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Was supervisor, mg'r and gen. mg'r Internat. Navi-
gation Co. and Internat. Mercantile Marine Co.; re-
signed 1904. Now pres. and dir. The Griscom-Russell
Co., dir. Empire Trust Co. Mem. Chamber of Com-
merce, N. Y. Produce Exchange, Maritime Exchange,
Am. Acad, of Polit. and Social Science, Met. Museum of
Art, Dep't Archa?logy and Palaeontology of Univ.
of Pa., Am. Museum Natural History, N. Y. Acad.
Sciences, Soc. Naval Architects and Marine Eng'rs,
Pa. Soc. Sons Revolution, Pa. Soc of N. Y.. Soc. Co-
lonial Wars. Gen. Alumni Soc. Univ. of Pa., N. Y.
Zool. Soc, N. Y. Botanical Garden, Am. Soc. Preven-
tion of Cruelty to Animals, Am. Nat. Red Cross Soc,
vestryman Ch. of the Ascension. Residence: 21
Washington Sq. N. Address: 90 West St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Delaware, Ohio, 1834; ed. in Ohio Schs.;
studied wood engraving in Cincinnati and painting
in N. Y. City. Exhibited his first picture at Nat.
Acad. Design, 1857: specialty in marines. Asso. Nat.
Acad. Design, 1S66, academician, 1867. One of the
founding members '.f the Artists' Fund Soc, 1859.
Dived in Rome, 1872-1SS6. Address: Poughkeepsie,
N. Y.


Patent lawyer, and expert in patent suits; b. Wind-
sor, Ccnn., Feb. 12, 1863; d. Thomas Newell and Cor-
nelia Stanley (Babcock) Griswold: ed. in private sch.,

Windsor, Conn., later in public schs., N. Y. City;
grad. Normal Coll., 1S83, and private instr'n in civil
and mech. eng'ring, electricity and law; unmarried.
Opened office in N. Y. City, as mech, draughtsman,
1886; connected with patent law firm of Howson &.
Howson, 18S7-1S97; admitted to N. Y. Bar, June 28,
1898, and to U. S. Circuit Court, July 1, 1901; practic-
ing patent law from 1898, but since 1901 chiefly oc-
cupied as expert (witness) in patent suits (at present
only woman patent expert); asso. editor Women
Lawyers' Journal since 1911; pres. Women Lawyers'
Ass'n; mem. Internat. Jury of Awards, Machinery
Dep't, La. Purchase Exp'n, 1904. Club: Women
Lawyers'. Address: River View Manor, Hastings-on-
Hudson, X. Y.


Physician; b. Rocky Hill, Conn., July 22, 1855; s.
Rufus W. and Esther E. (Hammond) Griswold; grad.
Med. Dep't Univ. City of N. Y., 1878; m. Lockport,
N. Y., April 3, 1883, Marion White. On staff of Hart-
ford Hosp. 187S-1879; mem. U. S. Pension B'd, Hart-
ford, Conn., 1S92-189S. Pres. Niagara County, N. Y.
Soc ; Prevention of Crueltv to Children; chaplain
Niagara Falls Lodge of Elks. Republican; Presby'n.
Mem. Niagara County, N. Y. Med. Soc, N. Y. Acad, of
Med. Address: 438 First St., Niagara Falls, N. Y.


