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mech. eng'ring, Univ. of Minn., 1S90-1S91; ass't prof,
medh. eng'ring, 1S91-1S95, ass-o. prof, machine design,
1895-189S, and prof, machine design. 189S-1903. Sib-
ley Coll., Cornell Univ., mech. eng'r Anaconda Copper
Mining Co., 1900; dir. and factory :mg'r. Smith Premier
Typewriter Co., 1903-190S; consulting eng'r, Union
Typewriter Co., 1909-1913; Remington Typewriter
Co., 1913. Chm'n N. Y. State Comm'n on Voting Ma-
chines since 1903. Republican; Unitarian. Fellow
A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs. Sigma Xi, Tau
Beta Pi, Psi Upsilon fraternities, trustee Cornell Univ.
since 1905, pres. Syracuse Chamlber of Commerce, 1910-
1911; mem. Syracuse Intercepting Sewer B'd. Author:
Kinematics of Machinery, Notes on Machine Design
find (with D. S. Kimball) of Elements of Machine De-
sign; also various papers and reports on Machine
Tools at Paris Exp'n, 18S9 (Report of U. S. Comm'r-
Gen.). Clubs: Citizens, University, Technology (.Syra-
cuse), Engineers, Cornell Univ., Hardware (N. Y.). Ad-
dress: 2345 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer, banker; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 5, 1S50; s.
John and Jane (McClelland) Barr; ed. public schs. of
Philadelphia. Central High Sch., Philadelphia; Univ.
of Pa., LL.B. ; m. Philadelphia. June 9, 1880, Sallie
Wiley; children: Emma W. (Mrs G. Ayres Swayze),
Mary M., Grace L. (Mrs. Edward A. Muschampi. Flor-
ence K. Engaged in practise since admission to bar.
Pres. Southwestern Nat. BanV, Philadelphia. Republi-
can; Presby'n. Mason. Mem. Hist. Soc. of Pa.; Alumni
Ass'n. Athletic Ass'n (Univ. of Pa.). Alumni Ass'n of
Central High Sch.. Philadelphia. Club: Penn. Resi-
dence: 1433 S. Broad St. Address: 601 S. Broad St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.


Deputy collector of customs, Po oj - S b. She-
boyi n, u i , \;i - . 20, 1859; s. Wright and Rebecca

(Clans liarreit; ed. public schs. , X Y. State and

private study; m. Ossining, x. Y., Nov. 14, 1894, Jennie
\. Ballard children Leonard Wright, b. 1896; JoLhn
Drew, b. 1902. Public sch. teacher In Putnam and

Dutchess counties, ten years; since Mm* J , M i !,<!

with Customs Service. Pore of N. Y., advancing
through all grades of civil service, from clerk to
deputy collector. baptist. Mini. Ossining Council,
No. I486, Royal Arcanum; master of Radium Lodge,
No. 844, F. and A. M.. :unl num. 'I'.iiace City Chapter,
No. 177, R. A. M. Trustee and financial sec, First
i:apt. i'Ii (issining. X. Y.; dir. and v. p. v. M. C. A.,
Ossining, X. Y. Address: 44 Ellis PI., Ossining, X. Y.

