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Canada. Extensive traveler in all of U. S. and ad-
joining countries, and all countries of Europe Park
comm'r City of Buffalo; mem. Grade Crossing Comm n
of Buffalo for several years; pres. Buffalo Hist. Soc.
14 years. Erected in Delaware Park and gave to City
of 'Buffalo the bronze replica of ;'David, Michel-
angelo's masterpiece (the only one in America); this
was cast in bronze especially for, and received gold
medal at, the Paris Exp'n of 1900.. Republican. Pres-
byterian Mem S. A. R., Soc Colonial Wars, Allegheny
Soc St' Andrew's Scottish Soc: pres. Buffalo His-
torical Soc: director Buffalo Homoeopathic Hosp.;
v -p Soc Natural Sciences. Clubs: Buffalo, Buffalo
Yacht Centurv. Ellicott, Buffalo Library. Address:
175 North St.. Buffalo, N. Y.

Att'y at Law; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 22. 1870; s.
Philander C. and Ann Eliza (Getty) Langdon; grad.
Columbia Univ. Law Sch., N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B.; m.



Montclair, N. X, June 4, 1895, Mary A. Marvin; one d.
Katharine, b. Aug-. 24, 1896. Pres. Malvern Realty
Co.; sec. Hanson Realty Co. Republican. Mem. Co-
lumbia Univ.; Psi Upsilon, Kane Lodge F. and A. M.,
No. 454, and sons Am. Revolution. Address: 296
Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Merchant; b. Mannheim, Germany; m. Valeria
Knapp, 1903. Pres. and director The Am. Metal Co.,
Lt'd; dir. Metallurgical Co. of Am.; v.-p. and dir. Bal-
bach Smelting & Refining Co.; dir. Corn. Exchange
Bank; Gen. Development Co., Miami Copper Co. Resi-
dence: 636 Fifth Av. Address: 52 Broadway, N. Y.


Physician; b. Langstaff, Ont., Can.; s. John and
Elizabeth (Brett) Langstaff; grad. Toronto Univ.,
M.B., M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., Ontario (licentiate),
Royal Coll. Physicians, Edinburgh Univ., L.R.C.P.; m.
New Brunswick, N. J., Nov. 19, 1884, S. Josephine
Meredith; children: S. Meredith, b. 1886; J. Brett, to.
1889. Practised in Richmond Hill, Ont., and Brooklyn,
N. Y., 28 years. Has traveled through British Isles,
Southern Europe and the whole United States and
Canada. Was mem. Queens Own Rifles, Toronto, Ont.;
now naturalized citizen of U. S. ; Episcopalian. Mem.
Kings Co. Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Ass'n, staff St.
John's Hosp. Recreations: Boating, traveling, coun-
try life. Clubs: Barnard, Winter's Night; Church.
Country residence: "Breljomere," Stony Brook, L. I.
Address: 19 Seventh Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Civil eng'r; b. Eastport, Me.; s. Jacob S. and Jane
(McGurk) Langthorn; ed. School of Mines, Columbia
Univ.; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 25, 1896, Mary House;
children: Jack, b. 1S97; Elizabeth, b. 1899; Jane, b.
1901; Alice, to. 1904. Eng'r in charge Borough of
Brooklyn Dep't of Bridges, N. Y. City, 1898-1905; div.
eng'r, B'd Water Supply, N. Y. City, from 1906. Served
as boatswain's mate, U. S. N., 1898, in Spanish-Am.
War; ensign N. Y. Naval Militia. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil
Eng'rs, Alumni Ass'n Schools of Science, Columbia
Univ., Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs: Columbia
Univ., Brooklyn Eng'rs, Crescent Athletic, Dyker
Meadow Golf. Address: 185 82d St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Dealer in securities; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 17, 1886; s.
Jas. F. D. and Harriet Arnold (Bishop) Lanier; ed.
Groton Sch., 1900-1905, Harvard Coll., A.B., 1906-1909.
In employ of Redmond & Co., April 1910-July 1st,
1913. Episcopalian. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Tuxedo,
Harvard. Residence: 123 E. 35th St. Address: 59
Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Publisher, author; b. Milledgeville, Ga. 1873; s.
Sidney Lanier (the poet) and Marv (Day) Lanier; ed.
McDonogh School, McDonogh, Md.; m. Greenwich,
Conn., 1897, Josephine Stevens. In railway iservice as
rodman Baltimore Belt R. R., 1891; engaged in civil
eng'ring in the West Indies, 1892-1893; in art dep't
Scribner's Magazine, 1894; advertising mg'r and edi-
torial ass't in book dep't, Charles Scribner's Sons.
1896-1897; in editorial and advertising dep't of Dou-
bleday & McClure Co., 1898; sec. Doubleday, Page &
Co., publishers, since 1900. Retired from business,
1912. Author: The Romance of Piscator, 1904. Resi-
dence: Eliot. Me.


