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ations: Fishing, shooting, and farming. Clubs: N Y
Athletic. Dartmouth. Union League. Residence' 144
Park Av., Yonkers, N. Y. Address: 30 Broad St N Y


Banker; b. N. Y. City, May 15, 1859; s. Charles James
and Charlotte L. (Merry) Livingston; ed. St. Paul's
Sch., Concord. N. H.. Columbia Coll., A.B., 1880 Tran-
sylvania Univ., Lexington, Ky., LL.B.. 1893; m N Y



City^May 14, 1889, Mabel Charming Wright; children:
James Duane, Jr., b. 181)0; Gertrude C, b. 1892; Robert
T., b. 1896. Pres. and dir. The Troy Trust Co., Troy,
N. Y. Mem. B'd of Ed'n, Lexington, Ky., 1896-1897.
Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Phi fraternity.
Trustee Columbia Univ., N. Y. City. Clubs: Columbia
Univ., Troy, College (v.-p.). Residence: Troy Club.
Address: Troy Trust Co., Troy, N. Y.


Elec. contractor; b. N. Y., Sept. 26, 1872; 3. Robert
Cambridge and Maria (Whitney) Livingston; ed. Ury
House Sen., Berkeley Sen., and by private tutor; m.
Lexington, Ky., Feb. 21, 1903, Clara M. Dudley; chil-
dren: William Dudley, b. 1903; John Griswold, b. 1906;
Robert Cambridge, b. 1908. With N. Y. Central &
Hudson River R. R. Co., in shops and construction of
Adirondack Div., train master, 1S89-1892; sup't and
purchasing agent Lexington & Eastern R'y, Lexing-
ton, Ky., 1893-1896; gen. sup't Honduras R. R. Co.,
operating and constructing Inter-Oceanic R. R.,
Honduras C. Am., 1897-1898. After Spanish War, v.-p.
and treas. J. Livingston & Co., elec. contractors. Capt.
1st U. S. Vol. Eng'rs Expd'n to Porto Rico, 1898-1899;
capt. and adj., 47th Inf., U. S. Vols, in Philippine
Islands, 1899-1901. Participated in many actions
against insurgents in opening up and pacifying South-
ern Luzon. First Civil Gov. Province of Sorsogon, P.
I., 1901-1902; 1st lieut. Coast Art'v Corps, U. S. A.; re-
tired, 1903. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Racquet and Ten-
nis, Rockaway Hunting. Turf and Field, Garden City
Golf. Residence: Woodmere, L. I. Address: 70 E.
45th St.. N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Oak Hill, Columbia Co., N. Y July 8,
1848; s. Clermont and Cornelia Livingston; grad. Co-
lumbia Coll., A.B., 1869; Columbia Law Sch., LL.B.,
1871. Admitted to bar 1871, and engaged in practice
of law. Has visited every country in Europe except
Russia and some of the smaller countries; has been
around the world, visiting India, Japan, etc.; also to
Algeria, Egypt, and east and west coasts of Africa,
visiting Victoria Falls, Cape Town, etc. Democrat;
Episcopalian. Soc. of the Cincinnati, Soc. Colonial
Wars, Sons of Revolution, St. Nicholas Soc; pres. of
N. Y. branch of The Order of Colonial Lords of Manors
in America. Club: University. Address: Clermont,
Tivoli, N. Y.


Electrical eng'r; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 19, 1876; s.
Robert Cambridge and Maria (Whitney) Livingston;
grad. School of Mines, Columbia Univ., E.E., 1898; m.
N. Y. City, 1901, Nathalie F. Moss; children: Camilla
W., b. 1902; Silvia, b. 1905; pres. J. Livingston & Co.,
Inc. Asso. mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; mem. Delta
Phi. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Racquet and Tennis,
Rockawav Hunting, Turf and Field. Address: 113 E.
22d St., N. Y. City.

