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1888-1897; prof, metallurgy, Columbia Univ., since
1897. In 1890 introduced into this country manu-
facture of manganese steel and Hadfield projectiles:
takes active part in the mng'mt of co., which carries
on this industry; juror in class of mining and metal-
lurgical processes, Paris Exp'n, 1889-1900; pres. OI
jury of awards on mines and mining, "World's Colum-
bian Exp'n, 1893; has been pres. Am. Inst. Mining
Eng'rs, and 3 terms pres. Alumni Ass'n Mass. Inst.
Technology; late pres. Internat. Ass'n Testing Ma-
terials, and Am. Soc. for Testing Materials; Knight of
Order of St. Stanislas, Russia; chevalier the Legion
d'Honneur, France; hon. mem. Russian Imperial Tech.
Soc, SocifitS d'Encouragement pour l'lndustrie Na-
tionale of France, British Inst'n Mining and Metal-
lurgy, Dallas Hist. Soc, Royal Swedish Acad, ol
Science, Am. Iron and Steel Inst, Alumni Ass'n Colum-
bia Scih. of Mines, Cleveland (Great Britian) Inst or
Eng'rs, Russian Metall. Soc, St. Petersburg. Non-
resident fellow Am. Philos. Soc. His Metallurgy of
Steel, published in 1890, and translated into French,
brought him recognition by scientific socs. at home and
abroad, and among other things the Gordon Bleu of
metallurgists, the Bessemer Gold Medal; the 2,500
francs prize awarded by French Societe d'Encourage-
ment pour l'lndustrie Nationale, gold medal by Verein
zur Beforderung des Gewerbfleisses of Germany and
Eliot Cresson Gold Medal of Franklin Inst, of Phila.
Also published Copper Smelting (Bulletin 26 of U. S.
Geol. Survey) ; Metallurgical Laboratory Notes, first
text book for metall. laboratory ever written, trans-
lated into French; Iron, Steel and Other Alloys, trans-
lated into Russian; besides these he has published
more than 100 professional papers. Clubs: Century.
Harvard, Technology. Address: Broad Brook Koad,
Bedford Hills, N. Y.




Physician; b. Standish, Me., Sept. 18, 184S; grad.
Bowdoin Coll., 1870; L. I. Coll. Hosp., Brooklyn, 1871;
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., N. T. City, 1872. Prof,
ophthalmology, Univ. of Buffalo; surgeon in charge of
Buffalo Eye and Ear Infirmary; mem. Royal Coll. Sur-
geons, England; fellow Royal Micros. Soc, England;
mem. N. Y. State Med. Soc, Ophthalmologische Gesell-
schaft, Societe 'Frangaise d'Ophthalmoiogie, Ophthal-
mol. Soc. of United Kingdom. Author: The Muscles
of the Eye (2 vols.). Address; 520 Delaware Av.,
Buffalo, N. Y.


Curator: b. Xewfane, Vt., June 6, 1867; s. Marshall
Otis and Gertrude I. (Dexter) Howe; grad. Univ. ot
Vt., Ph.B., 1890; Columbia Univ., Ph.D., 1898; m. Strat-
ford, Conn., June 8, 1909, Edith Morton Packard, d.
Rev. Edward N. Packard, D.D. Instr. in cryptogamic
botany, Univ. of Calif., 1891-1896; curator of the
herbarium, Columbia Univ., 1S99-1901; ass't curator,
N. T. Bot. Garden, 1901-1906; curator of the museum,
same since 1906; editor of Torreya, 1901-1908; editor
of Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, 1908-1911;
mem. scientific expd'ns to Newfoundland and West
Indies, 1901-1910; makes sp'l study of marine algae.
Fellow N. T. Acad, of Sciences, A.A.A.S. ; mem. Bot.
Soc. of Am., Nat. Geog. Soc; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma
Xi, Phi Delta Theta. Has written various papers and
monographs on botanical subjects. Address: N. Y.
Botanical Garden, Bronx Park, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Phelps, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1862; s. John Q.
and Nancy A. (Griffith) Howe; ed. Phelps High Sen.,
1882; grad. Hobart Coll., B.6., 18S5; Coll. Physicians
and Surgeons, N. Y. City, M.D., 1888; m. May 17, 1892,
ElizaJbeth M. Partridge; children: Margaret, b. 1893;
Elizaibeth, b. 1895; Frances, b. 1897; John Q., b. 1901;
Lee Selden, b. Feb. 1, 1909. Has been in gen. practise
at Phelps, X. Y., since graduation; was pres. Nat. Ass'n
of U. S. Pension Examining Surgeons; ex-pres. Ontario
Co. Med. Soc; mem. Canandaigua B'd U. S. Pension
Examining Surgeons; med. examiner N. Y. .Life, N. Y.
Mutual and other life ins. cos.; was coroner of Ontario
Co., 6 years; health officer of village of Phelps, 10
years; mem. B'd Ed'n, 20 years; Deputy Comm'r of
Health State of N. Y., since Oct. 1, 1910. Republican;
Presby'n. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State and
Central N. Y. Med. S'ocs. Mason. Address: Phelps,
N. Y.


