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Lawyers' Cooperative Publishing Co.; editor, Par-
mele's Wharton on Conflict of Laws. Address: 111
Birr St., Rochester, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Troy, N. Y., April 12, 1874; s. Franklin
J. and Lorenda C. (Silliman) Parmenter; grad. Will-
iams Coll., A.B., 1895; Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 189S.
Admitted to bar 189S, anc. since then in gen. practise
at Troy, N. Y. Dem. candidate for icounty judge of
Rensselaer County. 1903. Mem. Delta Upsilon frater-
nity. Address: Troy, N. Y.


Clergyman; grad. Trinity Coll., Toronto. D.C.L., 1877.
Ordered deacon 1S55, ordained priest 1858, by Bishop
of Toronto, in the Church of England. Formerly at
Prescott, 1S55-1858; Merrickville and Burritt's Rapids.
1858-1863; clerical sec. Diocese of Ontario, 1S63-1872;
at Barriefleld, 1S72-1S74; archdeacon Kingston, ] S 74 -
1SS0; rector at Kemptville, 18S0-1SS1; Salamanca, N. Y..
1881-1895; rector All Saints' Ch., Rochester. N. Y. since
1895. Address: 96 Emerson St., Rochester, N. Y.


Retired; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1S40; s. Isaac and
Sarah Redwood (Dongstreth) Parrish; ed. Haverford
Coll. Formerly engaged in railroad reorg'n in Lon-
don. Paris, Amsterdam and N. Y. Recreations: Golf,
skating. Clubs: Century, Knickerbocker, Metropoli-
tan (N. Y.), Garrick (London). Address: Shinnccock
Hills, Southampton, N. Y.


Lawyer (retired); b. Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 2S,
1849; s. Isaac (M.D.) and Sarah Redwood (Longstreth)
Parrish; ed. Phillips Exeter Acad., and Harvard' Coll.,
A.B., 1870; unmarried. Author: Historical, Biographi-
cal a-nd Descriptive Catalogue of Objects Exhibited
at Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, L. I., and vari-
ous open letters, and pamphlets on internat. affairs,
especially of late, The Pending Arbitration Treaties
between U. S. and Great Britian and France, 1912,
The Hav-Pauncefote Treaty and the Panama Canal,
1913. Pres. N. Y. Improved Real Estate Co. Repub-
lican. Founder Parrish Art Museum. Southampton,
L. I., 1897; enlarged in 1902 and 1913; mem. Nat. Inst,
of Social Sciences (received gold medal for work in
connection with founding of museum). Am. Acad.
Polit. and Social Science, Arehseol. Inst, of Amer-
ica, Pa. Hist. Soc. Decorated by Italian Gov't with



Order of Crown oi Italy for work done at time of
Messina earthquake, 190S; for same service received
also medals from the King of Italy and the Am. Red
Cross. Trustee Southampton Hosp., and 'Public Li-
brary. Southampton. .Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Cen-
tury, University, Union (N. Y.), Philadelphia, Met-
ropolitan (Washington. D. C). Residence: South-
ampton, L. I. Address: 25 Broad St., N. T. City.


Real estate broker; b. Greenwood, X. Y. ; s. Peter
P. and Mary A. (Arden) 1'arrott; .ed. St. Pauls Sch.,
Concord, N. H., 1866-01871; \ ale Sheffield Scientific
Sch., 1S71-1S74, Ph.B.; unmarried. Clubs: University,
Church. Residence: 144 B. 56th St. (summer) Arden,
N. Y. Address: 114 E. 2Sth St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Akron. X. Y.. Nov. 14, 1S51; s. Isaac
and Sophronia (Kendrick) Parsell; ed. Akron pub.
sch., Clarence (N. Y.) Acad.. 1866-1867, Genesee Wesle-
yan Sem., Lima, N. Y., 1S67-1S6S, Cornell Univ., 1868-
1871, St. Lawrence Univ., A.M., 18S1; m. Camden, N.
Y., 18S3, Genevieve L. Carroll; children: Charles Vic-
tor, Jr., b. 1S95; Richard Kendrick, b. 1S99. Teacher,
vice-principal, and principal Fairfield (N. Y.) Sem.,
1S72-1S79; pres. Clinton Liberal Inst., Port Plain, N.
Y., 1879-1S93; principal Cascadilla Sch., Ithaca, N. Y.,
since 1S93. In France and Germany, 18S9 England,
summer of 1906. Wales and Ireland, summer of 1906.
Republican. Universalist. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsi-
lon. Address: Ithaca. X. Y.