Lawyer; b. Watertown, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1864; s. John
and Maria L. (Dodge) Lansing; ed. Watertown High
School and Amherst Coll.; m. Washington, D. C, July
15, 1910. Eleanor, d. Hon. John W. Foster, asso. counsel
for U. S. in Behring Sea Arbitration, 1892-1893; coun-
sel for U. S. in Behring Sea Claims Comm'n, 1896-
1897; solicitor for U. S. before Alaskan Boundary Tri-
bunal. 1903; counsel for U. S. in North Atlantic Coast
Fisheries Arbitration. 1909; agent for U. S. in Am.
and British Claims Arbitration; v.-p. City Nat. Bank
of Watertown. Democrat. Presby'n (eider). Mem.
Exec. Com. Am. Soc. of Internat. Law; mem. N. Y.
State Bar Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. Polit. Science
Ass'n. Holland Soc. of N. Y.; asso. editor of Am. Jour-
nal of Internat. Law; trustee of R. P. Flower Me-
morial Library. Clubs: Black River Valley (Water-
town, N. Y.), The Metropolitan (Washington, D. C),
Chevy-Chase (Chevy-Chase, Md.), Crescent Yacht
(Watertown, N. Y.). Jefferson County Golf (Water-
town, N. Y.). Address: 121 Washington St.. Water-
town. N. Y.


Retired broker; b. Philadelphia, Aug. 17, 1835; s.
David and Anna (Welsh) Lapsley; received private sch

edn; m. Troy, N. Y., Oct 31, 1866, Katherine Aldis
Willard; children: I. W., b. Aug.. 1, 1867; Anna Welsh,
b. Dec. 28, 1808; Gaillard Thomas, b. Nov. 14 1872'
Katherine Hoiward, to. Jan. 3, 1878. Mem. firm of How-
ard Lapsley & Co., ibankerb and brokers. Jan. 1, 1859
Jan. 1, 1909; mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange, 1863-1907.
Democrat; Episcopalian. Clubs: Union (since 1869),
Century (since 1864). Address: 104 E. 65th St., N Y


Lawyer; to. Berrytourg, Pa., July 25, 1876; s. Henrv
L. and Loyetta Elizabeth (Tressler) Lark; grad. Get-
tysburg Coll., A.B., A.M., 1898-1902; Yale Coll., A.B ,
1899; Yale Law Sch., LL.B. (magna cum laude), 1902;
m. Lock Haven, Pa., Nov. 12, 1907, Blanche B. Good;
children: George Henry, b. June 19, 1909; Lovetta
Elizabeth, b. June 3. 1911. Mem. firm Stanchfie'ld &
Levy, lawyers. Traveled extensively in U. S. and
Europe. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi, and
Phi Beta Kappa Socs. Ass'n Bar City of IN. Y. Club:
Yale. Residence: 209 Passaic St., Hackensack, N. J.
Address: 11 Pine St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; grad. Princeton, 1887; m. Katherine B. Sat-
terthwaite. Mem. firm of Joline, LaPkin & Rathbone.
la/wyers. Sec. and dir. Western Steel Car & Foundry
Co., Pressed Steel Car Co.; dir. Davis Creek Coal &
Coke Co., Danston Monotype Machine Co., Lookout
Fuel Co., and Sehloss-Sheffie.ld Steel & Iron Co. Mem.
St. Nicholas Soc. Clubs: University, Racquet and Ten-
nis, Metropolitan, Brook, Princeton, Down Town, Gar-
den City Golf. Residence: 66 E. 56th St. Address 54
Wall St.. N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Smithville, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1853; s. Dari-
us Covil and Sarah Ann (Chick) Larkins; grad. Alfred
Univ., Ph.B., 1881; Pd.D., 1904; m. Adams, N. Y., Mar.
28, 1880, Angie L. Andrus; one d.: Ina Eloise, b. 1883.
Principal Adams (N. Y.) public schools, 1877-1880;
prof, mathematics, Cook Acad., Havana, N. Y. 18S0-
1S81; Fayetteville (N. Y.) Union Sch., 1881-1886; prof,
mathematics, New Paltz (N. Y.) State Normal School,
18SG-1888: head Dep't of Mathematics. Boys' High Sch.,
(Brooklyn). Address: 225 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.
High Sch., Brooklyn, since 1894. Independent Repub-
lican; Episcopalian. Mem. edn'l socs. and ass'ns.
Recreations: Boating, fishing. Clubs: Municipal
(Brooklyn). Address: 225 Argyle Road, Brooklyn,
N. Y.


