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Library Washington, D. C; Union County Court
Hou'eT'EliiSbethfN.'j.: public i*"'" 1 ^ Columbus.
Ohio Denver, Colo., and many others. Address: lb
E. 42d St., N. Y. City.

Capitalist: b. Brooklyn. N. Y 1860; s. Lucius T.
and Marv (Wickes) Rossiter; ed. Adelphi Coll., Poly.
Inst Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, 1884, Jessie L. Good-
rich'' V-p. and trustee Brooklyn Trust Co.: treas.
and' dir. Suitepec Electric Light and Power Co.; dir.
Pacific Fire Ins. Co.. and Bank of Suffolk Co. Ad-
dress - 97 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Railway official; b. Great Neck, L. J., Aug. 14, 1870;
Kdward Van Wvek and Esielle (ll.wli t) Rossiter;
ed. Flushing Inst., Flushing, L. X; llolbrook Mil.
Acad., Ossining; Brooklyn Poly. Inst., Brooklyn; m.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Jun; 5, 1894, Ella Fowler; children:
Lawrence Fowler, b. 1896; Dorothy, b. 1900. Treas.
X Y Central & Hudson River R.R. Co., and about 20
subsidiary cos., N. Y r . State Ry's, Clearfield Bituminous
Coal Corp'n, Rochester R'y & Light Co.; treas. and
dir. Mohawk Valley Co.; dir. Lincoln Nat. Bank.
(Served 7 years in Co. I, 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y. Mem.
Chamber of Commerce: Trustee Trilbune Fresh Air
Fund Aid So'c, Y. M. C. A., Railroad Branch. Clubs:
Union League, Transportation, Greenwich Country.

It, :- id. no : (Jr. enw ich, i '(inn. \ddiv: :.: i Ir I i Vnl i :il

Terminal, N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Paris, France; s. Thomas and Anna E.
(Parmly) Rossiter; grad. Cornell Univ.; m. Mary E.
Heath, Pittsburgh, Pa., June 14, 1877; children: Frank
H., b. 1879; Kensett, b. 1882; Edith, b. 1887; Winthrop,
b 1895. Mem. Am. Fine Arts Soc. Clubs: Century,
Cornell Univ., National Arts, MacDowell Musical. Resi-
dence: 15 W. 67th St. Address: 15 W. 38th St., N. Y.


Sculptor; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 28, 1872; s.
Johannis and Jane Grey (Beau) Roth; studied art at
Acad, of Fine Arts, Vienna. Austria. 1893-1895; Acad.
of Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany, 1895-1897; m. N. Y.
City, April, 1905, Madeline E. G. Foster. Academician
Nat Acad. Design; mem. Nat. Sculpture Soc, Archi-
tectural League of New York. Club: Salmagundi.
Address: Sherwood PI., Englewood, N. J.


