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25 Plant St., Utica, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Marietta, Ga., Oct. 22, 1868; s. Robert and
Annie (Glover) Gibson; grad. Univ. of the South, B.S.,

1887, AM. (several schs.), 1888, Columbia, LL.B., 1892,
English oration, 1887, Commencement, German oration,

1888, Commencement; m. San Francisco, Calif., Aug. 15,

1908, Grace Llewellyn Jones; one d., Charlotte Ariel, b.

1909. Engaged in practise of law at N. Y. City since
1892. Pres. B'd Trustees of the Sigma Alpha EDsilon
fraternity. Delegate to Dem. Conf., Saratoga Springs,
1909. Democratic candidate for Assembly, 1911. Mem.
and sec. N. Y. Local Sch. B'd many years. Mem. Ass'n
Bar, City of N. Y., Southern Soc, Alumni Ass'n, Law
Sch. of Columbia Univ., Dwight Alumni Ass'n, N. Y.
Alumni Ass'n of Univ. of South. Episcopalian. Cluti:
N. Y. Athletic (life mem.). Residence, 501 W. 113th St.
Address: 14 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Aveley, Essex, England, Nov. 17, 1854; s.
Samuel Dodwick and Eliza (Williams) Gibson; ed. In-
gress House Sch., Gravesend; grad. Royal Acad, of
Arts, London, 1879 (silver medal and scholarship); m.
N. Y. City, 1880, Caroline Hammond; children: Robert
H., Lydia C, Katherine, Hester G. After graduation
travelled in Europe one year, 1880; came to U. S. 1881;
practised architecture in Albany, N. Y., 1881-1888. De-
signed Albany Cathedral, N. Y. Clearing House, N. Y.
Bot. Museum, N. Y. Coffee Exchange, U. S. Trust Co.
Bld'g, Randall Memorial Ch. (Sailors' Snug Harbor),
Greenwich Savings Bank, and many banks, churches,
residences, etc. Seven years in English Volunteers.
Independent. Episcopalian. Mem. council Fine Arts
Federation; mem. and ex-dir. Am. Inst. Architects,
Architectural League (twice pres.) ; mem. Met. Museum
of Art, N. Y. Bot. Soc, N. Y. Chamber of Commerce, St.
George's Soc. Recreations: Sailing, riding. Club: Cen-
tury. Residence: Aveley Farm, Woodbury, L. I. Ad-
dress: 185 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Glen Hope Mills, Pa., 1845; s. William H.
and Jane P. Gibson; ed. Westminster Coll., Pa.; m. N.
Y. City, Oct., 1895, Mary E. Leggett. Admitted to bar
and since then engaged in practice in N. Y. City. As
mem. Pa. Military Acad. Battery, volunteered in June,
1863, and served three months in Civil War. Was
counsel for the U. S. Treasury Dep't before B'd U. S.
General Appraisers May, 1895-June 30, 1901. Address.
32 Nassau St.. N. Y. City.


Educator, sociologist; b. Sherman, Conn., Mar. 23,
1855; s. Rev. Edward J. and Rebecca Jane (Fuller)
Giddings; ed. Union Coll., A.B., 1877; A.M. 1889; Ph.D.,
1S97; Oberlln Coll., LL.D., 1900; m. Elizabeth P. Hawes;
children: H. Starr (Columbia, 1900), Elizabeth R., Lor-
inda Margaret. Engaged in newspaper work, 1877-1888;
prof, political science, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1SS8-1S94;
prof, sociology, Columbia, since 1894. Joint author
(with Prof. John Bates Clark); The Modern Distribu-
tive Process, 1888. Author: The Theory of Sociology,
1S94; Principles of Sociology, 1896; The Theory of
Socialization, 1897- The Elements of Sociology, 1898;
Democracy and Empire, 1900; Inductive Sociology,
1901; Descriptive and Historical Sociology, 1906

