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Med. Reserve Corps. Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n of
Am. Physicians. Club: Flushing Country. Residence:
680 Madison Av., N. Y. City. Address: Coll. Phys. and
Surg., 437 W. 59th St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 23, 1845; s. Henry
Wadsworth (the poet) and Frances (Appleton) Long-
fellow; grad. Lawrence Scientific Sch., Harvard, 1865;
studied art in Paris, under Hubert and Bonnat, and
later with Couture. Principal paintings: The Choice
of Youth; Italian Pifferari; Morning on the Egean;
Evening on the Nile; Misty Morning; First Love, etc.
Mem. of Century Club. Summer residence: Magnolia,
Mass. Address: 7 W. 43d St., N. Y. City.


Sculptor; b. Winchester. O. ; d. Edwin Henry and
Clara Delitia (Adnam) Longman; ed. public sens, of
Chicago; Olivet Coll., Mich.; Art Inst, of Chicago
(diplomas for course in sculpture and Normal course,
1900); honorary A.M. Olivet Coll., 1906. Among im-
portant works are: Bronze doors to chapel of U. S.
Naval Academy, Annapolis; bronze doors to library
bld'g, Wellesley Coll.; Ryle Memorial in Public Li-
brary, Paterson; Corbin Memorial, Governor's Island;
Kennedy Memorial, United Charities Bld'g, N. Y. City;
Finial Figure for Festival Hall, St. Louis World's
Fair. Has exhibited in most all important art exb'ns
in America for several years past, and at Roman In-
ternat. Exb'n. Mem. Nat. Acad, of Design, Nat. Sculp-
ture Soc, Am. Numismatic Soc, Am. Federation
of Arts, Municipal Art. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc. Address:
11 East GSth St., N. Y. City.


Banker, broker; b. Memphis, Tenn., April 4. 1872:
s John Gerdes and Ida (Bosworth) Lonsdale; ed.
Episcopal High Sch.: Alexandria, Va.; St. John's Mil.
Sch., Manlius, N. Y. ; m. Nov. 27, 1902, Aileen Brower
of Iowa (died Feb. 26, 1907;) one d., Aileen, b. Feb. 26,
1907. Senior mem. J. G. Lonsdale & Co. until con-
solidation with Logan & Bryan, mem. of all exchanges,
of which is partner; receiver in U. S. Court of Little
Rock, Hot Springs & Texas R. R.; reorganized and
completed road, becoming v.-p. Dir. Security Bank,
Hot Springs, Ark.; N". Y. Hotel Co. (owners Hotel
Eastman, Hot Springs, Ark.). Democrat; Episco-
palian. Scottish Rite Mason (32'), Knight Tem-
plar, Shriner; mem. N. Y. Southern Soc, Tenn. Soc.
of N. Y., Ky. Soc. of N. Y. Trustee and mem. Exec.
Com. N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll. and Flower Hospital.
Recreations: Golf, tennis, horseback riding, swim-
ming, hunting. Clubs: New York, Lawyers, Atlantic
Yacht. Residence: Waldorf-Astoria. Address: 111
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker, v.-p. Union Trust Co., Providence, R. I.;
b. Hartford, Conn., June 20, 1848; descendant of Joseph
Loomis, who came from England in 163S and settled
Windsor, Conn.; s. Pascal and Martha Jones (Green-
field) Loomis; ed. at dist. and high schs., Hartford;
m. Nov. 11, 1S69, Cordelia G. Harwood (died Sept. 15,
1873); 2d, Nov. 20, 1878, Mary Walz (died Dec. 30,
1886); 3d, May IS, 1892. Ellen Seymour Hanson; children:
Archie Harwood, b. April 30, 1871; Medeline Seymour,
b. March 22, 1S94; Stillman Wadsworth, b. May 18,
1900. Entered ^Etna Nat. Bank of Hartford as mes-
senger, March, 1S65; promoted to discount clerk same
year; teller, next year; acting cashier, 1S71; cashier,
April, 1SS7; director, Jan., 1S90; pres., April, 1891, and
in April, 1899, resigned to become v.-p. Nat. City Bank
of N. Y. City; resigned Jan. 1905; moved to San Fran-
cisco, Calif., Dec, 1905; accepted v.-p. Union Trust
Co., of Providence, Jan., 1907. Republican; Congre-
gationalism Recreation: Golf. Club: Hope (Provi-
dence). Address: 15 Charles Field St., Providence.
R. I.