Manufacturer, editor, political economist; b. Sara-
toga, N. Y.; s. John S. and Phoebe A. (Wallace) Groom;
ed. public sch. and acad. of Saratoga, N. Y.; m. Brook-
lyn, N. Y'., Harriet V. Turton. Sec. and treas. Printing
Press Mf'g Co., N. Y. City, 1863-1S69; pres. and editor-
in-chief N. Y. Mercantile Journal and sub-publica-
tions, 1863-1878; began printing following apothegm
at the head of his several journals in 1865 as "The
Science of Money Briefly Set Forth"; "In the inter-
changeability (at the option of the holder) of Na-
tional Paper Money with Government bonds bearing
a fixed rate of interest there is a subtile principle that
will regulate the movements of Finance and Com-
merce as accurately as the motion of the steam engine
is regulated by its 'governor.' Such Paper Monev
Tokens will be much nearer perfect measures of value
than gold or silver ever have been or ever can be.
The use of gold or other merchandise as money is a
barbarism unworthy of the age. Wallace P. Groom."
Later added two notable apothegms in re the Currency
as follows: "To be true money it must be inter-
changeable at holder's option with government bonds
bearing equitable usury i. e., interest. Such money
will surely yield much greater benefits than have re-
sulted from any humanly-devised instrumentality
since the early dawn of the Christian Era. Wallace P.
Groom." "Grass will cease to grow and water cease
to now ere sound, honest, justice-promoting money
can be coined (i. e. fabricated) on any basis other than
its mterchangeability at holder's option with govern-
ment bonds bearing equitable usury i e. interest
Wallace P. Groom." Sec. Nat. Convs. (promoting im-
P o2? ement ot Country's Legal Tender) Columbus. O.,
1872, and Indianapolis, Ind., 1876; chm'n com. to notify
nominees of these convs. Sec. N. Y. B'd of Trade, 1S74-
18i7; mem. Nat. B'd of Trade; appt'd delegate from
latter to United B'd of Trades and Chambers of Com-
merce of Can., also to United B'd of Trade and Cham-
bers of Commerce of Great Britain. Since 1893, en-
gaged in real estate matters and in charge of the
finances of The Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sciences and
its Museum. Mem. Hudson and Fulton Comm'n, mem
Economic Club. Brooklyn League, Municipal Club, etc
Independent; Baptist. Address: Brooklyn, N. Y.

Educator; b. Wash., D. C; s. Magnus and Katherine
(Gangman) Gross; grad. Coll. City of N. Y., B.Sc; m.
N. Y. City, Oct. 10, 1889, Nellie Sullivan; children, Bea-
trix, Ethel, Paul. Sec Teachers' Co-operative Bld'g
& Loan Ass'n since 1888, furnishing homes for hun-
dreds of teachers, and handling millions of their sav-
ings. Sent to San Francisco at time of great calam-
ity, with $12,000 contb'ns of N. Y. teachers. Traveled
extensively throughout U. S. Pres. N. Y. City Teach-
ers Ass'n, v.-p. Teachers' Plantation Co. Active for
15 yrs. in improving material and professional inter-
ests of teachers of N. Y. City. Democrat. Mem Nat
Edn'l Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, N. Y. City Teachers' Ass'n
Club: City Coll. Residence: 620 W. 179th St. Ad-
dress: 166 E. 60th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 18, 1838 (parents Ger-
man); ed. in German private schs.: m. 1866. Studied
law in office of Daniel Ullman and Charles C. Egan,
and associated himself with the latter in 1837 in firm
of Egan & Gross. For some years active in politics;
elected, 1860, as councilman and served 4 terms. Elect-
ed, 1S65, on Democratic tiket, judge of the -Marine



Court, and re-elected 1869; since expiration of second
term in 1876 has practised law and is especially promi-
nent in real estate and probate matters. Address: 271
Broadway, N. Y. City.

