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Edn'l Alliance Univ. Settlement. Recreations: Riding
motoring, tennis. Clubs: Catholic, Nappa Tandv Har-
mony, Gotham. Residence: 230 W. 11th St., N. Y., and
East Orange, N. J. Address: 302 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Author; b. Girard, 111., Mar. 27, 1858; d. James Gard-
ner and Mary Ann (Purdum) Finch; grad. Univ of
Kan., A.B., 1881, A.M., 1884; m. Boston, 1885, Allen
Kelly; one son: Kherwin Finch, lb. 1895. After grad-
uation engaged in newspaper work in Boston, N. Y.
City, Troy, N. Y., Fall River, Mass., San Francisco
and Los Angeles. Author: Hoops of Steel; The Dela-
field Affair; Rhoda of the Underground; Emerson's
Wife, and other Western stories; The Fate of Felix
Brand; also many short stories and magazine articles
on art and economic topics. Visited New Zealand
and Australia, 1905, making study of social and econo-
mic legislation and conditions, and published num-
erous magazine and newspaper articles on these
subjects. Since 1906 on staff of N. Y. Times Saturday
Review of Books. Recreation: Nature study. Mem.
N. Y. Women's University. Address: 324 W. 96th St.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, April 29, 1856; s. Col. P. D.
and Mary E. (Gaffney) Kelly; ed. Coll. City of N. Y.,
and Columbia Coll. Law Sch., LL.B.. 1878; m. Philadel-
phia, Nov. 24, 1890, Mary de Lacy Reed; children:
Warren, b. 1892; Russell, b. 1893; Howard, b. 1896.
Admitted to bar, 1878, and since then practising law
in N. Y. City. Clubs: N. Y. Athletic, Democratic. Ad-
dress: 45 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Sculptor; ib. N. Y. City. July 30. 1855: s. Patrick Paul
and Julia Finley (Golden) Kelly; of Scotch and Irish

parentage; studied wood engraving with Harper &
Bros., and drawing at Acad, of Design; one of found-
ers Art 'Students' League. His sculptural work, exclu-
sively historical, is represented by statuettes and
busts from SUtings of Grant, Sherman, Hancock,
Hooker, Warren and principal corps commander of
Civil War, and Admirals Dewey, Clark, Schley, and
the fleet captains during Spanish-Am. War; 6th N. Y.
Cav. and Gen. Buford at Gettysburg; Troy's Soldiers'
Monument, The Call to Arms; Monmouth battle monu-
ment, 'bearing five panels, Molly pitcher, Wayne's
Charge, Washington rallying his troops, Council of
War, and Ramsay defending his guns; panel of Schuy-
ler and Gates for the Saratoga 'battle monument; co-
lossal equestrain statue of Gen. Fitz John Porter
at Portsmouth, N. H., with panels of Malvern Hill and
Belen Gate, Mexico; bronze statuettes Sheridan's Ride,
Paul Revere and Col. Roosevelt at San Juan Hill;
bronze panel of battle of Harlem Heights, now in
Columbia University; Washington at Valley Forge,
in Y. M. C. A. Among prominent New Yorkers who
have posed for him are C. H. Haswell. Generals Sheri-
dan, Schofield, Doubleday, Merrit, Webb, Admirals
Worden, Sampson, Philip, Capt. Sigsbee and ex-Pres.
Roosevelt. Address: 318 W. 57th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; *>. St. Cloud, France, March 5, 1884; s. Ed-
mond and Fannie (Barton) Kelly; ed. Groton Sch.,
Harvard Coll., A.B., class of 1909; N. Y. Law Sch.:
m. Fitchburg. Mass., Oct. 19. 1912, Charlotte B. Crock-
er. Practised law in N. Y.. now mem. firm S. G. Archi-
bald, internat. lawyers. Clubs: City Club of New York,
Cercle de l'lsle de Puteau. Residence: 33 Boul. Lannes.
Address: 82 Boul, Hausmann. Paris. France.


