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Editor- b Philadelphia, June 26, 1867; s. Henry E.
and Elizabeth (Stockton) Rood: ed. in public schools,
and special course in N. H. Coll. of Agr. and the Me-
chanic Arts; m. Hazleton, Pa., June 13, 1894, Elizabeth
T. Troutman. Writer of short stories and articles on
literature and economics to magazines and reviews;
ass't editor Harper's Magazine, 1899-1909; contb'r to
stories and essays to magazines. Author: Hardwicke,
1902; In Pastures New, 1902; In Camp at Bear Pond,
1904. Residence: Pleasantville, N. Y.


Fire insurance mg'r; b. Pequanac, N. J., Oct. 13, 1877;
grad. Rutgers Coll., 1896. After graduation was en-
gaged in civil eng'ring work, and later with Sanborn-
Perris Map Co. In 1898 became insp. with Continental
Ins Co of N Y., and later chief insp. for its Eastern
Dep't- since 1903 mg'r Brooklyn and L. I. Dep't for
that company; also since its org'n, mg'r for LI. for
Fidelity-Phenix Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. Clubs: Hamil-
ton Municipal (Brooklyn), Delta Upsilon (N. Y. City);
director Rutgers Alumni Ass'n of N. Y.; Sec.-treas.,
Rutgers Coll. Club of Brooklyn and L. I. Address: 158
Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Real estate and ins. broker; b. Plainfieia, N. J.,
March 19, 1884; s. William J. and Saidee (Sandford)
Roome: ed. Berkelev Sch., Nathan Hale Sch., N. Y.;
grad. Yale Coll., A.B., class of 1907: m. Philadelphia,
Pa April 24, 1909, Florence Newman Ayers; children:
Gwendolyn, b. Aug. 1, 1910; Florence, b. May 4,
1913. Started in office of William J. Roome. July 15,
1907 admitted into partnership. William J. Roome &
Co October 1, 1908; pres. William J. Roome & Co.,



Inc., since Aug. 1, 1913. Head Howard Le C. Roome.
Republican; mem. Dutch Reformed Ch. Mem. Alpha
Delta Phi fraternity, Scroll and Key Soc. Recreations:
Golf, tennis. Clubs: Yale. Piping Rock. Residence:
875 Park Av. Address: 177 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. N. Y. City. June ^0, 1S57; s. William H.
and Mary Adelaide (Miller) Roome; grad. Univ. Gram-
mar Sen., N. Y. Univ.; m. Plainfield, N. J., Feb. 18,
1880, Saidee M. Sandford; children: William J., Clar-
ence Sandford, Howard Le Chevalier, Reginald. Pres.
Excelsior Savings Bank; dir. Sandford Realty Co. Re-
publican; Presby'n. Clubs: Republican, N. Y. Athletic,
Psi Upsilon, Oakland Golf. Address: 101 K. 57th .St.,
N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Binghamton, X. Y., March 19, I860; s.
John J. and Ellen T. (Shanahan) Rooney; grad. Mt
St. Mary's Coll., Emmitsburg, Md., AC. AM, (.1st
honors of class), 1884, LL.D., 19os; m. .Marie Collins;
children: John Jerome, Jr., Dunstan Collins, Roderick
Shanahan. Marie Collins. In customs revenue prac-
tise, estates and commercial law. Presiding Judge
Court of Claims, State of N. Y. For many years has
written and spoken in favor of a tariff for revenue
only; aided in drafting the tariff plank at the Balti-
more Dem. Conv. Mem. firm of Rooney, Beha. Dem-
ocrat; Roman Catholic. Mem. Friendly Sons of St.
Patrick (former sec), Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y.
State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. County Lawyers'
Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, Merchants' Ass'n, Waterways'
League State of N. Y., Waterways' League of Greater
N. V., Nat. Waterways' Congress. Clubs: Pleiades
(former pres.), National Democratic Reform, Catholic.
Residence: 619 W. 145th St. Address: 29 Broadway,
X. Y. City.


