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Address: Buffalo, N. Y.




Mine owner; b. Canaan, Me., Aug. 17, 1856; m.
Mary E. - Burnhanr children: Marjorie, Florence, How-
ard, Helen. Formerly in railway business at Mil-
waukee, Wis.; now owner and mg'r of mines in Cuba
and elsewhere. Pres. Spanish Am. Iron Co., Ponupo
Manganese Co., Consolidated Coppermines Co., Buena
Vista Iron Co. Pres. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs. Clubs:
Down Town, Lawyers, Railjroad, Essex County Coun-
try, Havana Country, Havana Yacht, San Carlos, San-
tiago de Cuba, Milwaukee, Union (Cleveland). Resi-
dences: 347 West End Av., N. Y. and "Merrywood,"
West Orange, N. J. Address: 71 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Forest Home, Niagara County, N. Y.; s.
Calvin G. and Almira (Long) Rand; ed. country
schools and Brockpcrt State Normal Sch.; m. Tona-
wanda, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1888, Vina S. Fisher; children:
George F., Jr., b. 1892, Evelyn, b. 1899, Gretchen, b.
1901, Calvin G., b. 1906. Appt'd ass't cashier State
Bank, Tonawanda, at sixteen years of age; at twen-
ty-one started private bank in North Tonawanda; at
twenty-four elected pres. First Nat. Bank, Tonawan-
da; now pres. Columbia Nat. Bank, Buffalo, First Nat.
Bank, Tonawanda, and Central Nat. Bank, Buffalo.
Independent in politics. Mem. Christian (Disciples)
Church. Clubs: Buffalo, Ellicott, Country (Buffalo).
Address: Columbia Nat. Bank, Buffalo, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Chicago, 111., Jan. 8, 1S66; s. William H.
and Harriet Husted (Robinson) Rand; ed. private
schools in Switzerland and Germany; grad. Phillips
Exeter Acad., 1884, Harvard Coll., A. B., 1888, Harvard
Law Sch., LL.B., A.M., 1891; m. Medford Mass., June
15. 1892, Rosalie Crockett; children: William, 3d, b.
1895, Robert Crockett, b. 189S. Has practised law in
N. Y. City since 1891; mem. law firm of Jerome, Rand
& Kresel; ass't corporation counsel, 1895-1897; ass't
dist. att'y, 1902-1906. Independent in politics. Over-
seer of Harvard Coll. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
Soc. Med. Jurisprudence. Clubs: Harvard, University,
Down Town, Sons of Revolution, Apawamis, American
Yacht (Rye). Residence: Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y.
Address: 37 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Berkshire County, Mass., 1859; s. Abel
Bradley and Ann E. (Ormsby) Randall; ed. Conn.
High Sch., Bridgeport; m. N. Y. City, 1888, Evelyn, d.
Addison P. Smith; children: Jerome, b. 1889 (died
1908); Bradley, b. 1891; Phoebe, b. 1894. Trust officer
Knickerbocker Trust Co., 189S-1908; pres. Security
Transfer & Register Co., Pres. and dir. Varrick Se-
curities Co., Winyah Park Realty Co., Caribou Cobalt
Mines Co.; v.-p. and dir. Guantanamo City Land &
Development Co., La Maya Valley Land & Improve-
ment Co. Consolidated Nevada-Utah Mines Corp.; treas.
and dir. Southern States Lumber Co., Old Point Com-
fort Improvement Co.; dir. Coal and Iron Nat. Bank,
Fairfax Realty Co., Gen. Acoustic Co., Mt. Vernon
Trust Co., Fidelity Commercial & Trading Co., Sub-
urban Land Improvement Co. Private 7th Reg't, Dir.
Chamber of Commerce, Westchester County. Clubs:
National Arts, St. Maurice, The Manor, Pelham
Country, Wykagyl Country (pres.), Huguenot Yacht.
Residence: Pelham Manor, N. Y. Address: Bank
Franco Americaine, 22 PI. Vendome, Paris, and 66
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Chemist for State Dep't of Health, Baltimore, Md. ;
b. Annapolis, Md., Jan. 10, 1867; s. Alexander and
Elizabeth Philpott (Blanchard) Randall; grad. St.
John's Coll., Md., B.A., 1S84; did graduate work at
Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.D., 1890, and Univ. Coll.,
London, 1895; m. Catonsville, Md., June, 1898, Eliza P.
Colston. Ass't Swarthmore Coll., 1889; laboratory
ass't, and afterward asso. in chemistry, Johns Hop-
kins Univ. 1890-1898; science master, Lawrenceville
(N. J.) Sch., 1898-1900; prof, chemistry Jacob Tome
Inst., Port Deposit, Md., 1900-1901; headmaster Mac-
kenzie School, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., 1901-1910; chemist
Md. Dep't of Health, since 1911. Author: Chemical
experiments (in collaboration with Prof. Remsen),
1895, The Expansion of Gases by Heat, 1901, and
various contb'ns to chemical journals. Mem. Deutsche
Chemische Gesellschaft. Episcopalian. Mem. Phi
Beta Kappa Soc, Phi Kappa Psi. Clubs: Baltimore,
Baltimore Country. Address: 1016 St. Paul St., Bal-
timore, Md.


