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Starkey, N. Y., and Univ. of Buffalo, N. Y., M.D., 1894;
m. Elmira, N. Y., Sep'.. 5, 1893, Sara E. Grandall;
children: Roswell Park Green, b. April 4, 1895, Fred-
erick B., b. Dec. 22, 1898. Has been in practice in
Elmira, N. T., since graduation. City physician and
surgeon to Police and Fire Dep'ts for two years.
Democrat; Congregationalist. Mem. Chemung County
Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n; Past
High Physician of High Court of N. Y'.. Ind. Order of
Foresters. Mem. Masonic, Odd Fellows, Red Men,
Maccabees, Modern Woodmen; Chemung Co., Forest,
Fish and Game Protective Ass'n, etc. Recreations:
Hunting, fishing, and staying during warm weather
at cottage at Arcadia on the Chemung. Address: 921
Lake St., Elmira, N. Y.

Lawyer; b. New York City, Dec 25, 1870; grad.
Dartmouth Coll., iS98; N. Y Law Sch., 1900. Nominated
for assemblyman in 1905 by Republican party. In

1906 appt'd mem. of the following Assembly Corns :
Codes, and Gen. Laws; renominated in 1906; appt'd

1907 mem. of the following Assembly Coins.; Codes,
and Gen. Laws Revision; renominated 1907; appt'd

1908 mem. following Assembly Corns.: Chm'n of Gen.
Laws, mem. of Judiciarv and Revision; renominated
a third time 1908; appt'd 1909 mem. and Chm'n ot
Gen. Laws, mem. Judiciary, Revision; renominated a
fourth time 1909; appt'd 1910 a mem. of the following
Assembly Corns.: Chm'n of the com. on Gen. Laws,
mem. of the Com. on Cities. Address: 135 Broadway,
N. Y. City.


Manufacturer, ex-mayor and ex-State senator; t>.
Kirkwood, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1858; ed. public schs. En-
gaged in wholesale coal and mf'g business. V.-p.
Endicott Land Co., Internat. Time Recording Co., and
Bundy Mf'g Co., of Endicott, N. Y.; v.-p. Binghamton
R R. Co.; dir. Commercial Envelope & Box Co., ot
Binghamton, N. Y. For many years chm'n Rep. Com.
of Broome County, and pres. N. Y. State League of
Republican Clubs. Elected alderman of Binghamton,
1887, and pres. Common Council, 1888. Republican
candidate for mayor of Binghamton, 1889, and elected
to that office, 1893, serving for 5 successive years.
Eleeted to State senate, 1900 and 1902. Mem. N. Y.
State Com. on Canals, reporting favor 1,000 tons
barge canal. Residence: Binghamton, N. Y. Address:
1 Madison At., N. Y. City.

Banker; b. Hong Kong, China, July 30, 1864; s.
Thomas and Jane (Stewart) Green; ed. private Eng-
lish Schs., finishing at Cheltenham Coll., England,
1881; m. Plymouth. Eng., Nov. 14, 1901, Winifred
Rudge; children: Claire Montgomery, b. 1902; Ver-
onica Mary, t>. 1904; Harry Stewart, b. 1908. Com-
menced banking with Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank-
ing Corp'n, London; after 3 years sent to San Fran-
cisco branch, later to several China branches; with
N. Y. office, 1892-1S98, as accountant; promoted sub-
mg'r of London office, 1899; sub-mg'r London, Paris
& Am. Bank at San Francisco, 1902-1906; mg'r Inter-
nat. Banking Corp'n, Japan branches, 1906-1909. Made
extended tour of inspection, 1909, establishing two ad-
ditional branches at Hankow and Pekin; became
mg'r of head office N. Y'.. 1910, gen. mg'r 1911, and
pres. and gen. mg'r since 1912, is also a dir. in same.
"V.-p. Internat. Bank. Clubs: Rockaway Hunting
(Cedarhurst, L. I.), Thatched House (London). Resi-
dence: Hewlett, L. I. Address: Internat. Banking
Corp'n, 60 Wall St., N. Y. City.