Lawyer; Ass't Sec. of Navy; b. Hyde Park, Dutchess
Countj' N. Y., Jan. 30, 18S2; s. James and Sara (De-
lano) Roosevelt; grad. Harvard Univ., A.B., Columbia
Law Sch., N. Y.; m. N. Y., 1905, Eleanor Roosevelt;
children: Anna Eleanor, b. 1906; James, b. 1907; El-
liott, b. 1910. Has practised law in N. Y. City since
1907. Nominated on Dem. ticket for State Senator,
26th Senate Dist. (Dutchess, Putnam and Columbia
Counties), Oct., 1910; elected Nov. 8 1910; re-elected
State Senator by increased majority Nov., 1912; appt'd
Ass't Sec. of Navy by Pres. Wilson, March 17, 1913.
Dir. First Nat. Bank, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Democrat.
Trustee Seamen's Ch. Inst., Comm'r Hudson-Fulton
Celebration. Mem. N. Y. Milk Com., N. Y. Hist. Soc,
Holland Soc, Dutchess County Soc, Naval History
Soc, Geog. Soc. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Clubs:
Harvard, Knickerbocker, Riding. Residence: Hyde
Park, Dutchess County, N. Y. Address: Navy Dep't,
Washington, D. C.-

Ex-Pres. of the United States; b. N. Y. City, Oct.
27, 1858; s. Theodore Roosevelt (merchant and philan-
thropist) and Martha (Bullock) Roosevelt; prepared
for college under a tutor; grad. Harvard, A.B., 1880;
LL.D., Columbia, 1889, Hope Coll. (Holland, Mich.),
1901. Yale, 1901; Harvard, 1903; Univ. of Pennsylvania.
1905, Clark Univ., 1905; m. 1st, 1883, Alice Lee (died
1884); one daughter, Alice (m. 1906, Hon. Nicholas
Longworth); 2d, 18S6, Edith Kermit Carow; children:
Theodore, Jr., (m. 1910, Eleanor B. Alexander), Ker-
mit. Ethel, Archie, Quentin. Elected 1881 and re-
elected 1882 and 18S3 mem. N. Y. Assembly; in ses-
sion of 1883 (in which the Democrats had a majority)
"was a candidate for the speakership; and in session
of 1884 was chm'n Com. on Cities, and of the special
com. which investigated abuses in the conduct of the
gov't of N. Y City. In 1884 was delegate to N. Y.
State Rep. Conv., and later in same year delegate at
large, and chm'n of N. Y. delegation to Nat. Rep.
Conv. at Chicago; supported Senator Edmunds for the
presidential nomination, but when Blaine was nomi-
nated, entered actively into the campaign in his
behalf. Bought a ranch in North Dakota and lived
on it for two years studying the Far West and its
people thoroughly and becoming an adept as ranch-
man and hunter. Returned to N. Y. City, 1886, and was
made Rep. nominee for mayor, but was defeated by
Abram S. Hewitt; appt'd mem. U. S. Civil Service
Comm'n, 1889, and served as its pres., but resigned
that office in 1895 to accept the presidency of the
Police Comm'n under the administration of Mayor
Strong, which office held until April 6, 1897, when was
appt'd by President McKinley Ass't Sec. of the Navy.
When war with Spain was declared he resigned his
position in the Navy Dep't and with Dr. Leonard
Wood, an army surgeon, organized the First Reg't
U. S. Volunteer Cavalry, recruited from the ranches
of the West and popularly known as the Rough Riders,
Surgeon Wood because of his superior tactical knowl-