Artist; b. Ravenna, O., 1846; ed. in schools of native
place and pupil in art of Vuillefroy and Otto de
Thoren, Paris; m. St. Douis, Mo., 1876, Julia May Clark.
Specialty is pictures of cattle; received hon. mention
Paris Salon, 1886; gold medal from Salon, 1886, ana
medals from the New Orleans (1885), Paris (1889),
and World's Columbian (1S93) expositions, and at Lon-
don, N. Y. City, San Francisco and Atlanta. Officer
d'Academie, 1896, cross Legion d'Honneur, 1S9S; mem.
Jury of Awards, Louisiana Purchase Exp'n, 1904. As-
sociate 1894, academician since 1897, Nat. Acad. De-
sign. Mem. Nat. Inst. Arts and Letters. Clubs: Lotos
(life mem.), Salmagundi. Address: Bronxville, N. Y.


Born New Brunswick, N. J., Dec. 21, 1855; s. Martin A.
and AWby S. (Stout) Howell; ed. Blair Acad., Blairs-
town, N. J.; m. New Brunswick, N. J., Dec, 1882, Emma
B. Atkinson; children: Wilson S., Jr., b. 1888; Mrs. Jos
Day Lee, Asher A., b. 1893. Banker's clerk, 1872-1875
merchandising, 1875-1877; insurance clerk, 1877-1879
laboratory of Thcmas A. Edison, Menlo Park, N. J.,
1879-1881; Edison Elec Light and Gen. Elec. interests
to 1896; mg'r Electrical Testing Laboratories since
1896. Independent Republican. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec
Eng"rs, Am. lElectro-Chem. Soc, Illuminating Eng"rs
Soc, Am. Geog. Soc, N. Y. Elec. Soc Residence:
Pleasantville, N. Y. Address: Care Electrical Testing
Laboratories, 80th St. and East End Av., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1868; s. William
Dean and Elinor G. (Mead) Howells; grad. Harvard,
1891, and studied profession six years in Europe; re-
ceived French gov't diploma, 1897. Has since prac-
tised in N. Y. Mem. Societe des Architects Diplomes
par le Gouvernement. Club: University. Address:
100 William St., N. Y. City.


Artist, magazine contb'r; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1872;
d. William Dean and Elinor (Mead) Howells; studied
with Dennis Bunker, Abbott Thayer and William Sar-
gent Kendall. Made the drawings for A Little Girl
Among the Old Masters; contributed verse and. illus-

trations to Harper's, Atlantic, Scribner's, St. Nicholas
and other magazines; exhibited watercolors at the
Champ de Mars. Paris, 1896-1897, and at New York,
Boston and Philadelphia exhib'ns. Address: York
Harbor, Me.


