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bany Med. Coll. Editor Albany Med. Annals; asso.
editor Am. Journal of Insanity. Episcopalian. Mem.
med. societies Co. of Albany and State of N. Y., Am.
Med. Psychol. Ass'n, Am. Neurol. Ass'n, PsI UpsUon
fraternity. Trustee Albany Orphan Asylum, Albany
Acad. Address: 170 Washington Av., Albany, N. Y.


Pres. Civil Service Commission. Appointed pres.
Civil Service Comm'n, City of N. Y., by Mayor Mitchel,
Jan. 1, 1914. Address: 299 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Genre painter; b. N. Y. City, June 6, 1841; s. Gustav
and Sophie (Wiener) Mosler; removed to Cincinnati,
1851: studied art in Cincinnati under James H. Beard;
went with Western Army as artist-correspondent for
Harper's Weekly, 1862-1863; appt'd on staff of Gen.
R. W. Johnson; afterward studied in Paris under
Hfibert; lived in Paris and had a studio for many
years; received prizes and medals from the Paris
Salon and the Paris Exp'ns, and from the Royal Acad.,
Munich; was made chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur
and officer d'Acadfemie, 1892; won the Clark prize of
Nat. Acad. Design, 1S96. His picture, Le Rtour (1879)
was purchased by the French Gov't for the Museum of
the Luxembourg; and picture, The Wedding Morning,
was bought by the Museum of Sydney, Australia; has
pictures in many other perma.nent collections. Com-
panion Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Residence: 48 W.
89th St. Address: 7th Av. and 56th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, ass't dist. att'y N. Y. City; b. Cold Spring,
N. Y.; s. John R. and Eliza (Wood) Moss; m. N. Y.
City Eva E. Bruce; children: Elizabeth J., Rev. Arthur
B. Pres. N. Y. City Police B'd, 1897; asso. counsel in
Lexow Investigation; leading counsel in Mazet Inves-
tigation. As pres. City Vigilance League, and Soc. for
Prevention of Crime, has directed movements for*
prevention and suppression of crime alliances be-
tween criminals and corrupt officials; ass't Dist. Att'v
N. Y. City, 1910-1914. Prof. Med. Jurisprudence, N. Y.
Med. Coll. and Hosp. for Women; pres. N. Y. Ophthal-
mic Hosp.; dir. N. Y. Hosp. Alumni; Coll. of Dental and
Oral Surgery. Author: The American Metropolis a
history of N. Y. City, and pamphlets and magazine
articles on civio subjects. Republican; Methodist.
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. Law Inst., N. Y.
County Lawyers' Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. Hist.
Ass'n and other socs. Clubs: Union League, Republi-
can. Address: 299 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Jurist; appointed justice, Court of Special Sessions,
N. Y., for term expiring July 1, 1920. Address: N. Y.


Exporter; b. N. Y. City; s. James M. and Kate
(Niven) Motley; ed. N. Y. private schs., and tutors.
Traveled extensively in Europe, West Indies, Mexico
and Central America. V.-p. and dir. Sabana-Grande-
Honduras Mining Co., and R. W. Hebard & Co., of

fanama and N. Y. ; dir. San Pedro Electric Light &
ower Co. Mem. St. Andrew's Soc, St. George's Soc,
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Humane Soc, Audubon
Soc, Anti-Vivisection Soc, N. Y. Zool. Soc, Pan-Am.
Soc, Am. Museum of Natural History, and Holland
Lodge. Recreations: Fishing, yachting. Clubs: Rac-
quet and Tennis, St. Nicholas, Midday Luncheon,
Whitehall Lunch, N. Y. Athletic, Larchmont Yacht,
New York, Wyandaneh. Residence: 15 E. 4Sth St. Ad-
dress: 71 Beaver St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Northport, N. Y., March 25, 1855; s. James
S. and Mary (Suydam) Mott; received public sch. ed'n;
m. Northport, N. Y., 1876, Camilla A. Wood; children:
Charles S., Mary S., James A., Harry T., Camilla V.,
Kenneth L. Pres. Northport Trust Co.; treas. Am.
Law Book Co.; dir. First Nat. Bank of Huntington,
Bank of North Hempstead, Montauk Bank of Brook-
lyn. Republican; Methodist Episcopalian. Recrea-
tion: Yachting. Clubs: Northport, Independent Yacht.
Residence: Northport, N. Y. Address: 80 Maiden Lane,
N. Y. City.


