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lation) ; "Die Volker in Kolonialem Wettstreite."
Visited principal tropical colonies in search of in-
formation on colonial administration. In 1905 was
lectureT on Nat. Expansion in the Law School of
Boston Univ. Correspondent of London Times in
Spanish-American War; lectured at principal univer-
sities on colonial administration and modern history.
Life mem. Royal United Service Inst.. Royal Artillery
Inst'n, Royal Geog. Soc,, Ethnological Soc. (London);
N. Y. Hist. Soc, Am. Hist. Soc. and Am. Geog. Soc.
Clubs: Century (X Y. City), Authors. Roval Corin-
thian Yacht (London). Imperial Yacht (Kiel). Ad-
dress: Bigelow Homestead, Malden-on-Hudson, N. Y


Physician; b. Trumansburg, N. Y.. Sept. 29, 1859; s.
Joseph Hunt and Melessa I. (Pratt) Biggs; ed. public
schs., Ithaca Acad., and grad. Cornell Univ., A.B., 1882;
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1883; Univs. of Berlin
and Greifswald, Germany; m. Hornellsville, Steuben
Co., N. Y., Aug. 18, 1S9S, Frances M. Richardson; chil-
dren: Katharine E., b. May* 1899; William Richardson,
b. Sept.. 1901. Prof, patrhol. anatomy, 1SS6; prof, ther-
apeutics and clinical medicine, 1892; adjunct prof,
medicine. 1898, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.
Dir. Carnegie Laboratory, 1885-1S93; Pathologist and
dir. Bacterid. Laboratories, Health Dep't, N. Y. Citv,
1892-1900; gen. med. officer Health Dep't, 1900. Visit-
ing physician Bellevue Hosp., St. Vincent's Hosp.,
Willard Parker and Riverside Hosps. Mem. B'd Di-
rectors, Rockefeller Inst. Med. Research; hon. fellow
Sanitary Inst., Great Britain; pres. Nat. Ass'n for
Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, 1905-1906. Fel-
low Acacl. Medicine, N. Y. ; mem. N. Y. Co.. N. Y. State
and Am. Med. Ass'ns, N. Y. Pathol. Soc, Clinical Soc,
Practitioners' Soc, Am. Climatol. Soc. British Med.
Ass'n. British Inst. Public Health. Internat. Tubercu-
losis Bureau. Appt'd Comm'r of Health for State of N.
Y by Gov. Glynn Jan. 19, 1914. Clubs: University, Cen-
tury, Automobile of America. Address: 113 W. 57th St.,
N. Y. I


Lawy.i : l>. X. Y. City, Sept. 9. 1875: s. Henry and
Ellen X. Bigham; grad. Columbia Univ., LL.B., 1899.
Specialist in admiralty and corp'n law; mem. firm
Harrington, Bigham & Englar, N. Y. City. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Internat. Law Ass'n. Mari-
time Law Ass'n of U. S., St. George's Soc. of X Y.
Mem. B'd of Ed'n. N. Y. Club: N. Y. Athletic Resi-
dence: 65 E. 92d St. Address: 64 Wall St., N. Y. City.

Justice Supreme Court of N. Y.; b. N. Y. City, June
1. I ^112; s. Asher and Pauline (Sondheim) Bijur; grad.
Columbia Univ.. LL.B., 18S2, Ph.D., 1883: m. N. Y.
City, Nov. 11. 1SM1, Lilly Pronick; one son: Harrv, b.
1887. Republican; Hebrew. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa
Soc: trusti n de Hirsch Fund. Clubs: Har-

monie. City, Repu'blican, West Side Republican, Law-
yers. Address: L60 W. 7:,th St., N. Y. City.

Broker: b. N. Y. City, Dec. 6, 1871; s. Charles King
and Virginia A. ii:ensel) Bill; attended Trinity Chapel
Sch.. N. Y. Univ.. B.S. With Am. Sugar Refining Co.
some years: established brokerage firm Charles Alfred
Bill & Co.. HMiu: now Mann. Bill & Ware, mems. N. Y.
Stock Exchange. Served on U. S. S. Yankee, 1898: re-
ceived Santiago campaign medal. Republican; Epis-

an Mem Psi Upsllon fraternity, Phi Beta Kap-
pa So Recreations: Tennis, fencing, skating. Clubs:
X. V. Athletic, Ardsley, Psi Upsilon. Address: 38 Wall
St., X. Y. City.