Lawyer; b. Brownsville, Jefferson Co., N. Y Feb.
3, 1851; s. Morrison C. and Eliza Sterling (Williams)
Loomis; ed. private sch's at Ogdensburg. N. Y., until
16 years old: m. Buffalo, N. Y., June 17, 1875, Alice



Angell Drulland; one d., Elsie Morrison, b. 18S2. Ad-
mitted to bar at Albany, 1872; since 1876, continuous-
ly engaged in general practice of law at Buffalo, N.
Y., In State and Federal courts, including Supreme
Court of U. S. Was chm'n Buffalo Civil Service
Comm'n, and thereafter took part In the Good Gov't
Club movement; first pres. of the affiliated Good
Gov't Clubs of Buffalo. Mem. Nat. Municipal League.
Public speaker on economic and political topics; chm'n
Municipal Affairs Com. of the Chamber of Commerce
of Buffalo. Dir. and att'y of Buffalo Cemetery
(Forest Lawn). Independent Democrat; elected
State Senator from 48th senate dist., Nov., 1910. Club:
Saturn (Buffalo). Address; 401 Delaware Av., Buf-
falo, N. Y.


Musical composer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1S65;
s. Charles Battell and Mary (Worthington) Loomls;
ed. Poly. Inst., Brooklyn; studied in Nat. Conservatory
under Dr. Antonio Dvorak; awarded a 3 years' schol-
arship. Composer of songs and instrumental pieces;
operas, comic and dramatic, pantomimes; Lyrics of
the Red Man <G. Schirmer). Co-author: The Lyric
Music Series (Scott Foresman & Co.); New Educa-
tional Music Course (Ginn & Co.), and the Fores-
man System of piano instruction. Music for children:
After the Lesson, Toy Tunes, Song Flowers (Carl
Fischer); writer of magazine articles and verses.
Address: 101 VV. 73d St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Winona, Minn., June 27, 1S60; ed. Minn.
State Normal Sch., Mass. Inst, of Technology and
Atelier Daumet Girault, Paris. Dir. Am. Sch. of Archi-
tecture in Rome, 1894-1896. Mem. Arm of Lord, Hew-
lett & Tallant; sec. and dir. Goodwin Car Co. Mem.
Beaux Arts Club, Autobiographical Soc of America,
Architectural League. Address: 345 Fifth Av., N.
Y. City.


Editor; b. Romulus, N. Y., Mar. IS, 1850; s. Rev.
Edward and Mary Jane (Sanders) Lord; grad. Ham-
ilton Coll. A.B., A.M., 1875, LL.D.; St. Lawrence Univ.;
m. Adams, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1871, Katherine M. Bates;
children: Chester, b. 1876 (deceased); Edward Ray, b.
1877 (deceased); Kenneth, b. 1879; Richard, b. 1882.
Asso. editor Oswego (N. Y.), Advertiser, 1870-1872.
Mem. of staff N. Y. Sun, 1872-1880, and its mn'g editor
since 1S80. Elected to B'd lof Regents of Univ.
State of N. Y., 1897; served 7 years; retired when
B'd was reorganized, 1904; re-elected 1909 and now
a mem. of B'd's Corns, on State Library, Ed'n Exten-
sion, Secondary Ed'n. Mem. N. E. Soc, Pilgrims Soc,
Sigma Phi fraternity. Recreations: Golf, fly casting,
shooting. Clubs: Union League, University, Lotos
(ec 1894-1905; v.-p. since 1905), L. I. Country. Golf,
Lake Tarleton, Nassau Country, Oakland. Address:
57 South Portland Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Contracting eng'r, mf'r; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July
3, 1871; s. Joseph and Mary Ann (Archer) Lord; m.
Hastings-on-Hudson, Sept. 29, 1906, Mrs. Lloyd M. K.
Garrison; children: Ann and Mary (twins), b. Jan.
19, 1908; Ellen, b. Dec. 29, 1910. Pres. and dir. Lord
Electric Co., Lord Mf'g Co., Lord Constr'n Co., dir.
Liberty & Nas?au Bld'g. Democrat. Mem. Delta Theta
Xi fraternity. Clubs: Racquet and Tennis, Engineers,
Richmond County Country. Residence: 126 E. 65th
St. Address: 105 W. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Born Staten Island, N. Y.; s. Reuben and Arietta
(Etrerson)- J_iOrd; ed. Brooklyn Poly. Inst.; m. Staten
Island, Jul. a - Townsend Marsh; children: Gladys
Marsh, Constance Ma'rsh. For past twenty years has
been interested and identified with all matters per-
taining to improvement of waterfront of Port of
N. Y. Ex-mem. N. Y. Produce Exchange; mem., dir.
and sec. Maritime Exchange (mem. Waterfront Com.).
Was interested in procuring from Legislature of State
of N. Y. initial appropriation of $9,000,000 for en-
largement of State Canals. Appeared before various
B'ds and Comm'ns of Appraisals, as expert on val-
ues of waterfront properties. Club: Richmond County
Country. Residence: Rosebank, N. Y. Address: 19
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Aneram, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1821; s. James
and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Lord; ed. Acad, in Castle-
ton, Vt.; m. Homer, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1852, Sarah E. Reed.
Employed in country stoTe, 1849-1866; cashier First
Nat. Bank, Ithaca, 1866-1901; now v.-p. Supervisor,
Lansing, 6 years; trustee, Ithaca. 2 years; mem. Legis-
lature, 2 years. Independent; Congregationalist.

