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division of design and preparation of designs, contract
plans, specifications and estimates of cost of sewers,
sewer improvements and attendant structures since
1907, Bureau of Sewers, Brooklyn. Sec. and dir. Trem-
per Construction Co. Methodist Episcopalian Mem
Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Municipal Eng'rs of X. Y , Nat.
Geog Soc X. Y. Xautical Sch. Alumni Ass n. Cooper
Union Alumni Ass'n, A.A.A.S. Club: Engineers
(Brooklyn). Address: 505 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Tenor singer and vocal teacher; h. N. Y. City, March
22 1S62; s. Louis and Anna (Beck) Rieger; ed in
schools of N. Y. City. Has sung at all principal festi-
vals in this country. Worcester, Mass., Cincinnati and
others; also with Xordica Co., Boston Orchestra, N.
Y. Orchestra, Pittsburgh Orchestra and all first-class
orchestras. Tenor soloist in oratorios and concerts;
vocal instructor. Address: 44 West 65th t., N. Y.

Inventor, elec. and mech. eng'r; b. Randegg, Baden,
Germany, Jan. 16, 1862; s. Elkan Elias and Bertha

(Weil) Rles; ed. public schools. X. Y. CUy, Maryland
Ins!.. Baltimore; Johns Hopkins Univ. (physical
sciences, etc.); m. Baltimore, Mil., April 21, 1895,
Helen, d. Lewis H. and Rebecca Hlrshberg; one d.:
Estelle, b. March 5, 1896. Removed with parents to
r. S. in KS65; began in 1876 as telegraph operator of
the Gold and Stock and the Western Union Telegraph
Cos.; removed to N. Y. City, 1880, and became identi-
fied with development of electric light industry in em-
ploy of the Edison Co., the U. S. Elec. Illuminating
Co., Fuller Mf'g Co., etc.; returned to Baltimore, 1884,
to devote attention to developing his inventions in
electric signalling, railroading, controlling apparatus
and illumination, organizing companies to push these
inventions; among these being his well-known
regulating socket, which was the first practic-
able device for "turning down" or controlling the
light or candle power of incandescent electric lamps
without the use of wasteful resistance, thereby placing
the incandescent lamp on a par with gas. Also in-
ventor and patentee of the modern alternating cur-
rent or "converter" electric railway system, 'by which
the limitations and restrictions of the 500-volt trolley
systems were for the first time successfully overcome.
The underlying principle of electric generation, trans-
mission, conversion and distribution disclosed in these
patents made possible the various rapid transit sub-
ways and tunnels now operating in N. Y. City, and
the electrification of suburban and long distance steam
railwavs now going on in the U. S. and other coun-
tries. "His basic patents on this invention were finally
adjudged in his favor after nearly 14 years litigation,
and were purchased by the Westinghouse Elec and
Mf'g Co. in 1903, on behalf of itself and the General
Electric Co., then operating under the so-called
Patent Pool arrangement. Has taken out over 200
patents on various pioneer inventions, many of which
are in extensive use, some of the more notable being
his method of electrically welding track rails, new
processes of rivetting by electricity, underground
electric railway conduit or sub-trolley system now
used in Xew York and other large cities; methods and
appliances for electric heating and cooking, telephone
and telephonograph systems and apparatus, etc.
Among others in general use are his basic patents on
electric elevator controllers, etc., covering the method
and apparatus adopted by the Otis Elevator Co. and
others on their electric elevators, and for general
motor starting and braking purposes. Invented and
perfected an entirely new and very effective telephone
system and apparatus, the patents on which were
taken over by the United States Automatic Telephone
Co. of N. Y. In 1912, following the sinking of the
"Titanic" by collision with an iceberg, he applied for
patents on a novel sound-detecting and registering
system designed to prevent such disasters in future,
and which also provides other important safeguards
against the dangers of navigation. Independent in
politics. Hebrew religion. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec.
Eng'rs A.A.A.S., Am. Electrochem. Soc, N. Y. Elec.
Soc. Am. Ass'n Inventors and Mf'rs, Xat. Geog. Soc.
Internat. Elec. Congress, 1904; registered patent at-
torney of U. S. Patent Office, etc. Recreations: Meta-
physics, political and social science, photography.
Address: 116 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Educator and banker; b. Whiteport, N. Y,; s. Nicholas
and Katherine (Platz) Riesenberger; ed. public sch.,
Hoboken Acad., Stevens Inst, of Technology, M.E.,
1876; m. 1st, June, 1878, Antoinette Schlemm (died
1880); 2d, Union, N. J., Dec. 18. 1881, Sophie Werner;
children: Antoinette, b. 1879; Kate, b. 1S82; Florence,
b. 1884; Edwin A., b. 1885; Otto J., b. 1891; Elsie May,
b. 1893; Frank, b. 1897. Instr. ass't prof., and prof,
mech. drawing and descriptive geometry. Stevens Inst,
of Technology, 25 years; register and treasi. since
1883. V.-p. Hoboken Trust Co.: dir. Hoboken Bld'g &
Loan Ass'n; pres. Sigma House Ass'n. Mem. B'd of
Ed'n, Union, N. J., 14 years, now serving 3d year as
pres. of b'd; mem. and trustee Citizens' Federation of
Hudson Countv, N. J.; mem. Hoboken B'd of Trade
until 1912; mem. Elisor Grand Jury, 1911; now mem.
B'd of Trade N. Hudson County. Progressive. Mem.
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs. and Soc. for Promotion of
Eng'ring Ed'n, Alumni Ass'n of Stevens Inst, of Tech-
nology; mem. Beta Theta Pi, Theta Nu Epsilon and
Tan Beta Pi fraternities. Trustee Old People's Home
Ass'n. Residence: 546 Union PI., Union, N. J. Ad-
dress: Sitevens Inst, of Technology, Hoboken, N. J.