Consulting" treas. > ns. Co.; b. Philadel-

phia, 1838; of American Colonial ancestry, family
having been among the early English settlers of

seventeenth century, and grandfather an officer of
the Continental Army in Revolutionary War. Began
business life in Philadelphia Bank, becoming mem.
of banking firm Smith, Randolph & Co., Philadelphia,
1862, and came to N. 5f. in 1866, as resident partner
in charge of firm's branch office; in 1877 elected pres.
Continental Nat. Bank (since consolidated with Han-
over Nat. Bank), which office held 21 years, resign-
ing in 1898 to become an officer of N. Y. Life Ins.
Co. (of which he had long been a trustee, Feb., 1892),
and was successively elected chm'n Exec. Com.; chm'n
Finance Com. and treas., now consulting treas. Also
connected with several other prominent corporate in-
terests, as dir., trustee, etc., including Liverpool &
London & Globe Ins. Co., N. Y. Trust Co., Southern
Railway Co., Trinity Corp'n and Soc. of the N. Y.
Hosp. Mem. Met. Museum of Art, N. Y. Zool. Soc, N.
Y. Botanical Soc. Clubs: Union, Knickerbocker,
Metropolitan, Merchants, Church (N. Y. City); Coun-
try Club (Westchester), Philadelphia (Philadelphia).
Residence: "Brookwood," Mount Saint Vincent-on-
Hudson. Address: 346 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. New Brunswick, N. J., Dec. 4, 1843; s.
Joseph F. and Sarah A. (Cooper) Randolph; ed. Yale,
A.B., 1862, A.M., 1865, Berlin, 1862-1863, GOttingen,
1864; m. Oct. 17, 1872, Harriet W. Talcott. Engaged
in practise of law in New Jersey and N. Y. City from
1866. Editor: Jarman on Wills, 1880, Williams on
Executors, 1S93. Author: Law of Commercial Paper,
1886, 1899; Succession Law in New Jersey, 1906; In-
heritance & Transfer Taxes in N. J., 1913. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: Yale, Lawyers. Ad-
dress: 42 W. 44th St., N. Y. City.


Banker, author; b. Somerville, N. J., May 16, 1838;
ed. in schools of Plainfield, N. J.; m. May 16, 1867,
Emily Caroline, d. Matthias Price, of Newark, N. J.;
Ave daughters. Business in New York City from
1854, beginning as clerk in the American Exchange
Bank, and filling advancing positions until, in 1863,
left to become connected with the Illinois Central
R. R. Co., of which was later ass't treas., treas. and
dir. for over 20 years, until 1885; executor and trustee
of the estate of Samuel J. Tilden, and of other con-
siderable estates; became pres. Atlantic Trust Co.,
1894, and after successful administration retired at
end cf 1902; on return from visit to West Indies, 1903,
was unanimously elected pres. Consolidated Stock
and Petroleum Exchange; re-elected without opposi-
tion, 1904 and 1905; declined further election 1906, and
retired from act:ve business. Has managed various
railways, coal and iron mines, and other enterprises,
as well as philanthropic and religious ass'ns. Served
in N. J. Militia and emergency campaign in Pa. until
some time after the battle of Gettysburg. Has con-
tributed poems to magazines and published a volume
of poems. Survivals (published by Putnam). Has also
published (1907), under auspices of N. J. Hist. Soc,
a volume entitled Fitz Randolph Traditions. A Story
of a Thousand Years. Recreations: Gardening and
'breeding of Jersey, Hereford and other fine cattle.
Served two years as mayor of Plainfield, N. J. Has
traveled extensively. Address: Plainfield, N. J.


