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tutor; m. W. New Brighton, S. I., N. Y., April, 1887,
Mary Amelia Isabel Steele; one d.: Marion, b. 1888.
Mg'r Advertising Dep't Tarrant & Co., 12 years (N.
Y. City), J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., 4 years.
Traveled all over U. S. and Can'ada. Pres. and dir.
Newark Poster Advertising Co., Newark Sign Co.,
N. J.; New Haven Poster Advertising Co., New Haven
Sign Co.. Conn.; Bridgeport Outdoor Advertising Co.,
Conn.; Dallas Poster Advertising Co., Texas; The
Edwards Co., Waco, Texas; v.-p. and dir. Robert Em-
met Copper Co., Mont.; Am. Posting Service, Chicago;
North Shore Advertising Co., Chicago; South Shore
Advertising Co., Chicago; Joiiet Bill Posting Co.,
Chicago; Aurora Bill Posting Co., Chicago; Western
Bill Posting Co., Chicago; treas. and dir. Van Beuren
& N. Y. Bill Posting Co., N. Y. Independent in
politics: Episcopalian. Mason; mem. Atlantic Lodge,
Union Chapter, York Commandery; Soc. of Genesee,
New York, Peace Soc, Ass'n of Am. Advertisers, Met.
Museum of Art, Newark B'd of Trade, Newark, N.
J.; New Haven Chamber of Commerce, New Haven,
Conn. Clubs: N. Y. Press, Aldine, N. Y. Athletic.
Address: 200 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Secretary; b. Westmoreland, N. Y., March 12, 1858;
s. Enfield L. and Mary E. (Jessup) Pratt; ed. public
schools of Burlington, Vt; entered Univ. of Vt., but
left before graduation; received A.M., 1913; m. Wells-
boro, Pa., Oct. 19, 18S2, Ada S. Bryden. Editor of St
Albans Advertiser, 1876; reported Vermont Legisla-



ture for Montpelier Argus; staff of N. Y. Commercial
Bulletin (now incorporated with Journal of Com-
merce), most of time as city editor, 1878-1882; on
staff of N. Y. World as Wall Street reporter, 1882-
18S6; N. Y. correspondent Baltimore Sun, 1885-1887;
in 1887 was engaged by George W. Childs as mg'r N. Y.
Bureau of the Philadelphia Public Ledger, and served
for 15 years, writing on polit. and financial subjects.
In 1903 contb'd to Appleton's series of business books
a volume entitled The Work of Wall Street; in 1903
appt'd by Adolph S. Ochs as financial editor N. Y.
Times, but resigned to become asso. editor Wall
Street Journal, of which was editor-in-chief from
1905 until 1908, when elected sec. of the Chamber of
Commerce of the State of N. Y. iFrequent contb'r to
magazines and other periodicals and, on financial
topics, to many leading newspapers of country.
Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Economic Soc; life mem.
N. Y. N. E. Soc., Kane Lodge, F. and A. M. Address;
65 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Portland, Maine, Oct. 1, 1854; s. William
Pitt and Harriet Tracy (Mussey) Preble; ed. Har-
vard, A.B., 1875; Harvard Law School, 1876-1877; m.
Boston, April 13, 1887, Grace Blanchard. Admitted
to Suffolk Bar, Mass., Oct., 1878; N. Y. Bar, 1886; later
in. U. S. Supreme and Circuit courts; practised in
Boston, 1878-1SS6; since then in N. Y. City. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Au-
thor: Preble's Patent'Case Index, 1882; Collisions in
United States Waters, 1886. Residence: New
Brighton, N. Y. Address: 150 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Painter; b. South Orange, N. J.; d. Cornelius Smith
and Helen (Reed) Mitchill; ed. Art Students' League,
N. Y. City; Acadmie Julien, Paris; m. N. Y. City,
1894, Henry Prellwitz; one son: Edwin Mitchill
Prellwitz. Exhibitor at current exb'ns; medals at At-
lanta and Pan-Am. Exp'ns; won Hallgarten and Dodge
prizes at Nat. Acad, of Design. Mem. Soc. Am.
Artists; asso. Nat. Acad. Design. Addresses: 247 W.
71st St., N. Y. City, and Peconic, L. I., N. Y.