Author; b. Ohio, 1S37; s. William Cooper and Mary
(Dean) Howells; A.M., Harvard, 1877; Yale. 1885;
Litt.D., Yale, 1901; D.Litt., Oxford, 1904; LL.D., Adel-
bert Coll., 1904; Litt.D., Columbia, 1900; m. Paris, 1862,
Elinor G. Mead. Worked as compositor, corr. and
editor in his father's and other Ohio newspaper offices;
corr. of Cincinnati Gazette, 1856; news editor Ohio
State Journal, 1S59; U. S. consul at Venice, 1861-1865;
editorial writer, N. Y. Times, and regular contb'r to
N. Y. Nation, 1865-1872; sub. editor and editor Atlantic
Monthly, 1S72-1SS1; editorial contb'r Harper's Maga-
zine, 1SS6-1891, and was for a time editor Cosmopolitan
Magazine. Contb'r poems <to Ohio papers and Atlantic
Monthly before war period, many of which were in-
cluded in Poems of Two Friends, which was pub-
lished in collaboration with John J. Piatt; also wrote
Life of Abraham Lincoln. During consular residence
in Italy, engaged in writing books. Author: Venetian
Life. Italian Journeys, Suburban Sketches, No Love
Lost, Their Wedding Journey, A Chance Acquaintance,
A Foregone Conclusion, Out of the Question, A Coun-
terfeit Presentment. Poems: Lady of the Aroostook,
The Undiscovered Country, A Fearful Responsibility,
and Other Tales, Dr. Breen's Practise, A Modern In-
stance, A Woman's Reason, Three Villages, The Rise
of Silas Lapham, Tuscan Cities, The Minister's Charge,
Indian Summer, Modern Italian Poets, April Hopes,
Annie Kilburn, A Hazard of New Fortunes, The Sleep-
ing Car and Other Farces, The Mouse and Other
Farces, The Shadow of a Dream. An Imperative Duty,
A Boy's Town, Citicism and Fiction, The Quality of
Mercy, A Little Swiss Sojourn, Christmas Every Day,
The World of Chance, The Coast of Bohemia, A Trav-
eler from Altruria, My Literary Passions, The Day of
Their Wedding, A Parting and a Meeting, Impressions
and Experiences, Stops of Various Quills, The Land-
lord at Lion's Head, An Open-Eyed Conspiracy, Stories
of Ohio, The Story of a Play, Ragged Lady. Their
Silver Wedding Journey, Literary Friends and Ac-
quaintance, A Pair of Patient Lovers, Heroines of
Fiction, The Kentons, Literature and Life, The Fight
of Pony Baker, Questionable Shapes, Miss Bellard's
Inspiration, London Films, Certain Delightful English
Towns, Seven English Cities, Roman Holidays, Fanuel
and Roe, New Leaf Mills, Familiar Spanish Travels.
Editor: Choice Autobiographies, with essays (S vols.);
Library of Universal Adventure. Club: Century. Ad-
dress: Care Harper & Brothers, N. Y. City.


Rear-admiral, U. S. N., retired, 1S99; b. Washington,
D. C., Oat. 10, 1S37; s. Henry and Juliet Virginia (Jack-
son) Howison; ed. private sen. of Washington, D. C.
and public schs. of Philadelphia. Appt'd from Indiana,
1S5-4, and grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1858; m. Washing-
ton, D. C, Oct. 3, 1865, Hannah Johnson Middleton.
Warranted midshipman. June 11, 1858; passed midship-
man, Jan. 19, 1861; master, Feb. 13, 1861; lieut., April
19, 1861; lieut-commd'r. March 3, 1S65; commd'r, Aug.
19, 1872; capt, March 2, 1885; commo., March 21, 1897;
rear-admiral, Sept. 30, 1S98. During Civil War took
active part in many of the most important engage-
ments, 'ncluding skirmish with Confederate Cavalry
while in command of a detachment of men and
howitzer from U. S. S. Pocahontas Clouds Mills, Va.,
June-July, 1861. Was in battle of Port Royal, S. C;
engagements with rams off Charleston, 1862; engage-
ments at Forts Moultrie, Sumter and Wagner, 1863-
1S64; battle of Mobile Bay, etc. After war, in varied
duties of naval officer; mem. 1st Advisory B'd, 1881;
com'd Pacific Squadron, 1S87; pres. Steel Inspection
B'd, 1888-1890; mem. Lighthouse B'd, 1890-1892; com-
mandant Navy Yard, Mare Island, Calif., 1893-1896;
com'd the battleship Oregon as her first capt., July
15, 1896; commandant Navy Yard, Boston, 1897-1898;
comd'r-in-chief South Atlantic Station until retired,
Oct., 1899. Republican; Episcopalian. Me<m. Mil. Order
Loyal Legion. Naval Order of U. S. Club: N. Y. Yacht.
Address: 53 Locust Hill Av., Yonkers, N. Y.


