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V del lied June -J.".. 1M'2>: 2d, <'. -getown, D. C,

June 2. 1S9S. Elizabeth McGowan Hall; one d, Eliza-
beth McGowan, b. Nov. 20, 1900, Taught common schs.
for eigiit years in N'. Y.. Conn.. Mass. and X. J., com-
mencing in ltlth year; admitted to bar, 1SS0: elected
justice of pea appt'd surrogate clerk, ass't att'y-gen.
for 3 years, deputy State comptroller 2 years, deputy
acting sup't of banks and State bank examiner for 7
years. Democrat; State delegate from Chenango Co.,
LSS2; nat. delegate, 18S8; ass't treas. Nat. Dem. Com.,
190a; visited nearly all the States east of Great Divide,
including Montana, Colorado and Texas, in examina-
tion of financial institutions and appraisal of proper-
ties. Author and compiler: Uncodified Crimes. 1889;
Hall's Bank Laws, 1S96; Building and Loan Associa-
tions (pamphlet), 1898. Episcopalian. Clubs: Demo-
cratic, Winnisook. Address: 50 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Writer, lecturer; b. Auburn, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1858; s.
Chief Justice Benjamin F. and Abigail Farnam (Haga-
man) Hall; grad. Auburn Academic High Sch., with
the classical honor, 1877; honorary degree Master of
Letters from N. Y. Univ., 1908; L.H.D., Hobart Coll.,
1909; Order of the Red Eagle, from the German Em-
peror, 1912: m. Phila., Pa., Feb. 7, 1893, Irene Gilbert
Gazzam; one d., Edwina Gazzam, b. Sept. 27, 1894.
Editor Norwich (Conn.) Morning Bulletin, 1877-188S,
Waterburv (Conn.); Republican, 1888-18S9; correspond-
ent N. Y. Tribune several years prior to 1S90, and later
briefly with business dept. in N. Y. City; publisher,
printer and writer in N. Y. City, 1S90-1900; writer,
lecturer and exec. sec. since 1900; author of numerous
books and monographs relating to Am. history,
scenerv, archaeology and biography; lecturer on Am.
History for B'd of Ed'n of N. Y.; sp'l agent. N. Y.
Commerce Comm'n, 1S9S-1S99; sec. Am. Scenic and
Historic Preservation Soc. Ass'n for the Protection
of the Adirondacks; trustee and ass't sec. Hudson-
Fulton Celebration Comm'n, 1906-1911; trustee and sec
N Y Commercial Tercentenary Comm n, 1913-1914.
Republican; Episcopalian. Past deputy gov.-gen.
Order of Founders and Patriots of America, gov. N. Y.
Soc of same 1907-1909; past v.-p. S. A. R.; capt. Wash-
ington Continental Guards; sachem Soc. of Cayugas;
v.-p. Am. Flag Ass'n; mem. Municipal Art Soc. N. Y.
Hist Soc. Recreations: Hist, study on original sites
in Eng., Holland and America, and archaeol. work in
the field Club: Nat. Arts (ex-gov.). Residence: i02
West End Av Address: Tribune Bldg., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Perth Amfooy. N. J.. 1853; s. Edward J.
and Marv H. Hall; grad. Yale Ph.B. 1873; m Buffalo.
N Y., 1875, Louise Winne; children: Eleanor W. (Mrs.
Joseph Winterbotham, Jr., Chicago); Gertrude S., Ed-
ward B. V.-p. Am. Telephone & Telegraph Co.; dir.
N Y Telephone Co., Western Union Telegraph Co.
(c'hm'n Exec. Com.), Atlantic Terra Cotta Co., Cum-
berland Telephone & Telegraph Co., Southern Bell
Telephone & Telegraph Co., Market & Fulton Nat.
Bank, N. Y. Clubs: University, Morris County Golf,
Morristown, Larchmont Yacht, Lawyers', Railroad,
N. Y. Yacht. Residence: Morristown. N. J. Address:
15 Dey St., N. Y. City.

