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City, Jan. 25, 1898, Laura Duane Ireland (descendant
of Gen. William Floyd, one of signers of Declaration
of Independence, and Judge James Duane, first mayoT
of N. Y. after Revolution); one son, Henri Pell, b.
1900. Began business with Steiger & Co., at that
time largest mf'rs of lace and embroideries at St.
Gall, Switzerland. Sent to U. S.. 18S3, as sp'l repre-
sentative of co.; also agent for Elsenhut & Co., mf'rs
of Gals, Switzerland, since 1907, known as L. H.
Junod & Co., importers of laces and embroideries.
Recognized as one of the leading authorities in em-
broidery trade, and has made over 50 trips to Europe
for purpose of studying business conditions. Pres.
Swiss Benevolent Soc, 1903-1906, now hon. pres. and
one of trustees. Active in bld'g of Swiss Home, N. Y.
City. Appt'd vice-consul of Switzerland in N. Y.. 1909,
and consul for N. Y., Me., Ni H., Vt., Mass., R. I. and
Conn.. 1912. Recreation: Mountain climbing. Clubs:



Union, Manhattan, Swiss, Ardsley, Deutcher Verein,
N. Y. Athletic, Swiss Alpine (Switzerland). Residence:
337 W. 71st St. Address: 100 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r; b. N. Y. City; s. George and Christina
(Boppel) Just; grad. Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy.
N. Y., C.E., 1SS1; m. Edith L. Quick; children: Ethel,
b. 1S94; George, b. 1895; Dorothy, 'b. 1903. Coram'r
or first bld'g code for Greater N. Y. Identified with
the construction of public buildings and bridges; also
with skeleton steel frame buildings In N. Y. City
from their inception. Pres. The George A. Just Co.
Mem. Am. Soc Civil Eng'rs, Am. Soc. of Mech. Eng'rs,
Rensselaer Soc. Eng'rs, Rensselaer Poly. Inst. Alumni
Ass'n. Clubs. Engineers, Larchmont Yacht. Resi-
dence: Scarsdale, N. Y. Address: Empire Hotel, N. Y.



Banker; b. McConnelsville, Ohio, Sept. 20, 1865; s.
Francis M. and Elizalbeth (Adams) Kahler; ed. Ohio
State Univ., Columlbus, Ohio, class 1S87; m. Dallas,
Texas, Sept. 23, 1S91, Beulah Pace; children: Wood-
land, Beulah. V.-p. Dallas Trust & Savings Bank, U.
S. Bond and Mortgage Co., Carolina Bond & Mort-
gage Co.; dir. Dallas Gas Co.; mem. banking firm
O'Connor & Kahler, bankers. Mem. Phi Delta Theta
fraternity, Ohio Soc. N. Y. Clulb: 'Down Town. Resi-
dence: 565 Park Av., N. Y. City. Address: 49 Wall
St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Mannheim, Germany. Feb. 21, 1867; s.
Bernhard and Emma (Bberstadt) Kahn; ed. in Mann-
heim; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 8, 1896, Addie Wolff; chil-
dren: Maud Emily, b. 1897; Margaret Dorothy, b. 1901;
Gilbert Wolff, b. 1903; Roger Wolff, b. 1907. Mem.
firm of Kuhn, Loob & Co., 'bankers; dir. Equitable
Trust Co., Morristown Trust Co., Union Pacific R. R.
Co., Oregon Short Line R. R. Co., Oregon-Washington
R. R. & Navigation Co.; chm'n Met. Opera Co., Cen-
tury Opera Co.; dir. Boston Opera Co., Chicago Opera
Co., New Theatre Co., Royal Opera Covent Garden,
London. Residence: 8 E. 68th St., and Cedar Court,
Morristown, N. J. Address: 52 William St., N. Y.


