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1895, Lucy Bemis; children: Lucy, b. 1900; Robert
Watson Pomeroy, Jr., b. 1902. Pres. N. Y. and Buffalo
Audit Co.; v.-p. Buffalo Mines, Ltd.; dir. Fidelity
Trust Co. of Buffalo, Buffalo Abstract and Title Co.,
Buffalo Coated Paper Co., Adirondack Fire Ins. Co.,
People's Bank of Buffalo, Niagara Falls Power Co.,
Eastern Oil Co., Western N. Y. Water Co, Lumber
Ins. Co., Casualty Co. of America; dir. and mem. Exec.

Com. of Buffalo Gen. Electric Co. and Shredded
Wheat Co. Republican; Presby'n. Trustee Buffalo
General Hosp., Buffalo Fine Arts Acad., Charity Org'n
of Buffalo, Mt. Herman Boys' Sch., George, Jr., Re-
public. Mem. Psi Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Clubs:
University, Yale, Railroad (N. Y. City), Buffalo, Uni-
versity, Saturn, Ellicott, Country (Buffalo), Ellhu
(Yale). Residence: 70 Oakland Place, Buffalo, N. Y.,
and (summer) The Wayside, Eggertvllle, N. Y. Ad-
dress: Fidelity Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.


Consul; b. St. Paul, Minn.; s. Jacob and Katherine
(Christophel) Pontius; ed. Cretin High Sch., St. Paul,
Minn.; m. Dairen, Manchuria, Nov., 1912, Irene G. Mal-
zard; one son: Gordon Stuart Malzard, b. Aug. 17,

1913. Joined consular service as student interpreter,
March, 1903. Recreations: Tennis, golf. Address: Am.
Consulate, Dairen, Manchuria.


Physician; b. N. Y. City; s. John Hillhouse and
Sophie Stuart (Boggs) Pool; grad. Harvard, A.B.,
1895; Columbia, M.D., 1899; m. N. Y. City, 1904, Esther
Phillips Hoppin; children: James Lawrence, b. Aug.
24, 1906; Beekman, b. Nov. 24, 1909. Engaged in
practise of medicine in N. Y. City. Mem. Soc. Colonial
Wars. Clubs: University, Harvard, Apawamis. Ad-
dress: 107 E. 60th St., N. Y. City.


Librarian; b. Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 3, 1872; s.
George S. and Sarah P. (Osborne) Poole; grad. Har-
vard Coll., A.B., 1895; m. Sept., 1901, Helen B. Ken-
dall; children: Franklin O., Jr., b. 1903; Thornton B.,
b. 1904; Mary R., b. 1907; Oharles B. K., b. 1910. Ass't
librarian Boston Athenaeum, 1896-1902; ass't librarian
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., 1902-1905, librarian since
1905. Trustee B'd of Ed'n, City of Mt. "Vernon, N. Y.,
1907-1915. Pres. Am. Ass'n of Law Libraries, 1912-

1914. Mem. Harvard Chapter, Delta Upsilon fratern-
ity. Clubs: Harvard (N. Y. City), Mass. Library (sec.
1900-1902). Residence: 203 Claremont Av., Mt. Ver-
non, N. Y. Address: 42 W. 44th St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1854; s. William
and Mary A. (Menary) Pooley; ed. High Sch. of Buf-
falo; m. Buffalo, N. Y., June 4, 1884, Carrie Adams,
Engaged in practise, after admission to bar, 1879,
making specialty of r'y and corp'n law, and was
att'y for many years of N. Y. Central & Hudson River
R. R. Appt'd justice Supreme Court, N. Y., 1910, for
term expiring Dec, 1924. Republican; Methodist.
Trustee 8th Judicial Dist. Law Library. Mem. Buf-
falo Soc. Natural Sciences, Buffalo Hist. Soc; 32 Ma-
son. Club: Buffalo. Address: 24 Ashland Av., Buf-
falo, N. Y.