Advertising mg'r; b. N. Y. City, April 17, 1861; s.
Robert and Emilie Mills (Wilson) Livingston; ed. pri-
vate schs. and by private instrs.; m. N. Y. City, April
23, 18S2, Agnes Acheson Mead; one d.: Eleanor Emilie
(Mrs. E. Prescott Rowe). Connected with N. Y. Her-
ald, reportorially and editorially, 20 years; had per-
sonal charge of many important news features many
years; resigned 1905, to assume present duties as ad-
vertising mg'r and dir. public policy, Consolidated
Gas Co. of N. Y. Closely connected with former Pres.
Theodore Roosevelt, 1898; with Judge Alton B. Parker
during presidential campaign, as Herald representa-
tive. Pres. Publishers Service Corp'n. Veteran Co.
K, 7th Reg't (mem. Associates of Eng'r Corps). Epis-
copalian. Mem. Am. Gas Inst., Nat. Electric Light
Ass'n, Nat. Commercial Gas Ass'n, Nat. Ass'n of Corp'n
Schs., Illuminating Eng'ring Soc, Acad, of Polit.
Science, Ass'n of City Hall Reporters, Auto Polo Ass'n.
Nat. treas. National Plant, Flower and Fruit Guild,
Merchants Ass'n. Clubs: New York, N. Y. Press, Calu-
met, Knollwood Country, Scarsdale Golf and Country,
Essex County (Manchester, Mass.) Residence: Law-
rence Park. Bronxville, N. Y. Address: 1 Madison
Av. N. Y. City.


Banker, broker; b. Hyde Park-on-Hudson, N. Y., Feb.
23, 1876; s. Robert L. and Mary S. (McRa) Livingston;
ed. St. Paul's Sch., Garden City, L. I.; m. 1st, N. Y. City,
Helen L. Kountze, Dec 20, 1902 (died Feb., 1904); 2d,
Denver, Colo., Feb. 15, 1911, Marie J. Sheedy; one d.:
Katherine Denise, b. 1912. Commenced business ca-
reer as clerk In banking house of Kountze Bros., N.
Y. City, 1892; admitted as gen. partner in firm, Jan. 1,
1904; resigned Feb. 1, 1912; became gen. partner in N.
Y. Stock Exchange brokerage house of Adams, Liv-
ingston & Davis, N. Y., organized Dec. 31, 1912, to

succeed firm of Day, Adams & Co. As private served
5 years with Co. K, 7th Reg't, N. Y. N. G.; honorably
discharged; also served, April, lSUS-Nov., 1898, with
12th Reg't U. S. Vols., as 2d lieut. of Co. B; for short
time acted as aide-de-camp to Joseph P. Sanger, brig,
gen. U. S. Vols., in command 3d Div. 1st Army Corps,
Camp Hamilton, Lexington, Ky. Episcopalian. Clubs:
Onion, Knickerbocker (N. Y. City), Piping Rock (Lo-
cust Valley, L. I.). Residence: White Cottage, Oyster
Bay, L. I. Address: 45 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. St. John, N. B., Can., June 3, 1863; s. Wal-
ter Hamilton and Margaret Ellen (Fraser) Living-
stone; ed. grammar sch., St. John, N. B.; McGill Univ.,
Montreal, A.B. ; m. Claverack, N. Y., July 31, 1889,
Anna Louise Van de Boe; children: Edward, Archibald,
Clarice Margaret, Robert Elkins, Kenneth Mackay.
Reporter on N. Y. Herald, reporting Roosevelt's Cam-
paign for Mayor of N. Y., 1886, taught in Gramercy
Park Coll., 2 years; organized publishing and adver-
tising co., 1890-1895; went with Hon. Stephen B. Elkins
to W. Va., 1895; sec. until 1906; sec. Com. Geol. Sur-
vey, U. S. Senate, 1895-1899; sec. Interstate Commerce
Com., U. S. Senate, 1900-1906; resigned from Senate
1906. Pres. Potomac & Chesapeake Steamboat Co.,
Va. & Washington Real Estate Co.; v.-p. Colonial
Beach Co. (steamboats). Am. Nat. Bank, Washington,