Author; b. Chatham, Ont., May 11, 1836; s. Henry-
Sherwood and Mary Ann (Nelson) Lamed; ed. pub.
schs., Buffalo, N. Y.; hon. A.M., Dartmouth Univ.,
1895; m. Chatham, Ont.. Apr. 29, 1861, Prances Anne
McCrea; children: Mary, b. July 10, 1863; Sherwood
Johnston, b. July 28, 1867; Anne Murray, b. Aug. 16,
1872. Editor and part prop'r Buffalo Morning Ex-
press, 1859-1872; Sup't Ed'n in Buffalo, 1872-1873;
sup't Buffalo Library, 1877-1897; engaged in literarv
work since 1S97. Sp'l ag't of Treasury Dep't to report
on State of Trade between U. S. and Can., 1871. In- .
dependent Republican. Pres. Municipal League of
Buffalo; v.-p. Civil Service Reform Ass'n of Buffalo.
Ex-pres. Am. Library Ass'n, mem. Am. Hist. Ass'n,
incorporator and honorary life mem. Modern Historic
Records Ass'n; dir. Buffalo Hist. Soc. Contributor to
Atlantic Monthly; author: Talks about Labor; Let-
ters and Poems of David Gray; Historv for Readv
Reference (7 vols.); Seventy Centuries of the Life of
Mankind (2 vols.); A Multitude of Counsellors: His-
tory of England for Schools and Academies; History
of the United States for Secondary Schools; The
Literature of American History; A Bibliographical
Guide (in co-operation with George lies); Books, Cul-
ture and Character: A Primer of Right and Wrong;
The History of Buffalo (2 vols.); A Studv of Great-
ness in Men: The Life of William Pryor Letchworth.
Address: 31 Irving PI., Buffalo, N. Y.


Lawyer, editor; b. N. Y. City, 1855; s. Richard L.
and Caroline E. (Livermore) Larremore; ed. Coll. Citv
of N. Y., A.B., 1875; Law Sch., Columbia, LL.B., 1877;
m. 1886, Susan Armitage; one son. Thomas A., b. 1889.
Has been practising law since 1877; in later years
largely engaged in trying cases as referee. Editor
The N. Y. Lanv Journal since 1891. Has delivered ad-
dresses before bar ass'ns and law schs Has written
on professional topics in legal periodicals and on
legal, political, literary and miscellaneous subjects
in the reviews and magazines. Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv of
N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Century, Univer-
sity. Address: 32 Nassau St., N. Y. flity.




Lawyer; b. in Yates County, N. Y., 1870; s. Lawrence
A. and Harriet E. (Ayres) La Rue; grad. Hamilton
Coll., A.B. 1893; M.A., 1896; Phi Beta Kappa; N. Y.
Univ. LL.B., 1895; m. Ridgefield Park, N. J., 1905, May
L. Hunter; children: Ruth, b. 1906; Paul. b. 1909. Law-
yer in N. Y. City since 1895. Democrat; Episcopalian.
Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa
Sot Recreations: Tennis, cycling, fishing. Residence:
1539 72d St., Brooklyn. Address: 132 Nassau St., N. Y.