Professor of celestial mechanics. Columbia Univer-
sity; treas. Lowe Mf'g Co.; b. Haekensack, N. J., Jan.
18, 1866; s. Edward Eri and Mary W. (Lane) Poor;
grad. Coll. City of N. Y., B.S., 1886; M.S., 1890; Johns
Hopkins Univ., Ph.D., 1892; m. N. Y., April 19, 1892,
Anna Louise Easton; children: Charles Lane, Jr.. b.
1897; Alfred Easton, b. 1899; Edmund Ward, b. 1904.
Asso. prof. Johns Hopkins University, 1892-1899. Ed-
itor N. Y. Acad. Sciences, 1901-1907; lecturer in as-
tronomy, 1901-1903; prof, astronomy, 1904-1910; prof,
celestial mechanics since 1910. Columbia University;
mem. firm J. Harper Poor & Co., 1901-1903; dir. Lowe
Mf'g Co. since 1900; pres. 1905-1909; treas. since 1909:
asso. fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences. Boston:
fellow N. Y. Acad. Sciences; mem. Astronomische Ge-
sellschaft (Leipzig) ; fellow Royal Astron. Soc. (Lon-
don). Recreation: Yachting. Clubs: Century, N. Y.
Yacht, Alp'ha Delta Phi. Residence: 35 E. 69th St
Address: Columbia University, N. Y. City.


Banker, publisher; b. Bangor, Me., June 16, 1844;
ed. Harvard Coll., A.B., 1865, A.M., 1872: m. Constance
Brandon. Engaged in banking in N. Y. City. Pres.
and dir. Poor's Manual of Railroads, publishers;
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. of Texas; dir. Missouri,
Kansas & Texas R'y Co., U. S. Casualty Co. Mem.
S A. R. Clubs: University, Manhattan, The Brook,
Racquet and Tennis, Down Town, Tuxedo, Groller,
Lambs, Citv Midday, N. Y. Yacht. Address: 9 W. 9th
St.. N. Y. City.

Pres. Garfield Nat. Bank; <b. Sept. 29, 1860, New
London, N. H. ; ed. Wilton (Me.) Acad.; married. Pres.
and dir. Garfield Nat. Bank, Garfield Safe Deposit Co.
Mem. N. E. Soc, Chamber of Commerce. Clubs: Lotos.
N. Y Athletic, Craftsmen's. Residence: 320 W. 101st
St. Address: 190 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.




Electrical eng'r; b. Great Barrington, Mass., Aug.
16, 1844; s. Ebenezer and Electa Leonard (Waln-
wrlght) Pope; ed. in schools of native town and at
Amherst, Mass. Began business career in service of
Housatonic R. R. Co., 1S59; became operator with Am.
Telegraph Co., 1862-1865; quartermaster of Collins'
Overland Telegraph Exp'n, British Columbia, 1866;
asso. editor The Telegrapher, 1868; insp. 1873-1881,
deputy sup't, 18S1-1883, Gold and Stock Telegraph Co.,
N. Y. City; asso. editor Electrical Engineer, 1S84-1S86;
founder and editor Electric Power, 1890; sec. Am.
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. May 17, 1885-Aug. 1, 1911, now hon.
sec; chm'n on Telegraphs and Signaling Com. of
judge of elec. exhibits in World's Columbian Exp'n,
Chicago, 1S93; asso. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; N. Y.
Elec. Soc, hon. mem. Ass'n R'y Telegraph Sup'ts.
Franklin Inst. Residence: Elizabeth, N. J. Address:
25 W. 39th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 17,1870; s. Thos.
Stott and Mary Emma (Duffield) Pope; descendant
of old Willoughby Duffield and Deibevoise families of
Brooklyn; ed. Brooklyn Poly. Inst., Columbia Sch. of
Mines, Gen. Theol. Sem., N. Y. City; m. at St. Paul's
Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1901, Alice Paulding
Stoutenburgh; children: Mary Dayton, Lawrence Duf-
field, Isabel Paulding, Thomas Willoughby. Traveled
in Europe, 1892; connected with Troy Steel & Iron Co.,
1890-1892. In Episcopal ministry from 1896: rector St.
Gabriel's Ch., Hollis. L. I., 1896-1900; St. Paul's Ch..
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1900-1903; St. Paul's Ch., Tivoli-on-
Hudson, N. Y., 1903-1911; Ch. of Advent, Westbury,
L. I., since 1911. Mem. Theta Delta Chi fraternity.
Address: The Rectory, Westbury, D. I., N. Y.


