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& Cumberland R. R. Co., Globe Express Co., Manhat-
tan R'y Co., 'Mahitou & Pike's Peak R'y Co., Mo.
Pacific R'y Co, New Orleans & Northwestern R. R.,
Pleasant Valley Coal Co. of Utah, Rio Grande Junc-
tion R'y Co., Rio Grande Southern R'y Co., Salt Lake
Union Depot & R. R. Co., St. Louis, Iron Mountain
& Southern R'y Co. 'St. Louis Southwestern R'y Co.,
Texas and Pacific R'y Co., Utah Fuel Co., Wabash
,R R Co, Western Pacific R'y Co.. Western Union
Telegraph Co. AddresS: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


' Investment banker; b. Corning, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1855;
s Edwin Avery and Mary Fletcher (Lee) Jeffery; ed.
in pub. schs. of New Haven, Conn., and Jersey City.
N. J.; m. Jersey City N. J., Frances P. Campbell.
Established printing business Jeffery & Johnson, N. Y.,
but retired to engage in mfg business from which
grew firm of Jeffery & Co., Jersey City, N. J., mf rs
of springs and wire goods; was charter mem., sec.
and treas. Crocker-Wheeler Co., resigning, 1900, to
engage in present 'business of investment securities.
Dir. E. Orange (N. J.) Nai, Bank and Essex Co. (N. J.)
Savings Bank for many years; an organizer and sev-
eral years dir. City Trust Co. of Newark, N. J.,
Citizens Light and Fuel Co., of Albert Lea, Minn.,
Citizens Light and Fuel CO. of South Amboy, N. J.,
Empire Steel and Iro n Co., also dir. Mount Hope
Mineral R. ft. Co.. of N. ; J., Crane Iron Works of
Catasauqua, Pa., Crane R. R. Co. of Pa., and Vic-
toria Coal & Coke Co. Inventor of automatic spring-
making machinery and' several elec. devices. Clubs:
Mosaic, Republican (E. Orange,' N. J.). Address: 80
Broadway, N. Y. City. :


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 27, 1866; s. William
M. and Susan E. (Kitchell) Jelliffe; ed. public schs.
of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Polytechnic, A.B., Coll. Phys.
and Surg. (Columbia), M.D., 1889, A.M., Ph.D., 1900;
m. Dec, 1894, Helena Dewey Leeming. Began practice,
N. Y. Citv, Jan., 1895; spent three years in hospitals
of N. Y. City, Brooklyn, Vienna, Rome, Paris, Berlin,
Munich and London. Visiting neurologist City Hosp.,
adj. prof, diseases of mind and nervous system, post-
grad. Hosp. and Med. Sch., formerly instr. pharma-
cology and therapeutics, Columbia Univ.; formerly
editor Medical News; asso. editor N. Y. Med. Journal;
mn'g editor Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease;
co-editor with W. A. White, Nervous and Mental
Disease Monograph Series, 1908; med. editor Encyclo-
paedia Americana. Made extensive collection of
plants on Long Island, concerning which published a
volume, 1900. Author: Essentials of Vegetable Phar-
macognosy (with Dr. H. H. Rusby), 1895; Morphology
and Histology of Plants (with same), 1899; Notes on
Pharmacognosy, 1902; also minor text hooks. Wrote
chapter on nervous diseases in Butler's "Diagnostics,"
1902; in Osier's Modern Medicines, 1908; Forscheimer's
Therapeutics, 1913; Reference Handbook of Med.
Science, 1912-1913, with W. A. White. Modern Treat-
ment of Nervous and Mental Disease (2 vols.), 1913;
articles on Idiocy and Imbecility and on Death by
Electricity and Lightning in Peterson & Haynes' Text
Book on Legal Medicine. 1903; revised Butler's Materia
Medica, 1902, 1905, and Shaw on Nervous Diseases,
1904; Translation, Dubois; Psychic Treatment of Ner-
vous Disorders, 1907; Grasset, Semi-Insane and Semi-
Responsible, 1908; Payot, Education of the Will, 1909;
Friedmann, Studies in Paranoia, 1910; Plaut, Wasser-
mann Reaction in Psychiatry, 1910; Dejerine, Psy-
choneuroses, 1913; Falk, Psychiatry Among the
Ancients, 1912, 1913. Various articles en nervous and
mental disease. Mem. Am. Neurol. Ass'n, Am. Med.
Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Soc, N. Y. Co. Med. Soc, West
End Med. Soc, N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Neurol.
Soc, N. Y. Psychiatric Soc, Torrey Botanical Club,
Am. Medico-Psychological Ass'n." Address: 64 W. 56th
St., N. Y. City.