Chess champion; b. Berlinchen, Germany, Dec. 24,
1868; ed. univs. of Berlin, Gbttingen, Heidelberg, Ph.D.;
sp'l studies in mathematics, 1S8S-1891, 1896-1897. In
1892 won chess championship of England; won chess
championship of America, 1893, and of the world in
1894; return matches 1896 and 1907; received first
prize in the Chess Tournaments in London, 1892, N. Y.
City, 1893, St. Petersburg, 1895, Nuremberg, 1S96, Lon-
don, 1S99, Paris, 1900. Author: About a Certain Class
of Curved Lines (Nature. Oct. 17, 1895); Metrical Rela-
tions (same, Aug. 8, 1S95) ; Common Sense in Chess,
1S96; An Essay on the Geometrical Calculus, 1901;
Ueber Reihen auf der Convergenzgreuve, 1901; Zur
Theorie der Modeln und Ideale, 1904; Lasker's Chess
Magazine (founded 1904), and a philosophic book,
Struggle, dealing with the principles of strategy; also
chess editor, N. Y. Evening Post. Address: care N. Y.
Evening Post. N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1859; d. Abram W.
and Catherine (Shelter) Pulis; self-educated in art;
m. Troy, N. Y., Cyrus Clark Lathrop; children:
Dorothy Pulis b. 1891; Gertrude Katherine, b. 1896.
Exhibited at Nat. Acad. Design, N. Y. City, Min-
neapolis Exp'n, Chicago Art Inst, Boston Art Club,
Erie Art Club. Represented in the permanent col-
lection of the Jamestown Art Gallery. Address: 151
S. Allen St., Albany, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, May 28, 1850; s. John J.
and Harriet E. (Emerson) Latting; grad. Phillips
Acad., Andover, 1860; Yale, A.B., 1873; Columbia Coll.
(Law), LL.B., 1875; m. Chicago, 111., May 17, 1877,
Isabella W., d. James Carter; children: Emerson. C.
Percy, Jr., Helen Leslie. Engaged in practice of law
in N. Y. City from 1875. Until 1904, held the posi-
tion of U. S. Loan Comm'r for N. Y. County for 25
vears. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Bar Ass'n
City of N. Y. N. Y. Zool. Soc, Sons of Revolution.
Clubs: Union, University, Republican. Yale. Resi-
dence: 37 E. 49th St., N. Y. City. Address: 34 Pine St.,
N. Y. City.


Stock and bond broker; b. N. Y. City, March 11,
1S83; s. Charles P. and Isabella W. (Carter) Latting;
ed. Cutler's Sch., and Allen's Sch., N. Y. City; m. N.
Y. City, Fe'b. 5, 1910, Adgurtha Natalie Miller. Mg'r
Investment Dep't John Muir & Co. Republican; Epis-
copalian. Mem. Sons of Revolution, St. Nicholas Soc.
Recreations: Golf, art. Clubs: City, Republican
(sec. Art Com., 11)09-1911). Residence: 132 E. 19th
St. Address: 74 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 10, 1871; s. William E.
and Cecelia (Hornthal) Lauer; ed. Columbia Gram-
mar Sch., N. Y. City, Sch. Polit. Science and Sch. of
Law, Columbia Univ., LL.B., 1891; unmarried. Ad-
mitted to bar of N. Y. State 1892. Sec. James A.
Blanchard as justice of Supreme Court, 1900-1903;
elected, Nov., 1005, justice of Municipal Court of
City of N. Y. for 14th, now 9th, Dist., Borough of
Manhattan, which office now holds. Appt'd by Mayor
Gaynor, June, 1013, mem. comm'n to revise practice
and procedure in Municipal Court. Republican; He-
brew. Mem. Bar Ass'n City of N. Y. Clubs: Republi-
can, Harmonie. Address: 624 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Newstead, N. Y July 20, 1S59; ed. at
Lockport (N. Y.) Union Sch.; studied law; m. 1896,
Mrs. Martha Taylor Bartlett, of Buffalo. Admitted
to N. Y. Bar 1882; ass't city att'y and city att'y,
Buffalo, 1886-1891; corp'n counsel, Buffalo, 1893-1895;
justice Supreme Court of N. Y., 8th Dist., 1886; re-
elected 1909 for term expiring Dec. 31, 1923: assigned
to Appellate Div., Rochester, 1901, and Appellate Div.,
N Y., 1902, twice reassigned, last ending Dec. 31. 1914.
Republican. Clubs: Manhattan, Catholic, Republican.
Address: Buffalo, N. Y.