Attorney; b. Fulton. N. Y., Jan. 1, 1868; s. Albert and
Marv A. (Lincoln) Kellv; ed. Fulton High Sch.. 1889:
grad. Cornell Univ. Law Sch.. LL.B., 1892; m. Syracuse,
N. Y., Sept. 30, 1902, Marion E. Earle. Mem. Onondaga
County Bar Ass'n. Phi Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs:
Citizens (Syracuse), Cornell. Residence: 750 Euclid
Av. Address: 925 University Block, Syracuse, N. Y.


Pres. Fifth Nat. Bank, N. Y. City; b. N. Y. City, Jan.,
1847; grad. Coll. City of N. Y., A.B.. 1868, Bellevue
Hosp., Med. Coll., M.D., 1871; m. 1st, 1873. Julia Davis;
2d, 1897. Emma Barton Riley. Club: N. Y. Athletic.
Residence: 3 E. 73d St. Adress: 131 E. 23d St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.. April 13, I860; s. William
and Mary Kelly; ed. in Brooklyn pub. and private
sehs.; m. Brooklyn, 1883. Elizabeth Scott; admitted
to N. Y. Bar, 1881, and engaged in gen. practice in N.
Y. City and Brooklyn, 1SS1-1903; elected, 1903, justice
Supreme Court State of N Y., for Second Dist.. for
term expiring Dec. 31, 1917. Democrat. Residence:
292 St. James Place, Brooklyn. Address: County Court
House, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Physician; b. Farmingion, Conn., Nov. 19. 1S50, of
English descent; s. Rev. Charles and Eliza (Boyd)
Kelsey; grad. Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1870, A.M., 1S90:
Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D., 1873. Served as house
surgeon St. Luke's Hosp. for several years. Ass't
demonstrator in anatomy Coll. Phys. and Surg. En-
gaged in private practis'e as a surgeon; best known
on account of work in his specialty, diseases of the
Intestines. Formerly prof, diseases of rectum, Univ.
of Vt. and at the N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and
Hosp., and prof, abdominal surgery and later prof,
gen. surgery at latter coll., in which is still a dir.,
though confining himself entirely to private prac-
tise. Author of standard text-books on his specialty.
Asso. editor Annual of the University Medical
Sciences. Mem. N. Y. State Med. Soc, N. Y. City Med.
Soc, Am. Acad, of Medicine, and various other med.
societies. Address: 44 E. 29th St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 23, 1S56; s. Court-
land and Sarah (Moyt) Kelsey; grad. Yale Univ., A.B.,
1878, A.M., 1S80; Hamilton Law Sch.. 1SS0: m. Bridge-
port, Dec. 1, 1885, Elizabeth B. Tomlinson. Admitted
to practise of law, 1S80, N. Y. City, practising 3 years;
pres. Title Guarantee & Trust Co. since 1S91. Pres.
Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co.; dir. Westchester &
Bronx Title & Mortgage Guaranty Co., Corn Exchange
Bank, Mechanics & Metals Nat. Bank, Lincoln Trust
Co., U. S. Life Ins. Co., Home Ins. Co.. Realty Associ-
ates. Republican; Presby'n. Fellow Yale Univ. Corp'n.
Clubs: Yale, Railroad, University. Residence: E.
Orange. N. J. Address: 176 Broadway. N. Y. City.




