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mission; elected, 1906, Comptroller of the State of X.
Y., for term 1907-1909; renominated in 1908, but de-
feated with ticket. Elected Lieut.-Gov. State of X. Y..
Xov. 4, 1912; became Gov. of X. Y. State Oct. 17. 1913.

Mem. Albany County Bar Ass'n, X. v stat. Bar Ass'n,
Am. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Un.versity, Albany, Fort Or-
ange, Albany Country. Residence: 28 Willett St. Ad-
dress: Albany, X. Y.


Lawyer; b. Muscatine, la., Dec. 22, 1862; s. Charles
Fisher and Frances E. (Pinkham) Goddard; ed Colum-
bia Univ., Sch. of Arts, A.B., 1887; Sch. of Political
Science, A.M., 1SSS; Sch. of Law, LL.B., 1S89; unmar-
ried. Engaged in the gen. practise of law at X. Y. Bar
since 1S89; mem. firm of Tison & Goddard. Counsel to
numerous eorp'ns. Republican. Clubs: Quill, Colum-
bia University, Alpha Delta Phi. Phi Beta Kappa,
Economic (X. Y.). Address: 15 William St., X. Y. City.


Ediitor X. Y. Sunday American and Journal; b. Port-
land. Me., Oct. 7, 1866; s. Judge Charles W. and Rowena
C. (Morrill) Goddard: grad. Dartmouth, 1885; m. 1899,
Jessamine Rugg, of Hot Springs, Ark. From 1885 to
1894 was successively city editor, Washington corre-
spondent, Sunday editor and mn'g editor >N. Y. World;
editor Sunday edition X. Y. American and Journal
since 1895; has also been war correspondent, traveler,
magazine writer. Mem. Maine Soc. Am. Social Science
Soc, Xat. Mosquito Extermination Soc, Am. Geog. Soc,
Palestine Exploration Fund Ass'n. Am. Anti-Vivisec-
tion Soc, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Peace Soc. of X. Y Am.
Inst. Scientific Research, Am. Soc for Psychical Re-
search. Clubs: Atlantic Yacht, Columbia Yacht, Dart-
mouth. Address: 257 W. 93d St., X. Y. City.


Ethnologist; b. Lewiston, Me., Aug. 24, 1869; s.
Charles W. and Elmira A. (Xichols) Goddard; grad.
Earlham Coll., A.B., 1892; A.M., 1896; Univ. of Calif.,
Ph.D., 1904; m. Palmyra, Mich., 1S93, Alice Rockwell.
Instr. Univ. of Calif., 1901-1906; ass't prof., 1906-1909;
ass't curator Am. Museum Xatural History, 1909-1910,
nsso. curator since 1910. Mem. Soc. of Friends. Mem.
Folklore Soc. Am. Anthropol. Ass'n. Am. Ethnol. Soc,
Sigma Xi fraternity. Residence: Leonia. X. J. Ad-
dress: Am. Museum of Xatural History, X. Y. City.


Retired banker; b. Bangor, Me., Jan. 27, 1840; resi-
dent for twenty-six years of Philadelphia, and since
1883 of X. Y. City. Formerly partner in firm of Drexel,
Morgan & Co.; retired Jan. 1, 18S4; latterly associated
with various railroad directorates and reorg'ns. Clubs:
Metropolitan. Union League, Southampton. Address:
Oil Fifth Av., X. Y. City.


State senator; b. Olean, X. Y., June 29, 1852; s.
David Peck and Amanda M. Godfrey; ed. in Olean
schools and Chamberlin Inst.; m. Olean, X. Y., 1^86,
Amelia H. Van Deusen. One of first to engage in
growing of thoroughbred Holstein cattle; was active
in securing legislation for development of agr'l ed'n
in high schs. and better supervision in common schs.
Mem. Saratoga Reservation Commission since org'n.
Elected to Senate, 1912; mem. Corns, on Insurance,
Taxation and Retrenchment Public Ed'n and Ag'r.
Active officer Patrons of Husbandry (master X. Y.
State Grange 5 years, chm'n Exec. Com. Xat. Grange 6
years). Address: Senate Chambers. Albany, N. Y.


