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Banker; b. Coventry, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1845; a. Henry
and Hepsey (Martin) Man warren; ed. dist sen, Wind-
sor High Sch.: m. Greene. N. Y., May 20, 1867. Margaret
Van Ness; four children. Pres. Windsor Nat. Bank.
Democrat: Presby'n. Address: Windsor. N. Y.


Chemist; b. N. Y. City, July 4, 1834; grad. Harvard
A.B., 1S57; m. 1863, Martha Meeker (Halsted). Made
special study of agricultural chemistry and especially
in fertilizers; introducer of special crop manures in
U. S. by preparing a fertilizer especially adapted to

the growth-needs of potatoes. Associated for some
time with late Prof. Wilbur A. Atwater in soil tests
at Nat. Agr'l Experiment Station in Washing t . , n Pre*
The Mapes Formula and Peruvian Guano Co., N V
City, which he founded. One of organizers and lirst
pres. N. Y. Chenn. and Fertilizer Exchange; mem.'
A. A. A. S. Clubs: University, Harvard. Residence:
140 W. 57th 'St. Address: 143 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


A'-thor, playwright; o. N. Y. City, March 11), 1870;'
s. Charles V. and Martha Mapes; nephew of Mary
Mapes Dodge; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B. ( in
class), 1891; studied literature and the drama at the
Sorbonne, Paris, 1892-1893; m. Washington, June 5,
1900, Anna Louise Hoeke. Resided in Paris from
1892-1S96. His first play, La Comtesse de Lisne was
produced at Theatre Mondain, Paris, and was pro-
nounced success; while in Paris was correspondent
N. Y. faun. On return to U. S., 1897, became stage
mg r for Daniel Frohman at Lyceum Theatre. His
first play produueed in N. Y. City was a one-act play
A Flower of Yeddo, at Empire Theatre. Dramatic
critic N. Y. World, 1898-1899; mg'r of the Globe The-
atre, Boston, 1903-1904; dir. of the New Theatre (en- i
dowed) of Chicago, 111., 1906-1907. Among his later
plays are, The Tory's Guest (Empire Theatre, Nov
1900); [Don Caesar's Return (Wallack's N. Y. City,
?.??; 1901 ^ Captain Barrington (Manhattan Theatre.'
1903): The Undercurrent (fatudebaker Theatre. Chi-
cago, Jan. 22, 1907); Self-Defence (Fifth Avenue The-
atre, N. Y., May 25, 190S); The Detective (Yonkers
N. Y., June 1, 1908); b' Washington Square, (1913)
Author: Duse and the French, Partners Three, The
Gilded Way; cont'b'r short stories to magazines. Mem
Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs-
University, The Lambs, Columbia University The
Players, Psi Upsilon (N. Y. City), University ' (Chi-

