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N. Y. Section, 1910, Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft,
Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Delta Phi fraternity. Author:
Zur Kenntms der Aromatischen Sulfinsauren and
Aldehyde, 1904; A Necessary Modification of Volhard s
Method for Determining Chlorides, 1906; The Deter-
mination of Sulphocyanldes, 1907; The Relative Solu-
bility of the Silver Halides, 1908; The Volumetric De-
termination of Barium, 1909; The Solubility of Salts
in Concentrated Acids, 1909; The Inconstancy of the
Solubility Product, 1910; Laboratory Guide for Quali-
tative Analysis, 1911. Club: Chemists'. Address: 66
Clinton Place, University Heights, N. Y. City.


Educator, diplomatist and historian, former Ambas-
sador to Germany; b. Plainfield, N. J., June 10, 1850; s.
Daniel T. and Lydia Ann (Thompson) Hill; ed. Buck-
nell Univ., A.B., 1874; A.M., 1877, Univ. of Berlin, Ecole
Libre des Sciences Politiques, Paris; LL.D., Colgate
Univ., 1884, Union Univ., 1902, Univ. of Pa., 1902, Doc-
teur es Lettres, Univ. of Geneva, 1907; m. Williams-
port, Pa., June 6, 1886, Juliet Lewis Packer. Pres.
Bucknell Univ., 1879-1888; pres. Univ. of Rochester,
1S88-1896; prof, diplomacy, Columbian (now George
Washington) Univ., Washington, D. C, 1899-1903. First
Ass't Sec. of State of U. S., 1898-1903; envoy extraor-
dinary and minister plenipotentiary of U. S. to Swit-
zerland. 1903-1905, and to Netherlands, 1905-190S, am-
bassador to Germany, 1908-1911. Delegate plenipo-
tentiary of the United States to the Second Peace Con-
ference at The Hague, 1907. Has traveled much in
Europe and made researches in European libraries and
archives. Author: Life of Washington Irving; Life of
William Cullen Bryant, 1S78; Elements of Psychology,
1886; Social Influence of Christianity, 1888; Princi-
ples and Fallacies of Socialism, 1888; Genetic
Philosophy, 1S93; The Conception and Realiza-
tion of Neutrality, 1902; The Life and Work of Hugo
Grotius, 1902; The Contemporary Development of Di-
plomacy, 1904; World Organization, 1911; translated
into German and French; is engaged upon a History of
Diplomacy in the International Development of Eu-
rope (Longmans), of which three volumes have ap-
peared; The Struggle for Universal Empire, 1905; The
Establishment of Territorial Sovereignty, 1906; The
Diplomacy of the Age of Absolutism, 1914. Republican.
Mem. S. A. R. ; vice-grand commander Soc. of Am.
Wars; Am. Philos. Soc; fellow A.A.A.S. Clubs: Cen-
tury, Authors, University (N. Y. City); Metropolitan,
Cosmos (Washington); Genesee Valley (Rochester).
Address: 1406 Mass. Av., Washington, D. C.



The Campbell School Inc.



ON the Connecticut River, 6 miles from Hartford, three hours' ride from New York. An
ideal location in a quiet village, but within easy access of literary, musical and scientific
advantages of the city. The school and house are in separate buildings, lighted by elec-
tricity, heated by steam and hot air. Twenty-five students accommodated in the home of the Prin-
cipal's family. A happy and helpful social atmosphere is maintained. The spirit of the school
always democratic, the life simple, but with the refinement of the best homes. No exclusiveness,
each girl received by the others on her own merit. One teacher to each five girls makes a large
amount of individual work possible.

College trained teachers only are employed, carefully selected for personality as well as intel-
lect. All work is systematic and thorough, but the needs of each individual are always considered.







Especially successful in developing interest in study and desire for higher development.

TERMS: $500 A YEAR DR. and MRS. A. H. CAMPBELL, Principals

School advertisements continual on iidfte 3.52




Putnam Hall


One Mile from Vassar College

Endorsed by

DR. JAMES M. TAYLOR. President Vassar College


DR. TALCOTT WILLIAMS. Director Pulitzer School .

of Journalism of Columbia University.

