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Mathewson; e<3. schools of Nyack and N. Y. City; m.
New Rochelle, N. Y., March 18, 1905, Mary Dillingham
Emery; children: Douglas Emery, b. May 21. 1908;
Mary, b. Feb. 5, 1910; William Glen, b. May 3, 1912.
Engaged in gen. practice since admission to bar. Mem.
Assembly, 1897; ass't corp'n counsel, 1902-1903; deputy
comptroller. City of N. Y., 1910-1913; elected pres.
Borough of The Bronx on Fusion ticket. Nov., 1913.
Republican. Address: 2024 Creston Ave., N. Y. City.


Museum curator; b. St. John, N. B., Can., Feb. 19,
1871; s. George Frederic and Katherine Mary (Diller)
Matthew; grad. Univ. of New Brunswick, Can., A.B.,
1889; Columbia Univ., N. Y. City, Ph.B., 1893; A.M.,
1894; Ph.D., 1895; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1905, Kate Lee;
children: Elizabeth Lee, b. 1906; Margaret Mary, b.
1911. With Am. Museum of Natural History since 1895,
in dep't of Vatebrate Palaeontology, as ass't 1895-1898.
ass't curator 1898-1902, asso. curator 1902-1910, and
curator since 1911. Fellow Geol. Soc. of America,
Palaeont. Soc, N. Y. Acad. Science, N. Y. Zool. Soc,
mem. A. A. A. S., Nat. Geog. Soc. Residence: Has'.ings-
on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: Am. Museum of Natural
History, N. Y. City.


Author; educator; b. New Orleans, La., Feb. 21, 1852;
ed. in private schs., N. Y. City; grad. Columbia Coll.,
1871. and from Columbia Law Sch., 1873, A.M., 1874.
LL.D., 1904; D.C.L. from Univ. of South. 1899; Litt. D.
from Yale Univ., 1901. Engaged in practice of law,
after admission to bar; acted as private sec. to father,
one of leading business men in N. Y.; lecturer in Eng-
lish, Columbia Univ., 1891; prof, literature, 1892; prof,
dramatic literature, 1899; senior prof, dep't of English,
1899. Lectured on English drama before Royal Inst,
of Great Britain, 1902, and gave course' on Moliere at
Lowell Inst., 1908. Mn'g editor Columbia University

Quarterly, 19u4; editor Wampum Library of American
Literature, 1904. Author (plays): Margery's Lovers,
1881; A Gold Mine (in collaboration with George H.
Jessop), 1887; This Picture and That, 1887; On Pro-
bation (in collaboration with George H. Jessop), 1889;
The Decision of the Court, 1893; Peter Stuyvesan'.,
Governor of New Amsterdam, 1899; author of fiction;
In Partnership (in collaboration with H. C. Bunner),
1884; The Last Meeting, 1885; A Secret of the Sea, and
other stories, 1886; A Family Tree and other stories,
1889; With My Friends, Tales Told in Partnership,
1891; In the Vestibule Limited, 1892; A Tale of Twen-
ty-Five Hours (in collaboration with George H. Jes-
sop), 1892; Tom Paulding, 1892; The Story of a Story,
and other stories, 1893; Vignettes of Manhattan, 1894;
The Royal Marine, an Idyl of Narragansett Pier, 1894;
His Father's Son, 1895; Tales of Fantasy and Fact,
1890; Outlines in Local Color, 1S97; A. Confident To-
morrow, 1899; The Action and the Word, 1909; Vistas
of New York, 1912, and many other essays, criticisms,
pamphlets and booklets. Edited: Comedies for Amateur
Acting, 1879; Poems of American Patriotism, 1S82;
Sheridan's Comedies, with a Life, 1S84, 1904; Ballads
of Books, 1886; Actors and Actresses of Great Britain
and the United States (in collaboration with Laurence
Hutton), 1886-1887; John Bernard's Retrospection of
America (in collaboration with Laurence Hutton),
1887; William Dunlap's "Andre," 1887; John Burk's
"Bunker Hill," 1891; American Familiar Verse; Vere
de Societe, 1904; A History of Columbia University,
1904; Bell's "Songs from the Dramatists," 1905; The
Short-Story: Specimens Illustrating Its Development,
1908; Columbia Lectures on Literature, 1911; also many-
prefaces and introductions, and contributed chapters
to important works on literary and edn'l topics.
Appt'd to Legion of Honor, 1907, by French Gov't;
elected to Am. Acad, of Arts and Letters, 1908; one of
organizers of Am. Copyright League, 1883; Dunlap
Soc, 1885; Columbia Univ. Press, 1S93; Nat. Inst, of
Arts and Letters, 1899 (pres., 1913), and Simplified
Spelling B'd, 1905 (ehm'n 1908); pres. Modern Lan-
guage Ass'n, 1910. Clubs: Authors (one of organizers,
1882), The Players (one of organizers, 1889), Century
Ass'n, Athenaeum, Saville (London), Cliff-Dwellers
(Chicago), 19th Century (pres., 1890-1892). Address:
681 West End Ave., N. Y. City.