Editor, publisher, author; b. Lyme, Conn., June 5,
1862; s. John W. and Prudence (Gallup) Bill; attended
Wesleyan Univ. and Conn. Xormal Sch.; m. Lyme,
Conn., Feb. 12, 1889, Caroline Lee Raymond: children:
i er R., J. Raymond, Edward Lyman, Jr. Editor
and publisher The Music Trade Review, The Talking
Machine World, El Mundo. Author: The Last of the
Dames; The Sword of the Pyramids; Hitting ttte
Thought Train. Officer in Dakota Territorial Militia;
treas. X T . Y. Comm'n to La. Purchase Exp'n, 1903-1904;
mem. B'd of Ed'n, New Rochelle. Mem. Nat. Geog.
Soc, Shriner; mem. Sons of Revolution, Mayflower
Soc. Clubs: N. Y. Press, Republican, Masonic, Wy-
kagyl Country. Residence: Rochelle Park, New Ro-
chelle', N. Y. Address: 375 Fourth Av., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Georgetown, D. C, July 31, 1869; s.
John Shaw and Katherine Mary (Stevens) Billings;
ed. Emerson Inst., Washington, D. C, 1879-1886; Johns
Hopkins Univ., 1886-1889; A.B., Coll. Phys. and Surg.,
X. Y., 18S9-1891; Univ. of Pa., 1891-1892,'M.D. ; m. Red
Cliffe. S. C, April 20, 1S97, Katherine Fitz Simons
Hammond; children: John S., Ill, b. 1898; James Hen-
ry Hammond, b. 1901. In practise in N. Y. City since
1894; resident physician Johns Hop'kins Hosp., 1S92-
1894. Dir. Infectious Diseases. Dep't of Health, X. Y
City; med. officer N. Y. Public Li'hrary and N T . Y. Stock
Exchange. Mem. Delta Phi fraternity. Club: Union.
Address: Douglas Manor, N. Y.


Brig.-gen. U. S. A., retired; former " police comm'r
of N. Y. City; b. Andover, Tolland Co., Conn., May 14,
1S58; s. Joel Foote and Susan (Grew) Bingham; ed.
Yale, class of 1876, M.A., 1896; West Point Mil. Acad..
1879; m. St. Louis. Mo., Dec 15, 1881, Lucille Ruther-
furd; one son: Rutherfurd, b. Aug. 30, 1884. Pro-
moted 2d lieut. eng'rs, June, 1879; major Eng'r Corps,
July, 1S9S. Mil. attache U. S. Embassy, Berlin, 1889-
1892; Rome, 1892-1894; mil. aide to Pres. of U. S., with
rank of col., 1897-1903: brig.-gen. U S. A.. Julv 11,
1904; retired July 12, 1904; police comm'r N. Y. City.
1906-1909; now engaged in practise as consulting eng'r.
Royal Arch Mason. Comd'r of Legion d'Honneur;
mem. Soc. Cincinnati, Colonial Wars, S. A. R. Clubs:
Metropolitan (Washington), Centurv, St. Nicholas (N.
T. City). Address: 7 W. 44th St.. X. Y. City.


Publicist; b. Dayton, O., Nov. 7, 1SS2; s. Oscar Will-
iam and Emma (Brown) Binkerd: ed. Pratt Inst.
High Sch.. Brooklyn, 1900; Yale Univ.. Ph.B.; m. Ch.
of Messiah, N. Y. City. Feb. 11, 1910. Bertha Virginia
Hamilton. Traveled in Europe, 1904-1905 : sec. Mu-
nicipal Voters' League of Buffalo, 1905-1908; sec. Cit-
izens' Union of N. Y. City, 19OS-1909; sec. City Club
(N. Y. City) since Nov. 15, 1909; founded Legislative
Voters' Ass'n of State of N. Y., 1908. Chm'n Exec.
Com. Short Ballot Organization since 1909. Dir. Mu-
nicipal Gov't Ass'n of N. Y. State; mem. N\ Y. Comm'n
on New Sources of City Revenue. 1912-1913: sec. Cit-
izens' Com. with ref. to N. Y. police conditions. 1912-
1913. Mem. Am. Polit. Science Ass'n. Clubs: City (X.
Y.). Phi Gamma' Delta, Countrv (New Canaan). Ad-
dress: 55 W. 44th St.. X. Y. City.