Beautiful location that permits of invigorating outdoor
life. Horseback trips to the home of the naturalist, John
Burroughs, at Slabsides, and to Lake Mohonk. Winter
sports. Gymnasium. Basketball. Tennis. Prepares for
Vassar and other colleges, with certificate privilege. Write
for catalogue and views.

Box 800, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Miss Guild and
Miss Evans' School


where girls receive
personal care and con-
sideration and enjoy the
best life and advantages
of Boston.

Boarding department
limited to twenty, day
to thirty. Six resident
teachers. Thorough
work in all courses
whether College Pre-
paratory or General.


$1000 $1200

The Misses Allen
School for Girls



A Home School in one of the most
delightful suburbs of Boston

This school aims to continue that
emphasis upon character-building which
was the distinctive feature of the school
which was conducted for over half a cen-
tury by the father and uncles of the
Misses Allen.

Its aim is particularly to meet the re-
quirements of the following classes of
pupils :

1. Those who are preparing for college.

2. Those who, through interruption of
study by ill-health, travel abroad, or loss
of parents, require individual care and

3. Those who seek a general and cul-
tured education.



House of Education

DEDHAM. MASS. FOP\ GIP\LS 20 minutes from Boston

THIS school, which has a large day de-
partment, can accommodate twelve
resident pupils. The training is such
as is given to English girls of good birth
and breeding, and Miss Faulkner's chief
aim in the education of her resident pupils
is to teach them the importance of a well
rounded development and to give them a
deep sense of a woman's responsibilities.
They are trained to see the necessity for
efficiency, unselfishness and poise; to un-
derstand what constitutes a successful
home-maker and to have a right sense of
values. Miss Faulkner prefers to receive
pupils at as early an age as possible, and
expects each one to fit herself for a
definite career, preferably that of home-

FEES : For girls under twelve years, $ 1 200 :

for girls of twelve to fifteen, $1500 per year.

No extras.

School advertisements continued on page S8S.




Stove mf'r; b. Peekskill, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1857; s.
Uriah, Jr., and Alethea (Finch) Hill; ed. Peekskill Mil-
Acad. ; m. Peekskill, N. Y., June 16, 1887, Jessie Dyck-
man: children: Hazel vckman, b. 1SS8; Edward
Knight, b. 1S92; Dudley Laurance, b. 1S94. Pres. The
Union Stove Works; dir. Westchester Trust Co., West-
chester County Nat. Bank, Nat. Sand Co.; treas. High-
land Democrat Co. Water Comm'r ot Peekskill fi
years. Democrat; Presiby'n. Mason, Elk. Recreation;
Boating'. Clubs: N. Y. Athletic, Transportation, Nat.
Arts, Lambs, .Mahopac Boat, Highland Boat. Resi-
dence: 333 Nelson Av., Peekskill, N. Y. Address: Union
6tove Works, Peekskill, N. Y., and 70 Beekman St., N.
Y. City


Manufacturer; b. Ithaca, N. Y\, June 28, 1S61; s.
Frank and Mary (Green) Hill; grad. Alfred Univ., N.
Y A.B.; m. Alfred, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1885, Emma Green;
children: Evelyn I., b. Feb. 2, 1SS8; Marv H., b. March
10, 1S90; Frank M., b. June 19, 1892; Helen Louise, b.
Nov. 24. 1S9S. Cashier Asha/way Nat. Bank, since June,
1S85. Sec. and treas. Tenn. Line & Twine Co., Yawgo
Line & Twine Co., Centerville Mills. Ashaway Clay Co.,
Ashaway & Westerly R'y Co.; dir. Ashaway Line &
Twine Co. Five years mem. R. I. Legislature; 15
years mem. R. I. B'd of Ed'n. Republican; Seventh
Day Bapt. Trustee R. I. Normal Sch., R. I. Sch of De-
sign. Address: Ashaway, R. I.