Trustee Cornell City Library, Cornell Univ., Ladies'
Union Benevolent Soc. Address: 450 N. Aurora St.,
Ithaca, N. Y.


Educator; b. Boston, Mass.; s. Rev. Daniel Miner)
and Eliza Ann (Hardy) Lord; grad. Amherst Coll.,
A.B., 1871; A.M., causa honoris, 1900; Union Theol.
Sem., B.D., 1877; m. Buffalo, N. Y., 1887, Mally Gra-
ham Coats-Worth; children: Herbert Gardiner, Mally
Graham, Lucy. Thomas Coatsworth. Was tutor Knox
Coll., Galesburg, 111., 1871-1872; pastor Presby'n Ch.,
Buffalo, 1S77-1894; prof, philosophy, Univ. of Buffalo,
1895-1898; prin. Franklin Sch., Buffalo, 1889; prof.
Philosophy, Columbia Univ., since 1900. Joint author:
Essays Philosophical and Psychological in Honor of
William James, 1908. Independent in politics. Mem.
Am. Philos. Ass'n, Am. Psychol. Ass'n, A.A.A.S. Resi-
dence: 623 W. 113th St. Address: Columbia Univ., N.
Y. City.


Editor; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1879; s. Chester
S. and Kathei'ine M. (Bates) Lord; attended Adelphi
Acad., Brooklyn Latin Sch., Williams Coll., A.B., 1900;
Harvard Univ., graduate sch., 1 year; m. Brooklyn,
N. Y., Oct., 1903. Mildred L. Grimwood; one s.: Ches-
ter Webster, lb. March 30, 1906. Joined reportorial
staff N. Y. Sun, Sept., 1901; appt'd ass't city editor,
1906; city editor, June, 1912. Mem. Sigma Phi
Soc, Williams Coll., Alumni Ass'n. Clu'bs: Harvard
of L. I., Atlantic Yacht. Residence: 37 S. Portland
Av., Brooklyn. Address: 170 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Hillsdale, Mich., Aug. 13, 1858; s.
David H. and Annette M. (Merrill) Lord; grad. Hills-
dale Coll., 1877; Union Theol. Sem., 1883, A.M., D.D.;
m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1885, Etta L. Chesley.
Pastor First Free Bapt. Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., since
1885. Pres. Gen. Conf. Free Baptists, 189S-1904,; pres.
Gen. Conf. B'd since 1910. Republican. Recording
sec. Federal Council Churches of Christ in America;
trustee Storer Coll., W. Va. ; mem. B'd of Mg'rs Am.
Bapt. Home Mission Soc; mem. Exec. Com. Home
Missions Council; mem. Eastern Ass'n Alumni of Hills-
dale Coll. Clubs: Hanover (Brooklyn, N. Y.), Quill
(N. Y. City), Alumni (Union Theol. Sem.). Address:
593 Bedford Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. (Country) Pea-
body, Mass.