W. S 44th St e ? i N! n Y? : City rt HU1S ' N ' J ' Address: 13

Editor, author, diplomat; b. Worcester, Mass., Nov.
16, 1834; s. Joel and Nancy Chapin (Coes) Marble (she
was a descendant of Thaddeus Chapin and Lucy Whit-
ney; he a descendant of Samuel and Freegrace Marble,
after whom Marble Ridge was named, near Andover,
Mass.), and grandson of Deacon Solomon Marble (at
Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Yorktown) and Jerusha (Green-
wood) Marble, both of Milbury, Mass.; ed. chiefly by
father, grad. Aloany Acad., 1853, Univ. of Rochester,
18o5. Seven years' staff service with Boston and N. Y.
journals (under William Cullen Bryant, 1858-1860;
Journey to Red River and Beyond, 1859; N. Y. World
under Mr. Spalding, 1860-1862); then, 1862-1876, owner
and editor N. Y. World, through War and Reconstruc-
tion periods. Chm'n Exec. Com. Nat. Dem. Com., 1864.
Gave early publicity in U. S. to writings of Herbert
fapencer (e. g.), on maintenance of justice as chief,
if not sole, legitimate domestic function of Gov't
wielding coercive power of whole body of citizens; in
opposition to Peace-Democrats, held that, after Fort
Sumter, war was unavoidable for resisting disruption
of Union and subversion of its Constitution; opposed
exorbitance of exec, power, usurpings of ungranted
power as likewise its subversion; opposed warping
Custom House taxation, touching all, into profit ma-
chines of a few; opposed Federal income tax-
ing as direct taxes faithless to an original com-
promise, and false to actual terms of the Constitution;
opposed greenbacks (as ever-injurious substitute for
money), also doubling the cost of the waT then wag-
ing, and repeating our own calamitous colonial ex-
perience which had caused the shaping of the Consti-
tution to make such issues lawless; opposed negro
suffrage, and impeachment of Pres. Johnson. Ob-
structing a partisan misuse for partisan advantage, of
issues so momentous, he urged and supported pro-
cedures consummated in the Washington Treaty,
Geneva Arbitration, Alabama Award, deeming explicit
avowal of regret from the source over the seas of our
greatest injury to be the best ending of old antago-
nisms and only heginning of subsequent peace. Began
that assault against Tweed Ring which finally purged
city gov't for a season and elected Samuel J. Tilden
Gov. of N. Y.; wrote Syracuse, N. Y., Dem. State plat-
form, 1874, and the St. Louis Nat. Dem. platform
1876, upon which Mr. Tilden stood for Gov. of N Y
and Presidency of U. S.; similar platform of 1884 upon
which Mr. Cleveland stood for Presidency, and a
pamphlet, 1878, disclosing that for the Electoral
Comm'n law. Mr. Tilden was not responsible. Special
envoy sent by Pres. Cleveland, 1885, to gov'ts of Great
Britain, France, Germany, and after conferences with
Prince Bismarck, with MM. Freycinet, Carnot, and
with Cernuschi, the classic authority upon internat.
bimetallism, and with Mr. Goschen, Lord Iddesleigh
and Mr. Gladstone, ascertained and advised the Presi-



dent that resumption of free bimetallic coinage by
any European power was conditioned srine qua non
upon 'British cooperation, which neither Tory nor
Liberal ministries were prepared for (Mr. Gladstone
doubtless preferring even then the Indian mints' clos-
ure to continuing their free coinage of silver) and
that our own U. S. Treasury purchases of silver
should cease. Author: A Letter to Abraham Lincoln,
1804; the Presidential Counts, 1S77; A Secret Chap-
ter of Political History, 1878; Memoir of Alex G. Mer-
cer, D.D., prefixed to his Bible Characters, 1885; and
Notes of an Outlook on Life, collected from his MSS.,
1899. Life mem. A. A. A. S. Am. Acad. Polit. and
Social Science, Am. Scientific Alliance, Am. Geog. Soc,
New England Soc. of N. Y. Clubs; Century, 1862;
hon. mem. Cobden Club, 1872; Hound Table, 1878;
Manhattan (a founder, 1865; its first sec. until pres.
1884-1889). Address: Bedford, N. Y.


Publicist, consul gen.; b. Baltimore, Md., July 10,
1802; s. William A. and Christine (Munder) Marburg;
ed. Princeton Preparatory Sch., 1876-1879; Johns Hop-
kins Univ., 1880-1881, hon. A.M., 1902: Oxford, Eng-
land, 1892-1898; Ecole Libre de la Science Politique,
Paris, 1893-1895; Univ. of Heidelberg (summer semes-
ters) 1901, 1903; LL.D., Dickinson Coll., 1912; m.
Wilmington, N. C, Nov. 6, 1889, Fannie Grainger;
children: Theodore, Jr., b. 1893; Christine, b. 1891;
Francis Grainger, b. 1900; Charles Louis, b. 1906.
Hon. pres. Md. Peace Soc; former sec. Am. Soc. for
Judicial Settlement of Internat. Disputes; v. -p. Am.
Economical Ass'n, 1899-1901. Formerly dir. Balti-
more Trust Co., U. S. Minister to Belgium, appt'd
Nov., 1912. Republican; Unitarian. Clubs: Metropol-
itan (Washington), Century, Pilgrims, Nat. Arts, Gro-
lier (N. Y.), Pilgrims (London), Bibliophile (Boston),
Maryland, University (Baltimore). Addresses: 14
W. Mt. Vernon, Baltimore, Md., and Brussels, Belgium.