Consul; b. S. Carolina; s. James and Cecile (Swinten)
Jenkins; grad. Porter Mil. Acad., Charleston, S. C,
1907; m. Charleston, S. C, Feh. 6, 1905, Charlotte Keith'
Furman; children: Caroline Heyward, b. 1906; James
Douglas, b. 1910. Studied law in Charleston, and ad J
mitted to bar, S. C, 1901, and later to U. S. Dist. and
Circuit Courts. Engaged in newspaper work until
1908; city editor The Greenville (S. C.) News. U. S.
vice-consul at Halifax, 1908; consul at St. Pierre and
Miquelen, 1908-1912; acting British consul, 1910-1912;
consul at Goteborg, Sweden. 1912-1913; Riga, Russia.
1913. Private, Sumter Guards, Charleston, S. C, 1898-
1899; took part in suppression of negro uprising at
Georgetown, S. C. Episcopalian. Recreations: Tennis,
golf. Club: Royal Bachelors (Goteborg, Sweden).
Address: Am. Consulate, Riga, Russia.


Born Weedsport, N. Y., July 28, 1844; s. John S. and
Minerva Porter (Fellows) Jenkins; g.-g.-s. Brig.-
Gen. John Fellows of the Revolutionary Army; ed. in
public schs.; m. Newburyport, Mass., July 11, 18S9,
Adelaide M. Montgomery. Served in Union Army,
private to 1st litut., enlisting at the age of 16 and
serving with but short interval, to end of war. Elected
sec. and sup't of N. Y. Soc. of Prevention of Cruelty to
Ch ldren on its org'n, 1874, and served continuously
35 years; resigned Dec, 1909. Recognized authority
on humane matters; has visited Europe several times
and aided in organizing societies in England, France,
Germanv, Italy. Switzerland and Austro-Hungary.
Life mem. Empire State Soc; life mem. Sons of Revo-
lution; life mem. Mil. Order Foreign Wars, New Eng-
land Soc, Soc. of the Cayuga; life mem. Order of
Jamestown, 1607; life mem. St. David's Soc, New
Hampshire Soc Address: 2880 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Pres. Syracuse Herald Co.; b. Syracuse N. Y., May
5, 1879; d. Arthur (founder of Herald and also prin-
cipal owner and publisher) Jenkins; ed. public schools
and grad. high school of city. On death of father
succeeded to his post as pres. of Herald. Address:
Syracuse, N. Y.


Jurist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 21, 1853; s. Grenville
T. and Persis S. (Smith) Jenks; grad. Phillips Acad.,
Andover, 1871; m. April 29, 1891, Lena Barre. Ad-
mitted to N. Y. Bar, 1877; ass't dist. att'y Kings Co.,
1S84-1886; corporation ciunsel, Brooklyn, 18S6-1893;
judge advocate gen. N. Y., 1891-1895; mem. of Con-