Librarian of the Brooklyn Public Library; b. Con-
cord, N. H Aug. 22, 1855; s. Cyrus and Nancy Long
(Walker) Hill; ed. local public sch.; grad. Dartmouth
Coll., B.S., 1876; Litt.D., 1906; m. May 17, 1880, Annie
M., d. Robert Wood, of Lowell. Elected librarian of
Lowell Public Library, 1882; called to Paterson, N. J.,
18S5, and there organized (under the act of 1884) the
first free library in N. J.; later inaugurated the Salam
(Mass.) Public Library, and in 1889 became librarian
of the first free public li'brary in Newark. N. J., re-
mained there until 1901, when called to present posi-
tion as librarian Brooklyn Public LibraTy. Was sec.
Am. Library Ass'n for 5 years, succeeding Melvil
Dewey, its first sec: pres. of same, 1905-1906. Address:
Public Library, Brevoort PI., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer, author; b. Brooklyn. N. Y., May 5, 1866; s.
Edward and Mary Hill; ed. Brooklvn Polvtechnic; grad.
Yale. B.A., 1SS7, Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1889; M.A.
(honorary) Yale, 1907; 'm. 1S95. Mabel Wood. Author:
Miniatures of Balzac (with S. P. Griffin), 1893 (Apple-
ton): The Case and Exceptions (short stories), 1900
(Stokes); The Care of Estates (law), 1901 (Baker,
Voorhis); The Minority (novel), 1902 (Stokes): The
We'b (novel), 1903 (Douibleday, Page); The Accomplice
(novel), 1905 (Harper); Lincoln the Lawyer (history),
1906 (Century); Decisive Battles of the Law, 1907
(Harper): Story of a Street (history), 1908 (Harper):
Lincoln's Leg-acv of Inspiration (Essays), 1009 (Stokes) ;
On the Trail of Washington (history). 1910 (D. Apple-
ton & Co.); On the Trail of Grant and Lee (D. Apple-
ton & Co.), 1911; The Thirteenth Juror (Century Co.),
1913; contb'r to magazines since 1901. Mem. Ass'n Bar
City of N. T.; one of the incorporators of the N. Y.
County Lawyers' Ass'n; mem. of the Bd of Mg'rs and
sec. of N. Y. Ass'n for improving the Condition of the
Poor. Clubs: Authors. Ardsley, Down Town, Century,
N. Y. Hist. Soc; Graduates (New Haven, Conn.). Resi-
dence: 257 West S6th St. Address: 56 Wall St, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Isle La Motte, Vt., Nov. 13, 1S53; s. Dyer
and Martha P. (Hall) Hill; grad. Univ. of Vt., A.B.,
1876, A.M., 1881, LL.D., 1900. Was principal of Swan-
ton (Vt.) Union Sch., 1S77-1S79; Chateaugay (N. Y.)
Acad.. 1S79-1SS3; admitted to N. Y. State Bar at Al-
bany, Jan. 24. 1SS4; has been in gen. practice at Buffalo
since 1884. Mem. N. Y. Constitutional Conv., 1894. Stat
Assembly, 1S96-1900; State Senator, 1901-1910: m.
Swanton, Vt., Aug. 11, 1.880, Harriet Augusta Smith.
Fres. Buffalo Hist. Soc; sec. and treas. B'd Mg'rs of