Artist; b. Western N. Y., Jan., 185'8; s. W. V. and
M. M. Ranger; ed. public schools, Syracuse Univ.,
sophomore year; m. 1884, Helen E. Jennings. Studied
at home; spent several years abroad in study, mostly
in France and Holland; has been awarded medals for
exhibits, Paris, Buffalo, Charleston and other exb'ns;
represented in the Met. Museum, Corcoran Art Gallery
(Washington), and in numerous public and private
collections in America and Europe. Dir. Sixty-
seventh Street Studio Bld'g; pres. Sixty-seventh Street
Atelier Ass'n; academician Nat. Acad, of Design; mem.
Am. Water Color Soc. Club: Lotos. Address: 27 W.
67th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 12, 1850; s. Rev. Edward
E. and Emily (Watkinson) Rankin; grad. Princeton,
A.M.; Union, Dep't of Law, LL.B.; m. Cherry Hill,
Albany, N. Y., June 3, 1884, Catharine Bogart Put-
man; 'children: Edward Elmendorf, b. 18S5; Herbert
E., b. 18S7; Emily W., b. 1889. Has been in general
practice of profession in Albany since 1876; sec.
Saranac Ass'n. Presby'n. Mem. Albany County Bar
Ass'n. Clubs: University, Fort Orange (Albany), Al-
banv Inst. Address: Cherry Hill, S. Pearl St., Al-
bany, N. Y.


Phvsician; b. Astoria, Borough of Queens, N. Y.
City," July 1, 1856; s. James Murdoch and Anna Eve-



Una (Schenck) Rankin; ed. Lockwoed's Acad., Brook-
lyn N. Y.; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B., 1S76, A.M., 1879;
Univ. of N. Y., M.D., INTO; unmarried. Prof, practice
of medicine N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll. and Flower Hosp. ;
visiting physician to Met. Hosp., Dep't of Public Chari-
ties, and to Flower .Hosp. Mem. Am. Inst, of Homoeo-
pathy, State Homo?. Med. Soc, N. Y. Co. Homce. Med.
Soc, Acad, of Pathol. Science, Soc. Sons of Revolution.
Author: Digest of External Therapeutics, 1900; Dis-
eases of the Chest, 1905, and numerous articles in
med. journals. Address: 226 W. 59th St., N. Y. City.