Mg'r of estates which have descended in family
since 1714, antiquarian; b. N. Y. City, Apr. 19, 1854; s.
M. Hopper (merchant, banker and realty owner) and
Ruth (Schuyler) Mott; 8th in generation from Robert
Coles (1630); Adam Mott (1642); Jacobus Strycker
(1651); Andries Hoppe (1652); David Pieterse Schuyler
(1653); ed. Peekskill Mil. Acad., 1869; Charlier Inst.,
1872; Columbia Coll., 1877, and Columbia Daw Sch.; m.
N. Y. City, April 19, 1875, May, d. Edwin S. Lenox, M.D.,
inventor; children: Hopper Lenox, Clarence Schuyler
(deceased). Treas. Bloomingdale Reformed Ch. Mem.
N. Y. Hist. Soc; trustee and treas. N. Y. Geneal. and
Biog. Soc; mem. Holland Soc, Soc. of Older Graduates,
Psi Upsilon fraternity; mem. com. on Historic Traces,



City History Club; historian of Ye Olde Settlers of Ye
West Side. Author: The New York of Yesterday
Bloomingdale; editor: New York Geneal. and Biog.
Record; asso. editor: Historical Guide of City of New
York. Clubs: Union League, Metropolitan, City His-
tory (mem. com.). Residence (country): "Hawks-
wood," Newburyport, Mass.; (winter): 288 West End
Av. Address: 778 Eleventh Av., N. Y. City.


Sec. internat. Com., Y. M. C. A.; b. Livingston Manor,
N. Y., May 25, 1865; s. John S. and Elmira (Lodge)
Mott; ed. Cornell Univ., A.B., 1888; honorary M.A.,
Yale; LL.L., Edinburgh, Princeton; m. Wooster, Ohio,
Nov. 26, 1891, Leila Ada White; children: John Living-
ston, b. 1892; Irene, b. 1899; Frederick Lodge, b. 1904.
Sec. Student Y. M. C. A. since 1888; chm'n Student Vol.
Movement since 1888; gen. sec. World's Student Chris-
tian Federation since 1895; sec. Foreign Lep't, Y. M.
C. A., since 1898; asso. gen. sec. Internat. Com., Y. M. C.
A., since 1901; chm'n Continuation Com. of World Mis-
sionary Conf., Edinburgh, 1910. Made tour of world,
1895-1897 in interest of the student Christian move-
ment; again in 1900-1901 sp'l tours to all parts of Eu-
rope, South Africa, South America and Australasia on
similar missions. Author: Strategic Points in the
World's Conquest, 1897; Evangelization of the World
in This Generation (Student Volunteer Movement),
1900; Pastor and Modern Missions, 1904; The Future
Leadership of the Church, 1909; Decisive Hour of
Ohristian Missions, 1910; Christians of Reality (pub-
lished in Shanghai), 1902; also numerous brochures
and magazine articles. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa; elected
fellow of Royal Geog. Soc, 1903. Address: 124 E. 28th
St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Oswego, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1874; s. John T.
and Alice J. (Wright) Mott; grad. Harvard, A.B., 1896;
m. Oswego, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1902, Ruth Woolsey John-
son; children: Luther Wright, b. 1903; Alice Wright, b.
1905; Dorothy, b. 1908. One year in newspaper work
after leaving college; .since 1897 in banking business
at Oswego, N. Y.; v. -p. and cashier First Nat. Bank,
Oswego; dir. Auburn Trust Co.; v.-p. Nat. Republican
League of U. S., 1900-1902; pres. Municipal Civil Ser-
vice Comm'n, Oswego, 1903; Oswego Chamber of Com-
merce, 1905-1908. Appt'd State sup't of Banks of N. Y.
by Gov. Hughes. 1907, but resigned on account of ill
health. Pres. State Bankers' Ass'n, 1909; Exec. Coun-
cil Am. Bankers' Ass'n, 1908-1910. Representative in
Congress, 1910; reelected, 1912. Delegate to Repub-
lican Nat. Conv., Chicago, 1908. Mem. S. A. R., Soc.
Colonial Wars; trustee Oswego Orphan Asylum, Y. M.
C. A., Oswego, N. Y. Clubs: City, Fortnightly, Coun-
try, Yacht (Oswego), Harvard (Syracuse), Harvard (N.
Y. City), Army & Navy (Washington, D. C). Address:
73 W. Schuyler St., Oswego, N. Y.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 17, 1852; s. Alexander
B. and Arabella (Phelps) Mott; grad. Columbia, 1872;
Cambridge Univ., England, 1876; Bellevue Med. Coll.,
1878; m. Emily Langdon Erving; one d. : Sophie L.
Since 1878 practising medicine in N. Y. City; attending
surgeon Outdoor Dep't, Bellevue Hosp., 1879. Went
to Paris, 1887, as representative Am. Pasteur Inst.;
studied under Louis Pasteur the prophylacite treat-
ment for hydrophobia; brought away the first inocu-
lated rabbit which Pasteur permitted to leave his lab-
oratory; has written several papers on the subject.
Mem. Mil. Order Loyal Legion. St. Anthony Soc. Club:
Turf and Field. Address: Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y.