Importer, comm'n merchant; b. Prague, March 7,
1863; s. Marcus W. and Louise Porges; ed. in Europe;
m. Alice Emma Pretzfeld; one son: Waldo William,
b. Sept. 20, 1899. Sec. and acting treas. Strohmeyer &
Arpe Co., N. Y.; v.-p. United Pure Food Co., N. Y.
Decorated Knight of first class of Royal Order of 'St.
Olaf, bestowed by King of Norway. Dir. Austrian
Soc, Italian Chamber of Commerce; mem. N. Y.
Chamber of Commerce, Zetland Chapter, Scandinavian-
Am. Soc; Mason. Recreation: Music: Clubs: Har-
monie (dir.), German Liederkranz, Bohemian, Italian
Nat. Residence: Hotel Leonori. 63d St. and Madison
Av. Address: 139-141 Franklin St., N. Y. City.


Physician, former comm'r of Health, State N. Y.; b.
Ghent, Columbia Co., N. Y., Aug. 7, 1856; s. Curtis t.
Porter; of old Dutch ancestry, connected -with the
DePeyster, Van Burtn and Douw families; ed. Cort-
land Normal Sch., Claverack Coll., Cornell Univ., N.
Y. Homce. Med. Coll., M.D., 1885: Rutgers Coll., A.M..
1889; Syracuse Univ., Ph.D., 1912; m. 1889, Alice A.
Day, of Upper Lisle, N. Y. ; one son. Was prof, physiol.
materia medica in N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll. and Hosp.:
was also prof. med. chemistry and sanitary science for
several years; now consulting physician Laura Frank-
lin Free Hosp. for Children and Hahnemann Hosp.;
med. examiner Manhattan Life Ins. Co. and Fenn
Mutual Life Ins. Co.; was one of Advisory Com. on
Internat. Health Exp'n, held in N. Y., 1898; appt'd
comm'r of health for State of N. Y., by Gov. Higgins,
May 8. 1905; reappt'd by Gov. Hughes, 1909. Mg'r
State Insane Hosp., since 1897; Univ. lecturer, Cornell
Univ., 1908-1909. Hon. mem. Societe Medicale Homce-
pathique de France, British Homce. Soc; mem. Am.
Inst. Homoeopathy; gen. sec. 1894-1901, N. Y. State
Homce. Med. Soc. (ex-pres.); mem. B'd Trustees Hud-
son-Fulton Celebration Comm'n; mem. N. Y. Acad.
Sciences, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Nat.
Gecg. Soc, N. Y. Museum of Natural History, Am.
Piiblic Health Ass'n. Mem. N. Y. State Press Ass'n.
Nat. Editorial Ass'n, 32 Mason. Mystic Shrine, Elks;
pres. Columbia County Ass'n in City of N. Y., Soc. Med.
Jurisprudence: asso. mem. G. A. R. Clubs: Unanimous,
Meissen, Communipaw (all med.), Republican (mem.
B'd of Govs.), Cornell University (N. Y. City), Fort
Orange (Albany). Address: 135 W. 87th St., N. Y.


Engineer; b. N. Y. City, March 12, 1865; s. Henry
Hobart and Annie Metcalf (Dwight) Porter; grad. Sch.
of Mines, Columbia Coll., E.M., 1886; m. Boston, Mass.,
Jane 18, 1891, Katharine (Delano) Porter; children:
Dorothy Dwight, b. 1892; Margaret Seton, b. 1895;
Katharine Delano, b. 1900. After graduation fellow
in geology* Sch. of Mines, one year; lived some
years in Mexico as mining eng'r and later in
Arizona; with Westinghouse Electric & Mfg Co.,
in N. Y. ; mem. firm Sanderson & Porter; formed

present partnership 1897. Pres. Village of Lawrence,
Nassau County, L. I., N. Y. ; elected Oct., 1905, re-
elected 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1913. V.-p.
and dir. Queens Borough Gas and Elec. Co., N. Y.
City; sec and dir. Federal Light & Traction Co., N.
Y. Dir. New England Investment & Security Co.,
Plattsburgh Traction Co. (Plattsburgh, N. Y.). Mem.
Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am.
Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. Clubs: Uni-
versity (mem. Com. Admissions), Rockaway Hunting
(mem. B'd of Govs.), Century, Alpha Delta Phi, City
Midday (N. Y. City), Adirondack League, Boston (New
Orleans). Residence (country): Lawrence, Nassau Co.,
N. Y., and 405 Park Av. Address: 52 William St., N.
Y. City.


