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Clubs: Metropolitan, Underwriters. Residence: 60 W.
76th St. Address: 32 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Jurist: b. in Ohio; s. Hon. George Hunt Pendleton
(mem. Congress 1856-1865; Democratic candidate for
v.-p. on ticket with 'Gen. George B. McCIellan, 1S64;
U. S. Senator from Ohio, 1878-1885: minister to Ger-
many. 1885-1889) and of Alice (Key) Pendleton, d.
Francis Scott Key (author of The Star Spangled Ban-
ner, etc.); grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 1870; Harvard
Law Sch., LL.B., 1875: m. Elizabeth La Montagne. Ad-
mitted to Ohio Bar, 1S75, later coming to X. Y. City,
where has since practised law. App'td by Mayor Mc-
CIellan, Aug., 1907, corp'n counsel of the City of X.
Y. ; appt'd justice of the Supreme Court, by Gov. John
A. Dix, and elected same 1911, for term expiring Dec.
21, 1921. Mem. Soc. of the Cincinnati. Clubs: Knicker-
bocker, Union, Metropolitan, Down Town. Turf and
Field, City Midday, Riding, Meadow Brook. Resi-
dence: 7 E. S6th St. Address: 25 Broad St., X. Y. City.


Artist; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., June 2, 1S66: s. Josiah and
Ellen (Moore) Penfield; ed. Art Students' League, N.
Y. City. Art editor, Harper's Magazine. 1S90-1901:
originator of the poster in America and designed the
well-known set of Harper's Posters. 1S93-1S99. Author
and illustrator of articles on Holland and Spain in
Scribner's Magazine. Designed and executed cover
designs for Collier's Weekly: also decorations for
breakfast room in Randolph Hall, Camfbridge. Mass.,
and Rochester Country Club: Author: Holland
Sketches 1907 (Scribner's). Instr. X. Y. Sch. of Art.
Mem. Am. Water Color Soc. Soc. of Illustrators. Club:
Salmagundi. Address: 162 W. 23d St., N. Y. City.


i . J < ' i | ' i i L , L. I ' i >'|" ' lit| OLUU1TC 111 ' l_i 1 \-' i J t : , 1LU1I, _,"V *u ,

Princeton, 1907; m. 190S, Anne Weightman Walker, or
Philadelphia. Had thorough -schooling in journalism:
several years on editorial staff Hartford Courant;
appt'd U. S. vice-consul-gen. at London. 1SS5; U. S.
diplomatic agent and consul-gen. (with rank or
minister resident) to Egypt, 1S93-1S97: elected fellow
Royal Geog. Soc. London. 1S86; officer of French



Acad., 1S9S. and awarded Palmes Academlque by
French Gov't; given grand cross Order of Medjidleh
by Sultan of Turkey, and grand commander degree,
Order of Osmanieh, by Khedive of Egypt, 1S97; also
has grand cross of St. Catherine. Takova Cross of Ser-
via and other European decorations; was honored by
French Gov't in 1905, at Instance of M. Delcasse,
minister of foreign affairs, with cross of Legion of
Honor. Appt'd Ambassador to Austria-Hungary, July.
1913. Author: Present-l>a\ Egvpt; Mahmoud Pasha
of the D. P. W.; East of Suez (all Century Co.). For
many years has been frequent writer of articles on
economic and international subjects in North Ameri-
can Review, The Forum, Century Magazine and lead-
ing English reviews; took prominent part in discuss-
ing relative merits of Panama and Nicaraguan canal
routes, and in North American. Review of Felb., 1902,
urged Gov't to discard Nicaraguan project and secure
by purchase, the French rigihts and concession per-
taining to Panama. Recognized authority on subjects
pertaining to modern Egypt, diplomatic affairs and In
political and trade situations in Latin-America and
the Far East. Clubs: Authors, N. Y. Yacht. Man-
hattan (N. Y. City). Metropolitan (Washington). Ad-
dress: Am. Embassy, Vienna, Austria-Hungary.