Insurance broker and average adjuster; b. Hoosick
Falls, X. Y., Xov. S, 1875; s. James Russell and Ellen
(Hinsdill) Parsons; grad. Trinity Coll., B.A., Class of
1896; m. Chicago, April 23, 1902, Alice Tullis Lord;
one d.. Alice Edgerton, b. 1907. Mg'r and att'y in N.
Y'. for Mather & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 16 years. Dir.
Atlantic Gas & Electric Co., Ocean Navigation Co.,
Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Psi fraternity, Ass'n of
Average Adjusters of U. S., Maritime Ass'n of Port
of N. Y., Maritime Law Ass'n; trustee St. Stephen's
Coll., Annandale, N. Y. Residence: 863 Park Av. Ad-
dress: 51 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Editor, publisher; b. Cortland, N. Y., Sept. 22. 1S71;
s. Noah J. and Laura A. Parsons; ed. State Normal
Sch.; editor and publisher of Cortland Democrat;
treas. N. Y. State Automobile Ass'n, 1912-1913; mem.
State Comm'n for Uniform Motor Vehicle Legislation,
1913; pres. Dem. Editorial Ass'n, N. Y. State, 1913-
1914; Odd Fellow, Elk, Mason 32", and K. T. Clubs:
Cortland (pres. 1912-1913), Automobile (pres. 1913),
Cortland Country. Address: Cortland. X. Y.


Consulting eng'r; b. X T . Y*. City, Jan. 6, 18
William Barclay and Eliza Glass (Livingston)
sons; grad. Columbia Coll., B.S., 1882: Stevens Inst,
of Technology, M.E., 1SS4; m. X. Y. City. Dec. 16, 1890,
Frances T. Walker: children: Livingston, Katharine
de B. Gen. practice as consulting eng'r. Prof, steam
eng'ring, Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y.. 1892-
1908: prof, emeritus since 1908. Consulting eng'r for
The Audit Co. of X. Y.. The X. Y. Zool. Soc. Mem.
N. Y. State Voting .Machine Comm'n, Met. Sewerage
Comm'n of N. Y'. Has served as consulting eng'r for
dist att'y, corp'n counsel; for Dep'ts of Street Clean-
ing, Docks and Ferries, Police and Fire. Author:
Steam Boilers, Their Theory and Design; The Dis-
posal of Municipal Refuse. Episcopalian. Mem. Am.
Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs., Soc. Naval
Architects and Marine Eng's. Mem. Chamber of Com-
merce. Mem. Merchants Ass'n of N. Y. Clubs: Union,
Engineers, N. T. Yacht. Am. Yacht (trustee). The
Country', Apawamis Golf. Residence: 36 E. 61st St.
Address: 22 William St., X. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. X. Y. City. Oct. 28, 1869: s. John E. and
Mary D. (Mcllvaine) Parsons; ed. Everson Sch., X.
Y. City, St. Paul's Sch.. Concord, N. H., Yale, A.B.,
1890: Univ. of Berlin Germany, Harvard Law Sch.,
Metropolis Law Sch.; m. Newport, R. I., Sept. 1. 1900.
Elsie W. Clews; children: Elsie, b. 1901. John E.,
2d. b. 1903, Herbert, Jr., b. 1909. Mcllvaine, b. Aug. 31.
1911. Admitted to bar 1894; mem. law Arm Parsons,
Shepard & Ogden, 1895; Parsons, Closson & Mcllvaine,
1902. Traveled in Europe, 1S80-1881. 1890-1S91. 1902;
visited the Philippines, China and Japan, 1905. Re-
publican. Alderman, N. Y. City. 1899-1901: elected to
59th Congress, 1904, to 60th Congress, 1906, and to
61st Congress, 1908. from 13th N. Y. Dist.: elected
Republican leader 25th Assembly Dist. 1903: reelected
1904-1905; elected pres. Republican Co. Com. of N.

1862; s.