Mechanical and industrial engineer; b. N. Y. City,
Feb. 28, 1858; s. Gen. Fitz John and Harriet Pierson
(Cook) Porter; ed. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H;
grad. Lehigh Univ., M.E. (salutatorian) ; m. Trinity
Chapel by Rev. Morgan Dix, Aug. 27, 1888, Rose Smith;
one son: Fitz John, b. Sept. 23, 1889. Apprentice and
draftsman Delamater Iron Works, N. Y. City, 1878-
1882; ass't eng'r N. J. Steel & Iron Co. (Cooper Hewitt
& Co.), Trenton, N. J., 1882-1884; eng'r and sup't of
bld'gs and grounds, Columbia Univ., 1884-1890; sup't
and eng'r Steel and Wire Works (Cary & Moen Co.),
N. Y. City, 1890-1891; with World's Columbian Exp'n,
Chicago, first as ass't mech. eng'r during the con-
struction period, and then ass't chief of the machinery
dep't, having charge of the Machinery Hall during the
exp'n period, 1891-1894; with Bethlehem Steel Co., S.
Bethlehem, Pa, first as Western representative at
Chicago, 111., 1894-1897, later ass't sales mg'r at works,
and until 1903 mg'r Eastern office, N. Y. City; on Jan.
1, 1903, engaged by Mr. George Westinghouse to do
reorg'n work, as mg'r of the Westinghouse Com-
panies' Publishing Dep't; v.-p. Nernst Lamp Co. In
fall of 1905 opened office in N. Y. City to do consult-
ing mech. and industrial eng'ring work, especially in
direction of introducing modern and efficient systems
of org'n and mg'mt, and fire prevention work; or-
ganized, 1912, and became sec of Efficiency Society
Inc. Independent in politics. Episcopalian. Mem.
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Ass'n for Labor Legis-
lation, Nat. Fire Protection Ass'n (Boston), Am. Acad.
Polit. and Social Science (Philadelphia). Clubs: En-
gineers (N. Y. City), Aztec (Washington, D. C). Ad-
dress: Masonic Hall, 23d St. and Sixth Av., N. Y. City.


Diplomat, brig.-gen. U. S. A.; b. Harrisburg, Pa.,
April 15, 1837; s. David R. (governor of Pa.) and
Josephine (McDermet) Porter; ed. Harvard Univ., U.
S. Mil. Acad.; received LL.D. from Union Univ., 1894:
Princeton Univ.. 1906: Williams Coll., 1908; Harvard
Univ., 1910; m. Albany, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1863, Sophie K.
McHarg; children: Clarence. Mrs. Elsie Porter Mende.
Has been pres. several railway companies and dir. in
fourteen railway and financial inst'ns. Brig.-gen. U.
S. A.; served in field during Civil War, last year on
Gen. Grant's staff; was twice wounded; received six
brevets for gallantry in battle; received Cong, medal
of honor for sp'l act of gallantry at battle of Chicka-
mauga; served as ass't sec. war; collected the money
and built the Grant Tomb in N. Y. ; served as am-
bassador to France. March, 1897-May, 1905. Delegate
to Hague Peace Conference; received from France
the Grand Cross, Legion d'Honneur, first Am. who
had ever received it. On May 9, 1906, received, by
unanimous vote of both Houses of Congress, thanks
and privilege of floor for life for recovery of the body
of John Paul Jones. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. G.
A. R.. Soc. Foreign Wars, S. A. R. Soc. of Cincin-
nati, Mil. Order Loyal Legion and Alliance Frangaise.
Clubs: Union League, Metropolitan, University, Cen-
tury, Nat. Arts, Down Town, Lawyers, Players, Au-
thors, Grolier, Army and Navy, Lotos, Republican,
Automobile (N. Y. City). Cercle de l'Union (Paris).
Address: 277 Madison Av.. N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, March 6, 1874; s. Timothy
H. and Maria Louise (Hoyt) Porter; grad. Yale, B.A.,
1896. N. Y. Daw Sch., LL.B.. 1898; m. N. Y. City, Sept.
28. 1901, Ellen Marian Hatch. Active lawyer in N. Y.
City since 1898. Dir. Hans Rees Sons, Inc., Yale and
Towne Mfg Co.; pres. and dir. North Am. Mercantile
Agency Co. Asso. mem. Am. Ornithologists' Union,
Linnaean Soc, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: Uni-
versity, Yale, Hardware. Residence: Stamford,
Conn. Address: 140 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Dry goods comm'n merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. F
Dec. 5, 1S67; s. Nathan T. and Mary C. (Comstock)