Civil eng'r; b. Cicero, Onondaga Co.. Feb. 25, 1861;
s. Emery and Mary J. (Churchill) Moulton; grad. Cor-
nell Univ., B.S., 1881; m. Clay, Onondaga Co., N. Y.,
Mar. 16, 1887, Sara A. Wright; children: Webster O,
b. 1889; Lloyd W., b. 1891; Guy W., b. 1897. Taught
school, 18S1-1882; ass't eng'r Buffalo, Rochester and
Pittsburgh R.R., from preliminary survey to comple-
tion of road, 1882-1883; farmer, 1881-1889; ass't eng'r
on Lizard Creek branch of Lehigh Valley R.R. In Pa.
(built 12 miles), 1S89-1S90; ass't eng'r on Puffalo ex-
tension, same road (built 12 miles, and completed 12
miles more), 1890-1892; improved and extended Wat-
kins water system, relined reservoir, installed pump-
ing plant, etc., 1893; ass't eng'r N. Y. & N. E. R.R.;
also on survey for private road in Tenn., 1S94; eng'r
and gen. mg'r coal mining co., Pa., 1S95-1S9G. Ass't
eng'r Jackson & Mackinaw R It., Mich, (built 12 miles),
1895-1896; eng'r and gen. mg'r for McDonald & Sayre,
contractors on N. Y. State canals, under Nine Millions
Act, 1896-1897; first ass't eng'r, Middle Div. N. Y.
State canals, 1897-1903; resident eng'r on Barge Canal,
1903-1909; div. eng'r Middle Div. N. Y. State canals.