Editor, writer for the stage; b. in Monmouth County,
N. J., Dec 20, 1S64; s. Homer and Martha (Campbell)
Penfield; ed. public schools Elyria, O.; m. 1st, Phila-
delphia, Pa., May 22, 1890. Geraldine Kynett (died
March 5, 1S96); 2d, Feb. 28, 1910, Georgette A. Gll-
fault; one son: Roderic Kynett. His editorial work
has been on Peterson's Magazine, Harper's Weekly,
The N. Y. Evening Mail, The N. Y. Tribune and the
Boston Herald. Dramatic wore: Collaborator Lady
Teazle. Author: The White Hen; The Cheerful Giver;
The Princess Piccola, and several vaudeville plays. Ad-
dress: The Ashford, 131 Cathedral Parkwav, N. V.


Librarian; b. Wilmington, Del., Jan. 1, 1843; s. James
and Catharine (Gallagher) Peoples; grad. St. Mary's
Coll., Wilmington, Del., 1S62; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 29,
1882, Kate Neimyer. Librarian Mercantile Library
Ass'n of N. Y. ; sec. Clinton Hall Ass'n of N. Y. ; trustee
Am. Inst, of City of N. Y. Unsuccessful candidate for
Congress, 6th Cong. Dist. of N. J., on Dem. (gold)
ticket in 1S96. Mem. Am. Economic Ass'n, Am.
Library Ass'n, N. Y. Library Ass'n, Am. Museum
Natural History. Club: N. Y. Library. Address: 13
Astor PI., N. Y. City.


Public accountant; b. Plainfield, N. J., Oct. 19, 1870;
s. James R. and Maria V. (Ten Broeck) Perine; grad.
Plainfleld (N. J.), High Sch., 1S8S; same year entered
Columbia Univ. Sch. of Arts; m. 1891, Nancy T. Mapes;
two daughters. Entered service of Third Nat. Bank
of Jersey City, 1S89; retired from an official position
there in 1S93, becoming cashier and later treas. of
U. S. Mortgage & Trust Co.; 1904-1909, chief operating
officer of The Audit Co. of N. Y.. and pres. 1907-1909;
in the latter year accepted appt'm't as deputy comp-
troller State of N. Y. Mem. firm Perine & Nichols,
public accountants. Has acted as receiver and assignee
in connection with important Wall St. failures;
lecturer, expert and authority on accounts, with ex-
perience in larger accounting problems in America
and Europe, including the devising of a thorough
system of accounts for State of N. Y., expert witness
in cases of important financial litigation; financial
writer, lecturer and speaker at recent conventions of
Am. Bankers' Ass'n. Address: 149 Broadway, X. Y.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City; s. Robert Aikman and Har-
riet Adeline (Dobie) Perine; ed. public and high schs. :
m. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 3. 1S99, Marv Bennet, Partner
in firm of Dreictr & Co., jewellers. Republican:
Presbv'n. Clubs: Union League, Nassau Country,
Greenwich Country. Sleepv Hollow. Ardsley. Resi-
dence: 335 W. 77th St. Address: 560 Fifth Av., X. Y.


Educator: b. Breslau, Germany, Jan. 6. 1863: s.
Adolph and Sarah (Wieluner) Peritz: ed. Friedrichs.
Gymnasium. Breslau: Drew Theol. Sem Madison. X.
J."; Harvard Univ.. M.A., 1S93. Ph.D., 1S9S: m. 1SS5,
Caroline Louisa Irwin Cooper, of London. Ens
of Jewish parents, but embraced the Christian faith;
studied theology in preparation for entering the
Christian ministry. 1884-1887; ordained deacon 1889.
elder of the M. E. Church. 189: pastor of various
churches of this denomination. 1SS7-1895; pursued ad-

vanced studies in Semitic languages and literature at
Harvard Univ., 1892-1895; pint. Semitic languages and
Biblical literature in Syracuse Univ. since 1896; also
Willard Ives prof. English l'.iblc since i'.mm Inde-
pendent Republican; Methodist. Mem. Am. Oriental
Soc, Phi Beta Kappa, Soc. Biblical Literature and
Exegesis, X. Y. state Conf. of Religion (exec, com.),
N. Y. State dlr. Religious Ed'n Ass'n. Author: Woman
in the Ancient Hebrew Cult, 189S; cont'b'r of virions
articles in the Encyclopedia Blblica; also the critical
and exegetlca] notes in The Illustrative Lessons, Notes
for 1907 and 1908. Address: 608 University Av., Syra-
cuse, N. Y.


