Civil Eng'rs; mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Am. soc.
of Mech. Eng'rs, Inst'n Civil Eng'rs of England, Am.
R'y Ass'n, and other technical r'y ass'ns. Trustee
Presby'n Hosp., N. Y. City. Mem. Descendants of the
Signers. Clubs: Union, Century, University, Down
Town, South Side, Sportsmen's (N. Y. City); Ritten-
house (Philadelphia). Address: Pennsylvania Sta., N.
Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Plymouth, Chenango Co., N. Y., 1859; s.
Rev. B. B. and Minerva (Hartwell) Gibbs; grad. Col-
gate Univ., A.B., 1SS4; m. Elizabeth, N. J., 1904, Jessie
Angele d'Astre; children: Herbert Clesson. Geoffrey.
Practising law in N. Y. City since 1890. Mem. Ass'n
Bar, City of N. Y., Delta Kappa Epsilon Ass'n; Alumni
Ass'n of Colgate Univ. (pres. 1908-1910), N. Y. City

Alumni Ass'n of Colgate Univ., (sec. and treas. 1901-
1910). Clubs: University, Republican, Patrla (pres.
1909-191OI, I'unwoodit Country. Address: 76 William
St., N. Y. City.

Phvsician; b. Seneca, N. Y June 29, 1847; s. Duo'" 8
S. and Jane (Wilson) Gibbs; g.-g.-s. Spencer Gibbs,
serg't in Revolutionary Army; ed. public schs.. and
grad. Buffalo High Sch.; studied law, grad. Med. Dep t,
Univ. or Pa. M I >.. 1S69; Eclectic Med. Coll.. M.D., 1878;
m. Mrs. Marv E. Seaton. Was censor Eclectic Med.
Coll., and declined several chairs which were offered
him bv colls.; invented electric massage roller ana
electric shoe, etc., specialist and authority on obesity.
Entered Union Army as 2d lleut., 27th Inf., later capt.
8th Cav., serving until expiration of term of service;
again entered as 1st serg't comd'g co., honorably dis-
charged Jan. 8, 1S6G, for disability received In service;
served in many important battles of War, especially
in Shenandoah Valley. Mem. Health Dep't N. Y. City,
18S1-1S94. U. S. pension examining surgeon, X. Y. City;
past comd'r E. Morgan Post, G. A. R.; mem. Am.
Geog. Soc, Met Museum of Art, 'Medico-Legal Soc.
(trustee); Master Mason, Elk; hon. mem. Luther Bur-
bank Soc. Clubs: Lotos, N. Y. Athletic. Address:
Hotel Belleclaire, Broadway and 77th St., N. Y. City.


Orthopedic surgeon; b. in Jessamine Co., Ky., Sept.
29, 1847; s. Robert A. (M.D.) and Amanda (Weagley)
Gibney; grad. Ky. Univ.. A.B.. 1869. A.M., 1872, LL.D.,
1899, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., N. Y. City, M.D., 1871;
m. 1st, 1883, Charlotte D. Chapin; one son; Robert A.;
m. 2d, 1893, Julia A. Trubee. Surgeon-in-chief Hosp.
for Relief of Ruptured and Crippled; prof, orthopedic
surgery Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.). Clubs:
Century, University, Garden City Golf, Brooklawn
Country. Address: 13 Park Av., N. Y. City.


Pres. Mechanics Inst.; b. Mobile, Ala., Sept. 18, 1863;
s. James S. and Antoinette (Powers) Gibson; grad.
Univ. of Alalbama, A.M., 1885; m. Jacksonville, Ala.,
1889, Martha Newcomb; children: Carleton B., Jr., b
1S90 Gladys, b. 1892, Wallace, b. 1894. Pres. State
Normal Sch., Jacksonville, Ala., 1885-1892; prin. Univ.
Military Sch., Mobile, Ala., 1892-1893; pres. Central
Female Coll., Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1893-1894; sup't of schs.
of Columbus, Ga., 1894-1909; pres. Mechanics Inst.,
Rochester, N. Y., since 1910. Independent Democrat.
Baptist. Mem. Phi Delta Theta fraternity, mem. Coun-
cil Nat. Ed'n Ass'n, Mason, Templar, Shriner; dir.
Rochester Zool. Soc. Recreations: Yachting, shooting,
golf. Clubs: Rochester Athletic, Genesee Valley. Resi-
dence: 14 Argyle St. Address: 55 Plymouth Av., Ro-
chester, N. Y.