stitutional Convention, 1S95; ass't corp'n counsel
Greater N. Y., 1S9S; elected justice of Supreme Court
of N. Y. for Second Dist., 1898, for terra expiring
Dec. 31, 1912: re-elected for term expiring Dec. 31,
1926; appt'd to Appellate Division, 1900; designation
to that division expired April 4, 1910. Democrat.
Clubs: Hamilton, Brooklyn, Dyker Meadow Golf. Ad-
dress: 8 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Educator, publicist; b. St. Clair, Mich., Sept. 2, 1850;
s. Benjamin Lane and Amanda (Messer) Jenks; ed.
Univ. of Mich., A.B., 187S; A.M., 1879; Univ. of Halle,
Germany, Ph.D., 1885; Univ. f Mich., LL.D., 1903; m.
Aug. 2S, 1884, Georgia Bixltr, of Mt. Mcrris, 111.; chil-
dren: Margaret Bixler, Benjamin Lane, Ernest Ells-
worth. Studied law, admitted to Mich. Bar, 1881;
taught Greek, Latin and German, Mt. Morris (111.)
Coll.; prof polit. science and English literature, Knox
Coll., 1S86-1889; prof, polit. economy and social science,
Indiana Univ., 1889-1891; 1891-1912, prof, economics
and politics, Cornell; since 1912 prof, of government,
dir. of Division of Public Affairs, Sch. of Commerce,
N. Y. Univ.; 1899-1901, expert ag't U. S. Industrial
Comm'n on Investigation in U. S. and Europe of trusts
and industrial combinations and consulting expert
U. S. Dep't of Labor on same subject; 1901-1902, sp'l
comm'r War Dep't, U. S., to investigate question of
currency, labor, internal taxation and police in the
Orient. Mem. B'd Special Advisors on the currency for
Gov't Mexico, 1903; mem. U. S. Gov't Comm'n on In-
ternat. Exchange, visiting Europe and China with
special reference to monetary reform in China, 1903-
1004; mem. U S. Immigration Comm'n, 1907-1910. Pres.
Am. Econ. Ass'n, 1905-1907; mem. National Civic
Federation, Am. Polit. and Social Science, Nat.
Municipal League, Am. Asiatic Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc.
Clubs: Century. National Arts (N. Y. City), Cosmos
(Washington, D. C). Address: 36 Gramercy Park, N.
Y. City.


Banker; b. Philadelphia, 1876; s. William H. and
Hannah M. (Hacher) Jenks; ed. Haverford Coll.,
Haverford, Pa.; m. Isabella F. G. Morton; children:
Thomas Story, b. 1904; Morton, b. 1907; Ann West, b.
1912. Dir. Girard Trust Co., of Philadelphia, Fidelity
Trust Co., of Philadelphia; Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co.,
of Philadelphia, Midland Valley R. R. Co., United Gas
& Elec. Corp'n, Assets Realization Co. Clubs: Ritten-
house (Philadelphia), Union, Metropolitan (N. Y. City).
Residence: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Address: Land
Title Bld'g, Philadelphia, Pa.


Lawyer, author; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 7, 1857; s.
Grenville Tudor and Persis Sophia (Smith) Jenks; ed.
Poly. Inst., Brooklyn, 1874; Yale, A.B., 1878; Columbia
Law Sch., LL.B., 1S80; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1882,
Mary Donnison Ford; children: Dorothy, Pauline, Ama-
bel. Studied art in Paris, France, winter 18S0-1S81; be-
gan law practice in 18S1, and practiced till Nov., 1887.
Joined staff of St. Nicholas Magazine, and remained
till Oct., 1902, since which time has been a profes-
sional writer, contributing to every sort of periodical ,
literature, besides doing much unsigned work and
writing many books. Mem. law firm Jenks & Britton.
Author: Century World's Fair Book; Imaginations, or
Truthless Tales; Boy's Book of Explorations; Galopoff;
Gypsy; Defense of the Castle; Making a Start; A
Little Rough Rider; Great Western Series; Electricity
for Young People; Photography for Young People;
Chemistry for Young People, and other volumes. Mem.
Delta Kappa Epsilon, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Recre-
ations: Sketching, chess, cards. Clulb: Authors. Ad-
dress: Lawrence Park. Bronxville, N. Y.


Insurance mg'r; b. Piermont, N. H., Mar. 27, 1851;
s. W. Langdon and Octavia (Rollins) Jenness; ed.
public schs. ; m. Corning, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1885, Kate M.
Smith. Entered local insurance business 1871, sp'l
agent and adjuster 12 years; ass't sec. -33tna Ins. Co.
of Hartford, 3 years; sec. Underwriters Ass'n of N. Y.
State, 4 years; now mg'r Rochester German Under-
writers Agency, Rochester, N. Y. Traveled in U. S.
and Canada, and made three trips abroad. Episco-
palian. Recreation: Automobillng. Clubs: Genesee
Valley, Automobile of Rochester. Residence: 43 S.
Washington St. Address: German Insurance Bld'g,
Rochester, N. Y.