Banker, mf'r; b. Brighton, Canada; s. Horace and
Euphemia (Smith) Gross; m, Milwaukee, Wis., June 23,
18S7, Helen E. \\ heeler. Pres. U. S. Radiator Corp'n,
Merchants' Bank; 1st v.-p. Norris-Alister-Ball Co.,
Chicago; v.-p. and dir. Ball Watch Co. (Cleveland,
Ohio); dir. Old Mexico Mining Co. (N. Y. City). Pro-
gressive; Presby'n. Mem. Am. Railway Master Me-
chanics' Ass'n, Welcome soc of Japan, Canadian Soc.
(N. Y. City), Navy League of U. S. (Chm'n), Old Time
Telegraphers' Hist. Ass'n, life mem. Japanese Soc. (N.
Y. City). Trustee Fisk Univ. (Nashville, Tenn.). Rec-
reations: Automobiling, motor boating. Clubs: Union
League, Lotos, Republican (N. Y. City), Union League
(Chicago), Willow Brook Country (Dunkirk, N. Y.),
Toronto (Toronto, Canada). Detroit, Athletic (Detroit),
Address: 715 Central Av., Dunkirk, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 18, 1873; s. Henry and
Catherine (Jassnlgi) Grossman; grad. Grammar Sch.
No. 22, N. Y. City (class valedictorian), 1887; N. Y.
Univ. Law Sch., LL.B. (class valedictorian), 1894; m.
N. Y. City, June 28, 1900, Lillian Viola Berliner; chil-
dren: Ethel Berliner, b. 1903; William Berliner, b.
1907. At age of 8, while a pupil in Grammar Sch. No.
22, was regular contb'r to Treasure Trove and Schol-
ars' Companion, both in prose and verse; at age of 10,
edited only sch. magazine published at that time;
passed examination for public sch. teacher and taught
in Public Sch. No. 22. Later became newspaper re-
porter, and also conceived and solved puzzles which at
that time formed a prominent feature of newspaper
work. At age of 17, while still an enthusiastic ama-
teur journalist, edited a publication called The Arena,
and while identified with that magazine, was elected
pres. Empire State Amateur Press Ass'n. Passed bar
examination before graduation from Law Sch. and
when only 21 years of age was offered an apptm't as
ass't Dist. Att'y by Hon John R. Fellows, but declined
it, preferring to accept partnership In law firm of
House, Grossman & Vorhaus, of which is now senior
mem. Dir. 'First Mortgage Title & Ins. Co. of N. J.,
Kenmore Estate, Young Men's Hebrew Ass'n; mem.
Nat. Amateur Press Ass'n, Empire Amateur Press
Ass'n, Eastern Puzzler's League, Alumni of Grammar
Sch. No. 22, N. Y. City; Alumni of N. Y. Univ. Law
Sch., Dwight Alumni, Soc. of Med. Jurisprudence, Tam-
many Soc; Odd 'Fellow, Elk, Knight of Pythias (for-
merly chancellor comm'r, past dist. deputy grand chan-
cellor and representative to Grand Lodge) ; chancellor
Kent Council, National Union (former speaker); 32"
Mason, Shriner (former master); Jessel Lodge, Inde-
pendent Order B'nai Brith. Was Pres. A. M. Lee Lit-
erary Soc, Whittier Debating Club, Addison Literary
Soc, and Hawthorne Debating Soc; was mem. famous
Cooper Union Debating Club and Goldey Literary Soc;
organized Literary League, a congress of literary eocs.
Mem. Single Tax League, Am. Jewish Hist. Soc, Am.
Hist. Soc. of N. Y.. Acad, of Polit. Science, The Fossils,
Nat. Geog. Soc, The Roycrofters. Clubs: Economic,
City Athletic, N. Y. Press, German Press, Harmony,
Sunrise, Seminole, Harlem Democratic, Nat. Demo-
cratic, West End, Progress, Columbia, Lawyers',
Freundschaft. Masonic. Residence: Stratford-Avon,
93d St. and Riverside Drive. Address: 115 Broadway,
N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 4, 1867; s. Henry and
Catherine (Yasnigi) Grossman; ed. public sch., N. Y.
Univ , LL.B., 1889; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 22, 1891, Carrie
Basch; children: Lillian, b. 1892, Beatrice, b. 1894,
Ruth, b. 1898. Leonard W., b. 1906. Organized firm of
Grossman & Vorhaus, lawyers, 1890, continued several
years, then consolidated with firm of Friend & House,
new firm being called Friend, House & Grossman; un-
der subsequent withdrawal of head of firm, it was re-
organized under present style of House, Grossman &
Vorhaus. Republican, candidate for Assembly, 4th As-
sembly dist., 1892, but defeated, though receiving larg-
est vote ever cast in that Tammany stronghold for a
Republican. Hebrew. Mem. Alumni Law Dep't, N. Y.
Univ.; Mason, and past master of lodge; mem. Mystic
Shrine; Knights of Pythias (grand prelate Grand
Lodge of N. Y.), B. P. O. Elks. Clubs: Friars', Press,
Freundschaft, Columbia Green Room. Address: 115
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Constantinople, Turkey, Oct. 28, 1875; s.
Edwin Augustus and Lillian H. (Waters) Grosvenor;
attended prep, dep't Robert Coll.. Constantinople;
Worcester Acad., Mass.; Amherst Coll., A.B., A.M.; Co-