1909-1910; 1st resident eng'r Middle Div. N. Y. State
canals since 1910. Republican. Universalist. Trustee
1st Universalist Soc, Syracuse. Mem. Am. Soc. of
Civil Eng'rs, Technology Club of Syracuse, Royal Arch
Mason. Mem. Citizens' Club of Syracuse. Address:
22B W. Kennedy St., Syracuse, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Ypsilanti, Mich., Oct. 19, 1848; s. Julius
and Mary Leonard (Vibbard) Movius; grad. Heidel-
berg Univ. (Germany), 1869, and Hamilton Coll. Law
Sch., 1878; m. Sept. 26, 1877, Mary Lovering Rumsey,
of Buffalo; children: Evelyn Hallam (Mrs. James Par-
ker Hall), Hallam Leonard (m. Boston, 1906, Alice Lee
West). One of counsel for State Comm'n to acquire
lands for N. Y. State Reservation, Niagara Falls, 1883-
1885; receiver First Nat. Bank of Buffalo, N. Y., iss?;
U. S. Mineral Land Comm'r in Helena (Mont.) District,
1895-1897. Att'y for Central R.R. Co. of N. J. since
1903. Clubs: University (N. Y. City), Buffalo (Buffalo)
and others. Address: 102 W. 80th St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Minden, N. Y., Oct. 24, 1874; s. Seward
and Alvira (Ehle) Moyer; ed. Clinton Liberal Inst.,
Fort Plain, N. Y., 1888-1892; pres. White Scholarship,
Cornell, 1892-1894; Cornell Ph.B. (Phi Beta Kappa),
1896; student at Jena, Germany, 1896-1SU7; student at
Sorbonne, Paris, 1897; m. Potsdam, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1903,
Abbie S. Howe; one son, Donald Howe, b. Jan. 11,
1905. Student of modern languages in Germany and
France, 1896-1897; prof, modern languages, Clark-
som Sch. of Technology, Potsdam, N. Y., 1897-1903;
1903-1909, teacher of French in De Witt Clinton High
Sch., N. Y. City; since 1909 teacher of history. Mem.
Am. Hist. Ass'n. Address: De Witt Clinton High Sch.,
N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. N. Y. City, 1872; s. Louis J. and Caro-
line (Toles) Mulford; m. E. Orange, N. J., 1900, Made-
leine Day; children: Madeleine Day, b. 1903; Carol
Helene, b. 1909; Vincent S., b. 1911. Mg'r Jewelers'
Circular Publishing Co.; pres. Optical Publishing Co.;
dir. Thompson-Starrett Co., N. River Fire Ins. Co.,
U. S. Fire Ins. Co., Fidelity Trust Co., Bloomfield
Trust Co. Republican. V.-p. Montclair Horse Show
Ass'n; dir. Montclair Art Ass'n; trus. Mountainside
Hosp. Clubs: Union League, New York, Lotos, Essex
County Country, Blooming Grove Hunting and Fish-
ing, Montclair, Montclair Athletic, Camp Fire. Resi-
dence: 130 S. Mountain Av., Montclair, N. J. Address:
11 John St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Mechanicsville, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1S7S; s.
John and Catherine (Goode) Mulholland; grad. Ford-
ham Univ., A.B., Cornell Med. Coll., M.D.; m. N. Y.
City, June 10, 1908, Josephine Dodin. Physician, with
specialty in diseases of nose, throat and ear. Demo-
crat. Catholic. Mem. B. P. O. Elks, Woodmen, Phi
Alpha Sigma fraternity, Knights of Columbus, N. Y.
County Med. Soc, Rome Med. Soc. Clubs: Fordham,
Graduates. Address: 218 W. 71st St., N. Y. City.


Journalist, author, lecturer, inventor; b. Belfast, Ire-
land; hon. LL.D., St. John's Univ., Fordham, N. Y.,
Litt.D. Coll. Christian Brothers, St. Louis, Mo. Learned
profession as journalist on N. Y. Tribune, then under
mg'rnt of Horace Greeley; later city reporter Evening
Post, Editor William Cullen Bryant; six years on New
York Herald and its sp'l corr. on expd'n to lay sub-
marine cable across Gulf of St. Lawrence from Cape
Ray, Newfoundland, to Cape North, Cape Breton, and
during first three Atlantic telegraph expd'ns, 1S57-
1858; while on these several expd'ns, extending over
a year, enjoyed the exceptional privilege of being
guest of officers of U. S. steam frigate Niagara; dur-
ing these expd'ns, of which was official historian,
acted temporarily as sec, to Prof. Morse, and Cyrus
W. Field (mg'r of Atlantic Telegraph Co.); soon after
return from last expd'n, began publication of The
Metropolitan Record, at desire of and with the ap-
proval of Archbishop Hughes. Was comm'r of health
one term; mem. B'd of Assessors two terms; mem. N.
Y. Press Club over twenty years; mem. U. S. Catholic
Hist. Soc; originator and founder of new system of
parks and parkways north of the Harlem River, and
active participator in seven years' movement by
which nearly 4,000 acres were acquired by city, and
which includes Van Cortlandt, Pelham Bay, Bronx, Cro-
tona, Claremont and St. Mary's parks, Bronx and Pel-
ham Parkway and Crotona Parkway. Inventor of
aluminography; pres. U. S. Aluminum Printing Plate
Company. Author: The Laying of the Cable, or The
Ocean Telegraph; A Trip to Newfoundland to Lay the



