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St. Stephen's, 1879; master of ceremonies, N. Y. Ca-
thedral, 1879-1884; sec. to Cardinal McClosky; sec. to
Archbishop Corrigan; appt'd 1890 one of private
chamberlains of Pope Leo XIII.; consecrated bishop,
April, 1892. Address: 367 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mcdonough, john t.

Lawyer; b. Birdhill, Ireland, July 12, 1843; came to
U. S. 1850; settled in Dunkirk, N. Y.; ed. St. John's
Coll., Fordham, N. Y. Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1869;
m. Albany, N. Y., June 10, 1874, Catherine T Wallace.
Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1869; police justice of Dun-
kirk, N. Y., 1870-1874; sp'l surrogate Chautauqua Co.,
NY., 1876-1878; from 1881 engaged in practise of law,
Albany, N. Y. Nominated for justice Supreme Court
of N. Y., 1891 and 1907; delegate-at-large to . N Y.
State Constitutional Conv., 1894; sec. of State of N. Y.,
1898-1902; judge Philippine Islands, 1903-1905. Ad-
dress: 21 Main Ave., Albany, N. Y.

Mcdowell, george Washington

Physician; b. N. Y. City, June 17, 1860; s. Thomas
and Catharine (Foster) McDowell; ed. in N. Y. schools.
Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1882, A.M., 1886; N. Y. Horace.
Med. Coll. and Hosp., M.D., 1886; Coll. of N. Y. Oph-
thalmic Hosp., O. et A. Chir., 1889; m. Newark, N. J.,
June 5, 1889, Lettie Belle Bolen; one d., Dorothy, b.
Dec. 17, 1890. Prof, otology, N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll.
and Hosp.; consulting aurist, Flower Hosp.; N. Y.
Ophthalmic Hosp.; consulting aurist, Laura Franklin
Free Hosp. for Children; aurist, St. Gregory's Hosp.;
oculist and aurist, Protestant Half-Orphan Asvlum
and M. E. Ch. Home. Republican; Methodist. Mem.
Am. Inst. Homeopathy, Am. Ophthal. Otol and
Laryngol. Soc, N. Y. State and Co. Med. Socs., Acad.
Pathol. Science, Materia Medica Soc, Delta Kappa
Epsilon Ass'n. Address: 40 E. 41st St., N. Y. City.

Mcdowell, john guy

Lawyer, investment broker; b. Elmira, N. Y. ; s. Rob-
ert Morris and Arlena Clark (Bovd) McDowell: grad.
Cornell Univ., LL.B., 1S90; m. N. Y. City, June 21, 1897,
Clara T. Bluette. City att'y, Elmira, N. Y., 1895; city
judge, 1S9S-1903; clerk to Sup't of Prisons, Albany,
N. Y., July 1, 1911-Mareh 13, 1913. Democrat; Presby'n.
Recreations: All outdoor sports. Clubs: Elmira City,
Elmira County, Ft. Orange. Residence: 315 Lake St.
Address: 170 Lake St., Elmira, N. Y.

Educator; b. Lexington, Ind., Nov. 27, 1852; s. Ira
and Nancy (Johnson) Mace; ed. common school, Lex-
ington; grad. schools, Ind. State Normal School, Uni-
versity of Michigan, Univ. of Ind., A.M., Cornell Univ.;
Jena and Berlin Univ., Ph.D., magna cum laude from
Jena; m. Terre Haute, Ind., Sept. 10, 1878, Julia Ida
Dodson; one d.: Deirdre Frances, b. 1886. Taught 3
years in country sch.; principal West Side Ward Sch.,
Logansport, Ind.; two years sup't of Winnamac (Ind.);
two years sup't McGregor schools (la.); prof, history,
Depauw Univ. Normal Sch.; since 1891 prof, history
and polit. science, Syracuse Univ.; university extension
lecturer to Univ. of State of N. Y. ; to Am. Socletv at
Philadelphia; to Univ of Chicago and to Dep't of Ed'n,
N. Y. City. Lectured on English and Am. Constitutions
at Summer Sch., at Cambridge Univ., England, 1894;
lectured on history at Summer Sch., at Chautauqua,
1S95, Univ. of N. C, 1898, Univ. of W. Va., 1904. Sum-
mer Sch. of the South, Univ. of Tenn.. 1903-1904.
Author: Working Manual of American Hlstorv, Method
in History, School History of the United States, Heroic
Stories, Life of Lincoln for Young People. Mem. M. E.
Church. Mem. Am. Hist. Ass'n, Nat. Edn'l Ass'n, Phi
Beta Kappa, S. A. R. Address: 127 College Place,
Syracuse, N. Y.