Publisher; b. Little York, Cortland Co., N. Y., Feb. 6,
1861; s. Stephen Delos and B6tsey (valedictorian),
1SS1; won State scholarship to Cornell lssj; grad.
Cornell Univ., A.B., 1886; m. Feb. 2, 1887, Julia Bridge,
man Slafter; children: Helen Margaret, b. Dec. 8, 1888;
Alberta Nea, b. Aug. 23. 1892 Mem. firm of D. C.
Heath & Co. Democrat; Baptist. Mem. Cortland Coun-
cil United Commercial Travelers, Masonic order, F.
and A. M., R. A. M.. K. T. and 32% Mystic Shrine
(Kalurah Temple, Binghamton, N. Y.), Cashmere
Grottc (Elmira. N. Y.). Recreations: Fishin hunt-
ing. Clubs: Citizens, Masonic (Syracuse, N. Y.). Ad-
dress: 93 Tompkins St., Cortland, N. Y.


Lawyer: b. Lawrence. Mass.. Jan. 26. 1869; s. Albert
C. and Caroline C. (Peabody) Perkins: ed public
schools of Exeter, N. H. . Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn. N.
Y.; grad. Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 1890; N. Y. Law
School, LL.B., 1893: m. 'Bridgeport. Conn.. Nov., 1903.
Miriam N. S. Rogers; one son: Albert Rogers, b. 1904.
Deputv ass't dist. att'y N. Y. Co., 1897, 1902-1903; ass't
dist. att'y N. Y. Co. since 1903. Address: 31 E. 49th
St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Riverhead, Suffolk County, N. Y., Oct.
10, 1865; s. John R. and Alice O. (Pierson) Perkins;
ed. Riverhead Grammar iSch., N. Y Public Sch. No. 49,
Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 18S6; Coll. Phys. and Surgs.,
N. Y. City, 18S9; unmarried. Mem. house staff of
Presby'n Hosp., 18S9-1892. Republican; Episcopalian.
Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Address: 210 W.
131st St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 9. 1S70; s. Charles
W. and H. A. (Edson) Perkins; grad. Mass. Inst. Tech-
nology, 1892; Ecole des Beaux Arts. Paris, 1898; m.
Philadelphia, April 26, 1905, lEmily Roberts Lewis; one
d., Margaret, b. Oct. 31, 1907. Prof, in charge courses
of architectural design. Univ. of Pa., 1898-1902; Patron
Perkins Atelier of Architecture, N. Y. City, 1902-1905.
Received hon. mention at Paris Salon, 1S99, and medals
at Ecole des Beaux Arts. Travelled or studied in
Greece, Italy, Sicily, Spain, France, Switzerland, Aus-
tria, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Great Britain,
making restorations of ancient monuments and work-
ing drawings of modern buildings. Among buildings
constructed by him are building of Mutual Life Ins.
Co. of N. Y. at Paris Exp'n of 1900; church in Paris,
France; N. Y. store for John Forsythe; Am. Fisheries
Co. building, N. Y. apartment houses and hotels, Fur-
man Univ.. university library a.t Greenville, S. C; vari-
ous residences, etc. Won in open competition (134
competitors) apptm't as architect of Capitol of Porto
Rico, which will contain Senate, House of Representa-
tives and Supreme Court. Served as professional ad-
viser to the building com. of Philadelphia City Troop
of Cav. Mem. Am Inst. Architects, Nat. Arts Club
(N. Y. City), Arts Club (Philadelphia), Architectural
League, Societe des Architectes Diplome par le Gou-
vernement Francaise, Beaux Arts Soc. of X. Y Mass.
Inst. Technology Alumni. Univ. of Pa. Alumni. Ad-
dress: 225 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Financier; b. Chicago, 111., Jan. 31, 1862; s. George
W. Perkins; ed. public schools of Chicago; m. Evelyn
Ball. Began business life in Chicago office of N. Y r .
Life Ins. Co., 1877, as office boy, later becoming suc-
cessively bookkeeper, cashier, inspector of agencies,
solicitor and agency dir.; sup't of the western dep't
of the company. 1889; elected 3d v. -p., in charge of
the agency force, 1S92, with headquarters at the home
office, N. Y. City; elected 2d v.-p. 1898, v.-p. 1903, and
elected chm'n of the finance com. of the company 1900.
Partner in banking firm of J. P. Morgan & Co.. 1900-
1910: chm'n b'd dirs. Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
R. R. ; chm'n finance com. and dir. Internat. Harvester
Co.: trustee X. Y. Trust Co.; dir. Florida East Coast
R'y, Mrie R. R., U. S. Steel Corp'n, Internat. Mercan-



