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Law Course Col. Univ., 1906. iFormerlv mem. firm of
Hardin & Hess, lawyers, now Hardin, Hess & Fergu-
son. M*. Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Ass'n, Zeta Psi
fraternity. Clubs: Yale, Railroad (N Y.), Canoe Brook
Country. Address: 50 Pine 'St., N. Y. City.

Publisher; b. Bernburg, Germany, Nov. 26, 1847- s
Moritz and Rosalie (Fabian) Hess: ed. comm'l high
sch.. Bernburg; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 16, 1873, Josephine
Solomon; children: Dr. Alfred F., b. 1875; Mrs A I
Flkus, b. 1873; Ruth Josephine, b. 1S90. Became mem
firm McMenamy. Hess & Co., Phila., 1870; established
in N. Y. City, Aug., 1871; branches, 1875-1880, in Bos-
ton and other cities; located in present quarters in
Manhattan, 1910; has traveled in Europe and the Ori-
ent, 1905-1906. Hebrew; Mem. Met. Museum of Art
Am. Geog. Soc, N. Y. Acad, of Sciences, N. Y Zool'
Soc, N Y. Botanical Garden, Am. Museum of Naturai
History^ N. Y. Hist. Soc. A. A. A. S., Scientific Alliance
of N. Y. ; was dir. Monteflore Home and Hosp. for
Chronic Diseases; muoh interested in floriculture and
in promotion of science and art; has collection of fine
paintings. Recreation: Horseback riding. Clubs' Al-
dine, Harmonie. Residence: 956 Madison Av., N Y
City; (summer): Rumson Road, Seabright, N. J. Ad-
dress: 151 W. 25th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Albany, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1856; s. Simon and
Hannah (Westheimer) Hessberg; ed. public and high
schools; m. Albany, June 19, 1889, Frederika Cohen;
children: Rufus Rosendale, b. 1891; Ruth Cone, b. 1893.
Has practised before all courts of the State and the
Federal courts; has made four trips abroad; ass't
corp'n counsel under U. S. Supreme Court Justice Ru-
fus W. Peckham and ex-Att'y-Gen. S. W. Rosendale,
1881-1885; comm'r to draft Albany City laws and ordi-
nances, 1886; recorder of city, 1886-1896; mem. firm
Rosendale & Hessberg; dir. Nat. Commercial Bank of
Albany; trustee Niagara Falls Trust Co.; trustee Al-
bany City Savings Inst'ns; dir. City Safe Deposit Co.,
local b'd of Am. Surety Co. Democrat; Hebrew. Pres.
Albany Co. Bar Ass'n; mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n
(treas. 16 years, former v.-p.): delegate to Universal
Congress of Lawyers and Jurists, St. Louis 1904; mem.
Albany Soc. of N. Y.. Am. State, N. Y. and Albany Co.
Bar Ass'ns; gov. Albany Hosp.; trustee South End
Dispensary; pres. Jewish Home Soc. Recreations:
Traveling, fishing. Clubs: Albany. Adelphi, Racket.
Polo, Reform (N. Y.). Address: Albany, N. Y.

Banker, broker; b. Allbany, N. Y., June 13, 1859; E
Simon and Hannah (Westheimer) Hesstoerg; ed. pub-
lic sch., Albany High Sch.; m. Feb. 5, 1896, Rose Grant
Brilleman. Entered telegraph dep't of N. Y. Central
& Hudson River R. R., 1876; became sup't, 1879, of
telegraph lines between Alfoany and Buffalo; resigned
1881, and entered employ of a banking and brokerage
house. Opened branch of J. S. Bache & Co. in Albany,
1889, and became its mg'r; mem. of firm since 1893.
Active in reorg'n of Distillers' & Cattle Feeding Co.
Trustee Union Trust Co. of Albany. Mem. Democratic
Gen. Com., Albany, 1884. Mem. Perpetual Care Trust
Fund Com., Congregation Beth-Emeth. Mem. Albany
Hist. Soc, Independent Order Bnai Brith, B. P. O. E.
Mg'r many years, formerly v.-p. Young Men's Ass'n,
Albany; mg'r many years Chanfber of Commerce.
Clubs: Albany (life mem.), Albany Automobile,
.Adelphi (ex-pres.). Residence: "Rosemonte,'' Cedar
"Hill, N. Y.. and 38 Willett St., Albany. Address: 78
State St., Albany, N. Y.