Musical composer, organist; b. London, England,
Jan. 1L'. 1861; s. Richard and Rachel (Squire) Bar-
rett; gen. ed'n in various private schools of England
and Germany; musical ed'n in Conservatory at Darm-
stadt, and Guildhall S.-li. of Music, London; m. Strat-
ford-on-Avon, England, Sept. 1, 1888, Lucy E. Wilkes.
Settled in Kansas City, Mo., 1888, where was organ-
ist and choirmaster St. Mary's P. E. Ch. until 1898;
then choirmaster and organist St. Thomas' P. E. Ch^
Maniaroneek. X. ) , in'.is I'lui, and afterward at St.
James' Luth. Ch., New York. Teacher of organ and
voice. Organist and choirmaster, St. James' P. E.
Ch., F-ordham, 1911-1913. Republican; Episcopalian.
Composer of much sacred music, including various
organ offertories and transcriptions, various anthems,
including Crossing the Bar, a communion service in E-
flat, and many others, as -well as secular composi-
tions, including- The Light Beyond, The Holy Gates
(first prize, The Musician competition, 1898), Round
the Year. The Song of the Jester, and other songs.
The Birthstone Suite for piano; Come, Let Us Sing,
Search Me. () i'.u.I lantheinsi Nine Inches of Foam.
Three Flies. The Owl, How Dear to Me, Sleepyland
and others (part songs). The Birth of Love, Shall I
Wed Thee, Suppose, with Violets, etc. (songs'). Or-
gan Cradle Song, and various piano pieces, etc.
Awarded prize for composition, Nat. Eisteddfod,
Scranton, Pa., 1905. Mem. Nat. Ass'n of Organists;
conductor of Fordham Heights Choral Soc. Resi-
dence: 2481 Creston A v. Address: 56 E. 34th St., N.
Y. City.


Publisher; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1866; s.
John and Mary (Young-) Barrett; ed. public sch. and
high sch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. 1898, Mabel Alston
Thurber; children: Winifred, b. 1899; Alsto-ri, b. 1901;
Marjorie, to. 1904; Phyllis, ,b. 1909; Vivien, to. 1911;
Bettina, b. 1912. Connected with Orange Judd Co.
since 1SS1; now treas. and dir. Democrat; Episco-
palian. Mason. Knight Templar. Treas. Periodical
Publishers' Ass'n of America. Recreation: Amateur
photography. Clubs: Aldine. N. Y Press. National
Arts. (Sphinx (N. Y. City); Orange Camera (Orange.
N. J.). Residence: East Orange, N. J. Address: 315
Fourth At., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. Jersey City, N. J.. Sept. 27. 1857; s. An-
drew and Julia R. (Lalor) Barricklo; grad. Princeton
Univ., A.M., 1S7S; Columbia Univ. LL.-B., 18S0; m. Tren-
ton. N. J., Nov. 4, 1S97, Elizabeth S. Lalor. Mem. bar
States of N. Y. and N. J.; mem. N. J. State B'd of Ed'n.
Democrat. Presbyterian. Mem. N. Y. Daw Inst.. Beta
Theta Pi. Clubs: Princeton. N. Y. Athletic. Residence:
130 Bentley Av., Jersey City. N. J. Address: 261
Broadway, N. Y. City, and 15 Exchange PI., Jersev
City, N. J.


Physician; b. Australia, June 3, 1S65; s. Alexander
and Margaret (Kerr) Barrie; ed. -private tutors, and
Georgetown Univ., M.D.; m. Washington, D. C, June 7,
1S94, Emma Snowden Sears. Late asso. prof, surgery,
Georgetown Med. Sch., late visiting surgeon to Munici-
pal Tuberculosis Hosp.. Washington, D. C, lecturer on
Gen. Surgery Polyclinic Med. Sch. and Hosp.. N. Y.
City.; chief surgeon Harlem Dispensary, N. Y. City;
asso. Surgeon Randall Island Hosp. Fellow Am. Med.
Ass'n. A.A.A.S., Am. Anthropol. Ass'n. Address: 601
W. 110th St., N. Y. City.


Dramatist; novelist; b. Lima, N. Y., March 6, 1855;
s. Alfred Lovejoy and Ellen Elizabeth Barron; ed.
Robert Coll.. Tenn.. 1868-1872; m. Chicago, Sept. 9,
1884, Hannah Lee Bird; children: Margaret Ellen, b.
1SSS; Elwyn Lee. b. 1891. Engaged in newspaper work
in Chicago: dramatic critic and editorial writer Chi-
cago Inter Ocean. 1S77-1895; lived in London and Paris.