Artist; b. N. Y. City, 1865; s. Rudolph and Marga-
retha (Maner) Prellwitz; ed. in public schools, N.
Y. City; Coll. City of N. Y.; Art Students' League of
N. Y. ; Acadfimie Julien, Paris, and in studio of T. W.
Dewing, N. Y. City; studied in Paris, 1887-1890; m.
N. Y. City, 1S94, Edith Mitchill; one son, Edwin Mit-
chill b. 1896. Exhibitor at the exhibitions of Soc. of
Am. Artists, Nat. Acad, of Design, N. Y. City; also
at Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Worcester, etc. Won 3d
Hallgarten prize, Nat. Acad. Design, 1893; bronze
medal Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo; silver medal La. Pur-
chase Exp'n, St. Louis, 1904; Clarke prize, Nat. Acad.
Design, 1907. Independent in politics. Mem. Soc.
Am. Artists (sec. 1902-1906), Academician, Nat. Acad.
Design; instr. life classes Dep't of Art, Pratt inst.,
Brooklyn. Addresses: 247 W. 71st St., N. Y. City,
and Peconic, L. I., N. Y.


Comptroller, City of N. Y.; b. N. Y. City, May 25,
1867; s. Laurence and Josephine (Keating) Prender-
gast; ed. Public schools; m. Brooklyn, N. Y. Oct. 18,
1894, Mary Agnes Hull: children: Thomas Hull, b.
1895; Eleanor, b. 189S; William A., Jr., b. 1900. Credit
man and sec. Nat. Ass'n of Credit Men; also author
Credit and Its Uses. Sec. and gen. mg'r Lands Co.
of Depew, and pres. Island Cities Real Estate Co.,
Register of Kings Co., N. Y., 1908-1910; Comptroller,
City of N. Y. since 1910; re-elected for second term,
1913. Progressive; Roman Catholic. Mem. Knights
of Columbus. Clubs: Union League, Montauk, Law-
yers. Residence: 500 Fifth St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Ad-
dress: 280 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physician and surgeon; b. Adams Center, N. Y.,
Feb. 18, 1875; s. Rev. Asa Babcock and Marian W.
(Greene) Prentice; grad. Adams Collegiate Inst,
(valedictorian), 1893; Alfred Univ., A.B. (class
orator), 1897, A.M., 1898; Coll. Phys. and Surg..
Columbia Univ., M.D., 1901 (Harsen prize for scholar-
ship); m. Alfred. N. Y., June 27, 1897, Lily La Forge;
children: Carlyle La Forge, b. June 24, 1902; Mar-
garet Louise, b. Aug. 23, 1904. Formerly ass't instr.
in surgerv Columbia Univ.; surgeon at the Vander-
bilt Clinic; ass't surgeon N. Y. Skin and Cancer Hosp. ;
attending physician N. Y. Home for Destitute Crippled
Children; instr. in surgery, Roosevelt Hosp. Training
Sch. for Nurses; in physiology, N. Y. Prep. Sch.; asso.
editor Medical Review of Reviews. Pres. and dir.
Indian River Fruit Co. and v.-p. 'Kissimmee Fruit

Co. Author: Cause and Effects of Rontgen Rays
(Medical Review of Reviews); Cancer Its Nature
and Treatment; Lectures on Preventive Medicine, de-
livered before alumni and students of Alfred Univ.;
Crusade Against Tuberculosis, Social Evil of Venereal
Diseases, etc. 1st lieut. Med. Reserve Corps, U. S.
Army; major and surgeon 71st Reg't, N.G.N. Y., 1906-
1911. Republican; Seventh-Day Baptist. Mem. Roose-
velt Hosp., Alumni Ass'n, Alumni Coll., Phys. and
Surg., N. Y. County and State Med. Socs., Am. Med.
Ass'n, Soc. of Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis, N. Y.
Physicians' Mutual Aid Ass'n, Jefferson Co. Soc,
Pyramid Lodge, No. 490, F. and A. M., N. Y. Alumni
of Alfred Univ. Recreations: Golf, tennis, boating,
hunting, fishing. Clubs: Graduates, West Side Re-
publican, Masonic. Address: 226 W. 78th St., N. V.