Lawyer; lb. N. Y. City, July 30, 1868; s. Charles H.
and Josephine (Conover) Kalbfleisch; grad. Columbia
Univ., A.B., 1891, A.M., 1892; Columbia Law Sch.,
LL.B., 1893; m. Babylon, L I., Oct. 27, 1897, Maud
Kalbfleisch. Admitted to the bar, June, 1893, and
has practised in N. Y. City since that date. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. ; trustee Herman Knapp
Memorial Eye Hosp. Clubs: Grolier, Down Town.
Address: 27 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Journalist; b. Milwaukee, Wis., July 9, 1878; s.
Rudolph and Betty (Wesstls) von Kaltenborn-
Stachan; ed. public schs. of Milwaukee and Merrill,
Wis., and Harvard Univ. (took degree with distinc-
tion in history and polit. science, 1909; winner of
Coclidge Prize in debating, and first Bowdoin Prize
for elocution, commencement speaker, Phi Beta
Kappa); m. Berlin, Germany, Sept. 14, 1910, Baroness
Olga, d. Baron von Nordenflycht, German minister
to Uruguay; one d. ; Olga Anais, b. Aug. 26, 1911.
Lived abroad 1900-1902, and 1907-1908, as sec. of
Harvard-Berlin Professional Exchange. Traveled as
tutor for Vincent Astor, in Europe, W. I. and B.
America, 1909-1910. Now dramatic editor and edi-'
torial writer for Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Publics
lecturer on topics pertaining to journalism and the
drama; was editor-in-chief Harvard Illustrated Maga->
zine; pres. Cosmopolitan Club; mg"r and treas. Dra-
matic Club; v.-p. Deutschtr Verein (at Harvard).!
Enlisted as private in Co. F, 4th Wis. Vol. Inf. at
opening of Spanish-Am. War; mustered out, 1899 as
first sergeant of same company. One of campaign
speakers of Woodrow Wilson Coll. Men's League,
1912. Mem. Poetry Soc. of America. Recreations:
Tennis, swimming. Clubs: Harvard (N. Y.), Long
Island. Residence (city): 109 Montague St., Brook-
lyn (summer): Freeport, L. I. Address: Editorial
Rooms, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, N. T.


Jurist; 'b. N. Y., 1864; elected Justice of the Su-
preme Court for Second Dist. for term expiring Dec.
31, 1923. Address: Co. Court House, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Electrical eng'r; b. St. Petersburg, Russia, Jan. 8,
1876; s. Nikita and Anna (Ivanoff) Karapetoff; ed.
Inst, of Ways of Communication, St. Petersburg,
1897, C.E.; studied in Poly. Inst, of Darmstadt, Ger-
many, 1S99-190O; m. Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 2, 1904, F.
L. Glllmor. Consulting eng'r Russian Gov't dep't oJ
waterways; instr. in elec. eng'rlng In three profes-
sional schools in St. Petersburg; was with Trans-
Siberian R. R.; came to U. S., 1902; with Westing-i
house Electric and Mf'g Co., 1902-1904; ass't prof,
elec. eng'ring, 1904-1908, Cornell Univ., full professor
since 1908. Spent several summers with large elec.
concerns In this country and abroad; consulting eng'r.
Socialist, municipal and state ownership platform.
Fellow Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, A.A.A.S. ; mem. Soc.)
for Promotion of Eng'ring Ed'n. Author: Experi-
mental Elec. Eng'ring; The Electric Circuit; The
Magnetic Circuit; Eng'ring Applications of Higher
Mathematics, and of numerous eng'ring articles^
Studied music (piano); appears in public recitals;
lectured on Wagner and his Music, and Liszt, and on
Chopin; believer in modern practical methaphysics,
such as Christian Science, New Thought, etc. Recre-
ations: Music, public addresses on polit. and ethical
questions. Active In advocating the concentric method
of td'n in eng'ring. Address: Cornell University,
Ithaca, N. Y\