edge, becoming col. and Mr. Roosevelt lieut-col.; reg't
went to the front, to Cuba, and pai ticipalcd in the
fighting in front of Santiago de Cuba, and was pro-
moted to colonelcy of the reg t for gallantry at Las
Guasimas; at close of the war returned with reg't to
Montauk Toint, where was mustered out of service;
shortly afterward was nominated for and, Nov., 1898,
was elected Gov. of New York; in 1900 was nominated
for vice-Pres. of the United States by the Rep. Nat.
Conv. at Philadelphia, and elected, and entered on the
duties of that office March 4, 1901; on the death of
Pres. McKinley, Sept. 14, 1901, was sworn in as Pres.;
in the Nat. Conv, 1904, was nominated for Pies., and
in Nov. election was elected by a plurality in the
popular vote of 2,512,417 and a majority of 1,696,142,
for the term beginning March 4, 1905, and expiring
March 4, 1909. His administration was marked by the
inauguration of great works of public improvement,
notably the Panama Canal; by measures for the orderly
government and advancement of the people of our
insular possessions, by the prosecution of faithless of-
ficials, the curbing of law-breaking corp'ns, the mak-
ing of laws for proper inspection of the packing and
meat-dressing industries, the prevention of frauds
and impurities in food products, the conservation of
our natural resources, and other salutary measures
inaugurated in response to President's initiative. In
foreign policy Mr. Roosevelt took the part of a peace-
maker, and through his initiative Russia and Japan,
by the treatly of Portsmouth, were brought to the con-
clusion of an honorable peace, in recognition of which
the B'd of Dirs. of the Nobel Institute of Stockholm
conferred upon him, in 1906, the Nobel Peace Prize.
Although for twenty-five years past almost continu-
ously occupied with the public service, has earned
distinction also in the profession of letters. Is now
contributing editor of The Outlook. Author: History
of the Naval War of 1812-1882; Hunting Trips of a
Ranchman, 1885; Life of Thomas Hart Benton, 1887,
and Life of Gouverneur Morris. 1888 (in the "Ameri-
can Statesman" series); Ranch Life and Hunting Trail,
1888; the Winning of the West, 1889-1896; History
of New York (in Historic Towns" series), 1890; The
Wilderness Hunter, 1892; Essays on Practical Politics,
1892; American Ideals and Other Essays, 1897; The
Rough Riders, 1899; Life of Oliver Cromwell, 1900;
The Strenuous Life, 1900. A complete edition of his
works to that time was published in six volumes in
1902. He also collaborated in writing the Deer Fam-
.ily, published by Macmillan in 1902. Outdoor pas-
times of an American Hunter 1906; European and
African addresses, 1910; African Game Trails, 1910;
The New Nationalism 1910. Made trip to Africa and
visited various countries on way home, 1909-1910; was
U. S. representative at funeral of Edward VII., King
of Great Britain and Ireland. Residence: Oyster Bay,
L. I., N. Y.


Banker; b. N. Y. City, April 30, 1857; s. James A. and
Elizabeth Norris (Emlen) Roosevelt; ed. private schools
in America, and tutors in Europe; m. Ursino, N. J., Oct.
4, 1883, Christine Griffin Kean. Sixteen years' service
in N. G. N. Y., rank of major. Partner Roosevelt &
Son. Trustee Roosevelt Hosp., N. Y. Dispensary, N Y
Eye & Ear Infirmary. Clubs: Metropolitan, Century,
Riding, Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht, City, Down
Town, (N. Y. City); Metropolitan (Washington). Resi-
dence: 804 Fifth Av. Address: 30 Pine St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Waterford, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1863; ed. Ham-
ilton Coll. and Columbia Law Sch. Admitted to bar,
practising la-w in N. Y. City. Formerly firm Ingram '
Root & Massey; now of Ingram. Root, Massey, Clarke
& Lowe; dir. Nat. Canning and Mf'g Co. Mem. Sigma
Phi fraternity, and Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Ass'n Bar
City of N. Y. Club: Republican. Address: 55 Liberty
St., N. Y. City.