Editor N. Y. Times; b. St. Joseph, Mich., May 14,
1858; s. J. H. and Mary (Force) Matthews; grad. Cor-
nell Univ., 1883; m. 1886, Mary Crosby. Lecture agent
for J. B. Pond, 18S3-1S86; then became reporter for
Philadelphia Press; later editor; editor N. Y. Sun,
1890-1912; ass't Sunday editor, N. Y. Times, 1912; night
city editor N. Y. Times, 1913; accompanied U. S. At-
lantic Fleet around the world as correspondent for
N. Y. Sun, 1906-1908. Pres. asso. Alumni, Cornell
Univ., 1908-1910; trustee Cornell Univ., 1913; asso. in
journalism, Col. Univ., since 1912. Author: Philadel-
phia (Pan-Am. delegates' souvenirs), Our Navy in
Time of War; The New-Born Cuba; With the Atlantic
Fleet; Back to Hampton Roads. Club: Cornell. Ad-
dress: 427 Manor Av., Woodhaven, L. I., N. Y.


Mf'r mineral waters; b. N. Y. City, March 5, 1856; s.
George and Elizabeth Moseley (Fenn) Matthews; ed.
Columbia Grammar Sch.; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 29, 1884,
Grace B. Birmingham; children; Eulalie, George,
Gwendolin, Yvonne, Doris, Stormont. Pres. John Mat-
thews, Inc., N. Y. City, Matthews Soda Water Co. of
Chicago, Bellevue Realty Co., N. Y. City. Recreation:
Yachting. Address: 333 E. 26th St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer soda fountains, soda water and min-
eral waters; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 2, 1859; s. George and
Sophia E. (Fenn) Matthews; ed. Columbia Grammar
Sch. (entire course), Sch. of Mines, Columbia Coll.;
m. N. Y. City, Nov. 10, 1881, Grace Ferguson; children:
Madelon (Mrs. Robert S. McCreery), b. 1888; Jack, b.
1891; Natalie, b. 1895. Mf'r of soda and mineral
waters, succeeding to the business established by
grandfather, John Matthews (No. 1) in 1832, at N. Y.
City; 'business incorporated in 1901 and re-incorpor-
ated, 1913, as John Matthews, of which is treas. and
dir.; v.-p. and dir. Bellevue Realty Corp'n. Address:
333 E. 26th St., N. Y. City.


Editor; b. Rahway, N. J., April 10, 1873; ed. in pub-
lic and private schools in Rahway, Paris, France, N. Y.
City. Mount Pleasant Mil. Acad., Osslning, Richmond
Coll.' and Princeton Univ. Editor Woodbridge (N. J.)
Register, 1895; city editor Elizabeth (N. J.) Daily Her-
ald, 1896; special writer N. Y. Commercial Advertiser,
1S97-1898; Sept., 1899-Jan., 1906. joint editor, with
Prof. Harry Thurston Peck, of The Bookman; since



Jan., 1QO0, joint eaitor Bookman with Frank Moore
Colby. Author: New York in Fiction, 1900; The His-
tory of the Nineteenth Century in Caricature (with
Frederic Taber Cooper), 1903; Monograph on Carica-
ture to International Encyclopedia. Clubs: Authors,
Players (N. Y. City); Colonia Country (Colonia, N. J.).
Address: 443 4th Av., N. Y. City.