Organist and teacher of music; b. Kingston, X. Y.,
March 10, 1859: s. William and Henrietta (Neidlinger)
Rieser; ed. in high sch., Kingston, N. Y., and St. Vin-
cent's Coll., Pittsburgh, Pa. One of leaders of musical
profession in Kingston. N. Y.; has been organist and


Asheville School

Located in the Mountains of North Carolina, NEAR ASHEVILLE


The following is a statement of its most important features :

1. The school is a high grade, standard college preparatory school, which
seeks only those boys whose home life has laid the foundation for good character,
manly conduct and good scholarship.

2. The school is situated in the most healthful region east of the Mississippi
River, in a climate giving the largest opportunity for out-door life.

3. The grounds contain seven hundred acres of land, providing fields for
games, ponds, streams, woods and hills. This land was selected not only with re-
gard to its usefulness, but also for the beauty of its surroundings.

4. The playing fields contain 3 baseball diamonds, football field, % mi l e run-
ning track, 9 tennis courts, golf course, gun traps (under the supervision of a
master), and a rowing course % of a mile in length.

5. The gymnasium has 5 squash courts, 4 courts for basketball, and swim-
ming pool, beside all the usual equipment.

6. The buildings were constructed especially for school purposes and are
thoroughly sanitary.

7. The courses of study, though broad, are consistent, and give the best
preparation to boys who desire to enter any college or technical school or to go
into business.

8. The teachers are graduates of the best Northern colleges, chosen for
their fitness to instruct and care for boys.

9. The boys are under constant care and charge of the principals and their

10. As there is one master for every 10 boys, each boy gets an abundance
of individual care, both in his school life and in his home life.

11. The school refers to the authorities of over 21 of the leading collegiate
institutions which its graduates have entered within the past 14 years.

12. Graduates of the school now attend Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Williams,
Amherst, Mass. Inst, of Technology, Cornell, Case School of Applied Science,
University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Brown University, Haverford College, Leland
Stanford, Jr., and other well-known colleges.