Translations of his works have been made and pub-
lished into French, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian,
Czech and Japanese. Clubs: Authors', Century. Ad-
dress: 303 W. 104th St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. in Bavaria, May 20 1855; s. Leonard and
Theresa (Kramer) Giegerich; ed. in village public and
parochial schs.; honorary LL.D., Manhattan Coll., and
Coll. of St. Francis Xavier, N. Y. City; m. N. Y. City.
Sept. 6, 1877, Louise M. Boll; children: Leonard A., Jr..
b. July 16, 1888; Arthur Nicholas, b. Sept. 28, 1890.
Admitted to N. Y. Bar and practised law. Mem. N. Y.
Assembly 1887; collector U. S. internal revenue, 1887-
1890; Justice City Court of N. Y., 1S90; county clerk
of N. Y. County. 1891; Judge Court of Common Pleas,
1S91-1895; delegate to Constitutional Convention, N.
Y., 18S4; Justice Supreme Court, 1896, re-elected Nov.,
1906, for term expiring Dec. 31, 1920; nominated by
Democrats, Republicans, the "Judiciary Nominators"
Independence League (Hearst) and Prohibitionists.
Democrat. Roman Catholic Honorary mem. N. Y
State Bar Ass'n. Mem. N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n,
Knights of Columbus Catholic Benevolent Legion, St.
Francis Xavier Sodality, Manhattan Coll. Alumni Soc,
Alumni Soc. of Coll. of St. Francis Xavier, Tammany
Soc, Fidelia Gesang Verein. Recreations: Agricul-
tural pursuits, Ashing. Clubs: Catholic. Democratic,
Manhattan, Arion, German Press, N. Y. Fishing, Jeffer-
son of 11th Ward, Press Club, N. Y. Hist. Soc, Park
District Protective League of Riverdale-on-Hudson.
Address: W. 252d St. and Arlington Av., Riverdale-on-
Hudson. N. Y. City.


Naval architect, eng'r.; b. Manitowac, Wis., Aug. 1,
1855; s. Christian Augustus and Sophia S. (Jones) Gie-
low; m. Detroit. Mich., March 31, 190S, Emma Alexan-
dria Riggs. Entered service of U. S. after leaving
sch., rendering service to gov't 13 years, after which
located in N. Y.; designed two 260-ton floating der-
ricks, owned iby Merritt-Chapman Wrecking Co., 1895,
also designed numerous dredges and their machinery
and five ferryboats of the Key Route, In Calif. Be-
came interested in yacht designing, first work being
steam yacht Nydia; designed 60-foot yacht, 1905, which
was first winner of King's Cup; also designer of many
other yachts. Mem. Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs; fellow
Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, Atlantic Yacht.
Residence: Hotel Bossert, Brooklyn. Address: 52
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Forest Lake, Susquehanna Co., Pa.,
1S58; s. B. M. and Julia A (Ball) Giffin; ed. Mitchell
Sem., Mitchellville, la.; Univ. of Valparaiso and Colgate
Univ., B.S.. 1S90, and Hamilton Theol. Sem.; m. Mon-
trose, Pa., 1SS4, Ella T. Fancher; children: Dena V.. b.
1887; Merna J., b. 1889; Harold W.. b. 1S91; Shirley M.,
b. 1893. Pastorates at Oxford, N. Y., Long Island City,
Granville; pastor Park Baptist Ch., Port Richmond, N.
Y., and at Croton Falls. N. Y. Prohibitionist; Bapt.
Address: 21 Maple Av.. Newton, N. J.


Architect; b. Newark, N. J., July 17, 1860; s. John A.
and Mary (Ailing) Gifford; ed. Newark Latin Sch..
Stevens High Sch., Stevens Inst, of Technology; m.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Dec, 1890, Helen Conyngham; chil-
dren: Charles Conyngham, Alice C, John A. Jr., Don-
ald S. Architect of N. J. State Armories, N. J. State
Bld'gs at Chicago and St. Louis Exp'n, Mt. Washington
Hotel, Bretton Woods, N. H.; Clifton Hotel, Niagara
Falls. Can.; several churches, institutional bld'gs and
private residences. Travelled extensively in Europe.
Mem. N.G.N.J., 1890-1898, in 1st Troop, later on Div.
Staff, as a.d.c, with rank of Major. Mem. Am. Inst,
of Architects, N. Y. Chapter A.I.A. Architectural League
of N. Y.. Am. Fine Arts Soc, N. J. State Rifle Ass'n.
Recreations: Walking, boating. Club: Westmoreland
(Wilkes-Barre). Residence: 60 Park Place, Newark
N. J. Address: 25 Park Place, N. Y. City.