Railway official; b. Fulton City, 111., April 23, 1858;
ed. Rutgers Coll. Began r'y service, 1877, as ass't
eng'r corps, Pa. R. R. ; transitman in Eng'r Corps, U.
S. A., 1879-1881; leveler, transitman and topographer
on preliminary survey and location of Mexican Nat.
R'y from the Rio Grande to Saltillo, Mexico, 1881-
1883; from 1883 with Pa. lines west of Pittsburgh,
as ass't eng'r, Chicago Div., 1883-1884; eng'r main-
tenance of way, various western divisions, 1884-1889;
sup't Cleveland & Pittsburgh div., 1889-1896; gen.
mg'r, 1896-1901, and 4th v.-p., Jan.-June, 1901; pres.
Baltimore & Ohio R'y, 1901-1904; pres. Rock Island
Co. of N. J., Jan.-Oct.. 1904. Now chm'n Exec Com.
Kan. City Southern R'y; trustee Equitable Trust Co.
of N. Y. ; pres. Delaware & Hudson Co.; dir. Balti-
more & Ohio R. R., Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton,
Pere Marquette, Erie, Seaboard Air Dine, Southern
Pacific, Wells, Fargo & Co. Express. Fourth Nat.
Bank. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Clubs: Metropoli-
tan, Manhattan, Century, N. Y. Athletic, Midday, Rail-
road, Automobile of America (N. Y. City), Union
(Cleveland, O.), Rittenhouse (Philadelphia), Oakland
Golf, Maidstone Golf. Residence: 247 Fifth Av and
"Bowood," West Orange, N. J. Address: 26 Broad
St., and 32 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Treas. and director Continental Tobacco Co.; to. N.
Y. City, Jan. 28, 1860; s. Pierre and Emily (Taylor)
Lorillard; m. 1881, Caroline J. Hamilton; children:
Pierre, Jr. (Harvard, '04), Griswold. Clubs: Tuxedo
Union, Grolier, Riding, Knickerbocker, Turf and Field,
The Brook, Down Town, Westminster Kennel, Rac-
quet and Tennis (N. Y. City), Metropolitan (Wash-
ington, D. C). Address: Lookout Rd., Tuxedo Park,
N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Far Rockaway, N. Y.. Aug. 28, 1873; s.
H. Clay and Adella (Jaycox) Losee; ed. Patchogue
High Sch.; grad. Lafayette Coll., Easton, Pa., C.E. ;
studied law with Supreme Court Justice Walter H.
Jaycox and at N. Y. Law Sch.; m. Patchogue, N. Y.,
June 4, 1901, Lida Frank Price; children: John Price.
b. July 18, 1904; Walter Clay, b. Jan. 17. 1908. Ad-
mitted to bar and began practice of law In 1901; In
ins. business prior to taking up study of law; was



transfer tax appraiser from time office was created
until Jan. 1, 1908, when resigned; clerk village of
Patchogue 9 years; corp. counsel, 1907-1908; confiden-
tial clerk to Justice Jaycox; dir. Suffolk Co. Telephone
Co.; v.-p. and dir. Patchogue Elec. Light Co.; dir. The
Patchogue Bank. Kepublican. Mem. Suffolk County
Republican Com., 6 years. Mem. South Side Lodge
493, F. and A. M. (past master), Suwasset Chapter
195, R. A. M., High Priest, 1909-10; mem. Patchogue
Commandery and Kismet Temple, Theta Delta Chi
Address; Patchogue, Suffolk Co., N. Y.


Manufacturer, retired; b. Hartford, Conn., OcJ:. 21.
1858; s. Joseph and Fanny (Popper) Loth; ed. N. Y.
City public schs., Coll. City of N. Y B.S.. 1877; Co-
lumbia Coll., LL.B., 1879; prizes in languages and
oratory, made special studies abroad; unmarried.
Moved to Salt Lake City, Utah; admitted to bar;
practised for several years; returned to N. Y. City
in early 80's; made many trips to foreign lands witn
special reference to sericulture and the development
of silk industry in U. S. ; became mem. firm of Joseph
Loth & Co., mf'rs of silk ribbons, retiring in 1900.
Active for 25 years in development of upper western
section of Manhattan (Washington Heights), and re-
sponsible for much legislation relating to same; pres.
Fort Washington Ridge Ass'n; mem. Advisory B'd
Corn Exchange Bank; v.-p. Alumni Ass'n Coll. City
of N. Y. Republican. Mem. many scientific and
quasi-scientific ass'ns; mem. (past master) Masonic
order. Recreations: Along literary and scientific lines,
travel, chemical research. Address: 408 W. 150th St.,
N. Y. City.