Banker, broker; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 4, 1S69; s. Frank
and Amanda (Blum) Rothschild; td. public schs.; Coll.
City of N. Y., B.S., 1889; Colum'bia Univ., Ph.B., 1890;
Columbia Daw Sch., LL.B., 1891; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 3,
1899, Cora Guggenheim; children: Muriel B., Gwen-
dolyn F. Admitted to practice of law, 1891; in mf'g
hus'iness, 1893-1902, and banking since 1902. Mem.
I. F. Rothschild & Co. Republican; Hebrew. Treas.
and dir. Hosp. fcr Deformities and Joint Diseases.
Clubs: City Athletic, Republican, Century, Criterion,
Country. Residence: 15 E. 72d St. Address: 66 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. Eufaula, Ala., June 14, 1S61; s. Frank
and Amanda (Blum) Rothschild; ed. Coll. City of N.
Y'.; m. Dec. 2, 1S90. Lillian Abraham: children: Walter
Nathan, b. 1892; Howard Frank, b. 1899. Mem. of firm
Abraham & Straus, Brooklyn, N. Y. Republican. V.-p.
Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities; v.-p. Brook-
lyn Council Boy Scouts of America; dir. Hebrew Edn'l
Soc, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Bureau of
Charities, Soc. Prevention Cruelty to Children of
Brooklyn; dir. Hebrew Orphan Asylum of Brooklyn.
Clubs: Brooklyn, Riding and Driving, Union League,
Montauk (Brooklyn), Harmonle (New York), Century
Country, South Shore Field, Islip Polo (L. I.). Ad-
dress: Care Abraham & Straus, Fulton St., Brooklyn,
N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Cleveland, O., 1862; s. Dr. Charles C.
and Kate (Stowell) Rounds; grad. Amhenst Coll., A.B.,
1S87; Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., A.M., 1890; N. Y.
Univ., LL.M. (hon.), 1900. Mem. firm of Rounds,
Schurman & Dwight, lawyers; trustee Amherst Coll.;
dir. Union Buffalo Mills Co. Republican; Congre-
gationalist. Mem. Soc. of Cincinnati, Am. and N. Y.
State Bar Ass'ns, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Amherst
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: University, Harvard, Barnard.
Lawyers, Parmachenee, Nassau Country. Address: 96
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Cleveland, O.. Sept. 3, 1864; s. Charles
Collins and Kate Nixon (Stowell) Rounds; ed. Hallo-
well (Me.) Classical Acad, and State Normal Sch.,
Farmington, Me.; grad. Amherst Coll., A.B., 1887;
LL.B., Columbia Univ. Law Sch., 1892: J.D., N. Y.
State Univ., 1904; m. Massillon, O., May 29, 1905, Mary
Helena Ricks. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1892; prize
lecturer Columbia Law Sch., 1892-1895; formerly prof,
law. N. Y. Univ. Law Sch. Mem. of firm Rounds,
Hatch. Dillingham & Debevoise, lawyers. Mem. Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y., Chi Psi fraternity. Clubs: Univer-
sity, Nassau Golf. Residence: 302 W. 90th St. Ad-
dress: 62 Cedar St., N. Y. City.




Express official; v.-p., treas., trustee and mem. B'd
of Mg'rs Adams Express Co.; v.-p. and dir. Adams
Land and Building Co.; v.-p., treas. and dir. Adams
Vehicle Co.; pres. and dir. Hollywood Hotel and Cot-
tage Co.; dir. Dunlap's Express Co.; Morris European
and Am. Express Co. (Ltd.), Am. Exchange Nat.
Bank of N. Y., Mem. Ohio Soc. of N. Y., Met. Museum
of Art, Museum of Natural History. Clubs: New
York, Automobile of America, .Railroad Club of N. Y.
Residence: 57 West SSth St. Address: 71 Broadway,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Wappinger3 Falls, Dutchess Co., N. Y. ;
s. Daniel C. and Susan A. (Townsend) Rowe; grad.
Colgate Univ., A.B., 1887, and later A.M.; m. Marshall-
town, la., 1895. Loraine Meeker; one son: Julian P.,
b. 1898. Practising lawyer in N. Y. City, 1889-1905;
dealer in real estate in Brooklyn; pres. and dir.
Frederick W. Rowe & Co., Inc., N. Y. City, and treas.
Brooklyn Builders' Supply Co.; pres. Manhattan
Bridge 3-Cent Line. Republican; Congregationalist.
Mem. Dutchess Co. Soc, Employers' League of
Brooklyn. Clubs: Brooklyn, Union League. Muni-
cipal (Brooklyn). Residence: 1370 Union St. Ad-
dress: 728 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Teacher, author; b. New Haven, Conn., May 24,
1869; s. Henry B. and Celia (Stuart) Rowe; grad.
Yale, B. A., 1890, with two-year honor Latin and
Greek; fellow in pedagogy, Columbia Univ., 1892-
1894; Ph.D. Jena. Germany, 1895; m. Syracuse, N. Y.,
June 4, 1897, Agnes Helen Ford; 1 d., Constance, b.
Nov. 27, 1907. Inst'r Pennington Sem., N. J., 1890-
1892; prof, pedagogy and dir. of practise, State Nor-
mal Sen., Mankato, Minn., 1895-1898; supervising
principal New Haven, Conn., 1898-1904; lecturer in
pedagogy Yale Univ., 1901-1904; head of dep't of
psychology and principles of education Brooklyn
Training Sch. for Teachers since 1904. Lecturer in
Edn'l Psychology Brooklyn Inst, of Arts & Sciences,
1908-1909, and in Adelphi Coll., 1909-1910; principal
of Wadleigh High Sch., Borough of Manhattan since
1910. Author: The Physical Nature of the Child,
1899 (Maemillan Co.). 2d edition, 1905; The Lighting
of School Rooms, 1904 (Longmans); Habit-Formation
and the Science of Teaching, 1908; contb'r to jour-
nals and magazines. Independent Republican. Con-
gregationalist. Mem. Nat. Ed'n Ass'n, Am. Psychol.
Ass'n, Am. Soc. for Scientific Study of Ed'n. Re-
ligious Ed'n Ass'n. Recreations: Tennis, golf,
skating, bowling. Clubs: Scholia, Park Hill Country.
Address: 104 Hillcrest Av., Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Stoneham, Mass., Oct. 28, 1861; s. Levi
Smith and Mary (Fowle) Rowe; ed. Boston public
schools and Boston Univ.; m. Boston, Mass., 1885,
Anna A. Forrest. Admitted to bar, 1883; associated
with firm of Evarts, Choate & Beaman until liquida-
tion. Dec, 1901; mem. firm of Sullivan & Cromwell,
until Oct., 1911. Mem. New England Soc. Museum
of Natural History, Am. Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar State
of N. Y., Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Civil Service Re-
form Ass'n, Met. Museum of Art, Acad, of Polit.
Science, Navy League, N. Y. Peace Soc. Clubs: Cen-
tury, Down Town. Union League. Residence: 133 E.
38th St., N. Y. City.