Prof, of law; b. W. Dedham, Mass., Oct. 15, 1867; s.
Elisha and Louise Jane (Knajjp) Gifford; attended
Cambridge Latin Sch. Cambridge, Mass. (prepared for
Harvard) A.B. (.Magna cum laude). Harvard. 1892;
mem. Phi Beta Kappa; LL.B., 1901; hon. A.M., Yale,
1912; LL.D., Fordham 1912; m. Greenfield. Mass., June
30, 1892, Sarah Lowell Parsons; children: James Par-
sons, b. 1893; Alexander, b. 1895; Charles Cummings,
b. 1897; Sarah Lowell, b. 1902. Instr. of modern lan-
guages 1S92-1S9S; principal of Howard Sem., West
Bridgewater, Mass., 1896-1S98; ass't in French, Harvard
Coll., 1900-1901. Admitted to N. Y. Bar 1902, and en-
gaged in praot'ce until 1 107. Prof, of law and pro-
dean of Fordham L;i h., 1907-1912; now lines prof.



of testamentary law, Yale Univ. Law Sen., also asso.
in law, Columbia Law Sch. and sp'l lecturer on evi-
dence Fordham Law Sch. Residence: 432 Temple St.
Address: Yale Law Sch., New Haven, Conn.

Educator; b. West Falmouth Mass., July 29, 1854; s.
Azariah Shove and Lois (Bean) Gifford; grad. Haver-
ford Coll., A.B., 1870; A.M., 1S77; studied In unlvs. of
Berlin, Bonn and Munich, 18S3-1885, Halle 1901-1902,
Ph.D.; m. Providence, R. I, 1883, Mary Amy Collins;
children: Margaret Amy, b. 1SSS; Philip Collins, b.
1891. Instr Greek and Latin, Friends' Sch., Provi-
dence, 1876-18S2; ass't. prof. Greek and German, Haver-
ford Coll., 1S82-1883; prof. Greek, Haverford Coll., 1885-
1904; principal Moses Brown Sch., Providence, since
July, 1904. Travelled in Italy and Greece. 1885. Mem.
Soc. of Friends. Mem. Am. Philol. Ass'n, Head Mas-
ters' Ass'n. Phi Beta Kappa (Zeta Chapter); mem. B'd
of Mg'rs, Haverford Coll.. since 1905. Club: University
(Providence). Address: Moses Brown Sch., Providence,
R. I.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 4, 1873; s. Philip and Re-
becca (Joseph) Gilbert; ed. public sens., evening high
sch., private prep. sch. and N\ Y. Law Sch.; m. June 25,
1905, Ella J. Becher; two children: Frances Eleanor,
b. April 6, 1906; Carl Richard, b. Jan. 26, 1908. Ass't
att'y to Bld'g Dep't. 1896-1S97; mem. firm of Mayer &
Gilbert, Jan. 31, 189S-March 6. 1912; chm'n N. Y. Re-
publican; delegate to Nat. Rep. Conv., 1892. Mem. Am.
didate for Supreme Court Justice of Republican Party
and Independence League, 1912. Mem. Ass'n of Bar
City of N. Y., County Lawyers' Ass'n, Soc. Med. Juris-
prudence, Dwight Alumni Ass'n and many charitable
inst'ns. Club: Republican. Residence: 310 W. 93d St.
Address: 43 Exchange PI., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Elizabeth, N. J Aug. 10, 1839; s. Thomas
and Phebe F. Gilbert; ed. at New Haven; m. June 6,
1865, Louise F. Randolph. Engaged in banking and at
24 was appt'd cashier of the Market and Fulton Nat.
Bank, and for years was the youngest bank officer in
N. Y. City; now pres. Market and Fulton Nat. Bank;
sec. N. Y. Clearing House, 1893-1894; was mem. Clear-
ing House Com., N. Y. City, 1903-1904; elected pres.
N. Y. Clearing House Ass'n, Oct., 1906; treas. Hillside
Cemetery Ass'n, of Plainfleld, N. J.; mayor of Plain-
field, N. J., serving 1890-1896 (elected two terms with-
out opposition); trustee Plainfleld Public Library. Re-
publican; delegate to Nat. Rep. Conv., 1892. Mem. Am.
Acad, of Polit. and Social Science, N. Y. B'd of Trade
and Transportation, N. Y. Chamber of Commerce.
Clubs: Union League, Republican, Fulton (N. Y. City);
Plainfleld Country; Park (Plainfleld, N. J.). Resi-
dence: Plainfleld, N. J. Address: 81 Fulton St., N. Y.