Y County, 1905, reelected, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909. Pri-
vate and corporal Ttli Reg't N. U. N. v.; judge advo-
cate 1st lirigade 1898-1899. Presby'n. Pres. Green-
wich House Settlement. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N.
Y., Manhattan Eye. Ear and Throat Hosp. Clubs:
University, Union League, Republican, Metropolitan,
City (X. Y.), Metropolitan (Washington, D. C), Lenox
Lenox; stone memorial public sch. at Harrison, N. Y.,
lir. B. 72d St. Address: 62 Will. am St.. N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b, N. V. City, Oct. 24, 1829; grad. Univ.
City of N. Y'., 1S4S: m. 1st, Mary Dumesnil Mcllvaine,
d. Bowes Rood Mcllvaine; 2d Florence Van Cortlandt
Bishop, d. Benjamin H. Field. Admitted to bar, 1852.
\n original mem. and former pies. Ass'n Bar City of
N v.. its counsel in proceedings against Judges
Barnard, Cardozo and McCunn, and for mg'rs of the
impeachment of Judge Barnard. Has been or now is
pres. City (Reform) Club; v.-p. X. y. Law Inst.; pres.
Cooper Union for Advancement Science and Art; pres.
Alumni Ass'n Univ. of X. v., and mem. of its council;
pres. B'd Trustees Brick Presby'n Ch. ; mem. B'd Home
Missions Presby'n Ch.; mem. com. to revise creed of
that church, of com. to prepare forms of service for
it, and of dts com. to consider subject of divorce and re-
marriage; mem. Internat. Conf. or that subject. Pres.
Woman's Hosp. in the State of X. Y.; one of founders
and Pres. Gen. Memorial Hosp. for Treatment of Can-
cer and Allied Diseases; pres. Taxpayers' Ass'n, Len-
ox, Mass., where has country estate, "Stonover"; pres.
Taxpayers' Ass'n Rye, N. Y., where has an old family-
place, "Lounsberry"; pres. Lenox (Mass.) 'Library.
Gave parish house to P. E. Ch. at Lenox (of which is
vestryman); built memorial stone church at Xew
Lenox; stone memorial public sch. at Harrison, N. Y.,
and maintains St. Helen's Home, near Lenox, Mass.,
for fre^h air children; put a memorial window in
parish church at Cubbington. Warwickshire, Eng-
land, where and in adj'oining parish of Stone-
leigh his family lived for many generations.
With brother and cousin purchased and gave
as a village, hall to Rye the old Square House,
which was an inn and visited by Washington in
Revolutionary (period. 'Clubs: Century, .(University,
Riding, Metropolitan, City, Players, Turf and Field,
Down Town (N. Y. City), Am. Y'acht. Apawamis Golf
(Rye), Lenox (gov.), Golf, Boat (Lenox, Mass.).
Residence: 30 E. 36th St. Address: 52 William St., N
Y. City.


Insurance official; b. Montclair, X. J.; s. George
Sandford and Alice (Brigham) Parsons; m. Brooklyn,
N. Y., Sept. 2, 1902. Lucille Frances Myers: children:
Joseph L., Jr., b. 1907; Emilv Frances, b. 1910; Lucille
Merriam, b. 1912. V.-p. Crum & Forster; dir. North
River Ins. Co., Williamsburg City Fire Ins. Co., U. S.
Fire Ins. Co., New Brunswick Ins. Co., Nassau &
Dutchegs Fire Ins. Co. Republican; Unitarian. Life
mem. N. Y. Hist. Soc; mem. N. Y. Ins. Soc; mem.
S. A. R. Clubs: Essex County Country, Montclair,
Montclair Athletic. Residence: 39 Madison Av., Mont-
clair, N. J. Address: 95 William St., N. Y. City.


Landscape architect; b. New Bedford. Mass., Feb. 8,
1844; s. Samuel and Susan (Howland) Parsons; ed.
Haverford Coll.: grad. Sheffield Scientific Sch., Y'ale
Univ., Ph.B., 1862; m. Flushing, N. Y., 1865, Martha
E. Francis. Mem. Samuel Parsons & Co. Sup't of
parks, N. Y. City, 15 years; landscape architect oi
parks of Greater N. Y.; designer of new Washington
Park System, San Diego (Calif.) Park, and many other
parks, cemeteries and private places throughout the
U. S. ; mem. Am. Soc. of Landscape Architects, Yale
Alumni Ass'n. Club: Century Ass'n (X. Y.). Address:
101 Park Av., N. Y. City.