Inventor, mech. eng'r; b. Orneville, Piscataquis Co.,
Me., Feb. 3, 1853; s. Isaac and Harriet Boston (Ste-
vens) Maxim. The founder of the family in this coun-
try, Samuel Maxim, was of French-Huguenot descent,
and emigrated from England before 1700, settling at
Dorchester, Mass. Hudson Maxim left school at age
of 25, after completing academical studies at Kent's
Hill, Me., where he paid sp'l attention to chemistry,
eng'ring and the natural sciences; m. 1896, Lilian, d.
Rev. William 'Durban, M.A., a well-known linguist and
litterateur of London, Eng. D.Sc, Heidelberg Univ.,
O., 1913. In 1875 formulated the hypothesis of the
compound nature of so-called atoms, which has be-
come a generally accepted theory only within the
past few years as a result of experiments on radiant
matter. Mr. Maxim's theory was published in the Sci-
entific American Supplement in 1889. Engaged in
printing and subscription book publishing business.
Pittsfleld, Mass., 1883-18S8; author of Penwork Self-
Instructor, of which nearly 500,000 copies were sold;
took up business of ordnance and explosives 1888. In
1890 built a dynamite and smokeless powder mill at
Maxim N. J. (place named for him), where developed
the first smokeless powder to be adopted by the U. S.
Gov't. 1897, sold the smokeless powder inventions to
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Del.;
since 1S9S consulting eng'r and expert in experimental
dep't of that Co. In 1901 sold to U. S. Gov't the secret
of invention known as Maximite, the first high explo-
sive projectiles; has invented and perfected a new
plosive at once placed the U. S. in the lead of all na-
tions in the use of high-explosive projectiles. Also in-
ventor of U. S. service detonating fuse for high-explo-
sive projectiles; has invented and perfected a new
smokeless powder known as Stabillite, which has
many advantages over any other form of smokeless
powder. Inventor of a new system of driving auto-
mobile torpedoes of the Whitehead type, by means of
a self-combustive material known as motorite, by
which much longer range and speed than heretofore
are made possible. Inventor of the process now in gen-
eral use in U. S. for making calcium carbide continu-
ously by the electrical resistance of a molten carbide
conductor, removing the carbide as fast as formed,
and simultaneously supplying fresh material to the
heating field. The process was purchased by Union
Carbide Co., 1906. Author: The Science of Poetry and
The Philosophy of Language (published by Funk &
Wagnalls Co., N. Y. and London, 1910). Pres. Pan-Am
States Ass'n. Mem. Mil. Service Inst'n; Soc. Chemical
Industry; Am. Chemical Soc; A. A. A. S.; N. E. Soc:
Navy League; Aeronautical Soc. of America (past
pres'). Clubs: Chemists', Press. Residences: 698 St.
Mark's Av., Brooklyn, N. Y., and Maxim Park. Land-
ing, N. J.

Born Brooklyn, N. Y., July 6, 1875; s. John Rogers
and Maria Louise (Washburn) Maxwell; ed. Brooklyn
Latin Sch. and Polytechnic Inst., Brooklyn; Amherst
Coll B.S. 1897; m. Wynnewood, Pa., Oct. 24, 1903,
Lydia Bid'dle Clothier; children: John Rogers III., b.
Dec. 27 1904; Morris Clothier, b. April 29, 1907; Lydia,
b March 15 1909. Dir. Atlas Portland Cement Co.
Mem. Soc. of Friends. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi Soc.
Clubs: Merion Cricket, Nassau Country, Racquet
Phila.), Racquet and Tennis (N. Y. City). Residence:
Villa Nova, Pa. Address: 1421 Chestnut St., Phila-
delphia. Pa.