Manufacturer; b. Utica, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1872; s. Ben-
jamin Davis and Adelaide (Thome) Gilbert; ed. Law-
renceville Sch., Andover, Yale. Columbia, B.A., 1897; m.
Chappaqua, N. Y., Sept 7, 1905, Sue Racey Blggar;
children: Susan Gilbert, Benjamin Gilbert. V.-p. Con-
tinental Car & Equipment Co.; writer of short stories
appearing in the magazines; interested in archaeol-
ogy; made researches and excavations in Central Ari-
zona In 1904 and in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, 1905.
V.-p. and dir. Sullivan & Slawson Co., Utica, N. Y.;
pres. Utica Chamber of Commerce, 1911-1912. Discov-
ered ruins of seventeen pueblos in Cave Creek Dlst.,
Ariz. The collection of funeral urns, idols and jadeite
objects found in Oaxaca is now in Am. Mus. of Nat.
Hist., N. Y. City. Episcopalian. Clubs: University (N.
Y.), Fort Schuyler (Utica, N. Y.), Delta Kappa Epsilon,
Yale, Arts. Address: Utica, N. Y.


Architect; b. Zanesville, O., Nov. 24, 1859; s. Brig.-
Gen. Samuel A. and Elizabeth Fulton (Wheeler) Gil-
bert; ed. public schs. Zanesville and St. Paul, and in
Mass. Inst. Technology; m. Milwaukee, Wis., 1887;
Julia T. Finch. Began study of architecture, 1876; has
been in practise since 1883. Architect of new U. S.
Custom House, the Woolworth Bld'g (highest bld'g in
the world), Union Club, Broadway, Chambers, West
St. Bld'g and others in N. Y. City; Brazer Bld'g and
Suffolk Savings Bank, Boston; Ives Memorial Library,
New Haven, Conn.; Art Bld'g and Festival Hall, La.
Purchase Exp'n, Central Public Library, St. Louis, gen.
plan Univ. of Minn., the new State Capitol of Minn.,
and for completion, Arkansas State Capitol, Little
Rock; gen. plan and Library Univ. of Texas; Indus-
trial Art Sch., Trenton, N. J., and Essex Co. Court
House, Newark, N. J., and many other bld'gs, public,
private and ecclesiastical. Pres. and one of founders

Architectural League; past pres. Am. Inst, of Archi-
tects; hon. corr. mem. Royal Inst. British Architects;
Royal Inst, of Architects (Canada), Univ. of Liv-
erpool Architectural Soc; mem. Sons of Revolution;
academician; mem. Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Am. Acad,
of Fine Arts; v.-p. Am. Federation of Arts; mem.
Jury of Fine Arts, World's Columbian Exp'n, Chicago,
1893, and Nat. Jury for Architecture at Paris Exp'n,
1900; mem. Jury for selection of design for recon3truc-
tion of West Point Mil. Acad. Appt'd by Pres. Roose-
velt mem. Council of the Fine Arts, and by Pres. Taft
mem. Nat. Comm'n of Fine Arts. Clubs: Century,
Union, Lawyers, Republican (N. Y. City), Cosmos
(Washington), Minnesota (St. Paul), St. Louis (St.
Louis). Residence: 42 E. 64th St. Address: 11 E. 24th
St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Hartford, Conn., Sept., 1873; s. Charles E.
and Virginia E. Gilbert; studied at Art Students'
League, N. Y. City, and Julien Acad., Paris; has ex-
hibited figures and landscapes in leading exb'ns. Most
notable drawings are Women of Fiction, A Message
from Mars; All Is Vanity; The Jessamy Bride. Ad-
dress: 26 W. 8th St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 29, 1863; s. Loring and
Carolyn C. (Etchiveri) Gilbert; descendant of John
Gilbert (second son of Giles Gilbert, of Bridgewater,
Somersetshire, Eng.), who came to America and
settled at Taunton, Mass., 1634, and was in command
of troops who fought against the Indians; took sp'l
college courses in civil eng'ring and architecture, and
studied painting, sculpture and fine arts under noted
artists; m. Sept. 14, 1896, Florence Cecil Moss. Since
1886 has designed hotels, offices and bank bld'gs,
churches, railroad stations, factories and business
buildings, and many of most prominent private resi-
dences in the city and suburbs. Fellow Am. Inst, of
Architects; mem. Architectural League, Fine Arts Soc,
Municipal Arts Soc, Sons of Revolution, Soc. of Co-
lonial Wars, Soc. War of 1812, N. E. Soc, Chamber of
Commerce; charter mem. and one of founders Squad-
ron A, Cav., N. G. N. Y. Clubs: Metropolitan, Racquet,
Lawyers, Riding, Union League, Nat. Arts. Residence:
33 Riverside Drive. Address; Townsend Bld'g, N. Y.