13. Present students are from New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado,
Oklahoma, California, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.


Copies of the Year Book, giving a full description of the school, will be mailed

upon request.

School advertisements continued on page 61(0



choir master 01" St. Mary's Ch., Kingston, since June
1, 18S4. One of vice-presidents N. Y. State Music
Teachers' Ass'n, and prominent in its councils. Has
large class in piano, organ and voice culture; many
of his pupils have taken prominent places as organists
and as teachers in edn'l inst us; distinguished as
organizer and participant in many concerts and
musical entertainments. Has traveled through nearly
all states of Union, through Eastern and Western
Canada and the Bermudas and Cuba. Mem. Nat. Geog.
Soc, Kingston Hosp. Ass'n. Address: 69 West Chester
St., Kingston, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Newark, N. J., July 10, 1874; s. Franklin
A. and Mary A. (Mockridge) Rigby; ed. Sibley Coll.,
Cornell Univ., E.E., 1S95; N. i. Law Sch., 1897; m.
April 10, 1S97. Maude E. Lawrence; one son: George
Lawrence. Mem. State Assembly from Westchester
Co., 1904-1905; alderman City of Yonkers, 1901-1903.
Pres. Nepperhan Valley Realty Co.; dir. Yonkers
Builders' Supply Co.; comm'r of appraisal N. T. Water
Supply. Republican. Mem. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
fraternity; past exalted ruler, B. P. O. Elks, etc.; sec.
Yonkers Hist, and Library Ass'n. Clubs: Republican
N. Y. City), City (Yonkers), Park Hill Country. Resi-
dence: 63 Sunnyside Drive. Address: 45 War-burton
Av., Yonkers, N. Y.


Writer; b. N. Y. City, March 24, 1856; s. James Wil-
loughby and Mary (Gridley) Riggs; ed. public schs.
and by private tutors; m. Forestville, Conn., Nov. 5,
1878, Elizabeth S. Brown; one son: Royal E. T., b.
Dec. 27, 1SS1. Commercial and financial writer, N. Y.
World, 1S76-1884; polit. financial writer N. Y. Sun,
since 1884. Frequent contb'r to Harper's Weekly,
Bookman, Munsey's and Everybody's Magazines. In-
dependent; Episcopalian. Recreation: Golf. Clubs:
Manhattan, Lotos, Albany, Amen Corner Ass'n Bar-
nard. Residence: 38 S. Portland Av., Brooklyn, N.
Y\ Address: Grand Central Terminal, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. St. Louis, Mo., April 30, 1S81; s. George
W. and Kate (Cheesman) Riggs; grad. St. Paul's Sch.,
Concord, N. H., 189S, Columbia Univ., A.B. 1903, A.M.,
1906, Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1906. Sec. to corpora-
tion counsel N. T. City, July 11, 1907, to March 2,
1908; now engaged in general practise of law, and
mem. Kidder, Ayres & Riggs!. Republican. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Delta
Phi fraternity. Dir. Clear Pool Camp Ass'n. Mem.
St. Nicholas Soc. Club: Columbia University. Resi-
dence: 70 W. lllth St. Address: 27 William St.. N.
Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Forestville, Conn., Dec. 27, 1S81- s Ed-
ward G. and Elizabeth S. (Brown) Riggs; ed. Brooklyn
Latin Sch., grad. Williams Coll., A.B., 1902; N. Y. Law
?S ", B ' cum taude, 1904; m. Providence, R. I., June
10, 190d, Elizabeth S. Howard. Mem. firm Gannon,
Seibert & Riggs; ass't corp'n counsel Citv of N Y
1905-1909. Author: The Alienability of the State's
Title to the Foreshore, May, 1912; Some Legal Prob-
lems of Valuation of Railroads, Nov., 1913. Democrat
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., and Kappa Alpha Soc,
Steward Soc. of Colonial Wars. Recreations: Tennis
5 If ^ ? quash ' racke ts- Clubs: Manhattan, Lawyers
(NT.) Lawyers (Brooklyn), Heights Casino (Brook-
lyn), Williams. Residence: 142 E. 40th St. Address:
2 Rector St., N. Y. City.