Authors' representative: b. N. Y. City, June 19, 1856; d.
Francis Ferdinand and Elisabeth (McCoun) Marbury;
ed. in New York and Paris. Owns a residence at
Versailles, France; spends six months abroad yearly;
has offices and branches in New York, London,' Paris,
Berlin, Milan, Vienna and Moscow. Pres. The Ameri-
can Play Co.; American representative of many lead-
ing European authors. Roman Catholic. Mem. Lyce-
um Club, London; Colony Club, N. Y. City. Address:
105 W. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Easton, Pa., Mar. 11, 1873; s. Profes-
sor Francis Andrew and Mildred Stone (Conway)
March; grad. Lafayette, A.B., 1893, A.M., 1S9H, Ph.D.,
1903; unmarried. Taught in Harry Hillman Acad.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 1893-1895; traveled in Germany,
France and Italy, 1895-1898; connected with Union
Coll. since 1S99; adjunct prof, modern languages since
1905. Author: A Book of Verse 1904 (Badger); A
Theory of Mind, 1908 (Scribner's). Editor: Union
University Quarterly, 1904-1906. Mem. Delta Kappa
Epsilon. Address: Union College, Schenectady, N. Y.


Treasuier J. G. White & Co., Inc.; b. in Mathews Co.,
Va., 1872; s. Alexander and Susan F. Marchant; ed. by
private tutors, and in business coll. in Baltimore, Md. ;
unmarried. Entered office of The Manufacturers' Rec-
ord, Baltimore, as clerk 1889; resigned position of
cashier and bookkeeper 1892. Became auditor Lake
Roland Elevated R'y Co., which was later consolidated
with City & Suburban R'y Co.; resigned 1895 to become
connected with J. G. White & Co.. contractors, engi-
neers, with which company has combined in positions
of auditor, comptroller, treasurer and various other of-
ficial positions in companies controlled by it, being also
treas., ass't sec. and dir. Engineering Securities Corp'n;
treas. Construction & Engineering Co., Limited; ass't
treas. Idaho Irrigation Co., Limited; treas. The Helena
Light & R'y Co.; ass't treas. and ass't sec. The Manila
Electric R. R. & Lighting Corporation; treas. and ass't
sec. Manilla Electric R. R & Light Co.; treas., ass't
sec. and dir. The Manila Suburban R'y Co.; treas.
Upper Columbia Co. ; Washington Construction Co.; dir.
J. G. White & Co., Inc.; treas., ass't sec. and dir. J. G.
White & Co., of Maine: v.-p. and dir. Electrical Finance
Corp'n; ass't treas. Chilean Contracting Co.; treas.
Tri -State Land Co. Democrat. Mem. Maryland Soc.
of N. Y. (corr. sec). Southern Soc. of N. Y., The Vir-
ginians. Clubs: Marine & Field, Dyker Meadows Golf,
Scarsdale Golf & Country, Lawyers. Residence: 1 W.
30th St. Address: 43 Exchange PL, N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Buffalo, N. Y., May 18, 1863; s. Leopold and
Amelia Marcus; grad. Cornell Univ., LL.B., 1889; m.
Buffalo, Nov. 19, 1889, Ray D. Dahlman. Admitted to

bar and engaged in gen. practice of law in Buffalo
until elected surrogate of Erie Co., 1895, for six years;
re-elected, 1901; appt'd Nov., 1905, and elected Nov.,
1906, justice Supreme Court of N. Y., term expiring
Dec. 31, 1920. Address: Hotel Lenox, Buffalo, N. Y.