Lawyer; b. Portland, Maine, Oct. 1, 1854; s. William
Packer and Florence (Kelly) Prentice; grad. Prince-
ton Univ., A.B., magna cum laude, 1898, A.M., 1903;
grad. N. Y. Law Sch. Elected mem. of Assembly, N.
Y. State, from 25th Assembly Dist., 1903, 1904, 1905
and 1906; was mem. Legislative Ins. Investigation
Com. (Armstrong Com.); delegate to Republican Nat.
Conv., 1908 and 1912; mem. Republican State Com.
from 13th Cong. Dist. Enlisted in Squadron A, N.G.-
N. Y., 1898. Deputy att'y-gen. 1909 and 1910; elected
chm'n Rep. State Com. Oct., 1910. Mem. firm McClure
& Prentice. Republican; Presby'n. Residence: 9 W.
16th St. Address: 22 William St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Saybrook, Conn., July 11, 1874; s. John
and Caroline (Hill) Prentice; ed. St. Mark's Sch., and
Columbia Univ., A.B., A.M.; m. Chestnut Hill, June,
1900, Kate Sheldon Harrison; children: Caroline
Cooper, b. 1901; Kate de Forest, b. 1904. Dir. Potter,
Choate & Prentice, Alabama Great Southern R'y, Vir-
ginia & Southwestern R'y. Episcopalian. Recrea-
tions: Shooting, fishing. Clubs: Knickerbocker,
Union, Racquet and Tennis, University, Brook, Metro-
politan, St. Anthony, Riding, Recess, Midday, Tuxedo,
Nat. Golf, Boone & Crocket. Residence: 23 E. 69th
St. Address: 55 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; grad. Princeton, A.B., 18S4, A.M., 18S7;
Columbia, LL.B., 18S6; m. Carolyn E. Benedict. Ad-
mitted to bar in N. Y., 1886, and since then engaged
in practise of law in N. Y. City. Mem. firm of W. P.
& R. K. Prentice; dir. Globe and Rutgers Fire Ins.
Co., The Stuyvesant Ins. Co. Mem. B'd Mg'rs N. Y.
Soc. for Relief of Ruptured and Crippled; a. d. c,
with rank of major on staff of Major-Gen. Roe,
N.G.N.Y., 1900-1908. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Sons of Revolution,
Ass'n of ex-Members of Squadron A. Clubs: Century,
Union, Republican, Riding, Princeton. Residence:
160 E. 64th St. Address: 52 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Le Roy, N. Y. ; s. John Prentice and
Sarah Anne (Randall) Prentice; grad. Univ. of
Rochester, B.S., 1884, M.S., 1886; grad. Yale Law Sch.,
1888; m. Almont, Mich., 1893. Louise McHardy. Prac-
tising as a lawyer at Batavia, N. Y. ; school comm'r of
Genesee County, N. Y. Address: Batavia, N. Y.


Publisher, advertising agent; t>. Buffalo, N. Y., 1855;
s. Otis JT. and Sarah A. Presftrey; grad. Princeton
Univ., class of 1879 (honorary A.M., Princeton, 1890);
m. Kentucky, June 12, 18S1, Stella Spalding; editor
and publisher dailv News-Register, Youngstown. O.,
1881-1885; founder 1886, and editor until 1894 of Pub-
lic Opinion, Washington, D. C; publisher of Forum,
N. Y., 1894-1896. Author: Memories of Vacation Days;
In Far-Away Vacation Lands; Motoring Abroad, and
many magazine articles. Dir. Citizens' Central Nat.
Bank, Union Exchange Nat. Bank, Nat. Security Co.:
mem. N. Y. Chamber of Commerce, Acad. Polit. and
Social Science, Soc. of the Genesee (pres. 1910); exec,
com. of Bov Scouts of America; was on Citizens Com.
of One Hundred appt'd by Mayor of N. Y., to receive
Col. Theodore Roosevelt on his return from Africa;
was one of the commissioners for the Hudson-Fulton
Celebration. Clu'bs: Aldine (pres. 1907-1910), Prince-
ton, Lotos, Sleepy Hollow Country, Garden City,
Apawamis, Brooklawn Golf, Gridiron (Washington, D.
C). Residence: 340 W. 72d St.. N. Y. City (country),
Norwalk, Conn. Address: Fourth Av. and 31st St., N.
Y. City.