Director N. Y. State Sch. of Clay Working and Cer-
amics; b. Worcester, England. Oct. 4, 1S57; s. Richard
William and Elizabeth Frances (Ferrar) Binns; ed.
Worcester Cathedral, King's Sch.. 1S6S-1S72: King's
scholar, 1869-1872; studied chemistry in private lab-
oratory, Birmingham, England, 1872-1S74; Govern-
ment Sch. of Design, Worcester. 1S72-1S74 (M.Sc. Al-
fred Univ.. 1901); m. Lambeg, Ireland, June 7. 1882,
Marv Howard, d. Rev. William Hugh and Elizabeth
(Banks) Ferrar: children: Mary Elizabeth, b. 1SS3;
William Hugh Ferrar, b. 1SS4; Annie Howard, b. 1886;
Dorothy Nevill, 'b. 1SS7; Norah Winifred, b. 1SS9. En-
tered Royal Worcester Porcelain Works, 1872; mg'r
successively of chemical laboratory, dep't of paint-
ing, London sales depot, dep't of pottery, and kilns;
came to U. S. 1897: principal Sch. of Industrial Art.
Trenton, N. J.. 1S97-1S99: dir. N. Y. State Sch. Clay
Working and Ceramics from 1900. Author: Ceramic
Technology (London, 1896): The Storv of the Potter
(London, 1S97) : The Potter's Craft (N. Y., 1910); als.o
numerous articles in magazines and technical jour-
nals. Republican: Episcopalian (lay reader). Mem.
Am. Ceramic Soc (v. -p. 1900. pres. 1901). Address: Al-
fred University. Alfred, X". Y.




Lawyer; b. Je/Eerson, Wis., Sept. 10, 1S73; s. George
W. and Maria (Sawin) Bird; grad. Madison ("W I
High Soh., 1890; CJnlv. oi Wis., B.C.B., 1S94; LL.B.,
1896; m. Feb. 2, 1899, ilda G. Brattrud, of Madison,
Wis., in Am. Consulate, San Juan, Porto Rico. Began
practising law June, 189G, at Madison, Wis., with firm
of Bird, Rogers & Bird; went to Porto Rico, Sept.,
1S9S, served as correspondent X. Y. Sun, and later for
Associated Press; established, Nov. 9, 1S98, The San
Juan News, first Am. newspaper in Porto Rico, a
daily printed in Spanish and English; sold it March
15. 1904. and returned to U. S. ; admitted to N. Y. Bar,
Sept., 1904, locating in X\ Y. City. Pursued politically
independent course in newspaper until Aug., 1900,
when espoused cause of Federal party in Porto Rico;
in campaign of 1902 took prominent part in reor-
ganizing the party along Am. lines; in party's gen.
conv., San Juan. July 21. 1902. proposed revised plat-
form and change of name to Am. Federal Party,
which were adopted. Advocate of Porto Rican au-
tonomy. Writer of magazine articles. Independent
in Am. politics; Baptist. Address: 230 Grand St., N.
Y. Citv.


Banker; b. X. Y. City, 1S38; ed. Coll. City of N. Y.;
m. June 12, 1861, Veronica C. Ackerman. Entered. 1854,
Manhattan Savings Inst., of which has been pres. and
trustee since 1894; also dir. Manhattan Life Ins. Co.
Residence: Larchmont, N. Y. Address: 044 Broadway,
N. Y. City.


Sec. State Civil Service Comm'n; b. Pompev. Onon-
daga Co., N. Y., June 29, 1862; s. Horatio S. and Laura
A. (Chapman) Birdseye; ed. Pompev (X. Y. ) Acad.,
1874-18S0; State Xormal School, Cortland, N. Y., 1880-
1884 (classical course) ; m. Cortland, X. Y., Sept. 8,
1886, Lillian M. Fairchild; children: Ethel Fairchild,
b. Xov. 12. 1888 (died Feb. 9, 1S91); Mildred Chapman,
b. July 25, 1896; Ruth Amelia, b. May 13, 1904. Appfd
messenger and clerk in office of State Civil Service
Comm'n, Albany, N. Y., after open competitive exami-
nation, June 1, 1884; was promoted clerk, chief clerk,
ass't sec, and sec. since Sept. IS, 1900. Methodist;
trustee St. Luke's M. E. Ch., Albany. Recreation:
Automobiling. Clulb: Fort Orange (Albany). Resi-
dence: 428 Clinton At., Albany, X. Y. Address: State
Civil Service Comm'n. Albany, X. Y.