State Normal Sch.: one of comm'rs on the part of the
State of N. Y. known as the Lake Champlain Tercen-
tenary Celebration Comm'n and its sec; compiler of the
exhaustive Reports of that Comm'n; pus. N. Y. State
Waterways Ass'n; trustee Univ. of Vt.; mem. Alpha
Chapter of Vt. of Phi Beta Kappa Soc; ex-pres. Phi
Beta Kappa Club of Buffalo; chm'n delegation to N. Y.
State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n at St. Paul, Minn., 1906;
dir. Nat. Rivers and Harbors Congress. Has private
library of rare and valuable books. Author: The De-
velopment of Constitutional Law in N. Y. ; articles on
Waterways in the Encyclopaedia Americana, articles
on barge canal constr'n in the Official History of New
York, from Cleveland to Hughes; contb'r to the Biblio-
phile edition of Odes and Epodes of Horace; also
author of An Historical Review of Waterways and
Canal Construction in N. Y. ; author of several amend-
ments to the State Constitution; iwas one of the prin-
cipal advocates of the 1,000-ton 'barge canal. Pres. B'd
Mg'rs Buffalo Hist. Soc Scottish Rite Mason, Knight
Templar, Knight of Pythias, Knight of Nat. Legion of
Honor of France; mem. Delta I'si fraternity of Univ.
of Vt. Address: 471 Linwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y.


Railway official; b. St. Paul, Minn.. Feb. 13, 1870; s.
James Jerome and Mary Theresa (Mahegan) Hill; grad.
Phillips Exeter Acad., Yale Univ., A.B., 1893; m. Lon-
don, Eng., 10:12, Mrs. M. S. Fahnstock. Employed with
Great Northern R'y after leaving sch.; became v.-p.
Northern Pacific R'y 1905; v.-p. Northern Express Co.,
Minneapolis and Internat. R'y; trustee Washington &
Columbia River R'y, N. Y. Trust Co.: dir. Northern Se-
curities Co., Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R'y, North-
ern Pacific R'v, Colorado & Southern R'y, Pacific
Coast Co. Residence: 555 Park Av. Address: 34 Nas-
sau St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. German, Chenango Co., N. Y., April 7,
1878; s. James and Ruth A. (Purdy) Hill; ed. in Cin-
cinnati (N. Y.) Acad.; m. Norwich, N. Y., Jan. 9.1907,
Florine P. Hall. After leaving acad. studied law and
engaged in successful practice. Elected dist. att'y
Chenango County, N. Y., Nov., 1907, and took office
Jan. 1, 1908, re-elected 1910 for term of 3 years. Re-
publican: chm'n Republican County Com., Chenango
Co., N. Y., 1908-1913, and county judge of Chenango
County. Nov., 1913, for term of 6 years. Episcopalian.
Pres. Alert Hose Co.; mem. B'd Govs, of Norwich Club,
Elk. Address: Norwich, N. Y.


Publisher; b. near Bennington, Vt., Feb. 22, 1858; s.
George and Margaret Hill; ed. In public schools of
Wis. until 1873: self-educated in technical subjects;
m. Mazomanie, Wis., 1882, Emma B. Carlisle; one d.
Worked in printing office, 1873-1878; ran locomotive
eight years; contb'r to technical press since 1880;
founder 1885, and editor Pueblo (Colo.) Daily Press;
editor Locomotive Eng'ring, 1SS8-1S97; pres. Hill Pub-
lishing Co., publishers of The American Machinist,
since 1911, Chm'n Hill Publishing Co., Ltd., London;
Journal since 1904, Eng'ring News since 1911, Coal Age
since 1911, Chm'n Hill Publishing Co., Ltd., London;
publishers of European editions of Am. Machinist;
pres. Deutscher Hill Verlag A. G, Berlin, publishers
of Machinenbau; pres. McGraw-Hill Book Co., pub-
lishers scientific books. Author: Progressive Exam-
inations for Locomotive Engineers and Firemen;
Stories of 'the Railroad; Jim Skeever's Object Lessons.
Residence: 80 Munn Av., E. Orange, N. J. Address:
505 Pearl St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Kalida. O, Mav 8, 1S63; s. John Wes-
ley (D.D.) and Elizabeth (Hughes) Hill; A.B., Ohio
Northern Univ. 18S7; attended Boston Theol. Sem.,
1887; (D.D., Ohio Northern. 1892; LL.D., Upper la.
Univ., 1908; LL.D., Ohio Northern, 1909); m. 1st June,
1S88, Nora Holmes, of Findlay, O.; 2d, Nov., 1900, Sadie
Harrison Schmidt, of Brooklyn. Ordained M. E. min-
istry, 1889; pastor, Sprague, Wash., 1885-1886, First
Ch., Ogden, Utah, 1888-1892, Helena, Mont., 1893-1S94;
Fowler Memorial Ch. (founder), 1894-1S96, First Ch.,
Fostoria, O., 1S97-1S99; Grace Ch., Harrisburg, Pa.,
1S99-1905, Janes Ch., Brooklyn, 1905-1907, Met. Tem-
ple, N. Y., Nov., 1907-April, 1912. Mem. N. Y. Con-
ference, M. E. Church. Widely known as civic, indus-
trial and international peace speaker; made first ap-
pearance in Blaine campaign; took active part in Mc-
Kinley campaign, 1896; chaplain Rep. Nat. Conv., Chi-
cago, 1908-1912; accompanied Candidate Taft on his
northwestern campaign and spoke many times; also
pladorm and Chautauqua lecturer. Chaplain Pa. Sen-
ate, 1000; past grand chaplain Masons, State of N. Y.;
supplied pulpit Marylebone Presby'n Ch., London,
Eng., summer of 1909; visited the Orient 1911, estab-