Physician; b. Ontario, N. Y., Aug. 20. 1878; s. John
Crouch and Catherine (Whitcomb) Howk; ed. Genesee
Normal Seh., Univ. of Rochester, Univ. of Mich., M.D.,
Parke-Davis Fellow in Pharmacology Univ. of Mich.,
1905-1906. Ass't in internal medicine, Univ. of Mich.,
1907. Asso. physician Loomis Sanatorium, 1908-1911.
Physician in charge Met. Life Ins. Co. Sanatorium
since 1911. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Am. Sana-
torium Ass'n, Nat. Ass'n for Study and Prevention of
Tuberculosis, Inter. Congress on Tuberculosis, Internat.
Congress on Hygiene, Am. Hosp. Ass'n, Alpha Delta



Phi, Nu Sigma Nu and Sigma XI fraternities. Clubs:
Alpha Delta Phi (N. Y.), Saratoga, Nat. Arts (NY.),
Soe. of the Genesee. Address: Mount McGregor, Sara-
toga County, N. Y.

Lawyer: b. Auburn, N. Y. April 29, 1861; s. Benjamin
and Louise (Powell) Howland; ed. Williston Bern.,
Dartmouth Coll., B.L., 1SS4; Columbia Coll. Law Sch..
1887; m. Greenville, S. C, June 16, 1S97. Caroline Louise
Mauldin; children: William Slocum, b. June IS, 1901;
Louise b. Julv 6, 1907. Practised law in N. Y. City,
1888-1902; at Catskill, N. Y.. since 1902. Dir. Catskill
Nat Bank, 1902-1910; mem. B'd Water Comm'rs for
term 1905-1910; designated by att'y gen. State of N. Y.,
Feb., 1906, to prosecute infraction of Pure Food Law
in Greene County. Traveled in Europe, 1887-1888, and
in Great Britain, 1900. Republican; Quaker. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State
Bar Ass'n Dartmouth Coll. Alumni Ass'n, Columbia
Coll. Alumni Ass'n. Was mem. football teams of
Williston Sem., Dartmouth (capt.) and Columbia Coll.
"Union," and of the Orange Athletic football team.
Address: Colewood Av., Catskill, N. Y.


Lawver; b. Walpole, N. H.; ed. Yale Univ. and Har-
vard Law Sch.; m. N. Y. City, 1865, Louise Miller. In
active practise of law in N. Y. City. Republican;
Episcopalian. Fellow of Yale Univ.; pres. Soc for
Relief of Destitute Blind in City of N. Y.; pres. Soc.
for Preservation of Adirondacks, warden Ascension
Ch., trustee Lawyers' Title Ins. Co., Lawyers' Mortgage
Co., and Mortgage Bond Co. Clubs: University, Cen-
tury Yale, Citv, Midday, Meadow (Southampton),
Shihnecock Hills Golf, Southampton, Adirondack
League. Residence: 10 E. 10th St. Address: 37 Wall
St., N. Y City.

Superintendent and treas. Buffalo Soc. of Natural
Sciences; b. Springifleld, Mass., June 1, 1S44; s. Job
and Emilv (Alvord) Howland: grad. Coll. City of
N Y. A.B., 1863, A..M., 1866. Fellow A.A.A.S., mem.
Am. Micros. Soc, Am. Archaeol. Inst., Sons of the
Revolution (Buffalo chapter). Soc. of Mayflower
Descendants. Pres. Thomas Indian School (State in-
st'n); pres. Buffalo Sem. v.-p. Church Charity Foun-
dation; dir. Buffalo Hist. Soc, Buffalo Soc. Natural
Sciences dir. Am. Museums Ass'n. Clubs: University,
Phi Beta Kappa (pres.) Address: 217 Summer St.,
Buffalo, N. Y.