Educator, botanist; b. Fulton, Oswego Co., N. Y.,
Dee. 15, 1861; s. George Washington and Sarah Cor-
nelia (Distin) Kowlee; grad. Fulton High Sch., 1884;
Cornell Univ., B.L., 1888, D.Sc, 1893; m. Fulton, N.
Y., Dec. 22, 1887, Libbie May Howard: children: Eliza-
beth, b. 1894; Howard, b. 189S; Silence, b. 1899. Instr.
in botany, Cornell, 1888-1893; ass't prof, in botany,
1893-1906; professor of botany, 1906; sup't University
grounds, Cornell, 1905. Alderman City of Ithaca,
1898-1902. Traveled in Cuba in 1901. Republican.
Fellow A.A.A.S. ; mem. Am. Soc. of Naturalists, Bbt.
Soc. of America, also other professional societies.
Mem. Kappa Sigma fraternity, Sigma Xi (honor soc).
Club: Town and Gown. Address: 11 East Av., Ithaca,
N. Y.


Engineer; b. Bradford, Eng., May 10, 1875; s. Henry
and Charlotte (Fisher) Rowntree; m. Philadelphia.
Oct. 6, 1908, Gertrude Ellen Lester; one son: Cedric,
b. July 13, 1911. Connected with Chicago Telephone
Co., 1893-1903 and 1904-1905. Engaged in business,
1905-1907, with Burdett-Rowntree Mf'g Co. in Lon-
don, Eng., in connection with London Underground
Elec. R'ys; 1907-1913, Burdette-Rowntree Mf'g Co., N.
Y. City. Traveled in England, 1903-1904. Mem. Soc.
of Friends (Quaker). Mason. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec.

Eng'rs, Am. Soc Civil Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs,
N. Y. Elec. Soc, Am. Museum of Safety, Am. Elec.
R'y Ass'n. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Haworth
Country, Engineers, N. Y. Railroad, N. Y. Press (N.
Y. City). Residence: "The Rowans,' Oradell, N. J.
Address: 50 Church St., N. Y. City.