Financier; b. New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 21, 1835;
upon death of her father, Edward Mott Robinson, in
1865, succeeded to a large fortune; m. Edward H.
Green (died 1902); one son, Edward Howland Robin-
son Green (pres. Texas Midland R. R.). Personally
manages, with the assistance of her son, Edward H.
R. Green, her large real estate interests In N. Y. City,
Chicago, and other places, and her interests in stocks
and bonds of railway and other corp'ns. Distinguished
as a successful woman of business. Address: 270
Broadway, N. Y. City.

Jurist; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 11, 1868; s. Israel H. and
Ray (Levett) Green; ed. public school; grad. Columbia
Law Sch., and Sch. Polit. Science, LL.B., cum laude.

1887; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 22, 1896, Rose Hellenberg;
children: Eleanor Constance, b. 1898, Dorothy Ruth, b.
1901, Marjorie Helen, b. 1907. In 1889, won prize of
$1,000 from N. Y. World, the prize idea being a Bureau
of Justice; admitted to bar, N. Y. City, 1889; engaged
in active practice in N. Y. City continuously until
elected Justice of the City Court, 1905, for term expir-
ing Dec. 31, 1915. Mem. N. Y. Constitutional Conv.,
ls:>4; mem. Assembly of N. Y. State from 28th N. Y.
County Dist., 1896-1900, and served on all the most im-
portant committees, Judiciary, Cities, Ways and Means,
and Codes. Democrat; Hebrew. Mason, .viem. Soc.
Med. Jurisprudence, Independent Order Free Sons of
Israel, Independent Order B'nai Brith. Wendell Phillips
Lodge, K. of P. Former pres. Met. Hosp. and Dispen-
sary, Hebrew Orphan Asylum, Hebrew Infant Asylum,
Montefiore Home, Mount Sinai Hosp., Hebrew Shelter-
ing Guardian Soc Recreations: Hunting and fishing.
Clubs: National Democratic, Cherokee (former pres
and chm'n B'd Mg'rs). Residence: 178 E. 79th St.
Address: 32 Chambers St., N. Y. City.


Editor; b. Belmar, N. J., Jan. 26, 1856; s. Samuel M.
and Deborah A. (Newman) Green; ed. in public schools
of Hempstead, L. I., Centerport, L. I. and Northport, L.
I.; m. Centerport, L. I Nov. 24, 1880, Minnie E. Bunce;
children: Arthur P., b. 1883, Alden W., b. 1892. Editor
the Argus, Patchogue, L. I. Has traveled over nearly
every State in U. S., also through Canada. Pres. Suf-
folk County Press Ass'n. Suffolk County B'd Trade,
Patchogue B'd Trade, justice of peace of Brookhaven;
mem. Southern N. Y. Vol. Firemen's Ass'n; mem. N. Y.
Dem. Editorial Ass'n; mem. Southside Lodge, F. and
A. M. ; Suwassett Chapter, R. A. M. ; Patchogue Com-
mandery, K. T.; treas. Patchogue Engine Hose Co.;
treas. Ass'n of Exempt Firemen of Patchogue. Mem.
Kismet Temple Mystic Shrine, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; mem.
Brookhaven Lodge, I. O. O. F., Court Advance, F. of A.,
Queen Village Encampment, I. O. O. F., Rebekah Lodge,
No. 404, I. O. F., N. Y. Press Ass'n. Club; South Bay
Yacht. Address: Patchogue, L. I., N. Y.


Physician and surgeon; b. New Albany, Pa., April
29, 1868; d. Henry Mead and Eliza Dorcas (Hall) Cran-
dall; ed. common schools of Pa., Academic Course in
New York; grad. Med. Dep't Univ. of Buffalo, M.D.,
1906; m. Elmira, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1893, Frederic B. Green;
children: Roswell Park, b. April 4, 1895, Frederic B.,
Jr., b. Dec. '22, 1898. Has practised medicine since
graduation. Before marriage taught sch. in Southern
States. Has traveled through several Southern States.
Congregationalist. Mem. Chemung Co. Med. Soc, .Med.
Soc. State of N. Y., Woman's Med. Soc. State of N. Y.;
Eastern Star, Court of Amaranth (Ind. Order Forest-
ers), I. O. F. Recreations: Boating and fishing, spends
summer months at the cottage. Address: 921 Lake St.,
Elmira, N. Y.