lumbia Law Sch., LL.B. Master Greek and Latin lan-
guages, Chestnut Hill Acad., Philadelphia, 1899-1900;
admitted to N. Y. bar, 1903; sp'l counsel U. S. Gov't, in
investigation of tobacco trust. Sp'l counsel in prose-
cuting window glass, enameled ware, harvesting and
motion picture trusts; sp'l ass't to Att'y-Gen. of U. S.,
and sp 1 counsel in numerous anti-trust cases; became
mem. law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, Jan.,
1914. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.. N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Psi Upsilon and Phi Delta
Phi fraternities. Clubs: Metropolitan, Chew Chase,
Nat. Press, Columbia Univ., Apawamis. Address: 40
Wall St., N. Y. City.


Author, teacher; b. Newfane, Vt., Mar. 24, 1867; s.
Joel and Martha J. (Pike) Grout; grad. Univ. of Vt.,
Ph.B., 1890 (elected to Phi Beta Kappa) Columbia
Lmv., Ph.D., 1897; m. Essex Junction, Vt. July, 1893,
Grace E. Preston. Teacher of science, Johnson, Vt.,
State Normal Sch., 1893-1895; Plymouth, N. H., State
Normal, 1897-1899; instr. in biology, Boys' High Sch.,
Brooklyn, 1899-1908. Curtis H. S., Staten Island, since
Nov. 1, 1908. First ass't in biology. Author: Mosses
with a Handlens; Mosses with Handlens and Micro-
scope; a'.so contb'r of papers and scientific articles to
magazines; asso. editor of the Bryologlst. Republi-
can; Congregationalist. Fellow A. A. A. S. ; mem.
Phi Beta Kappa Alumni and Alpha Tau Omega frater-
nity. Lectures for Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences
and. for public lecture course of N. Y. City B'd of
Ed'n; his contb'ns to science have been chiefly in
mosses, taxonomy and ecology. Address: New Dorp
Richmond Co., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, ex-comptroller Citv of N. Y.; b. N. Y. City,
Oct. 27, 1861; s. Edward and Fanny (Marshall) Grout;
grad. Colgate Univ., A.B., 1884, LL.D., 1902; m. Brook-
lyn, N. Y., June 4, 1889, Ida L. Loeschigk. Admitted
to bar, 1S85. Dem. candidate for mayor of Brooklyn,
1895; elected pres. Borough of Brooklyn. 1897; elected
comptroller of N. Y. City on Fusion ticket, 1901, and
on Dem. ticket. 1903. Judge-advocate and maj. 2d
Brigade, N. G. S. N. Y., 1894-1904. Trustee of Colgate
Univ. since 1895; mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon frater-
nity; pres. Brooklyn Club, 1899-1909; treas. N. Y.
County Lawyers' Ass'n. 1910-1913. Clubs: Brooklyn,
Montauk, Riding and Driving, Manhattan, Lawyers.
Residence: 860 Carroll St., Brooklyn. Address- 111
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 20, 1866; s. Edward and
Fannie (Marshall) Grout; ed. Colgate Acad, and N. Y.
Univ.; m. Lily M. Moran; children: Marshall, b. 1901;
Margaret, b. 1905. Engaged in practise of law in
N. Y. City as mem. firm of Edward M. Grout and Paul
Grout. Dir. People's Surety Co., Remsen Bond and
Mortgage Co. Served as serg't, Troop C, N. Y. Vol.
Cav. in Porto Rico campaign, 1898, Spanish-American
War; now capt. Troop 6, Squadron C. N. G. S. N. Y.
Democrat; Baptist. Mem. Zeta Psi Delta Chi. Clubs:
Crescent Athletic, University, Montauk, Municipal.
Residence: 19 Montgomery Place, Brooklyn. Address:
111 Broadovay, N. Y. City.