Mechanical and elec. eng'r; b. St. Louis, Mo., Oct.
16, 1872; s. Walter and Elizabeth (Britton) Katte;
ed. Cutler's Sch., N. Y. City; Silbley Coll., Cornell Univ.,
M.E., M.M.E., 1894; m. Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y.,
Jian. 26, 1907, Elva King. Chief eng'r of electric
traction, in charge of the electrical and mechanical
forces engaged in design, construction and opera-
tion of the electric traction system of the N. Y. Cen-
tral & Hudson River R. R. entering N. Y. City. V.-p.
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; Fellow Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs,
Kappa Alpha Soc, R'y Guild, Am. R'y Ass'n, Am.
Elec. R'y Eng'rs Ass'n. Clubs: University, Cornell
University, Transportation. Ardsley. Address: Grand
Central Terminal, N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r (retired); b. London, Eng., Nov. 14, 1830;
s. Edwin and Isabella (James) Katte; ed. King's
Coll. Sch., London; came to America in 1849; m. 1st,
Greensburg, Pa., Dec, 1859, Margaret Jack; 2d, St. Louis,
Mo., Nov., 1870, Elizabeth Pendleton Britton; children;
Walter Jack, Edwin Britton, Adelaide. Was for 51
years engaged in active work of railroad and bridge
construction, 10 years of which was in service of Pa.
R. R. Co., 15 years as chief eng'r of the N. Y. Central
& Hudson River R. R. Co., and 3 and 5 years, respec-
tively, in the same capacity with the N. Y. Elevated
R. R. Co. and the N. Y., West Shore and Buffalo R. R.
Co.; was 4 years erecting eng'r in charge of the con-
struction of the Eads steel arch 'bridge over the
Mississippi River at St. Louis, Mo., and 10 years eng'r
and sec. Keystone Bridge Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa. 3
served in 1861-1862 as constructing eng'r of mil.
bridges and railroads in Md., D. C, and Va., in the
service of the U. S. Mil. R. R. and Telegraph Dep't.
Independent in politics. Constitutional Democrat;
Episcopalian. Mem. Inst. Civil Eng'rs (resigned),
Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Western Soc. Eng'rs (Chicago), 1
Nat. Geog. Soc. Club: Ardsley. Address: 784 Park
Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Mar. 7, 1SG3; s. Jacob H. and
Ester (Schaumburg) Katz; ed. N. Y. City, pulblio
schools, Cooper Inst.; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 22, 1888,
Ettie Barasch; children: Edgar Jesse, b. 1890; Adele,
b. 1893; Herbert Spencer, b. 1894; Jerome Seymour, b.
1898. Was for 25 years instr. in Evening High Sch., of
N. Y. City; elected, in 1SS6, foreign asso. of London
Shorthand Soc; attended as delegate from America!
to tercentenary of Modern Shorthand held in London,
1887. Author of articles and compiler of statistics
on criminality in New York. As sec. Nat. Liberai
Immigration League has taken an active part in the
agitation against further restriction of immigration,
acting as legislative representative of the League in
Washington in 1906. Compiler of tables on Jewish
criminality which were the subject of much discusi
sion in the. Independent and North American Review
as well as in the daily press all over the country, andl
which brought albout the retraction of Police Comm'r
Bingham of N. Y. City of his charge in a magazine
article that there was an undue percentage of crim-
inality among Jews in New York. Dir. Baltimore &
Southern R. R. Co., etc. Republican. Mem. Ethical:
Culture Soc. Chm'n Com. on Evening Schs. of Good)
Gov't Clubs of N. Y. City. Has advocated many re-



forms in evening schools, since adopted by B'ds ol
Ed'n. Mem. Soc. Med. Jurisprudence and of Masonic
and other fraternities. Residence: 249 E. 68th St.
Address: 22 William St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Trenton, N. J., Jan. 23, 1847; s. Peter
and Jane E. (Imlay) Katzenbach; grad. Princeton,
N. J., A.B., 1867, A.M., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D.,
1871; interne Bellevue Hosp., 1871-1873; m. Fleming-
ton, N. J., May 21, 1873, Julia Emery (died De?. 12,
1903); children: Anne Emery Katzenbach, to. 1874; L.
Emery, b. 1880. Prof, clinical medicine N. Y. Poly-
clinic Sch. and Hosp.; visiting physician to Minturn
Hosp. Preshy'n. Mem. N. Y. Acad, of Medicine, N
Y. County Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med.
Ass'n Soc, Alumni Bellevue Hosp., N. Y. Clinical Soc,
Physicians' Mutual AW Ass'n (trustee). Clubs: Uni-
versity, Princeton. Address: The Wyoming, 7th Av.
and 55th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, and comm'r Dep't of Taxes and Assess-
ments in N. Y. City. Address: 195 Broadway, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 12, 1S57; s. Samuel and
Rosalie (Mayer) Kaufman; ed. Anthon's Sch., Colum-
bia Grammar Sch., Cornell Univ., and Columbian Univ.,
Washington, D. C; rn. N. Y. City, Feb. 17, 1892, Amy
L. Nathan; one son, Gerald L. Has been in gen. prac-
tice in N. Y. City since admission to the N. Y. State
Bar 1884. Democrat. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
S. R. State of New York. Club: Reform. Address:
101 W. 80th St., N. Y. City.