Engraver, printer; b. N. Y. City, May 19, 1866; s.
Francis George and Antoinette Luqueer (Macdonough)
Green; ed. Wilson & Kellogg Sch.; m. Paris, France,
Feb. 4, 1891, Jeanne Marguerite Thierry: one d., Mar-
guerite Macdonough, b. 1896. Entered service of Am.
Bank Note Co. as apprentice in 1882: mg'r Canadian
branch, 1896; 2d v.-p. 1901; 1st v.-p. 1903; pres. eince
1906; dir. Am. Bld'g Co., Westchester Av. Bank. Clubs:
Metropolitan, Lotos, Railroad, Whitehall Lunch (N. Y.
City), Greenwich Country, Indian Harbor Yacht, Clove
Valley Rod and Gun, Rideau (Ottawa). Garrison
(Quebec), Triton Fish and Game, Metropolitan (Wash.,
D. C). Residence: Greenwich, Conn. Address 70
Broad St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. London, England, Jan. 23, 1854; s. Louis
and Rachel (Schlesinger) Greenbaum; came to N. Y.
City when three years old; ed. in public schools of N.
Y. City, Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1872, A.M.; Columbia
Coll. Law Sch., LL.B., 1875; m. N. Y. City, Mar. 13, 1S8S.
Selina Ullman; children: Lawrence S., b. 1889; Edward
S., b. 1890; Grace R., b. 1S94; Isabel, b. 1897. Was
teacher in public school, N. Y.; practised law from
1877 until Jan. 1, 1902, when became justice Supreme
Court of N. Y. ; term expires Dec. 31, 1915. Mem. Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar
Ass'n, Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, Civil Service Reform
Ass'n, Free Trade League, Jewish Hist. Soc. Former
pres. Y'oung Men's Hebrew Ass'n; one of founders
Aguilar Free Library Soc, and president until its mer-
ger with N. Y. Public Library; one of founders and 1st
pres. Edn'l Alliance; trustee N. Y. Public Library,
Jewish Theol. Sem. of America. Clubs: Lawyers, Man-
hattan, City and Reform. Residence: 2 E. 94th St.
Address: County Court House, N. Y. City.




Civil eng'r; b. N. V. City; s. G. S., Jr., and Susan
Moody (l>:ina) Greene; grad. Harvard Univ., A.B ,
1SS9; Cornell Univ., C.K., 1891; m. Anna Barton Lath-
rop. In various employments as eng'r, gen. ag't Trini-
dad Asphalt Co., Trinidad, B. W. I., 1S97-1S99; now
terminal div. eng'r State Eng'rs Dep't in charge of
construction of barge canal terminals in Greater New
York. Served In N. G., 1896-19(11; capt. and regimental
adjutant 71st Infantry, 1902-1911. Episcopalian. Asso.
mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Eng'rs. Psi Upsilon fraternity.
Recreations: Outdoor sports, shooting, fishing. Club:
Centurv Ass'n. Residence: 534 Fifth Av. Address: 17
Battery PI., N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. Providence, R. I., March 8, 1S45; s. Al-
bert Collins and Sarah Theresa (Thomas) Greene; ed.
Univ. Grammar Sch., Providence, 1S59-1S62; m. Brook-
lyn, Oct. 29, 1873, Margaret M. Bromley (died Aug. 31,
1904). Mem. firm Borden & Lovell; dir. and treas.
Borden Mining Co. of Md Eastern Coal & Coke Co. of
N. J.. The Lovell Coal Mining Co. of Pa. Republican.
Episcopalian. Mem. Sons of the Revolution, Soc. of
Colonial Wars, Founders and Patriots of America, Soc.
of Mayflower Descendants. Clubs: Highland (Sum-
mit); Church (N. Y. City). Address: 17 Battery PI., N.
Y. City.


Dramatic author, writer: b. San Francisco, Calif.,
March 12, 1850 (first boy b. of Am. parents in that
city); s. William and Elizabeth (Fiske) Greene; grad.
Santa Clara (Calif.) Coll., Ph.D., 1901; ed. Univ. Calif.;
m. July 24, 1873, Alice R. Wheeler; children: Lizzie
Esther, Alice Moore (both deceased). Engaged as
stock broker and journalist; took up dramatic writ-
ing as profession, 18S3; made tour visiting every
state and territory in U. S., 1890; crossed ocean in
yacht "Atlantic" 1906; also travelled extensively in
Mexico, Central America and West Indies. Progres-
sive; Catholic. Mem. Navy League, hon. mem. Luther
Burbank Soc, Actors' Fund, Actors' Order of Friend-
ship. Recreations: Yachting, horticulture, photog-
raphy. C'ubs: Lambs (ex-Shepherd), Bohemian, S. F.,
Greenroom, Larchmont Yacht, Manhasset Bay Yacht
(ex-Comm.). Address: 130 W. 44th St., N. Y. City.