Physician; b. June 17, 1867; s. Edward C. and Sarah
A. (Parkinson) Hall; grad. L. I. Coll. Hosp.. Brooklyn,
M.D., 1897; unmarried. Was interne St. John's Hosp.,
acting pathologist Brooklyn Hosp. and physician-in-
chief of the Red Cross Relief Hosp., from which re-
signed to enter the army as acting ass't surgeon u.
S A., serving during the war with Spain; capt. Med.
Corps, 8th A. D. C. A. C. Coast Art'y. Now on surg.
staff West Side German and Polyclinic Hosps.; also
on dispensary staff of Harlem Hosp.; ass't attending
phvsician, Div. of Infectious Diseases of Dep't of
Health, N. Y. City. Mem. Med. Soc. County of N. Y.,
Med. Ass'n of Greater N. Y., Harlem Med. Soc, Poly-
clinic Med. Ass'n; mem. Harlem Dist. Com. of Charity
Org'n Soc, Empire City Council, Royal Arcanum and
Marine Lodge, F. and A. M. Surgeon Manhattan Camp,
United Spanish War Veterans. Club: Sagamore. Ad-
dress: 63 W. 126th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. London, Eng., Oct. 24, 1844; s. Henry U.
and Mary A. (Denison) Hall; ed. Morrisania public
schools; grad. N. Y. Univ. Law Sch., 1866, LL.D., 1905;
m. N. Y. City. Oct. 13, 1869, Clarita M. Tallient; chil-
dren: Mrs. Charles D. Kline, Edna B. Justice City
Court of N. Y., 18S2-1888; justice Supreme Court



(appt'd to succeed Miles Beach, dec'd), 1902; served
with the 71st N. Y. Vols., in the Gettysburg campaign,
1863; In naval service, 1864-1865; mem. B'd Trustees
Morrisania, 1870-1873; corp'n counsel Morrisania, 1873-
1874; dir. Germanic PMre Ins. Co., Casualty Co. of
America. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. N. T. City
and Bronx Bar Ass'ns, Lafayette Post, G. A. R. Recre-
ations: Golf, automo'biling. Clubs: Lawyers, Ford-
ham, North Side Republican, Union. Residence: 1087
Boston Road. Address: 62 William St., N. T. City.


Electrical eng'r; b. Elmira, N. T., 1877; s. Francis
G. and Maria (Angell) Hall; grad. Sheffield Scientific
Sch., Tale Univ., Ph.B., 1899. Invented and patented
Yale submarine, electric lamp for investigating wrecK
of U. S. S. Maine, ibreechloading life saving gun for
naval service, improved rapid-fire gun, new type gaso-
line engine; improved oil burning heater for kero-
sene engines, and sponge fishing appliances for use in
"West Indies fisheries. Visited Europe and West In-
dies in 1893. Was mem. 1st battalion Naval Reserve
Conn. N. G., eng'r div. prior to 1898; during Spanish-
Am. War, in charge of mining operations in harbors
of New London and New Haven; mem. corps of ex-
perts appt'd to investigate blowing up of U. S. S.
Maine, Havana Harbor; pres. Electric Marine Mf'g
Co., Naval Co.; gen. mg'r Detroit Auto Marine
Co., Ftrro Machine and Foundry Co.; pres. and gen.
mg'r Lackawanna Mf'g .Co. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng'rs, Soc. Naval Architects and Marine Eng'rs;
writer for technical publications. Recreations: Hunt-
ing, yachting. Club: Yale. Residence: Rutland, Pa.
Address: 30 Church St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. New Haven, Conn., Mar. 19, 1860; s.
Oliver A. and Clara (Stanley) Hall; grad. Tufts Coll.,
B.D., 1884, S.T.D., 1905, D.D., St. Lawrence Univ., 1901;
m. Lowell, Mass., 1895, Vermeille A. Swan; one d.;
Dorothy, b. Jan. 11, 1897. Has held Universalist
pastorates at Fitchlburg, Lowell and Cambridge, Mass.;
at Church of Divine Paternity, N. Y. City, since 1902;
chaplain Empire State Soc, S.A.R. Author: Common
People, 1901; Soul and Body, 1909. Recreations: Golf,
fishing. Address: 4 W. 76th St., N. Y. City.