Comptroller Lackawanna Steel Co.; b. Germanv, Feb.
27, 1879; s. Henry and Henriette (Schurmann) Hessel-
man; ed. schs. of Chicago and N. Y. ; unmarried: Of-
ficer and dir> in various subsidiaries of Lackawanna
Steel Co. Veteran of West Indian Naval Campaign
in 1898. At present a lieut. in Naval Militia State of
N. Y. Mem. U. S. Naval Inst., and various railroad ac-
counting ass'ns. Received U. S. Gov't decorations for
participation in West Indian Naval Campaign and Bat-
tle of Manzanlllo. 1898. Clubs: Army and Navy (N. Y.);
Buffalo, Park, Transportation, Automobile (Buffalo).
Residence: 49 Johnson Park. Address: Care Lacka-
wanna Steel Co., Buffalo, N. Y.


Publisher; Ob. Brooklyn, Dec. 1, 1858; s. William and
Theodosia (Ward) Hester; ed. Brooklyn Poly. Inst.;
m. April 28, 1896, Ada Louise GitKb; one son: William
Van Anden, Jr. Sec. and treas. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Co.; dir. Long Island Trust Co. Democrat. Mem.
Dutch Reformed Ch. Clubs: Hamilton, Heights
Casino, Brooklyn, Riding and Driving, Nassau County
Country, Automobile of America, Metropolitan. Resi-
dence: 158 Remsen St., Brooklyn. Address: Office
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Physician; b. N. Y. City in the early sixties; s. Dr.
Franz and Adele (Rheinhard) Heuel; ed. N. Y. City
schools, Coll. City of N. Y., N. Y. Coll. Pharmacy, Med.
Dep't Univ. of City of N. Y., M.D., 18S3 (received Val-
entine Mott medal, 1882); post-graduate work in
clinics of Med. Dep't Univ. of City of N. Y., Bellevue
Hosp., Charity Hosp., N. Y. Lying-in Hosp., N. Y.
Orthopedic Hosp. and Dispensary, Manhattan Eye,
Ear, Nose and Throat Hosp., and St. Joseph's Hosp.;
also the hospitals of Moabit, La Charite and St. Au-
gusta Spital, Berlin, and in the hospitals of London
and Paris; m. N. Y. City, Sept. 29, 1887, Elizabeth Jo-
sephine Stein. Engaged in practice of medicine in
N. Y. City; specialist in treatment of diseases of the
ear, nose, lungs and throat. Was ass't to surgical
and orthopedic lectures, to Orthopedic Dispensary and
Surgical Clinic, N. Y. Univ. Med. Coll.; ass't attend-
ing surgeon N. Y. Orthopedic Hosp. and Dispensary,
dist. visiting physician N. Y. Lying-in Hosp.; ambu-
lance surgeon Bellevue Hosp., ass't attending surgeon.
Throat Dep't, Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Hosp., and visiting surgeon to St. Joseph's Hosp.,
1889-1904. Fellow of the Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Electro-
therapeutic Ass'n (former sec, treas. and mem. Exec.
Council, v.-p. and pres.); N. Y. Acad. Medicine, A. A.
A. S. ; mem. N. Y. Electric Soc, N. Y. State Med. Ass'n,
Med. Soc. State of N. Y., N. Y. County Med. Ass'n, N.
Y. County Med. Soc, Harlem Med. Ass'n, Soc. Med.
Jurisprudence, N. Y. Physicians' Mutual Aid Ass'n,
Med. Soc Greater City of N. Y. ; Medico-Surg. Soc,
Med. Ass'n Borough of the Bronx (former sec), Order
of Military Surgeons, Valentine Mott Med. Soc, Otol.,
Rhinol. and Laryngol. Sections of the N. Y. Acad.
Medicine. Was honorary med. delegate for gov't of
Honduras to Internat. Congress of Hygiene, Wash-
ington, D. C; hon. medical mem. Internat. Ass'n for
Suppression of Wars; hon. mem. Internat. Congress of
Physic-therapy, lieut. Medical Corps. . N.G.N. Y. Is
an electrical expert and a licensed master and pilot
of steam vessels of the United States. Mem. Soc Am.
Magicians, Thomas Hunter Ass'n of Grammar School,
Am. Ass'n Masters and Pilots of Steam Vessels.
Alumni Ass'n Univ. of City of N. Y.. 32d degree Scot-
tish Rite Mason, Mecca Temple. Life mem. Chapter
Rose Croix, Lodge of Perfection N. Y. City, Consistory
of New York, Council of Princes of Jerusalem of N. Y.
City. Received from Venezuelan Gov't the decoration
of 2d class, Order of the Bust of Bolivar, 1902. For-
merly chm'n Com. on Fire, Health and Police Protec-
tion of the North Side B'd of Trade; late mem. N. 1'.
Turn Verein and the Arion Soc. of N. Y. Recreations:
Yachting, athletics. Clubs: Commodore N. Y. Athletic
Clu'b, N. Y. Yacht, Nassau Boat (former trustee).
Tountrv house: Cedar Crest, Davenport Neck. New
liochelle, N. Y. Address: 151 West 87th St., N. Y. City.