Editor; b. Roslyn, L. I., May 21, 1858; s. Parke and
Fanny (Bryant) Godwin; grad. Princeton Univ., A.B.,
1S79, (hist, fellow); m. Matlock, Bath, England, May
31, 1884, Elizabeth Love Marquand; children: Frederick
M., b. 1889, Elizabeth L. M., b. 1891, Frances B., b. 1892.
Was for years art critic on the X. 1. Evening Post,
Mail and Express, Commercial Advertiser; later mn'g
editor Commercial Advertiser; subsequently editor
and owner of Current Literature and Short Stories;
now engaged only in artistic studies; previous to
newspaper work had studied sculpture under St. Gau-
dens and was admitted to the Ecole des Beaux Arts.
Sec. and treas. Bryant Bld'g Co. Independent in pol-
itics. Recreations: Golf, riding, motoring. Club: Uni-
versity. Address: Bryant Av., Roslyn, L. I., X. Y.


Capitalist; b. X. Y. City, Jan. 9, 18S0; s. Ogden and
Mary R. (Wilson) Goelet: grad. Harvard Univ., A.B.,
A.M.; X. Y. Law Sch., A.B. m. Wayne, Pa., June 17,
1904, Elsie Whelan; children: Ogden, b. Jan. 17, 1907,
Peter, b. June 8, '1911. Trustee Estate of Ogden Goelet;
dir. Allied Real Estate Interests, City Investing Co.,
Equitable Trust Co., Fulton Trust Co., Metropolitan
Opera Co., Pacific Mail Steamship Co., Southern Pa-
cific Co., Southern Pacific R. R. Co. of Mexico, State
Investing Co., Title Guarantee & Trust Co. Address;
647 Fifth Av., X. Y. City.




Banker; b. Stuttgart, Germany, Feto. 8, 1846; s. Carl
and Emma (Zeller) Goepel; ed. Stuttgart, commercial
course. Polytechnic Inst.; m. Brussels, Belgium, May
1, 1878, Flora Chapman; children; Percival R., to. Nov.
14, 1879; E. Muriel. 1>. June 19, 1885. In firm of Goepel
& Trube 30 years; built up largest export business in
petroleum; introduced tank; steamer shipment in bulk.
Standard Oil Co. took over business 1906. Pres. Ger-
mania Savings Bank of Kings Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Protestant. Clubs; Down Town Ass'n (N. Y.), Deutsch-
er Verein, Hamilton, Germania (Brooklyn). Address:
113 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Col. U. S. A., chief eng'r Panama Canal; b. N. Y.,
June 29, 185S; appt'd cadet at U. S. Mil. Acad, from
N. Y. and grad. 1880; promoted 2d lieut, June 1S80;
served on special duty, U. S. Mil. Acad., July 5 to Aug.
28, 1880; at Willet's Point, N. Y., with battalion of
eng'rs, Nov. 1880 to Nov. 1882; promoted 1st lieut.,
June, 1S82; eng'r officer, 1SS2-1884; ass't prof, civil and
mil. eng'ring, U. iS. Mil. Acad. 1885-1888; principal ass't
prof., 1S8S-1889; ass't to Lieut.-Col. Merrill, Sept.-Oct,
1889, to Lieut.-Col. Barlow, 1889; capt., Dec. 14, 1891;
major, Feb. 7, 1900; lieut.-col., March 2 1907, col. Dec.
3, 1909. chief of eng'rs during Spanish-Am. War; chief
eng'r Panama Canal since Feb. 26, 1907. Address: Care
Panama R. R. Co., 24 State St.. N. Y. City.

Music pedagogue, composer and author; b. Paterson,
N. J., Aug. 30, 1853; s. John Henry and Mary Ann
(Berry) Goetschius; general ed'n chiefly self-acquired;
musical ed'n at Royal Conservatory of Music, Stutt-
gart, Germany; Royal Wiirtemberg prof., Germany,
1885, Mus. Doc. hon. causa, Syracuse Univ., 1892; m.
Metz, Germany, June 15, 1889, Maria Stephany; one
son: Percy p erry, b. 1890. Instr. and lecturer, Stutt-
gart Conservatory, 1876-1889; prof, of musical theory,
piano and musical history, Syracuse (N. Y.) Univ.,
1890-1892; New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass.,
1892-1896; private instr. Boston, 1S96-1905; prof, of
musical theory and composition, Inst, of Musical Art,
N. Y. Citv, since 1905. Author of text books; Material
Used in Musical Compositions, 18S2, revised 18S9, re-
written 1912: Theory and (Practice of Tone Relations,
1892; Homoohonic Forms of Musical Composition, 1898;
Models of Musical Forms, 1896; Exercises in Melody
"Writing, 1900; Applied Counterpoint, 1902; Lessons in
Music Form, 1904; Elementary Counterpoint, 1910; also
Pianoforte sonata, anthems, miscellaneous pianoforte
compositions, orchestral and other -works in manu-
script. Address: 509 W. 121st St., N. Y. City.