Lawyer: b. Mifflin Township, Allegheny Co., Pa.,
Aug. 11, 1S67: s. Victor K. and Marv (Jones) MoEl-
heny; grad. Ohio Weslevan Univ., A.B., 1890; A.M..
1892; grad. Columbia Univ. Law School, LL.B., 1893;
m. Delaware, Ohio. Sept. 15, 1S98, Sarah G. Mitchell.
Engaged in practice of law from graduation; now of
law firm of McElheny, Bennett & Sicher. Pres. and
dir. Fruit Auction Co. Republican; Methodist. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. County
Lawyers' Ass'n. Pa. Soc, Delta Tau Delta fraternitv.
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Clubs: University. Railroad, of
N. Y, West Side Republican, Englewood Golf. Address:
15 William St., N. Y. City.


Printer, writer, sec. Am. Savings and Loan Ass'n:
b. Boonton, N. J., Oct. 22, 1859; s. Daniel and Ann



(Steele) McEwan; ed. in public sens, and private
tutors; m. 1st, N. Y., Alice Yarrow (deceased); 2nd,
N. Y., Eleanor Lancto; one son: Arthur, b. 18S5. Lec-
turer in N. Y. City B'd of Ed'n evening lectures on
Thrift; made a study on plans for housing persons ot
moderate means; travelled in Europe; has written ex-
tensively on plan of co-operative savings and loan
ass'ns for home-owning and thrift, and known
throughout U. S. in this movement. Am. Bankers'
Ass'n (Savings Bank Branch) and N. Y. City B'd of
Ed'n co-operated (1913) in a series of lectures in
Cooper Union on Thrift; presented co-operative sav-
ings and loan viewpoint in this course; for many years
sec. of N. Y. State and Metropolitan Leagues of Sav-
ings and Loan Ass'ns. Dir. Co-operative Savings and
Loan Ass'n of N. Y., Citizens' Savings and Loan Ass'n,
hon. mem of five N. Y. rowing clubs, took part in
civic movements, good gov't clubs. Independent.
Presby'n. Address: 2161 Bathgate Av., Bronx, N. Y.


Clergyman, author; b. Boston, Mass., 'Dec. 12, 1866;
s. Daniel and Sarah Abigail (Crafts) Macfarland; ed.
Boston public and high sens., Yale Univ., A.B., B.D.,
Ph.D., also abroad; m. Andover, Mass., March 9, 1904,
Mary Perley Merrill; children: Charles Stedman, b.
1905; Lucia Merrill, b. 190S; James Merrill, b. 1909.
Business mg'r T. O. Gardner Co., of Boston and N. Y.,
1SS6-1S92; gen. sec. Y. M. C. A., Melrose, Mass., 1892-
1893; ass t pastor Maverick Cong'l Ch., Boston, 1893-
1894; pastor Cong'l Ch Bethany, Conn., 1896-1899; instr.
Yale Univ., 1899-1900; pastor Maplewood Cong'l Ch.,
Maiden, Mass., 1900-1906; pastor Cong'l Ch., S. Nor-
walk, Conn., 1906-1911: sec. Comm'n on Church and
Social Service, 1911-1912; sec. Federal Council of
Churches of Christ in Amerioa, 1912. Mem. Sch. B'd
Norwalk, Conn., and chm'n High Sch. Com. and High
Sch. Comm'n; chm'n Sch. Com. Mountain Lakes, N. J.;
an examiner for West Point and Annapolis. Author:
The Old Puritanism and the New Age, The Spirit
Christlike, The Infinite Affection, Jesus and the Pro-
phets, Spiritual Culture and Social Service; editor:
Christian Unity at Work, The Christian Ministry and
the Social Order. Republican-Progressive. Mem.
Acad. Polit. and Social Science; Am. Economic Ass'n,
Am. Sociol. Soc, Nat. Municipal League, N. Y. Acad.
Polit. Science, Soc. Biblical Literature and Exegesis,
Am. Oriental Soc. Mem. Nat. Com. on Prison Labor,
Religious Ed'n Ass'n, Internat. Com. on Marriage and
Divorce. Mason. Recreations: Foreign travel, moun-
tain climbing, tennis. Clubs: Travel, of Boston and
London (pres. and dir.): Yale, Aldine (N. Y.). Resi-
dence: Mountain Lakes, N. J. Address: 105 E. 22nd St,
N. Y. City.