Manufacturer; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 1S49; s. Martin H.
and Ann Elizabeth (Kingsley) Birge; ed. Cornell
Univ.; m. Buffalo, X. Y., Carrie Humphrey: children:
Humphrey, Marion (Mrs. Thomas Lockwood), Allithea
([Mrs. George Cary). With father established first
wall paper mf'g business west of X. Y.. 1S7S: with the
G. N. Pierce Co., started first manufactory of auto-
mobiles in Buffalo. 1S9S. Pres. M. H. Birge & Sons
Co., Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Co. Dir. and mem. Exec.
Com. Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901. Republican;
Presby'n. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. Clubs:
Buffalo, Saturn, Country. Automobile. Residence: The
Circle. Address: M. H. Birge & Sons Co., Buffalo, N. Y.


Phvsician. public sch. principal: >b. Germantown, N.
Y., Feb. 19, 1S56; s. Kev. Henry H. and Amanda
(Reeve) Birkins; grad. Coll. Citv of N. Y., A.B., 1877,
A.M.. 1SS3; Univ. Med. Coll., X. Y. Citv. 1883. M.D.,
valedictorian: m. 1st. Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. Sept. 17. 1883.
Kate H. Tuck (died April 16, 1900); m. 2d, Wilkes-
Barre, Pa., June 30. 1904, her sister. Joanna S. Tuck.
Taught in Public Sch. 68. and in Public Sch. 89; prin-
cipal of Public Sch. 10. Bovs' Dep't, Manhattan, since
Sept. 9. 1895, when he organized the sch. Taught
evening sch. several years; instr. in anatomv and
physiology in Harlem Evening High Sch.. 18S9-1895.
Methodist. Mem. Med. goc. of County of X. Y., Med.
Soc. of State of X. Y.. Soc. of Pedagogy. Principals'
Club, several edn'l ass'ns, Harlem B'd of Commerce.
Residence: 445 W. 124th St. Address: Public School
10, 117th St. and St. Xicholas Av., X. Y. City.


Architect, engineer, author; b. Falls of Schuylkill,
Philadelphia, Pa.. June 25. I860; s. John Harvey and
Mary A. (Shronk) Birkmire: ed. puhlie and private
schools of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Acad, of
Music; m. N. Y. Citv, June 12, 1888. Louisa A. Meny,
of Philadelphia; children: Harold, b. 1890; Cyril. D.
1S92; Edith, b. 1S94; Freda, b. 1S96; Gladys, b. 1900.
Studied architecture with Samuel Sloan. Philadelphia,
and several other architects of the country; removed
to X. Y. City 1S85. from the Pencoyd Steel and Roll-
ing Mills, Philadelphia, to take charge of the con-
struction dep't of Jackson Architectural Iron Works,

and in 1S92 the J. B. & J. M. Cornell Iron Works,
during which time made the practical steel details for
large commercial buildings and the Astor hotels.
During years 1894-1906 was architect and engineer
for a number of steel skeleton buildings in N. Y.
City, a large steel skeleton building at Cape Town,
South Africa; designed the steel construction of Mexi-
can Xational Opera House for Mexican Gov't at Mi ICO
City. Pres. Bld'g and Eng'ring Co. Author: The Plan-
nine and Construction of High Office Buildings:
Skeleton Construction in Buildings; Architectural
Iron and Steel; The planning and Construction of
American Theatres, and various other books treat-
ing upon the science of modern building methods.
Residence: 2190 Loring Place, University Heights.
Address: 1133 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Jacksonville, Fla., Aug. 26, 1866; s.
Horatio and Martha F. (Flotard) Bisbee; grad. Har-
vard, A.B., 1SS7; m. Renova, Pa., Oct. 30, 1895, Blanche
Saulnier Roberts; one d.: Lolse R., lb. April 3, 1897.
Mem. lav/ firm of Rushmore, Bisbee & Stern. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of X. Y. Cluibs: Univ., Harvard, Met.,
Union League, Riding. Address: 40 Wall St., X. Y.