Merchant, nurseryman; b. Ogden, -Monroe Co., -N. v.,
ApTil 25, 1S5U; s. Henry and Olive Cornelia (Trow-
bridge) Kelsey; ed. public schs.; m. Waverly, N. Y.,
Ella Abigal Butts; children: Frederic Trowbridge, b.
1887; Ronald Butts, b. 1892. One of the few men
who have succeeded in establishing a successful nur-
sery business in N. Y. City. Has traveled extensively
abroad and in this country. Always active in civic
affairs. Chm'n of committee which framed the N. J.
(Municipal) Shade Tree Comm'n Law of 1S93; also
originator of and chm'n of committee which framed
first Park Comm'n Act of Essex County, N. J., (1894).
Mem. comm'n which prepared Park Comm'n charter
passed by legislature, 1S95, under which law the
Essex County park system was established. Chm'n
com. of (McKinley and Dingley) tariff; also mem.
com. interested in preparation and passage of present
N. Y. law for fruit and nursery inspection. Chm'n
of com. which framed first limited franchise law
(1905) proposed in N. J. V.-p. First Essex County-
Park Comm'n and one of five comm'rs empowered to
Inaugurate and develop Essex Co. (N. J.) park system
Author: The First Country Park System 1905. Chm'n
com. for preparing amendment to corp'n laws of N. J.,
1906. Independent Republican. Mem. Am. Civic Ass'n
(life mem.), N. E. Soc of Orange (pres. 1902-1903),
Am. Forestry Ass'n, N. J. Hist. Soc; mem. Am. Nur-
serymen's Ass'n. Clubs: Railroad (N. Y. City), Civics
(Orange, N. J.). Residence: Orange, N. J. Address:
150 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Insurance manager; b. St. Mary's, Ohio, 185S. Began
insurance experience in an agency at Denver, Colo..
1SS0; became special agent for N. Y. Underwriters
Agency, 18S1, later special agent in Iowa and after-
ward in Indiana for Ins. Co. of N. America and Penn-
sylvania Fire Ins. Co.; ass't mg'r at Chicago of West-
ern Dep't Royal Ins. Co.. and has been in service of
the Aachen- and Munich Fire Ins. Co. of Aix-la-
Chapelle since 1897, when began to organize its West-
ern Dep't, and since 1902 has been V. S. mg'r for same
company. Address: SO Maiden Lane. N. Y. City.


Artist, illustrator; b. Sacramento, Calif., Jan. IS,
1861; ed. in public, schs. of N. Y. City; m. Sarah
Briggs, of N. Y. City. Has been cartoonist on several
N. Y. papers, his delineations of negro and humorous
characters being notable, as well as his work in illus-
tration; now cartoonist Harper's Weekly. Club:
Lamtis. Address: Rochelle Pk., New Rochelle, N. Y.


Architect; b. Oak Lane, Philadelphia, June 14, 1S74;
s. Rev. Sam T. and Sophia A. (Baker) Kemble; grad.
Univ. of Penn., B.S., 1895; Drew Theol. Sem., B.D.,
1898; m. Oct. 12, 1904, Ada H. Johnson; children: Will-
iam Edmund Kemble, b. 1907; Karelsen A., b. 1912.
Architect of several churches and asso. architect
of Rockaway Beach Hosp.; also one of the developers
of Rockaway Beach and North Yonkers laying out
the streets and marketing the plots. Pres. Pinecrest
Co.; dlr. Rockaway Land Co. Democrat. Club: Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania. Author: Pitted Against
Anarchists (novel), and some magazine stories. In-
ventor of accounting system and economic lock; now
carrying on investigation into the laws of vibration.
Address: 1121 N. Broadway. Yonkers, N. Y.


Economist, educator; b. Scranton, Pa., June 29, 1875;
s. Lorenzo Dow and Martha H. (Courtright) Kem-
merer; grad. Wesleyan Univ. (Conn.), A.B., 1889 (grad.
with honors, and mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc); fellow
in economics and finance, Cornell Univ., 1899-1901.-
Ph.D., 1903; m. Higganunv Conn., Dec. 24, 1901, M.
Rachel Dickele; children: Donald Lorenzo b. Dec 24,
190o; Ruth, b. Nov. 6, 1909. Ass't to expert on trusts
and industrial combinations ftor U. S. Industrial
Comm'n, 1900-1901; instr. in economies and histoTy,
Purdue Univ., 1901-1903; financial adviser to U. S.
Philippine Comm'n, with sp'l reference to establish-
ment of gold standard in the Philippine Islands,
1903-1906: sp'l comm'r of War Dep't and Philippine
Gov't to Egypt, 1906; ass't prof, pollt. economv. Cor-
nell Univ., 1906-1909; prof, of economics and finance,
Cornell Univ., 1909-1912: since 1912 prof, economics
and finance, Princeton Univ. Mn'g editor Economic
Bulletin. 1908-1910; asso. editor Am. Economic Re-
view since 1910. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Am.
Economic Ass'n. Am. Statist. Ass'n, Am. Ass'n for
Labor Legislation. Nat. Tax Ass'n Delta Kappa Ep-
silon fraternity. Recreations: Fishing, tennis. Clubs:
Nassau, Country. Address: Princeton. N. J.