Born Green Bay, Wis.; d. Arnold and Wilhelmina
von Bernhard (Straubel) Friedman. Early girlhood
was spent in Paris, France, where she began her ed'n;
later attended and grad. from Mrs. Sylvanus Reed's
Sch., N. Y. City; 3 children; only son, Alfred, met with
tragic death in automobile accident. Linguist, musi-
cian. An article in N. Y. Times thus summarizes
her personality and activities: "Mrs. Lauterbach, a
friend of many friends, possesses a personality that
is wonderfully refreshing. She is a skilled musician
and has made her well-trained voice serve to the
advantage of charities in which she is interested.
She is one of those rare women who can be beau-
tiful and youthful and wealthy, and still work hard
for those who are beneath the wheel of Fortune.
Through her indefatigable efforts she has helped
secure the passage of several philanthropic laws,
such as Mercantile bill, new Tombs, Public Sch. bill,
Prison bill and Anti-Sweaters' bill, regulating bene-
ficially the employment of certain industrial classes."
V.-p. Women's Philharmonic Soc,, Women Suffrage
League; dir. Woman's Auxiliary of N. Y. Lying-in-
Hosp. and French Hosp., first v.-p. Consumers'
League; was v.-p. first kindergarten organized in
N. Y. (the late Mrs. Charles P. Daly, pres.); dir.
Little Mothers' Public Ed'n Soc, v.-p. Vivisection In-
vestigation League; also mem. of other philanthropic
and charitable inst'ns. Mem. St. James's Lutheran
Ch. Address: 761 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Vicar-general of New York; b. N. Y. City, May
30, 1856; s. Patrick and Rose (Fdtzsimmons) Lavelle;
ed. Cathedral Sch., De La Salle Inst., Manhattan Coll.,
A.B., 18(3, A.M., LL.D., St. Joseph's Sem., Troy, N.
Y., 1874; ordained to priesthood of Catholic Ch, June
7 1879; ass't at St. Patrick's Cathedral, 1879-1886,
and since 1886 rector of the Cathedral; vicar-general
of N. Y. since 1902; appt'd domestic prelate to Pope
Pius X with title of Monsignor, 1903. Pres. Catholic
Summer Sch. of America, 1896-1903; pres. Catholic
Young Men's National Union, 1S99-1890. Address:
460 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Mem. State Civil Service Comm'n; b. Poughkeepsie,
N. Y., 1870; ed. pub. schs. of Poughkeepsie; m.,
two children. Formerly city editor Evening Star,
Poughkeepsie; editor Poughkeepsie Enquirer since
1904; v.-p. Republican Speakers' League of U. S.
work for N. Y. City daily papers 7 years. In charge
N. Y. State Labor Bureau, for Republican Nat. Com.,
1904; v.-p. Republican Speakers' League of U. S.
(chm'n labor com., mem. press com.). First pres.
Workingmen's Federation of iState of N. Y., elected
Albany, 1898; delegate to annual sessions of State
Federation, 3 terms; appt'd mem. State Civil Service
Union 315, at Syracuse, Cincinnati and St. Louis
Convs. of Internat. Typographical Union, and Albany,
Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Gloversville and Utica
Convs. of State Allied Printing Trades Council. Dele-
gate from Poughkeepsie Trade and Labor Council to
Scranton, Pa., New Orleans and San Francisco Convs.
of Am. Federation of Labor. Legislative ag't. State
Federation, 3 terms; appt'd mem. State Civil Service
Comm'n bv Gov. Sulzer, 1913. Hon. life mem. Pough-
keepsie Typographical Union 315, Poughkeepsie
Trade and Labor Council. Address: Poughkeepsie
Enquirer, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.