lishing the Asiatic Branch of Internat. Peace Forum
(of which is pres.) in Tokvo. Japan. Mem. Civic Fed-
eration; v.-p. Am. Civic Ass'n. Clutis: Republican
(N. Y. City), Union League (Chicago). Residence: 131
W. 118th St., N. T. City.


Capitalist; pres. Blackrwell's Durham Tobacco Co.
and Monopol Tobacco Works; v.-p. and dir. Am. To-
bacco Co.; dir. Am. Cigar Co., Consolidated Tobacco
Co., Continental Tobacco Co., Florodora Tag Co., Hil-
son Co., Havana American Co. and International Cignr
Machinery Co. Residence: 319 E. 39th St. Address:
111 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Sup't State and Alien Poor, State B'd of Charities;
b. N. Y. City, Nov. 13, 1845; s. George and Anna (Cash-
more) Hill; ed. Univ. of N. Y. and Union Theol. Sem.,
1878; D.D., Univ. of Oregon, 1S82; m. Martinsburgh,
N. Y., May 28, 1878, Lois R. Hough; children: Robert
Crawford, Elizabeth Kendall, Helen. Ordained in
Presby'n ministry; pastor Salem, Ore., 1S78-1881; prof,
in Willamette Univ., 1879-1880; sup't of Presby'n Mis-
sion and Indian Schools in Oregon, Washington, Idaho
and Alaska, 1881-1887, and in Indian Territory and
Oklahoma, 1887-1895; became connected with State B'd
of Charities of N. Y. 1898, appt'd sec. 1906. Sec. State
Salary Classification Comm'n; Comm'n to select Site
for State Training Sch. for Boys; sec. Ass'n of Mg'rs
of State Inst'ns of N. Y. Enlisted 2d N. Y. (Harris
Light) Cav. in 1862; served till close of war. Dep't.
comd'r G. A. R., 1892; sec. Oregon State Charities Aid
Ass'n, 1883-1884; mem. Oregon State B'd of Pardon,
1885-1886; also served as sec. of that b'd; pres. Nat.
Ass'n of Poor Law Officials, 1910-1911; treas. Am.
Ass'n Officials of Charity and Correction since 1911.
Republican. Free Mason, 33; past grand master, past
grand high priest Royal Arch Masons, past grand
comd'r Knights Templar. Address: The Capitol, Al-
bany, N. Y.