Mechanical and refrigerating eng'r: b. Salisbury. Md.,
March 4, I860; s. Milton Alfred and Caroline Travers
(Williams) Parsons; ed. public schs., Salisbury Md..
to 1S76. and Stevens Inst. Technology, 1883-1887:' M.E.,
1887: m. Baltimore. Md., Nov. 7, 1889, Estelle Virginia
Barnett; children: Helen Barnett, b. 1891; Washington
Everett, Jr., b. 1905. Erected boilers, engines and
sawmills from boyhood until 1882; draughtsman for
E. J. Codd & Co., machinery, Baltimore, 1882-1883; then
after four years at Stevens Inst., spent one year as
ass't sup't of distribution of gas in Jersey City, N. J.,
for United Gas Improvement Co.; sup't of small shop
for iy 2 years, and later one of mech. eng'rs of the
De La Vergne Refrigerating Machine Co. of N Y. City;
gen. mg'r Newark Hygeia Ice Co.. 1896-1903; since 1903
engaged as consulting eng'r; also prop'r of an ice
mf'g business in West Orange, X. J. Mem. Am. Soc.
Refrigerating Eng'rs (pres. 1905-1906), Am. Sac. Mech.



Eng'rs, Cold Storage and Ice Ass'n of London, Eng-
land; Am. Ass'n of Refrigeration, N. J. State Chamber
of Commerce. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Stevens
Inst. Alumni Ass'n, Royal Arcanum, Improved Order
of Heptasophs. Residence: 818 De Graw Av., Newark,
N. J. Address: 1639 Third Av., N. Y. City.


Engineer; b. N. Y. City, April 15, 1859; s. William
Earclay and Eliza (Livingston) Parsons; grad. Colum-
bia Univ., A.B., C.E., LL.D.; m. N. Y. City, 1884, Anna
Reed; children: Sylvia Caroline, William Barclay, Jr.
Chief eng'r, N. Y. subway, 1894-1905; mem. Isthmian
Canal Comm'n, 1904; mem. B'd Consulting Eng'rs, Pan-
ama Canal, 1905; B'd Advisory Eng'rs, Royal Comm'n
London Traffic; chief of eng'rs; brig-gen., N. G. N. Y.,
1898. Trustee Columbia Univ.; vestryman Trinity Ch.
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Inst'n of Civil Eng'rs of
Great Britain. Author: Turnouts, 1885; Track, 1885;
American Engineer in China, 1900. Residence: 35 E.
50th St. Address: 60 Wall St., N. Y. City.


'Paper merchant; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 31, 1859; s. Will-
iam H. and Laura C. Parsons; grad. Yale Univ., 1882;
m. June 26 1884, Laura Wolcott Collins; children:
William H., Jr.; John P., Oliver W., Laura C, Mary M.
Clubs: University, Yale, Graduates, Nassau, Country,
N. Y. Yacht. Residence: Glen Cove, L. I., N. Y. Ad-
dress: 174 Fulton St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Hudson, N. Y., March 26, 1842; s. George
and Elizabeth (Woodbridge) Parton; ed. in schs. of
Hudson, N. Y.; art ed'n in Pa. Acad. Fine Arts; m.
Mystic, Conn., June 7, 1877, Anna Taylor; children:
Arthur Taylor, Hulda, Elizabeth Woodbridge, George
Frederic. Specialty in landscapes, first pictures ex-
hibited at Pa. Acad. Fine Arts; later regular exhibitor
at Nat. Acad. Design; professionally engaged as artist
in N. Y. City since 1865. Asso. 1871, academician since
1884, Nat. Acad. Design. Mem. Am. Water Color Soc.
Received medal of Am. Art Ass'n, 1886; Temple Medal,
Philadelphia; hon. mention Paris Exp'n; Bronze Medal,
St. Louis, 1904. Pictures included in leading col-
lections. Residence: Yonkers, N. Y. Address: 489
Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Auburndale, Mass., Sept. 27, 1853; s.
Joseph Lyman and Zibiah Nelson (Wilson) Partridge;
ed. Coll. Phys. and Surgs. (Columbia Univ.), M.D.,
1875; hon. A.M., Williams Coll.; m. Clinton, N. Y., Sept.
20, 1884, Gertrude Edwards Dwight; one son, Theodore
Dwight. Practising in N. Y. City since 1875; has
served as prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Coll. and adjunct
prof. Coll. Phys. and Surgs., Columbia Univ. Visiting
physician to N. Y. City Maternity Hosp., Sloane Ma-
ternity Hosp.; visiting and later consulting physician,
N Y Hosp., N. Y. Infant Asylum, Nursery and Child's
Hosp.- Comm'r Palisade Interstate Park; trustee of
N. Y. Dispensary, and Northern Dispensary; dir. N. Y.
Nursery and Child's Hosp., N. Y. Inst, for Ed'n of the
Blind; mem. N. Y.Acad, of Medicine, State Med. Soc,
Practitioners' Soc, N. Y. Med. and Surg. Soc. Soc.
Colonial Wars, Hugenot Soc, Order Descendants of
Colonial Governors. Clubs: University. Century, Rid-
ing Residence (summer): On Storm King, in High-
lands of the Hudson, N. Y. Address: 19 Fifth Av.,
N. Y. City.