Teacher, author; b. Buffalo, N. Y., July 20, 1870; e.
George and Catharine (Hausauer) Goetz; ed. public
schs. of Buffalo; grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 1893; m.
Buffalo, 1S97, Linda Alvord Graves; two children:
Theodore, b. 1904; Esther, b. 1907. Teacher of Eng-
lish and ancient classics at Nichols Sch., Buffalo, and
of English at Univ. of Buffalo. Author: Kallirrhoe. a
Dramatic Poem, 1S96; Poems, 1898; Interludes, 1904;
The Summons of the King (A Play), 1911. Cluto: Uni-
versity (Buffalo). Address: North Evans, N. Y.

Educator, eng'r; to. Jersey City, N. J., April 17, 1S70;
s. Frederick A. and Sarah C. (Gee) Goetze; ed. Hobo-
ken Acad, and Stevens Prep. School. Hoboken, N. J..
until 1885: Cooper Union. N. Y. City, 1885-1887; Colum-
bia Sch. of Mines, 1893-1895; received hon. M.Sc. from
of Columbia Univ.. 11895-1907; dean of schools of Mines,
L. Martin. Ass't sup't and sup't buildings and grounds
of Columbia Univ., 1895-1907; dean' of schools of Mines,
Eng'ring and Chemistrv and consulting eng'r. Colum-
bia Univ., since 1907. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, N.
Y. Elec. Soc, Soc. for Promotion of Eng'ring Ed'n.
Clubs: Engineers, Columibia 1 University, Phi Delta
Theta. Address: 601 W. 110th St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Wexford, Ireland; came to N. Y. City in
infancy; ed. in public schools; studied law in the offices
of Hon. S. G. Courtney, U. S. dist. att'y. Admitted to
bar; was ass't dist. att'y of N. Y. County in adminis-
tration of Col. J. R. Fellows; counsel to Lexow Investi-
gating Com: recorder of N. Y. City, 1894-1906; elected
Nov., 1906, justice Supreme Court of N. Y. for the 1st
Dist. for term expiring Dec. 31, 1920. Democrat. Resi-
dence: 319 W. 104th St. Address: County Court House,
N. Y. City.


Educator, physician and surgeon; b. Kenosha. Wis.,
Aug. 10. 1851; s. William and Betsy (Riddle) Goffe; e<3.
Kenosha public- sch., Univ. of Mich., Ph.B., 1S73, Ph.M.,
1S76, Bellevue Med. Sch., N. Y., 1S81, Woman's Hosp.,

N. Y. City, 1S83, and studied in Paris and Vienna; m.
N. Y. City, 1899, Eleanor Taylor (died 1908). Prof,
diseases of women, N. Y. Polyclinic Med. Sch. and
Hosp., and Dartmouth Med. Sch.; attending surgeon.
Polyclinic and Woman's Hosps. Consulting Surgeon
N. Y. City Hosp., St. Joseph's Hosp., Yonkers, and Mt.
Vernon Hosp., pres. Am. Gynecol. Soc. and N. Y. Co.
Med. Soc, ex-pres. N. Y. Obstet. Soc. and N. Y. State
Med. Ass'n. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med.
Soc; fellow N. Y. Acad. Medicine, pres. Internat. Con-
gress Obstet. and Gynecol, in N. Y., 1915. Author of
numerous monographs, including: Organization the
Watchword of Creation, The Scope and Limitation of
Vaginal Section, A New Operation for Cystocele in
Women, The Menstrual Function, etc. Independent in
politics. Protestant. Trustee N. Y. Polyclinic Med.
Sch. and 1 Hosp. Charter mem. Squadron A N.G.N. Y. ;
mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs: University, Rich-
mond Hill Golf. Dunwoodie Golf. Address: 616 Madi-
son Av., N. Y. City.