Geologist, educator: b. N. Y. City, Aug. 14. 1S59;
s. James Alexander and Caroline Anna CFurman)

iveiup; ed. Adelphl Acad., Brooklyn; Amherst Coll.,
A.B., 18&1; Sch. of Mines, Columbia Univ., E.M., 1884;
D.Sc, /("lion's causa, Amherst Coll., 1900; student
abroad, 1SS5-1SS6; m. Kingston, R. I. Sept., 1889,
Kate Taylor; children: James Taylor, b. Aug. 7, 1890;
Philip Kittredge, b. Feb. 11, 1892; Katherine Furman,
b. April 25, 1898. Instr. and 'ass't prof, geology, Cor-
nell Univ., 1880-1S91; adjunct prof. Columbia Univ.,
1891-1S92; prof, geology and head dep't geology since
1S92. Since 1S91, connected with U. S. Geol. Survey,
N. Y. State Geol. Survey. Writer on geol. subjects
and especially connected with mining. Author: Ore
Deposits of the United States and Canada; Handbook
of Rocks, etc Asso. editor of Economic Geology,
Zeitschrift fur praktische Geologle. Dir. Am. Inst.
Mining Eng'rs (pres. 1912-1913); mem. B'd Mg'rs, and
mem. and sec. B'd Scientific Dirs. N. Y. Botanical
Garden; mem. Am. Museum of Natural History, Nat.
Acad. Sciences. Episcopalian. Fellow Geol. Soc. of
America (1st v.-p. 1913), N. Y. Acad. Sciences (pres.
1905-1908). A.A.A.S. (past v.-p.), Nat. Geog. Soc, Am.
Geog. Soc, Geol. Soc, Geol. Soc. Washington, Wash-
ington Acad. Sciences, Sch. of Mines Alumni Ass'n
(past pres.). Recreations: Outdoor sports. Clubs:
Century. Columbia University. Address: 211 W. 139th
St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. in Austria, July 5, 185S; ed. in public
schs. of N. Y. City and Cooper Union. Elected to
Assembly from the 10th Dist, N. Y. City, 1S92 and
1S94 as independent Democrat; became known as
staunch opponent of Tammany bosslsm by his record
in the Legislature and by his pamphlet entitled Boss
Croker s Career. Was nominated for sheriff iby Com
of Seventy in 1896, but declined nomination. Re-
moved tp Brooklyn, 1897. Comm'r of Public Works
, u n ,>'i e - n i? oro Jr s ' h Pres -> Swanstrom's administration,
1902-1904. Pres. and dir. Kings and Queens County
Real Estate Exchange. Regent Dauntless Council
Royal Arcanum. Club: Municipal (Brooklyn) Ad-
dress: 44 Monroe PI., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Mining eng'r; b. Fairhaven, Mass., Jan. 30, 1847- s.
Capt. Charles Wilson and Lucinda (Tripp) Kempton;
grad. High School. Fairhaven, Mass., 1864. Studied
engineering in office of J. Herbert Shedd & Co., in
Boston, Mass., with special instruction in mining
branches; m Deering, N. H., Dec. 25, 1872, Emma P.
G-oodale, of Boston Mass. On staff Essex Water Power
Co., Lawrence, Mass., 1870-1874. In charge explora-
tions with diamond drill in Eastern States, 1874-1876
In charge mining operations Eastern States and
Canada, 1877-1880; mining operations and explorations
m U. S., Mexico, Cuba and Colombia, S. A., 1883-1892-
mgr of gold mines in Arizona, 1892-1897; exploration
in Darien Isthmus, 1902. Explorations in Santo Do-
mingo. 1904; now senior mem. and consulting eng'r
Kempton & McCoy, mining eng'rs. Dir. and v.-p.
Andes Mining & Tunnel Co., N. Y. City. Independent
Republican. Mem. New Church (Swedenborgian)
. , m ; c Am - Inst - Mini hg Eng'rs, Nat. Geog. Soci
A.A.A.S. Recreation: Hunting, Club, Engineer. Ad-
dress: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City.