Sculptor; b. Breiten'bach, Alsace, France, May 22,
1853; s. John and Jeannette Ruckstuhl; ed. public
schools, St. Louis, Mo.; studied art 8 years in Paris;
m. Adelaide Pohlman; one son: Myron, b. 1902. Re-
ceived hon. mention in Paris Salon for his work In
1888; grand medal World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893;
mem. Fine Arts Jury, Internat. Exp'n, Atlanta, 1896.
Advisory B'd Charleston Exp'n, 1902; sec. of Com. of
Nat. Sculpture Soc. having in charge sculpture decor-
ations of Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901; chief Dep't
Sculpture, La. Purchase Exp'n (resigned); first sec.
Nat. Sculpture Soc; second v.-p. N. Y. Architectural
League; sec. of com. which erected Dewey Naval Arch,
1S98; sec. of com. having in charge the sculpture
decorations of New Appellate Court Bld'g, N. Y. City;
second v.-p. Municipal Art Soc; mem. Nat. Inst. Arts
and Letters. Among his chief works are the eques-
trian statues of Brig.-Gen. John F. Hartranft (Har-
risburg, Pa.) and Lieut.-Gen. Wade Hampton (Charles-
ton, S. C); marble statue of John C. Calhoun (Capitol,
Washington); life size female marble statue. Evening;
group, Mercury Amusing Himself (St. Louis); heroic
bronze, Victory on Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument (Ja-
maica, L. I.); Gloria Victis, on Confederate Monument
(Baltimore); Defense of the Flag, on Confederate Monu-
ment (Little Rock, Ark.); Solon (Library of Con-
gress); colossal granite heads of Franklin, Gcethe, and
Macaulay, on the facade of the Library of Congress;
colossal martjle statues Wisdom and Force (Ap-
pellate Court House, N. Y. City); Phoenicia, marble
(Custom House, N. Y. City); bronze statue, Color
Guard, battlefield monument (Petersburg, Va.); heroic
marble statue John C. Calhoun (Capitol, Washington);
Woman's monument for Columbia, S. C.; Three Par-
tisan Generals Monument, Columbia, S. C. Club: Na-
tional Arts. Address: The Arts Club, Gramercy Park,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Elmira, N. Y., Feto. 13, 1866; s. Darwin
A. and Frances (Gilbert) Rudd; ed. in common schools;
also in N. Y. Law Sch. and Columbia Law Sch.; m.
Bergen, N. Y., April 22, 1889, Mary Arnold. Practised
law in N. Y. City. Republican. Mem. Ass'n Bar City
of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n. Club: New York. Ad-
dress: Princeton, N. J., and 25 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, mf'r; b. N. Y., 1868. Pres. Utica Fixture
Co.; v.-p. and dir. Hart & Crouse Co.; dir. and mem.
Exec. Com. First Nat. Bank, Utica; dir. N. Y. Radiator
Co., Hayes Nat. Bank of Clinton, N. Y., Willoughby
Co., College Hill Electric Co.; mem. firm of Rudd &
Judson, lawyers. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.
Trustee Hamilton Coll. Clubs: University, Ft. Schuy-
ler, Pine Lake, Skeandoa, Yahandasis. Address:
Utica, N. Y


Jurist; U Albany, N. Y., June 9, 1851; s. William
Tracey and Adeline Martha (Piatt) Rudd; grad. Union
Coll., A.B., later A.M.; Albany Law Sch., LL.B.; m. Al-
bany, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1883, Aimee Pierson Allen; one
son: Percy Allen, b. 1884. Has 'been corp'n counsel of
Albany; engaged in general practice of law. Elected
Justice Supreme Court of N. Y., 3d Dist., for term ex-
piring Dec. 31, 1921. Treas. Diamond Paste Co.; insp.
of election for N. Y. Central & Hudson River R. R. :
local counsel N. Y. Central Lines. Republican; Epis-
copalian. Pres. Albany Co. Bar Ass'n; mem. Phi Beta
Kappa; trustee Albany Homce. Hosp., Albany Hist.
Soc, and Young Men's Ass'n; vestryman St. Peter's
Ch. Clubs: Fort Orange, University (Albany), Alpha
Delta Phi, Transportation, Republican (N. Y. Citv).
Address: 373 State St., Albany, N. Y.


Banker; b. Philadelphia. July 14, I860; s. Francis J.
and Mary E. (Lingo) Rue; ed. public schs.; m. Phila-
delphia, Oct. 7, 18S7, Mary McCurdy Gill; three chil-
dren. Employed with Philadelphia Nat. Bank, 1878;
became ass't cashier 1S93, cashier 1894, v.-p. 1900 and
pres. since 1907. Chm'n Clearing House Com., which
is Exec. Com. of Phila. Clearing House Ass'n. Pres.
Nat. Currency Ass'n of Banks of Phila. Dir. Phila.
Trust, Safe Deposit & Ins. Co., and Provident Life &
Trust Co. Repuolican; Baptist. Mem. S. A. R.; trustee
Baptist Home. Clubs: Union League Down Town,
Residence: 4226 Spruce St. Address: 421 Chestnut St..
Philadelphia, Pa.