Art publisher: b. Mantorville, Minn., June 4. 1870;
s. Nahum Wesley and Frances Elizabeth (Osgood)
Grover; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 1894, LL.B. Harvard
Univ., 1894; m. St. Johnsbury, Vt., June 4, 1900, Mertie
Laura Graham; children: Frances Grover, b. 1903;
Hester Grover, T). 1905. Represented Ginn & Co.,
Boston, 1895-1899; ass't editor for Ginn & Co., 1S99-
1901; editor edn'l dept. Rand, McNally & Co., 1901-
1902; editor-in-chief, Rand, McNally & Co.. 1902-
1904; v.-p. and editor of Atkinson, Mentzer & Grover,
Chicago, 1904-1911; pres. and dir. The Prang Co.. art
publishers, 1911-1913; pres. and dir. The Craftsman's
Guild. Mem. Phi Delta Theta fraternity and Casque
and Gauntlet. Author: The Gift of Friendship, I
Wish You Joy. Editor: Book of Good Cheer. From Me
to You, Just Being Happy, A Plate of Toasts, My
Christmas Gift, From Friend to Friend, I Thank Thee,
A Little Book of Psalms. Club: National Arts. Resi-
dence: 183 E. Ridgewood Av.. Ridgewood, N. J. Ad-
dress: 358 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City. Mar. 12, 1861; ed. Public Sch.
15; m. 1883. Mrs. Krause. Began as office boy In a
lawyer's office at 13 and remained in same office
until was 19; then spent three years in collection
dep't of a dry goods house, studying law evenings;
three months after attaining majority successfully
passed examination for admission to" bar without



having attended college or law school; since engaged
in large practice. Has been active leader in Repub-
lican party. Address: 170 Broadway, N, Y. City.


Civil eng'r; b. San Joaquin Co., Calif., April 4, 1SB5;
s. Charles (A. L.) and Clotilde J. F. (Camerer) Gruns-
ky; grad. Stockton High Sch. (Calif.), 1S70; Poly. Tech-
nic Inst., Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Germany, 1877;
Dr. Eng'ring, 1910; m. Sacramento, Calif., -Mar. 12, 1884,
Mattie Kate Powers; children: Carl Ewald, Jr., b.
Dec. 12, 1SS4; Kate L. and Eugene L. (twins), b. July
17, 1886; Clotilde, b. Sept. 20, 1891. Ass't and chief
ass't State Eng'r, Calif., 1S7S-1SSS; mem. Examining
Comm'n on Rivers and Harbors, Calif., 1SS9-1890;
in, private pracice at Sacramento and San Francisco,
Calif.. 1SS9-1S99; mem. B'd of Eng'rs and one of eng'rs
in charge to design a sewer system for San Francisco,
1892-1893; consulting eng'r to comm'r of Public Works
of Calif., 1S94-1S95; city eng'r of San Francisco, 1900-
1904; mem. Isthmian Canal Comm'n, 1904-1905; con-
sulting eng'r TJ. S. Reclamation Service, 1905-1907.
Engaged in private practice and pres. Am. Eng'ring
Corp'n. Address: 57 Post St., San Francisco, Cal.


Brig.-gen. U. S. A., retired; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Feb.
22, 1S3S; s. Rev. Francis H. and Katharine (Knouts)
Guenther. Appt'd from N. Y., cadet at U. S. Mil. Acad.,
1864; grad. 1859; brevet 2nd lieut. U. S. A., 1859; 2nd
lieut. U. S. A.. 4th Art'y, Xov. 2, 1S59; 1st lieut., 1861;
capt.. 1863; major, 2nd Art'y, June 26, 18S2; lt.-col.,
5th Art'y, 1891; col., 4th Art'y, 1S96; brig.-gen., 1902,
when retired. Served in Civil War in armies of W.
Va., Ohio and Cumberland; engaged in many battles.
Brevetted for gallant and meritorious service, capt.,
1862; major, 1S62; lt.-col. and col., 1S65. In U. S. vol.
service as brig.-gen., 1898. Address: 5 E. 24th St.,
N. Y. City.