-Lawyer; b. Grand Rapids, Mich.; s. John and Flor-
ence (Messmore) Kendall; ed. Columbia Univ.- m.
Memphis Tenn., 1904, Elizabeth Thompson; children:
Elizabeth, b. 1905; Messmore. Jr., b. 1911. Was att'y
for Great Northern R'y Co. in Montana; ass't to Judge
Wl\ Cohen, Justice N. Y. Supreme Court; sec. Hon.
John L. Wilson, U. S. Senator, 3 years; sec. Hon.
Bellamy Storer, former Minister to Austria-Hungarv
Vr S 5- n ,? for Jenni e M. Leys recovered verdict against
N. Y. Central R'y Co. for one hundred thousand dol-
lars, largest verdict on record in a personal injury
action Mem. firm Kendall & Herzog. Treas. 138 East
dSth St. Co.; pres. Los Olmas Estate, Inc., Chili-
Bolivia Co.; sec. and dir. Tremont Av. Land Co.; dir.
Braden Copper Co., N. Y. & Port Chester R. R. Co ;
gen counsel Forest City & Gettysburg R. R. Co. Mem.
Ass n Bar City of N. Y., Am. Bar Ass'n, Mil. Order
Loyal Legion. Clubs: Lotos, Manhattan, Oakland Golf,
Greenwich County. Lambs, Lawyers. Address: 233
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Naturalist; b. Freeport. Cumberland County, Me.,
April 4, 1861; s. William Pote and Frances Ann (Car-
ver)' Kendall; ed. High Sch., Freeport, * ; Bowdoin
Coll., A.B., 1885; A.M.. 1890: Georgetown Jniv. Med.
Sch., M.D., 1896; m. Washington, D. C, April 3 1893,
Ida Wilhelmina Aschenbach; one d.: Minerva Converse,
b. June 29, 1897. Taught sch. in Minn.. 1885-1887; prin-
cipal Patten (Me.) Acad.. 1887-1889: scientific ass't
with U. S. Comm'n of Fish and Fisheries (now Bureau
of Fisheries, Dep't of Commerce) since Feb., 1889. Has



written various published papers and reports on fishes
and fresh water and marine biol. subjects in bulletins
and reports of U. S. Fish Comm'n, and Bureau of
Fisheries, U. S. Nat. Museum, Museum of Comparative
Zoology (Harvard), Boston Soc. of Natural History,
Portland (Me.) Soc. Natural History, etc.; also articles
on natural history subjects and short stories in news-
papers and magazines since 1889. Fellow A.A.A.S.
Mem. Washington Acad, of Sciences, Biol. Soc, Wash-
ington; Am. Fisheries Soc, Am. Forestry Ass'n; corr.
mem. Portland (Me.) Soc. Natural History; mem. Maine
Ornithol. Soc, Me. Soc. Washington; F. and A. M.,
Knights of Pythias, Patrons of Husbandry, Theta Delta
Chi fraternity. Residence: 1130 Park Road, Washing-
ton, D. C. Address: Bureau of Fisheries, Washing-
ton, D. C.


Architect; b. Jamaica Plain, Mass., 1856; s. Joshua
and Phebe (Mitchell) Kendall; grad. Harvard, A.B.,
1876; studied architecture for two years at Mass. Inst,
of Technology, Boston, and several years in Italy and
France; m. Geneva, Switzerland, 1897, Grace Eliot
Endicott. Mem. Arm McKim, Mead & White, archi-
tects, among whose recent works are new Post Office,
N. T.; Municipal Office Bld'g, N. Y.; 'Sch. of Journalism,
Hamilton, Kent and Avery Halls. Columbia Univ.; pri-
vate houses for Percy R. Pyne, Whitelaw Reid, Geral-
dyn Redmond and pres. of Columbia Univ. Trustee
Am. Acad, in Rome; fellow Am. Inst. Architects.
Clubs: University, Century, Harvard. Address: 101
Park Av., N. Y. City.