Civil engineer; b. Allegheny City, Pa., Feb. 14, 1859;
s. Simon and Sibilla (Marka) Kaufman; ed. Rensselaer
Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y., C.E., 1880; m. April, 1895,
Sidonia Stirn. Eng'r and builder of bridge across the
Allegheny River at Pittsburgh, 1S90; in same capacity
in the construction of bridges at Cincinnati and
Wheeling in 1891 and 1S92, and at Peoria, 111., in 1899;
was constructor on Long Island R. R. Subway, At-
lantic Av., Brooklyn, completed in 1904; contractor for
construction of Brooklyn anchorage of Manhattan
Bridge across 'East River. Mem. Frawley, Kaufman
Contracting Co., eng'rs and contractors for public
work. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Am. Soc. for Test-
ing Materials, "Nat. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Engineers, Har-
monie. Address: 251 W. 95th St., N. Y. City.


Banker; >b Ursino, N. J., Feb. 27, 1862; s. John and
Lucy (Halst'ed) Kean; m. Katherine Winthrop; chil-
dren: John, Robert Winthrop. Pres. and dir. First
Nat. Bank, Perth Amboy, N. J.; mem. firm of Kean,
Taylor & Co.; pres. and dir. Kean, Van Cortlandt &
Co.* Realty Co.; dir. Elizabethtown Gas Light Co.,
Elizabethtown Water Co., Federal Trust Co. (Newark,
N. J.), Hackensack Water Co., Nat. State Bank (Eliza-
beth, N. J.), North Am. Exploration Co. (Ltd.), Poca-
hontas Collieries Co., Rahway Gas Light Co., West
Hudson County Trust Co. (Harrison, N. J.). Clubs:
Union, Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, Midday, St. An-
thony, Down Town, N. Y. Athletic, Riding, Metropolitan
(Washington, D. C). Residence: 25 E. 37th St. Ad-
dress: 30 Pine St., N. Y. City.


Banker, ex-U. S. Senator; b. Ursino, N. J., Dec. 4,
1852; s. John and Lucy Kean; ed. private sch., Yale
Coll., class 1876; grad. Columbia Coll. Law Sch., 1875;
A.M., Yale Univ., 1890. Admitted to N. J. bar 1877.
Pres. Nat. State Bank of Elizabeth, Elizabethtown
Water Co., Elizabethtown Gas Co.; treas. and dir.
Pacific Coast Co.; dir. Securities Co.; trustee Atlas Ins.
Co , Ltd. of London. Elected to 48th and 50th Con-
gresses; chm'n Rep. State Com., 1891, 1892, and Rep.
candidate for Gov., 1892; mem. com. to revise judiciary
system of State; nominated by acclamation and
elected U. S. Senator, 1890; re-elected. 1905, for term
expiring 1911. Residence: Ursino, N. J. Address: 115
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. Engaged in practice as
lawyer in N. Y. City"; dir. North Shore Branch and
gen. solicitor Long Island R. R. Co.; dir. the Atlantic
Av. Elevated R. R. Co., Glen Cove R. R. Co., Glendale
and East River R. R. Co., Jamaica & South Shore R.
R Co., the Long Island Consolidated Elec Cos.. Mon-
tauk Steamboat Co. (Ltd.), Montauk Water Co.. Nassau
County R'y Co., N. Y. & Rockaway Beach R'y Co.,
N. Y., Brooklyn & Manhattan Beach R'y Co., Ocean