D. C; Internat. Petrol. Co., W. Va.; Cairo Refining Co.,
W. Va. ; Interstate Bld'g Corp'n, Black Mountain
Corp'n of Va., Washington & Old Dominion R. R. Co.,
Great Falls & Old Dominion R. R. Co., and 8 other
active corp'ns. Col. and aide-de-camp staff of Gov. of
W. Va. Republican; Presby'n. Pres. (Nat.) Boy
Scouts of America; pres. B'd of Trustees 4th Presby'n
Ch., Washington, D. C. Recreations: Automobiling,
sailing, fishing, traveling, motor boating. Clubs: Uni-
versity (one of founders), National Press, Commer-
cial (Washington, D. C). Residence: (summer) "Glen
Lyon." Carter's Point, New Brunswick, Can.; (win-
ter) 1249 Kenyon St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Ad-
dress: Am. Nat. Bank, Washington, D. C, and 200
Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Mt. Ida, Va., 1857; s. John J. and
Eliza Armistead (Selden) Lloyd; ed. Va. Poly. Inst.,
Univ. of Va., Theol. Sem., Va., D.D. ; Roanoke Coll.; m.
The Meadows, Washington Co., Va., 1880. Lizzie R.
Blackford; children. Mary Robertson, ? lizabeth Black-
ford, Gay Blackford, John, Rebecca. Entered Episco-
pal ministry 1880; missionary in Diocese of Va., 1880-
1884; rector St. Luke's Ch., Norfolk, Va., 1884-1899;
sec. B'd of Missions 1899-1909, consecrated Bishop Co-
adjutor of Va. 1909; now pres. B'd of Missions of P.

E. Ch. Address: 2S1 Fourth Av., N. Y. City.


Merchant, banker; b. Monmouth Co., N. J., May 26,
1848; s. Henry Trusler and Margaret D. (Herbert)
Lloyd; ed. by tutor and common sch.; m. Matilda
Hedenberg Herbert; one d. : Margaret (Mrs. G. Owen
Winston), b. 1883. Pres. Brooks Bros.; 2d v.-p. U.
S. Savings Bank; dir. Union Exchange Nat. Bank.
Republican; Episcopalian. Clubs: Riding, Metropoli-
tan, Union League. Grolier, Somerset Hills Country.
Residence: 157 E. 71st St., N. Y. City, and Bernards-
ville, N. J. Address: 936 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; ib. Doylestown, Pa., Nov. 12, 1849; s. E.
Morris (lawyer) and Julia Dunlap (Hendrie) Lloyd;
grad. Princeton Coll.. 1S69; m. Detroit', Mich., 1871, Cor-
nelia P. Voorhees. Admitted to bar. Philadelphia, Oct.,
1871; practised profession in Philadelphia and adjoin-
ing counties until Mar, 188.4, when received apptm't of
ass't gen. claim agent. Gould Southwestern System of
Railways (composed jf cot solidation of Mo. Pacific
System and Wat: srh System), and removed to St. Louis,
Mo.; made gen. C",i!m igent. Wabash R. R. Co., June,
1884. and subsequently ass't sec. Resigned positions
in Wabash R. R. Co.. April, 1S99, and removed to Citv
of N. Y., being admitted to bar of N. Y., Sept., 1899,
Pres. and dir. Atlantic Expert Co.; pres., treas. and dir.
Brazora Land and Cat' t = as. and dir Cleveland

Grain Drying Co.; di". Guardian Trust Co., Kansas
City; mem. N. Y. Produce Exchange, Sons of Revolu-
tion. Pa. Soc Club: N. Y. Athletic. Address: 32
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, Mar. 29, 1862; s. Henry H. and
Anna (Badger) Lloyd; cad. Harvardj A.B., 1883; Co-
lumbia, LL B., 1885; m. N. Y City, Oct. 19, 1893. Anna
Lord. Mem. successively of .aw firms of Murphy,
Lloyd & Boyd. Murphy & Lloyd and vow of Lloyd &
Maddox. Sec. treas. and d ; r. The Am. Paper Goods Co.;
sec. and dir. The Webb Wire Wopkt democrat; Con-
gregationalism Mem. Phi Beta Kappa mem. and sec.



B'd of Mg'rs, N. J. State Geol. Survey. Clubs: City
Midday, Harvard (N. Y. City); Harvard, N. J. Resi-
dence: 24 Lloyd Road, Montclair, N. J. Address: 92
William St., N. Y. City.


Author; b. Philadelphia, Dee. 18, 1873; s. Wilson and
Sarah (McAllister) Llovd; ed. Germantown Acad., Pa.
State Coll., grad. elec. eng'ring, 1S92. Commenced news-
paper work on N. Y. Evening Sun, 1892, city editor,
1897, and continued in post until 1904. Author; The
Chronic Loafer; A Drone and a Dreamer; The Soldier
of the Valley; Mrs. Radigan; Six Stars; The Robberies
Company, Lt'd. Address: Syosset, L I., N. Y.