Pres. Niagara, Lockport and Ontario Power Co.; b.
Providence, R. I., June 27, 1850; s. Major-General
George Sears and Martha Barrett (Dana) Greene;
grad. U. S. Mil. Acad. West Point, N. Y., June 15, 1870
(first in a class of 58 cadets); m. Washington, D. C,
Feb. 25, 1S79, Belle Chevallie Greene; children: War-
wick Greene, b. 1879; Donald Cameron, b. 1881 (died
1886); Anna Gertrude, b. 1884; Edith (Mrs. Charles A.
Lindley), b. 1886; Eleanor Nicoll, b. 18S8; Katherine.
b. 1891. In U. S. Army, 1870-1886; Mil. Attache to
U. S. Legation in St. Petersburg, and accompanying the
Russian army in Turkey, 1877-1878-1879; received dec-
orations from Emperor of Russia; Order of St. Anne,
3d class; Order of St. Vladimir, 3d class; Campaign
Medal, 187S; King of Roumania: Order of Carol I., 3d
class; Danube Medal, 1898. Lieut, of Artillery and
Lieut, and Capt. of Eng'rs, U. S. A., 1870-1886; v.-p. and
pres. Barber Asphalt Co.. 1892-1900; Col. 71st Reg't.
N. Y., 1892-1896; Col. 71st N. Y. Vols, from April to May,
1898; Brig.-Gen. U. S. Vol. May to Aug., 1898; Major-
Gen. U. S. Vol. Aug., 1898 to Feb., 1899. In command
7th Army Corps. Savannah, Ga., 1898; in command of
troops at Havana, Cuba, Nov. to Dec, 1898; chm'n,
Rep. County Com. N. Y., 1900; delegate, Nat. Conv.,
Philadelphia, June, 1900; Police Comm'r, N. Y., 1903.
Pres. and dir. Niagara, Lockport and Ontario Power
Co., v.-p. and dir. Ontario Power Co. of Niagara Falls.
Trustee N. Y. Inst, for Instruction of Deaf and
Dumb. Mem. Amer. Soc. Civil Engineers; Amer.
Inst. Elec Engineers; Electro-chemical Soc, Soc.
Foreign Wars; Amer. Hist. Ass'n. Republican.
Episcopalian. Author: The Russian Army and Its
Campaign in Turkey, 1877-1878; Army Life in Rus-
sia; Life of Nathanael Greene (Great Commanders
Series); The Mississippi (Campaigns of Civil War);
Lincoln as Commander-in-Ohief ; The Revolutionary
War, and The Military Policy of the United States.
Recreations: Golf, hunting and riding. Clubs: Cen-
tury, University, Republican, Lawyers, Downtown
Ass'n (N. Y. City), Metropolitan (Washington. D. C.),
Country, University (Buffalo). Residence: 303 North
St., Buffalo. Address: 65 Pine St., N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r; b. Lexington, Ky., Nov. 26, 1837; s. Gen.
George Sears Greene, of R. I., and Martha Barrett
(Dana) Greene, of Mass.; entered Harvard Coll.. 1856.
and left before graduation; studied civil eng'ring in
father's office; m. Charlestown. Mass., April 23, 1862.

