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IS, 1907, until he resigned in 1910. Was chief of
Bayport (X. Y.) Fire Dep't, 1900-1903; pres. Bayport
?. ch - ^' d ; A S n 9 S " 19 r? 3: ^ em - Republican Corns. Suffolk
-! ls 4 - 1D03 - Dlr - Oysterman's Xat. Bank, Sayville,
N. 1. , Republican; Episcopalian. Vestryman and mem
St. Ann's Ch., Sayville. X. Y., 1896-1900; vestryman
and treas. St. John's Ch., San Juan, Porto Rico, 190S
Address: Gillette Av., Bayport, L. I., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. X. Y. City, July 7, 1868; s. Albert Kint-
zing and Marie Caroline (de Trobriand) Post; ed.
bt. Mark's Sch., Harvard Univ., A. B., 1S90; Columbia
Coll. Law Sch., LL.B., 1S94; m. Glen Cove, X. Y Oct
27, 1894, Mary Lawrence Perkins; children: Charles
Kintzmg, b. 1S96; Mary Lawrence, b. 1897; Langdon
Ward, b. 1898; Lina de Trobriand, b. 1901; Elizabeth
West, b. 1904; Waldron. b. 1908: Robert Perkins, b
1910. Partner in law Arm of Ward, Heyden & Sat-
terlee. Mem. Loyal Legion. Pres. Suffolk Co. Vol-
unteer Firemen's Ass'n. Clubs: Union, Harvard Ad-
dress: Bayport, L. I., X. Y.


Architect; b. N. Y. City, May, 10, 1866; s. George
Browne and Alice M.' (Stone) Post; ed. St. Mark's
Sch., Southboro, Mass.; grad. 1884, Columbia Univ.,
academic course 2 years; Sch. of Architecture 4 years,
Ph.B., 1890; m. Lenox, Mass., June, 1894, Lillian M.,
d. late Confederate Gen. John B. Hood; children:
Marion Hood, b. 1895: Lilian, b. 1896. After gradua-
tion traveled six months, studied in Paris, France, six
months; practised architecture under own name till
1894, when he became junior partner with Geo. B.
Post, until 1904, when firm of Geo. B. Post & Sons
was formed and became partner. Fellow Am. Inst.
Architects; mem. Architectural League of X. Y. Clubs:
St. Anthony, Union, Xat. Arts, Somerset Hills Coun-
try. Residence: Bernardsville, X. J. Address: 101
Park Av., X. Y. City.


Physician and surgeon; b. Himrods X. Y.. July 30,
1869; s. Evan J. and Miranda (Swarts) Potter; ed.
Penn Yan Acad., Starkey Sem., Dundee Preparatory
Sch., X. Y. Univ. (Med. School), M.L., 1891; m. N. Y.
City, July 30. 1906, Florence Dalzell Levison; one son:
Evan Randolph Potter, b. 1907. In practice of medi-
cine in X. Y. City from 1891. Has traveled in Co-
lombia, Peru, Ecuador, Xicaragua, Salvador, Guate-
mala, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany,
Holland, Belgium. Late assistant visiting surgeon
Columbus Hosp., X. Y. City; lecturer and demonstrator
of anatomy and operative surgery, N. Y. Post-
Graduate Coll. and Hosp. Mem. X. Y. Co. Med. Soc,
X. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Urological Soc,
Med. Ass'n Greater X. Y. Democrat; candidate for
Alderman from the old 21st Assembly Dist., 1898,
and for Assemblyman in 21st Assembly Dist., 1900;
held apptm't as med. civil service examiner during
the Van Wyck administration; med. expert to Law
Dep't, City of X. Y., since death of Dr. Cyrus Edson
in 1903. Mem. Xat. Geog. Sac., Sons Am. Revolution;
all the Masonic bodies (York Rite) and Mystic Shrine.
Address: 223 W. 79th St., X. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. X. Y. City, Julv 19, 1856; s. Orlando B.
and Martha Green (Wiley) Potter; grad. Yale Coll..
187S; m. Ossining. X. Y., April 7, 1885, Helen Ward
Brandreth; children: Dorothy W., Orlando B.. Fred-
erick A., Margaretta W., Eugene Ward. Trustee Title
Guarantee and Trust Co.; dir. Bond and Mortgage
Guarantee Co., Realty Associates, Westchester &

Bronx Title and Mortgage Guaranty Co.; managing
trustee of estates of Orlando B. Potter. Mem. Chamber
of Commerce, B'd of Trade and Transportation, Am.
Geog. Soc, Xew England Soc, Am. Bar Ass'n, Ass'n
Bar City of X. Y., Met. Museum of Art. Clubs: Law-
yers, University, Yale, Reform, Sleepy Hollow Country.
Residence: Ossining, N. Y. Add-ress: 71 Broadway, X..
Y. City.