Building construction; b. Newark, N. J., Ft'b. 20,
1S65; s. Timothy P. and Anna Pope (Pennington)
Ranney; grad. Princeton Univ., A.B., 18S6, A.M.; m.
June 16, 190S, Mary G. Kintzing, of N. Y. City. En-
gaged in railroad construction work till 1891; Iron
mining until 1S96; admitted to Pa. Bar, April, 1S95;
returned to New York in 1899, to take present po-
sition as sec, treas. and mem. B'd Dirs. Tide Water
Building Co. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Building
Trade Employers' Ass'n. Clubs: Princeton, Univer-
sity (N. Y.), Cottage (Princeton). Address: 16 E.
33d St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Perryville, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1850; s.
Loren and Lydia (Whipple) Ransom; ed. Cazenovia
Sem., and Univ. Med. Coll., N. Y. City, M.D., 1874; m.
Georgetown, N. Y., April 12, 1SS2, Emma M. Barker;
one son: Loren Percy, b. Feb. 21, 1886. Practising
medicine at Syracuse, N. Y., from graduation. Re-
publican. Mem. M. B. Ch. Mason. Address: 326
Otisco St., Syracuse, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Mt. Hawley, 111., March 31, 1839; in
early boyhood removed with parents to Elmira, N.
Y where he was ed. at public schools and Elmira
Free Acad. At breaking out cf Civil War enlisted
at Elmira as 1st lieut., Company H, 50th Vol. Eng'rs;
was mustered into U. S. Service and was through the
Peninsular campaign in the Army of the Potomac.
Soon after close of Civil War removed to N. Y. City
and became a law partner of Chester A. Arthur,
(later Pres. of U. S.), under firm name of Arthur.
Knevals & Ransom. Elected >by united Democracy (a
union having been effected between the County
Democracy and Tammany), as surrogate of N. Y.
County, 1887, serving full term, until 1893, when re-
sumed practice of profession, in which has since
continued. Mem. Mil. Order Loyal Legion, G. A. K.
Pres. Soc. Am. Authors. Residence: 33'8 W. 77th St.
Address: 128 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Harmony township, Chautauqua County,
N. Y., June 24, 1883; s. Nelson Fullam and Rose
(Wiltsie) Ransom; grad. Jamestown (N. Y. High
Sch., 1899, Cornell Univ. Coll. of Law, 1905; m. Sunny
South, Ala., Sept. 14, 1909, Mary Hope, d. of Robert
M. and Lucy (Crawford) Hope; "one d.: Dorothy Hope,
b. Feb. 12, 1912. Exec, sec- Mayor of Jamestown, 1901;
editor Chautauqua Assembly Daily Herald. Chautau-
qua Inst'n, Chautauqua, N. Y., summers 1902-1905; sec.
Chautauqua County Primary Reform Ass'n, 1905-
1908; chm'n Citizens' Com. which drafted present
charter of City of Jamestown, N. Y., 1906-1907; mem.
legislative Com. of Citizens' Union of N. Y. City, 1910-
1911; ass't sec. N. Y. Public Service Comm'n for 1st
Dist., 1912-1913. Mem. law firm Ransom & Cawcroft,
Jamestown, N. Y., 1905-1908; after which removed to
N. Y. City, and became associated in practice with
William M. Ivins. Att'y for N. J. affiliated commer-
cial and commuters' org'ns in successful contest be-
fore Interstate Commerce Comm'n against increases
in commutation rates, and for Westchester County
municipalities and commercial bodies in similar pro-
ceedings before N. Y. Public Service Comm'n, 1910-

1911. Author: Majority Rule and the Judiciary
(Scribner's Sons), 1912. Delegate to 1st Nat. Conv.
of Progressive Party, Chicago, 1912; mem. sub-com.
on draft, N. Y. State Progressive Platform, Syracuse.

1912, bv 27,000 votes, running substantially ahead of
Com., 1912-1913; chm'n Municipal Platform Com. of
Progressive Party, N. Y. City, 1912; nominated justice
of Citv Court of N. Y , by Republican, Progressive, In-
dependence League, Direct Nomination League, Anti-
Tammany Jeffersonian Alliance tickets, and elected,
1912, by 27,000 votes, running substantially ahead or
Fusion judiciary. Borough and County tickets. -Mem.
Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City
of N. Y., Acad. Polit. Science, City of N. Y.. Nat. Muni-
cipal League, Citizens' Union, Chautauqua County

Soc. of N. Y. City, Soc. of the Genesee, Alabama Soc.
of N. Y., Crescent Lodge, Knights of Pythias. Resi-
dence: 550 Riverside Drive. Address: City Courts
Bld'g, City Hall Park, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 18, 1853; s.
Charles A. (N. Y. Court of Appeals) and Helen (Sum-
ner) Rapallo; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B., 1874. A.M.,
Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1876; m. N. Y. City, Dec,
1881, Emma Van Valkenburgh. Practised law in N.
Y. City since admission to bar, 1876; formerly mem.
firm Davies & Rapallo, later changed Holmes, Rapallo
& Kennedy, now of Rapallo & Kennedy. Gen. coun-
sel and dir. Manhattan Life Ins. Co.; gen. counsel and
trustee Manhattan Savings ilnst'n. Occasional contrb'r
to the press. Democrat. Mem. N. Y. Law Inst. Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Delta Kappa
Epsilon. Clubs: Manhattan, Century, Racquet and
Tennis, University, Columbia "University, Nat. Demo-
crat. Residence: 841 Madison Av. Address: 66
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, May 15, 1855; s. Solomon
and Henrietta (Strauss) Rapp; ed. N. Y. Public School
No. 40, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1875; m. N. Y.
City, March 14, 1'880, Carrie Steifel; one d.: Jessie, b.
Del Norte, Colo., Dec. 31, 1885; m. Sept. 1, 1908, Sidney
Lisner. Interne Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. City, 1874; re-
sided and practised medicine in Del Norte, Colo., and
Lake City, Colo., May 1, 1875, to Feb. 28, 1886; held
office of coroner of both Rio Grande and Hinsdale
Counties, Colo.; also held comm'n as 1st assistant sur-
geon Second Battalion Colo. State Nat. Guard. Has
practised medicine in N. Y. City since 1886. Hebrew.
Mem. N. Y. State Med. Ass'n, N. Y. County Med. Soc,
Met. Med. Soc, German Med. Soc. Mem. Mt. Neboh
Lodge, I. O. F. S. of I., Republic Lodge, K. of P. Ad-
Consistory, Mechanics Lodge, I. O. O. F., Reuben
Lodge, I. O. F. S. of I., Republic Lodge, K. of P. Ad-
dress: 134 E. 79th St., N. Y. City.