Lawyer, librarian; b. Bainbridge, N. Y., March 10,
1867; s. Don A. and Amelia H. (Bixby) Gilbert; grad.
Bainbridge Acad., 1885; Hamilton Coll., A.B., 1889; m.
Bainbridge, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1895, Frances Freiot. Ad-
mitted to bar, Nov., 1891; ass't Statutory Revision
Comm'n, 1S92-1901; att'y in legislative bill drafting
dep't, appt'd by Speaker of Assembly and pres. of Sen-
ate, 1901-1905; -State law librarian, Jan, 1906-Oct.,
1908, now chief counsel State Ed'n Dep't and Regents
Univ., State of N. Y., appt'd Oct. 1, 1908. Editor Am.
Elec. Cases and Street R'y Cases (Matthew Bender &
Co.). Compiler Gilberts' Annotated Code of Civil Pro-
cedure, Town and Country Officers' Manual, The Law
of Domestic Relations. Co-editor (with Robert C.
Cumming) The General Laws and Revised Statutes of
the State of N. Y. (4 vols.) and Annotated Con-
solidated Laws of State of N. Y., 1909, with supple-
ments to date (11 vols.). Mem. Chi Psi fraternity
(Hamilton Coll. Alpha Phi). Clubs: University (Al-
bany), Island Golf (Troy). Address: State Law Li-
brary, Albany, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. Geneva, N. Y., Mar. 23, 1862; s. Morris
J. and Eliza (Simonds) Gilbert; grad. Union Coll., B.A.,
1883, Cambridge Episcopal Theol. Sch., B.D., 1892; m.
Philadelphia, Oct. 10, 1S92, Frances, d. Dr. John B.
Chapin, sup't Pa. Hosp. for Insane, West Philadel-
phia; children: William Morris, Jr., b. 1894; Harriet
Elizabeth, b. 1900; Frances, b 1902. Rector Grace Ch.,
Carthage, N. Y., 1892-1894; ass't minister, Grace Ch.,
Baltimore, 1894-1896; rector St. Paul's Church. Yon-
kers, N. Y., since 1896. Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity.
Pres. Yonkers Fortnightly Club for Study of Anthro-
pology. Address: Yonkers, N. Y.


Lieut.-col., U. S. A. (retired); b. N. Y. City, March 3,
1840; s. Joseph G. and Ruth (Wallace) Gilbert; grad.
Univ. of Rochester, A.B., 1861; A.M., 1864; m. Utica,
N. Y., April 5, 1870, Mary E. Chapman. Appt'd 1st
lieut. 19th Inf., U. S. A., May 14, 1861; regimental adj.
Aug. 1, 1861-July 7, 1864; capt., July 7, 1864; resigned,
Jan. 9, 1866; served through the Civil War. Instr.
Latin and Greek, Univ. of Rochester, 1867-1868; U. a.
comm'r, Rochester, N. Y., 1869-1898; appt'd major,
U. S. A.. Nov. 3, 1898; served through Spanish-Am.