Lawyer, ex-mem. Congress; b. Hannibal, N. Y., Feb.
5, 1872; s. Eli B. and Mary Louisa (Payne) Law; grad.
Colgate Acad., 1891; Colgate Univ., Amherst Coll., B.S.,
1895; m. Gloucester, Mass., Nov. 20, 1901, lima Best.
Admitted to bar. Nov., 1897. Mem. Congress, 4th
N. Y. Dist., elected 1904 to 59th Congress; re-elected to
60th Congress. Mem. Kings County Republican
Countv Com. Baptist. Clubs: Union League, Brooklyn
(Brooklyn). Residence: 46 Jerome St. Address: 186
Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Mechanical eng'r and insurance; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Oct. 25, 1869; s. Adams and Mary J. (Burroughs) Law;
grad. Stevens Inst, of Technology, Hoboken, N. J.,
1892; m. Anna N. Erickson. After graduation con-
nected with W. D. Forbes & Co., machinists and me-
chanical eng'rs;' since 1893 with Fidelity & Casualty
Co., of N. Y., in which has served in inspection, un-
derwriting, actuarial, and exec, positions, now v.-p.
Originated fly-wheel ins., and has done important
work in development of actuarial methods adapted to
liability and workmen's compensation ins. Author:
A Method of Deducing Liability Rates, April, 1908;
(with William Newell): The Prevention of Industrial



Accidents, Sept., 1909; Workmen's Compensation for
Accidents, May, 1912; A Review of Liability and
Workmen's Compensation Loss Reserve Legislation,
July, 1913. Mem. Chamber of Commerce, State of
N. Y., Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Nat. Civic Federation.
Clubs: Economic, Lawyers, Montclair, Montclair Ath-
letic. Address: 92-94 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Retired carpet merchant; b. Kidderminster, Eng
Nov. 13, 1837; s. John and Elizabeth (Bird) Law; ed.
in private schs. in Kidderminster (honorary Litt.D.,
Yale): m. N. Y. City. Jan. 4. 1866, Georgiana H. Ran-
som (died Sept. 18, 1910); children: Georgia R. Pen-
man, b. Nov. 10, 1866; Carrie Law-Fotterall, b. Sept.
10, 1869; Walter W., Jr., b. July 15, 1871; Edith Bird
Broekelman, b. April 10, 1874; Henry Herbert, b. Feb.
28, 1878; Martha Janet Macy b. March 10, 1880. Came
to N. Y. City, Jan. 22, 1S60, and secured employment
as clerk. Entered employ of W. & J. Sloane in 1861,
and showed such proficiency, that after four years'
service became a partner; later v. -p. of corp'n W. & J.
Sloane. Retired from active business 1898. but re-
mains a trustee for the corpin; also dir. Nairn Lino-
leum Co. Retired from business to devote time to
country life; now pres. Briarcliff Realty Co.. owning
more than 5,000 acres of land; Briarcliff Lodge
Ass'n, owning 200 acres of land; Briarcliff Lodge,
and Briarcliffe Farms, owning 3,000 acres of land
and 1,000 cows, all of which has founded; also
founded Briarcliff Manor Village, son, Walter William,
Jr., being its pres. Built Briarcliff Ch. Republican;
Congregationalist. At Briarcliff dairy, farming has
been developed along most progressive lines, stock
selected with greatest care, and milk produced under
most hygienic conditions; farm also produces Am.
Beauty roses in great perfection and profusion.
While adhering to highest ideals in this extensive
enterprise, and sparing no outlay in maintaining
them, it has also been attended by gratifying finan-
cial success. Gives personal attention to enterprises
and to social welfare of people of Briarcliff Manor;
an article by Andrew Carnegie, entitled "The Laird
of Briarcliff Manor," which appeared in The Outlook,
May 16, 1908, tells of Mr. Law's achievements there.
Is largely devoted to library of 7,000 volumes, which
he has been collecting for forty years. Club: Cen-
tury (N. Y. City). Address: Briarcliff Manor, N. Y.