Susan Moody Dana (died June 13, 1881); children:
Dana, b. June 27, 1863 (died July 19, 1866); Martha, b.
Oct. 22, 1865 (died April 6, 1884); Carleton, b. Oct. 24,
1868; Mabel, b. Nov. 7, 1872 (died March 1, 1877). Be-
gan practise of civil eng'ring as ass't eng'r in Croton
Aqueduct Dep't of N. Y. City, later on railroads in
Cuba, copper mines on Lake Superior, and made very-
accurate topographical surveys in Westchester Co.
and L. I. City. Appt'd eng'r-in-chief of Dep't of Docks
of N. Y. City, July, 1875, where he designed and suc-
cessfully constructed river wall wiharves and piers
in very difficult situations, consulting eng'r in N. Y.
City since 189S. Consulting eng'r Barge Canal of
N. Y. Republican. Mem. and past v.-p. of Am. Soc.
Civil Eng'rs; hon. mem. Am. Inst. Architects; mem.
Mil. Order Loyal Legion; Soc. Colonal Wars. Rec-
reations: Wing shooting and fly fish'ng. Clubs: Har-
vard, Century Ass'n. Residence: 53 1 Fifth Ave. Ad-
dress: 11 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Born Brooklyn, Nov. 6, 1881; s. J. Warren and Julia
S. (Sherman) Greene; ed. Black Hall Sch., Yale Univ.,
A.B., class of 1903; m. Rome, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1910, Eliza-
beth P. Searles; one d. Elisabeth S. b. Oct. 5, 1912.
Mig'r Public Telephones, N.' Y. Telephone Co. Demo-
crat; Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y. Elec. Soc, Telephone
Soc. of N. Y. Club: Yale. Residence: Cedarhurst,
L. I., N. Y. Address: 15 Dey St., N. Y. City.


Musician, editor; b. Holyoke, Mass., Mav 20, 1851; s.
Myron E. and Amanda H. Greene; ed. "high school,
Holyoke; also student of music at N. Y. City, London,
Paris; twice married. Founder and director Met. Coll.
of Music; former associate editor Godey's Magazine,
N. Y. City; for ten years asso. editor Etude, Philadel-
phia; now dir. Brookfield Summer Sch. of Music; asso.
editor Musicians, Boston. Composer; lecturer on
musical and hist, subjects; contb'r verses and short
stories to magazine and class journals. Mem. Music
Teachers' Nat. Ass'n (twice pres.), N. Y. Clef Club
(twice pres.); dir. Nat. Am. Opera Co.; dir. Nat. Ass'n
of Teachers of Singing. Residence: Brookfield Cen-
ter, Conn. Address: Carnegie Hall, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; s. James G. and Mary Helen (Rice) Greene;
grad. Univ. of Rochester, N. Y., 1884; m. 1890, Jessie
E. Buzzell. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilor, fraternity.
Club: Knickerbocker Whist. Address: Hotel Berkley,
N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Edmeston, N. Y., June 8, 1850; s. Nel-
son and Susan Vincent (Brand) Greene; ed. public
schools and Univ. Grammar Sch., Hamilton, N. Y. ;
grad. Colgate Univ. (coll.), A.B., 1873, A.M., 1876.
Ph.D. 1885, Litt.D., (Syracuse Univ.) 1913; Hamilton
Theol. Sem., 1879; m. 1st Sherburne, N. Y., Oct. 8,
1879, Annie Drusilla Reese (died Aug. 7, 1897); 2d
Waterford, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1899, Mattie J. Cook;
children: Nelson Lewis, b. 1881. Frank Reese, b. 1885,
John Harold, b. 18S7, Otto Washington, b. 1889, Stan-
ley Riddell, b. 1890. Latin instr. Colgate Acad., 1873-
1876; pastor Baptist Ch Waterford, 1879-1882; prin.
Pe<3die Inst., Hightstown, N. J., 18S2-18S9; prin. Col-
gate Acad., 1889-1893; prof. Latin language Colgate
Univ., since 1S93; acting-dean cf the coll., 1908-1909
and 1910-1911; asso. dean of the coll. since 1910.
Traveled in Europe, 1901-1902, studying in Rome
during the 'Winter, independent in politics. Baptist-
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Beta Theta Pi fraternity,
Classical Ass'n of Atlantic States. Pres. 1910, N. Y.
State Classical Teachers' Ass'n. Recreations: lawn
tennis, roque. Address: Hamilton, N. Y.


