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Edinburgh, D.Sc, 1S7S, LL.D., 1902; Columbia. DL.D.,
1S92, Yale, LL.D., 1901; Williams, LL.D., 190S; Harvard,
LL.D., 1909; Dartmouth, LL.D., 1909; m. Oct. 1, 1884,
Barbara Forrest Munro; children: Catharine Munro, b.
1886, Robert, b. 1887, George Munro. b. 1892, Helen, b.
1S94, Jacob Gould, b. 1895, Barbara, b. 1898, Frederick,
b. 1900 (died 1901), Dorothy, b. 1905. Chm'n First U.
S. Philippine Comm'n, 1S99; minister to Greece, 1912-
1913. Pres. Cornell Univ. Recreations: Walking, golf-
ing, skating, tobogganing. Clubs: Century, Union
League, University. Address: Cornell University, Ith-
aca, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Washington, D. C, Feb. 28, 1871; s. Carl
and Margarete (Meyer) Schurz; grad. Harvard Coll.,
A.B., N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B.; m. Monsey, N. Y., Oct. 20,
1897, Harriet Tiedemann. V.-p., sec. and dir. Bosch
-Magneto Co., sec. and dir. The Draeger Oxygen Ap-
paratus Co., Monopole Champagne & Importation Co.,
German Am. Press Ass'n (St. Louis, Mo.), Atlas Line
& S. S. Co., Transoceanic Shipping Co., Hamburg Am.
Line Terminal & Navigation Co., dir. Bankers Loan &
Investment Co. Independent Democrat. Mem. Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y. : N. Y. County Lawyers Ass'n; Am.
Bar Ass'n; N. Y. State Bar Ass'n; Am. Soc. of Inter-
nal Law; civil Service Reform Ass'n, Legal Aid Soc,
Deutsche Gesellsehajft. Clubs: Century, University,
City, Harvard. Harvard Union (Cambridge), Deutscher
Verein. Deutscher Liederkranz. Residence: 200 W.
56th St. Address: 45 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Real estate 'broker; b. N. Y. City, 1869; s. Garret
Lansing and Mary E. (Miller) Schuyler; attended Yale
Univ., class 1882, and Columbia Law Sch.; m. 1st,
Chester, Pa., 1885, Sara Roach (died 1893); 2nd, Phila-
delphia, Pa., 1896, Adele Sartori; children: Juliette de
Courcy, b. 1897, Rutherfurd, b. 1903. Organizer Cen-
tury Bank, N. Y. City, and one of organizers Colonial
Bank, N. Y. City. Sec. Riverside and Morningside
Heights Ass'n, Real Estate B'd Brokers; pres. McClel-
lar* Business Men's (real estate) Ass'n; original mem.
The Hussars (now Squadron A); Veteran of 7th Reg't.
Mem. Holland Soc. Club: St. Nicholas. Residence:
Dohbs Ferry-on-Hudson. Address: 13S W. 42nd St.,
N. Y. City.


Daughter St. George Rogers (of Fla.; col. U. S. A.
and C. S. A.; in command of operations during Sem-
inole War in Florida; mem. Confederate States Con-
gress; lawyer) and Josephine A. (Baynard) Rogers, of
Edisto Island, S. C. ; m. 1894, Rev. Livingston Rowe
Schuyler of N. Y. Mem. Daughters of the Confeder-
acy; regent, Manhattan Chapter, D. A. R. ; sec. Mary
Mildred Sullivan Chapter, U. D. C; 1st v.-p. Hosp.
Musical Ass'n. Address: 567 W. 139th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman, author; b. N. Y., July 22, 1868; grad.
Coll. City Off N. Y., B.A., 1889, M.A , 1893; Gen. Theol.
Sem., 1894, BJD., 1895; N. Y. Univ., Ph.D., 1904; student
at Univ. of Oxford, 1S95-1S96- at Univ. of Paris, 1896-
1898; m. 1894, Leonora St. George Rogers. Ordered
deacon, 1894; ordained priest, 1894. Acting chaplain,
U. S. A., Willet's Point, 1894-1895; fellow in ecclesiasti-
cal history, Ch. Univ. B'd of Regents, 1894-1897; ass't
minister of Ch. of Holy Trinity, Paris, France, 1896-
1898; tutor in history at Coll. City of N. Y., 1898; instr.,
1900-1906; ass't prof, of history, 1906. Rector Ch. of
St. James the Less, Scarsdale, N. Y.. 1901-1908; minis-
ter-in-charge, St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea, Allenhurst, N.
J., 1909-1913. Author: The Liberty of the Press in the
American Colonies, 1905, and other articles and pam-
phlets. Address: 567 W. 139th St., N. Y. City.