Gulf of St. Lawrence Cable; The Milk Trade of New
York City, exposing its adulterations (this finally led
to the marked reform of the trade); More Public
Parks, Lungs for the Metropolis; report to the legis-
lature of 1884 of the commission to select the sites for
the six new parks and three new parkways in the
Borough of the Bronx; History of the Seven Years'
Contest to Acquire and Secure Said Parks and Park-
ways; editor of the Journal of the Fair, dailv illus-
trated publication of sixteen pages, issued from new
St. Patrick's Cathedral, and comprising over 250 large
folio pages; aggregate proceeds of the fair held from
Oct. 23 to Nov. 29, 1878, amounted to $175,000; The
Seminary, monthly illustrated periodical, which was
designed to aid construction of new St. Joseph's
Seminary at Dunwoodie, Sept., lStta, to Sept., 1S96, and
containing over S50 folio pages. Address: 223 E. 49th
St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Deerfield, N. Y, July 19, 1853; s.
Thomas and Margaret C. (Ryan) Mullany; ed. Chris-
tian Brothers' Acad., Utica, N. Y., Manhattan Coll., N.
Y'. City; Provincial Sem., Troy, N. Y., A.B., A.M., LL.D.,
D.D. Rector St. John the Baptist Ch., Syracuse, N. Y. ;
educator; principal Acad, of the Sacred Heart; founder
of Catholic summer and winter schools; promoter of
university extension work; study club and reading
circle; lecturer, writer, translator. Editor and man-
ager of St. John's Monthly (family magazine). Has
traveled extensively through Europe, Asia, Africa and
America. Independent in politics. Mem. Teachers'
Ass'n, Publishers' Club, Soc. Indian Antiquities, Knight
of St. Gregory; trustee Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts;
St. Mary's Cemetery, St. John's Church, City Hosp., R.
C. Orphan Asylums, etc. Mem. Catholic Hist. Soc,
Geog. Soc; sec Roman Antiquities, Holy Land Ex-
ploration Soc. Clubs: Catholic, University. Address:
Syracuse, N. Y.

Lawyer; b. Cleveland, O., Oct. 24, 1S72; d. N. Cos and
Gabrielle (Townsend) Stewart; ed. public schools; stu-
dent at Univ. of Ohio and Ohio State Univ. Law Sch.,
1900; m. Sept. 26, 1904, Walter Girdwood Mulliner, of
Leamington, Warwickshire, England. Practised law
three years in Ohio; admitted to N. Y. Bar 1903; now
practising law in N. Y. City. Mem. N. Y. County Law-
yers' Ass'n, Daughters of Ohio in N. Y., Nat. Civic
Ass'n, Chm'n Legislative Com. of N. Y. Federation of
Women's Clubs; member and director Nat. Society of
Forum; mem. Legislative Com. of Gen. Federation of
Women's Clubs; member and director Nat. Society of
Patriotic Women, Manhattan Chapter, D. A. R. ; Equal
Franchise Soc; State Parliamentarian of D. A. R. ;
mem. N. Y. Browning Soc; lecturer on Civil Gov. Au-
thor: New York Laws of Interest to Women. Club:
Woman's Republican. Address: 111 E. 56th St., N. Y.