Clergyman, educator; b. Colebrook, N. H., Feb. 17,
1857; ed. Phillips Exeter Acad., Harvard Coll., A.B.,
1879; Columbia Law Sch., Union Theol. Sem., 18S6;
Rutgers Coll., D.D., 1905; m. 1892, Elise, d. Frederic
Weyerhaeuser, of St. Paul, Minn. Pastor First Re-
formed (IDutch) Church of Athens, N. Y., 1886-1890;
Second Reformed Ch. of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1890-
1902. Prof. Biblical literature Vassar Coll.. Author:
Present Problems in New Testament Study, 1903;
Guide to the Lives of Christ, 1905; both published by
Gorham. Introduction to Life of Christ, 1911 (Scrib-
ners). Address: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Stratford, Conn., Nov. 17, 1S57; s. William
Toucey and Jane C. (Burr) Hill; grad. Phillips Exeter
(N. H.) Acad., 1877, Yale Coll.; B.A., 1881; Yale Law
Sch., LL.B., 1883; m. Brooklyn, April 2, 1891, Illie C.
Clapp; one son, William Burr Hill, Jr., b. 1892. Sec.
and dir. Americus Mf'g Co.; dir. The People's Trust
Co., Shelter Island and Greenport Ferry Co., The
Angus Co., Discovery Gold Mining Co. of British Co-
lumbia, Little Valley of Cariboo, B. C, Inc. Life mem.
Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sciences; mem. Sons of
Revolution, Nat. Geographic Soc; Long Island Hist.
Soc, Acad. Polit. Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa Alumni.
Professional work, gen. practice and organizing and
conducting oorp'ns; trustee Hoagland Laboratory.
Clubs: Yale, Hamilton, Twentieth Century, Shelter
Island Yacht, Richmond County Country. Address:
160 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Pres. Fidelity & Casualty Co.; b. Green Bay, Wis.,
Oct. 25, 1859; ed. in public schools. Entered employ
of Fidelity & Casualty Co., and passed through various
grades until elected present position of pres. Dec. 6,
1910. Address: 92 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Chairman Rep. Nat. Com.; b. Belmont Co., Ohio, June
23, 1867; s. Samuel and Elisabeth (Lee) Hilles; grad.
High Sch. in Belmont Co., 1885, attended Maryland
Acad, at Oxford; m. Lancaster, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1896,
Sarah Bell Whilev; children: Elisabeth Lee, b. 1897;
Frederick Whiley, b. 1900; Charles Dewey, Jr., b. 1902.
Sec. to sup't Boys' Industrial School of Ohio, 1888-
1890; financial officer same till 1900; sup't same until
1902; sup't N. Y. Juvenile Asylum, 1902, March, 190y;
ass't sec. U. S. Treasury, March, 1909-March, 1911; sec.
to Pres. Taft, March, 1911-March, 1913; now mem. Arm
Dwight & Hilles. Pres. B'd of Directors N. Y. Juve-
nile Asylum; mem. Ohio Soc. of N. Y.; Mil. Order Loyal
Legion. Clubs: Chevy Chase, Metropolitan, Nat. Press

(Wash., D. C), Century, Lawyers' (N. Y. City). Resi-
dence: Stanley Court, 106th St. & West End Av. Ad-
dress: 56 Maiden Lane, N. Y. City.


Actor; lb. N. Y., 1857; married; one son, Robert B.
Hilliard, U. S. N. Entered dramatic profession in own
theatre, the Criterion, Brooklyn, as a star in False
Shame, Engaged, and Led Astray, Jan. IS, 1886; and has
since been identified with numerous leading parts, in-
cluding the title role in Mr. Barnes of New York;
"Richard Gray" in Adrift; "John Earl of Woodstock,"
in Sporting Life, of which play is half owner; starred
with Paul Arthur in The Nominee, and alone in Lost 24
Hours, and The Mummy; played in The Girl of the
Golden West (season 1905-1906); playing season of
1906-1907 in vaudeville in The Man Who Won the Pool;
1909 in A Fool There Was, The Argygle Case, etc. Ad-
dress: Lambs Club, 79 W. 36th St., N. Y. City.