Horticulturist, editor, author; b. Chiswick, Eng.,
1868; s. Archibald Farquharson and Nellie M. lAyres)
Barron; ed. private schs. in London, Birkbeck Inst.,
London, sp'l courses in botany and natural sciences;
m. Bavonne, N. J., Effie M. Robinson, 1896; children:
Eric Stuart, b. 1897; Dorothy Enid, b. 1899. Ass t
editor Gardeners' Chronicle, London, 1885; came to
N Y. City, 1894; editor Am. Gardening, 1894-191)4; now
editor Garden Magazine. Sec. Am. Rose Soc, 1890-1S93;
sec. Hort. Soc. of N. Y., 1899-1909. Mem. Am. Pomol.
Soc, Soc. for Hort. Science, Am. Inst., N. Y. Florists
Club The Camera Club. Organized Internat. Confer-
ences on Plant Breeding, 1907; on Hardiness and Ac-
climatization, 1902, and edited Proceedings. Contb'r
to hort. press; consulting horticulturist. Author:
Lawns and How to Make Them; Roses and How to
Grow Them and editor of other books in Garden
Library. Address: Garden City, L. I., N. Y.


(Physician; b. Springfield, 111., Jan. 24, 1863; s. Simon
and Emily L. Barrows (both parents of same family
name); grad. Amherst Coll., A.B., 1SS5; A.M., ISSi ;
Univ of Buffalo, M.D., 1893; m. Buffalo, June 28, 1894.
Isabella Spaulding Deane; children: Marion b. 1897;
Emily, b. 1904. Teacher of natural science, Worcester
(Mass) Acad., 1SS5-1888; Central High Sch., Buffalo,
18S8-1903; instr. in histology, Univ. of Buffalo. Med.
Dep't, 1895-1902. One of Med. Insp. of Schs., Buffalo.
Hon. mem. N. Y. State Science Teachers' Ass'n; mem.
Psi Upsilon fraternity, Nu Sigma Nu (med.). Dep t
editor Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette, N. Y. City. Ad-
dress: 1364 Michigan St., Buffalo, N. Y.


Manufacturer; b. N. Attleborough, Mass.; s. Henry
Francis and Henrietta T. (Richards) Barrows; grad.
Brown Univ., class 1883, A.B.; m. Tahesdale, Pa., June
12. 1911, Cecilia W., d. Ex-Ma'yor E. H. Fitler. Pres.
The Five Twentv-One Park Av. Co., H. F. Barrows Co.
Republican; mem. St. Thomas Episcopal Ch. Mem.
Sons of Revolution, Colonial Wars, Military and Naval
Wars of U. S., Chamber of Commerce. Dir. Practical
Housekeeping Centers. Recreations: Golf, tennis, rid-
ing, motoring. Clubs: University, Metropolitan, Rid-
ing Piping Rock, Sleepy Hollow Country, Garden City
Golf, Rumson Country (dir.), Down Town Ass'n. Resi-
dence: 521 Park Av. Address: 15 Maiden Lane, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. Rome, N. Y., 1861; s. Rev. N. (S-T.D.)
and Isabella (Gibson) Barrows; ed. St. Paul's Sch.,
Garden City, L. I.; Trinity Coll., Hartford, B.A., 1SJ4;
M.A., 1887; Gen. Theol. Sem., 1888; B.D., 1891; m. Co-
manche, Texas, June 27, 1906. Margaret Sartwelle.
Master Ft. Hill Sch., Canandaigua, N. Y., 18S4-lS8o;
Zion Ch. Little Neck, <N. Y., 1SS8-1S90; Ravenscroft,
Asheville, N. C, 1S90-1894; Mayo fellow, Gen.
Theol. Sem., 1894-1897; headmaster, De Veaux Coil-
Niagara Falls, since 1S97. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon
fraternity. Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Address: De Veaux
Coll., Niagara Falls, N. Y.