Surg2on; b. Jersey City, N. J., Aug. 4, 1860; s. Gard-
ner Potts and Emma (Disbrow) Lloyd; grad. Princeton
Univ., B.S., 1882; Medical Dep't Univ. of Vt., M.D., 1884;
Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Columbia) M.D., 1885; m. Brook-
lyn, N. Y., June 11, 1888. Adele Ferrier Peck; children:
Elizabeth Armstrong, Adele Augustine, Samuel Ray-
mond. House surgeon, N. Y. Post-Graduate Hosp..
1884-1887; prof, surgery, N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch.; at-
tending surgeon Randall's Island Hosp., 1S92-1896;
Lebanon Hosp.. 1893-1895; Post-Graduate Hosp., St.
Francis Hosp.; consulting surgeon Benedictine Sanita-
rium, Kingston, N. Y. Republican. Mem. Am. Med.
As'n, N. Y. State and Co. Med. Socs., Lenox Med. and
Surg. Soc, Northwestern Med. and Surg. Soc, South-
ern Surg, and Gynecol. Ass'n, Physicians' Medical
Aid Ass'n, N. Y. Acad. Medicine, Hosp. Graduates
Club, Med. Ass'n of Greater City of N. Y. Club:
Princeton. Address: 12 W. 50th St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Alloway, Salem Co., N. J., Feb. 18, 1855;
s. Ephraim J. and Elizabeth (Mulford) Lloyd; ed. Salem
Collegiate Inst., Salem, N. J., and Univ. of Pa., Ph.D .
1876; M.D., 1876; m. Morristown, N. J., June 6, 1883,
Grace Marv Hinckley; one d. : Mercy Hinckley, b. 1889.
Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Brooklyn
Med. Soc, Kings Co. Med. Ass'n, Brooklyn Soc. for
Neurology, Brooklyn Pathol. Soc; attending physician
St. Peter's Hosp.; consulting physician St. Christo-
pher's Hosp. for Babies. Clubs: Tokeneke, Rem-
brandt, 20th Century. Address: 125 Pierrepont St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Physician; b. Leavenworth, Kan., July 24, 1874; s.
William Christian and Belle (Willson) Lobenstine;
grad. Yale, A.B., 1896, M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Co-
lumbia), M.D., 1900; m. Flushing, L. I., 1906, Anne
Munroe Williams. Served as interne St. Luke's Hosp.,
1% years; then studied abroad for 6 months; on return
became resident surgeon at the Sloane Maternity Hosp.
for 2 years; late attending surgeon to N. Y. Lying-in
Hosp. and adjunct ass't attending gynecologist to
Bellevue Hosp. Republican; Presbyterian. Mem.
Acad, of Medicine, County and State Med. Soc, Am.
Med. Ass'n, Quiz Med. Soc, N. Y. Obstet. Soc, Am.
Ass'n of Obstetricians, Soc Alumni of the Sloane and
St. Luke's Hospitals. Club: Yale. Address: 162 E.
71st St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Boston, 1S59; s. Jesse Albert and Sarah
(Coolidge) Locke; ed. Brooklyn Poly. Inst., Colum'bia
Univ., A.B., A.M., LL.D. (Seton Hall); m. Orange, N. J.,
1894, Caroline T. Hecker. Founded in 1900 Newman
Sch., prep. sch. for boys (under patronage of Cardinal
Gibbons and other mems. of Catholic hierarchy). Re-
publican; Catholic. Club: Columbia University. Ad-
dress: Newman Sch., Hackensack, N. J.


Banker; b. Wellsburg, N. Y., April 3, 1864; s. Richard
Caton and Susan (Fishier) Lockwood; ed. dist. sch.,
Elmira Free Acad.; m. 1898, Lodema Maley. Formerly
State Bank Examiner; organized the Trust Co., of N.
Y., which was merged with the North American Trust
Co.; was sec of the combined companies; the North
American was later merged with the Equitable Trust
Co. Built water works at Castleton, N. Y., and Kings
Park, L. I., for the State of N. Y. Financed and as-
sisted in construction of the Pittsburgh, McKeesport
and Greensbury R'y Co. Former mem. Ashland Hose
Co.; served in 32 Separate Co., N.G.N.Y. Mason.
Residence: 25 W. 97th St., and Wellsburg, N. Y. Ad-
dress: 46 Cedar St., N. Y. City.