City sup't of schools, N. Y. City; b. Stewartstown,
Ireland, Mar. 5, 1852; s.- Rev. John Maxwell, pastor
Presbv'n C'h. at Brigh, Ireland; ed. in local Nat,
Schooi, studied classics, etc, with father and Royal
Academical Institution, Belfast, and at Queen's Coll.,
Galway winning first place in classics and in English,
and grad. B.A. with honors, 1872 (honors in classics
ana prizeman in metaphysics and English literature);
M.A., 1S74, with honors in ancient classics. Began
teaching, 1S72 as sub-master in Royal Academical
Inst'n, Belfast,' Ireland, where gave instruction in Eng-
lish and classics, and at same time lecturer in English
literature in Ladies Collegiate Inst., Belfast. Came to
America, 1874, and was reporter on N. Y. Tribune and
N. Y. Herald, and afterward, for 5 years, mn'g editor
Brooklyn Times; during last two years of editorship
entered educational field as teacher and lecturer in
Evening High Schools, Brooklyn; elected associate
sup't schools, Brooklyn B'd Ed'n, 1882; elected sup't

of schools of Brooklyn, 1887, and three limes reelected;
elected city sup't schools of N. Y. City under revised
charter, 1898. Has been pres. Nat. Ed'l Ass'n, pres.
State Council of Sup'ts and pres. Dep't Superinten-
dence Nat. Ed'l Ass'n; served on Com. on English of
Ass'n of Colleges and High Schools of Middle States
and Maryland; chm'n Com. of 15, appointed by Nat.
Dep't of Superintendence; appt'd 1903 chm'n Com. on
Instr'.n in Municipal Gov't in Am. Ed'l Inst'ns under
authority of Nat. Municipal League; has been trustee
and fellow Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences. Author:
First Book in English; Elementary English Grammar;
School Grammar. Joint author, w'ith George J. Smith.
of Writing in English, and associate editor until 1896,
Educational Review. Address: Park Ave. and 59th St.,
N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Naugatuck, Conn.; s. James Wilson
and Abigail P. (Hotchkiss) Mav; grad. Naugatuck
High School and Med. Dep't Yale Univ., M.D., 1873; m.
St. John, New Brunswick, Feb. 24, 1878, Rebecca P.
Cushing; one daughter, Eleanor Cushing, b. 1880.
House surgeon New Haven Hosp., 1873; ass't physician
and acting sup't Conn. Hosp. for the Insane, 1872-1879;
supt. and phys. State Hosp. for the Insane, Danvers,
Mass., 1879-1882. Engaged in practice of medicine in
X. Y. City since 1SS3. House physician U. S. Hotel, Sar-
atoga Springs, for 30 years. Republican; Episcopalian.
Fellow N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. County Med. Soc,
N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, N. E. Soc of
N. Y., S. A. R. Club: Metropolitan (N. Y. City). Ad-
dress: The Osborne, 205 W. 57th St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Baltimore, Md., Aug. 7, 1861; s. Henry
and Henrietta (Oppenheimer) May; ed. public and
private schs., College of the City of N. Y. 1877-1878;
grad. N. Y. Coll. of Pharmacy, 1.879 (winning a gold
medal), Coll. of Phys. and Surg. N. Y., 1883 (two Har-