Educator, author; b. Miami, Saline Co., Mo., Jan.
10, 1S46; s. Waterman Thomas and Sarah Woodman
(Parsons) Hewett; ed. Maine State Sem., Lewiston,
Me., 1862-1864; Amherst Coll., B.A., 1869; M.A., 1871;
Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1879; studied in Athens and
Heidelberg, 1869-1870; Univ. of Leipzig and Leyden,
1877-1878; Univ. of Berlin, 1887-1888: m. 1st, June 22,
1880, Emma McChain (died Sept. 18, 1883); 2d, Dec.
18, 1889, Katherine Mary Locke (died -Mar. 20, 1910):
one d. Gladys Mathilda, b. Sept. 14, 1890 (died Dec. 7,
1904). Ass't prof. North European Languages, 1870-
1883; prof. German language and literature since
1883, head of German dep't Cornell Univ., prof, emeri-



tus since 1910. Author: The Frisian Language and
Literature, a Historical Study, 1879; The University
of Leyden, 1SS1; University Administration, 1882; The
Aims and Methods of the Collegiate Study of the
Modern Languages, 1884; The Present Condition of
Instruction in the Modern Languages in American
Colleges, 18S5; The House of Orange, 1885; Introduc-
tion to the Life and Genius of Goethe, 1886; Wilhelm
Scherer, 1887; The Mutual Relations of Colleges and
High Schools, 1887; The Revised Constitution of the
Netherlands, 1887; The Study of Modern European
Literature in America, 1S87; Ministers and Sovereign
in Germany, 1888; Homes of the German Poets, 1889;
The History of Cornell University, 1894; Matthias de
Vries and His Contributions to Netherland Philology,
1895; University Life in the Middle Ages, 1898;
Sources of Goethe's Printed Text, 1S98; Frederick W.
Robertson, 1902; The Historical Use of the Relative
Pronouns in English Literature, 1904; Cornell Uni-
versity its Founders, Benefactors, Officers, Instruct-
ors and Students, a History, 3 vols., illustrated, 1905;
Goethe's Private Library as an Index of his Studies
and Literary Interests, 1908; Bibliography of Goldwin
Smith's writings, 1913. Editor: Goethe's Hermann
and Dorothea, 1901 (18th edition, 1908); Uhland's
Poems, 1896; A German Reader, 1899; Goethe's Her-
mann and Dorothea for Colleges and High Schools,
1908. Has contributed many articles on literature
and the history of ed'n to the leading magazines and
periodicals; he initiated the annual bibliography of
Goethe literature in England and America published
in the Goethe Jahrbuch, and conducted it from 1880
to 1885. His writings on philology of Netherland
languages led to election as foreign mem. of Soc. of
Frisian Language and Literature, Soc. of Frisian His-
tory, Antiquities and Philology, also Soc. of Nether-
land Literature. Mem. Am. Philol. Soc, Goethe Soc.
of Weimar, Modern Language Soc. of America, etc.
Representative of Cornell Univ. to Univ. of Bologna,
1907, and guest of honor at Three Hundredth Anni-
versary of Foundation of Univ. of Giessen, 1907, and
delegate of Am. Philos. Soc. to celebration of Three
Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of founding of
Univ. of Geneva, and Five Hundredth Anniversary
of Univ. of Leipzig, 1909. Address: Cornell University,
Ithaca, N. Y.