Clergyman; b. N. Y. City, 1847. Ordained deacon
1871, ordained priest 1873 by Bishop Littlelohn In



Episcopal ministry. Rector St. Ann's Ch., Sayvllle,
N. Y.. since 1S73; also in charge of chapel at Bo-
hemia, L. I. Address: Main St., Sayvllle, N. Y.


General mg'r Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.; b. N. X.
City, Sept. 27, 1ST 1 ; s. Augustine 10. and .Mary Davis
(Price) Pressinger; ed. public schs. of N. Y. CUy; m.
April 29, 1S97, Sarah Hammond Newcombe; children:
Zaida Newccmbe, b. 1897: W. P.. Jr., b. 189S: Carlyle,
b. 1903; Ruth, b. 1911. With Clayton Air Compressor
Works, as gen. mg'r, 7 years. Has traveled over all
parts of U. S., and Europe repeatedlv. Served 9 years
, in 1st Co., 7th Reg't, N.G.N. Y., 1SS9-1S9S; honorably
discharged as sergeant. Republican in nat. polities:
Presby'n. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Sons of Revo-
lution, 7th Reg't Veterans, Howard Lodge 35, F. and
A. M. Clubs: Engineers, Lawyers, X. Y. Athletic. N.
Y. Railroad, Columbia Yacht, Machinery. Address: 50
Church St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan, 1, 1884; s. William D. ana
Annie (Fargo) Preston; grad. Harvard, A.B., 1906,
N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1911. Sec. and dir. Moffat Yard
& Co. (publishers). Independent Republican; Episco-
palian. Recreations: Golf, tennis. Clubs: Oakland
Golf, Harvard (X. Y. City). Residence: 56 Park Av.
Address: 54 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Townsend, Del., March 13, 1874; s. C. W.
and Emily (Gooding) Prettyman; grad. Dickinson Coll.,
A.B., 1892; A.M., 1S95; Pd.D., 1905; m. Milford, Del., Lulu
Reedy; children: Lambert, b. Xov. 24, 1897; Virgil, Jr., b.
Sept. 4, 1909. Prin. Horace Xormal Sch. since 1895.
Author: Inglis & Prettyman First Latin Book; contb'r to
edn'l periodicals. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, and Beta
Theta Pi fraternity, Xat. Ed'n Ass'n, School-Masters'
Ass'n. Club: Headmasters. Residence: 501 W. 120th
St. Address: Horace Mann Sch., 120th St. and Broad-
way. N. Y. City.


Architect, b. Bordeaux, France, Sept. 10, 1874; s.
Jules and Marguerite (Gaud) Prevot; ed. Ecole Na-
tionale des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1893-1904; won Chena-
vard prize in 1896 and 1902; in 1901 second place in
the national contest for Grand Prix de Rome; in 1903
first mention in the concours, Chaudesaigues; in 1904
again second place in concours de Rome and in 1905
second medal at the Salon des Beaux Arts in Paris.
Engaged in the active practice of architecture in
France for several years and acted as Inspecteur in
U. S. Section, Paris Exp'n, 1900. Prof, of design in
Architecture, Columbia Univ., Officer dTnstruction
Publique. Mem. Phi Gamma Delta. Address: 115 E.
30th St., N. Y. City.


Editor Electrical Review and Western Electrician;
b. on farm near Barnesville, Belmont Co., Ohio; s.
Samuel and Charlotte (Alder) Price; ed. Country Sch.
and Barnesville High Sch.; m. Topeka, Kansas, March
16, 1882, Minnie E. Gray; children: Corinne Gray,
Leonice E. On leaving high school served in office
of Barnesville (O.) Enterprise successively as ''devil."
compositor and editor until 1878, when 'went West:
assisted in establishing the Topeka Daily Capital,
1879, and was one of its editors Several years. Be-
came student of elec. matters, and in 1885 was called
to X. Y. City to take position on staff of Electrical
Review, of which (now consolidated with Western
Electrician) he is editor-in-chief and largest owner.
Has also contributed extensively, on elec. subjects, to
magazines and newspapers. Republican. Mem. Am.
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. N. Y. Elec. Soc, Xat. Electric Light
Ass'n. Ex-pres. Kansas Soc of X. Y. : mem. Ohio Soc.
of N. Y. Clubs: Lotos (sec), Electrical, X. Y. Press
(former v.-p. and chm'n B'rt of Trustees). Montauk,
M;,chinery, Aero. Address: 13 Park Row, N. Y. City.