Geologist; b. Georgenthal, Germany, Oct. 16, 1S64; s.
Albert and Franciska (Seebach) Ruedemann; ed. Univ.
of Jena, Germany, Ph.D.; state diploma for teacher
of sciences from Univ. of Strassburg, Germany; m.
Kehl, Germany, 1891, Elizabeth Heltzmann; children:
Franciska, b. 1892; Paul, b. 1892; Rudolf, b. 1893;
Ernst, b. 1SS4 ; Werner, b. 1S96; Albert, b. 1898;
Erhardt, t>. 1901. Ass't in Geology, Strassburg Univ.,
1887-1S92; teacher in high schools of Lowvflle and
Dolgeville, 1S92-1S99; ass't State paleontologist since
1899; received Walker prize, Boston Soc. Natural His-
tory, 1901. Lutheran. Fellow A.A.A.S. since 1905;
Am. Geol. Soc, sinec 1905; Kaiser KOn. leopold. -carol.
Gesellsch. der Wissenschafsen, Halle, Germany.
Author: Fossils and Geology of Lower Silurian;
Geology of Vicinity of Albany, N. Y.; Graptolites of
N. Y.; Cephalopods of Lower Silurian of N. Y. Ad-
dress: Educational Bld'g, Albany, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., March 26, 1876; s.
Julius Ruger, artist, and Adelaide E. (Furgang)
Ruger; ed. Brooklyn public and private schools; grad.
Senftner Prep. Sch., N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1900; m.
Feb. 10, 1912, May J. (d. William Batterman). After
graduation spent summer in travel through Europe.
In 1901 formed firm of Wright & Ruger, and in 1903
firm of Ruger, Sefton & Schenck with W. Harry Sef-
ton and Reginald H. Schenck; dissolved 1905, and
since in practice with brother under firm name of
Ruger Bros. Has always conducted gen. litigation
practise. Admitted to all State and Federal Courts In
N. Y. State, and in U. S. Supreme Court, Washington,
D. C. Largely and actively interested in the develop-
ment of Long Island, particularly Suffolk County.
Pres. and dir. Thompson Ely Realty Co.; treas &
dir. Stuyvesant-Fulton Co. Democrat. Mem. Dwlght
Alumni Ass'n, N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Brooklyn
Bar Ass'n. Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, Brooklyn Inst.
Arts and Sciences, Fulton St. B'd of Trade, Common-
wealth Lodge, F. and A. M. Clubs: Crescent Athletic,
Germania, Brooklyn, Democratic, Kings County
Democratic, Madison. Recreation: Horseback riding.
Residence: 350 Ocean Av., Brooklyn. Address: 375
Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Physician; b. Oneida, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1861; s. S. N.
and Mercy A. (Wood) Ruggles; grad. Hamilton Coll.,
A.B., 1885, hon. A.M., from same; grad. M.D., Coll. of
Phys. and Surg., 1888; m. N. Y. City, April 14, 1892, Grace
A.Gordon; one d.: Dorothy Ruggles, b. 1898. In Europe
traveling and studying, 1888-1890 and 1893 and 1898.
Mem. Am. Dermatol. Ass'n, Am. Ass'n of Genito-Urinary
Surgeons, Am. Urological Ass'n, Am. Med. Ass'n, Med.
Soc. of State of M. Y., Monroe Co. Med. Soc, Rochester
Acad, of Medicine, Rochester Pathol. Soc, Junior
Staff Rochester City Hosp.; mem. Phi Beta Kappa,
Genesee Falls Lodge, F. and A. M., Theta Delta Chi
fraternity. Clubs: University (Rochester), Oak Hill
Country, Rochester Athletic. Address: Rochester,
N. Y.