Publisher; b. Fayette, Wis., Nov. 15, 1866; s. Alfred
D. and Sarah (Parkinson) Marcy; ed. Darlington, Wis.,
public schs. and Hillsdale Coll., Hillsdale, Mich. Mem.
B. P. O. Elks, Sigma Chi. Residence: 915 E. 18th St.,
Brooklyn. Address: Tribune Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Author, editor; b. Thornton, N. H., about 1850; grad.
Boston Univ., A.B., 1877, A.M., 1S79, LL.B., 1881; Sch. of
Oratory, B.O., 1S79; Harvard Med. Sch., M.D., 18S2; m.
May, 190j. Clara Evans; children: Orison Swett, Jr.,
Mary Newell, Laura Fletcher. Traveled abroad, 1882-
1883; returned to U. S. and settled in Kearnev, Neb.,
where he was elected pres. of B'd of Trade; 1894 pub-
lished his first book, Pushing to the Front, which has
since gone through more than 150 editions, and is pub-
lished in Germany, India, England, Sweden, Bohemia,
Spain, Roumania, Hungary, Denmark, Holland, Nor-
way, Finland and Japan, in which latter country it is
used as a text-book in the gov't schs., in both English
and Japanese. Twenty of his books are published in
Germany, and twelve in India. In 1S97 founded Suc-
cess Magazine, which had over 300,000 circulation;
v.-p. The Success Company. Author: Rising in the
World, or Architects of 'Fate. 1895 (published also in
other languages); How to Succeed, 1896; Success, 1897;
The Secret of Achievement, 1898 (published in other
languages); Character, the Grandest Thing in the
World, 1S99; Cheerfulness as a Life Power, 1899 (both
published also in Germany); The Hour of Opportunity,
1.900; Good Manners and Success, 1900; Winning Out,
1900 (published also in England and Japan); Elements
of Business Success, 1900; Talks with Great Workers,
1901; How They Succeeded. 1901; Economy, 1901; An
Iron Will. 1901; Stepping Stones, 1902; The Young Man
Entering Business, 1903: Stories from Life. 1905: The
Making of a Man, 1905; Choosing a Career, 1905; Every
Man a King, 1906; Success Nuggets, 1906 (both pub-
lished also in England): The Power of Personality,
1906; The Optimistic Life, 1907; He Can Who Thinks
He Can, 1908; Peace, Power and Plenty, 1909 (all pub-
lished in Germany also, and last named published in
England as well); Do It to a Finish, 1909; Not the
Salary, but the Opportunity, 1910; Getting On, 1910;
Be Good to Yourself. 1910: The Miracle of Right
Thought, 1910; Self-Investment, 1911; The Jovs of
Living, 1913: The Exceptional Employee, 1913: The Pro-
gressive Business Man. 1913; Training for Efficiency.
1913. Address: 29 E 22nd St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, b. Maine, Broome Co., N. Y., 1S42; s. Chester
and Arville (Taylor) Marean; grad. Normal Sch.. Al-
bany, 1802. Admitted to bar in 1860; practised law in
Brooklyn; elected dist. att'y of Kings Co., 1897; elected
justice of Supreme Court, 1S9S, for term ending Dec.
31, 1912. Democrat. Address: Hotel Bossert, Brooklyn,
N. Y.