Advertising agent; b. Providence, R. I., 1857; s.
Simon and Hannah Rascovar; ed. in public sch., N.
Y. City; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 2, 1SS9, "Vera Frank.
Pres., mg'r and dir. N. Y. News Bureau Ass'n; pres.
and dir. Albert Frank & Co.; v.-p. and dir. Hamilton
Press. Mem. Darcy Lodge No. 187, F. and A. M
Olympic Lodge No. 207, I. O. O. F., Consistory of N.
Y. 32, Scottish Rite. Mecca Temple, Mystic Shrine.
Mem. Hebrew Edn'l Soc (Brooklyn), Hebrew Orphan
Asylum (N. Y.), Jewish Protectorate (N. Y. City), Met.
Museum cf Art, Mount Sinai Hosp., University Settle-
ment, Montefiore Home, Edn'l Alliance, Lebanon
Hosp., Sheltering Guardian Soc, Beth Israel Hosp.
(N. Y.). St. Joseph Hosp. (Far Rockaway), Hebrew
Infant Asylum. 'Nw.jr. Zool. Soc, Acad. Polit. Science,
Young Men's Hebrew Ass'n (N. Y.), Brooklyn Feder-
ation Jewish Charities, B. P. O. Elks, N. Y. Lodge No.
1. Clubs: Lotos, N. Y. Press, Thirteen, Friars. Resi-
dence: 16 W. 82d St. Address: 26 Beaver St., N Y.


, V.-p. Nat. Surety Co.; b. Newport, R. I., Sept. 12,
1S69; s. Clarence and Angelica Bogart (Talcott) Rath-
bone; ed. Albany (N. Y.) Acad.; m. N. Y. City, Oct 4
1894, Josephine Norwood; one son: Carlisle Norwood
b. July 26, 1895. Elected sec. Lawyers' Surety Co. of
N. Y., 1S95. and afterward its v.-p.; on sale of that
company, 1902. became mg'r City Dept. Nat. Surety
Co. of N. Y., of which company was promoted, in 1906'
to fourth v.-p., and Jan., 1908, to v.-p. Mem. St
Nicholas Soc. Clubs: Metropolitan, Down Town
Ass n, Rumson Country, Recess, Seabright Lawn Ten-
nis and Cricket. Residence: 36 W. 59th St. Address:
115 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r; b. Carlisle, England, June 24, 1857; s.
Richard and Maria (Davy) Rathborne; attended Friars
Sch., Bangor, Wales; m. E. Orange, N. J., Nov. 19.
1896, Grace Reid Watson; one son (deceased). Law
student in Great Britain; ranching in New Zealand,
gov't survey. Traveled considerably in unexplored
parts of New Zealand. V.-p. Spratt's Patent, Lt'd
Served in Royal Naval Art'y Vol., Great Britain. Mem
Nat. Ass'n of Audubon Soc, N. J., Audubon Soc Am
Humane Soc, Am. Forestry Ass'n; Am Soc Preven-
tion Cruelty Animals; Nat. Geog. Soc, A.A.A.S., Am.
Museum of Nat. History, Game Breeders' Ass'n.' Re-
creations: Golf, tennis, woodcraft. Clubs: British
Schools & Universities, New York Athletic, Somerset
Hills Country. Residence: Bernardsville N J. Ad-
dress: 14 Congress St., Newark, N. J.