Editor; b. Westchester, N. Y., April 5, 1863; s.
Charles Henry and Eliza (Buxton) Going; ed. public
sch., N. Y.; grad. Grammar Sch. 35, M. W. Lyon and
M. R. Hooper private schs., Yonkers High Sch., Colum-
bia Univ.. Ph.B., 1882. M.S. (hon.), 1910; m., 1st, Glen-
dale, O., 1887, Marv Evelyn Thompson (deceased); 2d,
Hartford, Conn., 1912. Marie Overton Corbin. Engaged
in professional practise 1882-1887, dir. and mg'r va-
rious mf'g. cos., 1887-1896. trustee, sec. and treas. Glen-
dale (Ohio) Water Works, 1892-1896, asso. editor, 1896-
1898, mn'g editor, 189S-1912, editor since 1912 of The
Engineering Magazine, N. Y. and London. Author:
Summer Fallow (poems), 1892. Star Glow and Song
(poems), 1909, Methods of the Santa Fe (Engineering
Magazine), 1909, Principles of Industrial eng'ring, 1911;
also, with Marie O. Corbin, Urchins of the Sea, 1900,
Urchins at the Pole. 1901, contb'r to literary and tech-
nical periodicals. Corr. mem. Canadian Mining Inst.;
mem. Am. Soc. of Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Acad. Polit. and
Social Science. Trustee Home for Old Men and Aged
Couples. Special lecturer, Harvard Univ., Univ. of
Chicago. Clubs: Salmagundi, Columbia University.
Address: 140 Nassau St., N. Y. City.

Author; b. Westchester, N. Y.; d. Charles Henry and
Eliza (Buxton) Going; ed. privately and at Normal
College, and attended MeGill Univ., Montreal. Author:
With the Wild Flowers, 1894, Field, Forest and Way-
side Flowers, 1S99, With the Trees, 1903. Contb'r to
magazines. Address: 130 McTavish St., Montreal, Can.

Mem. Congress, ex-justice; b. N. Y. City, May 23,
1856; s. Mayor Goldfogle; ed. in public schs.; unmar-
ried. Admitted to bar, 1877; practised law until 1887,
when elected justice of Fifth Dist. Court of N. Y.; re-
elected, 1893; became one of judges of Municipal Court
of N. Y. ; retired from bench Jan. 1, 1900, to resume
practise of law; elected to 57th Congress, 1900, and re-
elected to 58th, 59th 60th, 61st, 62d and 63d Con-
gresses. Has been delegate to every State Dem. conv.
for past 26 years, delegate to Nat. Dem. Conv., 1896.
Democrat. Formerly grand pres. Dist. 1, Independent
Order of B'nai Brith, v.-p. Temple Rodeph Sholom, N.
Y. City, master Empire Citv Lodge, F. and A. M. Resi-
dence: 16 Columbia St. Address: 271 Broadway, N.
Y. City.

Army officer; b. Germany; s. Henry G. and Eliza-
beth Birwirth (Lemken) Goldman; grad. Troy (N. Y.)
High Sch., 1873 (2d honor and Sheldon Prize), U. S.
Mil Acad., 1877; m. Albany, N. Y., April, 1882, Jennie
M. Keenan; children: Jane E., b. 1S84; Alfred M., b.
1S94. Appt'd 2d lieut. 5th Cav., June 11, 1877, served
on frontier on scouting duty, etc., 1877-1886, promoted
to 1st lieut. 5th Cav., April 24, 1886, in Indian Territory
and at Ft. Brown, etc., 1886-1896, promoted capt. 5th
Cav., Troop E., June 1, 1S97, on duty in Texas, 1896-
1898; during Spanish- Am. War established and com-
manded the post on San German, Porto Rico, to Dec.
1S99, commanding officer at Angeles, Pampanga, Phil-
ippine Islands, 1902, Malhalaccat. P. I., 1903, on West-
ern frontier, 1903, marched over the old Santa F6
trail, from Ft. Logan, Colo., to Ft. Apache, Ariz., May,
1904, commanding officer at Ft. Wingate, New Mex
and Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., 1904-1905, .promoted major,
12th Cav., April 8, 1905, lieut.-col., Mar. 3, 1911, retired,
Aug. 31, 1912. Traveled in Europe, 1889, Japan. 1903.
Republican. Catholic. Mem. Alumni Ass'n, U. S. Mil.
Acad., Nat. Geog. Soc, Mil. Order of Foreign Wars of
the U. S.; received bronze medals in bi-division com-
petition, 1S94. sharpshooters, senior instr. and lecturer
in the officers' garrison schs. Recreations: Riding
cross-countrv. Clubs: The Army and Navy, Ft. Orange
(Albany). Address: 12 Lyon Av., Menands, Albany
Co., N. Y.