Physician; b. N. Y. City, 1861; s. George Roe and
Mary (Bigelow) Lock-wood; grad. Coll. of City of N. Y.,
1881; Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D., 1884; m. 1st, Nov. 3,
1S93, Miss Dennett; 2d, June 5, 1913, Louise A. Dobb.
Clinic ass't Vanderbilt Clinic; prof, of practice of medi-
cine, Women's Med. Coll. of N. Y. Infirmary; attending
physician Colored Hosp., pathologist French Hosp.,

attending physician City Hosp. and Bellevue Hosp.
Mem. County Med. Soc, Clinical Soc, Acad, of Medi-
cine and Pathol. Soc Clubs: Century, University,
Tuxedo. Address: 18 E. 52d St., N. Y. City.


Business sup't and bursar, N. Y. Public Library; b.
Dubuque, Iowa, Feb. 23, 1865; s. George E. and Catha-
rine B. (Ferris) Lockwood; ed. N. Y. Univ., B.S., C.E.,
1873; m Sarah Wisner; children: Priscilla, b. 1890;
Eleanor, b. 1891, William Wisner, b. 1893 (died 1895).
Sup't Lenox Library, 1893-1896, until formation of the
N. Y. Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foun-
dation, of which has since been business sup't and
bursar. Mem. Sons of the Revolution, Soc. of the
Cincinnati (Connecticut). Club: Century Ass'n. Ad-
dress: 550 Park Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, antiquarian, author; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb.
1, 1872; s. Luke A. (LL.D.) and Mary Louise (Lyon)
Lockwood; ed. Kings Sch., Stamford, Conn., Trinity
Coll., B.A., 1893, M.A., 1895; N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1895;
m. Hartford, Conn., 1897, Alice Gardner Burnell; chil-
dren: Luke Burnel, b. 1901, Jane Elizabeth, b. 1906.
Mem. law firm of Hill, Lockwood, Redfield & Lydon.
Interested in antiques, especially furniture. Author:
Colonial Furniture in America, 1901 (Scribner); The
Pendleton Collection, R. I. Sch. of Design, 1904, and!
many articles on the subject. Engaged in gen. prac-
tice of law, specializing in corp'n law. Independent in
politics. Episcopalian; senior warden St. Paul's Ch.,
Riverside, Conn., mem. B'd of Estimates and Taxation,
town of Greenwich, Conn.; hon. fellow Met. Museum of
Arts; mem. L. I. Hist. Soc, Conn. Hist. Soc, Walpol.
Soc, Soc. Colonial Wars, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta
Phi fraternity; trustee Brooklyn Guild Ass'n. Recrea-
tion: Tennis. Clubs: Crescent Athletic (Brooklyn);
Riverlside Yacht, Alpha Delta Phi, Twentieth Century,
Lawyers. Address: 35 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Author, editor, educator; b. Fort Littleton, Pa., Dec.
19, 1863; s. Dr. William J. and Virginia H. (Cockey)
Lodge; grad. Johns Hopkins Univ., A.B., 1883; grad.
scholar, fellow, 1883-1886; Ph.D., 1886, LL.D., Frank-
lin and Marshall, 1901; m. June 10, 1909, Ida Baldwin
Stanwood, artist, of N. Y. City. Prof. Greek, David-
son Coll., 1886-1888; Am. Sch. at Athens and Univ. of
Bonn, 1888-1889; asso. prof, and prof. Latin, Bryn
Mawr Coll., 18S9-1900; prof. Latin and Greek, Teachers
Coll., of Columbia Univ., from 1900. Edited Gorgias
of Plato, 1891 (Ginn). Author: Lexicon Plautinum
(Leipzig, 1901-1910). Joint author: Gildersleeve-
Lodge Latin Grammar; Gildersleeve-Lodge Latin Com-
position (D. C. Heath & Co.); mn'g editor Gilder-
sleeve-Lodge Latin Series (15 volumes). Editor-in-
chief of Classical Weekly. 1907-1913. Contb'r to edu-
cational and philological periodicals. Mem. Am.
Philol. Ass'n. Archseol. Inst, of America. Club: Cen-
tury. Address: Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., N. Y.