Author and editorial writer; b. Rockford, 111., Oct.
1, 1876; s. Antes S. and Nellie (Brown) Ruhl; grad.
A.B., Harvard, 1899. Reporter Evening Sun, N. Y.
City, 1899-1903; on editorial staff Collier's Weekly,
1903-1912. Author: A Break in Training, 1906 (Out-
ing Pub. Co.); a history of track athletics in America
in Rowine and Track Athletics, 1905 (Macmillan);
The Other Americans, 1908 (Scribners). Club: Har-
vard. Address: Harvard Club, 27 W. 44th St., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Bath, N. Y.. 1875; s. "William and Ella
(Moore) Rumsey; grad. Univ. of Rochester and Col-
umbia Univ. Law Sch.; m. March 26, 1906, Frances
Davidge. Ass't corp'n counsel of N. Y. City during
administration of mayors Van Wyck, Low and Mc-
Clellan; for several years mem. firm Rumsey, Shep-
pard & Ingalls; 2d v. -p. and counsel Continental Ins.
Co.. and Fidelity Phenix Fire Ins. Co. Republican.
Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.
Author: Rumsey on Taxation. Clubs: Union, Union
League, Citv, Psi Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Residence:
56 Irving Place. Address: 27 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Iron manufacturer; b. Chicago, 111., April 9, 1857;
s. Clark and Laura J. (Wheelock) Runyon; m. Pitts-
burgh, Pa., Sept. 23. 1902, Berenice Gardner Agnew;
children, by previous marriage, Walter Clark, b. 1885;
Robert Edward, b. 1887; Mrs. William F. Hart. b.
1881. Started in business in Chicago with Union Roll-
ing Mill Co., Sept. 26, 1871: elected sec. of same, 1S79,
resigned, 1881, to join Stubbs & Runyon; in 1886.

moved to Cleveland, O., to engage in iron ore busi-
ness and organized firm of Runyon, Stubbs & Mack;
in 1894, engaged in olast furnace business and or-
ganized The Struthers Furnace Co.; in 1901, removed
to New York City; pres. The Struthers Furnace Co.
and Struthers Coal and Coke Co.; senior partner Run-
yon, Fairbank & Co. Republican. Mem. Am. Soc.
Mining Eng'rs, Empire State Soc, S. A. R. Clubs:
Lotos, St. Andrew's Golf. Address: Hotel Marie An-
toinette, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Middlebush, Somerset Co., N. J., Jan.
25, 1867; s. Conrad and Annie M. W. (Barcalow) Ru-
pert; grad. Rutgers Coll., A.B., 1889. later A.M.; m.
Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 3, 1888, Effie V. B. Garretson;
children: Anna, b. 1889; Stephen E. G b. 1890. Has
been corp'n counsel in Westchester Co., N. Y. Mason
and mem. Mystic Shrine. Address: 1 Madison Av.,
N. Y. City.


Brewer; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 5, 1867; s. Jacob and
Anna (Gilig) Ruppert; ed. Columbia Grammar Sch.;
passed examination for School of Mines, Columbia
Coll., but did not enter, going instead into father's
brewery business. Has traveled extensively in Europe
and America. Served as a. d. c. with rank of col.
on staff of Gov. Hill, and Gov. Flower; private Co. B,
7th Reg't, N.G.N. Y.; elected to Congress and served
in 56th, 57th, 58th and 59th Congresses. Mg'r of
Jacob Ruppert Brewery; pres. Astoria Silk Mills and
Alaska Industrial Co.; v.-p. Beck Flaming Arc Light
Co.; dir. Yorkville Bank and Casualty Ins. Co. of
America. Democrat; Catholic. Dir. German Hosp.
Recreations: Yachting, automobiles, horses and
dogs. Clubs: M. Y. Yacht, Jockey, N. Y. Athletic,
Suburban, Riding and Driving, Liederkranz, Arion.
Residence: 1116 Fifth Av. Address: 3d Av. & 90th
St., N. Y. City.