Surgeon; b. Liverpool, N. Y., March 3, 1865; s.
George T. and Emely H. (Merriman) Price; ed. in
Casenovia Sem. and Svracuse Univ.; m. X. Svracuse,
N. Y., Jan. 19, 1888, Nettie Belle Reese; children: J.
Retse, b. 1888; Emilv H., b. 1890; Letitia E., b. 1894:
Willis H., b. 1901; George T., 2d, b. 1906. Studied
medicine in Vienna and London hosps.; German in
Hanover. Germany. Republican; Presby'n. Mem.
Syracuse Acad. Medicine. Onondaga Co. Med. Soc, Cen-
tral N. Y. Med. Ass'n, X. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med.
Ass'n. Pres. Syracuse Acad. Medicine: prof, clinical
surgery Coll. of Medicine of Syracuse Univ.; surgeon
to Hosp. of Good Shepherd and Syracuse Free Dispen-

sary. Hon. mem. Iota Chapter, A. K. K.; mem. Salt
Springs Lodge 520, F. and A. M.; Central City Chapter,
Xo. 70, R. A. M., and Central City Commandery, Xo.
25, Knights Templar, A. A. S. Rite N. M, J. H. S. A.
Dir. Y. M. C. A., Syracuse: Residence: 504 University
Av. Address: 526 University Block, Syracuse, N. Y.

yi luc x^iiiciiinciii, ill iiic uiiiic wi v a..

Town Ass'n, N. Y. Athletic, N. Y. Economic, Army ana
Navy, Automo'bile of America, Riding (N. Y. City),
Westmoreland (Richmond, Va.), Chicago (Chicago),
Residence: 168 W. 58th St. Address: 24 S. William St..
N. Y. City.


trances, engaged in gen. practise of medicine and sur-
gery in Brooklyn, N. Y. Republican; Presby'n. Mem.
of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy;
visiting physician to Bethesda Sanitarium and Brook-
lyn Nursery; ass't physician to Cumberland Street
Hosp., Prospect Heights Hosp., Brooklyn Maternity;
mem. N. Y. County ana State Med. Societies, Alpha
Sigma fraternity, Ohio Society (N. Y. City). Club:
Inter Nos. Residence: 55 Seventh Av.. Brooklyn.
Office address: 801 Prospect PI., Brooklyn, X. Y.


Lawyer; b. Yonkers, X. Y., July 9, 1888; S. Ralph E.
and Annie W. (Riichards) Prime; grad. Princeton
Univ.. 1888; Columbia Law Sch., 1890. Mem. firm of
R. E. & A. J. Prime. Mem. S. A. R Mil. Order of
Loyal Legion, Mason. Residence: 75 Locust Hill Av.,
Yonkers. Address: 2 Rector St., X. Y. City.