Brig.-gen., U. S. A., retired; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 29,
1832; appt'd from N. J. cadet at U. S. Mil. Acad., July
1, 1852, grad. July 1, 1856; bv't 2d lieut., 4th U. S.
Art'y, July 1, 1856; comm'd 2d lieut., Oct. 31, 1856;
1st lieut., Feb. 1, 1861; capt., Nov. 29, 1861. Bvt'd
major, Dec. 31, 1862, for gallant and meritorious ser-
vice in battle of Stone River, Tenn.; lieut.-col. and col.
March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious services
during the war; comm'd major, 3d Art'y. Aug. 25,
1879; lieut.-col. 5th Art'y, April 25, 1888; col. 2d
Art'y, July 1, 1892; retired Oct. 29, 1896; advanced to
rank of brig.-gen., retired April 23, 1904. Instr. ana
prof, in ordnance, gunnery law and mil. history at
Fort Monroe, Va., at different times from 1871 to
1886. Address: 16 E. 43d St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 6, 1S67; s. Solomon and
Betty (Gallenberg) Loeb; grad. Harvard Univ., A.B.,
1S88; unmarried. Engaged in banking in N. Y. City
from graduation, 18S8, in firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.,
until retired, 1901. Mem. Met. Museum of Art, Am.
Museum Natural History, Am. Inst. Archaeology, Eng-
lish Soc. for Promotion of Hellenic Studies, N. Y. Bo-
tanical Gardens, Municipal Art Soc. Clubs: Lotos,
Players, City, Grolier, Harvard, also Colonial (Cam-
bridge Mass.). Addresses: 8 Maria-Josefa Strasse,
Munich, Germany, and 52 William St., N. Y. City.


Ex-collector of customs at N. Y. ; b. Albany, N. Y.,
Oct. 9, 1866; common and high sch. ed'n; in 1888 was
stenographer N. Y. State Assembly; afterward was
law and gen. reporter and acted as private sec. to
various public officials, among them the pres. pro