Electric R'y Co., Prospect Park & Conev Island R. R.
Co., West Jamaica Land Co. (Ltd.), Huntington R. R.
Co., Northport Traction Co. Residence: 470 Washing-
ton Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: Pa. Station, Seventh
Av. and 32d St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Salem N. J., July 27, 1849; s. Anthony
Q. and Elizabeth (Miller) Keasbey; attended Columbia
Coll. one year; grad. Princeton Coll., A.B., A.M., 1869,
1872; Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1871; m. Newark, N. J.
Oct. 22, 1885, Eliza G. Darcy. Admitted to bar of n!
J., 1872, and engaged in practise in Newark; mem.
firm Edward Q. & George M. Keasbey. Author: Elec-
tric Wires in Streets and Highways, 1896, 1900.
Contb'r to legal periodicals. Pres. Corp'n Manual Co.,
N. Y. City; dir. North Am. Co., N. Y. City; Lamson Co.,
Boston; Standard Rice Co., N. Y. City; Kearny Land
Co., N .Y. City; mg'r Howard Savings Inst., Newark.
Mem. Assembly of N. J., 1S83-1884. Republican; Epis-
copalian. Mem. Am. Bar Aas'n, N. J. State Bar Ass'n.
Mem. B'd of Trustees of Episcopal Fund, Diocese of
Newark. Trustee Hosp. of St. Barnabas, Newark.
Clubs: Harvard (N. Y.), Harvard (N. J.), Essex (New-
ark), Morristown, Morris County Golf. Residence:
Morristown, N. J. Address: 9 Clinton St., Newark,
N. J.


Manufacturer; b. Newark, X. J., Jan. 16, 1859; s.
Anthony Q. and Edwina L. (Miller) Keasbey; ed.
Xerwark (N. J.) Acad., private schs. ; m. Newark, X. J,
April 18, 1SS3, Charlotte Condit Lewis; children: Ed-
wina L. (Mrs. Jasqucs Bramhall), b. 1885; Dorothv M.
(Mrs. S. Y. D'Hommedieu), b. 1886; Marjorie L. (Mrs.
J. Martin Van Harlingen), b. 1890. Commenced busi-
ness with Mutual Life Ins. Co. at age of 17, remain-
ing 3 years; mg'r of bank in Colo., 2 years; in 1883
became associated with Raritan Hollow and Porous
Brick Co., of Keasbey, N. J., as sec. ard treas.; after-
ward became, successively, v. -p. and rres. of the co.
In 1902 became v. -p. and Eastern mg'r Nat. Fire-
proofing Co.; i..lso pres. Am. Clay Products Co., Am.
Vitrified Conduit Co.; v.-p. H. B. Camp Co. Repub-
lican. Recreations: Riding, driving, automobiling.
Club: Essex County Country. Country home: "Holm-
wood," Orange, N. J. Address: 949 Broadway, X. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, April 29, 1872; s. James P.
and Catherine E. (Duncan) Keating; ed. De La Salle
Inst., 1888; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1893; final
honors in English language and literature, mathe-
matics and constitutional history; legal ed'n in Law
Sch., Univ. City of N. Y., and N. Y. Law Sch.; m. N. Y
City, June 21, 1899, Mary Loretta Murphy. Ass't clerk
of Gen. Term, N. Y. Supreme Court, First Judicial
Dep't, 1894-1896; assignment clerk, N. Y. Supreme
Court, First Judicial Dep't, 1896-1901: mem. law firm
Keating & Squiers, 1897-1901; delegate to various N.
Y. State Dem. Convs. Catholic Mem. Ass'n Bar City
of N. Y., Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Upsilon, Knights of
Columbus and various local social and political org'ns.
Recreations: Riding, golf. Clubs: Nat. Democratic,
Columbia Univ., Graduates, N. Y. Athletic, Catholic,
Englewood Golf. Residence: 217 W. 136th St. Ad-
dress: 27 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 28, 1S53: s. John and
Katharina (Kremer) Keck; grad. Coll. Citv of N. Y.,
B.S., 1872; Columbia Univ., LL.B., 1S73; unmarried.
Since graduation in 1875 engaged in practice of law in
N. Y. City (except period of war service), also serv-
ing occasionally as referee in cases submitted to him.
In Spanish-Am War was major 3d Battalion, 71st N.
Y. Vols.; served in battles of Las Guasimas, and took
part in battle of San Juan Hill; for bravery in latter
action nominated to brevet rank of lieut.-col.; en-
gaged with battalion at siege of Santiago until its
surrender, and on several occasions was placed in
command of reg't; after return of reg't to Montauk
Point comm'd capt. 42d U. S. Vol. Inf., and served with
that reg't in the Philippines; engaged in skirmishes
at San Antonio and Lumbong, in Laguna Province,
Island of Luzon; was in command of towns of Paslg
and Mariquina, where he instituted in large measure
civil gov't; assisted in negotiation leading to the sur-
render of Gen. Licerio Geronimo, a prominent Filipino
gen., by which a large section of Rizal Province, of
the Island of Luzon, was brought to a condition of
tranquillity: for services in this connection was highly
commended by dist. comd'r; was presented by. com-
panions in arms in Cuba with a costly sabre and belt.
Past Dep't Comd'r Spanish-Am. War Vets.. State of
N. Y.; recorder-in-chief Naval and Military Order,