sen prizes and a medal for clinical reports) ; m. Nov.
7, 1S93, Rosalie, d. of Charles C. Allen, of N. Y. Spent
10 months as interne Roosevelt Hosp.; 18 months as
interne Mt. Sinai Hosp., 1883-1884; after years in gen.
practise went abroad to study diseases of the eye
and ear under Profs, von Graefe and Schwartze in
Halle, Germany, and at the clinics of Vienna; made
specialty of eye and ear, 1887-1910; since 1910, of the
eye exclusively; ass't to Drs. Cornelius R. Agnew,
Emil Gruening, and Herman Knapp, and clinical ass't
to Drs. Seguin and Francis Delaheld, 1883-1903; clini-
cal ass't instr. and chief of the eye clinic of Coll. of
Phys. and Surgs., 1890-1903; consulting ophthalmic sur-
geon to Bellevue, French, Italian, and Red Cross
hosps., N. Y. City; attending ophthalmic surgeon at Mt.
Sinai hosp. Early in career conducted a series of ex-
periments to determine whether it was possible to
transplant an eyeball from one animal to another:
was successful with animals, but on attempting to
implant a rabbit's eyeball into the human socket the
experiment was a failure. Author: Enucleation with
Transplantation and Reimplantation of Eyes (1S86);
Transplantation of a Rabbit's Eye into a Human Or-
bit (1887); The Constitutional Factor in Diseases and
Errors of the Eye (1891); The Early Eye Symptoms
in Chronic Alcoholism (1891); The Prevention and
Treatment of Ophthalmia Neonatorum, and the Neces-
sity for More Efficient Legislation to Prevent Blind-
ness from This Cause (1895): Mixed Forms of Tra-
choma and Spring Catarrh (1896); The Treatment of
Contusions of the Lids (1897); Restoration of the Con-
junctival Cul-de-Sac in a Case of Total Symblepharon
(1S99); Transplantation of a Large Wolff Graft. Form-
ing a New Lining of the Orbit, and Permitting the
Wearing of an Artificial Eye (1901); A Case of
Microphthalmus with Upper-Lid Cyst (1901); Gonor-
rheal Ophthalmia :n Children (1906) ; Ocular Symptoms
Accompanying Adenoids (1908), and Radium in the
Treatment of Trachoma (1912). Author of 7 editions '
of Manual of Diseases of the Eye, text-book for stu-
dents and gen. practitioners (translated into German.
French, Italian. Dutch, Spanish and Japanese): one of
editors of Ophthalmol jgy, a quarterly journal on the
eye. Mem. Am. Acad, of Medicine, N. Y. Acad, of
Medicine, N. Y. County and State Med. Socs. Am. Med.
Ass'n, Am. Ophthal. Soc, Am. Acad, of Ophthal. and
Otologv, Met. Med. Soc, and Med. Soc. of Greater N.
Y. Address: 698 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Medical mem. X. Y. State Hosp. Comm'n; b. Law-
rence, Kans., July 6, 1873; grad. Univ. of Kans., A.B.,
1 s!i J ; Univ. of Pa.. M.D., 1S97; m. Binghamton, N. Y.,
June, 1905. Ada L. Arms. After graduation, served
full term as resident physician to Philadelphia Hosp.;
served as ass't physician to Brigham Hall Hosp..
private inst'n for insane, Canandaigua, N. Y.. 1*99-1900:
appt'd acting ass't surgeon U. S. A., April 20, 1900, re-