tempore N. Y. State Senate, speaker of the Assembly
and lieut.-gov.; in 1894, mem. stenographic corps N.
Y, State Constitutional Conv, ; in 1895, grand jury and
dlst. att'y stenographer, Albany Co.; stenographer and
private sec. to gov. of N. Y., Jan. 1, 1899; sec. to
Vice-Pres. of U. S., March 4, 1901; appt'd, Sept. 25.
19U1, ass't sec. to Pres. and Feb. IS, 1903, sec. to Pres.,
which position held to end of Roosevelt administra-
tion; appt'd by Pres. Taft, 1909, collector of customs
at N. Y., resigning March 4, 1913, to become con-
nected with Am. Smelting & Refining Co., and allied
interests. Residence; 62 W. 12th St. Address: 100
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Berlin, Germany, June 14, 1854; s. Adolf
Loewy, Ph.D., Phl.D., Theol.D.; grad. Columbia Univ.,
1874, LL.B.; m. Feb. 27, 1883, Isabella Koehler. Ad-
mitted to bar 1S75, and since then practising in N. Y.
City. Republican; Hebrew. Is philatelist and numis-
matist; has library of over 53,000 volumes. Mem. Am.
Statistical Ass'n, Am. Soc. for Judicial Settlement of
Internat. Disputes, Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. Polit. Science
Ass'n; fellow Am. Geog. Soc; mem. Am. Bar Ass'n,
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Am. Economic Ass'n, Am. Mu-
seum Natural History, Met. Museum of Art, Am. Hist.
Ass'n, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Acad, of
Polit. Science, A. A. A. S., Am. Numismatic Soc. (N.
Y.), Bibliog. Soc. of America, Bibliog. Soc. of Lon-
don, Eng., Brothers of the Book, Erster Ungarischer
Kranken-und-Unterstuetzungs-Verein, Gesellschaft der
Bibliophilen, Germany, Goethe Gesellschaft, Weimar,
Germany, German Soc. Jewish Publication Soc. of
America, Lawyers' Ass'n of N. Y. County, Municipal
Art Soc of N. Y., N. Y. Law Inst., N. Y. Hist. Soc, fel-
low Royal Philatelic Soc. of London; mem. Selden
Soc. of London, West End Ass'n, Ex-pres. Aryeh Lodge
No. :6, Independent Order Free Sons of Israel; ex-
pres. Washington Lodge No. 19, Independent Order
B'nai Brith. Prominent Mason; past Master National
Lodge, past high priest Crescent Chapter, mem. Adel-
phic Council; grand representative Grand Lodge of
Hamburg near the Grand Lodge of N. Y.; grand rep-
resentative Grand Council of Georgia near Grand
Council of N. Y. ; sovereign grand inspector gen. 33"
Scottish Rite and honorary mem. Supreme Council for
Northern Masonic jurisdiction of U. S.; mem. Mecca
Temple, Mystic Shrine, Azim Grotto, Veiled Prophets;
mem. Correspondence Circle, Lodge Quatuor Coronati,
No. 2076, London, Eng. Lodge of Perfection of N. Y.
City (past thrice potent grand master). Council of
Princes of Jerusalem, N. Y. City, Chapter of Rose
Croix, Consistory of N. Y. City; mem. Correspondence
Circle Lodge of Research, 2429, Leicester, Eng., Man-
chester Ass'n; life mem. Verein Deutscher Freimaurer,
Germany; mem. Fifth Masonic Dist. Ass'n; hon. mem.
Grand Lodge of Hamburg and Loge zu den drei Ce-
dern in Stuttgart. Clubs: Economic, Green Room.
Masonic (N. Y.) Authors (London). Residence: 22
W. 88th St. Address: 206-208 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Clarence, N. Y., July 24, 1860; s. David
and Mary (Miller) Long; ed. public school, Williams-
Vl'lle, N. Y., Univ. of Buffalo, Med. Dep't, grad. M.D.,
1882; m. Buffalo, 1S84, Alice Eggert; children: Edith
E., b. 18S5; Austin O., b. 1S88; Raymond D., b. 1891;
Edwin E., b. 1S98. Practising medicine at Buffalo, N.
Y., from graduation. Prof, materia medica in Phar-
macal Dep't, 1S88-1S99 Dental Dep't, since 1893, Med.
Dep't, 1899-1912, Univ. of Buffalo; also ass't attending
physician Buffalo Gen. Hosp. Author: Tables for
Doctor and Druggist; Dental Materia Medica and
Therapeutics. Med. examiner. Provident Life and
Trust Co.; sec. treas.. Dental Dep't, Univ. of Buffalo.
[Republican. Mem. Ch. of Christ (Disciples). Mem.
Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Therapeutic Soc, Med. Soc State
of N. Y., Buffalo Acad. Medicine. Address: 1339 Main
St., Buffalo, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. Rajahmundra, India, Nov. 9, 1S58;
e. Rev. Adam (M.A.) and Mary J. (Dietrich) Long;
grad. Univ of Wooster CO. ), B.A., (with honorary
oration), 1880; M.A. 1883; Union Theol. Sem., N. Y.
City, B.D., 1883; Univ. of Wooster, D.D., 1906; m.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Elizabeth, d. of Lewis and Emily
(Trott) Audown, of an old South. Carolina familv of
that name; children: Doris (M.A.), J. Cuthbert, Arthur
(deceased), Kenneth Audown (deceased). While In
sem. was in charge of Steinway Union Chapel, Stein-
way, L. I., 1881-1883; pastor West Farms Presby'n
Ch., N. Y. City, 1883-1885; Maywood Presby'n Ch.,
Chicago, 1886-1887; organizer and pastor Central Park
Presby'n Ch., Brooklyn, since 1905. Socialist; nat. sec.
Ion, L. I., 1888-1905; organizer and pastor Parkside
Presby'n Ch., Brooklyn, since 1905. Socialist; nat. sec.
of Christian Socialist League of America. Mem. Union

Theol. Sem. Alumni Club, Presby'n Ministers' Ass'n of
N. Y., Reformed Ministers' Ass'n of N. Y., Presby'n
Social Union of N. Y. City, Presby'n Social Union of
Brooklyn. Address: 42 Lenox Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Physician; b. Baltimore, Md., 1878; s. George B. S.
and Ruth (Theobald) Longcope; grad. Johns Hopkins
Univ., A.B., 1897; Johns Hopkins Med. Sch., M.D., 1901;
unmarried. Resident pathologist Pa. Hosp., Phila.,
1901; ass't prof, of applied medicine, Univ of Pa. 190S;
dir. of Ag'r Chemical Laboratory, 1905; asso.' prof,
medicine, Columbia Univ., 1912; asso. attending phy-
sician Presby'n Hosp., 1912. Was 1st lieut. Army

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