Railroad official; b. Upper Merion Township. Mont-
gomery Co., Pa., May 4, 1853: s. George and Mary
(Cornog) McFarland; attended Treemont Sem., Norris-
town, Pa., 1866-1869; Poly. Coll.. Phila., 1870-1872,
C. E.; m. Norristown, Pa., Oct. 9, 1900, Martha Conrad;
one son; George C b. July 31, 1903. Cotton and
woollen mfr, 1875-1904. Pres. Phila., Germantown &
Norristown R. R. Co.; First Nat. Bank, Conshohocken,
Pa.; v.-p. Coosa Mf'g Co., Piedmont, Ala.; dir. Stand-
ard Processing Co., Chattanooga. Tenn., Bryn Mawr
Trust Co., Bryn Mawr, Pa. Residence: 1020 DeKalb
St., Norristown, Pa. Address: 610 Mariner and Mer-
chant Bld'g, Philadelphia, Pa.


Physician and surgeon; b. Flackville, N. Y., Feb. 14,
1873; s. William and Martha Elizabeth (McClure)
McFarland; ed. Univ. of Vermont, A.B., 1895 (classical
course and 2 years' medical course at that univ.); one
year medical course at Baltimore Med. Coll., grad.
M.D., 1897; m. Baltimore, Mi, Oct. 15, 1902, Virginia
Pistel Hunt; children: William James, b. Oct. 3, 1907;
Aileen Virginia, March 9, 1912. Interne at Bay View
Hosp., Baltimore, Mi, 1897-1898. Engaged in gen.
practise of medicine and surgery at Syracuse, N. Y.
Mem. Reformed Presby'n Ch. Mem. Syracuse Acad.
Medicine. Club: University. Address: 102 E. Colvin
St., Syracuse, N. Y.


Writer; b. Islington, Ontario, Can., Feb. 25, 1876; e.
Walter and Mary Anne (Johnston) McFarlane; grad.
Univ. of Toronto, A.B.; m. Toronto, Jan. 7, 1904, Mar-
garet Emma Hunter; children: A. John Walter, b.
June, 1906; Arthur Gordon, b. Feb., 190S. Author;
Redney McGaw and Great Bear Island. Contributor to
McClure's, Collier's Weekly, Harper's, Century, At-
lantic Monthly, etc. Mem. Delta Upsilon fraternity,
Greenwich House ('Social Settlement). Address: 8
Forrest Hills Gardens, L. I N. Y.


Educator; b. New Berlin, Chenango Co., N. Y May
5, 1872; s. James and Martha (Tinker) MoFarlane; ed.
Coll. City of N. Y., N. Y. State Normal Coll., Univ. of
Vienna (Austria); grad. work in Harvard Univ., Ph.B.,
D.Pd.; m. Ypsilanti, Mich., Dec. 24, 1895. Lena Faxon
Worden; children: David Eugene, b. 1900; James Wor-
den, b. 1902. Head of Dep't of Geography and Draw-
ing, State Normal Coll., Ypsilanti, Mich., 9 years;
spent eighteen months' study and travel abroad, prin-
cipal State Normal Sch, Brockport, N. Y., 1901-1910.
Comptroller of Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., 1910.
Mem. Geographisches Verein Universitat Wien; fellow
Am. Geog. Soc. Address: Teachers Coll., Columbia
Univ., N. Y. City.