Spanish-Am. War, and prominently connected with
manv other mil. org'ns. Public lecturer. Sec. A. & N.
Realtv Co. Republican. Mem. Kane Lodge 454, F. &
A. M. : Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Clubs: Army and
Nayy. X. Y. Athletic. Address: 20 Broadway. N. Y.


Jurist: b. Johnstown. Fulton Co. N. Y.. Nov. 9,
1845; s. Isaac and Eliza Ann (Burns) Keck: ed. pub-
lic schools. Clinton (N. Y.) Liberal Inst.. Whltostown
(N. Y.) Sem.: m. 1st. Johnstown. June 10. 1874. Jennie
A Klblbe: 2d, Detroit. Mich.. Sara R. Rlggs; one d
by 1st marriage: Flora de< Fon Claire. Admitted to
bar at Gen. Term of Supreme Court at Schenectady.
N. Y.. April 8. 1869: associated with his preceptors,
under name of Wells. Dudley & Keck, 1S69-1S77: with
Philip Keck until 1883; elected dist. att'y of Fulton
Co.. 1S74: re-elected in 1877: elected co. judge and
surrogate. 1883: was re-elected and has held the of-
fice since. Republican. Served In Civil War as mem.
Co C. 77th Reg't, N. Y. Vols. Comd'r Martin Mc-
Mahon Post 257. G. A. R.. 20 years: mem. St. Pat-
rick's Lodge 4. F. and A. M. : Johnstown Chapter.
Holy Cross Commandery. K. T., Gloversville. N. Y.
Residence: 412 S. William St Address: Surrogate's
Office. County Bld'g. Johnstown, N. Y.


Clergyman: grad. Charlotte Hall Mil. Acad.. St
Mary Countv, Md. : St. John's Coll.. Annapolis, Md..
B.A.. 1881. MA.. 1888 (D.D.. 1908): Gen. Theol. Sem..
S.T.B.. 1887. Ordered deacon, "by Bishop Welles. 1888,
ordained priest by Bishop McLaren. 1889, In ministry
of .Episcopal Church. Formerly rector Immannel Ch..
Racine. Wis.; St. Clement's Ch., Greenville. Pa.: St.
George's Ch.. Leadville, Colo.: senior curate St. John's
Chapel. Trinitv Parish. N. Y. City. 1894-1908; rector
Ch. of Atonement, 17th St. near 5th Av Brooklyn,
1908-1910: elected rectoT of St. Michael's Ch.. N. Y.
City, but declined the election: now ass't Christ Ch..
also engaged In literary work. Address: 4 40 Fifth
St. Brooklyn. N. Y.


Banker: b. Auburn. Cayuga Co.. N. Y.: s. Delos Mil-
ton and Catherine Gould (Taylor) Keeler; m. New-
port. Ky.. Sept. 6, 18SS. Martha Wilson Taylor. Cash-
ier Nat. Bank of Auburn, N. Y. Mem. B'd of Health.
City of Auburn, N. Y 1905-1908: Comm'r Public
Health. City of Auburn. 1908-1909. Address: IS Nel-
son St.. Auburn. N. Y

Lawyer: <b. Canton. N. Y., Dec. 9, 1878: s. John
Clarence and Ada Warner (Servis) Keeler: grad. Can-
ton (N. Y.) High Sch.. 1895; Williams Coll., A.B., 1899:
m. June 7. 1905. Caroline Louise McCrea; one s.: John
McCrea. Admitted to baT of N. Y. State. 1902. Coun-
sel to corp'n (Village of Canton). 1904-1908. Chm'n
Rep. Town Com.. 1904-1911; appt'd sp'l county judge
St. Lawrence Countv. Jan., 1912. Mem. Ren. County
Com. since 1912. Eniscopalian. Clubs: The Club,
Citizens. Stillwater (Canton). Century (Ogdensburg).
Address: Canton. N. Y.