Author, educator. Editor of French and German
text-books. Author: Myths of Greece and Rome;
Myths of Northern Lands; Legends of the Virgin and
Christ; Stories of the Wagner Operas; Stories of Fa-
mous Operas; Story of the Chosen People; Story of
the Greeks; Story of the Romans; Story of the Eng-
lish; Story of the Thirteen Colonies; Story of the
Great Republic; Empresses of France; Contes et Le-
gendes (French Reader); Miirchen und Erziihlungen
(German Reader); Yourself (Manual of Physiology);
Stories of Popular Operas; Cupid and Psyche (French
composition) ; How to Prepare for Europe a Standard
Guide; Easv French Composition; Storv of Old France;
Storv of Modern France; Joan of Arc (French Com-
position); Stories of Shakespeare's Comedies; Stories
of Shakespeare's Tragedies; Stories of Shakespeare's
English History Plays; The Book of the Epic. Ad-
dress: 31 Oakwood Av, Upper Montclair, N. J.


Artist, illustrator; b. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 18, 1866; s.
Richmond Lee and Louise (Davis) Guerin; ed. at Paris,
France, under Jean Paul Laurens* and Benjamin Con-
stant; finishing acad. work, 1S94; m. N. Y. City, 1902,
Mary Mulford. Traveled in France, England. Ireland.
Holland, Morocco, Dalmatia, Greece and Turkey; Ave
years in France, four years in Holland, sketching.
Made French Chateaux, Pictures of Egypt, Pictures of
Holy Land, for Century Magazine; made drawings for
Civic Improvement of Washington, D. C. Has received
numerous medals in France and U. S., including medals
from Paris Exp'n, 1900. and La. Purchase Exp'n, 1904.
Mem. Nat. Inst, of Arts and Letters, Nat. Soc. Mural
Painters; Dir. Color and Decoration, Panama-Pacific
Exp'n; mem. Am. Water Color Soc, N. Y. Water Color
Club. Club: Players. Address: 24 Gramercy Park, N.
Y. City.


Smelter, capitalist: b. Philadelphia, 1S56; s. Meyer
and Barbara (Myers) Guggenheim. Began business
career in Switzerland as buyer for a mercantile house,
and later joined his brothers in their smelting and
mining activities; m. Florence Schloss. Mem. firm of
M. Guggenheim's Sons; pres. and dir. Guggenheim Ex-
ploration Co.; pres. of B'd of Dir's Am. Smelters Secu-
rities Co.; pres. and dir. Am. Smelting & Refining Co.;
v.-p. Federal Lead Co.; dir. Nat. Bank of Commerce,
Guaranty Trust Co.; Nat. Lead Co., Am Smelters
Steamship Co., Continental Rubber Co. of America and
other corp'ns. Residence: Hotel St. Regis. Address: 165
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 7, 1854; s. Meyer
and Barbara (Myers) Guggenheim; grad. Philadelphia
High Sch.; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 15, 1876, Carrie Sonne-
born. Pres. Mexican Union R. R.; mir'g dir. Guggen-

heim Exploration Co.; treas. and dir. Am. Smelting and
Refining Co.; dir. Am Smelters Steamship Co. f Nat.
Park Bank, Smelters Securities Co., Western Mining
Co., U. S. Zinc Co. (2d v.-p.). Clubs: Lotos, Criterion,
Engineers, Auto of America. Residence: 763 Fifth Av.
Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Mining Knd smelting; b. N. Y. City, May 17, 1855; s.
Daniel and Florence (Schloss) Guggenheim; was mem.
Columbia class of 1907; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 30, 1905,
Grace L. Bernheimer. Dir. and mem Exec. Com. Am.
Smelting and Refining Co., Am. Smelters Securities Co.;
mem. firm M. Guggenheim Sons; dir. Guggenheim Ex-
ploration Co. Traveled extensively in European coun-
tries, also in U. S. ; presented to Pope Pius X. Jan. 21,
1906. Recreations: Motoring, and breeding and ex-
hibiting English bull terriers. Residence: 14 E. 92d St.
Address: 516 5th Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Baltimore, Md., Feb 27, 1871; s. Henry
and Emma (Leerburger) Guggenheimer; grad. Johns
Hopkins Univ., A.B.. 1890; m. N. Y. City, June 2, 1S98,
Caroline Koenig; children: Robert King, b. May 28,
1902; Richard Henry, b. April 3, 1906. Engaged in
practice of law in N. Y. City from 1892. Mem. Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: Harmonie, Century, Country
(White Plains). Ocean Country (Far Rockawav). Res-
idence: 27 W. 95th St. Address: 30 Broad St.. N. Y.