Clergyman; b. Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1861; s. Au-
gustus and Caroline (Rhomp) Rauschenbusch; grad.
Giitersloh, Germany, 1883; Univ. of Rochester, 1S84;
Rochester Theol. Sem., 1886; m. Milwaukee, Wis.,
April 12, 1893, Pauline E. Rother; children: Wini-
fred, b. 1894, Hilmar, b. 1896, Paul, b. 1899, Karl, b.

1901, Elizabeth, b. 1904. Pastor Second German Bap-
tist Ch., N. Y. City, 1886-1897; studied abroad, 1891;
prof. New Testament exegesis in the German Dep't,
Rochester Theol. Sem., 1897-1902; prof. Church History
in Rochester Theol. Sem., since 1902; abroad for his-
torical study, 1907-1908. Earl Lecturer, Berkeley, Cal.,
1910. Merrick Lecturer, Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1911.
Author: Christianity and the Social Crisis, 1907; For
God and the People, 1910; Unto Me, 1912; Christianiz-
ing the Social Order, 1912. Independent in politics.
Address: 4 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N. Y.


Sup't, Friends' Schools, N. Y. City; b. Dover, Mass.,
July 31, I860; s. Edward J. and Elizabeth A. (Hall)
Rawson; B.S., Mass. Agr'l Coll., 1881; post-grad. Johns
Hopkins Univ., 1887-1889, Pd.M.; N. YT Univ., 1910; m.
Lincoln, Va., Aug. 27, 1891, Marianna Smith; children:
Arthur J., b. 1896; Sidney P., b. 1901; Philip N., b.

1902. Practised as civil eng'r, 2 years; principal Oak-
dale Sch., Lincoln, Va., 2 years; teacher and principal
Friends' Sem., N. Y. City, 24 years; lecturer on
methods of teaching and sch. mg'mt, Swarthmore
Coll., Swarthmore, Pa., 1906-1912. Independent in
politics. Mem. Soc. of Friends. Mem. Schoolmasters'
Ass'n of N. Y. and vicinity. Address: 226 E. 16th St.,
N. Y. City.


Professor, U. S. N. (retired) ; b. Albany, N. Y., Feh.
21, 1846; s. Thomas R. and Louisa W. (Dawes) Raw-
eon; attended Albany Acad., Yale Univ., Andover
Theol. Sem., A.B.; m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 10, 1888,
Eleanor Wade; children: Eleanor Wade, b. July 3,
1889; Katharine Dawes, b. Aug. 24, 1894. Chaplain
U. S. N., prof. U. S. N., sup't Naval War Records, head
of Dep't of English and Law, Naval Acad. Author:
Twenty Famous Naval Battles. Republican; Congre-
gationalism Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Recreations:
Walking, golf, reading. Clubs: Chevy Chase (Wash-
ington, D. C), U. S. Naval Acad. Address: 2137 Le
Roy Bl., Washington, D. C.


Clergyman; b. Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1849; s.
Edward and Hannah (Chittenden) Ray; ed. private
school, Rochester, N. Y., Hamilton Coll., B.A., 1870,
M.A., 1873, Union, Rochester and Auburn Theol. Semi-
naries; D.D., Knox Coll., 1889; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 13,
1874, Martha Prescott; children: Edward Russell, b.
1878; Prescott, b. 1880; Ruth, b. 1882. Pastor Presby'n
churches, Vernon Center, N. Y., 1873-1876; Elizabeth,
N. J., 3d, 1876-18S1; Chicago, 111.. Hyde Park Ch., 1881-
1887;Topeka, Kan., 1st Ch., 1887-1891. Sec. and treas.
College B'd Presby'n Ch. in U. S. A., 1891-1904; office sec.
and ass't treas., 1904-1910. Has traveled in all parts
of U. S. and Europe. Contb'r many articles, theol.,
ethical, sociol. exegetical, in magazines and reviews.
Republican; Presby'n. Trustee Omaha Theol. Sem.,
Kansas Acad., Language and Literature (pres. 1890),
Chicago Soc. Biblical Research, Psi Upsilon fraternity.
Recreation: Gardening. Club: Chicago Literary. Ad-
dress: Santa Barbara, Calif.