Banker; h. Moravia. N. Y. Feb. 24. 1842: s. Thomp-
son and Eliza (Allee) Keeler: ed. schs. of Moravia:
m. 1st. Hamilton. N. Y.. Aug. 16. 1865, Fannie M.
Smith: 2d. Moravia, Nov. 4. 1S75. Marv C. Huntington:
children: Ralph R. (by first wife), Lynn H. Pres. and
dir. First Nat. Bank. Moravia: trustee Auburn Sav-
ings Bank; dir. Moravia Nat. Bank. Cayuga County
Nat Bank. Served as sheriff of Cayuga Co. 3 years.
Republican: Congiegntionalist. Address: Auburn.
N. Y.

Consul: b. Detroit. Mich.. April 12, 1878: s. James
T. and Henrietta (Rovle) Keena; ed. TJniv. of Mich.:
m. Chicago, Aug. 18. 1906. Eleanor Clarke: children:
Shannon, b. June 24. 1910: Pierrepont Williams, b.
Mav 20. 1912. Appt'd consul at Chihuahua, Mexico.
1909. and Florence. Italy, since 1910. Served on IT.
S. S. Yosemite, during Spanish-Am. War. Address:
Am. Consulate. Florence, Italy.

Banker: s. James R. (Wall St. financier) and Sara
(Daingerfield) Keene. Was associated with his
father not only in business but also on the turf,
where they were leaders for many years. He is
known here and abroad as one of the most acccom-
plished and successful of gentlemen riders; one of
most prominent members of Rockaway Hunt Club.
Clubs: Racquet and Tennis, Turf and Field, Automo-
bile of America. Meadow Brook. AddTess: Cedar-
hurst. .L. I.. N. T.


Clergyman; b. Faibius, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1863; s. Sea-
burv B. and Melvlna Esther (Andrews) Keeney; ed.
Wyoming Sem., 1882; Syracuse Univ., A.B., 1S86, Ph.M,
1S8S, D.D., 1900; m. Ellenville, N. Y Aug. 3, 1886;
Georgia S. Keeney; one d. ; Dorotha Lillian, b. May 2,
1896. Methodist. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon and Phi
Beta Kappa fraternities. Trustee Syracuse Univ. Ad-
dress: 603 University Av., Syracuse, N. Y.

Banker; b. Saugerties, N. Y Dec. 22, 1875; s. Thomas
B. and Etta F. (Thompson) Keeney; ed. private sch.;
m. Saugerties, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1897. Mary E. Adams;
children: Beatrice A., Frances E. Mem. Saugerties
Jewelry Co.; cashier Saugerties Bank; chief eng r
Saugerties Fire Dep't; ipres. Robert A. Snyder Hose
Co. Band. Democrat; mem. Dutch Reformed Ch.
Recreations: Fishing, automobiling, .bawling. Clubs:
Saugerties, Saugerties Democratic (treas.). Resi-
dence: 108 Market St. Address: 258 Main St., Sauger-
ties, N. Y.

Chairman B'd of Dirs. Columbia-Knickerbocker
Trust Co.; b. Lockport, N. Y., Feb. 26. 1861; s. Charles
and Caroline (Crockett) Keep; grad. Harvard Coll.,
AB., 1882; Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1885; m. Buf-
falo N. Y., May 17, 1894: children: Eleanor Williams,
b 1896; Martha Gibson, b. 1898. Lawyer at Buffalo,
N Y, 1885-1903; ass't sec. of the Treasury, May 26.
1903-Jan., 1907; sup't of hanks, N. Y. State, Jan. -July,

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