Architect; grad. Union Coll., 1881; m Ethel Potter.
Mem. Union Coll. Alumni Ass'n, Nat. Acad. Design,
Met. Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Xatural History.
Clubs: Westchester Country, Racquet and Tennis,
Country. City residence: Harrison, X. Y. Address:
35 E. 30th St., X. Y. City.


Merchant, banker; b. X. Y. City, May 17, 1853; s.
Howard and Mary Louisa (Brown) Potter; grad. Union
College, A.B., 1873; m. 1st, 1877, Cora Urquhart, of Xew
Orleans; 2d, 1904, Mary Handy, d Capt. Handy, U. S.
X.; one d., Anne Urquhart Potter (now Mrs. James A.
Stillman). Pres. and mn'g dir. Tlahualilo Agr'l Co.,
Ltd., of Mexico; trustee Mexican Cotton Estate of
Tlahualilo 1st mortgage bonds and dir. of Tlahualilo
Co., Ltd., of London; pres. Manchester Land Co. Mem.
X. Y. Chamber of Commerce, life mem. Xat. Acad, of
Design, Met. Museum of Art; mem. Union Coll. Alumni
Ass'n. Clubs: Tuxedo (a gov.), X. Y. Yacht (life
mem.), Down Town (X. Y.), Jockey, American Coun-
try (Mexico). Address: 59 Wall St., X. Y. City.


Real estate and ins.; b. X. Y. City, July 2, 1841; s.
Ellis IS. and Henrietta (Williams) Potter; ed. Prof.
Benjamin D wight's Sch., Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, March
7, 1871. Eliza T. Williams; children: Henrietta M., b.
1873; Frank A., b. 1875; Richard E., b. 1879. Mem.
firm Hastings & Potter, 1862-1869; Williams & Pot-
ter, 1870-1881; moved to Patchogue, L. I., 1881: re-
ceiver for E. S. Peek's private bank, which failed
1883; organized Patchogue Bank 1S84 and pres. of
same for 18 years; director Patchogue Investment
Company, Patchogue Mf'g Company; sec. and treas.
Suffolk, Nassau & Queens Realty Co. Trustee vil-
lage of Patchogue for 6 years and has been mem.
B'd of Ed'n for IS years; treas. village of Patchogue
5 years. Congregationalist; pres. B'd Trustees Cong'l
Ch. Treas. Paumanake Council, No. 778, Royal Ar-
canum, for 25 years. Clubs: Patchogue, South Bay -
Yacht. Address: 258 E. Main St., Patchogue, Suffolk
Co., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Kaneville, 111., Jan. 9, 1866; s. Men itt
F. and Harriet E. Potter; grad. X. Y. Univ. Law Sch.,
1888; m. at Shab'bona, 111., Elizabeth Owens. Mem.
firm of Hornblower, Miller & Potter. Mem. Ass'n Bar
City of X. Y., Phi Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs: Man-
hattan, Midday. Residence: 417 Riverside Drive. Ad-
dress: 24 Broad St., X. Y. City.


Physician; b. Keesevirfe, X. Y Dec 25, 1869; s.
George Sabine and Mary Gill (Powell) Pottery grad.
Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1888; Harvard Coll., A.B.,
1890; Harvard Med. School, M.D., 1896; m Brookline,
Mass.. Jan. 25, 1908, Mary Sargent; children: Xatalie,
b. 1909; .Mary Robeson, b. 1911. Visiting physician to
X. Y. City Hosp. and French Hosp.; consulting physi-
cian to Manhattan State Hosp., Central Islip; ass't
prof, clinical medicine, Columbia Univ. Editor: Sahli's
Diagnosis (1st & 2d editions), Ortner's Therapeutics
(1st & 2d editions). Mem. X Y. Acad Medicine, Am.
Med. Ass'n, X. Y. State & County Med. Ass'n, Harvard
Med. Ass'n. Officier de L'Instruction Publique; mem.
Correspondent do la Societe Medicale des Hopitaux
a Paris. Clubs: Harvard, University, St. Andrew's
Address: 591 Park Av., X. Y. City.