Jurist; appointed Judge Court of Gen. Sessions for
term expiring Dec. 31, 1921: Residence: SSS Park Av.
Address: Criminal Court Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 4, 1871; s. George and
Mary (Wolters) Mundorf; ed. N. Y. public schools;
grad. N. Y. Univ. Med. Coll., 1S95; Univs. of Berlin,
Leipzig, Prague and Vienna, 1896-1898; m. N. Y. City,
Oct. 30, 1901, Minnie Grau; children: Althea Grau, b.
Nov. 4, 1902; George Theodore, b. Feb. 24, 1905; Ruth
Dorothea, b. Feb. 18, 1907; Arthur Bertram, b. June
12, 1909. Traveled extensively through England. Hol-
land, Germany, Bohemia, Austria, Italy and Switzer-
land, 1896-1898. Attending physician to St. Francis
Home for Chronic Diseases and Incurables, N. Y. City.
Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y. County Med. Soc.
Am. Med. Ass'n. N. Y. State Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State
Med. Soc, German Med. Soc, Medico-Legal Soc. East
Side Physicians' Ass'ns, Nat. Geog. Soc, Clinical Soc. of
N. Y., Post-Graduate Sch. and Hosp., also a mem.
Amity Lodge, 323, F. and A. M.; Manhattan Chapter,
R. A. M.; Adelphi Council, R. and S. M.; Palestine Com-
mandery, Knights Templar; Consistory of N. Y. City.
32"; Nobles of Mystic Shrine; Mystic Order of Veiled
Prophets; N. Y. Lodge, No. 1, B. P. O. Elks; Knights of
Pythias; Knights of Honor; Knights and Ladies of
Honor; Junior Order United Am. Workmen and For-
esters of Am.; Union of Old German Students of Am.;
A.A.A.S. Author of a number of med. monographs.
Recreations: Bowling, chess. Address: 225 E. 18th
St., N. Y. City.


Born in Tenn., of old and distinguished Va. ancestry;
s. William Ball and Amanda (Green) Munford; at-

tended S. Western Presby'n Univ., Clarksvllle, Tenn.;
unmarried. Formerly interested in railroad supply
'business; now owner of High Acre Stock Farm, Va.
Travelled extensively in U. S. and abroad. Democrat;
Presby'n. Mem. Southern Soc Recreations: Master of
High Alto Beagles; breeder of thoroughbred horses
and hounds. Clubs: N. Y. Engineers, Plains Polo, N. Y.
Railroad, N. E. Railroad. Residence: "High Acre,"
The Plains, Va.


Publisher, editor; b. N. Y. City; s. Orson Desalx
and Julia Augusta (Allen) Munn; grad. Princeton,
A.B., 1881. Admitted to the bar, 1893. Editor The
Scientific American and pres. and dir. Munn & Co.. its
publishers, who also conduct an extensive business as
solicitors of U. S. and foreign patents. Mem. N. Y.
Hist. Soc, N. E. Soc. of N. Y. Clubs: Century, Univer-
sity, Grolier, Union, Knickerbocker, Racquet and Ten-
nis, Merchants', Whippany River, Essex County Coun-
try (N. J.). Address: 361 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Pres. U. S. Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., physician; b. Gates,
Monroe Co., N. Y., 1847; grad. Univ. of Rochester, A.B.,
(Phi Beta Kappa), 1870; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.,
1875; m. Martha B. Plum. Engaged in practice of med-
icine in N. Y. City from 1875; in 1877 began connection
with the U. S. Life Ins. Co. as examining physician;
for many years was its med. dir. and mem. B'd of
Dirs; in 1902 was elected pres. of the company in suc-
cession to George H. Burford, resigned. Mem. Delta
Kappa Epsllon. Clubs: Racquet, N. Y. Athletic. Ad-
dress: IS W 58th St., N. Y. City.


Pres. Am. Cotton Oil Co.; b. Aug. 28, 1852; s. William
and Margaret (Frater) Munro; ed. schs. of Scotland;
m. N. Y. City, June 2, 1891, A. Nada Swasey. Employed
with Price, Waterhouse & Co., public accountants,
London; came to U. S. as representative for group of
English railroad men, and accepted position with
Queen & Crescent System, with headquarters in Cin-
cinnati; resigned 1885; assisted in org'n of Am. Cotton
Oil Trust, later formed under Am. Cotton Oil Co., of
which is pres. and dir. Also pres. N. K. Fairbank
Co., W. J. Wilcox Lard & Refining Co., Kanawha Ins.
Co. of America, New Orleans Acid & Fertilizer Co.,
Robert B. BrOiwn Oil Co. Mem. B'd of Trade; life
mem. St. Andrews Soc. Club: Lawyers. Residence:
260 W. 72d St. Address: 27 Beaver St., N. Y. City.