Physician, dean Dep't Pharmacy, Columbia Univ.;
lb. Franklin, N. J., April 26, 1855; s. John and Abigail
(Holmes) Rusby; ed. Mass. State Normal Sch., 1872-
1874; Univ. of N. Y., M.D., 1884; m. 1S87, Margaretta
Saunier Hanna. From boyhood a close student of
botany, and at age of 21 awarded the medal of the
Centennial Exb'n at Philadelphia for herbarian of
plants of Essex County, N. J.; agent of Smithsonian
Inst'n, Washington in New Mex. and Ariz., Making
botanical explorations, and made explorations and
studies of med. botany across North Am. Continent,
also on the lower Orinoco in S. America, adding hun-
dreds of hitherto unlisted genera and species; prof,
botany and pharmacy, and dean since 1904, Coll. of
Pharmacy, Columbia Univ., and mem. Univ. Council.
Formerly prof, materia medica, Univ. and Bellevue
Hosp., Med. Coll. Author: Essentials of Phar-
macognosy, 1895; Morphology and Histology of
Plants, 1899; Wild Vegetable Foods of the United
States, 1906; Fifty Years of Materia Medica, 1907;
also contb'ns on Materia Medica to Buck's Reference
Handbook of the Medical Sciences, 1899, and to the
National Standard Dispensatory. 1905. Mem. Re-
vision Com. for 7th, 8th and 9th Revisions, U. S.
Pharmacopoeia; chm'n scientific directors and hon.
curator in Economic Museum of N. Y. Botanical Soc;
chm'n of Comm'n for Study of Medicinal Flora, appt'd
by Pan-Am. Med. Congress; corr. mem. Pharmaceuti-
cal Soc. of Great Britain; hon. mem. Instituto
Medico Nacional de Mexico; mem. Torrey Botanical
Club (pres. 1905-1910. Pres. Am. Phar. Ass'n. 1910).
Residence: 776 De Graw Av., Newark, N. J. Ad-
dress: 115 W. 68th St., N. Y. City.


Mercantile banker; b. Long Branch, N. J., 1869; s.
Adolph and Cecile (Daeniker) Rusch; ed. Morse's Sch.,
N. Y., and Harvard Coll., 1891, A.B.; m. 1904, Florence
Dolliver; children: Henry Arthur. Jr., b. 1905; Eliza-
beth, b. 1910; Robert, b. 1912. Mem. firm Rusch &
Co. Progressive; Universalist. Trustee Ch. Divine
Paternity, N. Y., Swiss Benevolent Soc. Clubs: Har-
vard. N. Y. Yacht, Seawanhaka Yacht, Manhattan,
Mid-Town Ass'n. Automobile of America. Residence
(winter): 180 W. 59th St. (summer): Center Island,
Oyster Bay, N. Y. Address: 387 Fourth Av.. N Y


Lawyer; b. N. V. City, Jan. 16, 1867: s. Thomas J.
and Delia (Connolly) Rush; ed. public schs., U. S.
Mil. Acad., West Point. Coll. Citv of N. Y., A.B., 1886,
N. Y. Univ., LL.B., 1890; Coll. of St. Francis Xavier,
AM, 1900; m. Boydton, Va., July 4, 1895, Jessica
Innis Bront (died May 3. 1896). Served in Law Dep't
City of N. Y., 1887-1897; att'y for Comptroller of
State of N. Y. since Jan. 1, 1911. Senior partner in



firm Rush & Hare; dlr. Internat. Motor Co. Dem.
leader of 29th Assembly Dist. since Dee. 23, 1903.
Sachem of Columbian Order, Soc. of Tammany, since
1908. Democrat; Roman Catholic. 'Mem. Ass'n Bar
City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n,
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Civil Service Reform
Ass'n, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Legal Aid Soc,
Intercollegiate Civic League. Clubs: University,
Manhattan, City, Midday, Economic, N. Y. Athletic,
Nat. Democratic. Residence: 71 E. 90th St. Ad-
dress: 20 Exchange PL, N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Colne, Lancashire, Eng., July 6, 1S48;
s. William and Martha (Holt) Rushton; ed. St. Boni-
face Coll., Warminster, and St. Augustine's Coll., Can-
terbury, Eng.; LHJ)., Hobart Coll., Geneva, N Y.,
1907; m. Portland, Me., April 15, 1873; children: Joseph
Augustine, b. 1875; Winifred Muriel, William Cyril,
b. 1885. Ordered deacon April 14, 1872, priest Dec.
22, 1872, at Frederickton, N. B., Canada; rector Christ
Ch., St. Stephen. N. B., 1872-1883; priest in charge of
All Saints' Ch., Pullman, 111., J 883-1886; rector Christ
Ch., Chicago, 111., 1886-1892; bishop's sec, Chicago,
1892-1902; senior curate Zion and St. Timothy Ch., N.
Y. City, since 1902. Address: 952 Eighth Av., N. Y.


Manufacturer; b. Westfield, Mass., Dec. 16, 1872; s.
Dan C. and Mary C. (Beach) Russ; common and high
sch. ed'n, also grad. at Snell Business Coll., Norwich,
Conn., and Norwich Art Sch.; m. Norwich, Conn., Oct.

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