Casualty insurance underwriter; b. in Yates Co. N.
Y., Nov. 10, 1S58; s. Jesse T. and Sarah M. (Wheeler)
Lott; ed. in public schools and Penn Yan (N. Y.)
Acad.; m. Emma A. Cowl; one son, Frederick Bar-
num, "b. 1880. Engaged in newspaper work in early
life; laiter became interested in insurance business:
upon org'n of U. S. Casualty Co. was made ass't sec;
later sec, gen. mg'r and dir.; pres. since 1908. Elected
pres. Internat. Ass'n of Accident Underwriters, 1903,
re-elected 1904; pres. of the B'd of Casualty & Surety
Underwriters, 1908; pres. Casualty and Surety Social
Club of N. Y., 1909; writes and lectures on casualty
insurance topics. Mem. Editorial B'd Internat. In-
surance Encyclopedia, Chamber of Commerce State
of N. Y., Chamber of Commerce Westchester Coun-
ty N. Y.). Clubs: Down Town Ass'n, Underwriters,
Lawvers, Republican. Address: 80 Maiden Lane, N
Y. City.

Physician; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 19, 1873; s. George
William and Fredericka (Figge) Lotz; grad. Bellevue
Hosp. Med. Coll., 1896; m. N. Y. City, March 31, 1907,
Marie Cecilia Scheid; children: Cecilia Fredericka, b.
July 6, 1908, (died Julv, 1910.), Carl Edwin b. Dec
24, 1910, Beatrice Frances, lb. Dec. 8, 1912; specialty
gynecology and electro-therapeutics. Republican;
Lutheran. Mem. N. Y. County Med. Soc, N. Y. State
Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Tri-Professional Med. Soc,
Nat. Red Cross Soc, General Alumni Soc. Mason 32.
Address: 36 Gramercy Park, N. Y. City.


Treas. Internat. Com. Y. M. C. A.; b. Chelsea, Vt.,
May 2, 1857; s. of John C. and Marcia H. Lougee; ed.
Gilmanton Acad., N. H.; A.B., Bates Coll., Me., 1911;
m. Eau Claire, Wis., Mar. 17, 1S85, Ella J. Reed
Formerly pres. Presby'n Union, Manhattan; trustee
McAuley Mission, sec. and trustee Madura Coll., India;
treas. and chm'n finance com. N. Y. Christian Home
for Intemperate Men; mem. B'd Governors White
Plains Hosp. Ass'n and Jennie Clarkson Home foi
Children; closely identified with Mr. Moody in North-
field work; raised a large amount of money for Y.
M. C. A. work in army during Spanish-Am. War
(was sec. Internat. Com., 1895-1897, asso. sec, 1907-
1910, treas., since 1910); sec. Cong'l Home Mission-
ary Soc; sec. Grenfell Ass'n of America. Has raised
about $5,000,000 for various religious purposes for
past 15 years. Republican. Address: White Plains.
N. Y.


Educator; b. Eaton, O.. June 24. 1871; s. William
Henry and Esther G. (Stubbs) Lough; grad. Miami
Univ., A.B., 1891, A.M., 1894, Ph.D. (hon.), 1913: Har-
vard Univ., A.B., 1894, A.M., 1895, Ph.D., 189S; m.
Somerville, Mass., June 27, 1900, Dora Albonetta
Bailey; children: Edwin Bailey, Barbara Esther, Rich-
ard Colburn. Teacher public schools in Ohio, 1891-
1893: inst. psychology, Radcliffe Coll., 1894-1898;
Wellesley College, 1897-1898; prof, psychology, State

Normal Sch., Oshko3h, Wis., 1898-1901; Sch. of Peda-
gogy, N. Y. Univ., since 1901. Sec. Sch. of Pedagogy
and of Washington Square Collegiate Division; dir.
Summer Sch. N. Y. Univ. Presby'n. A.A.A.S. ; mem.
Am. Psychol. Ass'n, Am. Philos. Ass'n, Delta Kappa
Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Address: University Bld'g,
Washington Sq., N. Y. City.