Diplomatic officer; b. Stamford, Conn., Sept. 2, 1877;
s. Montgomery and Katherine Beeckman (Livingston)
Schuyler; grandson of Rev. Anthony Schuyler, for
many years rector of Grace Ch., Orange, N. J.; grad.
Columbia Coll., A.B., 1S99, remaining as Univ. scholar
one year and Univ. fellow in Indo-Iranian languages
two years, receiving A.M., 1900; m. Aug. 22, 1906,
Edith Dawber, of Washington, D. C. Second Sec. Am.



Embassy at St. Petersburg, 1902-1904; sec. Am. Lega-
tion and consul-gen. at Bangkok. Siam, 1904-1905; 1906
sec. Am. Legation and consul-gen. at Bucharest, Rou-
mania; first sec. Am. Embassy at St. Petersburg, 1907-
1910; first sec. Am. Embassy at Tokyo, 1911-1912; first
sec. Am. Embassy, Mexico City, Feb. 1, 1912; promoted
envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to
Ecuador, Dec, 1912. Author: Index Verborum of the
Fragments of the Avesta, 1901; Bibliography of the
Sanscrit Drama. 1905; contributor to various publica-
tions on Oriental and philological subjects. Mem. Am.
Oriental Soc. and other learned societies, Soc. May-
flower Descendants, Soc. Descendants of Colonial Gov-
ernors; v.-p. Soc. of Descendants of Colonial Lords of
Manors. Address: Evergreen Farm, Ulsterville, N. T.,
and Century Club, N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. Skaneatelcs, N Y. ; s. Montgomery and
Lydia E. (Roosevelt) Schuyler; ed. U. S. Naval Acad.
Mem. Holland Soc. Clubs: Century, Manhattan, The
Brook, Larchmont Yaoht, Automobile of America, N.
Y. Yacht, City, Fencers. Address: 99 Pearl St.. N. Y.


Brig.-gen. U. S A. retired; b. Ithaca, N. Y., April 26,
1850; s. George W. and Matilda (Scribner) Schuyler;
grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y.; m. Geneva,
N. Y., Dec. 30, 1883, Mary Miller Gardiner (deceased).
Took part in Indian Wars 1870-1880, Spanish War,
1898-1899, Philippine Insurrection 1899-1901, observer
for gov't in Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905. Served
in Western territory of U. S. in Porto Rico, Cuba, Phil-
ippine Islands, Hawaii, and Manchuria, on Mexican
border 1911-1913. Clubs: University (N. Y.), Bohemian
(San Francisco), Army and Navy. Address: 808 E.
Seneca St., Ithaca, N. Y.


Capitalist; b. Williamsburg, Blair Co., Pa., Feb. 18,
1862; family removed to Loretto, Cambria Co., Pa.,
1872; grad. from St. Francis Coll. at 16; m. Loretto,
Pa., 1883, Emma Dinkey, As a boy worked for neigh-
boring farmers; drove coach to and from Cresson, Pa.,
his father at one time being contractor for carrying
the mails between Loretta and Cresson; clerk in
grocery store at Braddock, Pa., 1878. Secured em-/
ployment with Capt. Jone% one of sup'ts in Edgar
Thompson Steel Works of Carnegie Co., 1881, driving
stakes at $1 a day, but in less than a year was Capt.
Jones' chief ass't, and in 7 years was chief of Eng'r
Dep't, and it was principally under his direction that
Homestead plant was erected. On death of Capt. Jones
became sup't of Edgar Thompson Works, and in 1892
of Homestead Works also; elected mem. B'd Mg'rs,
Carnegie Co., 1896, and its pres. 1897, and when Car-
negie interests were merged in larger U. S. Steel
Corp'n, 1901, became pres. of latter until 1904, when
resigned presidency. Now pres. Bethlehem Steel