Manufacturing chemist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June
17, 1S6.">; s. John and Isabella (Paterson) Barry (both
born in Glasgow, Scotland); ed. public (grammar) sch.,
Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, April 4, 1S93. Annie Rappelyea
Collins; one d., Mary Williamson Barry, b. 1898. Mem.
flTm D. D. 'Williamson & Co., mf'g chemists; treas. and
dir. Crown Cordial & Extract Co. and Coca-Beta Co.;
trustee E. Brooklyn Savings Bank. Republican:
Presby'n. Has traveled in U. S. and Canada. Mem.
Mf'rs Ass'n, B'd of Trade and Transportation, St. An-
drew's Soc. (all N. Y. City): Brooklyn League. Trustee
Throop Av. Presby'n Ch. (Brooklyn); v. -p. Bushwick
and East Brooklyn Dispensary; chm'n Bedford Branch
Y. M <3. A. Clubs: Union 1, ensue (Brooklyn); Drug
and Chen del L263 Dean St., Brooklyn.

Address: 86 Fulton St., N V City.

Major Gen., U.S.A.; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 13, 1885; s.
m irgaret (Dimond) Barry; ed. public
schools X. Y., and Coll. City of N. Y.; appt'd cadet
C. S. Mil. Acad. L873; grad. 1877; m. Washington. D. C,
Jan. 23, 18S4, Ellen Bestor. Second lieut. 7th Cav.
i 14, 1S77; served in Dakota and Montana until

31, l sv ". when was transferred to 1st Inf., served

in Texas L880-18S2; appt'd q.-m. 1st Inf. and promoted

1st lieut. March 11, 1SS2; capt. Feb. 25, 1891; major

ass't adj. gen. Jan. 29, 1897; lieut. -col. and ass't

fen. U.S. v., and adj. gen. Sth Army Corps, June
22, 1898; 1. ui col. and ass't adj. gen., U.S.A., Jan. 10,

!'. brig. gen. U.S.V. June 10, 1900-June 30, 1901; col.

an,] ass't adj. gen. U.S.A. July 15, 1902; brig. gen.
U.S.A. Aug. 18, 1903; maj. gen. U.S.A. April 29, 1908.
Served in Dakota and Montana 1S77-1880; Texas, 1S80-
1S82; Ariz., 1SS2-1880; S. Dak., 1S90-1891, taking part
in campaigns against Apaches in Ariz, and Sioux in
S. Dak. On duty in office of Hon Daniel S. Lamont,
Sec. of War, 1893-1897; adj. gen. Dept. of the Columbia.
1N07-1S9S; adj. gen. and Chief of Staff of Philippine
forces, 1898-1901; with China Relief Expd'n 1900; duty
War Dept. and Dept. of the East, 1901-1903; command-
ing Dept. of Gulf, at Atlanta, Ga., 1903-1905; with
Russian Army during Russo-Japanese War to Dec,
1906; ass't chief of staff U.S.A. and pres. Army War
Coll., Dec, 1905-Feb., 1907; attended grand maneuvers.
German Army, 1906; commanded Army of Cuban Paci-
fication, 1907-1909; commanded Dept. of Calif., 1910;
Supt. U. S. Mil. Acad., Aug. 31, 1910-Aug. 31, 1912;
commanding Eastern Dept. since Sept. 1, 1912. Ad-
dress: Governors Island, N. Y.