Publisher; b. New Bedford. Mass., Oct. 18, 1841; s.
Sanford and Julia Ann Jenney; ed. public schools; m.
Dec. 4, 1865, Mary Frank Smith. Was engaged in dry
goods business at Waupun. Wis., 1865-1875; sec.
Statistical Bureau. Nat. B'd Fire Underwriters, 1875;
special agent 10th census of V. S.. having charge of

Division of Fire Ins., special agent lltli census, hav-
ing supervision of all insurance statistics; since 1 s N H ,
with Underwriter Printing & Publishing Co., of which
is now pres. and treas. ; also pres. and publisher of
the weekly Underwriter and Record of Fire Ins. by
States, Live Articles on Special Hazards, The Owl
Book, an Insurance Almanac, Court Decessions, and
pres. Utility Printing Publishing Co. Republican;
Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Trade Press Ass'n; fellow Am.
Statist. Ass'n, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science;
fellow Royal Statist. Soc, England Soc. Am. Authors
(mem. B'd Mg'rs). Clubs: Press, Underwriters (mem.
B'd Mg'rs, N. Y. City), Union League (Brooklyn),
Tuscarora (Grant Mills, N. Y., treas. and chm'n Exec.
Com.). Residence: 29 MODonough St., Brooklyn. Ad-
dress: SO Maiden Lane, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1867; s. Edwin
Sherman and Marie Regula (Saul) Jenney; ed. Prince-
ton Univ., A.B., 18S9; A.M., 1892; studied law in Univ.
of Va. and Cornell Univ.; m. Syracuse, N. Y., April 16,
1895, Nina Bevan, of Chicago. Admitted to bar, 1891;
'practised law at Syracuse, N. Y., 1891-1905; since July
1, 1905, In N. Y. City as general att'y Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western R. R. Co. Democrat; nominee
for presidential elector, 1904. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of
N. Y., Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Sigma Phi fraternity.
First lieut., 1S93-1S96, capt., 1893-1896, 41st Separate
Co., N. G. N. Y. Club: Princeton. Residence: 638 West
End Av. Address: 90 West St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Bennington Center, Vt., Aug. 6, 1853;
grad. Williams Coll.,. S.B., 1872, A.M., 1875; Harvard
Law Sch., LL.B., 1874; N. Y. Univ. Law iSch., N. Y.
City, 1875; m. July 27, 1880, Lila Hall Park, of N.
Bennington, Vt. ; children: Elizabeth, Percy Hall
(Yale, 1904). Frederic B Jr., Edward Phelps. Admit-
ted to N. Y. bar, 1875; mem. law Arm Stetson, Jen-
nings & Russell. Interested as officer or dir. in vari-
ous corporations, including Chicago & Erie R. R. Co.,
N. Y. Trust Co., Internat. Paper Co., Am. Trading Co.,
Hudson & Manhattan R. R. Co., Hudson companies.
V.-p. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. ; mem. Met. Museum of
Art, N. Y. Zool. Soc, New England Soc, Williams
Alumni Ass'n; trustee Williams Coll., Barnard Coll.
Clubs: Century, University, Union League, Metropoli-
tan, Racquet and Tennis, N. Y. Athletic, City, Delta
Kappa Epsilon, Downtown. Citv Midday, Westchester
Country (N. Y.), St. Andrew's Golf, Garden City Golf,
Country. Residence: 86 Park Av. Address: 15 Broad
St., N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City, 1881; s. Frederic B. and
Laura Hall (Park) Jennings; grad. Yale Acad, (class
1904); m. N. Y. City, Jan., 1907, Elizabeth AucMncloss;
children: Percy H., Jr., b. Oct., 1907; Joanna R., b.
Dec, 1908; Elizabeth A., b. Dec, 1912. Has been with
Am. Trading Co. since graduation; now being ass't
sec, ass't treas. and dir.; dir. Bear Spring Co., Grand
Lake Co., Barker Chemical Co., Port Onglis Terminal
Co. Has traveled in U. S. and Europe, China, Japan
and Porto Rico. Republican; Presby'n. Served 5 years
in 7th Reg't. Co. K. Clutos: University, Yale, Garden
City Golf, Richmond County Country, Downtown Ass'n.
Residence: 39 E. 39th St. Address: 25 Broad St., N. Y.