Retired; b. Leicester, Mass., 1838; s. Joseph Lyman
and Zibiah Nelson (Wilson) Partridge; grad. Leicester
(Mass.) Acad.; m. 1st, Boston, 1885, Sarah Howard
Manning (deceased); 2d, 1906, Charlotte Leona Held;
one son. Nelson Howard, b. 1868. Pres. Brooklyn City
& Newtown R. R., 1886-1897; Are comm'r, Brooklyn,
N. Y., 1882-1883; police comm'r, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1884-
1885; sup't public works, State of N. Y., 1899-1901;
police comm'r, N. Y. City, 1902; lieut. and capt. 24th
Reg't Mass. Vols., 1861-1864; colonel, 23d Reg't, N. G.
. N. Y. 1880-1881, also 1887-1894. Dir. Hamilton Trust
Co., Brooklyn; Atlantic Terra Cotta Co. Republican;
Episcopalian. Mem. Mil. Order Loyal Legion, U. S.
Clubs: Hamilton, Riding and Driving (Brooklyn).
Country address: Westport, Conn. Address: Hamil-
ton Club, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Educator: b. Italy, 1877; grad. Coll. City of N. Y.,
AB 1897; Columbia Univ., A.M., 1905; Master in Edu-
cation, Teachers' Coll. Instr. 1898-1907, principal 1907-
1913 Public Sch. 4; principal Public Sch. 45, since 1913.
Organized Parents' Ass'n of Public Sch. 4; helped or-
ganize Federated Parents' Ass'n of N. Y. City. Mem.
Dante Alighieri Soc, Public Education, Principals'

Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, Coll. City of N. Y. Alumni
Ass'n. Dir. Bronx Hosp., Bronx House, Italian Edn'l
League, Parents' Ass'n of Public Sch. 4 and Public
Sch. 45, Bronx House Civic Club. Author: White
Patch, Pinoocnio in Africa, Wanderer. Clubs: Oak
Bluff's Country, Graduates, Italian Nat., Mondav. Resi-
dence: 601 E. 170th St. Address: 189th St. and Loril-
lard PI.. N. Y. City.


Pres., treas. and dir. East Bay Land and Improve-
ment Co., Bennington, Vt. ; s. Frederick Ensign and
Eliza Marian (King) Patrick; ed. Adams and Conway,
Mass.; m. N. Y. City, 1874, Mrs. Amanda Kelsey Janes
(died 1909). Served with 37th Reg't N.G..NY. in
Civil War, 1862, 1863 and 1864, and adj. from 1868 to
1871; acting lieut.-col., 1871. V.-p. and dir. Johns-
Pratt Co. ; dir. Metropolitan Bank, Hydrex Construction
Co.; pres. and dir. Mercantile Library Ass'n; dir. Am.
Inst.; dir. and treas. Clinton Hall Ass'n. Mem. Cham-
ber of Commerce, G.A.R., 71st Reg't Veteran Ass'n,
St. John's Lodge No. 3, F. and A. M. Clubs: Paint, Oil
and Varnish; Republican. Address: 25 Pine St., N. Y.


Educator; b. Ottawa, Can., July 21, 1864; s. James A.
and Harriet (Inglee) iPattee; grad. Rochester (N. Y.)
High Sch., Univ. of Rochester, B.S. 1886, M.S. 1890; m.
Rochester, N. Y., April 30. 1891, Mary Norton Peck.
Teacher, Greece, N. Y., 1886-1887; resident grad. stu-
dent in chemistry, Univ. of Rochester, 1887-1888;
teacher science, fleyward Collegiate Inst., Fairfield,
111., 1889-1890; instr. chemistry, 1890-1894;. adj. prof.,
1894-1895; asso. prof., 1895-1897; prof, chemistry since
1897, Syracuse Univ.' Republican; Methodist. Mem.
Am. Chem. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, Delta Upsilon. Phi
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. Address: Bowne Hall of Chem-
istry, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y.