Jounalist; <h. Ribe, Denmark, May 3, 1849; emigrated
to America in 1S70; m. Elizabeth Nielsen, of Ribe,
Denmark, 1876. Was reporter on N. Y. Tribune and
Evening Sun; became active reformer, lecturer and
author of many articles and books on tenement house
and poverty conditions; exec, officer Good Gov't Clubs,
1S96-1897; sec Small Park Com., etc Author: How
the Other Half Lives, The Children of the Poor, The
Battle With the Slums, The Making of an American,
Children of the Tenements, Theodore Roosevelt, the
Citizen; The Old Town, etc. Address: 524 N. Beech
St., -Richmond Hill, L. I., N. Y.


Merchant; t>. Newton, N. Y., April S, 1S5S; s. John L.
and May (Jackson) Riker; ed private sch., Jamaica,
and Charles Inst.; m. Brooklyn, N. T., April 20, 1881,
Edith M. Bartow. Employed with J. L. & S. D. Riker;
admitted to partnership 1888 and became mn'g part-
ner 1890; firm was succeeded toy a corp'n, 1901, under
same name, of which has since been pres. and dir.
Trustee Atlantic Mutual Ins. o.; dir. Fidelity-Phoenix
Fire Ins. Co., Fidelitv & Casualty Co., Farmers' Loan