Dramatist; b. Brighton, England, June 3, 1853
(father was head master King Edward's School, Bath
and editor of the Bibliotheca Classica) ; ed. in Eng-
land. Engaged in newspaper work; foreign editor
1876-1883; London correspondent. 1883-1884; dramatic
critic, 1885-1887, N. Y. Herald; from 1888 to 1890 on
editorial staff Chicago Tribune. Author of many
plays produced by leading companies, including The
City Directory, 1889; The Ugly Duckling, 1890; The
World's Fair, 1891; The American Minister, 1892;
Sheridan; or. The Maid of Bath, 1893; Our Country
Cousins, 1893; The Pacific Mail, 1894; The Victoria
Cross. 1894; Trilby, 1895; The Stag Party, with E. W.
("Bill") Xye, 1896; The Conquerors, 1898- Under Two
Flags, 1901; The Red Kloof, 1902; Xotre Dame, 1903;
The School Girl, 1904; Xancy Stair, 1905; Barbara's



Millions, 1906; Twenty Days in the Shade, 1908; The
Honor of the Family, 1908; Girl from Hector's, 1909;
Queen of the Moulin Rouge, 1909; Arsene Lupin, 1910.
American representative at Congress of Dramatic Art,
Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address; Empire Theatre, N. Y.


Rear Admiral, U. S. N.; b. Whitehall, N. T. En-
tered Naval Acad. Sept. 26, 1865; grad. June 4, 1869;
Sabine, sp'l cruise, June, 1869-Dec, 1869; U. S. flag-
ship Franklin, European Station, Dec, 1869-Nov., 1871.
Comm'd ensign, July 12, 1870; master, July 12, 1871;
U. S. gunnery practice ship Constellation, Feb., 1872-
June, 1872; U. S. flagship Hartford, Asiatic Station,
Oct., 1872-Aug., 1873; U. S. S. Lackawanna, Aug., 1873-
April, 1S74; U. S. S. Iroquois, April, 1874-July, 1874.
Comm'd lieut. Aug. 9, 1874; U. S. Naval Acad., Nov.,
1874-Aug., 1878; U. S. flagship Powhattan, North At-
lantic Station, Aug., 1878-Dec, 1879; U. S. flagship
Tennessee, North Atlantic Station, Dec, 1879-Sept.,
1881; U. S. Naval Acad., Sept., 1881-June, 1884; South
Atlantic Stations, July, 1884-June, 1887; U. S. Naval
Acad., Sept., 1887-June, 1891; TJ. S. flagship Philadel-
phia, North Atlantic Station, June, 1891-Sept., 1892; U.
S. flagship Baltimore, squadron for sp'l service, Sept..
1892-March, 1893; U. S. flagship Philadelphia, naval
review fleet, March, 1893-June, 1893; U. S. flagship
Chicago, European Station, June, 1893-Sept., 1894; U.
S. Naval Acad., Jan., 1895-Sept, 1897. Comm'd lieut. -
comm'r June 12, 1896; exec, officer U. S. flagship N.
Y., North Atlantic Station, Sept., 1897-Oct., 1899. Mem.
Maine Court of Inquiry. Feb., 1898. Comm'd comd'r
Sept. 9, 1899; advanced 5 numbers for services dur-
ing Spanish War; insp. of ordnance, League Island
Navy Yard, Nov., 1899-1901; commanding Ranger,
Nov., 1901-1903; engaged in sp'l duty at Navy Dep't,
office of ass't sec, Aug. 1, 1903-March 29, 1905; ass't
to Bureau of Navigation, March 29, 1905-May 25,
1907. Comm'd capt. Sept. 13, 1904. Commanding bat-
tleship Vermont, June 3, 1907-Nov. 9, 1908. Comm'd
rear admiral Oct. 30, 1908. Commanding Fourth Divi-
sion, U. S. Atlantic fleet, Nov. 9, 1908-June 10, 1909.
Chief of Bureau of Navigation July 1, 1909. Resigned
Chief Bureau of Navigation Dec. 1, 1909, to accept
duty as Aid for Personnel: retired May, 1912. Ad-
dress: Whitehall, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. Clarksburg, Mass., May 15, 1868: s.
Abraham and Mary M. Potterton; grad. St. Lawrence
TJniv, 1891, D.D., 1905; m. Somerville, Mass., 1893, Anna
T Nye. Minister Ch. of Our Father (Universalist),
Brooklyn, N. Y. Has traveled extensively at home and
abroad and has lectured upon the travels before nu-
merous bodies. Author: The Comforter. Address: 57
Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Artist; b. Cincinnati, 1857; s. Henry and Bernardma
(Scheifers) Potthast; ed. in Art Inst.. Cincinnati, and
in Munich and Paris. Academician Nat. Acad, of De-
sign Clubs: Salmagundi, Lotos. Address: 222 V. 59th
St., N. Y. City.

Merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 3, 1873; s. Thomas
and Emeline (Wright) Potts; grad. Brooklyn Poly.
Inst., B.S., 1892, E.E., 1893; m. 1st, Brooklyn, April 27,
1899, Mary Louise Dubernell (died Oct. 8. 1904); , c n h ' 1_
dren- Thomas Jackson, b. 1900; John Wright, b. 1901,
David Valentine, b. 1903; m. 2d, N. Y. City. June 1.
1909 Fanny Louise Ruprecht; one d.: Dorothy Louise,
b 1910 Engaged in civil and elec eng'ring work until
1895- since then in importing and converting busi-
ness; now sec and mn'g dir. J. B. Locke & Potts. First
serg Co. A, 23d Reg't Inf., N. G. N. Y., 1908-1909; mem.
regimental rifle teams, 1904-1909. Trustee Brooklyn
Poly Inst. Independent Democrat. Mem. Sons or
Revolution, 'Soc Colonial Wars. L.I. Hist. Soc N. Y.
State Hist. Soc, Cumberland and Westmoreland Anti-
quarian and Archseol. Soc, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng. ( a sso.).
Nat. Geog. Soc. (asso.), Brooklyn Inst. Arts and
Sciences, Soc. Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis. Clubs:
Merchants. City (N. Y. City), University Hamilton,
Masonic. Riding and Driving. Apollo (Brooklyn). Ad-
dress: 170 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Coal merchant; T>. Lenox, Mass., 1860; s. Frederick
A. and Sarah (Brevoort) Potts; ed. Sch. of Mines.
Columbia Coll., TJniv. of Berlin. Germany: m. Elizabeth
Work Olcott. Mem. firm of F. A. Potts & Co. Re-
publican. Clubs: Union, N. Y. Athletic, St. Anthony.
Address: 143 Liberty St., N. Y. City.

Born Albanv. N. Y.. Nov. 4, 1843: s. Jesse Charles and
Eunice U. (Walker) Potts; ed. Wrightson School, Al-

bany Acad., Harvard, A.B 1865 (Phi Beta Kappa), and
A.M.; unmarried. Republican. Episcopalian; vestry-
man St. Peter's Church, Albany. Life mem. Am.
Numismatic Soc; life fellow Am. Gecg. Soc; mem.
Am. Museum of Natural History; life mem. Nat. Geog.
Soc; mem. Circle of Friends of the Medallion; gov.
Albany Hosp.; trustee Albany Med. Coll.; trustee and
v.-p. Home for Aged Men; dir. Albany Inst, and His-
torical and Art Soc Collector of American coins and
medals. Clubs: Fort Orange, University (Albanyl,
Harvard (N. Y. City). Address: 342 State St., Albany,
N. Y.