tile Marine Co., German-Am. Ins. Co., German Alliance
Ins. Co. Trustee Vassar Coll. Clubs: Union .League
Metropolitan, N. Y. Yacht, Country, Sleepy Hollow
Country, Quill, Chicago, Recess. Residence: 76 Park
Av. Address: 71 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Binghamton, N. Y May 28, 1867- s
Henry C. and Mary E. (Lloyd) Perkins; ed. common
schools and Binghamton Central High Sch. ; grad
1885; m. Binghamton, N. Y., June 30, 1897, Anna Belle
Fisher. Has practised law in Binghamton, N. Y , since
admission to bar at Utica, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1889; prac-
tice has been In State and Federal courts. Elected
dist. aM'y Broome Co. Nov., 1898; re-elected 1901 and
served second term of three years. Elected mem. of
Assembly for Broome Co., 1907, 1908, 1909. Republi-
can. Mem. M. E. Church; trustee Tabernacle M E.
Church, Binghamton, N. Y. Mem. Improved Order Red
Men and Press Club ((Binghamton). Address: Bing-
hamton, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. N. Y. City, May 8, 1840; ed. Trinity
Coll., Hartford, Conn.; m. St. Albans, Vt., Oct. 29, 1868,
Mary E. Sowles; one d., Elizabeth Bishop. Rector Em-
manuel Ch., Islip, L. I.; Christ Ch., Bellport L I.;
curate St. George's Ch., N. Y. City; Ch. of the Incarna-
tion, N. Y. City; rector Ch. of Reconciliation. Sec. Am.
Oh. Bld'g Fund Comm'n of Episcopal Ch.; mem. Soc. of
Colonial Wars. Residence: 65 E. 52d St., N. Y. City.

State Tax Comm'r; b. Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 20, 1871-
s. Francis XI. Perley, then publisher of Ohio State
Journal; ed. Ten Broeck Acad., Franklinville; Waverlv
High Sch., 1875-1891; lived in Franklinville and
Waverly, N. Y. In 1889 went to Waverly to take
charge of a country newspaper and remained there
until 1891, when removed to Buffalo and became polit.
writer on Buffalo Express, reporting sessions of Legis-
lature during winter. In 1896 Joined staff N. Y. Herald
and continued in service of that paper until 1901. when
joined the staff of the N. Y. World. Was the World's
legislative correspondent in Albany 1903-1904. Sec.
to Gov. Higgins 1905-1906. Dec, 1906, resigned office
as sec. to the Gov. and was appt'd State Tax Comm'r
'by Gov. Higgins; Jan., 1907, reappt'd by Gov. Hughes
and the Senate immediately confirmed the nomination;
again appt'd to same office by Gov. Hughes 1908. Pur-
chased control of Record Pub Co., White Plains, N.
Y., 1910; is pres. of company and editor of Daily
Record. Address: Chester Av., White Plains, N. Y.