Porter; ed. Montclair High Sch., Yale Univ., A.B.,
1890; m. Troy, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1892, Caroline Chester
Knickerbocker; children; Helen L. K., Caroline C.
Mem. firm Porter Brothers & Co.; pres. Montclair
Trust Co., Vulcanite Mfg Co. Republican. Pres.
Montclair Free Public Library. Club: University.
Residence: 165 Gates Av., Montclair, N. J. Address:
106 Worth St., N. Y. City.


Professor of physics, Syracuse Univ.; b. Adair, 111.,
1877; s. Geo. E. and Mary (Ritter) Porter; grad.
Northwestern Univ., B.S., 1901, M.S., 1902, and Ph.D.,
Univ. of Gottingen, 1912. Republican. Fellow A.A.-
A.S., Am. Physicadus Soc, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Ad-
dress: 830 Os-trom Av., Syracuse, N. Y.


Physician; b. Hartford, Conn.; s. William (M.D.)
and Julia I. (Williams) Porter; studied abroad prior
to entering Harvard Univ., subsequently received med.
ed'n Coll. of Phys. and Surg., N. Y. City; m. Hartford,
Conn., 1885, Mary Rossite Redfield; children: William
Redfield, Edward Evelyn. Served on resident staff
of Bellevue Hosp. for two years; lectured on gynecol-
ogy at N. Y. Polytechnic for 14 years; served as at-
tending gynecologist to Northern Dispensary, Church
Hosp. and Dispensary, St. Vincent Hosp. and Gen.
Memorial Hosp.; attending surgeon to Demilt Dis-
pensary; consulting surgeon Manhattan State Hosp.;
med. dir. Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. Resident
fellow Acad, of Medicine and N. Y. Obstet. Soc; mem.
County Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med.
Ass'n, Physicians' Mutual Aid Ass'n, Soc. Alumni of
Bellevue Hosp. Club: N. Y. Athletic. Address: 149
W. 73d St., N. Y. City.


Member firm J. P. Morgan & Co.; b. Middlebury, Vt.,
Jan. 3, 1861; ed. Middlebury High Sch. and Saratoga
Acad.; m. Esther Jackson. Dir. U. S. Life Ins. Co.,
Fidelity & Casualty Co. and various mfg corp'ns;
trustee Franklin Savings Bank, Mutual Life Ins. Co.,
Hahnemann Hosp. Mem. N. E. Soc, Am. Geog. Soc,
Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs; treas. Chamber of Com-
merce. Comm'r Palisades Interstate Park. Clubs:
Metropolitan, Republican, Union League, N. Y. Ath-
letic, N. Y. Yacht, Atlantic Yacht, Transportation,
Riding, City Midday, Hardware, City Lunch, Rail-
road, Nassau Country, Sleepy Hollow Country. Resi-
dence: 56 E. 67th St. Address: 23 Wall St., N. Y.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 4, 1853; s. Frederick
Edward and Elizabeth Bradley (Aikens) Porter; ed.
Norfolk (Conn.) Public Sch., Monson and E. Willis-
ton Academies, Mass., Yale (Sheffield Scientific Dep't),
Columbia University!, College Physicians and Sur-
geons, M.D., 1877; m. New York City, May 21, 1880,
Margaret Josephine Carroll; children: Frederick
Phelps, b. 1885; William Carroll, b. 1888. Prof,
emeritus of pathology and gen. medicine at N. Y.
Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp.; prof, surgery and
surg. pathology Columbian Veterinary Coll., 1879-
1881. Curator of Presby'n Hosp., 1S78-18SS; Bellevue
Hosp., 1885-1887. Pathologist to Northeastern Dis-
pensary, attending physician to N. Y. Post. Graduate
Hosp. Ex-editor of Merck's Medico-Surg. Bulletin.
Republican; Congregationalist. Mem. N. Y. Urolo-
gical Soc, Pathol. Soc, Neurological Soc, Medico-
Surg. Soc, Northeastern Medico-Surg. Soc, N. Y.
Acad, of Medicine, Med. Soc. Greater City of N. Y.,
Mississippi Valley Med. Soc, Litchfield Co. Med. Soc,
N. Y. County Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am.
Soc of Internat. Law, Am. Therapeutical Soc, Am. Uro-
logical Soc, A.A.A.S., Am. Geog. Soc, Internat. Con-
gress of Tuberculosis, 15th Internat. Congress of
Hygiene and Demography, Am. Med. Ass'n, Soc of
Med. Jurisprudence, Navy League of U. S., Am. Peace
and Arbitration League. Author: Renal Diseases
and Urinary Analysis, 1887; also papers on various
topics in leading medical journals. Mem. Union
League of Broadway Tabernacle, S. A. R. Clubs:
Republican, Litchfield County Univ. (Conn.); Nor-
folk, Country (Norfolk). Residence: Elm Court,
Norfolk, Litchfield, Co., Conn. Address: 46 West 83d
St., N. Y. City.