Economist; b. Dayton, O., May 11, 1881; s. William
H. and Esther G. (Stubbs) Lough; grad. Oshkosh
(Wis.) State Normal Sch., 1899; A.B. Harvard, 1901,
A.M., 1902; m. De Pere, Wis., Aug. 24, 1907, Elizabeth
Howe Shepard. With traffic dep't, Baltimore & Ohio
R.R., 1902-1904; on editorial staff Wall St. Journal,
1904-1905; instr., ass't prof., and prof, finance and
transportation, N.Y. Univ., Sch. of Commerce, Ac-
counts and Finance, since 1905. A founder, 1910, now
v.-p. Alexander Hamilton Inst, a corp'n engaged in
collecting, organizing and transmitting business in-
formation. Also pres. and dir. Business Book Bureau.
Author: Lectures on Panics and Depressions, 1907;
Corporation Finance, 1909. Mem. 1st Co. Signal Corps,
N. G. N. Y. Progressive. Mem. Am. Economic Ass'n,
Efficiency Soc. Clubs: Aldine, Harvard, Advertising
Men's League of N. Y. Residence: 2293 Sedgwick Av.
Address: 13 Astor PI., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Hensonville, Greene Co., N. Y.; s. James
and Mabel (Bailey) Loughran; grad. N. Y. Law Sch.,
LL.B., cum laude, 1894 (Law Sch. prize); m. Lake
George, N. Y., 1900, Gertrude Loveland. Before ad-
mission to bar was associated with father in N. J.
in commercial business; practised law in N. J. un-
til 1901, when moved to N. Y. City, where has been
in practise since. Director W. J. Farrell Co., Enter-
prise Land Co., Land and Homestead Co., Maplehurst
Estates. Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N
Y. Address: 220 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker, ex-governor; b. Ridgefield, Conn., Jan. 10,
1844; ed. in public schools; received LL.D. degree from
Wesleyan Univ. Served in the Civil War as private
in 17th Conn. Vol. Inf., but was compelled to retire
from service by serious illness. After war engaged
in business, and for many years has been pres. Mer-
chants' Exchange Nat. Bank of N. Y. City; v.-p. Pre-
ferred Accident Ins. Co. of N. Y. ; trustee Washington
Trust Co.; treas. and dir. Union Typewriter Co.; trus-
tee Am. Bank Note Co.; dir. First Nat. Bank of Ridge-
field, Conn., Worcester Salt Co., The Crestwood Co.
and the Kensico Cemetery. Also prominent in pol-
itics as a Republican; mem. and speaker House of
Representatives of Conn.; gov. of Conn., 1887-1889.
Mem. New England Soc in N. Y. Clubs: Union
League, Republican. Address: 257 Broadway, N. Y.


Auditor; ib. Besaucon, France, May 16, 1865; s. Hu-
bert and Cecile Marie Clerc de Landresse Louvot;
grad. Coll. Stanislas, Paris, France, Sc.B. ; m. Brook-
lyn, N. Y., June 18, 1890, Delia F. Raftery; children:
Cecile M., b. March 24, 1S91; Marguerite R., b. May
28, 1S95; Madeleine, b. Feb. 12, 1901. Connected
20 years with leading ins. cos., Ins. Co. of N. America
and The Greenwich Ins. Co. Temporarily engaged as
expert accountant for City of N. Y. under Comptroller
Metz to put in operation new system of municipal
accounting. Engaged during 1907, 1908, as ins. ex-
pert and accountant by Sen. N. A. Elsberg, receiver
of N. German Ins. Co. of N. Y., which was forced into
liquidation by San Francisco disaster. Dir. Ohio Se-
curities Corp'n. Capt. C. A. C, N. G. N. Y., and as-
signed as commissary, May 31, 1911, to 9th Art'y Dist.
of N. Y. ; attached to Pay Dep't, Adj.-Gen.'s office,
Albany, 4 years, until 1913. More recently on staff
of Major J. E. Normoyle, chief q.-m. 50th Anniver-
sary Battle of Gettysburg; only militia officer in U.
S. connected with this enterprise. Democrat; Roman
Catholic. Address: 128 S. 1st St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, July 27, 1872; s. Rev. Dr.
John and Dilia (Dowling) Love; grad. Philadelphia
Central High Sch., A.B., 1891; A.M., 1896; N. Y. Homce.
Med. Coll., M.D.. 1894: Univ. State of N. Y., State ex-
amination passed with honor. 1895; m. Brooklyn, N.
Y., April 14, 1898, Florence Genevieve Simmons; chil-
dren: Florence Genevieve, b. 1900; Beatrice Dowllng,
b. 1905; Theodora, b. 1910. Asso. editor North Amer-
ican Journal of Homoeopathy; visiting physician and
dermatologist Cumberland St. Hosp., Brooklyn, and
to Jamaica Hosp. Mem. N. Y. State and Kings Co.
Homce. Med. Socs.. Empire State Soc, S. A. R., Soc.
of the Mayflower Descendants, by virtue of being of
twelfth generation in direct descent from Mary Chil-