Educator; b. Milford, N. H., Sept. 17, 1855; d. Spencer
and Abby T. (Carlton) Guild; ed. Milford High Sch.,
Mt. Holyoke. Instr. Dana Hall. 16 years; principal
The Commonwealth Av. Sch, since 1902. Congrega-
tionalist. Address: 29 Fairfield St., Boston, Mass.

Insurance manager; b. Liverpool, England, May 5,
1S54. Entered office of Royal Ins. Co., at Liverpool,
1S72, leaving there after ten years' service to become
associated with Sun Insurance Office at London, with
which he has since been connected. Appt'd sec. U. S.
Branch, May, 1885, ass't mg'r May, 1886, and mg'r,
Dec, 1886. Address: 54 Pine St., N. Y.-City.


Writer, editor; b. Vienna, Austria, Nov. 20, 1871 (born
during temporary residence of parents abroad); s. Al-
exander and Louisa (Wolf) Guiterman; ed. N. Y. public
schs.; Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1891; m. N. Y. City, Mar.
11, 1909, Vida C. Lindo. For several years engaged in
editorial work on different periodicals; contb'r of short
stories and verse to many publications. Has written
many legendary and hist, ballads, including large col-
lection relating to N. Y. City and vicinity. Regular
contb'r to Life and of humorous and satirical verse,
including "Rhymed Reviews." Author: Betel Nuts;
Guest Book; an edition of the Rubayat of Omar
Khayyam, with an appendix, "The Literal Omar"; and
an edition of the Sonnets from the Portuguese, all
published by Paul Elder & Co.; also Orestes (with
Andre Tridon). Address: 723 W. 177th St., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, June 29, 1864; s. Alex-
ander and Lina (Stern) Guiterman; ed. public schools,
Columbia Grammar and Columbia Law Sch., B.L.,; m.
N. Y. City, Jan. 17, 1893. Carrie L. Rosenwald; children:
Edith L b. 1S93; Henry R lb. 1900. Mem. law firm
Einstein, Townsend & Guiterman; dir. T. J. Dunne &
Co., H. Koehler & Co., Old School Realty Co., Mohican
Realty Co., George B. Burnett & Son. Mem. Soc Med.
Jurisprudence, Ohio Soc, N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n,
Mf'rs and Dealers' League. Clubs: Lawyers, Har-
monie, Nat. Democratic, N. Y. Bridge Whist, Holly-
wood Golf, Fox Hills Golf. Address: 32 Liberty St..
N. Y. City. *


Educator, author; b. Honolulu, H. I., Dec. 4, 1865;
prep, ed'n at Oberfin Coll.; student Sargent Normal
Sch. of Physical Training, Harvard 1885, N. Y. Univ..
M.D., 1889; m. Charlotte Vetter, 18S7. PhvSical dir.
Y. M. C. A., Jackson, Mich.. 1S86; sup't dep't physical
. training Y. M. C. A., 1886-1903; editor Physical Edu-
cation, 1891-1896; editor Ass'n Outlook, 1897-1900; sec.
Am. Ass'n for Advancement of Physical Ed'n, 1892-
1893; principal high sch. of Pratt Inst., 1900-1903;
dir. physical traiming public schools Greater New
York, 1903-1908; Dir. Dep't of Child Hygiene, Rus-
sell Sage Foundation, 1907-1913; Pres. Camp Fire
Girls, Jan., 1913; editor Physical Ed'n Review 1901-
1903; pres. Am. Physical Ed'n Ass'n, 1903; v.-p.' Y. M.
C. A. Athletic League of N. America, 1903-1906; chm'n
Basket Ball Com., Amateur Athletic Union of U. S.,

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