U. S. Judge Northern Dist. of N. Y.; b. Otselie, N.
Y., Feb. 3, 1S44; s. Asher Minor and Melissa P. (Gray)
Ray; grad. Norwich (N. Y.) Acad., 1866; LL.D., Col-
gate Univ. 1905; m. Pitcher, N. Y June 26, 1S71, Mary
Johnson; one son: J. Johnson Ray, b. 1873. Ad-
mitted to bar Sept., 1867, and practised law; repre-
sentative in Congress 14 years; chm'n Com. on In-
valid Pensions, and of Com. on Judiciary; elected to
Congress from 26th N. Y. Dist. in 18th. 52d, 53d, 54th,
55th, 56th and 57th Congresses; resigned from Con-
gress, Sept., 1902, to accept position of U. S. dist.
Judge of Northern Dist. of N. Y., which position now
holds. Served in War of Rebellion as private Co. B,
90th N. Y. Vols., and as brigade clerk, 1st Brigade,
1st Div. 19th Army Corps. Dir. Norwich Furniture
Co. Republican; Baptist. Mem. Am. Soc. of Internat.
Law, G. A. R., Norwich Lodge, F. and A. M., Norwich
Commandery 46, K. T, Red Men, Whanpaunauca Rite;
pres. B'd of Ed'n, Norwich, N. Y.; mg'r of N. Y. State
Women's Relief Corps, home at Oxford, N. Y. Club:
Norwich. Address: Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y.


Retired clergyman; b. Beaver Meadow, Chenango
Co., N. Y., May 20, 1846; s. Col. Asher M. and Melissa

P. (Gray) Ray; ed. Colgate Univ., N. Y.; grad. from
Sem., 1874; M.A.; unmarried. Ten years pastor Cen-
tral E. D. Bapt. Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., twice pastor
Third Bapt. Ch., Germantown, Philadelphia (10 years
in all) ; pastor First Bapt. Ch., Norwich, N. Y~., 10
years. Mem. B'd Trustees, The Baptist Ed'n Soc. of
State of N. Y. Address: Norwich, N. Y.


Educator; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 8, 1860; s. Dwight E.
and Altana C. (Norris) Ray; ed. Anthon Grammar
Sch., N. Y. City, Columbia Coll., A.B., 1882; A.M.,
1885; N. Y. Univ., Ph.D., 1894; m. N. Y. City, June 26,
1888, Isoline Doty Brown. Founder and head master
Irving Sch., N. Y. Traveled U. S., Can., Europe, Cen-
tral America, West Indies and Mexico. Republican;
Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa
Soc, Archseol. Inst, of America, School Masters' Ass'n
of N. Y. Recreations: Golf, yachting, traveling.
Clubs: Barnard, Wykagyl Country, Columbia Univ.
Residence: Bretton Hall, Broadway & 86th St. Ad-
dress: Irving Sch., 35 W. 84th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Vioscher's Ferry, Saratoga County,

?' A?-?,' 8 : J, 854; s ' Rev ' Henr y A. and Catharine
Maria (Miller) Raymond; grad. Univ. Coll., A.B 1875-
New Brunswick Theol. Sem., 1878; hon DD 1887
L.H.D. 1908; Union Coll., LL.D.; Williams Coll.' 1894;
Coll. of S. C, 1904; m. Middleville, Herkimer County,
N. Y., Sept. 24, 1879, Margaret Morris Thomas, who
died June 11, 1907; children: Morris Thomas and
Miriam Hotchkiss, Andrew Van Vranken, Jr. Pastor
First Reformed Ch. of Paterson, N. J., 1878-1881;
Trinity Reformed Ch., Plainfleld, N. J ; Fourth
Presby'n Ch., Albany, N. Y., 1887-1894; pres. Union
Coll., 1894-1907; pastor First Presby'n Ch. of Buffalo,
N. Y since 1907. In 1906, while pres. Union Coll.,

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