& Trust Co., First Nat. Bank of White Plains, N. J.
Zinc Co., County Trust Co. of White Plains, Fire
Companies Building Corp'n. Served in 7th Rog't, N. G.
N. JT. J comm'd a.-d.-c, with rank of 1st lieut., on
Staff of brig. -yen. of 1st lirlgadc, 1st Kiv.; senior aide,
witli rank of capt., 1880; brigade Insp. of rille practice,
with rank of major, 1882; major 12th Reg't Inf., 1884;
ru-d 18X9. Republican Mem. .Soc. of Cincinnati,
Soc. Colonial Wars. Soc, War of 1812, Sons of Revo-
lution, St. Nicholas Soc, Holland Soc, Chamber of
Commerce of State of N. Y. Clubs: Automobile of
America, N. Y. Yacht, City Midday, Union, Down
Town, Adirondack League, Rittenhouse, Apawamis.
Residence: 110 .E. 37th St. Address: 19 Cedar St.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Paris, France, May 17, 1868; s. John L.
and Mary (Jackson) Riker; ed. Everson's Sch., N. Y.
City; grad. Columbia Coll. Law Sch., LL.B., 1888; m.
Lawrence, L. I., Nov. 18, 1896, Frances Mortimer Town-
send; children: Frances Townsend, b. 1897; Audrey
Townsend, b. 1899; Samuel, Jr., b. 1905; Lavina, b. 1909.
Since graduation has been actively engaged in pro-
fession, involving corp'n and estate practice; dir. and
v.-p J. L. & D. S. Riker; dir. and ass't treas. Oldh-ury
Electro-Chem. Co.; dir. Nat. Metal Co., Los Soldados
Rubber Co., Tucker Elec Construction Co., Barranca
Copper Co. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Sons of
Revolution, Delta Phi fraternity, St. Nicholas Soc.
Clu^bs: Union, Manhattan, City, Down Town, Midday,
Rumson Country. Address: 19 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Mf'r; b. Bradford, Eng., May 31, 1863; s. Joseph and
Hannah (Jowett) Riley; ed. Bradford (Eng.) Grammar
Sch.; m. Doncaster, Eng., Aug. 12, 1890, Minnie Mat-
thews; children: Herbert Percival, Gladys Elaine,
Maurice Bertram. Served apprenticeship as dress
goods mf'r with grandfather, Joseph Jowett, in Brad-
ford, and afterward was mem. of Riley Bros. In 1886
began manufacture and sale of stereopticon goodSj a
business which was transferred to America in 1894;
since 1900 has been sole prop'r; pres. Riley Optical
Instrument Co. Congregationalist. Residence: 136
W. 127th St. Address: 150 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Editor, encyclopedist; b. Maitland, N. S., Dec. 28,
1S60; s. William and Margaret (Miller) Rines; came to
U. S. when 11 years old; grad. from grammar and high
schools, Brooklyn, N. Y. Engaged in business, but
continued studies, and in 1887 entered Colgate Univ.;
in 1S90 entered Hamilton Theol. Sem. (Colgate Univ.)
for full Henrew and Greek course in theology; grad.
1893. Pastor at Binghamton, N. Y., 1893-1895, and
Baptist Ch. at Ridgewood, N. J., 1895-1898, resigning
to devote himself to literary work. Has been frequent
contb'r to religious press and other periodicals. In
1903 appt'd mn'g editor Encyclopedia Americana, and
has contributed very largely to that work biog. and
hist, articles. While still holding this position, in
1906, became v.-p. and mn'g editor Union Editors'
Ass'n of the United Editors' Encyclopedia and Dic-
tionary. In 1908 became mn'g editor The South in
Building of the Nation. Asso. editor Foundation Li-
brary for Young People, 1910; mn'g editor The Ger-
man Classics, 1913. Address: 225 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. Cornwall, Orange Co., N. Y., Feb. 22,
1846; s. Robert E. and Rachel (Welding) Ring; ed.
West Town (Pa.) Sem., 1860-1861; m. New Brunswick,
N. J., Jan. 16, 1873, Ida M. Mailler; children: Julia F.,
Katherine M., Ida F. Began business career in 1864;
one year in importing business, two years in grain
and flour comm'n house; since 1S66 in export trade to
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.
Senior mem. firm Mailler & Quereau; pres. N. Y.
Produce Exchange; v.-p. and dir. U. S. & Australia
Steamship Co.: v.-p. Exporters and Importers' Ass'n;
trustee Williamsburg Savings Bank; dir. Fourth Nat.
Bank, Security Bank. In 1889-1890 visited Australia,
New Zealand and the East Indies; included China and
Japan in 1894. and has made frequent visits to Europe.
Trustee Brooklyn E.D. Hosp. Liberal Democrat. Born
Quaker, but for 40 years mem. St. John's M. E. Ch.,
Brooklyn, and 17 years trustee. Mem. N. Y, Chamber
of Commerce and Produce and Maritime Exchanges.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing, traveling. Residence:
1251 Dean St., Brooklyn. Address: 31 Stone St., N. Y.


Educator, physician; b. Wirballen, on Russian-Ger-
man frontier, Aug. 18, 1883; s. Moses and Sophie (Kap)
Ringer; educated in local Russian and German public



and private sens.; came to U. S., 1901; N. T. Univ.,
M.D., 1908 (received William T. Luck Memorial Science
Prize 1908, Christian A. Herter Kesearch Fellow 1908);
post-graduate studies Univ. of Munich, Germany, 1910;
m. N. Y. City, Dec. 22, 1911, Ellen H. Robinson. Instr.
in pharmacology, N. Y. Univ., 1908; ass't in physiology,
Cornell Univ., 1909-1911; instr. in physiol. chemistry,
Univ. of Pa. Sch. of Medicine, since 1911; supervising
physiological chemist Polyclinic Hosp., Phila., since
1912. Research work in diseases of nutrition, princi-
pally diabetes. Contb'r to current med., biol. and
chemical journals. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Physiol. Soc,
Am. Soc. of Biol. Chemists, Soc. for Experimental
Biology and Medicine, Phila. Pathol. Soc., Am. Med.
Ass'n, Phila. County Med. Ass'n, State Med. Ass'n.
Residence: 12 Mount Morris Park W., N. Y. City.
Address: Univ. of Pa. Sch. of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pa.