Banker, mf'r; b. Rochester, 1848; s. Edward and
Rosanna (Riley) Jennings; ed. Rochester public schs.;
m. Newark, N. J., Jan. 10, 1900, Mrs. Elizabeth Holt
O'Gorman. Engaged in hardware business several
years; organized Spalding & Jennings Co., steel mf'rs,
1880, later sold out to Crucible Steel Co., of which
was v.-p. until 1905; became pres. of the Carpenter
Steel Co., 1905; pres. Parish Mf'g Co., of Reading; v.-p.
First Nat. Bank of Jersey City; dir. Eastern Steel Co.,
Empire Trust Co., Trust Co. of N. J. Clubs: Engineers.
Lawyers, Essex, Essex Country. Carteret. Residence:
11 Kensington Av., Jersey City. Address: 100 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Physician and surgeon; b. Florida, Orange Co., N. Y.,
July 13, 1864; s. Samuel and Caroline Ellet (Pierson)
Jessup; grad. Princeton, B.S., 1887, Coll. Phys and
Surg., N. Y. City, M.D., 1890; m. 1st, June 16, 1896,
Marian Britton; 2d, Marguerite Claudia Chaffanjon,
Oct. 31. 1906; children: Pierson Day, b. July 27, 1907;
Claudia Eloise, b. June 6, 1911. Surgeon Staten Island
Hosp., S. R. S. Infirmary; physician Sea Side Hosp., St.
John's Guild. Republican; Presbyterian. Pres. 2d
dist. branch of Med. Soc State of N. Y., 1910; Pres.
Richmond Co. Med. Soc, 1906-1907. Vestryman Trinity
Church, New Dorp. Address: New Dorp, S. I., N. Y.




Lawyer, author of Surrogates' Court Practice, 3
editions; b. Beirut, Syria, Asia; s. Henry Harris Jes-
sup, D.D. (55 years a missionary in Turkey), and
Caroline (Bush) Jessup; g\s. of William Jessuip, LL.D.
of Pa., who wrote, with Carl Schurz, the platform on
which Abraham Lincoln was first elected and who
read the platform in the Rep. conv.; prepared at
Syrian Protestant Coll., Beirut and Albany Acad.;
grad. Princeton, A.B., 1886, A.M., 1888, Univ. City of
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Law Inst. Library, Am. Geog.
Chester, Pa., Dec. 15, 1889, Mary H. Stotesbury, of
Philadelphia; five sons. Studied (With and became
partner of Hon. Noah Davis, former presiding justice
of the Supreme Court. Republican; Pres-by'n. Mem.
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Law Inst. Library, Am. Geog.
Soc. Has been trustee of Am. Bible Soc, Am. Seamen's
Friend Soc, Presby'n Church Extension Com., Union
Settlement Ass'n; now trustee B'd of Home Missions.
Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Centurv, Phi Delta Phi, Re-
publican, Fort Orange, Underwriters, Quill, Authors
(London). Address:- 55 Liberty St., N. T. City.


Physician; b. Moravia, Cayuga Co., N. T., March 16,
1865; s. Dr. Charles Carroll and Ellen (Burroughs)
Jewett; grad. Tale, Ph.B.. 1S87; Columbia, M.D., 1890;
graduate student univs. of Berlin, Vienna, Prague and
Graz; m. June 10, 1912, Mrs. Edith Leslie Fraser, of
Inverness. Scotland. Attending physician Erie Co.
Hosp.; clinical pathologist Buffalo Hosp., Sisters of
Charity; practising physician in Buffalo since 1893;
mem. resident staff of Charitv (now City) Hosp., Black-
well's Island, 1890-1891. In Europe doing graduate
work, 1892-1893, and 189S-1S99 in various clinics and
universities. Mem. Am. Med. Soc, Erie Co Med. Soc;
pres. Buffalo Acad. Medicine. 1906-1907. Mem. Buffalo
Tale Alumni Ass'n. Buffalo Ass'n Med. Alumni of Col-
umbia. Clu'b: Saturn. Address: 892 Main St., Buffalo,
N. T.


Manufacturer; b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 14, 1843; s.
John Cotton and Priscilla (Boardman) Jewett; ed.
sens, of Buffalo; m. Oct. 3, 1805, Elizabeth Foster
Danfort'h, of Ann Arbor. Sergeant Co. C, 74th Reg't,
N. T. Vol. in Civil War; brig-gen. N. G. N. T., 1884
Pres. John C. Jewett Mf'g Co., Jewett Refrigerator
Co.; v.-p. Carey Safe Co. Police comm'r, 1894; mayor
City of Buffalo. 1895-1897. Mem. S. A. R., Order of
Pounders and Patriots of America. Address: Buffalo,
N. T.