Physician and surgeon; b. Elmira, N. Y., Feb. 5,
1870' s. Howard C. and Esther M. (Reeve) Howland;
ed. Elmira public and high schools; N. Y. Homoe.
Med. Coll. and Hosp., M.D.. Rochester Horace. Hosp.;
m Sarnia, Ont., Can., Oct. 1, 1907, Alice. E. Scott.
Practising medicine at Elmira from graduation; junior
partner Drs. Adriance and Howland. Late ass t sur-
geon 3d N Y V. Inf.; late ass't surgeon 3d Battalion
Inf N G N. Y.; late examiner for U. S. Marine
Corps at Elmira, N. Y., Manhattan Life Ins. Co., N. Y.
State Civil Service Comm'n at Elmira. late med, ex-
aminer for U. S. army at Elmira. Republican Pres-
bv'n Mem N. Y. State Homos. Med. Soc. (treas.),
Southern Tier Homoe. Med. Soc, Ass'n Mil. Surgeons
of U S mem. Knights of the Maccabees, examiner
N. E. Mut. Life Ins. Co.; lecturer on obstretrics^ St.
Joseph's Hosp., Elmira; mem. consulting staff ot
People's Hosp., Sayer, Pa. Club: Century. Address.
306 Lake St., Elmira, N. Y.

Publisher; b. Ashland, N. Y., June 10, 1849; s. Rev.
Harrison O. and Hannah O. (Bailey) Howland; grad.
Williston Seminary, 1S68; m. Gowanda, N. Y 1872.
Ella M. Jacobs; children: Karl V. S., Harold J. Found-
er and publisher Outing, 1882-1885; editor and prop r
Cambridge (Mass.) Tribune, 188o-E1890; publisher Out-
look, 1890-1913; mn'g dir. The Independent since 191.!.
IMn'g dir Flying Ass'n; comm'r State Reservation at
uNiagara. Trustee Chautauqua Inst'n. Treas. Soc, for
Italian Immigrants, Am. Civic Ass'n, Am Scenic and
Historic Preservation Soc. Progressive Clubs: City,
Nat. Arts, Nat. Soc, Royal Socs., Manor House, Bredon
(England). Residence: 222 W. 23d St. Address: 119
W. 40th St., N. Y. City.

Elec eng'r; b. Leonardsville, N. Y., (May 14, 1872;
s. Luke and Harriet E. (Parker) Hoxie; grad. Cornell
Univ., ME. 1892, Ph.D., 1902; in. Tucson, Ariz., June
29 1S96, Mary C. Os'born; children: Dorothy E., b.
1897, Robert O., b. 1902, Stephen P., b. 1905, Henry L,
b., 19110. Instr. elec. eng'ring, Cornell, 4 years; prof,
phvsics and mechanics, Univ. of Arizona, 2 years;
now practising in N. Y. City as elec. eng'r; mem. Am.

Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; a'.so fellow Inst. Elec. Eng'rs.
Joint author (w'th Profs. Ryan and Norris) of a
textbook of electrical machinery (Wiley & Co.).
Address: 50 E. 41st St., N. Y. City.


Registrar; b. Oct. G, 1863; s. John Robertson and
Isabella Willson (Miller) Hoy; ed. Delaware Literary
Inst., Franklin, (N. Y., class of 1887; Cornell Univ.,
B.S., 1891, M.S. (with high distinction), 1893; m. Ful-
ton, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1895, Silence Howard; one son:
David Fletcher, Jr., b. March 24, 1901. Ass't regis-
trar, 1891-1895; registrar since 1895, Cornell Univ.
Editor of the 1S98 and 1908 Ten-Year Books of Cor-
nell Univ., and of the 1904, 1906 and 1912 catalogues
of Kappa Sigma fraternity. Contributed to Clute's
Flora of the Upper Susquehanna. Trustee Cornell
Athletic Ass'n; trustee and treas. Cornell Chapter of
Kappa Sigma. Republican, Presby'n. Mem. Cornell
Univ. Class Sec. Ass'n, Kappa Sigma fraternity. Sigma
Xi, Quill and Dagger, Cosmopolitan, Town and Gown.
Address: Ithaca, N. Y.