War; retired, 1904; promoted to lieut.-col., U. S. A.,
retired, April 23, 1904. Republican; Baptist. Mem.
Delta Psi fraternity, Soc. of Phi Beta Kappa, Military
Order of Loyal Legion of U. S., G. A. R., Soc. of For-
eign Wars, Soc. of the Genesee, Soc. of the Cumber-
land. Clubs: Army and Navy (Washington), Uni-
versity (Rochester), Rochester Athletic. Address: 20
Arnold Park, Rochester, N. Y.


Journalist; b. Flushing, N. T. Oct. 3, 1849; d. Rev.
William H. and Jane (Nutt) Gilder; ed. St. Thomas
Hall, a woman's college conducted by her father. Be-
gan newspaper career at 18 as writer on Newark
(N. J.) Morning Register, conducted by her brother,
Richard Watson Gilder, and as Newark reporter for
N. T. Tribune; later on editorial staff of the old
Scribner's Monthly (now the Century Magazine); lit-
erary editor, 1875, and later dramatic and musical
critic N. T. Herald until 1S80; with brother, Joseph
B. Gilder, founded, 1881, and ever since joint editor
with him of The Critic (later Putnam's Monthly).
Has been correspondent of leading papers in Boston
and Philadelphia, and of London Acad.; now regular
literary correspondent Chicago Tribune. Author:
Taken by Siege, Pen Portraits of Literary Women
(with Helen G. Cone). Essays from the Critic (with
J. B. Gilder), Representative Poems of Living Poets,
1886; Authors at Home, 1889; The Autobiography of
a Tomboy, 1900; The Tomboy at Work, 1904. Club:
The Colony. Town residence: 100 E. 17th St. Coun-
try residence: Redding Ridge, Conn. Address: 100 E.
17th St., N. Y. City.


Editor; b. Flushing, N. Y., June 29, 1858; s. Rev.
William and Jane (Nutt) Gilder; entered U. S. Naval
Acad., 1872, resigned 1874. Began as journalist in
capacity of reporter on Newark (N. J.) newspaper,
1874-1877; was also a correspondent of Boston Ad-
vertiser. Buffalo Courier, etc.; became reporter N. Y.
Herald, 1877, and resigned as ass't city editor Dec,
18S0, in order to establish, Jan., 1881, with sister,
Jeannette L. Gilder, The Critic, of which was co-editor
until Dec, 1901; pres. and treas. The Critic Co.. 1893-
1901; literary adviser The Century Co., 1895-1902; U.
S. despatch ag't, London (succeeding late B. P. Stev-
ens). 1902-1904; editor July 1, 1906-1910, of Putnam's
Monthly (formerly The Critic). Treas. Am. Copyright
League, 1886; one of organizers, 1891, and first sec.
TJniv. Settlement Soc of N. Y. Contb'r prose and
verse to The Century and verse to other leading
magazines. Editor: James Russell Lowell's Impres-
sions of Spain. Andrew Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth.
Addresses of John Hay. The American Idea. Joint
editor (with Jeannette L. Gilder): Essavs from The
Critic, Authors at Home. Address: 7 W. 43d St., N.
Y. City.


Jurist; b. on farm in Township of Clinton, Dutchess
County, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1840; s. Smith J. and Rachel
(Alger) Gildersleeve; reared on father's farm; ed. in
dist. sch. Schultzville, N. Y.. Hudson River Inst, Clav-
erack, N. Y., and College Hill, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ;
taught dist. sch. in Bull's Head Dist., Town of Clin-
ton, 1857; recruited a company and was mustered in
Sept. 17, 1S62, as capt. Co. C, 150th N. Y. Vol. Inf.;
served with reg't at Baltimore, participated in battle
of Gettysburg and subsequent campaign in Md. and
Va., in Army of Potomac; served in Sherman's army
until close of war, including March to the Sea; made
provost-marshal 1st Div. 20th Army Corps, on staff
of Gen. Williams, of Mich.: promoted major of reg't
and brevetted lieut.-col. TJ. S. V., by President Lin-
coln "for gallant and meritorious service in the cam-
paigns of Georgia and the Carolinas." mustered out
Tune, 1865. Studied law in office of Henry W. John-
son. N. Y. City, attended Columhia Coll. Law Sch.:
admitted to bar at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Mav, 1866: m.
N. Y. City, April 14. 1868. Virginia CToeheron: children:
Alger Crocheron, Virginia Crocheron. Practised law
in N. Y. Citv from 1866; elected judge Court of Gen.
Sessions, N. Y. City, 1875; renominated 1S99, but failed
of re-election; appt'd by Gov. Hill. May, 1891, to fill
vacancy In Superior Court of City of N. Y., and elected
Nov., 1891, to same position; transferred to Supreme
Court of N. Y., in ,Tnn., 189R, under provisions of New
Constitution, abolishing Superior Court: re-elected,
1905, for term expiring Dec. 31. 1919: resigned Dec. 1,
1909, and resumed practice of law. Elected lieut.-col.
12th Reg't. N. G. N. Y., 1870. and during Orange Riots
in N. Y. City, 1871, had command of State Arsenal at
35th St. and 7th A v. ; distinguished as marksman and
member of the American Rifle Team, which won in
contest with the Irish Team at Creedmoor, 1874, and
capt. of the team in the contest (which it won) with
the Irish team at .Dollymount, near Dublin. June 9.
iR75: also In several competitions in England and