Educator; b. N. Bangor, Franklin Co.. N. T., Jan. 2,
1852; s. Benjamin F. and Louisa J. (Woodward) Jewett;
grad. Oswego Normal Sch., June, 1876; Univ. Rochester,
B.A., 1881, A.M., 1884; Rochester Theol. Sem., 1885; m.
Fredonia, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1893, Harriet E. Lyon; chil-
dren: Rexford W., b. 1894; Marjorie J., b. 1895; Harold
Alden, b. 1897; Eugene Lyon. b. 1900. Taught Lake
Forest Acad., 188,1-1882: since March, 1886, teaching
in Science Dep't Fredonia State Normal Sch. Independ-
ent Republican. Mem. Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa
Address: Fredonia, N. Y.


Physician; ,b. Bath, Me., June 29. 1852; s. George and
Sarah (Hale) Jewett; ed. In public schs. of Bath, Me.
Mass. Coll. Pharmacy, 1880. Long Island Coll. Hosp '
M.D., 1883; m. 1st, Needham, Mass., April 15, 1875
Emma L. Kingsbury; one s.: Albert Frederic, b. Aug
11, 1876; 2d. Brooklyn, N. T., April 27, 1887, Ella M
Cahaley. Engaged in gen. practice of medicine in
Brooklyn, N. T. Med. insp. Dep't of Health, 1886-1906;
chief insp. Bureau of Contagious Diseases, N T. Dep't
of Health, 1894-1903. Mem. Med. Soc. County of Kings
N. T. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n. Am. Electro-
Therapeutic Ass'n, Associated Physicians of L I
Greater N. Y. Med. Ass'n. Brooklyn Pathol Soc. Mem'
Acanthus Lodge. F. and A. M.; Constellation Chapter,
R. A. M.; Clinton Commandery, K. T., and Mecca Tem-
ple, Mystic Shrine. Address: 282 Hancock St., Brook-
lyn, N. Y.


Merchant; b. Providence, R. I.; s. Clement and
Amanda A. (Osgood) Jewett; m. Rock Island 111
April 5, 1877, Cara G. Gilbert. Was many years mem
firm T. B. Coddington & Co.; now retired. Clubs: Cen-
tury, Church. National Arts. Address: 20 Fifth Av
N. Y. City.


Author: b. Hadley, Mass., Jan. 19, 1843; s. Ediwin and
Elizabeth (Jones) Jewett; grad. Hopkins Acad., Had-
ley, Mass., 1861; served in Civil War from April 26
1861, to August. 1864. in Co. C, 10th Mass. Vol. Inf.
and as lieut. and acting ass't adjt.-gen. Veteran Re-

serve Corps; m. Northampton, Mass., Oct 1, 1867, Sarah
Hart Phelps. Engaged in newspaper work, and was
editor and business mg'r of the Transcript, Holyoke,
Mass., 1867-1873; business mg'r 23 years and publisher.
1873-1899, of Worcester Gazette; editor The Profession,
magazine, N. Y. City, 1901-1902; mn'g editor The
Craftsman magazine, N. Y. City, 1904-1906; since then
engaged in literary work. Author: Fugitive Verse,
1889; The Bunny Stories, 1891; More Bunny Stories,
1900; Memorial of Jonas S. Clark, 1902; Memorial of
Lieut.-Gov. William H. Haile, 1902; Easter Story, 1904;
Christmas Stocking Series, 1905; Little Mother Stories,
10 vols.. 1906-1907; Grandmother Goose Stories, 4 vols.,
1907; Friends of the Hunted, 1910. Contb'r to St.
Nicholas, Youths' Companion, Woman's Home Com-
panion; also much verse under own name and pen
name of Hannah Warner. Companion N. Y. Command-
ery, Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Club: Authors. Ad-
dress: 527 W. 124th St., N. T. City.