Business man; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 1, 1861; s. James
F. Hall (brig. gen. of Engineers) and Violetta Morgan
(Marsh) Hall; ed. in private schools and Peekskin
Mil. Acad.; m. Oct. 1, 1903, Elizabeth Wotherspoon
Miles; children: Victorine Morgan, b. Sept. 28, 1904,
Elizabeth Miles, b. May 1, 1908. Successively clerk
ass't to gen. mg'r, ass't gen. mg'r, gen. mg'r, treas.,
now v.-p. The Habershaw Wire Co., successors to the
India Rubber and Gutta Percha Insulating Co. Mem.
A. A. A. S., Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, N.
Y. State Hist. Soc, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science,
Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Soc. Sons of Revolution.
Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Transportation, Knollwooa
Country. Address: Tarrytown, N. Y.


Writer; b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 8, 1863; d. David
Culver and Edna (Brown) Hall; ed. in Florence, Italy.
Author: Verses; Far from To-day; Foam of the Sea;
Allegretto; The Hundred and Other Stories; Age of
Fairy Gold; April's Sowing; The Unknown Quantity,
Wagnerian Romances. Translations: Cyrano de
Bergerac; Chantecler; Poems of Paul Verlaine. Ad-
dress: The Evelyn, 101 W. 78th St., N. Y. City.


Journalist, financial writer; b. Aulburn, N. Y., Dec.
6, 1845; s. Benjamin F. Hall, first chief justice ot
Colorado, and Abbe Farnam (Hagaman) Hall; ed. pub-
lic schools, Auburn Acad. ; took preparatory course for
coll., but did not enter; m. Bath, Me., 1887, Virginia
Houghton. Was teller First Nat. Bank of Auburn for
a time and then went into journalism; served suc-
cessively on The Auburn News, The Auburn Adver-
tiser and the Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin; after 1875,
for 26 years, was on the N. Y. Tribune, most of the
time as business mg'r; agent of the U. S. Census
Bureau, 1880-1881, for collection of statistics of Am.
ship building, and prepared the only census of that
industry ever taken; served in the 49th Reg't, N. G.
N. Y., 9 years. Republican; Episcopalian. Has made
minute investigation of Wall St. and its ways, and has
compiled a remarkable scrap-book of events in that
famous locality; compiled American Millionaires, first
list of the kind ever printed, and the original of the
present Financial Red Book. Author: History of
Auburn; Cayuga in the Field (in collaboration with
his brother, James, being the history of two N. Y.
reg'ts in the Civil War) ; History of the Societies of
Descendants of Men of the American Revolution;
America's Successful Men; How Money is Made in

Security Investments, or, A Fortune at Fifty-five; is
a gen. writer on financial and business topics Was
a mem. Republican, Union League and N. Y. Athletic
clubs, and of numerous societies of descendants of
soldiers of the American Revolution, but has retirea
from all. Residence: Bronxville. Address: 52 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Wallingford, Conn., Dec. 18, 1842; s.
Franci3 C. and Elizabeth W. (Cooke) Hall; ed. Trinity
Sch., N. Y. City, 1854-1859; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B.,
A.M., 18G3, Gen. Theol. Sem., N. Y. City, 1866 D.D.!
18S5; m. Brooklyn, July 23, 1878, Lizzie Eyland; chil-
d J e P : Eyland Jarvis, b. 1879; Margaret Pyncheon, b.
1888; Francis Chauncey, b. 1890. Curate in St.
Stephen's Ch., N. Y. City, 1875-18S6; instr. Hebrew
and Greek, Gen. Theol. Sem., N. Y. City, 1869-1871;
Clement C. Moore, prof. Greek and Hebrew languages
same, 1871-1899; brof. emeritus since 1899. Chaplain
House of the Holy Comforter, necrologist Alumni
Ass'n of Gen. Theol. Sem.; ass't in Ch. of St. Mary the
Virgin; mem. N. "X. Oler.icus, Catholic Clerical Union.
Episcopalian. Address: Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea
Sq., N. Y. City.