Merchant; b. Carbondale. 111., Sept. 3, 1S68; s. Marcus
ana Anna (Holzman) Goldman; ed. Southern 111. Nor-
mal Univ. ; m. N. Y. City, March S. 1S94, Leah Holz-
le a?'r? hlldren ,v R ? se Edyth, b. 1895. Richard Silas, b.
189/ George William, b. 1905. Entered mercantile life
in st. l,ouis, Mo., at an early age; removed to N. Y.
city, and in 1899 formed the firm of Cohen, Goldman
& Co., clothing mf'rs; dir. Fleischman Realty and Con-
struction Co., Cooper Realty Co., pres. Nat. Ass'n of
t lothiers, treas. Council of Jewish Communal Inst'ns.
m - Saturday and Sunday Hosp. Ass'n dir. Montefiore
Home. Residence: 58 E. 83d St. Address: 694 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


1(! usician ' composer, lecturer; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 15,
~Vii 8 -A?? a ? d Au usta (Stern) Goldmark; ed. Coll.
tt.J . iV ty of N - Y - < 3 y ear s). Philosophic Faculty,
univ. of Vienna; student Vienna Conservatory of Music
(Door in piano, Fuchs in composition); subsequently
pupil of Joseffy and Antonin Dvorak; hon. A.M., Colo.
Coll., 1899; unmarried. Insp. Nat. Conservatory of

yZZ C k<. N \7- Clty t 1 c S9 , 1 - 1S93 ' dir - Colo. Coll. Conserva-
tory of Music, 1895-1901 lecturer for H W Savage
Parsifal Co 1904-1905; has given about 300 public
lectures and recitals in the U. S. and Can. Composi-
^? S ,^V f ?f P lan ., vl olin and 'cello; Sonata for piano
and violin; Quartet for piano and strings, etc. Orches-
tral works: Theme and variations (played by late An-
ton Seidl); Overture Hiawatha (played by Boston Svm-
140 W 8 r 7 C th e st ra N n Y "en" 113 ' Gonzertverein >- Address:

Elec. eng'r; b Baltimore, Md, Oct. 10, 1S71; s.
Washington Elwell and Martha Pearce (Laird) Golds-
borough; ed. Wright's Univ. Sen.. Baltimore, Md., 1SS6-
1888, grad. Cornell Univ., M.E., 1S92; m Lafavette
T n .t^ t.7 ,5' l Si> & Cn arl6tte p'oole WaUkce ;om > s !
Laird Shields, h. March '6, 1906. Traveled extensively
in the Far East, China, Japan, Siam and Farther
India, and in Europe and U. S.; in charge elec.
i2aQ r i1f , dep l Arkansas Industrial Univ., Fayetteville,
1&9J-1S94; prof. elec. eng'ring, 1894-1904; dir. Sch. Elec.
Eng ring of Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind., 1SUS-1904-
consulting eng'r Edison Elec. Illuminating Co., Balti-
more,. Md., 1S94-1S96; chief of electricity and mem.
superior jury, Univ. Exp'n, St. Louis, Mo., 1902-1905-
v.-p. Internat. Elec. Cong., St. Louis. 1904; chm'n exec,
com. Electric K'y Test Comm'n. 1903-1906; major
corps of cadets. Cornell Univ., 1892; major 1st Reg't
.?,: N A G - 1893-1894; decorated by Victor Emmanuel
with Cross Order Crown of Italy. Business mg'r
eng ring dep't J. G. White & Co., Inc., 1905-1907; gen
mg'r Laramie Water Co.; pres. and dir. Public Utili-
ties Co., The Goldsborough Co., eng'rs; The Golds-
borough Construction Co.; v.-p. and dir. Am. Inst, of
i,lec. Eng rs. Republican; Episcopalian. Present or
past mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Inst. Elec. Eng'rs of
L,ng., A.A.A.S., Indiana Scientific Soc, Am. Ass'n for
Testing Materials. Ass'n for Eng'ring Ed'n. Franklin
Inst., NY. Southern Soc, Internat. Elec. Cong., Chi-
ST a ? ' T , 1 , S93; p ans, 1900; St. Louis, 1904; mem. Com. of
Nat. Elec. Light Ass'n on Arc Light-Photometry, etc.;
Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Contb'r papers to proceed-
ings of scientific and eng'ring socs., and in scientific
and eng ring journals. Clubs: Lawyers. Engineers,
Nat Arts. Cornell (N. Y.), Mercantile, St. Louis (St.
.Louis). University. Denver and Denver Country (Den-
ver). Address: 1240 Fifth Av. Bld'g, N Y City