Poet, lecturer, writer; b. Oregon City, Oregon, April
23, 1852; s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Winehell) Mark-
ham; ed. Calif. State Normal Sch.; post-grad, work in
Christian Coll., pursuing the mathematical and classi-
cal courses; special studies in ancient and modern
literature and Christian sociology; m. Calif., Anna
Catherine Murphy, also a writer; one son: Virgil, b.
1899. In 1899, while head-master of the Observation
Sch. of Univ. of Calif., wrote "The Man with the Hoe."
The poem immediately attracted the attention of both
hemispheres. From boyhood wrote for magazines and
newspapers and found entrance to the best Eastern
publications, but up to the appearance of "The Man
with the Hoe" his writings had not attracted any con-
siderable attention. This poem called out an extra-
ordinary volume of comment; some characterizing it
as "an insult to labor" and others as "a psalm of
labor" and "the battle-cry of the next thousand years."
It was copied throughout the world and translated
into every living tongue Was for 7 years sup't of
schools in Calif., and for 10 years head-master of Ob-
servation Sch., Univ. of Calif.; in 1899 abandoned edn'l
work to devote time to literature, removing to N. Y.
City. Author: The Man with the Hoe and Other
Poems, 1899; The Man with the Hoe. with Notes bv the
Author, 1900: Lincoln and Other Poems, 1901. Wrote
The Social Conscience, baccalaureate sermon, Leland
Stanford Jr. Univ., 1S97; The New Centurv (poem),
Lippincott's Magazine, 1S09; Lincoln, the Great Com-
moner, Republican Club Lincoln dinner, Feb. 12. 1900;
Muse of Brotherhood (poem), Saturday Evening Post.
Oct., 1899; Virgilia and The Homing Heart, in Cosmo-



politan Magazine (1906). Published (1909-1907) in

Cosmopolitan, series of prose articles on child labor,
entitled The Hoe-Man in the Making; third book of
verse; also ^n illustrated collection of five poems
based on Millet's paintings and entitled Field Folk;
Interpretations of Millet; also New Light on the Old
Riddle; The Poetry or Jesus. Independent in polities.
Address: YVesterleigh Park, West New Brighton, N. Y.


Surgeon; b. N. Y. City, July 19, 1862; s. Thomas
Masters Markoe, M.D., and Charlotte Atwell (How)
Markoe; ed. St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., Coll.
Phvs. and Surgs. (Columbia) M.D., 1885; m. St.
George's Church, Stuyvesant Square, Nov. 22, 1894,
Annette Wetmore; one d., Annette Markoe, b. Nov. 27,
1897. After graduating in medicine spent one year
studying in Munich, Germany; returned to be first
house surgeon of the Sloane Maternity Hosp. Organ-
ized in 1S90 the Midwifery Dispensary which has since
been conducted by the Soc. of the Lying-in Hosp.,
Med. dir. and attending surgeon Soc. of the Lying-in
Hosp. Fellow Acad, of Medicine, consulting gynecolo-
gist to Vassar Hosp., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Vestryman
of St. George's Church. Clubs: Metropolitan, Century,
Racquet and Tennis, N. Y. Yacht. Residence: 12 W.
55th St. Address: 20 W. 50th St., N. Y. City.