Real estate operator; b. Ashfield, Mass., 1873; s. Rev.
Dr. Henry Thomas and Jeanne H. (Jones) Perry ed
abroad 5 years; Fredonia State Normal Sch., 1890-
1894; unmarried. Entered real estate business, N. Y.
City, 1895. Pres. Perry-Freeman Co., Inc.; sec. and
treas. Palladium Realty Co. and 19 East 57th St. Co.
Mem. Co. F, 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y , 5 years; enlisted
in Squadron A, Troop I, 1907; promoted chief of non-
comm'n staff, 1st Cav., N. G. N. Y., under Col Bridg-
man, 1912. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. S. A. R. Rec-
reation: Polo. Clubs: Union League, ' Republican,
Lawyers, Squadron A. Residence: 132 E. 57th St. Ad-
dress: 20 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Teacher; b. Brooklyn, N. Y, March 3, 1873; s Arthur
C. and Anna M. (Owen) Perry; grad. N. Y. Uriiv BS.
1892, Ph.D. 1896; m. Brooklyn, June 30, 1897, Rachel A.
Harned; children: Harold D, b. 1900; Eugene R b
1903. Dist. sup't of schools, N. Y, since June 26 1913
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Delta Upsilon fraternity.
Author: The Management of a City School (Mac-
millan), Problems of the Elementary School (Apple-
ton), The Status of the Teacher (Houghton Mifflin)
Outlines of School Administration (Macmillan). Ad-
dress: 163 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Educator; b. Troy, N. Y.. Dec. 20, 1854: s. Amos Stone
and Sarah (Hillhouse) Perry; grad. Columbia, A.B.,
1875; studied at Leipzig and Tubingen, 1S76-1879;
Ph.D., Tubingen, 1879; LL.D., Columbia, 1904; m. Dec.
27, 1883, Alice M. Van Schaick. Tutor in Greek 1880-
1891, in Sanskrit 1880-1883; instr. Sanskrit 1883-1891:
prof, same 1S91-1895; Jay prof. Greek since 1895; prof.
Greek language and literature Am. Sch. of Classical
Studies at Athens 1900-1901; dean Faculty of Philoso-
phy, Columbia Univ., 1902-1909. Republican; Episco-
palian. Clubs: Century, Scarsdale Golf and Country.
Address: 542 W. 114th St., N. Y. City.


Retired broker; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 23, 1S50;
s. Joseph Alfred and Emily Constable (Pierpont)

Perry,; ed. Brooklyn Poly. Inst.; m. St. George's Ch.,
Nov. 4, 1896, Caroline Neilson Watts. Mg'r Cheque
Bank of London, at 42 Wall St., up to 1897; mem.
Stock Exchange 1897-1908, when sold his membership.
Mem. firm of J. H. Latham Co., 1875-18S2; F. W. Perry
& Co., since 1898. Repuolican. Mem. Catholic Apostolic
Ch. Address: Big Bay, Mich.


Civil engineer; b. San Antonio, Tex, July 26, 1882;
s. Alfred Peckham and Sarah Rossiter (Hazen) Perry;
grad. Harvard Univ., S.B., (cum laude), 1903. Since
leaving college engaged in railroad eng'ring with
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R., Pa. R. R., L. I.
R. R., N. Y. Central & Hudson River R. R.; since
1906, constructed reinforced concrete bid's with
Turner Construction Co., being mg'r of contract
dep't. Has traveled through Cuba, Mexico, Italy,
France, England, Canada, Newfoundland. Has written
moderately for technical press on subject of con-
crete. Author: Factories & Warehouses of Concrete.
Mem. 1st N. Y. Cav. (Squadron A). Episcopalian.
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Soc. Colonial Wars, Soc.
Mayflower Descendants, Soc. of Cincinnati. Recrea-
tions: Tennis, riding, canoeing, hunting. Clubs: Har-
vard, City. Residence: 55 W. 44th St. Address: 11
Broadway, N. Y. City.