Author, writer, lecturer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 8,
1873; s. Augustus T. and Mary E. (Austin) Post; ed.
Brooklyn Poly Inst., Amherst Coll.. A.B., Harvard
Law Sch., 1895-1896. Aide to A. Holland Forbes in
balloon "Conqueror" in Berlin, representing America
In the Gordon Bennett Balloon Races, 1908; aide to
Alan R. Hawley, winner Gordon Bennett Balloon
Race, 1910; aide to Clifford B. Harmon in balloon

"New York." Circumnavigated globe, and was 13th
to fly in aeroplane in U. S. Vice-chm'n Citizens'
Union, 25th Assembly Dist. Republican. Mem. Am.
Auto. Ass'n (chm'n Touring Com.), -N. Y. Elec Soc,
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Trustee Am. Seaman's
Friendly Soc. Recreations: Aeronautics, music.
Clubs: Aero of America (sec 4 years), Musicians,
Alpha Delta Phi. Address: 136 W. 44th St., N. Y.


Fire insurance; b. Derby, Conn., May 16, 1856; s.
Samuel A. Law Post and Laura (Judd) Post; ed.
public sch., Ellenville, N. Y. ; received State Regent
certificate; m. Ellenville, N. Y., June 13, 1878, Kate
R. Milliken; children: Laura Milliken (wife of C.
F. Shallcross), Katherine Milliken. United States
mg'r Caledonian Ins. Co. of Edinburgh, Scotland; also
pres. Caledonian-Am. Ins. Co. of N. Y. Visited every
place of importance in U. S. and crossed the ocean 26
times. Republican; Presby'n. Clubs: Lotos, Down
Town, Baltusrol, Golf, Sundown Fishing, Beaver Dam
Fishing. Residence: Summit, N. J. Address: 50
Pine St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. in Tioga Center, Tioga Co. N. Y.,
March 24, 1878; s. Albert W. Post, M.D., and Louise
M. (Schoonever) Postr grad. Owego Free Acad., 1901;
Syracuse Univ., Coll of Medicine, M.D., 1905. Ass't
Physician and surgeon at Robert Packer Hosp., Jan.,
1906, to Jan., 1907, at Sayre, Pa.; now engaged In
gen. practice at Halsey Valley, N. Y. Republican;
Methodist. Mem. N. Y. and Chemung Co. Med. Soc,
Elmira Acad. Medicine. Address: Halsey Valley.
Tioga Co., N. Y.