U. S. Senator; b. Clinton, N. Y., Feb. 15 1845- s
Oren Root (prof, mathematics at Hamilton Coll ) and
Nancy Whitney (Butterick) Root; grad. Hamilton Coll
A.B., 1864; then taught in academy at Rome N Y for
a year before entering Univ. Law Sch N Y Citv
from which grad., LL.B., 1867; LL.D., Hamilton 1K<U
Yale, 1900, N. Y. Univ., 1904, Columbia, 1904, Williams'
1905, Princeton, 1906, Univ. of Buenos Ayres 1906 Har-
vard, 1907, Wesleyan Univ., 1909; McGill Univ ' 1913'
mem. Faculty Polit. and Administrative Sciences' Univ'
of San Marcos of Lima, 1906; Dr. Polit. Science' Univ'
of Leyden, 1913; D.C.L., Oxford Univ. 1913- m N Y'
City, Jan. 8, 1878, Clara, d. Salem H. Wales ' Engaged
in practice of law since 1867 in N. Y. City and has
been identified with many of most important litiga-
tions in N. Y. City; was leading counsel for estate in
cele'brated contest growing out of will of late A T.
Stewart, through schemes of alleged Irish heirs; co'un-



sel in Broadway surface railroad litigation, Sugar
Trust contest, Aqueduct litigation; successively de-
fended Robert Ray Hamilton in suit brought about
through machinations of notorious Umma Mann, and
in many other cases of equal prominence with these;
counsel for U. S. in North Atlantic Fisheries Arbitra-
tion at The Hague, 1910; U. S. mem. Permanent Court
of Arbitration at The Hague. Appt'd by Pres. Arthur.
1883, IU. S. List. Att'y of Southern Dist. of N. Y., and
served until 1885, and during- term, among other cases,
convicted James D. Pish of criminal complicity in con-
nection with celebrated Grant-Ward frauds; delegate-
at-large to Constitutional Conv. of State of N. Y., in
which was chm'n Judiciary Com. and leader on floor
of Kepublican majority in that Conv. A year after
close of Spanish-Am. War, when an especially strong
man was needed in the War Dep't to straighten out
conditions resulting from the prematurely tiegun, but
quickly won, campaign in two hemispheres and to
meet unprecedented demand which came with the sud-
den acquisition of our insular possessions, was appt'd
Aug. 1899, Sec. of War, and as such placed an army of
70,000 men in Philippines which quelled formidable
insurrection under Aguinaldo and minor uprisings
which followed, and also took up burden of Chinese
(Exp'n to rescue our minister and his household during
Boxer uprising, his service in War Dep't continuing
under reapptm't by Pres. Roosevelt, until Feb. 1. 1904,
when he resigned to return to practice of law. In-
duced by Pres. Roosevelt to return to Cabinet as sec.
of State 1905, and dealt with many important ques-
tions bearing upon our relations in Orient, Russo-
Japanese War and its termination, situation in Cuba;
made a diplomatic tour of South America 1906, which
has done much to strengthen our relations with Latm-
\m. republics. Was mem. Alaskan Boundary Tribunal,
which sat in London, Sept.-Oct., 1907. and settled dis-
puted questions of boundary between Alaska and Can-
ada. Resigned from Cabinet in 1909, elected U. S.
Senator 1909 for full term. Trustee Carnegie Inst.,
Washington; of Hamilton Coll., and of Met. Museum ot
Art Asso. mem. Instut de Droit International; pres.
Am. Soc. Internat. Law, Carnegie Endowment for In-
ternal Peace; chm'n Rep. Nat. Conv. 1904, 1912 and
N. Y State Rep. Conv., 1908, 1910, 1913. Mem. and ex-
pres.' Ass'n Bar of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass n Club;
"Union League (pres. 1898-1899). Residence: 998 Fifth
Av., N. Y., and 1155 16th St., Washington, D. C.


Merchandise broker; b. Detroit, Mich., Mar. 17, 1869;
s. Charles and Alice (Hascall) Root; ed in Detroit, St.
Paul's Sch.. Concord; Yale Univ.; m. Le Roy, NY,
\pril 19, 1894, Josephine H. Wells; children: Marshall
J Jr. b 1898, Wells Crosby, b. 1900. Pres. Root-
Knisrht Co of N Y. Republican; Episcopalian. Club:
Calumet. Address: 27 E. 22d St., N. Y. City.