Pres. Mechanics' & Metals Nat. Bank; b. Monroe, N.
Y., 1863. In 1881 entered banking business as clerk
in the Goshen Nat. Bank, Goshen, N. Y. Came to N.
Y., 1883, and became associated with the Produce Ex-
change Bank. Left this inst'n to become cashier of
The Leather Mf'rs Nat. Bank and 4 years later was
elected pres. In 1904 when it was merged with the
Mechanics' Nat Bank was elected pres. of the com-
bined banks, which position held until elected pres. of
Mechanics' & Metals Nat. Bank. Sec. N. Y. Clearing
House Ass'n, 1903-1904; during panic of 1907 served
on Loan Com. of the Clearing House. Dir. Astor Trust
Co., Bankers' Trust Co., Guaranty Trust Co. Mem.
Clearing House Com., Chamber of Commerce. Clubs:
Metropolitan, Union League, Riding, City, Down Town,
Midday. Residence: 10S E. 57th St. Address: 33 Wall
St., N. Y. City.

Physician; b. Mobile, Ala., Jan. 18, 1862; s. Edward
Woodruff and Amelia (D'Hommedieu) McGinnis; ed.
N. Y. Citv, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London; M.D. Long
Island Coll. Hosp., 1883. Has been connected with N.
Y. State Woman's Hosp. since 1884; mem. Acad. Medi-
cine; fellow Am. Med. Ass'n, State and County Ass'ns;
Obstet. Soc, Woman's Hosp. Soc, West End Med. Soc,
Society Electrotherapeutique Frangaise. Clubs: Hos-
pital Graduates, N. Y. Yacht, Canadian Camp, etc. Ad-
dress: 202 W. 86th St., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 19, 1874; s. John
Kee and Mary Wilhelmina (Peterson) MacGowan; ed.
Girard Coll., Philadelphia; m. Philadelphia, June 20,
1895, Marian Wallace Boyd; children: Helen Rex, b.
Sept. 24, 1897; Mildred Todd, b Nov. 19, 1898. Dir.,
mem. Exec. Com., and gen. purchasing agent, Am.
Smelting & Refining Co., Am. Smelters' Securities
Co.; mg'r and dir. Am. Smelters' Steamship Co.; dir.
Copper River & Northwestern R.R., New River Col-
lieries Co., Western Mining Co., Mexican Union R. R.,
Consolidated Kansas Citv Smelting & Refining Co.
Episcopalian. Mem. Pa. Soc. of N. Y. Clubs: Sleepy
Hollow Country, Engineers, City Lunch. Residence:
The Belnord, 86th St. & Broadway. Address: 165
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Irvington, N. J., April 23, 1865; s. Pat-
rick and Sarah (Gilmartin) McGowan; ed. in parochial
and public schools, N. Y. City, New Germantown (N.
J.) Acad., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1888; m.
Jersey City, Mar. 1, 1905, Frances Matilda Conduct.
Attending surgeon Genito-Urinary Dep't, Bellevue
(Out-Patient Dep't), 1888-1895; attending surgeon,
Roosevelt Hosp., Out-Patient Dep't, 1892-1896; ass't
dermatologist Demilt Dispensary, 1888-1895. Brigade
surgeon. Naval Militia, N. Y.; passed ass't surgeon,
U.S.N., during Spanish'Am. War, April 26 to Sept. 8.
1898; ass't surgeon Naval Militia, N. Y., 1897-1898;
surgeon, 1898-1904; visiting physician, N. Y. Found-
ling Hosp.; chief surgeon, Dept of Genito-Urinary
and Skin Diseases, St. Bartholomew's Hosp.; consult-
ing surgeon, French Hosp. Republican; Roman
Catholic. Mem. Acad, of Medicine of N. Y. State
and County Med. Socs.; hon. mem. L' Association
Frangaise d'Urologie; mem. Am. Urological Ass'n, N.
Y. Soc. Dermatology, Soc. Genito-Urinary Surgeons,
Physicians' Mutual Aid Ass'n, Celtic Med. Soc; v.-p.
and chm'n Exec. Com. and dir. St. Bartholomew's
Clinic; mem. B'd N. Y. Foundling Hosp. Mem.' Naval
Order, Navy League, Mil. Order of Foreign Wars, Mil-
itary and Naval Order Spanish-Am. War. Recrea-
tions: Travel, fishing. Clubs: Union League, Strollers,
Calumet, Wykagyl Golf (N. Y. City), Army and Navy
(Washington), Club Chapter (Quebec). Address: 40
E. 41st St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 27, 1859; s. Judge
Henry Post and Mary (Dailey) McGown; ed. public