t Dist -,?V;' r Wa 5 ner Electric Mfg Co.: b. Davenport,
Iowa, 1865; s. Peter and Elise (Hinrichsen) Gold-
schmidt; ed. public schs. of Davenport, Iowa; Business
Coll., Davenport, Iowa, and mech. eng'ring course at
Univ of HI., class 18S7; m. Champaign, 111., 1S94, Clara
Maud Kimball; children: Margaret M.. b. 1S96; Clara
E b. 1898; Edward K.. b. 1905. Sup't of Constr'n
Western Electric Co., Chicago, 1890-1894; commercial
? p l ,? f same company until 1901; Wagner Electric
Mf g Co. of St. Louis, and Bullock Electric Mfg Co.,
Chicago, 1901-1902: dist. mg'r in N. Y.. 1902-1904- dist
mg'r of Wagner Electric Mfg Co., in N. Y.. since 1904
Asso. mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; Class E mem. Nat.
Electric Light Ass'n: mem. Electric Vehicle Ass'n of
;V"v, Recreations: Golf, fishing. Clubs: Engineers,
Machinery (N. Y.). Upper Montclair Country Com-
monwealth (Montclair, N. J.). Residence: 21 Norman
Road, Upper Montclair. Address: 30 Church St.. N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 4, 1855; s. Meyer and
Minnie (Stern) Goldsmith: grad. Coll. City of N. Y.,
A.B. ; Columbia Coll., TJL.B.; m. N. Y Citv, Nov 27,
1883, Christine E. Heymann; one d.: Evelyn M. Mem.
firm Lachman & Goldsmith. Democrat. 'Mem. Ass'n

Bar City of N. Y., Am. Biblio. Soc, Bibliophile Sue,
London; Malone Soc. of London, Pni Beta Kappa Soc,
Biblio. Soc, Boston. Dir. N. Y. County Lawyers Ass'n
(chm'n finance com.). Recreation: Book collecting.
Clubs: Grolier, Harmonie, Lawyers, N. Y. Library.
Residence: 50 W. 75th St. Address: 35 Nassau St.,
N. Y. City.


Merchant; litterateur; b. Philadelphia. Pa., May 22,
1861; s. Abraham and Cecelia (Adler) Goldsmith; ed.
Philadelphia High Sch.. Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland,
M.A.; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 14. 1899. Sophie Hyman; chil-
dren: Rosland, Madeleine. Studied abroad 5 years,
languages, sciences and music; traveled all through
Europe and U. S. ; resident of N. Y. City since Jan.,
1903. Partner in firm of A. Goldsmith & Sons; pres.
Goldsmith-Leving Co.; Israelite; v.-p. Jewish Chau-
tauqua Soc. Author: Ra ; bbi and Priest, 1885 (Jewish
Publication Soc); A Victim of Conscience,, 1903 (H.
T. Coates); Max Geller, 1907; also numerous short
stories in magazines and papers: many poems in Cos-
mopolitan, Godey's, Life, Puck Judge, etc.; a comedy,
Jay Caesar. Esq. (produced 1SS0); Romance of Kief,
play (produced 1884); also numerous other farces, li-
brettos, etc.; and several songs. Mem. Dramatists'
Club. Address: 7S3 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, May 3, 1862; s. Jacob and
Anna (Bauman) Goldsticker; grad. Coll. of the Citv
of N. Y.. B.A., 1882; N. Y. Univ. Law Sch., ILL.B., 1892:
unmarried. Republican; Hebrew. Mem. .Delta Chi
fraternity. Address: 41 Parle Row, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 24. 1864; s. Louis
E. and Sarah H. (Keyes) Goleri ed. Brooklyn public
schools, Univ. of Buffalo. M.D., 1889; m. Detroit, Mich.,
1895, Lena L. iDodge. Connected with Infants' Hosp.
at Charlotte, N. Y., as house physician, 1888-18S9, ass t
physician. 1891-1893, attending physician, 1S94-1897.
Engaged in gen. med. practice at Rochester, N. Y.
Med. insp., 1892-1896, health officer since 1896, Roch-
ester B'd of Health. Established 1897 municipal milk
depots, which were used as models for similar depots
in many A,m. and European cities. Established Roch-
ester Hosp. for Tuberculosis, 1904 and attending phy-
sician of same to 1911; mem. B'd Mg'rs N. Y. State
Industrial Sch., Rochester, 1896-1902. Mem. Am. Med.
Ass'n. N. Y. State Med. Soc. Monroe County Med. Soc;
ex-pres. Hosp. Med. Soc; fellow Rochester Acad.' Med-
icine; mem. Am. Public Health Ass'n, Internat. Con-
gress on Tuberculosis. Nat. Ass'n for Study and Pre'
vention of Tuberculosis; Congress International
Goutte de Lait; Council Internat. Union for the Pro-
tection of Child Life. Writer on tuberculosis, milk
supply and other hygienic and medical subjects. Ad-
dress: 127 East Av., Rochester, N. Y.