Real estate mg'r; b. Rye, N. Y., July 15, 1S71; s.
Walter W. and Georgiana H. (Ransom) Law; ed. Law-
renceville Sen., class 1888; (Sheffield Scientific Sch.),
Yale Univ., B.S., class 1892; m. Yonkers. N. Y.. April
5, 1901, Helen R. Kingsman; children: Walter W 3rd,
b. 1902; Georgiana R., b. 1903; Mary L., b. 1905; Bar-
ton E. K., b. 1906; Helen K., b. 1907. V.-p. Briarcliff
Realty Co., treas. Briarcliff Lodge Ass'n, Briarcliff
Farms; dir. Nairn Linoleum Co., Lawyers' Westches-
ter Mortgage & Title Co. Trustee village of Briar-
cliff Manor, 1902-1904, pres. since 1904; trustee '1902-
1904. Republican; Congregationalist. Clubs: Play-
ers (N. Y. City), Sleepy Hollow Country. Address:
Briarcliff Manor, N. Y.


Publisher; b. Worcester, Mass., July 14, 1864; s.
Thomas and Eliza (Maher) Lawler; grad. Holy Cross
Coll., A.B., A.M., LL.D.; m. N. Y. City, April 12, 1899,
Margaret A. Brennan; children: Muriel, Irene, New-
man, Arthur. Traveled four times around world. Au-
thor: Primary History of U. S. ; Essentials of Amer-
ican History; The Story of Columbus and Magellen.
Mem. Ginn & Co. Clubs: University, Papyrus (Bos-
ton), Salmagundi, Graduates (N. Y.). Residence: Park
Hill, Yonkers, N. Y. Address: 70 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; ex-jurist; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 19, 1832; s.
Hon. John L. (State senator, charge d'affaires in Swe-
den, treas. Columbia Coll., comptroller N. Y. City, etc.)
and Sarah Augusta Lawrence, d. Gen. and U. S. Sen-
ator John Tangier Smith; ed. private schools, Balls-
ton Spa Law Sch., and in offices of his father and
Judge Jasper 1 W. Gilbert; m. Eliza, d. Dr. William
Miner, of N. Y. Admitted to bar 1853; ass't corp'n
counsel, 1853-1856 and 1857-1858; mem. Constitutional
Conv. State of N. Y., 1867; Dem. candidate for mayor,
1872; elected justice Supreme Court,, 1873, re-elected
1887; served until Dec. 31. 1901. having occupied the
bench for twenty-eight years. Author: Compilation of
the Tax Laws of the State of New York, with notes
of cases. Pres. St. Nicholas Soc. for two terms, 1882-
1883; mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n, Soc. Colonial Wars St. Nicholas Soc. Clubs:
Union. Manhattan, Century. Residence: 69 Washing-
ton Place. Address: 135 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer, real estate mg'r; b. Montreal, Can., Aug 5,
1S79; s. William V. and Sarah (Bates) Lawrence; ed.
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H. ; Yale Coll., A.B., 1901;
N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1903; m. Birmingham, Ala.,
June 1, 1905, Katharine C. Birch; children: Dudley B.
Lawrence, Jr., b. 1906; Clitherall B. Lawrence, b. 1910.
Has been engaged in development of Lawrence Park,
Bronxville, N. Y., and in mg'mt of corporate affairs.
Pres. and dir. Fellows Co., of N. Y., and dir. Davis &
Lawrence Co. of N. Y., Hotel Gramatan, Inc.; treas.
Lawrence Hosp.; treas. and dir. Lawrence Park Realty
Co.; mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Clubs: Yale. Union
League. Address: Manor House, Bronxville, N. Y.


Educator, author; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 1, 1S59;
s. Philip and Mary (Maver) Lawrence; ed. Friends
Sch., Phila., Pa., and private tutors. Dir. The Law-
rence Sch. of Oratory, N. Y. City. Author: The Power
ofl Speech, 1909; The Lawrence Reader and Speaker,

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