Corp'n; dir. Carnegie Steel Co., Empire Trust Co., H.
C. Frick Coke Co., Minn. Iron Co., Nat. Tube Co., U. S.
Realty & Improvement Co., Chicago Pneumatic Tool
Co., Clyde S. S. Co., Elgin, Joliet & Eastern R'y Co.,
and Nat. Bank of N. America. Built a magnificent
Catholic Ch. at Loretto, Pa., and established a com-
plete electric lighting plant there; built a convent
house at Cresson, Pa., a thoroughly equipped indus-
trial sch. at Homestead, Pa., and fitted up, on the
southern shore of Staten Island, N. Y.. a sanitarium
for sick and crippled children during the summer
months. Has summer residence at Braddock, Pa., and
a house in Pittsburgh. Residence: 323 W. 74th St. and
Riverside Drive. Address: 111 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; State tax comm'r; b. New Orleans, La., Aug.
17, 1856; s. Nathan Schwao; grad. La. Univ. (now Tu-
lane Coll.), LL.B., 1880 (valedictorian of class); LL.M.,
111. Coll. of Law. Engaged in practice of law. New
Orleans; elected presidential elector for Grover Cleve-
land, 1884; moved to Chicago, and two years later
appt'd sup't water service of Chicago; resumed prac-
tice and appt'd sp'l ass't corp'n counsel of city of
Chicago, and assigned charge of railroad strike cases,
1894; elected to 111. legislature several terms, after-
ward appt'd mem. Chicago B'd of Ed'n; moved to N. Y.,
1901, and organized Schwab Realty Co., buying and
selling real estate, of which is pres. and att'y; appt'd
State tax comm'r by Gov. Sulzer, 1913. Formerly pres.
Schwab Safe & Lock Co.. with factory at Lafayette,
Ind. Delivered course of lectures for several years
before 111. Coll. of Law. Pres. Real Estate Owners'
Protective Ass'n, and was one of delegates to United
Real Estate Owners' Ass'ns (1st v.-p.); trustee 111.
Coll. of Law. Residence: 137 West 93d St. Address:
291 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Real estate operator and builder; b. N. Y. City. July
4, 1853; s. Philip and Catharine B. Schwartz; ed. X. Y.
City putdic schools; m. Feb. 21, 1878, Mary Francis
Tompkins; children: Harvie Ellsworth, b. 1884; Clar-
ence Tompkins, b. 1887; Viola Blanche, b. 1896. Left
public schools at 16 years of age for work; first in
dry goods store making fires, sweeping, etc.; then
retail salesman for about five years, and nine years
in shipping dep't, credits, etc., in wholesale dry goods;
after that for 16 years real estate broker; since 1901,
real estate operator and builder, and expert on values
in N. Y. City real estate. Pres. Sterling Realty Co.,
which started in 1901 with small capital is now a well-
established and successful enterprise; a close corp'n
(James W. Taylor being partner, sec. and treas.);
pres. Sterling Building and Operating Co. Republican;
Methodist; pres. b'd trustees Morsemere Methodist Ch.,
Yonkers, N. Y.; trustee Drew Sem., Carmel, N. Y. Ad-
dress: 203 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Real estate developer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 2, 1883;
s. Oscar Lewis and Cecilia (Sum) Schwencke; m. May
13, 1907, J. Emma Wulfing. Sec. treas. and dir. O. L.
Schwencke Land & Investment Co. Mem. Squadron C,
N. G. N. Y. Recreations: Golfing, motoring, boating.
Residence: 72 Midwood St., Brooklyn, N. Y., and Bay-
shore, L. I. Address: 277 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Lenawee County, Mich., Aug. 19, 1843;
s. Elias and Abi (Goodrich) Scofield; ed. privately;
received D.D. ; m. Dallas, Texas, 1884, Hettie Van
Wart. Served in Confederate Army in 7th Tenn. Inf.
under Lee. Admitted to bar 1869; mem. Kansas legis-
lature, 1871-1872; U. S. Att'y for Kan.. 1873. Con-
verted to Christian religion, 1879. Ordained, 1882.
Pastor First Ch., Dallas, Tex., 1882-1905; Moody Ch..
Northfield, 1895-1902; again pastor Dallas, 1903-1909.
Has since lectured extensively in Europe and America.
Author: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, Lectures
on Phophecy. Doctrine of the Holy Spirit; editor: Sco-
field Reference Biole; Bible of 1911. Pres. Scofield
Bible Corr. Sch., N. Y. City. Presby'h. Mem. S.A.R.;
Soc. Colonial Founders; Soc. Colonial Wars. Pres. Sco-
field Corr. Bible Sch.; founder and sec. Central Am.
Mission. Recreation: Reading. Club: Lotos. Resi-
dence: "Greyshingles." Douglaston. L. I., and "Crest-
wood," Ashuelot, N. H. Address: 156 Fifth Av N. Y.