Lawyer; b. Piermont, N. T., July 6, 1857; s. Rev.
Dr. A. D. Lawrence and Elizabeth Hail (Dickinson)
Jewett; ed. Rutgers Grammar Sch., New Brunswick,
N. J., Princeton Prep. Sch., M. W. Lyons Collegiate
Inst., N. T. City; Williams Coll., A.M.; Columbia
Univ., LL.B.; m. N. T. City, Dec. 6, 1883, Elise Me-
linda; d. Consul Gen. F. Leepold Schmidt and Me-
linda (Pollen) Schmidt; children: Elizabeth Melinda.
b. Feb. 8, 1886; Augustine David Lawrence, b. March
2R, 1888; Gertrude, b. Jan. 1, 1890; Elise Bache, b. Dec.
27, 1893; George Parbury Pollen, b. Aug. 7, 1896:
Richard William Dickinson, b. May 14. 1899; Robert
Coleman, 'b. March 14, 1902. Engaged in practice
since graduation. Date major and insp. N. G. N. T. ;
Co. K, 7th Reg't. Mem. B'd of Govs., 7th Reg't Vete-
rans, Eng'r Corps, 7th Reg't. Republican; Presby'n;
Mem. Kappa Alpha Soc, Williams Alumni, Sons of
Revolution, Soc. of Colonial Wars. Clubs: Nyack, Busi-
ness Men's (pres.); Army and Navy. 'Residence:
"Water Cress," Nyack, N. T. Address: 30 E. 42d St.,
N. T. City.


Publisher; b. Dayton, Ohio; s. Rev. Edward H. and
Sophia Seymour (Miller) Jewett: grad. Hobart Coll.,
A.B., Phi Beta Kappa, 1890 (M.A.). Mg'r of whole-
sale editorial dep't of D. Appleton & Co. Vet. Co. K,
(10th Co.). 7th Reg't. N G.N.T. Mem. 7th Reg't
Veteran Ass n, Sigma Phi Soc, Ohio Soc. Clubs: St.
Nicholas, The Players, Ardsley. Address: 789 Madison
Av., N. T. City.


Lawyer; b. Buffalo, N. T., March 15 1870; s. Josiah
and Grace (Hall) Jewett; grad. Tale,' B.A., 1891; Co-
lumbia, A.M., 1893; LL.B., 1894; m. Binghamton, N. T.,
Oct. 14, 1896. Helen E. Hallock; children': Kelsey Hall,
b. Nov. 29, 1899: Sherman S., Jr. b. July 7, 1904. Ad-
mitted to bar, 1893; U. S. Com'r Western Dist. of N.
T., since July 1, 1897. Capt. Inf. Retired, N.G.N.T.
Dir. and sec. Jewett & Co., stove mf'rs, Buffalo, N.
T. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. S. A. R., Delta
Kappa Epsilon. Club: Buffalo. Residence: 563 W.
Ferry St. Address: 1000 D. S. Morgan Bld'g, Buffalo,
N. T.


Steamship agent; b. Sweden, 1840; ed. Mt. Carroll
(111.) Sem. Senior mem. firm of A. E. Johnson & Co.,
gen. passenger agents of Scandinavian-Am. Line of
Copenhagen, operating a line of steamers between N.
T. City and Norwegian and Danish ports, the firm
having offices in N. T. City, Boston, Chicago, Minne-
apolis, St. Paul and Seattle. Formerly acting consul
for Sweden in N. T. City; now pres. Swedish Chamber
of Commerce; part owner Nordstjernan, only Swedish
paper in N. T. City; v.-p. Scandinavian Sailors' Tem-
perance Home, Brooklyn; dir. Swedish Lutheran Emi-
grant Home, N. T. City, and Working Women's Home.
Chicago. Royal Swedish Knight of Wasa since 1895;
Royal Danish Knight of Dannebrog since 1905. Ad-
dress: 1 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. Rutland, Vt., Nov. 9, 1877; s. James
Gibson and Mary A. (Rankin) Johnson; grad. A. B.,
Amherst Coll., 1899; m. N. Y. City. 1904, Constance
F., d. Hon. Everett P. Wheeler. Reporter for Com-
mercial Advertiser and Evening Post, 1899-1900; liter-
ary adviser G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1900-1903: on liter-
ary staff, Harper & Bros., 1903-1906; ass't editor
Everybody's Magazine, 1906; mn'g editor Outing
Magazine. 1907; editor Judge, 1908-1909. Pres. Thomp-
son Brown Co., 1909-1913; mg'r Educational Dep't

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