Actuary; b. Georgetown, D. C, Sept 28, 1864; grad.
Harvard, A.B. Engaged with a banking company in
N. Y. City, 1888-1S91; then entered the actuarial de-
partment of the Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y.; now
asso. actuary of company. Asso. Actuarial Soc. by ex-
amination, 1897, taking the first Associate Examina-
tion given by the society, and in 1900, also by examin-
ation, became a fellow of Actuarial Soc. Has been
among leading fraternity men in N. Y. City, having
served on the Executive Council, Delta Upsilon fra-
ternity, sec. and treas., v.-p. and pres., for about 14
years. Charter mem. of Incorporation Exec. Council
and also of Incorporation Delta Upsilon fraternitv.
Address: 32 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Bond dealer; b. Buffalo, N. Y., March 14, 1874; s.
Edward Julius and Mary (Hoey) Hall; grad. Shef-
field Scientific Sch., Yale Univ., Ph.B., 1895; m Port-
land, Oregon, Oct. 25, 1900, Clementine Lewis; chil-
dren; Sherman Rogers, Jr., b. 1902; Francis Lewis, b.
1906. In Eng'ring Dep't Am. Telephone & Telegraph
Co., N. Y., 1895-1900; Mg'r Bell Telephone Co., Buf-
falo, 1900-1904; gen. mg'r Mo. & Kans. Telephone Co.,
1904-1908, v.-p. and dir. 190S-1911; senior partner Hall
& Lewis, bond dealers, since 1911. Dir. Lewis In-
vestment Co., Portland; sec. Leland Investment Co.
Mem. Squadron A, N.Y.N.G., 1896-1898; Troop A,
N. Y. Vol. Cav., Spanish War, 1898, in Porto Rico. Re-
publican. Mem. Delta Psi fraternity. Recreations:
Golf, Polo (played No. 1 on Kansas City Countrv
Club Polo Team, 1906-1910, and Waverly Countrv
Club Polo Team, 1911, 1912, 1913). Clubs: Arlington,
Waverly Country (Portland). Residence: 572 Kearney
St. Address: 910 Lewis Bld'g, Portland, Oregon.


Theologian; b. Armagh, Ireland Sept. 25, 1858; s.
Dr. John and Emily (Bolton) Hail; when boy came
to this country with parents, father beooming pastor
Fifth Av. Presby'n Ch., 1867; grad. Princeton, A.B.,
1879, A.M., Union Theol. Sem., 1882; studied at Berlin
and Gottingen, Germany; m. London, July 29, 1884,
Jenny E. L. Bartling, of ' Gottingen. In ministry of
Presby'n Ch. from 1882; called to Omaha, Neb., 1883;
built two chs. there and edited a Presbv'n newspaper;
pastor Forty-first St. Presby'n Ch., Chicago, 1886-
1893; Fourth Presby'n Ch., Chicago, 1893-1897; re-
signed because of illness, spent 1% years in Europe.
Since 1898, prof. Christian ethics. Union Theol. Sem.
Author: The Power of an Endless Life, The Social
Meaning of the English Revival Movements in the
Eighteenth Century, The Message of The Synoptics,
John Hall, Pastor and Preacher (a biography, by his
son), Social Solutions in the Light of Christian Ethics
and History of Ethics within Organfized Christianity,
The Historical Setting of the Early Gospel, Religion
and Life. Constant contb'r to reviews, religious
weeklies and dally press. Residence: 606 W. 122d
St. Address: Uniion Theol. Sem., Broadway & 120th
St., N. Y. City.


Organist and musical dir.; b. London England, 1862;
s. James and Mary (Neale) Hall; ed. Royal. Acad, of
Music, London; m. Oneonta, N. Y., 1S85, Celestia M.
Youngman; children: Alice May, b. 1890; Alan, b.
1892; Cecil John, b. 1893. Prof, of Church and choral
music, Columbia Univ. Author: Essentials of Choir
Boy Training. Composer of church music. Address:
Columbia Univ., X. Y. City.