Railroad pres., lawyer; .b. Mt. Carmel, July 19,
1860; ed. by private tutor and in country sch.; grad.
Yale Law Sch., LL.B., 1888; m. 1891, Rose C. Kerrin,
of Brooklyn. Located for practice of law in New
Haven, Conn'., in office of Judge Sheldon, but after
a year moved to N. Y. City, opening an office in Eve-
ning Post Bld'g. A year later removed to 2 Wall
St., and established a branch office in Brooklyn, carry-
ing on business in both places; since then has been
att'y for many corp'ns and stock companies; makes a
specialty of corp'n and railroad law; also does an ex-
tensive business in real estate, and is connected with
many large business concerns; dir. and counsel Union
Bank of Brooklyn; pres. and dir. N. J. and Staten
Island Junction R. R. Co.; has been actively engaged
for some years in preparing gen. plans for the con-
struction of a tunnel and post road under the Nar-
rows, which will permit of the passage of railroad
trains, automobiles, horses, carriages and foot pas-
sengers under the Narrows between the Boroughs of
Brooklyn and Richmond, S. I.; stockholder in M. E.
Moore Bronze and Plate Co., with offices in M. Y. City
and factory in Kingston, N. Y.: stockholder in Medina
Mf'g Co.; the John T. Hunter Co., Am. Spirometer Co.;
counsel for the Bankers' Title Guarantee Co. Or-
ganized and is pres. of the N. J. and Staten Island
Junction Terminal Co., incorporated for $10,000,000,
which is organized to construct a tunnel from the
terminus of all the railroads which now reach only
the eastern shore of N. J including the Baltimore &
Ohio, Lackawanna, Erie, Jersey Central. Lehigh Val-
ley, West Shore, Pa., and the Philadelphia & Read-
ing, nine trunk lines in all, the traffic of which will
be carried to Brooklyn through a large tunnel, which constructed oil' land, of steel, in sections. After
the bottom of the bay is dredged out, making a
ditch, the tunnel will be sunk and the sections
bolted together at the bottom of the bay. The steel
tunnel will be of two large tubes, enclosed in a large
steel case and filled with concrete. Its construction
will require 336,000,000 tons of steel, and it will have
310,000 cubic yards of displacement, 130,000 cubic
vards of concrete; a weight per lineal foot of 513.000
lbs., and 8 lbs. per foot, allowed to overcome the
buoyancy of the tunnel, which will be made like a
steel boat with bulkheads in the end to allow it to
be towed to its place in the bay, and then sunk by
adding the concrete. The total cost will be $10,-
000 000, and the cost of the land for landing tunnel
$3 000,000. Has been engaged for past three years in
promoting and establishing the Ellis Adding Type-
writer in Europe and elsewhere. This machine revo-
lutionizes the present method of .bookkeeping, ac-
counting, etc., and will write, add, subtract, mutliply
and figure discounts. The work of the machine is all
visible, and it is being used by the greatest banks,
trust companies and mercantile houses of the world:
mf'g plant is located at Newark, N. J. Mem. Am. Bar
Ass'n, Internat. Bar Ass'n, Yale Alumni Ass'n. Clubs:
IMontauk, Columbian. L. I. Automobile (Brooklyn).
N Y Motor, Twilight (N. Y.). Address: 280 Fifth
Av., N. Y. City.


Sec Conservation Comm'n; b. Potsdam, N. Y., Oct.
">5 1865- s. Albert and Josephine (Ellis) Hoyt; ed.
Tv'es Sem , Phillips Exeter Acad., Williams Coll., Cor-
nell Univ A.B., 1888; m Adams, N. Y., 1893, Bell,. M.
Carter; children: Albert E., Jr., Josephine C. and Theron
C Engaged in newspaper work after leaving coll.;
citv editor Lockport Sun, 1S91-1S92; editor-in-chief
Lockport Sun, 1892-1895; on staff of Albany Argus, as
asso. editor, 1S95-1901, and editor-in-chief until ap-
pt'mt as sec to Conservation Comm'n, 1911. Fre-




fluently delegate to Dem. State and local convs., and
mem. sub-corn, on platform. Mem. X. Y. Press Ass n,
Democratic Editorial Ass'n, Lake Mohonk Conf. on
Internat. Arbitration, Descendants of Colonial Govs.,
Sons of Revolution (regent). Mason. Club: Aurania
(past pres.). Address: Office of Conservation Comm'n,
Albany, N. Y.