Master Riverview Acad.; b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y.,
Dec. 15, 1853; s. Otis and Frances C. (Bartlett) Bisbe. ;
prepared at Riverview Acad.; grad. Amherst Coll.,
A.M., 1885; m. 1st, Oct. 26. 1880, Sarah M. Pangburn
(died Mar. 3, 1883); m. 2d, Poughkeepsie, Dec. 17, 1885,
Winifred Dana Wheeler: children: Elsie Pangburn, 0.
1882; Francis Wheeler (lived one year); Joseph Bart-
lett, b. 18SS; Eleanor Dana, b. 1S92. Head master
Riverview Acad., Poughkeepsie, 1895-1913. Republi-
can; Presby'n (elder). Knight Templar. Address:
Poughkeepsie, X. Y.


Librarian; b. Grafton. Mass., Feb. 14. 1853; s. Thomas
Curtis and Ellen Elmore (Lord) Biscoe; ed. Worcester
High Sch. (Mass.), 1S6S-1870; Amherst Coll., class of
1S74; unmarried. Librarian Taunton (Mass.) Public
Library, 1S75-1876: Walker instr. mathematics, Am-
herst Coll., 1876-1878; acting librarian Amherst Coll.,
187S-1S83; ass't librarian Colurribia Coll.. 1SS3-1889;
catalogue and senior librarian N. Y. State Library
since 18S9. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n, Bibliog. Soc. of
America, Bibliog. Soc. (of England). Am. Meteorologi-
cal Soc. Recreations; Walking and mountain climb-
ing. Address: 320 Madison Av., Albany, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. X. Y. Citv. Nov. 24, 1S70; grad. Columbia
Univ., A.B., 1891, Ph.D., 1893; Columbia Law Sch.,
1894; m. Amy Bend. Mem. Ass'n Bar , City of X. Y.,
Am. Museum Xaturai History, Nat. Acad, of Design,
Soc. Colonial "Wars. Columbia Univ., Alumni Ass'n.
Clubs: Metropolitan. City, Grolier, Collectors, Knick-
erbocker, Automobile of America, Automobile of
France. Address: 15 E. 67th St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Brooklyn, Jan. IS, 1SS0; s. Thomas and
Sarah (Carpenter) Bishop; ed. public and high schs.,
Brooklyn; Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 1901: Dartmouth Med.
Sch., M.D., 1904; m. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., June 1, 1909,
Pearl Rogers; children: Thomas, b. 1910: Joseph War-
ren, t>. 1912. Capt. Med. Corp.. N.G.N.Y., attached
to 2d Reg't, Field Art'y. Republican; Methodist. Mem.
County, State, and Am. Med. Ass'ns, Brooklyn Gynecol.
Soc, Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Address: 46 Gates Av.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.


Capitalist; <b. Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 4, I860; s.
William Darius and Julia Ann (Tomlinson)
Bishop; ed. in private schs., Yale Acad., class 1SS4; m.
Bridgeport. Conn., Feb. 6. 1883, Jessie Alvord Trubee;
children: William Alvord. b. 1885 (died 1886); Mar-
guerite Alvord, b. 1887; Henrietta, h. 1893; Henry Al-
fred, Jr., ib. 1902. Was gen. ticket agent, purchasing
agent, and ass't sup't of Naugatuck R. R. Co., 1881-
1886; sup't Housatonic R. R.. and gen. sup't Housa-
tonic R. R., and Danbury & Norwalk R. R., 1886-1887:
purchasing agent New York, New Haven & Hartford
R. R., 1887-1902; v.-p. West Va. Central R. R., and
Pittsburgh & Western Md. R. R.. 1902-1904; now pres..
dir. and mem. exec. com. Connecticut Press, Inc., Mc-
Na'b Co., Clapp Fire Resisting Paint Co.; v.-p. and dir.
Brady Brass Co., Pacific Iron Works (mem. exec,
com.); dir. and mem. exec. com. Western Union Tele*
graph Co., Am. Dist. Telegraph Co. of N. J., Am. List.
Telegraph Co. of X T . Y. ; Pa., N. Y. & X. J. Power Co.:
dir. Consolidated Telephone Co.. Wayne Development
Co., Automatic Machine Co.. Conn. Xat. Bank, Porto
Rico Gas Co. Bridgeport Trust Co.; trustee Peoples'