Publisher; b. Waterford, Me.; s. John Adams and
Lydia (Cummings) Greene; ed. public schools and
high sch., North "Waterford, Me.; grad. State Normal
Sch., Farmington, Me., 1876, A.M., Colby Coll., 1S96;
m. Rockland, Me., April 12, 1881, Clara Frances Al-
len; one son: John Arthur, Jr., b. May 13, 1883 (Har-
vard, 1905). Upon graduation from normal sch.,
taught in Abbot Sch., "Little Blue," Farmington, Me.;
was then given charge of local public schools, organ-
izing high sch. and its first prin.; studied law, and
was admitted to Bar in Maine; began practice in
Chicago, but soon afterward accepted position in
publishing house of Ivison. Blakeman & Co.. sub-
sequently entering employment of Am. Book Co.,
edn'I publishers, where he has been mn'g dir. for
a number of yeaTs. Republican: Congregationalist.
Mem. Nat. Edn. Ass'n, Soc. of Edn'I Research. Social
Science Ass'n, New England Soc. Maine Soc. of N. Y.;
trustee N. Y. City Savings Bank. Recreations: Fish-



ing, hunting and outdoor sports generally. Clubs:
Graduates, Republican. Address: 100 Washington
Sq. E., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, June 12, 1839; s. William
Webb and Sarah Ann (Todd) Greene; grad. Yale
Coll. A.B., 1862, A.M., 1865, Columbia Univ. Law Sch.,
LL.B., 1865; m. New Haven, Conn., June 20, 1867,
Mary Gertrude Munson; children: Marshall Winslow,
Edna Munson, Mrs. Augusta Holbrook. Practitioner
for many years before N. Y. and U. S. courts; was
pre?. N. 2d St. R. R and Brooklyn and Bushwick
R. R. ; retired from office and from active practice,
1S86; candidate for State Assembly, 1868; originator
Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1894; ex-v.-p.
Alumni Columbia University Law Sch. Ass'n; sec. and
ex-pres. Soc. of War Vets., 7th Reg't; mem. Soc.
Army of the Potomac, Sons of Revolution, Soc. of
War 1812. Soc. Colonial Wars. Soc. Am. Wars, N.
Y. Hist. Soc, N. Y. Geneal. Soc. Am. Hist. Ass'n;
corr. mem. New England Historic-Geneal. Soc;
mem. George Washington Post 103, G.A.R. (comd'r Post
No. 75 for 11 consecutive terms). Served in Civil
War; capt. in Col. John Elwood's reg't, consolidated
with 14th N. Y. Cav., and as paymaster 69th N. Y.
Reg't. Republican; for many years an exec. mem.
of 19th Assembly Dist. org'n of the party. Clubs:
Yale, Army and Navy. Address: 235 Central Park
West, N. Y. City.


Lawyer, b. Port Henry, Essex Co., N. Y., June 29,
1867; s. James Gardiner and Mary Helen (Rice)
Greene; ed. Rochester Free Acad., 1885, Rutgers Coll.,
B.S., 1889, Albany Law Sch., LL.B. (first honors).
1891; m. Elizabeth, N. J., Jan. 21, 1896. Charlotte
Louise Berry; children: Charlotte L., to. 1897; Helen,
b. 1900; Marion, b. 1904; Karolyn, b. 1905; Thurston,
b. 1907. Mem. firm Greene, Hurd & Stowell; exam-
ining counsel and mem. Com. of Counsel of Lawyers
Title Ins. & Trust Co.; dir. and counsel numerous
corp'ns. Mem. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of
X. Y., N. Y. County Lawyers Ass'n, N. Y. Geog. and
Biog. Ass'n, Kane Lodge 454, P. & A. M. ; pres. Delta
Kappa Epsilon Council 1902. Clubs: Whitehall. Re-
publican, West Side Republican (pres. 1902). Ad-
dress: 544 W. 114th St., N. Y. City.


Surgeon; b. Brunswick, Me., April 27,' 1861; s.
Benjamin and Susan T. Greene; grad. Bowdoin Coll.,
1881, A.B., A.M., 1884; grad Harvard Med. Sch., M.D.,
1886; m. East Orarge. N. J., 1895, Mabel A. V. Chub.
Engaged in practice since 1895; surgeon to City and
French Hosps. Author: Healthful Exercise, and
numerous med. articles. Club: University. Country
residence: Dundenberg Lodge. Central Valley, N. Y.
Address: 78 E. 56th St., N. Y. City.