Broker in investments; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 3,
1878; s. Alfred J. and Harriet E. (Hasey) Pouch; grad.
Yale Univ. (Sheffield Scientific Sch.), Ph.B., 1898; m.
Brooklyn, Nov. 20, 1901, Julia A. Wood; children:
Donald Stuart, b. Sept. 16, 1902; Mary Aikman, b.
March 23, 1908. Mem. firm of Pouch & Co., mems. N. Y.
Stock Exchange; dir. American Docks, Staten Island.
Clubs: University (Brooklyn), Yale (N. Y. City),
Greenwich Country. Address: 14 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Physician, surgeon; b. Claverack, N. Y., July 24,
1859; s. Peter and Mary E. (Cummings) Poucher; grad.
Claverack Coll., 1879; Union Univ. (Albany Med. Coll.),
MJD., 1883: Univ. of Berlin, 1885; Univ. of Strasburg,
1886- m. 1892, Catherine D. Le Fevre; children" Anna
L. F., b. 1894; Franklin J., t>- 1898. Has practised medi-
cine and surgery in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., since 1887.
Dir. Poughkeepsie Trust Co., Williamsburg Fire Ins.
Co., Price Fireproofing Co. Served city as alderman
one term; served as comm'r of public works 9 years;
served through Spanish-Am. War as surgeon of N. Y.
Vols. Republican. Mem. Dutchess Co. Med. Soc, Am.
Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Ass'n of
Gynecologists and Obstetricians. Mem. Holland Soc.
of N Y., Soc. of the Cincinnati, Soc. Colonial Wars,
Naval and Military Order Spanish-Am. War, Mason
(lodge and chapter), past-comd'r Poughkeepsie Com-
mandery, K. T.; trustee Masonic Temple Ass'n. Clubs:
Dutchess Golf and Country, Army and Navy (N. Y.
City). Address: 339 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.


Jurist; b. Lockport, N. Y., June 20, 1864; s. Alexander
and Almina (Whipple) Pound; ed. in schools of City of
Lockport and at Cornell Univ.; m. June 22, 1887, Emma
White; children: Alexander W., Mary W. After leav-
ing college studied law in office of brother, Hon. John
E. Pound, of Lockport, N. Y. ; admitted to bar, June,
1886, and engaged in practise of law at Lockport until
1895, when removed to Ithaca, becoming prof, law In
College of Law of Cornell Univ., 1895-1904; resigned
to resume practise at Lockport as senior mem. law
firm of Pound & Moore. City att'y Lockport, N. Y,
1888-1891; elected State senator for the then 29th
Senate Dist., 1893; appt'd State civil service comm'n by
Gov. Roosevelt, June. 1900, to succeed Hon. Willard
A. Cobb, deceased; June, 1903, ibecame pres. of the
comm'n; resigned Jan., 1905, upon apptm't by Gov.
Higgins, as counsel to the Gov., which position held
until appt'd June, 1906, justice of the Supreme Court
for the Eighth Judicial Dist., to succeed Hon. Henry
A Childs, of Medina; elected Nov. 6, 1906, to same
position for full term expiring Dec. 31. 1920. Elected
alumni trustee Cornell Univ., June 17, 1913 for term
of five vears. Republican. Mem. Cornell Chapter
Delta Kappa Epsilon, Conkling Chapter Phi Delta Phi
(pres Western N. Y. Alumni Ass'n of Cornell Univ.),
N Y State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Town
and Gown (Ithaca), Buffalo (Buffalo). Tom and
Country (Lockport). Niagara (Niagara Falls), Cornell
(N. Y.). Address: Lockport, N. Y.


Violinist; b. Peru, 111., Aug. 22, 1868; ed. public schs.
of Aurora, 111.; studied music in Chicago and after-
ward in Leipzig, Paris and Berlin; pupil of William
Lewis, Henri Schradieck, Dancia and Joachim; m.
1904 H Godfrey Turner. Played as soloist with
Thomas, Seidl, Gericke, Niklsch, Muck, Mahler, Dam-
rosch and other conductors; violin soloist with N. Y.
Arion Soc. in tour of Germany and Austria. 1892;
tour of British Isles and the Continent of Europe,
1899-1901 and again 1903-1905; in South Africa. 1905.
Organized the Maud Powell Trio. 1908: contb'r to
various magazines. Address: 1402 Broadway, IN. X.


Actor- b. N. Y. City, April 26, 1867. Made first ap-
pearance as actor in a minor part in Rice's Evange-
line; afterward was in several companies and met
success both in America and England; played Rat!
in Hovt's comedv, A Tin Soldier; later in the Casino



company in leading parts In Erminie, Nai nd other

light operas; for several years past at head of his own
company. Address: Th, 1'la, ers, Gramercj Park, M.
T. City.