Savings Bank. Was alderman and pres. Police Com.,
Bridgeport, Conn.; candidate for Sec. of State, 1888:
delegate to Democratic Nat. Conv., 1888; candidate
for Lieut.-Gov. of Conn., 1904; delegate to Dem. Nat.
Conv., 1912; paymaster-gen., with rank of brig.-gen.,

Humane Soc; pres Public Library of Bridgeport; pres.
and dir. Boys' Club of Bridgeport; trustee Orphan
Asylum. Fresh Air Home, Charitable Soc; dir. Bridge-
port Hosp., St. Vincent's Hosp., Mt. Grove Cemetery,

oil nt> T>^\/1 ..,......, T> ,. t, .. *- ! ~ r. . fTJ. .-.*:., Anhin^


Lawyer; b. Rochester, N. Y., July 18, 1843; s. William
S. and Mary C. (Sayles) Bishop; ed. Williston Sem.,
East Hampton, Mass., Amherst Coll., Columbia Law
Sen.: m. Martha C. Maitland; children: Mrs. W. E.
Blodgett. ib. 1877; Maitland L., ib. 1879; Merrill, b. 1883.
Author of several law books, and articles in law
magazines and reviews. Dir. Quincy Mining Co., dir.
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n; mem. Ass'n Bar City of
N. T. Clubs: Union League, Alpha Delta Phi, Quill,
Lawyers. Address: 133 W. 11th St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b Algonquin, Ont. ; s. William J. and
Mary (Barton) Bishop; ed. Wheaton Coll., 111. (sp'l
course), and Long Island Coll. Hosp., M.D., 1870; m.
New London, Conn.. 1S77, Mrs. Gussie M. Marsh. At
close of Civil War comm'nd toy War Dep't at Washing-
ton, and held position of trust and responsibility for
Gov't; was sup't ed'n in State of Miss.; also in Flori-
da was postmaster, and identified thirty years ago
with development of that State, and still interested
there as owner of orange groves and in pineapplb
culture; 'built the Sanford & Lake Eu'Stis R. R. in
Florida. In med. practice, specialist in nervous
troubles, diseases of women, etc. Has visited nearly
all countries of the world, except extreme south of
South America, Australia, the Philippines and other
islands; has been around the "world. During travels
has written letters for publication, which have been
put in book form, making several volumes; lectures
on travels and on scientific subjects in connection with
professional work Dir. in various companies. Mem.
N. Y. Co. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Inst., Nat.
Temperance Ass'n. Mem. Quill Club. Trustee First
Presby'n Ch., and pres. Free Cold Water Fountains
Soc. Summer residence: Brockville, Ont., on St. Law-
rence River. Residence: Crestwood, N. Y. Address:
103 Park Av, N. Y. City.


Physician: b. New Brunswick, N. J., March 14, 1S64;
s. James and Marv F. (Ellis) [Bishop; ed. St. Paul's
Sch.. Concord. X. H.; grad. Rutgers Coll., A.B., 1885,
A.M.. 1SS9; Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.).
18S9; m. N. Y. City, 1899. Charlotte Dater Gruner; one
son. Louis F., Jr.. b. 1901. Resident physician St.
Luke's Hosp., 1839-1892. Was 8 years sec. N. Y. Acad.
Medicine, and part of that time chm'n section on
Practice of Medicine. Now visiting physician Lincoln
Hosp.; in 1904 established Laboratory of Clinical Ob-
servation, for co-operative study of disease by gen.
practitioners: chiefly occupied as specialist in diseases
of the heart in N. Y. City. Author: Blood Pressure as
Affecting the Heart, Brain, Kidneys and General Cir-
culation (Funk & W agnails): also numerous papers
on the circulation, diagnosis and clinical pathology.
Specialist in diseases of the heart and disorders of the
circulation. Trustee Good Samaritan Dispensary.
Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Acad.
Medicine. Pathol. Roc, Am. Therapeutic Soc, Soc.
Alumni St. Luke's and Sloane Maternity Hosps., Delta
Phi, X. Y. Hist. Soc, Mason. Relcreations: Golf, au-
tomobiling. travel. Clubs: Columbia University, Au-
tomobile of America, Fencers. Address: 54 W. 55th
St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b- Jericho, Vt., 1864; s. Leet A. and
Aurill (Clark) Bishop; ed. Univ. of Vt., Union Theol.
Sem.. Univ. of Berlin m. 1889, Rosilla Darrow; one
d Fanny Aurill. b. 1 x;n. Rector St. Andrew's Episco-
pal Ch.. S. Orange. N. J., and St. Stephen's Ch., Colorado
Springs, Colo. Student in philosophy and comparative
religion, Univs. of Berlin and Oxford; sec. and gen. ag't
Am. Church Inst, for Negroes. Author: Recent
Changes in Theology in the Episcopal Church: The
Virgin Birth An Irenlcon; English and German Uni-