lajor H
iiimbia kj^,. v* ^.hu^o, j..ih.., i.'v.'. mici -
became mg'r Indiana Gold Dredging Co., 1900-1902;
Western Eng'ring and Construction Co., San Fran-
cisco, 1902-1904; engaged as eng'r 1904-1906 and since
1906 gen. mg'r of placer mining properties for Gug-
genheim Exploration Co. Mem. Beta Theta Pi and
Tau Beta Pi fraternities. Clubs: Engineers, Colum-
bia University (N. Y. City), University (San Francis-
co). Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Sculptor, painter; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 25, 1870: s.
George and lone (Hinton) Perry; ed. .private sens.;
art ed'n at Art Students' League of N. Y., 1885-1888;
Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, 1889-1S90; Acade-
mie Julian, Paris, 1890-1893; Academie Delacleuse,,
Paris, 1889-1893; m. 1st. N. Y. City, 1895, Irraa Hin-
ton; 2d, 1906, May Hanbury Fisher; children; Gwen-
dolyn Hinton, b. Paris, Nov. 5, 189S; Roland Al-
bertus, b. Richmond, Mass., Nov. 17, 1908. Modeled
the Fountain of Neptune for Congressional Library
at Washington, 1897; Lion in Love, 1898; Circe, 1899;
Primitive Man, 1899; Langdon doors for Buffalo
Hist. Soc, 1901; frieze for New Amsterdam Theatre,
N. Y. City, 1902; statue of Dr. Benjamin Rush,, Wash-
ington, D. C, 1903, fountain for W. Gould Brokaw,
1903: statue, Pennsylvania, for dome of Capitol at
Harrisburg, Pa., 1903; statue of Gen. Greene, 1905;
Reconciliation, for Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga,
Tenn., 1906; N. Y. State Memorial for Nat. Cemetery,
Andersonville, (la., 1910; equestrian of Gen. John B.
Castleman, for Louisville; statue Gen. Curtis, Ogdens-
burg, N. Y., and Gen. Wadsworth, for Gettysburg.
Mem. Architectural League (v.-p. 1903-1904); mem.
Nat. Sculpture Soc. of N. Y., Municipal Arts. Soc. Club;
Players. Address: 51 W. 10th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Key West, Fla., April 27, 1873; s. Dr.
Robert J. and Ann Elizabeth (Browne) Perry; grad.
Va. Mil. Inst., 1892; Univ. of Va., B.L., 1894; m. N. Y.
City, Nov. 23, 1904, Katherine Fullarton Whyte; chil-
dren: Sidney R., Jr., b. 1905, Robert S., b. 1912. For
5 years after graduation from Univ of Va. was on
editorial staff of Edward Thompson Co., Northport,
L. I., publishers of American and English Encyclo-
pedia of Law; mem. law firm Steuart & Steuart. Dem-
ocrat; Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y. Southern Soc, The
Virginians, Georgia Soc, Kappa Sigma fraternity.
Club: Kappa Sigma. Address: 60 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer, exporter; b. N. Y. City, May 6, 186S;
s. Jose Antonio and Anna (Elleau) Pesant; ed. Jesuits'
Coll., Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 1876-1884 (baccalau-
reate of letters course); Worcester, (Mass.) Acad.,
1SS5-18S7; sp'l student scientific course; m. Paris,
France Nov.. 1895, Jeanne Zadgrodzka; children: Ed-
ward, b. 1896; Juanlta, b. 1898. Pres. E. V. Baillard
Co. Catholic. Alumnus of Ass'n Anciens Eleves des
Ecoles Dibres and Worcester Acad. Address: 18
Frankfort St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman, author; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 16, 1S52: s.
Rev. Thomas McClure and Alice Clarissa (Richmond)
Peters; ed. Hopkins Grammar Sch., New Haven, Conn.;