Merchant, State senator; b. Navarino, N. Y., July
15, 1867. When a child removed with parents to
Locke, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; ed. graded sch. at Locke
and Moravia High Sch. Early life was passed upon*
a farm. When 21 years old engaged in the produce
business, in company with father and brothers and
continues still at the same business. Elected Super-
visor on Republican ticket, 1898. In 1901 Republican
nominee for Assembly from Second Assembly District
of Cayuga County, and elected. Re-elected 1902; re-
nominated and re-elected in 1903. In 1908 nominated
State Senator and elected; re-elected 1910 and 1912.
Mem. Senate Corns, on Ins., Miscellaneous Corp'ns.
Affairs of Villages and Internal Affairs of Towns and
Counties and chm'n Public Printing Com. Address:
Locke, Cayuga County, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. i. City, 1871; s. Abram S. and Sarah
A. (Cooper) Hewitt; grad. Princeton Univ., 1891 (cum
laude; sp'l honors in polit. science); M.A., 1893; N. Y.
Law Sch., LL.B., 1893. Sec. to the special embassy
sent to London, 1897; served in the Spanish-Am. War
as capt. and ass't adj. -gen. U. S. Vols.; dir., officer
or trustee in manv corp'ns, among them being the
Union Sulphur Co., Westboro Realty Co., Hewitt
Realty Co., Ringwood Co., the Lehigh & Oxford Min-
ing Co., the N. Y. & Greenwood Lake R'y Co., the
Basic Iron Ore Co., Gauley Mountain Coal Co., Met-
ropolitan Trust Co., Internat. Banking Corp'n, Nat.
Reserve Bank, St. Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific
R. R. ; St. Nicholas Skating & Ice Co., Cuban Eng'ring
& Contracting Co., Shelby Iron Co., Fifth Nat. Bank,
Lincoln Trust Co., Hewitt Co., Electro Chemical Rub-
ber Co., Andean Commercial Co., Midvale Water Co.,
Pequest Co., Soho Park and Land Co., Andean Trading
Co., Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co., Internat. Bank.
Mem. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs. Sons of the Revolu-
tion, Vet's of Foreign and Spanish-Am. War, St.
Nicholas Soc; trustee Winifred Masterson, Burke
Foundation and Sheltering Arms Socs. Clubs: Man-
hattan, Union, University, Down Town, Tuxedo, Rac-
quet and Tennis, Players. Residence: Ringwood
Manor, Passaic, N. J., and 9 Lexington Av. Address:
50 Church St., N. Y. City.


Electrical eng'r; b. N. Y. City, Mar. 5, 1861; s. 'Abram
Stevens and Sarah A. (Cooper) Hewitt; ed. Stevens
Inst. Technology, Hoboken, N. J., and Columbia Univ.
(hon. Sc.D., Columbia), 1903; m. N. Y. City, Lucy

Work. Mem. firm Cooper, Hewitt & Co. Engaged
in experimental work in mechanics, physics and espe-
cially in electricity. Dir. Cooper, Hewitt & Co., Cooper
Hewitt Electric Co., Midvale Water Co., Hexagon
Realty Co., Ringwood Co., Hewitt Realty Co., Lehigh
& Oxford Mining Co., N. Y. & Greenwood Lake R'y
Co., trustee Cooper Union for the Advancement of
Science & Art, House of Rest for Consumptives. Mem.
Am. Inst. Elec Eng'rs., Am. Physical Soc, Soc. Naval
Architects & Marine Eng'rs., Gen. Soc. Mechanics &
Tradesmen, N. Y. Soc Elec. Eng'rs., Am. Geog. Soc,
Union Soc. of Civil War, Alumni Ass'n of Stevens
Inst, of Tech., Illuminating Eng'ring Soc, Inventors
Guild. Clu'bs: Century Ass'n, Union, Knickerbocker,
Manhattan, Engineers, Players, Lambs, Racquet and
Tennis, Automobile of America, Tuxedo, Aero of
America, Aero of N. Y., University, Nat. Golf Links
of America. Residence: Ring-wood Manor, N. J. Ad-
dress: Madison Sq. Garden Tower, 26th St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Lawrence, L. I., Aug. 1, 1868; s. James
Augustus and Mary Elizabeth (Sanderson) Hewlett;
grad. Columbia Univ., Ph.B., 1890; m. Brooklyn, Mar.
29, 1894, Anna Willets; children: Anne, b. 1896; James
Augustus, b. 1897; Anglesea, b. 1899; Willets, b. 1900;
Carman, b. 1901; Laurence, b. 1903; Arthur Thomas,
b. 1904; Hope and Hester, b. 1908; Roger Sanderson,
b. 1911. Studied in Paris, 1891-1893, under P. V.
Galland; formed partnership in 1894 with A. W. Lord
under name of Lord & Hewlett. Episcopalian. Mem.
Am. Inst, of Architects, N. Y. Architectural League,
Soc. Columbia Univ. Architects, Alpha Delta Phi fra-
ternity. Club: Columbia Univ. Address: 345 Fifth
Av., N. Y. City.