.Merchant; b. N. Y. City. i860; s. Francis T. and Ade-
laide R. (Marshall) Prankard; ed Public Sch. 11,
Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., '1881, Martha
Chester. Veteran loth Reg"t, X. G. N. Y. Recreation:
Yachting-. Clubs: Crescent Athletic (Brooklyn), Man-
hasset Bay Yacht, Port Washington Yacht (Port
Washington). Knickerbocker Yacht, Duck Island
(North Carolina). Address: Port Washington, Nassau
Co., L. I.. N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Chaumont, N. Y , May 4, 1S73; s. Ezra B.
CM.D.) and Marv E. (Strong) Pratt; grad. Yale Univ.,
A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa) 1S96, LL.B. 1S98. Senior part-
ner Pratt & Koehler; sec. and ass't treas. South Canon
Coal Co.; sec. Oakdale Coal Mining Co.; ass't U. S.
Att'v for Southern Dlst. of N. Y. since May 1, 1909.
Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Phi Delta Phi. Clubs:
Republican, Y'ale, West Side Republican (sec. 1901-
1904). Address: 47 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturing chemist; b. Hillsboro, N. C, March
24, 1S62; s. Rev. Henry Barrington and Joanna F.
(Gildersleeve) Pratt; missionary's son, and from ages
7 to 14 spent in Colombia, S. America; ed. Bingham
Sch., Mabane, N. C, 1876-1877; Mt. Zion Acad., Winns-
boro, S. C; m. Nov. 17, 1886, Emma Florence Dunn;
children: William H., b. 1S8S; Benjamin G., Jr., b. 1893;
Julia Gatewood, b. 1898. In early life clerk and book-
keeper Winnsboro, S. C, 1887; engaged in manufac-
ture of soaps, Fort Worth, Texas, 1891; engaged in
erecting soap and chem. works in U. S. and Mexico.
For past 10 years producing specialties in soaps and
lubricants, making sp'l study of solubilities of oils;
in 1906 incorporated the B. G. Pratt Co., of which is
pres. and treas. with laboratories at Hackensack, N.
J., for manufacture of soluble petroleum under the
name Scalecide for destruction of San Jos6 scale on
fruit trees. Presbv'n. Mason (past chancellor),
Knights of Pythias. Address: 50 Church St., N. T. City.


Lawyer: b. Orwell, Ashtabula Co., Ohio; s. Charles
A. B. and Mary (Ely) Pratt; grad. Columbia, LL.B,
1886; unmarried. Engaged in practise of law in N.
T. City from 1886; counsel in elevated railroad liti-
gation and also counsel for many corp'ns and estates;
head of law firm Pratt & McAlpin. Pres. and dir.
John J. Crooke Co.; dir. St. Nicholas Skating Ice Co.
Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.;
chm'n Edn'l Dep't. Treas. Brooklyn Free Kinder-
Mem. Ohio Society, Presbyterian Union. Recreation:
Farming. Club: ' City. Residence: 27S3 Broadway.
Address: 68 William St., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1855; s.
Charles and Lydia A. Pratt; grad. Adelphi Acad.,
Brooklyn, 1875; Amherst Coll., A.B., 1879; hon. A.M.,
Yale, 1903; m. Mav 8, 1884, Mary Seymour Morris, d.
ex-Gov. Luzon B. Morris, of New Haven, Conn. Be-
gan business with father in Pratt Mf'g Co.; dir. Long
Island R. R. Co., Mechanics' Nat. Bank. Pres. Pratt
Inst., Brooklyn; trustee Amherst Coll. Residence:
241 Clinton Av., Brooklyn. Address: 26 Broadway,
N. Y. City.


Consulting eng'r; b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 13, 1860; s.
John C. and Mary A. (Richardson) Pratt; ed. Mass.
Inst, of Technology, Boston, Mass., course of mech.
eng'ring (did not graduate); m. Yarmouth, N. S.,
Sept. 5, 1888 Mary B. Ladd; children: Gertrude L,
b. 1894; Donald R., b. 1896. Designed, built and in-
stalled the firs; electric elevator ever used, placed in
the Tremont House. Boston, 1889. Was chief draughts-
man Whittier Machine Co., Boston; consulting eng'r
Dood & Pratt, Boston; ass't sup't Boston Sugar Re-
fining Co.; N. E. agent Otis Bros. & Co., Boston; mg'r
and eng'r Sprague Elec. Elevator Co., N. Y.; chief
eng'r Marine Engine and Machine Co., N. Y.; since
engaged as consulting eng'r in N. Y. City; also con-
sulting eng'r for Otis Elevator Co. Republican;
Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Inst.
Elec. Eng'rs, N. Y. Elec. Soc, S. A. R. Clubs: Motor,
British Motor Boat (London, Eng,). Address: 1123
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 4, 1849; s. Rev. Horace
L. Edgar and Kate (Martin) Pratt; attended Anthon's