Actress; b. Philadelphia, Aug. 15, 18S0; d. Maurice
Barrymore, one of leading actors of his time, and
Georgina (Drew) Barrymore, niece of John Drew, and
g.d. Mr. and Mrs. John Drew, of Philadelphia, all
people of mark on Am. stage; ed. Convent of Notre
Dame, Philadelphia; m. Hyde Park, Mass., March 14,
1909, Russel G. Colt; children: Samuel, b. 1910; Ethel
Barrymore, b. 1912; John Drew, b. 1913. First recorded
experience on stage was at Empire Theatre. N. Y. City,
1895, appearing as "Katherine" in That Independent
Young Person; became mem. Empire Theatre Stock
Co., 1S90, headed by her uncle, John Drewr"nd played
in N. Y. and London, and in 1S97 entered Sir Henry
Irving's Co., remaining until 1900, when she returned
to Charles Frohman mg'mt as a star, first in Captain
Jinks of Horse Marines, and afterward in Cousin Kate;
Sunday; "Nora," in Ibsen's A Doll House; Alice-Sit-by-
the Fire; Lady Frederick; Mid-Channel, etc. Address:
Mamaroneck, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Cincinnati. Ohio. July 17, 1S56; s. Arnold
and Elizabeth (Falk) BartcheT; ed. Cincinnati public
schs.; grad. law dept. Univ of Mich.; took post-grad,
course in International and Roman civil law at Univ.
of Berlin, Germany, 1S81-1SS3: m. 1896, Marion S. Mac-
Connell: one d., Ruth, b. 1898. Admitted to bar of
Mich.. Ohio and 111.; advocated and petitioned various
passenger ass'ns for the adoption of 2-cent interstate-
interchangeable mileage books over railroads and
instrumental in securing same; also persistent advo-
cate of one cent letter postage. Presented to recent
Congress petitions from 40 States signed by leading
commercial, banking and mfg interests, asking Con-
gress to grant one-cent letter postage, and reform
of second-class matter privilege. Address: 149
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Belfast. X. Y., Dec. 25, 1S58; m. July 1".
1886, Fannie E. England. Engaged in hanking, 1879;
moved to Olean. 18S0: became cashier of Exchange
National Bank. 1885; has been pres. since 1895. Ad-
dress: Olean. N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Canton, Conn.. June 4, 185S: s. John N.
and Ellen Root (Strong) Bartlett; grad. New Britain
(Conn.) High Sch.; Yale Univ. (Sheffield Scientic
Sch.), 1878; Yale Law Sch., 1881; m. New Britain,
Conn., Eleanor Pauline Fitch, of Lexington, Kv. ; chil-
dren: Margaret, h 1S89; Eleanor, b. 1891. Admitted
to Conn Bar, 1881; corp'n counsel New Britain, Conn.
Practic t 15 years confined to patents, trade-

marks. ' emoved to New York, 1897; mem.

firm of wnell & Mitchell: mem. U. S. Su-

preme I 1 sundry XJ. S. Circuit Courts. Re-

public:! tionalist. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n.

Ass'n 1 . Y., X. E. Soc. Empire State Soc,

.-:. A. 1 . Nat. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Univer-

sity. Y :. Residence: 257 W. SOth St. Ad-

dress . X. Y. Citv.




Jurist; b. Oxbridge, Mass., Oct. 14, 1S46; s. William

0. and Agnes K. 11. (Willi. I, Uartlett; grad. Colum-
bia Univ., A.B., 1S69; N. V. Univ., LLJpL L868; l.l.i'.,
Hamilton Coll., 1S94; N. Y. Univ., 1904; i '.lnmtiia Univ.,
1904; in. Brooklyn, X. v.. Oct. 26, L876, Mary Fairbanks
Buffum. Engaged in practise of law with Hon. Eliliu
Root, 1869-1883; elected, 1S8M, a Justli the Su-
preme Court of the State of N. Y., and re-elected 1897;
served in Appellate Division, N. Y. Supreme Court,
1S97-19II7: appt'd I'.mii; asso. justice N. V. Court of
Appeals, and elected Nov. 5, 1907, to full term in same
office expiring Dec. 31, 1917: elected chief judge Court
of Appeals, Nov. 4, 1913. Prof. med. jurisprudence L,

1. Co 1 ']. Hosp. since 1898. Democrat. Mem. Soc. Co-
lonial Wars, Sons of Revolution. Clubs: University,
Century Ass'n (N. Y. City); Brooklyn, Hamilton
(Brooklyn). Residence: 21 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn.
Official address: Albany, N. Y.