The Brown
School of Tutonng

FREDERIC L. BROWN, B.S., Headmaster FOUNDED 1906

"The Right System of Education"

BOARDING and Day School. Separate build-
ings. Open all year. Exceptional success in
preparing pupils for colleges, schools and
business. Limited to 30. Lessons given at the School
or at the homes of the pupils. Our pupils do at least
two years of regular school work in one. Bright pupils
not retarded, and backward, nervous pupils not em-
barrassed and discouraged by class work. Each pupil
who has entered the School with the purpose of
going to college has accomplished that purpose. Pupils
are taught how to study. Fifteen teachers, each one
of whom has had at least twelve years of experience.



"A School with an Atmosphere of Work "

The School Conducts Branches in Various Localities During the Summer

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^TTUTORING all the year around in
VJ^ special preparation for entrance to
Yale, and for students already in college.
Boys from outside New Haven are
boarded in comfortable homes, under the
supervision of the principal.

Tuition, without board, $500 for yearly session
Summer session, $20 monthly.

This school is in its 13th year, and the
record of the success of its pupils in pass-
ing college examinations proves it suc-
cessful in making its pupils earnest, self-
reliant and thorough students.

GEORGE L. FOX, M.A. (Yale)

School 0/ Expression

S. S. CURRY, Ph.D., Litt.D. - - - President


"POUNDED by Dr. S. S. Curry, with
* the co-operation of Bishop Phillips
Brooks and many educators and literary
men, to place all vocal and speech train-
ing on a scientific basis. Sir Henry Irv-
ing and Professor Alexander Melville
Bell contributed to its endowment funds.

OLDEST and BEST EQUIPPED School of the
kind in the United States.

Regular and Summer Sessions. Diploma
and special courses. Sane methods and
skilled instruction. The Spoken Word
means trained individual power.

Address The President, S. S. CURRY, Ph.D.
Copley Square, Boston. Mass.



OLLEGE Preparatory School
for boys over fourteen. Rapid
progress possible because of
limited number of pupils (60)

and freedom from rigid class organization.

Excellent equipment and facilities in the

way of buildings and grounds.

Q Special attention given to Athletics and
moral welfare.

Q 41st year.

Q Personal inspection invited.


G. B. FINE. Headmaster



for BOYS Tarrytown-on-Hudson, N.Y

Twenty-five miles from New York, in the beautiful,
historic "Irving" country. 77th year. 23 years under
present Head Master. New site and buildings, 190-i.
Prepares for all colleges and technical schools. Indi-
vidual as well as class instruction. Athletic Field. Swim-
ming Pool. New Gymnasium.

Summer Camp, Bantam Lake, Litchfield Hills,

Conn. 1 100 feet altitude. Address
J. M. FURMAN, A.M., Head Master, Box 921

<c7,e BRYANT SCHOOL for theTreatment of



^J the correction of speech defects. Established
/ ^"*' by its present proprietor in 1888. The cele-
brated French and German methods are utilized,
improved by the practical suggestions of a progres-
sive A r.erican physician. No better methods or
treatment known. Call or send for new booklet:
" Speech Disorders and Th?ir Treatment." Exami-
nation and consultation gratis.