Banker: b. Aurora. 111., 1S76: s. Willis and Jennette
(Budlong) Hoyt; grad. Univ. of Chicago, Ph.B.,
Georgetown Univ., LL.B. V.-p. and air. N. W. Halsey
& Co. Mem. Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Mem. Invest-
ment Bankers' Ass'n; mem. b'd of govs, and chm'n
Legislation Com. Clubs: University (Chicago), Man-
hattan, Transportation. Residence: 100 Central Park
\V. Address: 49 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Starch mfr; b. Mallory. X. Y., Feb. 9, 1S35; s.
Joseph J. and Emily (House) Hoyt; ed. Oswego Nor-
mal Sch., Syracuse Univ.; m. Mallory, X. Y., Nov. 4,
1878, Emma L. Starr. Pres. Eastern Boroughs Land
Co., Merchants' Land & Development Co., New York-
Canada farms. Director G. W. Carnick Co., Atlantic
Starch Works. Hon. mem. 7th Conn. Vol. Inf. Repub-
lican, Cong'l. Club: Hardware. Address: 90- W.
Broadway. X. Y. City.


Banker and broker; b. Cleveland, Ohio, March 2,
1849; s. James M. and Mary Ella (Beebee) Hoyt; ed.
Cleveland public schools, Phillips Acad., Andover,
Mass.; Rochester Univ., A.M.; m. Cleveland, O., Oct.
16, 1873; children: Annie Sherman, James M., 2d (died
when 20 months old), Charles Sherman, Colgate, Jr.,
Elizabeth B. S. Moved from Cleveland to N. Y. City
in Spring of 1881, and entered the well-known bank-
ing house of James B. Colgate & Co., and contin-
uously since then has been prominent in Wall Street
affairs; now senior mem. banking and brokerage Arm
of Colgate Hoyt & Co. Either as officer or director
has been actively identified with following corp'ns:
Union Pacific R'y, Oregon Transcontinental Co.,
Oregon R'v & Navigation Co., Northern Pacific Co.,
Chicago & Northern Pacific R'y Co., Wisconsin Cen-
tral R. R Missouri, Kansas & Texas R'y Co. Dur-
ing his trusteeship of the Wisconsin Central R'y the
road was extended to Chicago and the terminal line
in that city, now known as the Chicago Terminal
Transfer R'v Co., was completed. For nearly twenty
vears was largelv interested in building up the Mis-
souri, Kansas & Texas R'y System, and has only re-
centlv severed his connection with that property. As
pres 'of Ohio Soc. of N. Y. for some years, did much
to bring it into public notice by making its annual
banquets the forum from which most distinguished
public men discussed the issues of the day. While
pres of the Automobile Club of America that organ-
ization built and occupied its present remarkable
clubhouse on 54th St., and early took rank as repre-
senting the foremost influence in automobile matters
in America. Has a country place of 230 acres on
Centre Island, Oyster Bay, where he lives much or
the time Republican. Trustee Fifth Av. Baptist Ch.
Mem. Met. Museum of Art, N. Y. Soc. Founders and
Patriots of America, Pilgrim Soc, N. Y. Zool. Soc.,
North Shore Horse Show Ass'n, Am Social Science
Ass'n, N. Y. Sell, of Applied Design for Women,
Chamber of Commerce, Empire State Soc. S. A. K.,
Oyster Bav B'd of Trade, Ohio Soc. of N. Y. Clubs:
Union League, Metropolitan, N. Y. Yacht, City Mid-
day (X. Y. City). Union (Cleveland, O). Mill Neck
(Ovster Bav). Canadian Camp, Piping Rock Kennel.
Residence: 121 Madison Av. Address: 53 Wall St.,
N. Y. City.


- Advertising mg'r; lb. Orange, N. J., July 29, 1S58;
s. James and Frances L. OPratt) Hoyt; ed. in private
sch. Orange, N. J.; m. Orange, N. J., Oct. 20, 1881,
Adelaide Rogers (died Sept. 25. 1899) ; children:Roger
C, b. 1SS4 (Williams, '06); Helen, b. 1S8S. Dir. and
treas. The Outlook Co. Republican; Presby'n. Mem.
Roval Arcanum. Nat. Union. Clubs: Calumet. Aldine
Ass'n (N. Y. City), Laurentian Fishing and Hunting

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