schools, business coll., Va. Theol. Sem., Divinity Sch.
Philadelphia, Pa.; m. Philadelphia, June 7, 1900, Fran-
ces L. Lawrence. Has traveled much in U. S.; went
abroad in 1873; at one time clerk with James Mc-
Creery & Co. and N. Y. Central & Hudson River R.R.
Co.; rector Grace Emmanuel Ch., since 1S94; was ass't
at Holy Trinity Ch., Harlem, 1888; rector of Emman-
uel Ch., 1S92-1S94; since consolidated with Grace Em-
manuel. Episcopalian. Mem. Brotherhood of St. An-
drew and various church and college org'ns; pres.
Blodgett Memorial Country Home Ass'n, Golden's
Bridge. Recreations: Traveling, fishing. Address:
19S2 Madison Ave., N. Y. City.


Author; b. Syracuse, N. Y.; s. Thomas H. and Lil-
lian Jane (Spurlock) MacGrath; ed. in public schools;
m. April 17, 1905, Bridgeport, Conn., Alma Kenyon.
Has traveled all over the world. Mem. Chamber of
Commerce, Syracuse. Author: Armvs and the Woman,
The Puppet Crown, The Grey Cloak, The Man on the
Box, Half a Rogue, The Lure of the Mask, The Prin-
cess Elopes, Hearts and Masks, Enchantment, The
Watteau Shepherdess (operetta); The Best Man, The
Goose Girl, Parrot & Co., The Carpet from Bagdad.
Recreations: Horses, billiards, fishing. Club: Century
(Syracuse). Address: 1618 James St., Syracuse, N. Y.

Manufacturer; b. McGraw, N. Y., June 12, 1856; s.
Perrin H. and Louisa (Pritchard) McGraw; ed. Mc-
Grawville Union Sch., and N. Y. Central Acad.; m.
Wallingford, Vt., Jan. 18, 1882, Emeline M. Childs;
children: Charles A., b. Dec. 28, 1886; Agnes C, b. Nov.
12, 1891. Pres. and treas. A. P. McGraw Corset Co.;
formerly treas. McGraw Corset Co., started in corset
business with father 1878 under name of P. H. Mc-
Graw & Son; is also skirt mf'r. Traveled over Italy.
Egypt, Palestine and Turkey, lecturing with the
stereopticon illustration. Republican; committeeman,
holding school and village offices; pres. of McGraw-
ville. Presby'n; sup't of Presby'n Sunday Sch. 30
years; pres. Cortland Co. S. S. Ass'n; was pres. of com-
mitteemen and v. -p. of Cortland County Centennial.
Promoter of electric and steam railroads into McGraw
and first user of electric lighting there; originator of
Multe-Needle sewing machines; patentee of many use-
ful inventions; original employer of most of the in-
habitants of McGrawville, N. Y. Noble grand of Odd
Fellows; cap't Camp 36, Sons of Veterans. Trustee
Presby'n Ch.; was dir. Nat. Bank of Cortland; trustee
Union Sch. Recreations: Baseball, tennis, farming.
Club: Cortland Science (pres.). Address: McGraw.
Cortland Co., N. Y.


Mg'r N. Y. Baseball Club; b. Traxton, N. Y., April 7,
1873; s. John and Helen (Comeford) McGraw; at-
tended St. Bonaventure Coll., Allegany, N. Y.; m,
Baltimore, Md., Blanche Sindall. Mg'r N. Y. Giants,
winners of Nat. League championship in 1904, 1905,
1911, 1912 and 1913, and winners of world's champion-
ship, 1905. Catholic. Recreations: Billiards, baseball.
Club: Elks. Address: 301 W. 109th St., N. Y. City.