Physician and chemist; b. Bartley, N. J., Dec. 8,
1S49; s. Samuel-Potter and Anna (Bwalt) Bartley; ed.
Princeton (111.), High Sch., Cornell Univ., B.S., 1873;
Long Island Coll. Hosp., M. D., 1879; honorary Ph.G.,
Brooklyn Coll. Pharmacy, 1896; m. Brooklyn. Nov. 5,
1SSS, Mary Frances Harloe; children: Samuel Potter, b.
1S90; Mildred Titus, b. 1S92. Instr. chemistry Cor-
nell Univ., 1S74-1S75; prof, chemistry, Swarthmore
Coll., 1875-1878; chief chemist, Dep't. of Health, Brook-
lyn. 1SS2-1S8S; pres. B'd of Pharmacy of Kings Co.,
1893-1898; dean and prof, organic chemistry, Brooklyn
Coll. Pharmacy, 1892-1902; prof. chemistry and
toxicology from 1SS6, prof, pediatrics from 1902, L. I.
Coll. Hosp., Insp. State B'd of Health, 1SS5-18S8; con-
sulting chemist, Dep't Health, Brooklyn. 1S97-1S9S.
Attending physician, Sheltering Arms Nursery- visit-
ing pediatrist. L. I. Coll. Hosp.; consulting pediatrist
Samaritan Hosp., Methodist Episcopal Hosp. and Bush-
wick and East Brooklyn Disp. and Hosp. Independent
in politics; Presby'n. Pres. Associated Physicians of
L. I., 1906; Fellow A.A.A.S., N. Y. Acad. Med.; mem.
Med. Soc. County of Kings, Am. Pharmaceutical Ass'n,
Am. Chem. Soc. Author: Medical and Pharmaceutical
Chemistry (7 editions); Clinical Chemistry (3 editions).
Club: University (Brooklyn). Address: 65 .S. Portland
At., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Retired; b. N. Y., March 23, 1841; s. William and
Eliza Phillips (Whittemore) Barton; ed. private schs.
of N. Y. Citv and South Williamstown, Mass.; m. Gar-
rison-on-Hudson, Dec. 2S, 1S76, Anna Dudley Ward,
d. late Col. Thomas William Ward, U. S. V. Appt'd
paymaster, U. S. N.. June 5. 1861, and served on U. S.
S. Monticello, Sassacus, St. Louis. Supply, Swatara and
Portsmouth. On Monticello was present at bombard-
ment and capture of Forts Hatteras and Clark, Hat-
teras Inlet. N. C, Aug.. 1861, first naval success in
War of Rebellion; on Sassacus. was aide and signal
officer to Commd'r Francis A. Roe, U. S. N in cele-
brated encounter between Sassacus and Confederate
ironclad Albemarle, Albemarle Sound, May, 1864,
when Commd'r Roe hurled at top speed the light,
wooden Sassacus on the ironclad Albemarle, dis-
abling and driving latter back to her port, Plymouth,
N. C, where she was afterward torpedoed and de-
stroyed by Lieut. Cushing; was on Swatara in Mediter-
ranean Squadron, 1896, and chased to Alexandria,
Egypt, and captured there John H. Surratt, the friend
of John Wilkes Booth and one of the Lincoln con-
spirators, and brought him to Washington, Feb., 1867.
Resigned from navy, 1871, to engage in real estate
business, N. Y. City, with cousin, William Lawrence
Whittemore. under firm name, Barton & Whittemore;
was treas. Real Estate Exchange. 1S93-1894. and pres..
1895-1S96. Republican; Episcopalian. Companion and
treas. -in-chief, Mil. Order of Loyal Legion; companion
of Mil. Order Foreign Wars; v.-comd'r. Naval Order;
mem. Sons of Revolution. Soc. of War of 1S12; v. -pres.
19th Army Corps. Clubs: Army and Navy, Union
League (N. Y. City). Address: 150 Broadway, N. Y.