Life ins. sec; b. Quakenbriick, Germany, May 13,
1871; grad. Real Gymnasium, Quakenbriick, 1889.
Came to N. Y. City immediately after graduation and
entered the service of the Germania Life Ins. Co., of
which has been secretary since 1902. Address: 50
Union Sq., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 12, 1869; s. Her-
man and Minna Heyn; grad. Univ. Wisconsin, B.L.,
1891, N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1893; m. N. Y. City. 1900,
Frieda Senner; children: Edith M., b. 1902; Ernest V.,
b. 1904. Mem. firm Heyn & Covington, lawyers, since
1894. Dir. Havana Central R. R. Co., Food Trade Pub-
lishing Co.; att'y for - Nat. Provisioner, official org n
Meat Packers' Ass'n; att'y Met. Casualty Ins. Co.; dir.
and att'y for numerous other corp'ns and ass'ns. Has
been active in municipal affairs and especially inter-
ested in municipal politics and the election of non-
partisan judges. Mem. N. Y. Law Inst., N. Y. County
Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n. Pres, Univ. of Wisconsin
Alumni Ass'n of N. Y. Clubs: Liederkranz, Sea Cliff
Yacht, Underwriters. Residence (summer): Sea Cuff,
L. I.; (winter), 318 W. 84th St. Address: 60 Wall St.,
N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. East Franklin, Vt., July 11, 1861; s.
Edward Luther and Charlotte Ellen (Ford) Hibbard;
grad. Goddard Sem., Barre, Vt., 1875, Williston Sem.,
E. Hampton, Mass., 1880, Harvard Coll., A.B., 1884,
Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1S86; m. Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Nov. 26, 1888, Helen Dole Edwards; children: Justine
Edwards, b. Aug. 23, 1889 (wife of Malcolm Roberts);
Charlotte Hibibard, b. Oct. 14, 1896; Ford Hitfbard, b.
Oct. 14, 1898. Has practised law in N. Y. City since
May, 1887. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Brook-
lyn Bar Ass'n; Law Inst, of N. Y. City; Brooklyn
League; Mil. Order, Loyal Legion (N. Y. City); Brook-
lyn Soc. Vermonters; pres. New England Soc. in City
of Brooklyn. Trustee treas. and counsel, Sheltering
Arms Nursery of Brooklyn; counsel, Brooklyn Nursery
and Infants' Hosp.; mem. Exec. Com. and counsel for
Am. Ch. Missionary Soc; one of B'd of M'grs and
counsel for Church Charity Foundation of L. I.; clerk
of Vestry of Christ Ch. in 6th Ward, City of Brook-
lyn. Clubs: Hamilton. Rembrandt (Brooklyn), Drug
and Chemical, Down Town Ass'n (N. Y. City). Resi-
dence: 20 Monroe Place, Brooklyn. Address: 74 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.