Railroad official; b. Columbia, Mo., June 20, 1873; 6.
late Rev Oren and Ida (Gordon) Root; grad. Hamil-
ton A.B., (Phi Beta Kappa), 1894. Engaged in active
mg'mt of railroads since leaving coll., and at 30 in
active charge of surface lines of N. Y City; pres. Re-
public Railway & Light Co., Manhattan Motor Bus
Co., Inc., dir. Bridge Operating Co. Club: University.
Address: 60 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker- 'b. Buffalo, N. Y., June 2, 1866; s. Robert
Keating (was adopted by grandfather, Francis H.
Root) Ind Caroline W. Root; m. Buffalo, 1888, Emily
K Davis Director and chm'n Exec. Com. Bank of
Buffalo; dir.. v.-p. Market Bank; trustee Fidelity Trust
Co mem. Exec. Com. Ellicott Square Co. of Buffalo.
Republican. Clubs: Buffalo. Saturn. Country, Union.
Address: 52 West Chippewa St., Buffalo, Is. 1.


Jurist; appt'd judge of Court of Gen. Sessions for
term expiring Dec. 31, 1920. Address: Criminal Court
Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Ruhla, 'Germany, Nov. 4, 1S39; ed. in
German and American Universities. Has written sev-
eral books on med. and medico-hist. subjects and about
the modern Greek language of which some have been
translated into German and into Greek. Knight of the
Greek order of the Savior. Address: 173 Lexington
Av., N. Y. City.


Author, pottery expert; U London, England; s. Henry
Cooper and Louisa (Phillips) Rose; ed. at Harrow, and
Oxford, Eng.; m. N. Y. City, July, 1893, Mary Butler
Broome of Lewistown, Pa. Gen. Mg'r Haviland & Co.
Editor: American Pottery Gazette, 1905-1908; author:

The Barberini Vase, Noteg on Pottery, Classical Chi-
nese Porcelain. Mem. Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. Ceramic Soc. Clubs: Manhattan,
Aero of America, Authors (London). Residence: 67
Riverside Drive. Address: 11 E. 36th St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Haverstraw, N. Y., April 14, 1875;
s. John Clark and Martha (Bailey) Rose; grad. Yale,
Ph.B., 1897; attended N. Y. Law Sch., 1898; m. New-
burgh, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1898, Maude Moir Barclay; one son:
John Barclay, b. Sept. 21, 1899. AVorked in father's
brick mf'g plant in summer vacations, learning the
business; on father's death, succeeded to principal
ownership of Rose Brick Co., Roseton, X. Y., later be-
came pres., treas. and gen. mg'r of that co., which po-
sition still holds; also pres. John B. Rose Co., Building
and Road Construction Supplies, gen. lighterage cur-
rent; v.-p. Atlas Building Material Co. plants at Hud-
son & Poseton, N. Y. ; v.-p. Toledo Computing Scale
Co. Treas. Ass'n of Brick Mf'rs; dir. Ass'n of Dealers
in Masons' Building Material. Republican; presiden-
tial elector, 1904 Elected State senator from 25th
Senate District 1908; re-elected 1910. Mem. Hudson
River Lodge and Highland Chapter, Masons, Hudson
River Commandery, K. T., N. Y. Consistory, Mecca
Temple (Mystic Shrine), Elks, Odd Fellows, Maccabees,
Turn Verein, Newburgh Boating Ass'n, Brookside
Grange, Lawson Hose, .Newburgh, N. Y., Pavonia
Grange, Patrons of Husbandry; capt. N. G. N. Y.
Mem. B'd of Mg'rs St. Luke's Hosp., trustee Masonic
Hall Ass'n. Newburgh, N. Y. Recreations: Motoring,
motor boating. Clubs: Union League, Yale, Repub-
lican, Transportation, Columbia Yacht (N. Y. City),
Crescent Athletic (Brooklyn), Newburgh City, Powel-
ton (Newburgh); Albany, Haverstraw (Haverstraw,
N. Y.); Roseton (Roseton, N. Y.). Address: 103 Park
Av., N. Y. City.