Banker; b. Philadelphia, March 16, 1871; s. George
D. and Louisa (Ayres) Patten; ed. Allen's English and
Classical Sch., West Newton, Mass.; m. Rochester, N.
Y., April 25, 1900, Frances W. Morse. As3't cashier
Astor Place Bank of N. Y. until merged with Corn
Exchange Bank, then ass't mg'r Astor Place Branch
of Corn Exchange Bank; since June 6, 1908, mg'r Fifth
Av. Branch Corn Exchange Bank. Republican; Pres-
by'n. Clubs: Union League (N. Y. City), Sound Beach
(Conn.) Golf and Country. Address: 140 Fifth Av.,
N. Y. City.


Mem. Congress; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 12, 1861; s. of
Thomas and Maria L. (Gedney) Patten; ed. Mt. Pleas-
ant Acad., Ossining, N. Y.; Columbia Coll.; m. X. Y.
City, Oct. 31, 1890, Henrietta Floyd. Pres. N. Y. &
Long Branch Steamboat Co.; elected to 62d Con-
gress from 15th N. Y. Dist., 1912, and re-elected to
63d Congress from 18th N. Y. Dist. Democrat. Resi-
dence: 147 W. 80th St. Address: 6 Battery PI., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. East Orange, N. J., Aug. 24, 1866; s. Ed-
ward and Isabella Liddon (Cox) Patterson; ed. Wilson
& Kellogg Sch., N. Y. City; Columbia Coll., A.B., 1886;
Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1888; m. Lawrence, L. I.,
June 9, 1903, Frances Louise Hewlett. Admitted to
N. Y. bar March, 1888. In Spanish-Am War, serg't
Troop A, N. Y. Vol. Cav., May 2 to July 4, 1898; 1st
lieut. 201st N. Y. Vol. Inf., July 2 to Oct. 12, 1898; at-
tached to staff of Brig.-Gen. Guy V. Henry, U. S. V., in
Cuba and Porto Rico, July 5-Aug. 22, 1898. Partner
Brownell & Patterson. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, Sons of Revolution,
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Clubs: Century, Uni-
versity, Rockaway Hunting. Address: 71 Wall St.,
N. Y. City.


Corporation official; b Yorktown, HI., March 13,
1859; s. Orrin M. and Lucy M. (Chubbuck) Patterson;
ed. Sterling (HI.) High Sch. (diploma honors only),
Coll. Curriculum; unmarried. Inventor, designer, sup't,
mg'r, corp'n officer. Treas. and sec. Am. Steel Foun-
dries; treas., sec. and dir. E. St. Louis Granite City
Terminal R. R. Co., Am. Steel Bolster Co. Republican.
Recreation: Books, music, motoring, etc. Clubs: Man-
hattan, Colonial (N. Y. City), Kenwood (Chicago).
Address: Commercial Nat. Bank Building, Chicago, 111.,
and 30 Church St., N. Y. City.


Phvsician; b. East Orange, N. J.. July 5. 1874; s. Ed-
ward" and Isabella Liddon (Cox) Patterson; ed. Wilson



& Kellogg School, N. Y. City; Williams Coll., A.B..
1896; Coll. Phys. and Surg., Columbia Univ., M.D.,
1900; interne In N. Y. and Sloane Maternity Hosps.; m.
Williamstown, Mass., Oct. 6, 1906, Charlotte Wise Hop-
kins. Ass't prof, applied therapeutics, Coll. Phvs and
Surg.; asso. physician St. Luke's Hosp. Mem. Am.
Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Soc, N. Y. Countv Med.
Soc, N. Y. Acad. Medicine, Nat. Ass'n for Study and
Prevention of Tuberculosis. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi
fraternity. Clubs: University, Century, Alpha Delta
Phi. Address: 130 E. 62d St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Dunkirk, N. Y., July 22, 1873; s. John K.
and Mary D. Patterson; grad. Dunkirk High Sch.,
Cornell Law Sch., LL.B., 1S95; m. April 7, 1909, Helen
L. Morse, of Silver Creek, N. Y.; two children. Super-
visor City of Dunkirk S years; ass't dist. att'y Chau-
tauqua County 4 years; elected dist. att'y Chautauqua
County 1904, re-elected 1907. Republican; Baptist.
Mem. Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Mason, Odd Fellow,
Elk. Address: Dunkirk, N. Y.