Pres. Princeton Univ.; b. Peoria, 111., April 19,1861;
s. Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Grier) Hibben; grad.
Princeton Univ., A.B., 1882; A.M.. 1885; Ph.D., 1893;
studied Princeton Theol. Sem., 1883-1886, and Univ. of
Berlin; LL.D., Lafayette Coll., 1907; m. Elizabeth N.
J., Nov. 8, 1887, Jenny Davidson; one d.; Elizabeth
Grier. Ordained Presby'n minister, 1887; pastor Cham-
bersburg, Pa., 1887-1891; instr. of logic, 1891-1892;
instr. logic and psychology, 1892-1894: ass't in Bible
instr'n, 1892-1897; ass't prof, logic, 1894-1897; prof.,



1907-1912; pres. since Jan. 11, 1912, o Princeton Univ.
Author: Inductive Logic, 1896; The Problems of Phil-
osophy, 1898; Hegel's Logic, 1902; Deductive Logic,
1905; The Philosophy of the Enlightenment, 1909; A
Defense of Prejudice, and other essays, 1911. Editor
Epochs of Philosophy (12 vols.), by authors in U.S.
and Great Britain, 1905. Residence: "Prospect."
Princeton. Address: Nassau Hall, Princeton, N. J.

Jurist; b. Somerset, N. T April 18, 1857; ed. Lock-
port Union Sch.; m. Nov. 25, 1886. Frances C. Lam-
bert, of Lockport. Admitted to bar, 1884; city att'y,
1892-1895; county judge and surrogate of Niagara
County since 1896. Address: Lockport, N. Y.

Lawyer; b. Bay Ridge, Jan. 11, 1873; s. Charles
Ralph and Helen Berenice (Church) Hickox; grad.
Yale Univ.. A.B., 1893, Harvard Univ., LL.B., 1896.
Partner in firm of Convers & Kirlin. Served in Troop
A, U S. V., 1898; 2nd It., 2nd U. S. Inf., Santiago and
Montauk. Clubs: Century, Down Town Ass'n, University,
Yale, Adirondack League. Residence: 557 Madison
Av. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. City.

Manufacturer; b. Springfield, N. Y., Mar. 5, 1863; s.
Alexander and Sarah (Davison) Higbie, ancestor (Hig-
bie) settled in Jamaica, 1665; grad. N. Y. Univ. (vale-
dictorian), A.B., 1882, A.M., 1887; m. Sept. 12, 188S,
Anna Augusta Pearsall; children: Hamilton A., >b.
1889; Robert W., Jr., b .1894. Began business as a
bank clerk in 1882; since U885 has engaged in the
lumber business. Trustee Jamaica Savings Bank;
mem. exec. com. Long Island Bond and Mortgage
Guarantee Co.; dir. Nat. Lumber Ins. Co., Nat. Fibre
Products Co., Copee Paper Co.; mem. exec. com. Lum-
ber Dealers' Ass'n, 1910-1911. Republican; Presby-
State Law Conv. and chm'n of Com. on Legislation of
Nat. Wholesale Lumber Dealers' Ass'n, was in close
touch with the work that led to the passage of the
rate bill by Congress, and appeared before the corns,
of both houses in connection with the same matter.
Pres. Robert W. Higbie Co.. Sea Coast Realty Co.,
Newton Falls & Northern R. R. Co.; v. -p. Queens
Borough Development Co.; pres. Nat. Wholesale Lum-
ber Dealers' Ass'n, 1910-1911. Republican; Presby-
terian. Pres. Chamber of Commerce, Borough of
Queens, 1913-1914. Mem. Am. Forestry Ass'n, Nat.
Geog. Soc, Psi Upsilon fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Lawyers (N. Y. City), Bayside
Yacht (Jamaica). Residence: Hillview, Jamaica, N. Y.
Address: 45 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Insurance broker. Pres., treas. and dir. Mexican
Northern R'y Co.; pres. and dir. Rio Grande, Sierra
Madre and Pacific R. R., Sierra Madre Construction
Co.; v.-p. and dir. Compania Metalurgica Mexicana and
Sombrette Mining Co.; dir. Albany Trust Co., Crocker-
Wheeler Co., Internat. Metal Co., Knickerbocker Safe
Deposit Co., Knickerbocker Trust Co., Mexican Lead
Co., Mexican Ore Co. Clubs: Jekyl Island, City, Down
Town. Residence: Greenwich, Conn. Address; 82
Beaver St., N. Y. City.