Justice of the Municipal Court; b. N. Y. City, June
24, 1S61; s. Wolff and Henrietta (Rothschild) Marks;
ed. in N. Y. public schools and evening high school; m.
N. Y. City, Jan. 20, 18S4, Henrietta Barnett; children:
Dora, Irene, Josephine. Studied law in office of Dan-
iel P. Hays; admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1SS2; actively en-
gaged in general law practice in all courts; associated
in practice with Abraham Wielar until election to
bench; appeared for successful parties in many con-
tested election cases. Democrat; sec. Dem. County
Gen. Com. (Tammany Hall) for many years; chm'n
Gen. Com. of 18th Assembly Dist. ; mem. Law Com.
Tammany Hall; mem. N. Y. State Constitutional Conv.,
1894. in which advocated extension of system of trial
by jurv; inspector public schools, 1898-1902; mem. N.
Y. State Senate from 18th Senate Dist., 1905-1906;
elected, 1907, justice of the Municipal Court for Oth
Dist., Manhattan, for term expiring 1918. In Senate
served on the Judiciary and Codes Committees; first
legislator of the 1905 session to demand legislative
investigation of life insurance conditions, and largely
responsible for subsequent apptm't of Insurance In-
vestigating Com. by gov. Mem. N. Y. County Lawyers
Ass'n, Montefiore Home, Young Men's Hebrew Ass'n,
Centennial Lodge 763, F. and A. M., United Brothers,
Manhattan Council Royal Arcanum, Hebrew Orphan
Asylum, Educational Alliance. Club: Delaware (chm'n
B'd 'Directors). Residence: 225 E. 68th St. Address:
156 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Pres. Borough of Manhattan, retired mf'r; b. Schen-
ectady, N. Y., Mar. IS, 1S58; s. David and Deontine
Marks; ed. Public Sch. 35, N. Y. City, and class of 1S77
Coll. City of N. Y.; m. N. Y. City, May 21. 1S90, Esther
Friedman: children: Bernice, b. 1891; Alan, b. 1S95;
Eric, b. 1896, Warren, b. 1S99, Doris, b. 1903. Started
frrm of avid Marks & Son, with father, in 1877; in-
corporated, 1903, of which was pres. until retirement
from business several years ago. Mem. Com. of 100
that nominated Seth Low and other Fusion candidates
of N. Y. City; takes prominent part in movements for
City 'betterment; writer for magazines; public speaker
on labor questions, business ethics and philanthropy.
Appt'd by Gov. Hughes on Comm'n of Immigration;
elected pres. Borough of Manhattan, Nov. 4, 1913. Mem.
numerous societies for study of polit. economy and
civics; mem. Pres. Roosevelt's Nobel (Prize Com. of 9
on Industrial Peace. Served as mediator and arbi-
trator in numerous industrial disputes involving hun-
dreds of thousands of workers including coal, truck-
men, taxi, express, textile, boiler-makers, hats, and
recently in great garment strike, and conductors and
trainmen's dispute. Organizer and ex-pres. Nat. Ass'n
of Clothiers. Mem. Exec. Com. Nat. Civic Federation;
mem. Chamber of Commerce. Dir. Young Men's He-
brew Ass'n. One of incorporating dirs. of Merchants
Ass'n and of Edn'l Alliance. Pres. Tuberculosis Pre-
ventorium for Children. Clubs: City, Republican.
Residence, 4 E. 94th St. Address: 29 W. 42d St.. N. Y.


Eng'r; b. St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 26, 1849; s. Dennis and
Almira (Bacon) Marks; grad. Y T ale, Ph.B., 1870, C.E.,
1871; engaged in special studies as civil and mech.
eng'r; m. Chattanooga, Tenn., 1874, Jeanette Holmes
Colwell. Engaged as practical eng'r with railway and
mf'g corp'ns, 1871-1873; instr. mech. eng'ring, Lehigh

Univ., 1870-1S77; Whitney prof, dynamic eng'ring,
Univ. of Pa., 1877; had charge as sup't of the Internat.
Elec. Exb'n given under the auspices of the Franklin
Inst, of Philadelphia, 1884; became eng'r and pres. the
Edison Elec. Light Co., 1887; consulting eng'r and
sp'l expert in gas and electric limiting for N. Y. City,
Buffalo, Indianapolis and other municipalities, 1905-
1908. Author: The Relative Proportions of the Steam
Engine; The Finances of Gas and Electricity Manu-
facturing Enterprises. Mem. Am. Philosoph. Soc;
hon. life mem. Franklin Inst.; mem. Inst, of Elec.
Eng'rs, etc. Residence: Westport, Essex Co., N. Y.
Address: 21 Park Row, N. Y. City.