Artist, painter and sculptor; b. Spuyten Duyvil, N.
Y., Jan. 20, 1869; s. Benjamin Franklin and Eliza-
beth Anne (Sergeant) Kendall; ed. Pa. Ecad. Fine
Arts, Art Students' League, N. Y., and at Ecole dea
Beaux Art, studio of L. O. Merson, Paris, and Acad-
mie Julian, Paris; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 17, 1896, Mar-
garet Weston Stickney; children: Elizabeth, b. 1897;
Beitrice, b. 1901; Alison, b. 1907. Mention hon. Paris
Salon, 1891; medal World's Columbian Exp'n, Chi-
cago, 1893; Lippincott prize, Philadelphia; 2d prize,
Worcester Art Museum, 1900, 1901; bronze medal.
Pittsburgh; silver and bronze medals, Buffalo; Shaw
prize and Shaw Fund Purchase Soc. Am. Artists;
bronze medal, Paris Exp'n, 1900; gold medal. La. Pur-
chase Exp'n, St. Louis, 1904; Potter Palmer Gold
medal, Chicago Art Inst., 1910. Represented in per-
manent collections of Met. Museum, N. Y. City; Pa.
Acad, of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and Corcoran Gallery,
Washington Nat. Gallery, Washington. Dir. Yale
Sch. of Fine Arts. Mem. Soc. Am. Artists, Nat. Acad.
Design, Nat. Inst. Arts & Letters. Clubs: Century,
Fencers. Address: 58 Trumbull St., New Haven, Conn.


Manager typographic div. Am. Bank Note Co.; b.
St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 8, 1S67; s. Adin A. (DD LL.D.)
and Mary (Jewett) Kendrick; ed. Shurtleff Coll.,
Upper Alton, 111., A.B., (valedictorian of class, winner
of Osborne Scholarship medal), 1887; m.; children:
Caroline Jewett, b April 7, 1898; Jean Elizabeth, b.
Sept. 28, 1912. Associated with Buffalo Express,
Mathews-Northrup Works, Buffalo, 18S7-1910; sec.
J. N. Mathews Co., Buffalo, 1901-1910. Traveled ex-
tensively in U. S. and Canada, including Maritime
Provinces and Nova Scotia. Republican; Baptist.
Mason, Royal Arch and Scottish Rite (Master 1906),
Knight Templar; mem. Revere Council, Royal Ar-
canum, Pan-Am. Soc. of U. S. Recreations: Horse-
back riding, golf, tennis, swimming. Clubs: Univer-
sity (Buffalo), Lotos, Whitehall, Merchants Ass'n (N.
Y.). Address: 70 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Physician; <b. New Rochelle, N. Y., July 4 1857; s.
John R. and Helen Kene; ed. at Villanova Coll., Pa.,
Ph.D., 1897; N. Y. Univ. Med. Coll., M.D., 1878; m. 1891,
Mary Cecile Daly. Engaged in med. practice in
Brooklyn from 1879; coroner Kings County, N. Y.,
1893-1895; med. examiner Civil Service Comm'n, N. Y.
City. Attending physician, Dep't Nervous Diseases,
Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hosp., 1879-1893; St. Mary's
Gen. Hosp. 1882-1886; visiting physician, St. Peter's
Hosp. Address: 64 Greene Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Catholic publisher and bookseller; b. N. Y. City;
s. Patrick John and Elizabeth (Weiser) Kenedy; ed.
De La Salle Inst., N. Y. City, Kordham Univ., N. Y.
City and Georgetown Univ., Washington, D. C. En-
gaged as Catholic publisher and bookseller and as
mf'r and importer of religious articles, now being
pres. P. J. Kenedy & Sons; v.-p. and treas. Robert
Appleton Co., Publishers. Catholic Encyclopedia.
Mem. Internat Catholic Truth Soc, Friendly Sons ol

St. Patrick, Knights of Columbus, N. Y. Clubs:
Catholic, Wee Burn Golf (Conn.). Address: 44 Barclay
St., N. Y. City.


Publisher: b. Brooklyn, N. Y Oct. 13, 1882; s.
P. J. and Elizabeth (Weiser) Kenedy; ed. Georgetown
Univ., Washington, D. C. V.-p. P. J. Kenedy & Sons,
Catholic publishers and booksellers and mf'rs and im-
porters of religious articles. Roman Catholic. Mem.
Xavier Alumni Sodality. Recreations: Yachting, au-
tomobiling. Clubs: Catholic, Stamford Yacht (Conn.).
Residence: 433 West End Av. Address: 44 Barclay
St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, ex-jurist; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1863;
grad. Buffalo High Sch., studied law in office; m.
Buffalo, June 30, 1891, Maysie Germain. Admitted to
bar, 1884; 2d ass't dist. att'y, 1893-1894; app't dist.
att'y for unexpired term; regularly elected to same
office, 1804; elected, Nov., 1899, justice of Supreme
Court State of N. Y., for term expiring Dec. 31, 1913.
Republican. Address: Buffalo. N. Y.