maining on active duty until Sept. 10, 1002. and serv-
ing for over a year in P. I. In recognition i>f services,
now holds comm'n as 1st lieut. Med. Reserve Corps, U.
S. A. Has been connected with State Hosp. service
since time of apptm't as junior physician to Manhat-
tan State Hosp., Central Islip, Sept., 1902; later trans-
ferred to Binghamton State Hosp., where served in
various grades of nied. staff, succeeding Dr. H. W.
Eggleston as 1st ass't physician; appt'd med. sup t
Matteawan State Hosp., Aug., 1911; appt'd pres. State
Comm'n in Lunacy by Gov. Dix, Dec. 30, 1911. to suc-
ceed Dr. Albert W. Ferris. As ass't physician, at-
tended several courses of instr'n given by Dr. Adolf
Mever. at Psychiatric Inst., and for several years had
cha'rge of laboratory and pathol. work at Binghamton
State Hosp. Has been frequent contb'r to various med.
journals and magazines. -Mem. N. Y. State Med. Soc.
Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Therapeutic Soc. Am. Medico-
Psvcholog. Ass'n; 32 Scottish Rite Mason, mem. Mystic
Shrine, etc. Address: State Hosp. Comm'n, Albany.


Secretary of State; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 10, 1870;
s. Nathan May; ed. public sen.; Mil. Acad., College
Point; Brooklvn Poly. Inst., grad. Columbia Law Sch.,
DL.B.. 1S92. Began practise in law office of Ira Leo
Bamberger, later engaging alone; elected to Congress
1S98, appt'd mem. N. Y. B'd of Ed'n, 1906, later county
clerk of Brooklyn, appt'd one of chief ass'ts and as-
signed handling of investigation of Union Bank scan-
dal, and many other prominent cases; is especially
active in Brooklvn civic activities; appt'd Sec. of
State. 1912. Hebrew. Mem. Zeta Beta Tail fraternity,
Roval Arcanum. Heptasophs. Elks, G. A. R.. Brooklyn
Inst, of Arts and Sciences. Dir. Jewish Federation of
Charities. Clubs: Unity (one of organizers and first
pres.), Brooklvn, Iroquois, Montauk, Seawanhaka Boat.
Address: 357 E. 26th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

MAYER, HENRY ("Hy Mayer")

Artist; b. Worms-on-Rhine, Germany, July IS, 1868;
s. Herman and Helen (Loeb) Mayer; ed. in England,
where father was a London merchant, and at the
Gymnasium at Worms-on-Rhine; went to England,
and was for a time engaged in bus'ness there; went to
Mexico in 1SS5, then came to U. S. in 1SS6; has Tesided
in N. Y. since 1893; is a contributor of caricatures to
numerous journals and magaz : nes of prominence:
Fliegende Blatter, Life, Judge, Punch. Figaro Illustre,
Le Rire, Black and White, and the N. Y. Times. Au-
thor and illustrator of: A Trip to Toyland; In Laugh-
land; Fantasies in Ha Ha; Autobiography of a Mon-
key; Adventures of a Japanese Doll; Passing Show
Cartoons in N. Y. Times, and illustrator of The Real
New Y'ork. Has traveled extensively in Europe and
America. For the sentiment expressed in his cartoons
during the Japanese-Russian War he was presented
by the Emperor of Japan with two silver raised
Cloisonne vases bearing the Imperial crest. Address:
The Lambs' Club, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 5, 180"); s. J. Daniel and
Fannie M. (Marshuetz); grad. Coll. City of N. Y., A.B.,
1SS4; Columbia Coll. Law Sch., LL.B., 1886; unmarried.
Counsel to N. Y". City Excise B'd, 1895-1890; to Bld'g
Dep't, 1897-1898; justice Court of Special Sessions,
1902-1904; att'y-gen. N. Y. State, 1905-1907; chm'n Law

/~, ~f t>-. t~\~ n~ 1MH in/\1. J n) r+rrr, *n * t\ T? nr* Wot

., rni J_>eiia ineia irarerrinv, '.vrasoiiic oiuei, isaysk'u
Shrine, Alumni Ass'n Coll. City of N. Y. (Exec. Com.),
Jewish Protectory and Aid Soc, Edn'l Alliance. Club:
Republican. Address: P. O. Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Lumber merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1887;
s. Zeb and Bessie (Cooper) Mayhew; attended St.
Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., 1904; grad. Harvard Coll.,
A B., 190S. Sole surviving partner Simpson Clapp &
Co. Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of
Revolution. Clubs: Harvard, Atlantic Yacht, Larch-
mont Yacht. Residence: 624 Fifth Av. Address: 17
State St.. N. Y. City.


Artist, painter; b. Washington, D. C, March 5, 1843;
s. Edward and Ellen Sophia (Doty) Maynard; ed. Nat.
Acad. Design, N. Y. City, Royal Acad., Antwerp, Bel-
gium; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 26, 1907, Louise Brownell.
Received Temple gold medal, medal of Am. Art Ass'n,
medal as one of designers World's Columbian Exp'n,
silver medal Pan-Am. Exp'n, Evans Prize, Shaw Prize.
With Overland Telegraph Exped'n in British Columbia,
1865; Gov't Exp'n in 1863. Traveled in England,
France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland.

Italy, Austria, Hungary, Roumania. Russia, Turkey,
tlri'irc, Nicaragua. Academician and librarian .-.'at.
Acad. Design; mem. Am. Water Color Soc., Artists' Aid
Soc. Club: Century. Residence: 326 Audubon Av. Ad-
dress: 156 E. 36th St.. N. Y. City.