Tale, A.B 1873, Ph.D. in course, 1S76; honorary Sc.D.,
Univ. of Pa., 1896; D.D., Yale, 1895; m. Berlin, Ger-
many, Aug. 13, 1SS1, Gabriella Brooke Forman; chil-
dren: Gabriella Brooke, John Punnett, Jr., Bryan
Forman, Frazier Forman, Joan St. Michael, Lucretia
McClure. Ordained in the Kplscopal ministry deacon,
1876, and priest, IS77; tutor Latin and 'Greek, Yale,
1876-1S79; studying Semitic languages In Germany,
1879-1883; and part of time minister in charge St.
John's Ch., Dresden; prof. Old Testament languages
and literature, P. B. Divinity Sch., Philadelphia,
1SS4-1S91; prof. Hebrew, CTn-lv. of Pa., 1SS5-1S93; in
charge of expd'n Univ. of Pa. to Babylonia, con-
ducting excavations at Nippur, 1888-1895, where
especially the htj ancient temple of Bel, E-Kur, was
excavated, and written records discovered which car-
ried history of civilization back 2,000 years. Ass't
18S3-1S93, rector since 1893, St. Michael's Ch., N. Y.
City; canon residentiary, Cathedral of St. John the
Divine, 1904-1910. Tn 1902. in conjunqtlon with Prof.
H. Thiersch, of Munich, discovered some remarkable
painted tombs in a necropolis at Marissa, during; a
visi: to Palestine. Author: Scriptures, Hebrew and
Christian (Vols I and II), 1S8G, 1889; Nippur, or Ex-
ploration and Adventures on the Euphrates (2 vols.),
1897; The Old Testament and the New Scholarship,
1901; History of Hither Asia, including Egypt 'in
Vol. XXXII of the Universal Anthology); Early He-
brew Story, 1904; Some Tombs in the Necropolis of
Marissa (with Dr. Hermann Thiersch), 1905; Annals
of St. Michael's 1907; Modern Christianity, 1909.
Translator: Political History of Recent Times (1815-
1S75), with Appendix covering period 1876-1882. Edi-
tor: Diary of David McClure, 1899. Collaborator in
The Bible as Literature, 1896; Lauda Zion, 1S96; His-
torian's History of the World; Encyclopedia Ameri-
cana; Encyclopedia Britannica. Independent Demo-
crat. Mem. Soc. Biblical Exegesis, Archseol. Inst, of
America, Orient Gesellschaft, Am. Geog. Soc, B'd Dir.
Am. Sch. for Oriental Study and Research in Pales-
tine; pres. Independent Club of the West Side: chm'n
Com. of 14 for Suppression of Raines Law Hotels;
trustee Hobart Coll., Sheltering Arms, House of Rest
for Consumptives. Clubs: Century, City, Columbia
Faculty. Address: 225 W. 99th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman, author; b. Lehigh Co., Pa., Nov. 6, 1859;
s. Morgan and Maria (Kemerer) Peters; ed. Muhlen-
berg Coll.. Allentown, Pa., and Franklin and Marshall
Coll., Lancaster. Pa.; grad. Theol. Dep't Heidlberg
Univ., Tiffin. Ohio: received DjD. from Heidelberg
Univ. and from Ursinus Coll.; m. Philadelphia, June 3,
1890. Sarah H. Hart; children: Dorothy H., b. 1891;
Anna H., b. 1903; Frank H., b. 1897. Ordained to
ministry of Reformed Ch., June, 1880: pastor five vears
of First Presby'n Ch., Buttonwood St. and 6th. Phila-
delphia; eleven years of Bloomingdale Ch., N. Y. City,
and subsequently of Ch. of Epiphany, N. Y. City; now
preacher, lecturer and author. Author: Justice to the
Jews; The Jews in America; -The Great Hereafter;
After Death What?; How to Make Things Go; The
Mission of Masonry; Empty Pews; A Square Deal for
the Negro; Sermons that Won the Masses; Lincoln's
Religion and other books. Address: 1822 Glenwood
Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Hartford. Conn., May 17, 1868: s. Bernard
and Camilla Wright (Pollock) Peters; grad. Poly. Inst.,
Brooklvn, 18S9; Columbia Univ.. A.B.. 1893; grad.
Brooklyn Law Sch.. LL.B., 1909, J D.. 1911: m. Brook-
lyn, April 24. 1895, Lou Augusta Darlington; children:
Thomas Darlington, b. 1896; John Bernard, b. 1905.
Editor-in-chief Brooklyn Times, 1894-1910. Dir. Home
Trust Co., N. Y. Citv, Manhattan Bridge Three-Cent
Line. Residence: 155 Keap St., Brooklyn. Address:
2 Rector St., N. Y. City.


Merchant, mf'r; b. N. T. City. 1850: s. Thomas Mc-
Clure and Alice (Richmond) Peters; ed. private sens.;
entered Yale in 1870, but was not graduated; m. N. Y.
City, 1879, Helen Heiser; children: Isabel, Alice R.,
Thomas M. Pres. and dir. Peters, White & Co., Peters

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