Member Congress; b. N. Y. City, July 7, 1870: s.
Michael and Margaret (Harrigan) Riordan; ed. public
echs ; grad. Manhattan Coll., A.B., 1890; m. Providence,
R. I., June 28, 1899, Edith M. Caldwell. After gradua-
tion became partner in real estate and insurance
business conducted by lather. .Elected to 56th Con-
gress, 1898, from 8th N. Y. Dist. Elected to N. Y.
State Senate, 1902; appt'd by Lieut.-Gov. Higgins mem.
Corns, on Insurance and Military Affairs; re-elected
1904, and appt'd by Lieut.-Gov. Bruce, 1905, mem.
Corns, on Insurance, Forests, Fish and Game, and
Military Affairs, and later mem. sp'l Insurance Investi-
gation Com.; elected Nov. 6, 1906, from 8th N. Y.
to serve out unexpired term of Timothy D. Sullivan,
resigned, in 59th Congress and to full term to 60th
Congress; re-elected to 61st, 62d and 63d Congresses.
Democrat; mem. Tammany Soc. Catholic. Clubs:
Down Town, Catholic, Nat. Democratic. Residence: 29
Oliver St. Address: 114 Centre St., N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r; b. St. Clair, Mich., Jan. 3, 1854; s. Volney
Abner and Maria (Klein) Ripley; C.E., 1876, and (hon.)
M.E., 1911, Univ. of Mich.; m. 1st, Feb. 5, 1881, Rebecca
McNaughton, of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich, (died 1907);
2d, June 23, 1909, Mary J. Roper, of Edgefield, S. C.
County surveyor Chippewa Co., Mich., 1876; U. S. ass't
eng'r improvement St. Mary's River and St. Mary's
Falls Ship Canal, Saulte Ste. Marie, Mich., 1877-1906;
included building of Weitzel lock, finished 1881, and
Poe lock, finished 1896; Neebish Channels, etc. U. S.
ass't eng'r in charge survey and preparation of plans
and estimates for canal 64 miles long connecting Bir-
mingham, Ala., -with the Black Warrior River, 1897;
gen. sup't St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal, Mich., 1898-1906;
mem. consulting b'd internat. eng'rs to determine type
of the Panama Canal, 1905; principal ass't eng'r Pan-
ama Canal, in charge of designing the locks, dams
and regulating works, 1906, and ass't chief eng r
Panama Canal, 1907; advisory eng'r N. Y. State Dep t
Public Works, 1907-1909; mem. advisory b'd consulting
eng'rs, N. Y. State canals, 1909-1911; consulting eng'r
to N. Y. State eng'r since 1911. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E.,
Western Soc. Eng'rs, and several other eng'ring and
scientic socs.; Delta Tau Delta, Tau Beta Pi (hon).
Club: Aurania (Albany, N. Y.). Residence: 350 West-
ern Av. Address: State Hall, Albany, N. Y.


Educator; b. Johnstown, Nl Y., March 21, 1858; s.
Henry and Anna (Hunter) Ripton; ed. Johnstown
Acad.; grad. Union Coll., A.B., 1880, A.M., 1886. Ph.D..
1895, LL.D., 1909; Syracuse Univ., LL.D., 1896; m.
Johnstown, June 2, 1880, Francena Nare; children:
Mrs. Maud Ripton Aiken, b. May 20, 1881, Ruth. b.
Sept. 2, 1892. Prof, in Whitestown Sem., 1882-1883;
principal same, 1883-1885; prof, mathematics, 1886-
1894, prof, history since 1894, dean since 1894, Union
Coll. Methodist. Mem. Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Polit.
Science Ass'n, and several professional socs.; Phi Beta
Kappa Soc, Psi Upsilon fraternity, B'd Ed'n City of
Schenectady, 1903-1907; mem. Gen. Conf. M. E. Ch.,
1900. Address: 38 Un:on Av., Schenectady, N. Y.