Director Met. Trust Co.; b. N. Y. City, 1S71; s. Effing-
ham and Helen M. (llollister) Maynard; ed. Berkeley
Sch., N. Y. City; grad. Harvard Univ., A.B., 1893: m.
April 14, 1903, Eunice Ives. V.-p. and dir. the Fifth
Av. Bld'g Co.; trustee Orthopedic Hosp. and Disp.
Clubs- Union, University, Riding, Aldine, Meadow
Brook, Piping Rock, Harvard. Address. 114 E. 40th
St., N. Y. City.


Author, dramatist; b. Springville. N. Y., May 5, 1873;
s. Capt. William L. and Clarinda (Williams) Mayo; ed.
Griffith Inst.; grad. Cornell Univ., A.B., 1894; m. N. Y.
City, 1901, Marie Susanne Thill; children: William T.,
Earl Williams, Jr., Pierre Lawrence. Reader in Eng-
lish, Cornell Univ., 1905. Was on staffs of N. Y. Sun
and N. Y. Herald; editor McClure's Syndicate; travel-
ing correspondent in Europe and America for various
magazines. Author: Cape Cod Folks (play), A Border
Rivalry, the Land of the Loon, Big battles Against
Disease. Residence: New Rochelle, N. Y. Address- 437
5 th Av., N. Y. City.


Jurist; appointed judge Court of Special Sessions for
term expiring July 1, 1917. Address: 216 W. 100th St.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., May 15, 1857; s. William
and Melsena (Wessell) Mazet; ed. Pittsburgh High
Sch.; grad. Co'.umbia Univ., LL.B., A.B. ; m Elsie S
Moore (d. Commo. John W. Moore), since deceased;
children: Robert Jr., Horace Sawyer. Was deputy
att'y-gen. for prosecution of violations of State agr'l
law; chm'n B'd of Transfer Tax Appraisers of N. Y ;
mem. State Assembly of N. Y., 1897-1899; mem sp'l com
to investigate trusts, 1897; chm'n Cities Com., state As-
sembly; chm'n com. to investigate gov't City of N Y
1S99; capt. Co. D, 7th Reg't, N.GN.Y. Republican 1
Presby'n. Mem. Pa. Soc, Chi Phi fraternity. Clubs:
Republican, West Side Republican. Address- 257
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Cornwall, Vt., Oct. 7, 1870: s. Horace J.
and Mary A. (Wooster) Mead; grad. Middleburv College
(Vt.) A.B., 1891; Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1899.
Practised law in N. Y. City since 1899. Mem. Ass'n Bar
City of N. Y., Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Club: Harvard
Address: 55 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn. N. Y., Feb. 9. 1875; s. George
W. and Sarah Frances (Studwell) Mead; grad. Yale
Univ., A.B., 1897. V.-p. and dir. Nat. City Bank ot
Brooklyn, Kings and Westchester Land Co.; dir Long
Island Safe Deposit Co., u. S. Title Guaranty Co.', trus-
tee S. Brooklyn Savings Inst'n; pres. and dir. The
Beaver Hills Co.; treas. Brooklyn Atheneum. Republi-
can; Presby'n. Mem. Long Island Hist. Soc, Brooklvn
League; trustee Brooklyn City Dispensary. Clubs-
Yale (N. Y. City), Hamilton, Crescent Athletic, Riding
and Driving, Brooklyn (Brooklyn). Address: 350 Ful-
ton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Author, journalist; b. iMargaretville, Delaware Co.,
N. Y., April 27, 1861: s. Cyrus and Margaret E. (O'Con-
nor) Mead; ed. at village school, Fort Edward Collegi-
ate Inst, Bishop's Prep. Sch., Poughkeepsie. Boston
Univ., also in France and Germany; m. Binghamton,
N. Y., Nov. 5, 1903, Mary Janet West, of Iowa. Trav-
eled extensively in Europe; also through West as cor-
respondent Boston Post: friend of" Eugene Field and
Bill Nye, and author of the first authentic bi'og. sketch
of Bill Nye ever published. Wrote for leading week-

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