Physician and surgeon; b. Ottawa, Can., 1869; s.
George Maclean and Margaret (Manson) Rose; grad.
Toronto Collegiate Inst.; Toronto Univ., Ph.G., 1891;
Coll. Phys. and Surgs., Columbia Univ., M.D., 1896.
Physician Eye Dep't. Manhattan and Bronx Eye, Ear
and Throat Hosps. Independent Democrat; Unitarian.
Mem. County Med. Soc, Bronx Med. Soc; master Ma-
sonic Lodge No. 703. Recreations: Lacrosse (mem.
European team, 1896, C. A. C). rowing (junior singles
champion, C A. C, 1905). Club: Crescent Athletic
(Brooklyn). Address: 1153 Boston Koad, N. Y. City.


Banker; mem. firm Ladenburg, Thalmann Co.; pres.
and dir. Broad-Exchange Co.; v.-p. and dir. Alliance
Realty Co.; 2d v.-p. and dir. U. S. Rubber Reclaiming
Works; mem. exec. com. and dir. Kansas City South-
ern R'y Co., Inwood Land & Improvement Co., N. Y.
Mortgage & Security Co., Title Ins. Co. of N. Y. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: City, Lotos, Harvard,
Lambs, Midday, Strollers. Residence: 64 W. 52d St.
Address: 25 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Albany, N. Y., June 23, 1842; s. Sampson
and Fannie (iSaohs) Rosendale; ed. Albany public
schs., Barre (Vt.) Acad., Union Univ., LL.D., 1908; m.
Albany, N. Y., Pet). 9, 1870, Helen Cone In practice
of law at Albany, N. Y., since admission to bar, 1S63;
formerly mem. firm Peckham, Rosendale & Hessberg,
now 'Ot Rosendale, Hessberg, Delaney & Haines.
Served as ass't dist. att'y, recorder (judge of Mavor's
court) and corp'n counsel, city of Albany, and att'y
gen. of State, 1891-1893. (Dir. Am! Suretv Co., N. Y.;
Commerce Ins. Co., Union Trust Co., Albany; Albany
Inst. & (Hist. Soc. Comm'r and v.-p. State B"d of
Charities; mem. comm'n on sites of State Charitable
Inst'n. Pres. b'd of govs. Union Univ., pres. b'd of
trustees Albany Med. Coll., pres. (1S98-1S99) N. Y.
State Bar Ass'n; pres. Ninth N. Y. State Conf. Charity
& Corrections. 190S; trustee Cong. Beth Emeth, v.-p.
Am. Jewish Hist. Soc. hon. v.-p. Am. Jewish Pub.
Soc Mem. Am. Hist. Soc. Inst, and Am. Acad. Polit.
and Social Science, Nat. Municipal League. Recrea-
tions: Walking, fishing. Clubs: Fort Orange,
Adelphi, Albany Country, N. Y. Reform, Megantic
Fish and Game. Residence: 325 State St. Address:
57 State St., Albany, N. Y.


Dramatist: b. Richmond. Va Oct. 26, 1S55; ed. In
public schools of Richmond, Va.; m. Genie H. Johnson.
Engaged in journalism and was for some time editor
of Puck, until he abandoned newspaper work to de-
vote his entire attention to the writing of plavs,
among which he has produced A Possible Case, Imag-
ination, The Club Friend, A House of Cards, The
Politician, Lady or Tiger, The Passing Show, The



Aero Club, The Vande^bilt Cup; joint author of The
Senator, and adapter of The Black llii.-s.u, Prince
Methusalem, N'anon and other plays. Address: 1482
Broadway, N. V. City.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, June 16, 1SS2; s. Bernhard
and Rebecca (Horr) Rosens tein; ed. Coll. City of N. ST.,
Columbia Univ.. Coll. Phya and Surgs., N. Y., M.D.; m.
1909, Sylvia Mahler. Consulting physician Sfounj io
Sanitarium, Butler. N. .1 . ; attending physician Naturo-
pathic Private Sanitarium, N. V. City; chief physician
Naturopathic Inst.. N. Y. City; consulting physician
Fifth Avenue Hygienic Inst. Prof, natural therapeu-
tics in Am. School of Naturopathy, N. I. Mem, in-
dependent Order Brith Abraham. Address: 112 B. 10th
St., N. Y. City.