FRANK A. BRYANT. M.D., Principal

Telephone 1071 Bryant 62 West 40th Street. New York City

Si hool 'air* rtisements continued on papc 351




Lawyer; b. St. Marys, Pa., March 25, 187S; s. James
Kncx Polk (ex-congressman from Pa.) and Kate M.
(Hyde) Hall; grad. Haverford Sen., Lawrenceville
Sen., Tale Univ., Ph.B., 1900, Harvard Univ., T.T. R ,
1903; m. Bridgeport, Conn., April 5, 1904, Marguerite
Wood; children: Marguerite Wood, b. Mav 22, 1905:
Susan Beardslee, b. June 5, 1910. With Snearman &
Sterling, lawyers, 1903-1'.'".""., ..-sociated wtith Hon.
Martin L. Stover, ex-judge of Supreme Court of N.
Y., since 1906, under firm name of Stover, Hall &
Freeman, now Stover & Hall. Pres. anil dir. Trojan
Powder Co., Pa. Trojan Powder Co., Calif. Trojan
Powder Co., Independent Non-Freezing Powder Co.;
dir. St. Marys Nat. Bank, Portland & Northern R. R.
Co., St. Marys & Western R. R. Co., Kaul & Hall
Lumber Co., Russell Car & Snow Plow Co. Episco-
palian. Mem. Berzelius Soc, Tale Univ., Ass'n Bar
City of N. T. Recreations: Tennis, automobiling.
Clubs: Tale. Berzelius, Lawyers. Residence: 29 E.
61st St. Address: 60 Wall St., N. T. City.


Physician; b. Wilmington, N. C, April 9, 1S39; s.
Edward Pearsall and Eliza Jane (Ward) Hall; pre-
pared for college in private school, graduated with
high honors, Univ. of North Carolina, A.B., 1S55, and
received honorary degree of A.M., 1875; Univ. of N.
T., M.D.. 1S58; subsequently attended lectures and
hosp. service in Europe; m. Wilmington, K. C, Nov.
15. I860, Susan Bradley Wright, d. Man- Allan and
Thomas H. Wright: children: Lossie Hall, b. Wil-
mington, N. C. ; William Hunt, 2d, b. N. T. City; Ed-
ward Simmons, b. N. T. City. During Civil War was
in Med. Dep't of the Confederate Army, with head-
quarters at Petersburg, Va.; subsequently assigned to
duty in Fayetteville, N. C, in charge of the hosp. at
that post until the final surrender. Democrat; Epis-
copalian. Fellow N. T. Acad. Medidine; mem. Med.
Soc, State of N. T., Med. Soc. County of N. Y., Medi-
cal Union. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity
(Beta Chapter). Club: University. Address: 129 E.
54th St., N. T. City.


Inventor, signal engineer; b. Stamford, Conn., Feb.
1, 1864; s. Thomas Shepard and Sarah Catherine (Phil-
lips) Hall; ed. public schools; prepared for coll. course,
but did not enter; m. Bristol, Conn., Oct. 4, 1887,
Charlotte Sophia Hollister; children: Wm. Phillips,
Jr., Lyman Hollister, Melville Phillips, Theodore
Dana, Thomas Shepard, Dorothy Katherine, Mary
Phillips. Charlotte Hollister, Margaret Frances
Learned trade of electrical machinist; was one of the
first r'y signal eng'rs in U. S.; organized present Hall
Signal Co. in Oct., 1889, and hecame its pres.; under
his supervision the co. has instituted many of the
most important block signal installations on the rail-
roads of the U. S., notably that on 111 Central R. R.
for the Columbian Exp'n traffic in the city of Chi-
cago, where, during the 6 months of the exp'n, 19,-
500,000 passengers were carried under the protection
of the system without an accident. Pres. The Hall
Signal Co., Continental Hall Signal Co. of Brussels,
Belgium; trustee Rollins Coll.. Winter Park. Fla.
Gov.. Wheaton Coll., Wheaton, 111. Republican. Mem.
M. E. Church. Mem. Am. Railway Signal Ass'n, N. T.
B'd of Trade and Transportation, etc.; past master
of Acacia Lodge No. 85, F. and A. M., Greenwich,
Conn.. Rittenhouse Chapter No. 11. Stamford, Conn.,
Palestine Commandery No. 18. Knights Templar, N.
T. City; pres. Am. Tract Soc, Am. Bible League; v.-p.
World's Christian Endeavor Union; mg'r Am. Bible
Soc, Meth. Epis. Hosp., Brooklyn; pres. Evangelistic
Comm'n N. T. East Conf. M. E Ch.; mem. Comm'n on
Aggressive Evangelism, M. E. Ch., etc. Address: 50
Church St.. N. Y. City.