Merchant; b. Dixon, 111., Aug. 2, 1862; s. Barton B.
and Nancy Amelia (Huntington) Hlggins; attended
Perry (N. Y.) Acad.; m. 1st, Jan. 18, 1887, Annie Soule
(died Aug. 20, 1909); 2d, Oct. 16, 1912, Nellie B. Bau-
man; one son: Charters K, b. Jan. 5, 1891. Managed
father's drug and farm interests at Dixon, 111.; moved
to N. Y., 1887. One of founders of Higgins & Seiter,
N. Y., Dec. 2, 1887, of which is pres. and treas.; also
dir. R. J. Horner & Co. Republican; Presbyterian.
Mem. Am. Golf Ass'n. Met. Advertising Golf Ass'n.
Recreations: Golf, automobiling. Clubs: Aldine (pres.),
St. Andrews Golf, Amackassen (Yonkers). Residence.
584 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. Address: 9-11 E.
37th St., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Meadville, Pa.; s. William L. and Mary
Margrett (Schley) Higgins; ed. public schools of Mead-
ville, Pa., and Cleveland, O. ; m. New Castle, Henry
Co., Ky June 1, 1887, Mary Linda Caplinger; one son:
Louis Severance, b. Dec. 17, 1888. With Standard Oil
Co. since Sept. 8, 1872, of which is dir. Also dir. of
allied interests. Republican; Presbyterian. Trustee
Ohio Soc. of N. Y. Recreations: Golf, boating. Clubs:
Sleepy Hollow Country, Manhattan, Automobile of
America. Res'dence: 93 Riverside Drive. Address: 26
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. Chelsea, Mass., April 4, 1864; s. George
W. and Caroline N. (Denison) Higgins; ed. public schs.,
grad. Mass. Inst., Technology (elec. eng'ring), B.S.,

1886; m. West Roxbury, Mass., June 10, 1896, Mary
Austin White; children: Austin Denison, b. June 12,
1897; Philip White, b. July 17, 1898. Elec. eng'r, 1886-
1890; gen. mg'r, Short Electric R'y Co., 1888-1890;
editor Street Railway Journal, 1893-1900; connected
with early development of elec. railroading in U. S.
and foreign countries. V.-p. and treas. The Moore-
Cottrell Subscription Agencies. Independent Repub-
lican; Universalist. Mem. Soc. of Colonial Wars, Ma-
sonic order. Clubs: University, Technology. Resi-
dence: Clinton, Conn. Address: University Club, N Y.


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 18, 1S34; s. George and
Mary C. (Lee) Higginson; ed. Harvard, class 1855, hon.
A.M., 1882; LL.D., Yale Univ., 1901, and Williams Coll.,
1912; m. Boston, Dec. 5, 1863, Ida Agassiz, d. Prof.
Louis Agassiz; one son: A. Henry. Mem. firm Lee,
Higginson & Co., bankers, since Jan. 1, 1868; dir. Am.
Telephone & Telegraph Co., Gen. Electric Co., Nat.
Shawmut Bank; pres. and dir. iNew Boston Music Hall,
Submarine Signal Co., Ganley Coal Land Co.; v.-p. and
dir. Provident Inst'n for Savings. Served in U. S.
Vols, in Civil War, becoming major and brevet lieut.-
col., 1st Mass. Oav.; severely wounded at battle of
Aldle, June, 1863. Mem. Am. Acad, of Science, Am.
Acad. Polit. Science, life mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and
Social Science. Fellow Pres. and Fellows of Harvard
Coll.; trustee Carnegie Inst'n of Washington, D. C,
Franklin Foundations. N. E. Conservatory of Music.
Clubs: Somerset, Tavern, Harvard (Boston), Knicker-
bocker (N. Y.). Residence: 191 Commonwealth Av.
Address: 44 State St., Boston, Mass.


Professor chemistry; b. Newark, N. J., Mar 20, 1880;
s. Charles Edward and Caroline Greenwood (Hill)
Hill; grad. N. Y. Univ., B.S., 1901; M.S., 1903; Freiburg
(Germany) Univ., Ph.D., 1903; m. Aug. 12, 1904, Grace
L. Kent; children: Douglas Greenwood, b. Oct. 4, 1905;
Dorothy Kent, b. Feb. 3, 1907. Fellow in chemistry,
1901-1902; instr. in chemistry, 1904-1905; ass't prof.
of chemistry, 1905-1907; asso. prof., 1907-1912; prof,
since 1912 N. Y. Univ.; sec. Sch. of Applied Scienea
since 1906. Also prof, chemistry, N. J. Coll. of Phar-
macy since 1906. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc, Exec. Com.

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