Banker, broker; b. N. Y. City, July 30, 1864; s. George
B. and Alice (Stone) Post; ed. St. Mark's Sch., South-
boro, Mass., and Columbia Univ.; m. Julia Cotton
Smith; children: George B., 3d. Mem. firm of Post &
Flagg; gov. N. Y. Stock Exchange. Mem. Delta Phi
fraternity, Columbia Univ. Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Union,
Knickerbocker, St. Anthony N. Y. Yacht. N. Y. Ath-
letic, Morristown, Somerset Hills Country, Morristown
Golf, Midday, Garden City Golf, Racquet and Tennis,
Morris County Golf. Residence: 3 E. 51st St. Ad-
dress: 38 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. N. Y. City. Dec. 15, 1837; s. Joel B.
and Abby M. Post; ed. Churchill's Mil. Sch., Sing Sing,
N. Y.; grad. N. Y. Univ., C.E., 1858; hon. LL.D., Colum-
bia Univ., 1908; m. 1S63, Alice M., d. William W. Stone;
children: George B., Jr.; William S., A. Wright, James
Otis. Alice W. Took up study of architecture after
graduation; formed partnership with Charles D. Gam-
brill, 1S61. Served as capt. 22d N. Y. Reg't, 1861; took
part in battle of Fredericksburg, and during that
action was aide on staff of Gen. Burnside, command-
ing Army of Potomac; after war was promoted maj.,
lieut-col.. later col. Resumed practice of architecture
after war. Was mem. Tenement House Comm'n.
known as Gilder Comm'n, appt'd by Legislature of
N. Y.; mem. Expert Com. to appoint a sculptor and
select a design for Lafayette Monument erected in
Court Yard of Louvre in Paris. Appt'd by Sec. of State
delegate to World's Congress of Architects in London
to represent Am. architects at large; appt'd by Sec. of
Agriculture, 1906, collaborator of Forest Service of U.
S. Dep't Agriculture; appt'd hon. corr. mem. Royal
Inst, of British Architects, 1907. Mem. Nat. Advisory
B'd on Fuels and Structural materials, appt'd bv
Pres. Roosevelt, 1906; reappt'd 1907, 1908, 1909. Mem.
Com. of Patronage of Sth Internat. Congress of Archi-
tects, 1907; appt'd mem. Permanent Com. of Internat.
Congress of Architects, 1908; appt'd mem. Bureau of
Fine Arts, by Pres. Roosevelt, 1909; appt'd by Gov. of
State of N. Y., 1902. mem. B'd of Comm'n of St. Louis
Exp'n. Mem. Architectural League of N. Y. (pres.
1S93-1S97, hon. mem. 1912); fellow Am. Inst, of Archi-
tects (pres. 1896-1899); pres. Fine Arts Federation
of N. Y.. 189S. Mem. Acad, of Arts and Letters, 1911,
N. Y. Chapter, Am. Inst, of Acrhitects (pres. 1904);
formerlv mem. B'd of Dir's Municipal Art Society.
Decorated Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur, 1901:
awarded Gold Medal of Am. Inst, of Architects, 1910.
Mem. of Council of Nat. Sculptor Soc; mem. N. Y. Acad,
of Sciences, Am. Geog. Soc, Soc. of Civil Eng'rs,
Chamber of Commerce, N. Y.; Municipal Art Soc, Nat.
Soc. of Craftsmen, Nat. Inst, of Arts and Letters, Pub-
lic Art League, Archaeol. Inst, of America, Nat. Geog.
Soc, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Clubs: Century
Ass'n Union. Lawyers' (charter mem.). Cosmos (Wash-
ington, D. C). Nat. Arts (charter mem., pres. 1898-
1905). Residence: Bernardsville, N. J., and 129 E. 69th
St N. Y. City. Address: 101 Park Av., N. Y. City.




. S , usar refiner; b. New Rochelle, X. Y., Oct. 13, 1859; s.
William and Eleanor (Sackett) Post; ed. public schools;
m Brooklyn, 1SS7, Louisa Wells; children: Jessie
Wells, Helen .Marion. Elizabeth. Has been clerk and
partner with B. H. Howell, Son & Co. since 1874; also
pres. Nat. Sugar Refining Co. of N. J., dir. Nat. City
Bank of X. Y., trustee Williamsburg Savings Bank;
dir. and treas. Chaparra Sugar Co. and various other
sugar companies, also dir. various other companies.
Presby'n. Mem. Industrial Sch. Ass'n of Brooklyn,
Y.M.C.A. of Brooklyn, Brooklyn IIosp. and Dispensary.
Residence: 60 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn X. Y. Ad-
dress: 129 Front St., X. Y City.


Ex-Goy. Porto Rico; b. X. Y. City. Jan. 28, 1870;
i o^m* JV nt , zl "S an 'l Marie (de Trobriand) Post;
. W bt -, arks bcn -> Southboro, Mass.; Harvard College,
A.B., 1891; m. X. Y. City, March 6, 1S95. Carolyn
Beatrice Post; one son: Regis Henri Post Jr. Mem.
X. Y Assembly for 2d Dist.; auditor of Porto Rico,
May 1. 1903, to Sept. 1, 1904; sec. of Porto Rico Sept.
h 19 ,A, t0 April 18 ' 1907: = ov - Porto Rico from' April

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