Electrical eng'r; b. Lock Haven. Pa.. Mav 5, 1865:
grad. Cornell Univ.. Ph.B., 1886: M.S.. 1888. "V.-p. and
gen. mg'r Niagara Falls Power Co., Niagara Junction
R'y Co., Niagara Development Co.: gen. mg'r Canadian
Niagara Power Co.: dir. Tonawanda Power Co., Subur-
ban Power Co. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Egn'rs, A.A.A.S.,
Am. Electro-Chem. Soc. Psi Upsilon. Trustee Niagara
Falls Public Library, Niagara Falls Memorial Hosp.
Clubs: Buffalo, NiagaTa. Engineers (N. Y. City). Ad-
dress: Niagara Falls, N. Y.


Sec. Queen ins. Co. of America; b. Astoria, U [., x. v.,
Sepl ",. 1868; ed. public an. I private sehs. Entered x.
Y. City Dep't of Queen Ins. Co.. of Liverpool I
1884, ami has ever sine,, been in service of thai co.,
flrsl in office work, later in surveying and as ass't
sol ag'l in N. E.; afterward sp'l agt of company in
N. E.; sp'l ag't, 1892-1900, when appt'd to r*r,
Office as sec. of co. Address: 84 William St.. N. Y.


Physician; b. San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 22, 1870;
s. Myron de M. and Elizabeth (Fourman) Baruch;
-rad. Columbia Univ., M.D., 1SS9: Univ. of Tubingen.
M.D., 1891; studied at Univs. of Munich, Berlin, Paris.
Prof, [bacteriology and pathology Univ. of State or
X. Y.; prof, bacteriology and therapeutics, Metropoli-
tan Post-graduate Med. Sen.; consulting physician to
Hosp. for Deformities and Joint Diseases, and to the
Philanthropin Hosp. Mem. Am. Med Ass'n N Y.
state Med. Sue., X. Y. County Med. Soc, Acad. Pathol.
Science. Greater N. Y. Med. Ass'n, Manhattan Med.
Soc, Med. Jurisprudence Soc; mem. lnternat. Tuber-
culosis Congress at Paris and at Washington, D. C.
Author of numerous medical essays and treatises;
orator on numerous occasions of public importance
Unitarian. Mem. Columbia Univ. Alumni Ass'n- pres.
German Scientific Club; a founder of German Uni-
versities Alumni Ass'n; chm'n Liederkranz Soc. etc
Address: 57 E. 77th St., N. Y. City.


in. ainsneimer; cniaren: Elsa, Mai guerite. Charles J.
Jr., and Harriet. Pres. Prospect Realty Co.. Rox*burv
Realty Co., Congar Construction Co.; v.-p. Nat. Ass'n
of Wool Fibre Mf'rs: sec. and treas. The Basch <&
Greenfield Co. Dir. Hebrew Edn'l Soc, of Newark,
N. J. Address: 15 W. 82d ISt., N. Y. City.