versities; The Religion of the Tvpal Life; The Church
and Charity; Theory of Knowledge in Religion. Mem.
Am. Oriental Soc, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science.
X. V. Acad, of Science, N. Y. Acad of Polit. Science.
Am. Museum of Natural History, Soc. Promotion In-
dustrial Ed'n, A.A.A.S.; mem. Alumni Union Theol.
Sem., Alumni Univ. of Vt. Club: Round Table. Ad-
dress: SOI W. 121st St., N. Y. City.


Grand opera and concert baritone; b. Philadelphia.
Jan. 5, 1857; s William D. and Jane (Scull) Bispham:
ed, ilaverford (Pa.) Coll., 1876. Began musical career
as amateur; studied for opera stage; made debut as
"Due de Longueville," in The Basoche. at Royal Eng-
lish Opera, London. Nov., 1891; since then has been
ing principal baritone roles at the Royal Opera,
Covent Garden, London, and with the Metropolitan
Opera Co., N. Y. City, in German, French and Italian;
foremost among American lvric artists. Clubs: Cen-
tury, Players, Lotos, Lambs (N. Y. City); University
(Philadelphia). Address: 44 W. 44th St.. N. Y. City.


Sculptor; .b. New Preston, Conn., Feb. 16, 1839; s.
Hiram and Isabelle (Jones) Bissell; ed. dist schs.,
New Preston, Northville Acad., The Gunnery, Wash-
ington, Conn.; taught sch. on Church Hill, Wash-
ington, Conn., while preparing for Yale at The Gun-
nery, war broke up college plans; enlisted as private,
Co. A, 23d Conn. Vols., with Ranks' Expedition of 9
months men, serving one year; appt'd acting ass't
paymaster U. S. N., Oct., 1S63; attached to U. S. S.
Mary Sandford, S. Atlantic Squadron, under Admiral
John A. Dahlgren, until close of Civil War, when re-
turned to civil life; m. Waterbury, Conn., Aug. 16, 1865,
Mary E. Welton; children: George W., Isabelle G.,
Percy R. Clerked in store 7 years in Waterbur.-,
Conn., before Civil War; in monumental business with
father and brother at Poughkeepsie. N. Y 1S65-1S77;
began career as sculptor while at that business. First
statue was in marble of a fireman, 1872, for Pough-
keepsie; traveled in Europe and studied art in Rome,
Florence and Paris, 1875-1876: had studio in Paris
for about six years at different periods between 1883
and 1896, and in Florence, 1904-1906 and 1908-1910;
occupied in European studios on comm'ns for U. S.
Among prominent public works are Soldiers' Monu-
ments for Schenectady, N. Y., Colchester, Salisbury,
Winsted and Waterburv, Conn.; portrait statues of
Col. Clatfield, "Waterbury, Conn.; Gen. Horatio Gates,
Saratoga Battle Monument, Sichuylerville. N. Y. ; Chan-
cellor John Watts, Col. Abraham de Peyster, Pres.
Arthur and Lycurgus (Appellate Court House), N. Y.
City; Chancellor James Kent, Cong. Library, Wash-
ington, D. C; bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, Edin-
burgh, Scotland; bronze relief of "Burns and High-
land Mary," Ayr, Scotland; statues of Farragut and
Gen. Sherman exhibited at La. Purchase Exp'n. St.
Louis, and made groups, "Science" and "Music," for
Liberal Arts Bld'g, same; Elton bronze memorial
vase, Waterbury, Conn.; original model in bronze of
Col. Abraham de Peyster Statue, and marble bust of

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