Manufacturer; b. Rochester. N. Y., 1837. Was ap-
prenticed in drug trade in Canada; came to N. Y..
1856, and found employment with Demas, Barnes &
Co.; became a partner, 1863; for a period was a wine
importer; in 1879 became interested in manufacture
of patent medicines; pres. Carter Medicine Co.; es-
tablished Franklin Nat. Bank, and at one time owned
the Lyceum Theatre; member of many clubs. Resi-
dence: Morris Av.. Long Branch N. J. Address: 45
Murray St., N. Y. City.

Clergyman; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 26, 1860; s.
Robert Guest and Elizabeth (Williams) GoodchiM;
grad. Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, Pa., A.B., 1884, A.M.,
1887, D.D., 1904; Crozer Theol. Sem., Chester, Pa.; m.
Philadelphia, Feb. 8, 188S, Clara H. Myers; one son:
Franklin Myers, b. April 24, 1891. Pastor Baptist
Ch., Amenia, N. Y., 1887-1890; Spruce St. Baptist Ch.,
Philadelphia, 1890-1895; Central Bapt. Ch., N. Y. City,
since June, 1895. Independent Republican. Mg'r Am.
Bapt. Home Mission Soc, N. Y. State Bapt. Mis-
sionary Conv., N. Y. City Bapt. Mission Soc, Bapt.
Union for Ministerial Ed'n, Ministers' Home Soc. Bapt.
Congress, Am. and Foreign Bible Soc; pres. Perma-
nent Council of Bapt. Ohs. of N. Y. and Vicinity. Mem.
Manitou Lodge No. 106, F. and A. M., Phi Gamma
Delta fraternity. Address: 2647 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Dudley, Mass., July 31, 1854; s. War-
ren and Clarinda (Healy) Goodell; grad. Boston Univ.,
A.B., 1877, N. Y. Univ., A.M., 1902, Wesleyan Univ.,
D.D., 1903; m. Boston, June 3, 1896, Mary F. Blair;
children: Earl Warren, b. 1897; Frances Dudley Blair,
b. 1900; Mary Clarinda. b. 1903; Chester Corbin. b.
1905. Pastor 9 years in Providence, R. I.; 8 years in
Boston, Mass. ; 7 years Hanson Place M. E. Ch., Brook-



lyn: 1904-1913 at Calvary M. E. Ch., N. T. City; appfd
to St. Paul's M. E. Ch., N. Y. City, 1913. Has traveled .
in Europe, Palestine and Egypt. Author: My Mother's
Bible, The Drill Master of Methodism, Pastoral
Evangelism, Pathways to the Best, The Old Darnman.
etc.; also contributions to magazines. Lecturer. Re-
publican. Trustee Drew Theol. Sem. and other edn'l
inst'ns. Address: 550 West End Av N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Tully, Onondaga Co., N. Y., May 25, 183S;
s. Aaron B. and Eleanor A. (Prevost) Goodelle; ed.
Cazenovia Sem.; grad. Dartmouth Coll. (commence-
ment honors), A.B.; 1863, A.M.: m. Syracuse, N. Y.,
Sept. 8, 18G3, Marion H. Averill; one d., Una Mae,
b. 1877. Dist. att'y of Onondaga Co., 1S71-1874; dele-
gate-at-large to State constitutional conv., 1894;

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