Lawyer, author; b. Matteawan, N. Y., March 29 1840,
s. Alanson J. (M.D.) and Ruth Havens (Higbie) Prime;
ed. in public schs., acad. at White Plains, X. Y., and
private tutors; studied medicine, and later studied
law (D.C.L., LL.D.); m. Annie Richards-Wolcott, d.
Jacob Richards. M.D., and g.d. and foster-d. Rev.
Calvin Wolcott. Admitted to bar 1861. Enlisted as
Private, 5th N. Y. Vol. Inf., April 20, 1861; held four
regimental comm'ns; took part in battles of Big
Ethel, campaign on eastern shore of Md. and Va.,
siege of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Hanover Court
House, seven days before Richmond Mechanicsville,
Gaines' Mill, White Oak Swamp Bridge, Malvern Cliff,
Maryland campaign, S. Mountain, Antietam, Shepards-
town Ford and Blackford's Ford; wounded severely
in battle of Gaines' Mill; especially noticed and twice
promoted for bravery, gallantry and service at battle
of Gaines' Mill; nominated brig, gen., March 4, 1863,
by Pres. Lincoln. Practised law over 40 years in
Yonkers; traveled extensivelv in Europe, Asia and
Africa. Elder in Presby'n Ch. over 30 vears; dele-
gate to Pan-Presby'n Councils, Belfast, 1884; Lon-
don, 1886; Glasgow, 1896; Washington, 1899; Liver-
pool, 1904; N. Y., 1909; Aberdeen, 1913. Mode/ator
Presbytery of Westchester, 1894; moderator Synod of
X.- Y., 1896. Author of monographs; Descendants
of James Prime; Under the Elms; Wanderings from
the Elms; Duties of Presbyterian Elders; The Elder
in His Ecclesiastical Relations; The Elder an Ecclesi-
astic; Representation in the Church Courts; Christian
Giving; The Power of God's Word; The Elder Mod-
erator and the Ruling Elder; Inaccurate Quotations
by Authors; The Revolutionary, Anti-Revolutionary
and Post-Revolutionary Services of George Clinton;
An Incident of the Alabama Arbitration; The French
Religious Situation in 1907; A Coincidence of Ad-
miral Farragut's Visit to Constantinople and the
Robert College Troubles; Is This a Christian Country?
John Calvin and the Case of Servetus: Sunday Legis-
lation; American Territory in Turkey; Participation
of Others Than Ministers in Public Service of the
Saructuary; The First Communion of Ulysses Cicero
Grant; Desiderata in Christian Church and in Chris-
tian Life. Has been trustee Village of Yonkers; city
att'y City of Yonkers; deputy att'y gen. State of
X. Y. Mem. N. Y. Soc Mil. Order, Loyal Legion Soc.
Army of Potomac, Ass'n of Fifth Army Corps, Order
Founders and Patriots of America (one of past gov-
ernors gen.): pres. Am. Flag Ass'n. Residence: 63
Hawthorne Av., Yonkers, N. Y. Address (business):
25 Warburton Av., Yonkers, X. Y., and 2 Rector St..
X. Y. City.