Illustrator; b. Roxbury, Mass., Sept. -14, 1867; s.
Charles De Wolf and Josephine Elizabeth Gibson; ed.
in Boston and Flushing, L. I.; studied at Art Students'
League, 1883-1884; m. Nov. 7, 1895, Irene Langhorne, of
Richmond, Va. Devoted himself to illustrating, 1887.
Has illustrated Richard Harding Davis's Soldiers of
Fortune, Anthony Hope's Prisoner of Zenda, and Ru-
pert of Hentzau and other books; among the series of
sketches made by him are Americans, 1890, London as
seen by C. D. Gibson, 1898, People of Dickens, 1898,
Sketches in Egypt, 1898. Education of Mr. Pipp, 1899,
The Widow and Her Friends, 1901. Club: Racquet.
Address: 127 E. 73d St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Boston, Mass., May 5, 1864; ed. abroad
and at Adams Acad, and Harvard, A.B., 1886, M.D., 1889.
Has practised in N. Y. City since 1890. Attending sur-
geon to N. Y. Hosp., consulting surgeon to City Hosp.;
Vassar Bros. Hosp., Poughkeepsie; Southside Hosp.,
Babylon; State Hosp. for Crippled and Deformed Chil-
dren, adjunct prof, of surgery, Cornell Univ. Mem.
N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. Surg. Soc,
Clinical Soc, Practitioners' Soc, Med. and Surg. Soc,
Am. Surg. Ass'n. Am. Ass'n of Genito-Urinary Surgeons,
Soc. of Clinical Surgery, Internat. Surg. Ass'n, Internat.
Urological Ass'n, Ass'n Francaise de Cherurgie, Corre-
spondent de la Soeigte de Cherurgie de Paris, Sons of
the Revolution. Soc. of Colonial Wars. Clubs: Uni-
versity, Centurv, Harvard. Address: 72 E. 54th St.,
N. Y. City.


Retired R'y official; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 19,
1843; s. E. T. H. and Elizabeth C. (Sanford) Gibson;
grad. Yale, A.B., 1864; m. Duluth, Minn., Oct. 12, 1892,
Fannie C. Burbank; one daughter, Frances Hastings,
b. 1895. Mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange, 1868-1874; clerk
in 111. Central R. R. Co., 1874-1886, sec. Oct. 20, 1886,
to May 18, 1887, ass't treas., May 18, 1887, to Oct. 18,



1893, and since then treas. same company. Also dir.
Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans R. R. Co., Dubuque
& Sioux City R. R. Co., retired May, 1913. Address:
Belgrade, Me.


Consulting eng'r; b. Wayne, Mich., March 29, 1876; s.
George and Catharine (Speyer) Gibson: grad. Univ. of
Mich.. B.S., in elec. eng'ring, 1899; m. Chicago, 111., Dec.
25, 1901, Anna Jackson; children: George, b. 1902. Luis,
b. 1904, Augustus, b. 1908. Ass't editor Eng'ring News,
1899-1901; editor Westinghouse Companies publishing
dep't, 1901-1903; mg'r publicity, Internat. Steam Pump
Co., 1903-1905; prop'r George H. Gibson Co., advertising
eng'rs since 1905. Independent in politics. Mem. Am.
Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. Recreations:
Automobiling, mech. inventions. Clubs: Common-
wealth, Germantown Cricket. Address: Tribune Bld'g.,
N. T. City.


Lawyer; b. Geneva, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1854; s. Rev. Will-
iam Thomas and Martha (Field) Gibson; ed. common
schools of Utica, N. Y., Utlca Free Acad., 1870; grad.
Hobart Coll., B.A., 1874; unmarried. Admitted to N. Y.
Bar, at Rochester, Oct., 1877, has since practised at
Utica. Mayor of Utica, 1894-1897, corporation counsel of
Utica, 1902-1904. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. Oneida
Hist. Soc, Oneida Co. Bar Ass'n, Utica Law Library
Ass'n. Mem. B'd Mg'rs St. Luke's Home and Hosp.,
Utica, for 11 years; trustee Utlca Dispensary. Address:

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