Author, editor, librarian; b. Friedrichstadt, Russia,
Oct. 6, 1843; ed. at Bauske and Jaco'bstadt (graduated
from Pro-Gymnasium 1859)- translated from the Rus-
sian Nekrasos's poems; published collection of poems.
Gedichte, 1870; served in Red Cross Soc. in BUSSO-
Turkish War, receiving society's medal for distin-
guished service, 1S77-1S7S; master printer in Smela,
Gov't of Kiev, and in city of Kiev until 1SS1; pro-
duced humorous story, Die Wunderliche Kur (1872);
assisted in founding Zarya (Dawn), a daily paper ap-
pearing at Kiev, 1S78; corr. mem. St. Petersburg Soc.
for Promotion of Culture Among the Russian Jews;
sailed for U. S., 18S1. Established agr'l colonies for
Russian Jewish immigrants in Da. and fa. D., 1881-
1S82; took part in Woodbine (N. J.) colony, 1S91; en-
gaged in book trade, 1S87-1SSS; chief statistician Ed-
fson Gen. Elec. Co., 1888-1891; sent .by Gt Northern
R R Co. to investigate the economic conditions and
trade of China, Korea and Japan, 1S92 (on which pub-
lished report, 1S93); elected sec. German-Am. Reform
Union N. Y. City, and mem. of Press Bureau, Com.
of Seventy; chief of Discharging Dep't, Immigration
Bureau, Eliis Island, N. Y., 1894-1896; chief . Slavonic
Dep't N Y. Public Li'brary (Astor Branch) since 1898
Joined editorial b'd of Jewish Encyclopedia as ichief
of Russian dep't, Dec., 1900; prominently connected
with development of the Haskalah in Russia- con-
tributed, 1859-1867, to the Hamelitz and other Hebrew
periodicals; corresponded with Reifmanm ^e on Gor-
don Zweifel, Zederbaum, Fuenn. In US. edited and
published (with A. Rosenberg) the Hebrew Monthly,
Ha-Modia la-Hadasim. 1901; founded the Society of
the Onole Shem; translated into German verse
Ecclesiastes (Worte des Sammlers), 1S95, and the Song
of Son-s (Died der Lieder), 1893; translated from the

German Hugo Ganz's Band of Ri^lf.v^^tuUgart)'
SpatherDstnebel (German poems) 1906 (Stuttgart),
also Das Neue Russland, a series of articles " Russia,
fn N. Y Staats-Zeitung, 1905-1906; translated from the
Prussian Prince S. Drssov's Memoirs of a Govern
(Harper's, 1908). Address: N. Y. Public Library, lit.
Fifth Av N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 9, 1878; son of Solomon
and Bessie (Brooks) Rosenthal; educated New York
University for one year in academic dep^ ., 1893, gran.
Harvard Coll , A.B., 1898; Harvard Law Sch., LL.ts.,
Sfd" AM., 1901; married 1908. Admitted to NY Bar
1901- engaged in practice in N. Y. City since i ne ."-
Dir , /B?na ^Mortgage Co. Represented Harvard Univ.
in Joint Debate with Princeton in years 189 8 and 189 J,
Harvard won each time. Mem. Ass n Bar City o : jn. i_.
Theta Nu Epsilon fraternity. Dir. Emmanuel Brother-
hood? mem. Jit. Sinai Hosp., United Hebrew Charlies,
Edn'l Alliance, Young Women's Hebrew Ass n Young
Men's Hebrew Ass'n. Recreations: Tennis, rowing,
yachting! automobiling. Clubs: Harmome Grove. Resi-
dence; 545 W. 111th St. Address: 2 Rector St.. N. X.

Architect; b. Westfield, Mass., Oct. 26, 1869; s John
Wesley and Clara Louise (Scarlett) Ross: studied
architecture in offices of McKim Mead & White, and
in Greece. Italv and France; m. Brcokline, Mass., Oct.
30 1901, Susan Chadwick Husted. Architect Carnegie

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