Investment broker; b. Raleigh, N. C, Aug. 19, 1874;
s. William Stuart and Ella Parmly (Williams; Prim-
rose; grandfather, John Primrose, came from Soot-
land in early part of 19th century and became suc-
cessful merchant in Raleigh; maternal grandfather,
John G. Williams, was well-known banker, and
pies. State Nat. Bank of P^aleigh at the time of his
death; father was pres. N. C. Home Ins. Co.; pres.
State Exp'n, 18S5, and trustee Davidson Coll., Peace
Inst, and N. C. Coll. of Agr'l and Mech. Arts; ed. Peace
Inst., public schools of Raleigh, and Raleigh Male
Acad.; m. Dec. 3, 1898, Betty J. L., d. John Sommer, of
Uetersen, Germany. Entered employ of First Nat.
Bank of Charleston, S. C, as sec. to pres., 1890, re-
maining five years; entered service of Southern R'y
in Washington, D. C, in Gen. Passenger Dep't, 1895;
was later stenographer in capitol at Washington; re-
moved to N. Y. City, 1896, and engaged in brokerage
I business; organized firm J. S. Primrose & Co., 1903,
later changing name to Primrose & Braun, with
Arthur Braun as gen, partner, and Richard Herzfeld
as sp'l partner, which firm actively engaged in se-
curities for investment, until 1910, when it dissolved;
since then engaged in financial interests. Mem. iSoc.
Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution. N. Carolina Soic.
of N. T. (formerly sec. and treas.), N. Y. Southern
iSoc, N. C. Literary and Hist. Soc, N. Y. Hist. Soc.
Recreations: Golf and other outdoor sports; collector
of books treating of Am. colonial and revolutionary
history (being descendant of many N. E. and South-
ern families of prominence). Clubs: Manhattan, Fox
Hills, Golf (chm'n Green Com. and gov.). Address:
Cotton Exchange Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Geneva. N. Y., Oct. 18, 1861; s. Frederick
William and Clarissa Caroline (Seelye) Prince; grad.
Hobart Coll., A.B., 1882; A.M., 1885; m. Toronto, Can.,
June 7, 1897, Mildred Constance O'Brien; children:
Henry Kimball, b. Dec. 19, 1902; Donough, b. June
16, 1909. Master St. Paul's Sch Concord, N. H 1882-
1883; St. Mark's Sch., Southboro, Mass., 1883-1887;
head master Ravenscroft Sch., Asheville, N. C. 1887-
1888. Admitted to bar in N. Y. City in 1890, and has
since engaged in practise of law; partner in firm of
Ver Planck, Prince & Flanders. Republican; Episco-
palian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. ; trustee the
Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement; mem. N. Y.
Geneal. and Biol. Soc, Colonial Order, St. Nicholas Soc.
Recreation: Golf. Club: University. Address: 149
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Prof. Semitic languages, Columbia Univ.; b. N. Y.
City, April 17. 1S68; s. John Dyneley and Anne Maria
(Morris) Prince; grad. Columbia, A.B., 1888; student
Univ. of Berlin and Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.D., 1892;
m. N. Y. City, Oct. 5, 1890, Adeline Loomis; one son:
John Dyneley Prince, Jr., b. 1891. Representative of
Columbia Univ. on Expd'n to Southern Babylonia,
sent out by the Univ. of Pa., 1888-1889; fellow Johns
Hopkins Univ., 1890-1891; prof. N. Y. Univ.. 1893-1902;
dean N. Y. Univ. Graduate Sch., 1895-1902; prof, in
Columbia Univ. since 1902; fellow N. Y. Acad. Sciences,
1903. Has been interested in N. J. State polities
since 1903; elected pres. Passaic Co. Federated B'ds
of Ed'n, 1905; elected mem. for Passaic Co., N. J.
Legislature, Gen. Assembly, 1906; chm'n N. J. Leg-
islative Comm'n on B'ds of Prop'rs; chm'n N. J. Leg-
islative Comm'n on Welfare of Immigrants, 1906.
Speaker N. J. Assembly. 1909; pres. N. J. Senate; act-
ing Gov. of N. X, 1912; author of the dependency
and crime law, 1908; senator from Passaic Co., 1910-
1913. Author: Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin, 1893 (Bal-
timore); A Critical Commentary on the Book of
Daniel, 1899 (Leipzig) ; Kulfiskap the Master (in col-
laboration with Charles Godfrey Leland), 1902 (N. Y.);
Materials for a Sumerian Lexicon, in four parts, 1905-
1908 (Leipzig); An Assyrian Primer, 1910. Published
m'any technical philol. pamphlets in the Proc. Am.
Philos. Soc, Am. Anthropologist, Am. Oriental Soc,
Journal of Biblical Literature and the Journal of
Asiatique (Paris); writer on staff of new Encyclo-
paedia Britannica, of Cheyne's Dictionary of the
Bible and of Hastings' Dictionary of Religions. Spe-
cialty is the cuneiform inscriptions of Babylonia, and
the Babylonian Literature. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc;
treas. Soc. Biblical Literature and Exegesis; mem. Am.
Anthrop. Ass'n, 16th Congress of Americanists of
Buenos Aires, Argentina; fellow N. Y. Acad. Sciences;
fellow Am. Philos. Soc. mem. Maatschappig der Ned-
erlandsche Letterkunde te Leiden. Recreations:
Motoring, eng'ring fishing. Clubs: Union, University,
Columbia Univ. (N. Y. City), Tuxedo (Tuxedo Park).
Hamilton (Paterson, N. J.). Residence: Ringwood
Manor, N. J. Address: Columbia Univ., N. Y. Cityr


Editor; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 4, 1851; s. Arthur
and Ann (Pickett) Pritchard; ed. public school and
private tutors, Pittsburgh; Cooper Institute and pri-
vate tutors, N. Y. City; m. Pittsburgh, May 18, 1872;
children: John H., b. 1873; William A., b. 1875; George,
b. 1884; Anna, Harriet, Ella. Was for years in Pitts-
burgh Dispatch; editor Daily and Weekly in McKees-
port. Pa., 13 years; still editor Christian Nation, N. Y.
City. Pres. Christian Nation Publishing Co. Re-
formed Presby'n. Address: 154 Nassau St., N. Y. City.

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