and Trinity Sens.; m. Grace Ch., May 11, 1881, Mary
Gordon Landon; children: Katharine Gordon, Alex-
: 1 1 l , i . r L). B., Constance. Beatrice. Mem. firm Maitland,
Coppell & Co.; dir. The Bank of America, Atlantic
Mutual Ins. Co.; trustee German Savings Bank. Re-
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. of Wars,
Sons of Revolution. Treas. N. Y. Soc. for Prevention
of Cruelty to Children; treas. N. Y. Tax Reform Assn.
Clubs: Union, N. Y. Yacht, Riding, Metropolitan,
Down Town, Church, Eastern Yacht, Seawanhaka-
Corinthian Yacht, Larchmont Yacht. Sleepy Hollow
Country. Residence: 24 W. 48th St. Address: 52
Will. am St., N. Y. City.


Dean of Pratt Inst.; b. Brooklyn, Feb. 22, 1S65; s.
Charles and Mary Helen (Richardson) Pratt; grad.
Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, 1883; Amherst Coll., A.B.,
1887; hon. A.M., 1904; m. Portland, Ore., Oct., 1S89,
Caroline A. Ladd; children: Charles, b. 1892; Mary
Caroline, b. 1S95; Helen Ladd, b. 1898. Sec. of Pratt
Inst, (chief exec, officer of inst'n). Mem. Charles
Pratt & Co.; treas. The Thrift; v.-p. The Morris Build-
ing Co. Has traveled extensively In U. S., Europe
and Japan. Republican; Baptist. Mem. Alpha Delta
Phi fraternity; mem. Internat. Com. Y. M. C. A.;
chm'n Edn'l Dep't. Treas. Brooklyn Free Kinder-
garten Soc; treas. Nat. Soc for Promotion of In-
dustrial Ed'n. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: University
(N. Y. City), University, Hamilton (Brooklyn), Nas-
sau Country. Address: Pratt gnst, 215 Ryerson St.,
Brooklyn. N. Y.


Clergyman; b. Milford, N. Y., 1848; s. Edward Pratt,
M.D., and Helen (Newell) Pratt; ed. Cooperstown
Sem., Rochester Univ. and Divinity Sch.; m. Brooklyn,
N. Y., Oct. 18, 1882, Margaret Whitney. Ordered
deacon by Bishop Bissell in Burlington, Vt., 1887;
ordained priest by Bishop Potter in N. Y. City, 1888;
curate of St. Michael's Ch., N. Y. City, 1888-1898;
Anthon Memorial Ch. since 1905. Chaplain Gen.
Memorial Hosp., 1889-1903. Address: 88 St. Nicholas
rector Ch. of Archangel, 1889-1905; rector All Souls'
Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1873; s. Charles
and Mary H. (Richardson) Pratt; grad. Amherst
Coll., A.B., 1896; Harvard Univ. LL.B., 1900; m.
Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 6, 1903, Ruth Sears Baker;
children: John T., Jr., b. Dec. 11, 1903; Virginia, b.
April 30, 1905; Sally Sears, b. March 27, 1908; Phyllis,
b. May 26, 1912; Edwin Baker, b. June 5, 1913. Mem.
firm Campbell, Harding & Pratt, Chas. Pratt & Co.;
dir. N.Y.N.H.&H.R'y Co., J. S. White & Co., J. S. White
Mg'mt Co., The Thrift. Republican; Episcopalian.
Trustee Pratt Inst. Clubs: Metropolitan, Racquet
and Tennis, Down Town, Riding and Driving, N. Y.
Y'acht, Nassau Country, Harvard Univ., Piping Rock,
Stock Exchange. Residence: 11 E. 61st St. Address:
43 Exchange PI., N. Y. City.


Outdoor advertising contractor; b. Birdsall, Alle-
gany Co., N. Y., April 1, 1856; s. Daniel M. and
Nancy S. (Stuart) Pratt; ed. public sch. and private

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