Banker, lawyer; b. Elsinboro township, Salem Coun-
ty, N. J.; s. Thomas Townsend and Hannah Townsend
(Goodwin) Hilliard; attended Friends Sch., Salem, N. J.,
and Borough of Kennett Sq., Pa.; m. 1st, Moorestown,
N. J., Sept. 22, 1S75, Eliza Gillingham (deceased); 2d,
Salem, N. J., Anna Bassett; children: Thomas Gilling-
ham, b. 1877; George Lewis, b. 1879; William Thomas,
b. 1881; Bernard Aubrey, b. 1885; Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.
Charles W. W. Bailey), b. 1887 (all by first wife).
Practised law in Salem, N. J., 40 years; pres. City Nat.
Bank of Salem, since 1888. Treas. Salem Cemetery
Ass'n. Progressive; mem'. Soc. of Friends. Recrea-
tions: Motoring, walking, traveling. Residence: 97
Market St. Address: 99 Market St., Salem, N. J.


Clergyman, author; b. Magnolia, Iowa, Sept. 2, 1858;
ed. Lake Forest Univ., M.A., Iowa Coll., Grinnell, Iowa,
McCormick Theol. Sem., Chicago (D.D., Northwestern
Univ.); m. Chicago, April 14, 1887, Annie Louise Pat-
rick; children: Richard Dwight, b. 1888, Marjorie
Louise, b. 1889, Nathalie Louise, b. 1900. Entered
Presby'n ministry, 1S87; pastor at Peoria, 111., 3 years,
and at Evanston, 111., 4 years; succeeded late Prof.
David Swing as pastor Central Ch.. Chicago (an inde-
pendent church), 1894-1899; since 1899, pastor Plymouth
Ch., Brooklyn, succeeding Dr. Lyman Abbott. Congre-
gationalist. Author: A Man's Value to Society; How
the Inner Light Failed; Investment of Influence;
Great Books as Life Teachers; Foretokens of Immor-
tality; Influence of Christ in Modern Life; Quest of
Happiness; Success Through Self-Help; Building a
Working Faith: The Quest of John Chapman; The
Fortune of the Republic; How We Got the Greatest
Book in the World. Residence: 23 Monroe PI., Brook-
lyn. Address: Plymouth Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Riga, Russia, August 1, 1870; s. Benjamin
and Rebecca (Levene) Hillquit; ed. Alexander Gymna-
sium, Riga; grad. N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1893; m. N. Y.
City, Dec. 31, 1893, Vera Levene; children: Nina, b. 1895,
Lawrence B., p. 1896. Admitted to bar, Nov., 1893;
mem. Nat. com. Socialist Party of U. S. on Internat.
Socialist Bureau at Brussels since 1904; delegate from
N. Y. to Nat. convs. of Socialist Party at Rochester.
1900; Indianapolis, 1901; Chicago, 1904, 1908 and 1910;
Socialist candidate for Congress from 9th N. Y. Dist.,
1906, 1908. Trustee and treas. Rand Sch. of Social
Science. Author: History of Socialism in the United
States, Socialism in Theory and Practice, and Socialism
Summed Up. Address: 30 Church St., N. Y. City.


Physician; *>. Hudson, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1840; s. Alden
and Nancy Currier (Kimball) Hills; ed. scientific and
med. course at Harvard Univ., 186S; medical course,
M.D., 1868-1869; Hahnemann (Pa.) Med. Coll.. 1870; m.
1st, Phila., Pa., June 11. 1887, Ida Virginia Creutzborg;
2d, Nashua, N. H., Apr. 5 1910 Jessie M. Norwell. Pres.
and editor Medical Times; fellow Acad. Medicine of
N. Y., Am. Med. Ass'n, Med. Socs. State and Co. of
N. Y. ; mem. Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. Social Science Ass'n,
the Founders and Patriots of America, New England
Soc, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Charity
Org'n Soc; consulting physician to Met. Hosp., dep't
of charities. Club: Union League. Address: 541 West
End Av., N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r, author; b. Milford Square, Bucks Co., Pa.,
Feti 7, 1865; s. Charles R. and Susan (Artman) Him-
melwright; grad. Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y.,

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