Prof, chemistry, Coll. City ,of N. Y.; 'b. Noxubee Co.
Miss., June IS, 1870; s. Charles and Augusta Louisa
(Johnston) Baskerville; ed. Univ. of Miss., 1886-1887;
Univ. of Va.. 1S88-1890; Vanderbilt Univ.,-1891; Univ
of Berlin, 1S93; B.S. and Ph.D., Univ of N C m.'
Raleigh. N. C, April 24, 1895, Mary Boylan Snow
children: Charles, 5th, b. 1S96; Elizabeth McCulloeh,
b. 1901. Instr. 1892-1894, ass't prof., 1895-1900- prof,
.chemistry and dir. chem. laboratory, 1900-1904 Univ.
of N. C. : since 1904 prof, chemistry, Coll City of N
Y. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc. (mem. council), Am Elec-
trochem, Soc, Soc Chem. Industrv, Deutsche Chemi-
sche Gesellschaft; fellow London Chem. Soc, A.A.A.S.
(v.-p. Section C, 1902-1903); N. Y., Washington and
N. C. Acad. Sciences, Franklin Inst. (Philadelphia).
Investigator, especially in inonganic chemistry dis-
coverer of the chemical elements carolinium and
berzelium: researches in radium and other radio-ac-
tive substances; investigations on oil shales and
chemistry of anesthetics. Author: School Chemistry
and Key to Same, 1898; Radium and Its Application
in Medicine: General Inorganic Chemistry 1909;
Laboratory Exercises. 1909; Progressive Problems in
Chemistry: Qualitative Analysis; Municipal Chemis-
try. Cont'b'r to technical and edn'l publications In-
dependent (Democrat; Eoiscopalian. Mem. Phi Beta
Kappa. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kane Lodge. Mem.
Southern Soc. N. C. Soc. Virginians, Verein Alter
Deutsche Studenten. Verein Deutsche Chemiker etc
Recreations: Athletics, fishing, golf, hunting Clubs-
Century, Graduates, Chemists. City College, Church,
Engineers. Address: College City of New York N
Y. City.


Merchant; b. Lee. Mass., Oct. 9, 1862: s Ansel and
Elizabeth (Johnson) Bassett; ed. Lee High Sch.- m.
June 14, 1893, Carolyn Beardsley Hulbert; children-
Hulbert Dymoke, b. Oct. 17, 1894; Elizabeth Hulbert,
b. May 3. 1903. Entered employ of H. C. Hulbert &
Co.. Sept.. 1S79; admitted to firm Jan. 1, 1890; formed
firm of Bassett & Sutphin. 1900. taking over business
of H. C. Hulbert & Co.. and M. Plummer & Co.; bought
nut firm of B. & O. Myers, and took over husiness,
Feb.. 1910. V.-p. and chm'n Finance Com., East River
Savings Inst'n: dir. and mem. Exec, and Finance Corns.,
Celluloid Co.; dir. Importers & Traders Nat. Bank, U S
Life Ins. Co., Trustee Franklin Trust Co. Republican;
Episcopalian. Life mem. Soc Colonial Wars N E.
Soc. in N. Y. Clubs: Hamilton, Drug & Chemical,
Baltusrol Golf. Residence: 49 Prospect Park W
Brooklyn. Address: 54-60 Lafayette St., N Y. City.




Lawyer: b. Brooklyn, N, v., Feb. 7, L863; s. Charles
R. and Elvira R (Rogi i i B sett; ed. Hamilton
Coll., A.M., 1880-1882 Imherst Coll.. A.B., 1884; Co-
lumbia Law Son., LL.B., 1886; m. Bath, N. Y.. May
14, 1890, Annie R, Preston; Ave children. Engaged In
practice of law since 1886; now mem. firm Bassett.
Thompson & Gilpatrlc. Mem. Brooklyn B'd ol Ed'n,
1899-1901; Flatbush Local Sch. B'd, 1901-1902; mem.
House of Representatives from 5th N. Y". Dist., 1903-
1905; mem. Public Service Comm'n, First Dist., 1907-
1911; clini n Heights of Buildings Comm'n since 1913.
Residence: 1716 Newkirk Av., Brooklyn. Address: 277
Broadway, X. Y. City.


Civil and hydraulic eng'r; b. Ballston, N. Y"., June
x7, 1861; s. Charles Ralph and Elvira (Rogers) Ba
sett; ed, public schs. of Brooklyn and Watertown, N.
Y.; Sheffield Scientific Sen. (Yale); m. Palmyra, N.

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