Importer; b. Cleveland, O.; m. Chillicothe, O., Sept.
23, 190S, Rita Sulzbacher; two children. Mem. Am.
Chamber of Commerce. Paris. Clubs: Lotos, Automo-
bile, The Pilgrims. Economic, Pan-American (N. Y.
City). Royal Automobile (London). Residence: Rich-
mond Hill, L. I. Address: 24 State St.. X. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 7, 1869; s. Alexander
and MargaTet (Munroe) Halliday; ed. Calleson's Sch.,
N. Y. City; Adams Acad., Quincy, Mass.; grad. Har-
vard Univ., A.B., 1891; Columbia Univ., A.M., LL.B.,
1894; m. Yonkers, N. T., June 7, 1899, Ellen Mudge
Reid; children: Jean, b 1900; Margaret, h. 1903; Ellen
b. 1905; Elizabeth, b. 1910 V.-p. and sec. A. Halliday
& Co. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. T., Am. Fine Arts
Soc. Clubs: University, Harvard, Reform, St. An-
drews' Golf. Address: 44 Pine St., N. T. Citv.


Assistant in elementary ed'n, farmer; b. Thurston,
Steuben Co., N. Y.. Feb. 7, 1863; s. Alphonso and
.Susan (Norris) Halliday; grad. Havering High Sch.,
Bath, N. Y., 1883; m. South Pulteney, N. Y., Dec. 6.
1887, Edna Holley; two children: Esther, b. Oct. 18,
1898 (deceased) ; Mary Holley, b. March 2. 1900. Mem.
firm of Norris & Halliday, South Pulteney, N. T.,
merchants and grape growers, 1885-1890; farming
and grape growing on own account since; sch. com-
m'r, first dist. Steuben Co., 1890-1893: examiner in
State Dep't Public Instruction. 1894-1902; financial
clerk, 1902-1904; ass't cashier State Ed'n Dep't, 1905-
1906; ass't in elementary ed'n, from 1906. Democrat.
Mem. Royal Arcanum and Regent of Albany Council
No. 1560, in 1898. Address: North Chatham, N. T.


Born Shelburne Falls, Mass., June 13, 1874; s. James
and Flora A. (Strong) Halligan; ed. Amherst Coll..
1896; m. Griswoldville, Mass., Nov. 22, 1898, Mary G.
Ballard; children: Myra, b. 1905; Kimball, b. 1908;
Anne, b. 1912. V.-p. and dir. Western Electric Co.;
dir. Mf'rs Junction R. R., Northern Edectric & Mf'g
Co., Imperial Wire & Cable Co. Mem. Japan Soc, N.
E. Soc. Clubs: Engineers, Railroad. Union League
(Chicago), Montclair Golf. Residence: 52 Lloyd Rd.,
Montclair, N. J. Address: 463 West St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman, author; b. Holliday's Cove, W. Va.
(then Virginia), Jan 28, 1856; s. Homan B. and Adelia
Farnsworth Hallock; in hardware business, 1876-1880;
grad. Princeton. 1882, A.M., 1901: grad. Princeton
Theol. Sem., 1885, doing post-graduate work under
Pres. McCosh. during sem. course; Richmond (Ohio)
Coll., D.D., 1896; m. N. Y. City. May 8, 1888, Anna
Catherine Cobb. Ordained by Presbytery of Rochester,
Oct. 12, 1885, and installed as pastor of Wheatland
Ch.. Seottsville, N. Y., serving over 4 years; since Jan
1, 1890. one of pastors of Brick Ch.. Rochester, N. Y.,
one of largest in the denomination. Toured exten-
sively in Europe, Egypt and Holy Land in 1902. Mem.
and sec. Princeton Club of Western N. Y., Sons of
Veterans; stated clerk of Presbytery of Rochester.
Author: Upward Steps, 1899; Sermon Seeds, 1900;
God's Whispered Secrets, 1901; Beauty in God's Word,
1902; The Homiletic YeaT. 1903; Journeying in the

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