Physician; b. Lawrence. Mass., Sept. 9, 1861; s.
William and Anne (O'Malley) Keneflck; grad. M.D.,
Harvard Univ.; post-grad, study, Vienna Polyclinic
and Vienna Univ. Formerly ass't surgeon, Throat
Dep't, Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hosp.; for-
merly ass't laryngology, Cornell Univ.; aural surgeon
N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary; otologist and laryngol-
ogist N. Y. Foundlings Hosp. Mem. N. Y. and Am.
Otol. Soes. ; mem. Harvard Med. Soc, N. Y. Acad. Medi-
cine. Club: Harvard (N. Y. City). Address: 78 E.
54th St., N. Y. City.


Surgeon; b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 28, 1866; s. W. S. and
Jane (Oilman) Kenerson; grad. Yale Univ., A.B., A.M.,
M.D., 1895; served as interne in N. Y. Ho3p. and Hud-
son St. Hosp. in N. Y. City; unmarried. Attending or
consulting surgeon* to three hosps. dn Buffalo; past
ass't surgeon 74th Reg't, N. G. N. Y.; mem. of all
med. socs. Served fourteen months in U. S. A., as
contract surgeon, Spanish War. Congregationalism
Recreation: Fancy poultry, horses. Club: University.
Address: 181 Allen St., Buffalo, N. Y.


Lawyer (retired); b. Jacksonville, 111. ; s. Michael Ed-
ward and Ellen (iPilcher) Kenna; ed. pub. schs., Drury
Coll.; m. St. Louis, Mo., June 2, 1894, Madeline Kerens;
children: Richard Kerens, b. 1S95; Mary Dudley, b.
1897; Catherine Irene, b. 1908; John Kenna, b. 1912.
Gen. solicitor Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R'y Co.,
18^5-1905; st v.-p. 1898-1905; living abroad since 1905.
Democrat. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Metropoli-
tan (N. Y.), Metropolitan (Washington), Chicago (Chi-
cago), Travelers (Paris). Residence: 11 E. 65th St.,
N. Y. City, and The Rocks, near Eridge, Sussex, Eng.


Author, journalist; b. Norwalk, O., Feb. 18, 1845;
s. John and Mary Ann (Morse) Kennan; ed. public
schs. of Ohio; Litt.D., Williams Coll., 1910; m. Medina,
N. Y., Sept. 25, 1878, Emeline Rathbone Weld. Leader
of exploring party for Overland Telegraph Co., in
Northwestern Siberia, 1865-1868; explored mountains
of eastern Caucasus, 1870-1S71; night mg"r Associated
Press, Washington, 1871-18S5; investigated Russian
exile system and prisons in Siberia, 1885-1S86: lectured
in U. S.. England, 1S89-1S9S: war correspondent for
The Outlook in Cuba, 1S98. Expelled from Russia by
order of Minister of Interior, 1901: made study of
volcano Mt. Pelee in Martinique, 1902; war corre-
spondent The Outlook in Manchurial Russo-Japanese
War 1904-1906; on staff of McClure's Magazine and
The 'Outlook since 1906. Author: Tent Life in Siberia,
Siberia and the Exile System. Campaigning in Cuba,
Folk Tales of Napoleon, The Tragedy of Pelee. Mem.
Am. Geog. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, Geog. Soc. of Calif.,
Nat. Inst, of Arts and Letters, Japan Soc. China Soc,
Gold War Medal (Japan). Order of the Sacred Treas-
ure (Japan). Address: The Outlook, 2S7 Fourth Av.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Elleray Plantation, Wilkinson Co.. Miss.,
1862; s. John Hanson and Ann McGhee (Burruss)
Kennard; descendant on mother's side of Capt. James
Jack, who, in 1775, carried the Mecklenberg (N. C.)
Declaration of Independence to Philadelphia and pre-
sented it to John Hanson (paternal ancestor), then
pres. of the Continental Congress: ed. Univ. High

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