Engineer; b. N. Y. City, May 3, 1865; s. Henry and
Mary M. (Holmes) MacGregor; grad. Coll. City of N. Y.,
1884; Stevens Inst, of Technology, M.E., 1896; m. N. Y.
City, 1901, B. H. Macdonald. Instr. experimental mechan-
ics, Stevens Inst., 1897. Successively draughtsman
with Dr. Cary T. Hutchinson; ass't factory sup't, and
salesman Ward-Leonard Elec. Co.; mg'r N. Y. office for
Cutler Hammer Mf'g Co.; mg'r N. Y. office of Dicta-
phone Co. of America; eng'ring salesman industrial
dep't, Westinghouse Elec. & Mf'g Co., gen. mg'r Alad-
din Co. Republican; Congregationalism Mem. Am.
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, N. Y. Elec. Soc, Illuminating
Eng'ring Soc, Stevens Alumni Ass'n, Tau Beta Pi.
Recreations: Yachting, music. Clubs: Engineers',
Mendlessohn Glee (active since 1895), Bayside Yacht.
Address: 90 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Wilbraham, Mass., April 11, 1855; s.
Joseph and Emeline (Fuller) McGregory; ed. Wesleyan
Acad., Wilbraham, Mass., Amherst Coll., A.B., 1880,
A.M., 1883, D.Sc, 1905; studied at Gottingen, Germany,
1880-1S81, 1883-1884; Heidelberg, 1890-1891, 1896; m.
Amherst. Mass., July 12, 1S83. Emma Hodgkins. Instr.
in chemistry at Amherst Coll., 1881-1883; prof, chem-
istry Colgate Univ., since 1884. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc,
fellow London (Eng.) Chem. Soc, A.A.A.S, German
Chem. Soc, Delta Upsilon fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa
Soc, Masonic order (Knight Templar), Order of
Veiled Prophets. Address: Hamilton, N. Y.

Lawyer; b. Passaic, N. J., Jan. 5, 1879; s. Benjamin
E. and Ada (Loomis) McGrew; grad. Passaic High

Sch., 1895, Hobart Coll., 1899, A.B. (magna cum luude,
valedictorian); N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1902 (with
honor); m. Cape Elizabeth, Me., Sept. 15. 1909, Evis H.
Berry. Instr. in Berkeley Sch.. N. Y. City, 1900; with
Bowers & Sand, lawyers, N. Y. City, 1903; mem. firm
Hoskms & McGrew, lawyers, Geneva, N. Y., since 1908.
Mem. Co. K, 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y., 1904-1908; Demo-
cratic candidate for Surrogate of Ontario County, 1910";
mem. Democratic County Com., 1913. Democrat; Epis-
copalian. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Phi Beta Kappa
Soc; treas. Sigma Phi fraternity at Geneva. Clubs-
St. Nicholas (N. Y. City), Kanadasaga of Geneva (trus-
tee), Optimist, University of Geneva (v.-p). Residence:
492 S. Main St. Address: 541 Exchange St., Geneva.
N., Y.


Clergyman; b. N. Y. City, Mar. 18, 1872; s. John and
Catherine (Chambers) McGuinness; ed. Old Number
Thirty-five, famous high school of N. Y. City; St. Ste-
phen's Coll., Annandale, N. Y.; Gen. Theol. Sem., B.A.,
D.D.; St. John's Coll., Annapolis, Md.; m. Warwick, N.
Y., Nov. 11, 1899, Amy Aims Chamberlain; children:
Aims Chamberlain, b. Mar. 10, 1905; Kathleen, b. June
5, 1909. Ordered deacon in Christ Ch., Poughkeepsie, N.
Y., Oct. 17, 1893; ordained priest, St. Mary's Church,
Tuxedo Park, N. Y., June 20, 1897; curate'Ch. of the
Holy Communion, N. Y. City, 1893-1894; Grace Ch., San-
dusky, O., 1894-1895; in charge of ch at Arden, N. Y.,
on the estate of E. H. Harriman, since 1895; founder of
the parishes at Chester and Greenwood Lake, N. Y. ;
has been identified with the Guild of Church Musicians,
London, since 1890. Mem. Standard Lodge, F. and A.
M., Sigma Alpha Upsilon fraternity. Am. Geog. Soc.
Clubs: City, Union League (N. Y. Citv), Goshen Ath-
letic (Goshen, N. Y.). Address: Chester, N. Y.