ton. first woman to step from Mayflower to Pilgrim
Rock. Mem. Cumberland St. Hosp. Alumni Ass'n.
Clubs: Dunham, Inter Nos. Address: 857 Lincoln
Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Gen. sec. Nat. Child Labor Com.; b. Jamestown,
Mich., Sept. 9, 1S66; s. Hiram Reed and Harriet (Rob-
inson) Lovejoy; grad. Albion Coll., Albion, Mich., A.B.,
1S91, A.M., 1S94; m. Albion, Mich., June 30, 1892, Evalyn
Campbell; children: Robert Campbell, b. 1S96- Evalyn,
b. 1S!I9; Owen Campbell, b. 1905; Ashley Campbell,
b 1907; Graham Campbell, b. 1909. Minister in
churches of Mich, and N. Y., 1S91-1904; field
sec. National Child Labor Com. 1904-1907, gen. sec.
since 1907. Has visited nearly every state in U. S., in
interest of child labor reform; has directly partici-
pated in legislative campaigns in over thirty states.
Congregationalism Mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and Social
Science, Nat. Ed'n Ass'n, Nat. Ass'n for Promotion of
Industrial Ed'n; Nat. Conf. Charities and Correction;
Southern Sociol. Congress, Delta Tau Delta fraternity.
Recreations: Gardening, motoring. Clubs: City, Na-
tional Arts. Residence: Colonial Heights, Bronxville,
N. Y. Address: 105 E. 22d St., N. Y. City.


Lawver; b. Geneva, N. Y., 1859; grad. Cornell Univ.,
Ph.B., 1S80; m. Utica, N. Y., 1900, Ida Crane Mather
(Mrs. Charles W. Mather). Engaged in gen. practice
since graduation, making a specialty of public ser-
vice corp'n law. Counsel and gen. att'y for Niagara
Falls Power Co., Niagara Junction R'y Co., and sev-
eral allied corp'ns. Clubs: Buffalo. Niagara, Univer-
sity, Country. Residence: 730 Main St., Niagara Falls,
N. Y. Address: Niagara Falls, N. Y., and 15 Broad
St., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. West Pittston, Pa., Oct. 1, 1S66; s. John
and Helen M. (Strong) Loveland; ed. Pa. Mil. Coll.,
Yale Univ., Columbia Law Sch.; m. Elmira. N. Y., June
5 1S90, Florence Lee Partridge; children; John W., Jr.,
b. 1S91; Florence Lee, b. 1893; Helen Marion, b. 1899.
Specialist in patent trade-mark and copyright causes,
patent counsel for Linen Thread Co., Harrison Safety
Boiler Works, Charles Sooysmith, Barbour Bros. Flax
Co., Naval Electric Co. Mem. Squadron A, N. G. N. Y.;
Troop A, U. S. Vols.; served in Porto Rico campaign,
1S98, Spanish-Am. War; 2d lieut., 4th Reg't N. J.; 1st
lieut. and adj. 5th Reg't N. J. Inft. ; major 2d. Batt. 5th
N. J. Inft. Republican; Presby'n. Ass'n Bar City
of N. Y., Am. Soc. .Mech. Eng'rs, Nat. Geog. Soc.

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