Real Estate; b. Toronto. Ontario, Can., 185S; s. Rev.
Francis H. and Marina C. (Macdonald) Marling; ed.
Collegiate Inst. Toronto; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 10, 1884,
Harriet W. Phillips. Pres. corp'n of Horace S. Elv &
Co.; trustee Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., N. Y. Life
Ins. & Trust Co., Fulton Trust Co., U. S. Savings Bank;
dir. Fifth Ave. Bank, Hanover (ifire) Ins. Co., N. Y.
Plate Glass Ins. Co., City of N. Y. Ins. Co., Madison Av.
Co. Republican. Chm'n Internat. Com. Y. M. C. A.
Clubs: Union League, Metropolitan, Down Town, City,
Lawyers, Army, Navy, Republican, N. Y. Yacht, Royal
Automobile (London). Residence: 35 West 47th St."
Address: 21 Liberty St.. N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Abingdon, Berkshire, England, July 2,
185S; s. William and Bertha (Searle) Marlow; ed.
King Alfred's Grammar Sch., Wantage, Eng., iSt.
Thomas' Hosp. Med. Sch., London; m. Worcester, Mass.
Sept. 24, 18S9, Laura Bisset Mills; children: Searle
Bisset, b. 1890; John Mills, b. 1S92; Juliet, b. 1S93;
Gertrude Honor, b. 1S97; Frank William, b. 1901. Was
house surgeon, house physician and ophthalmic ass't,
St. Thomas' Hosp.; clinical ass't, Royal London Oph-
thalmic Hosp.. etc. Mem. Royal Coll. Burgeons of Eng-
land;- licentiate, Soc. Apothecaries of London; M.D.,
Univ. of Syracuse; prof, opthalmology med. dep't Univ.
of Syracuse; opthalmologist to St. Joseph's Hosp.,
Syracuse Hosp. for Women and Children; mem.
Royal Soc. of Medicine, Syracuse Eye, Ear and Throat
Infirmary, Syracuse Free 'Dispensary, State Inst'n for
Feeble-Minded. Onondaga Co. Orphan Asylum. Clubs:
Citizens', Masonic Temple. Address: 200 Highland'
St., Syracuse, N. Y.

MARLOWE, JULIA (Sarah Frances Frost)

Actress: b. Caldbeck, Cumberland, England, Aug. 17
1870; came to U. S. at age of 5; lived in Kansas arid
Ohio; ed. in public schools at Cincinnati; m. Aug. 17,
1911, E. H. Sothern. First appearance on stage was in
chorus of a juvenile Pinafore co. ; was prepared for
the stage by Miss Ada Dow, and at 16 appeared in a
Shakespearean part; first appearance as a star was in
New London, Conn.. April 27, 1887, when she adopted
the name of Julia Marlowe; appeared as "PaTthenia"
in Ingomar, and all the standard dramas in 1891; later
starring with E. H. Sothern. Address: 34 W 69th St
N. Y. City.


Railroad pres.; b. in 111.; s. Michael and Catherine
(MoCarthy) Maroney; ed. parochial schools of Chi-
cago, 111. Engaged in r'y service; was sup't of trans-
portation and later gen. sup't of Baltimore & Ohio R.
R.; v.-p. Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern R.R., Shaw-
mut Coal Co.; pres. Brookville & Mahoning R.R.,
Pawnee Coal Co., pres. and projector Uniontown &
Wheeling Short Line, W. Va. Connecting R.R.; dir. S.
Western Splint Fuel Co., Duquesne & Dravosburg
Electric R'y, Duquesne & McKeesport Land Co., United
Development Co. of Duquesne, Pa. Was supervisor
of elections, Baltimore Co., Md.; mg'r of Sound Money
Campaign for Business Men. State of Md., 1896: a
school dir. Writer on financial and other economic
subjects; suggested and brought about the establish-
ment of Emigration Bureau for State of Md.; public
speaker in 1896 for Sound (Money in the State of Md.
Independent in politics. Mem. Roval Arcanum. Clubs-
Catholic (N. Y. City), Athletic Press. Columbus, Union
(Pittsburgh), Elks (St. Marys). Address: 510 Peoples
Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.


Manufacturer: b. Schenectadv, N. Y., Feb. 2 1S46- s
Robert and Maria (Ouderkirk) Marsellus; ed.'classicai
sch. at Schenectady; m. Port Jefferson, L. I.. Oct. 13,
1S75, Sarah A. Hawkins; children: Irene Hawkins'
May Winne (now 'Mrs. .Horace D. Byrnes), John Car-
roll, Sarah Cornelia (Mrs. Robert Lee Brewer). For-
mer pres. Syracuse Chamber of Commerce; with im-
porting house of Thorne, Carroll & Co., 1865-1S72-
mem. firm of H. E. Taylor & Co., 1S72-1S77- pres
Hayes and Wheeler Club, 1S76: mem. Exec. Com of



18 leading Syracusans having charge of reform move-

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