Clergyman; grad. Univ. of Pa, B.A., 1867, Gen. Theol.
Sem., S.T.B., 1871. Ordered deacon, 1871, by Bishop
H. Potter, ordained priest 1S73, by Bishop Niles, in
Episcopal ministry. Formerly rector Ch. of the Ascen-
sion, Chicago, 111., now rector St. Ignatius Ch., N. Y.
City. Address: 552 West End Av., N, Y. City.


Capitalist; b. 111.; s. Valentine and J. Hortense
(Paschal) Rittei ; ed. Washington Univ., St. Louis,
Mo.; m. St. Louis. Mo., 1S84, Fannie Belle, d. of former
Congressman William H. Stone; children: Paschal
Stone, b. 1S85; Wesley Harcourt, h. 1892, Edward

Bates, b. 1899. Pres. Merchants' & Mf'rs' Exchange,
Grand Central Palace Co., Floral Garden Development
Co.; v.-p. St. Louis, Lakewood & Grand Park R'y Co.,
Nicholls-Ritter Realty Co.; m'ng dir. Internat. Exp'n
Co.; mem. B'd Century Bank. Methodist. Mason (32").
Dir. St, Louis Protestant Hosp.; trustee and treas.
Mo. Soc. of N. Y.; dir. N. Y. Soc. Residence: 101 W.
81st St. Address: 480 Lexington Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 26, 1862; s. William and
Elise (Kohler) Ritterbusch; ed. public schs. ; grad.
Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., Columbia Univ. Law Sch.,
.LL.B.; m. Feb. 19, 1890, Annie L. Maack. Instr.
Stevens High Sch., Hoboken, N. J., 1882-1888; admitted
to practise N. Y. Bar, 1888; dir. and v.-p. West Side
Taxpayers' Ass'n, 1905-1907; now dir. West Side
Mutual Bld'g, Loan and Savings Ass'n, pres. 1901-
1904; dir. Maiden Lane Savings Bank; sec. and counsel
Central Valley Land and Improvement Co., Kelly &
Buck Co., Newton Extension Petticoat Co. Democrat.
Mem. Gen. Com. Tammany Hall. Mem. B'd of Dirs.
Heinebund Singing Soc. (pres. 1892-1893, 1907-1909);
mem. Arion Soc. (mem. B'd Dirs. 1902-1905, 1910; pres.
1911-1913), St Mark's Hosp, N Y. County Lawyers'
Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, Columbia Coll. and Coll. City of
N. Y. Alumni Ass'ns. Recreations: Outdoor sports,
fishing. Club: German Press. Residence (summer):
Central Valley, N. Y.; (winter): 107 W. 69th St. Ad-
dress: 80 Maiden Lane, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, May 1, 1849; s. Francis R. and
Matilda (Barclay) Rives; grad. Columbia Coll., B.A.,
1868, M.A., 1872; Trinity Coll., Cambridge, B.A., 1872,
M.A., 1884; Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1873; m. 1st,
Elizabeth, N. J., May 21, 1873, Caroline Morris Kean
(died March 29, 1887), 2d, March 20, 1889, Sarah Swan
Whiting; children: George Barclay, b. 1S74, Francis
Bayard, b. 1890, Mildred Sara, b. 1893. Assf sec. of
State of the U. S., 1887-1889; chm'n Charter Revision
Com. of the City of N. Y., 1900; corp'n counsel City of
N. Y., 1902-1903; dir. Bank of N. Y., U. S. Trust Co..
Lawyers' Title Ins. and Trust Co., Lawyers' Mortgage
Co., Mortgage Bond Co.; was formerly and for many
years mem. law firm Olin & Rives. Democrat. Mem.

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