Scotland; offered by Gov. Dix. but declined, position
of gen. insp. rifle practice. Author: Rifles and Marks-
manship, 1876. Democrat. Recreations: Pishing,
hunting, golf. Clubs: Manhattan, N. Y. Athletic, Gar-
den City Golf, Oakland Golf, Robbins Island Hunt-
ing, National Golf Links of America, Long Island
Country. Residence: 404 Riverside Drive. Address:
2 Rector St., N. Y. City.


Shipbuilder, merchant; b. Gildersleeve, Middlesex
Co., Conn.. March 6, 1844; s. Henry and Emily (Fln-
ette) Gildersleeve; descended in both lines from early
English settlers in Conn., Richard Gildersleeve and
his wife, Joane (Appleton), in 1635; ed. dist. sch.,
Gildersleeve, Conn., Chase private sch., Middletown,
and public high sch., at Hartford, Conn.; m. Nov. 8,
1871, Mary Ellen d. Hon. Alfred Hall, of Portland,
Conn.; children: Alfred, b. Aug. 23, 1872; Walter, b.
Aug. 23, 1874; Louis, b. Sept. 22, 1877; Charles, b. Dec.
11, 1884; Nelson, b. Sept. 14, 1887; Oliver, Jr., b. March
9. 1890. At age of 17 began business life in father's
shipyard (S. Gildersleeve & Sons), and for 10 years
worked as practical shipbuilder; 1861 firm built U. S.
gunboat Cayuga, which led the fleet up the Mississippi
River at capture of New Orleans in Civil War (the
yard has built over 181 vessels). Interested with
brother, Sylvester, in shipping comm'n business in
N. Y. City, 1881-1884; started an agency In N. Y. City,
1897, for selling_ and chartering vessels constructed at
Gildersleeve Shipyard, which has since sold or profit-
ably employed 105 vessels of from 400 to 2.000 tons
burden sent from the Gildersleeve Shipyard. Pres.
Gildersleeve Ship Bld'g Co.. of Gildersleeve, Conn.,
U. S. Graphotvpe Co., N. Y. City; pres. and treas.
Portland Mfg Co.; pres. Portland (Conn.) Water Co.;
dir. First Nat. Bank of Portland. Ala.. BaTge & Coal
Co., of Tidewater, Ala., TJ. S. Graphotype- Co., of N. Y.,
Ideal Mf'g Co., of Gildersleeve, Conn.; trustee Free-
stone Savings Bank of Portland, Conn., S. Gilder-
sleeve Sch. IFund of Gildersleeve. Conn., Episcopal
Acad, of Conn.: trustee under will of Henry Gilder-
sleeve, deceased. Democrat; nominee for Congress,
1900. Episcopalian; warden Trinity Church. Port-
land, Conn., since 1886; delegate to Diocesan Conv.
annually from 1884 bv men of Church In gratitude
for 300 years of English Christianity (Jamestown.
1607-Riehmond. 1907): established a memorial fund in
connection with Trinity Ch., Portland. 1900. Mem.
Conn. State Comm'n on River'! and Harbors, Middle-
sex Co. Hist. Soc, Civic Federation of N. E., Nat.

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