Civil eng'r. contractor; b. nr. Ellicott City, Md., Sept.
21, 1867; s. Joseph D and Anna (Chapman) McGuire,
g.-g. -nephew Pres. James Madison; descendant from
Plantaganet line of England, and of 18 of 25 barons
who signed Magna Charta; ed. Rittenhouse Acad.,
Washington, D. O. 1881-1882; Emerson Inst., Washing-
ton, 1883; grad. Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y.,
C.E., 1888; unmarried. Engaged on U. S. Geol. Survey
in West, one year after graduation; ass't eng'r Nica-
ragua Canal one year; eng'r Phoenix Bridge Co., 3
years; Treasury Dep't, Washington, D. C, 3 years;
since 1896 conducting business on own account as
eng'r and contractor; pres. James C. McGuire & Co.;
v.-p. and gen. mg'r Porterfield Construction Co., Centre-
field Co., Mayfield Construction Co., Brookfield Holding
Co., Brookfield Construction Co. Mem. Inst'n Civil
Eng'rs of Great Britain, Soc. Naval Architects and
Marine Eng'rs, Soc for Testing Materials, Soc. of the
Cincinnati, Soc. Veteran Corps of Artillery of War of
1812, Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, Delta
Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Clubs: University, Down
Town. Rockaway Hunting (Cedarhurst, L. I.); Metro-
politan (Washington, D. C). Address: 50 Church St.,
N. Y. City.


Architect; b. N. Y. City, 1866; s. Joseph and Catha-
rine (Rorke) McGuire; ed. private and public schools,
St. Francis Xavier Coll., Met. Art Schools, N. Y. City;
Ecole des Beaux-Arts, France; m. Philadelphia, Pa.,
Harriet Mein; children: Joseph Mein, Hubert Amer.
Alan Rorke, Catharine. Among his principal works
are the Catholic Cathedral at Richmond, Va. ; churches
of St. Rose of Lima, Holv Trinity, St. -Malachy, N. Y.
City; the Westchester Protectory, St. Elizabeth's Hosp.,
etc., also many sch. buildings, hosps., commercial bld'gs
and private residences. Was delegate to Fine Arts
Federation and several times delegate to conventions
of Am. Inst. Architects; mem. N. Y. Chapter Am. Inst.
Architects (ex-officer). Society of Beaux-Arts Archi-
tects (ex-officer), Architectural League (ex-officer),
etc. Clubs: Catholic (ex-gov.), Wykagyl Country.
Residence: Beechmont. New Rochelle, N. Y. Address:
45 E. 42d St., N. Y. City.


Broker; b. Albany, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1851; s. John and
Martha Whipple (Patch) McHarg; ed. Albany Acad.,
private schs. and boarding sch. of Rev. Thos. C. Reeds,
Geneva, N. Y., 1862-1865. Clerk Lockwood & Co-
bankers, 1866-1869; ass't corr. clerk and bookkeeper
Third Nat. Bank, N. Y., 1S70-1S71. Pres. and dir. Va.
& Southwestern R'y Co., Va. Iron, Coal & Coke Co.,
Detroit & Mackinac R'y Co.; dir. N. Y New Haven &
Hartford R.R., Stamford Trust Co., Suburban Land &
Investment Co. Admitted mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange,
Feb. 21, 1872; served on Governing Com., 188S-1S94.
Dir. Manhattan Co. Bank since 1883 and v.-p. since
1893; dir. Wabash R.R., 1889-1905, resigned. Clubs:
Union, Union League, Down Town. Residence: Stam-
ford, Conn. Address: 40 Wall St., N. Y. City.



You ought to speak

at least

one foreign language.

Do not lose time and money

with inferior method.

Take a free trial lesson

and judge for yourself.

Thirty-sixth year.

Superior native teachers.

Pupils hear and speak the

foreign language exclusively

from the very first lesson.

Rates reasonable.

Circular mailed on application.




Harlem Branch : 343 Lenox Avenue
Brooklyn " : 218 Livingston Street

Paris London




Vienna St. Petersburg




Rome Zurich


St. Louis


Constantinople Copenhagen

Buenos Aires



Algiers Brussels

Rio de Janeiro

San Francisco

Los Angeles

etc. etc.




Over 300 Branches.

Pupils traveling may transfer

the value of their -lessons

from one to any other

Berlitz School.

Free conversation circles.

Day and evening sessions.

Private and class lessons

at school or residence.

New classes constantly forming.

School advertisements continued on page JiSO




is exemplified in the teaching of

<. Hepburn Wilson

at his beautiful Studio in


4$LV> Tango
* and Maxixe

gracefully and quickly taught

Perfect yourself The social
season is on


Telephone 4923 Bryant


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