Forester, lawyer; b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 3, 1873; 6.
Josiah Greene and Sarah Keene Healey (Dall) Munro;
grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 1896; Harvard Law Sch.,
LL.B., 1899; Yale Forest Sch., M.F., 1912; Harvard
Forest Sch. (sp'l course estimating and lumbering
white pine), 1012; m. N. Y., Oct. 31, 1907, Marion Beach
Bogardus. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, Jan., 1900; law
clerk. Moot-Sprague, Brownell-Marcy, Buffalo, N. Y.,
1899-1901; att'y for Citizens Union, N. Y. City, 1901;
deputy ass't dist. att'y, N. Y. County, 1902-1903; in
private practice since 1903. Field ass't to Conn. State
Forester, 1912; Scout, Bureau of Entomology, U. S.
Dep't of Ag'r, 1913; field ass't, later ass't in forest
mg'mt, Silircultural Experiments in N. E. made with
view to controlling the gypsy moth, 1913. Served as
Seaman to Ensign, Naval Brigade, M.V.M., 1892-1897.
Private, Squadron A, N.G.N.Y., 1902-1904. Mem. Asss'n
Bar City of N. Y. Address: 43 Tremont St., Boston,
Mass., and N. Y. City.


Editor, publisher; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1S59; s.
Charles William and Susan Maria (Hall) Munroe; ed.
Williams Coll.; m. Springfield, Mass., Dec. 24, 1S91,
Elizabeth Lee Bowles; children: Donald Mitchell, b.
1892; Elizabeth Bowles, b. 1894: Ruth Schermerhorn,
b. 1897. Newspaper man, reporter N. Y. Sun, Brook-
lyn Eagle and at various periods Sunday editor, ex-
change editor and ass't mn'g editor N. Y. Press.
Founder Brooklyn Life, 1890, and since June, 1909,
edited and conducted it; for 3 years editor Town and
Country, and treas. Schermerhorn Co., publishing it.
Independent with Republican leanings. Congregation-
alist. Mem. S. A. R., Mayflower's Descendants. Rec-
reations: Inventing, writing verse and farming. Clubs:
Brooklyn (Brooklyn). Address: Rogers Av., Hunt-
ington, L. I., N. Y.


Prof, mining; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 25, 1S50; grad.
Sch. of Mines, Columbia Univ., E.M., 1869, Ph.D., 1S78,
Sc.D., 1904. Ass't geologist, Ohio State Geological
Survey, 1870-1871; ass't chemist, Dep't of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C, 1870-1872; ass't geol. and mining



eng'r Geol. Survey of Yesso, Japan, 1872-1875; prof.
geology and mining, Univ. of Tokio, Japan, 1875-1876;
adjunct prof, surveying and practical mining, 1877-
1891; prof, mining, Sen. of Mines, since 1891; mg'r,
1884-1885, and v.-p., 1890-1892, Am. Inst. Mining
Eng'rs. Mem. Columbia Univ. Council since 1895.
Dean of Faculty of Applied Science, Columbia Univ.,
1897-1899; pres. Mining and Metall. Soc. of America,
1908-1909; sec, 1910; pres. Soc. for Promotion of
Eng'rlng Edn, 1909-1910. Address: School of Mines,
Columbia University, N. Y. City.


Manufacturer, mayor of Englewood, N. J.; b. Nov.
24, 1874; s. Chester Clark and Adelaide (Hoadley)
Munroe; grad. Harvard Coll., A.B.; m. N. Y. City, Dec.
18, 1901, Sally Sprague Cook; children: David Hoad-
ley, b. Nov. 27, 1902; Vernon, Jr., b. Dec. 15, 1908;
Louisa Sprague, b. Oct. 14, 1911. Sec. International
Motor Co. Mem. Troop A, N. Y. Vol. Cav., during
Spanish War; mayor Englewood, N. J., since Jan. 1,

1912. Clubs: Harvard, University. Residence: Engle-
wood, N. J. Address: 1770 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. Mercer, Me., Aug. 21, 1S54; came to
N. Y. City, 1882, and started the Golden Argosy, juve-
nile weekly; is now prop'r of widely circulated maga-
zines: Munsey's, The Argosy, The All-Story, The Rail-
road and Current Mechanics, and of four daily news-
papers: Baltimore News, Philadelphia Evening Times,
Washington Times and N. Y. Press. Founder of Mun-

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