Manufacturer; b. June 11, 1872; s. Rufus L. and Mary
(Fries) Patterson; ed. Univ. of N. C. ; m. Durham, N.
C, Nov. 21, 1895, Margaret W. Morehead. Pres. and
dir. Am. Machine & Foundry Co., Internat. Cigar Ma-
chinery Co., Standard Tobacco Stemmer Co., Auto-
matic Packing & Labeling Co., Motorflex Equipment
Co.; dir. Durham Duplex Razor Co., Wahlstrom TooJ
Co. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, Automobile of America, Turf
and Field, Riding, Rockaway Hunting, Racquet and
Tennis, Metropolitan, Calumet, N. Y. Press, Aldine
Ass'n. Address: 32 W. 62d St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Nyack, N. Y., June 20, 1872; s. George W.
and Fannie (Barclay) Patterson; grad. Grammar Sch.,
No. 12, Brooklyn; studied law with former Supreme
Court Justice Jasper W. Gilbert; grad. N. Y. Univ.
Law Sch. (Metropolis Branch), 1893; LL.B. from Re-
gents of State N. Y. and also N. Y. Univ., 1893; m.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1899, Mary Josephine; d. Will-
iam and Caroline G. Lockitt; children: Caroline
Frances, b. May 30, 1902; Mary Barclay, b. June 2.
1906. Admitted to bar Sept., 1893; mem. law firm
Wilder, Ewen & Patterson. Democrat. Mem. Brook-
lyn Bar Ass'n, N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y.
State Bar Ass'n. Master (1913) of Commonwealth
Lodge No. 409, F. & A. M. ; mem. Orient Chapter No.
138, Royal Arch Masons; Aurora Grata Council, Scot-
tish Rite: Clinton Commandery; Kismet Temple of
Shrine; pres. 3d Dist. Masters' Ass'n, 1913; mem. Grace
Methodist Ch., Brooklyn; interested in church work;
mem. Prospect Heights Protective Ass'n, Brooklyn;
ex-treas. and ex-sec. Law Alumni of N. Y. Univ.; v.-p.
U. S. Hay Fever Ass'n. Clubs: Crescent, Brooklyn
Univ., Appalachian Mountain. Residence: 10 Seventh
Av Brooklyn. Address: 45 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Penn Yan, N.Y., Feb. 4, 1867; s. William
and Jane (Sheppard) Patteson; grad. Hamilton Coll.,
A.B., 1887; m. N. Y..City, Sept 17. 1889, Jessamine Hatch;
children: Katharine, b. Sept. 22, 1892; Jessamine, b.
Aug. 8, 1897; Robert Sheppard, b. July 14, 1S91 (died
March 28, 1913). Pres. and dir. Tarrytown Nat. Bank,
Hatch Realty Co.; dir. Ajax-Griefb Rubber Co. Mem.
Dutch Reformed Oh. Mem. Chi Phi fraternity; trustee
Tarrytown Hosp. Ass'n, Tarrytown Hist. Ass'n; pres.
and dir. Tarrytown & North Tarrytown Y. M. C. A.;
trustee Washington Irving High Sch. Recreations:
Tennis, golf. Residence: 44 Croton Av., Tarrytown,
N. Y. Address: Tarrytown Nat. Bank, Tarrytown.
N. Y.


Banker; b. Chester, N. Y. ; s. Thunuan and Susan
Wilson (Bishop) Pattison; ed. public sens, of Law-
renceville. Pa., and Commercial Coll. of Bryant, LusK
& Stratton, Buffalo, N. Y., 1856; m. Watkins, N. Y.,
Nov. 7, 1S67, Susan Bloore; children: John Orville b.
Oct. 17, 1880; Charles Lewis, b. Oct. 17, 1880. In em-
ploy of Fall Brook Coal Co., Antrim, Pa., and Wat-
kins, N. Y., until 18S3; removed to Elkland, Pa., and
became cashier of bank of C. L. Pattison & Co. Upon

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