Consul; b. Westborough, Mass., May 29, 1881; s.
Daniel Crosby and Mary Jane (Forbes) Greene; grad.
Harvard Univ., A.B., 1901; A.M., 1902; unmarried.
Appt'd clerk in Am. Legation at Rio de Janeiro;
deputy consul-gen. Rio de Janeiro, Nov. 3, 1902; vice-
consul gen. May 4, 1903; appt'd interpreter to Con-
sulate at Nagasaki, March 22. 1904; vice-consul at
Nagasaki, Aug. 11, 1904; appt'd interpreter to Con-
sulate at Kobe. June 10. 1905; vice and deputy con-
sul. June 12, 1905: appt'd commercial agent at Vladi-
vostok. Oct. 24, 1905: consul. June 22, 1906; consul
at Dalny, March 30, 1907: consul at Harbin, Jan. 21.
1909; consul-gen. at Hankow, Aug. 19, 1911. Club:
Harvard (N. Y. City). Address: Am. Consulate,
Hankow, China.


Lawyer; b. Otisfield, Me., Sept. 23, 1852; s. John
and Eliza'beth (Knight) Greene, grad. Bowdoin Coll.,
A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa; orator; editor Bowdoin
Orient), 1877; m. Paris, Me., June 6, 1888, Eliza Rip-
ley. Admitted to Maine Bar, 1879, Mass. Bar, 1881,
N. Y. Bar, 1884. Practiced law in Mechanic Falls,
Me., one year; Boston, three years; at Sag Harbor,
N. Y., since June, 1884; practises in all courts of
N. Y. and U. S. Dist. Court; has filled offices of
justice of peace, police justice and pres. B'd of
Health. Chm'n Republican Town Com.; mem. B'd of
Ed'n, Sag Harbor, Southampton Town B'd of Audit.
V.-p. Suffolk County Bld'g Block Co.; sec. and treas.
Hampton Printing & Publishing Co.; dir. Kiss Art
Pottery Co.; trustee, att'y and mem. Funding Com. Sag
Harbor Savings Bank, Sag Harbor Real Estate Co.;
att'y of Peconic Bank. Republican. Mem. M. E. Ch.;
trustee and sup't Sunday Sch. Sag Harbor M. E. Ch. ;
trustee Oakland Cemetery, JamespoTt Camp Meeting
Ass'n. Treas. Sag Harbor Hist. Soc; pres. Suffolk Co.

Sunday Sch. Ass'n; pres. Literary Union, Bowdoin
Alumni Ass'n, N. Y. City, Theta Delta Chi, Bowdoin
Coll. Recreations: Tennis, bowling. Address: Sag
Harbor, Suffolk Co., N. Y.


Jurist; b. Moravia, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1850; s. Hiram and
Lydia (Corey) Greenfield; ed. Moravia Inst.; m. Kel-
loggsville, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1885, M. Agnes Bradford; one
son, Bradford, b. 1894. Admitted to bar, 1871, and en-
gaged in practice at Auburn, N. Y. ; appt'd countv
judge April 17, 1907, tov Gov. Hughes; elected county
judge Nov. 1907. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ma-
sonic Order, B. P. O. Elks. Sec. Ways and Means, U.

5. House of Reps., 1900-1906. Republican. Clubs:
City (Auburn), Owasco Country. Address: 98 South
St., Auburn, N. Y.


Merchant; b. Chicago, 111., June 24, 1870; s. Joseph
B. and Clara (Wolfner) Greenhut, his father now be-
ing pres. Greenhut-Siegel Cooper Co. of N. Y.; ed.
public schools, Peoria, 111.; m. 1892, Minnie Gottlieb.
Entered employ of father, at that time h^ead of the
Whisky Trust. In 1896 became connected with the
Siegel-Cooper Co., of which is now treas., with its
business substantially under his immediate and direct
supervision; since 1907, also sec and treas. Greenhut
& Co. Also pres. Empire City Safe Deposit Co.; dir.
Union Exchange Bank. Fidelity Phenix Fire Ins. Co.,
and treas. Montefiore Home. Mem. Loyal Legion, Sons
of Veterans. Clubs: Lotos, Lambs. Railroad, City Ath-
letic, Harmonie, Aldine, Republican, Criterion, Freund-
schaft. Residence: 36 W. 72d St. Address: 6th Av.
and 18th St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Lenox, Mass., July 26, 1872; s. Dr.
R. C. and Adeline E. (Stone) Greenleaf; grad. Mass.
Inst. Technology, B.S., 1894; m. Lenox, Mass., Oct. 25,
1S98, Margaret Adams; children: Lewis S., Jr., b. Feb.

6, 1901, Marion Constance, b. April 21, 1904. V.-p. and

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