Author; b. Clinton, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1860; s. James I.
and Elizabeth (Stephens) Schollard; grad. Hamilton
Coll., A.M., L.H.D., 1881; m. Jackson, Mich., Julv 3
1890, Georgia Brown; one d.: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 4, 1899.
Prof. English literature, Hamilton Coll., 1889-1896, and
1911-1912; now pres. Rome & Clinton R.R. Co. Author:
Pictures in Song, With Reed and Lyre, Old and New
World Lyrics, Songs of Sunrise Lands, Under Sum-
mer Skies, The Hills of Song, A Christmas Garland.
A Man at Arms, The Son of a Tory, The Lutes of
Morn, The Cloistering of Ursula, Count Falcon of the
Eyrie, The Lyric Bough, Odes and Elegies, A Southern
Flight (with Frank D. Sherman), Voices and Visions,
Pro Patria and many others. Editor: Ford's Broken
Heart, Ballads of American Bravery. Mem. Nat. Inst,
of Arts and Letters, Chi Psi fraternity. Clubs: Cen-
tury, Authors. Address: Clinton, N. Y.


Jurist; b. N. Y. City, 1848; grad. Coll. City of N. Y.,
A.B., 1867; Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1869; m., 1878,
Lucy Parkmarj Higgins; 'children: Mrs. Eleanor S. Tew,
Mrs. Margaret S. Truesdale. Admitted to N. Y. Bar,
1869; appt'd ass't corp'n counsel of N. Y. City, Feb.,
1885; aqueduct comm'r of N. Y. City, Aug. 1888; corp'n
counsel of N. Y. City, Feb., 1895; elected Justice of
the Supreme Court of N. Y., 1897, for term expiring
Dec. 31, 1911. re-elected 1912. Democrat. Clubs: Uni-
versity, Manhattan, Century, Garden City Golf. Resi-
dence: 42 Park Av. Address: 27 Madison Av , N. Y.


Nat. pres. Nat. Protective Legio-i b. 1 rlendshlp,
N. Y., April 2S. 1866; s. George and Rebecca (Lenjamin)
Scott; ed. Friendship (N. Y.) Acad., and Winia-rs and
Rogers Business Univ., Rochester; in. Wellsvi':>> N. Y.,
Feb. 22, 1894, Lottie J. Webster; one d.: I,' 1 an, b.
1895. Teacher, newspaper editor and prop'r t. nd life
ins. agent; engaged for eleven yeai and has

since that time been holding the poslti . pres.

of the Nat. Protective Legion, a I -rial beneficiary
society. Has travelled very extensively thri ughout



U. S. In promotion of business interests. Pres. Brees-
port Deep Rock Water Co. Democrat; was candidate
for Assembly from Allegheny Co., 1893. Mason (Chap-
ter, Shrine and Consistory), Odd Fellows' Protective
Home Circle, Maccabees. Home Guards of America,
Mystic Workers of the World, Ancient Order United
Workmen, Modern Woodmen of America. Address:
Waverly, N. T.


Officer, U. S. A.; b. Danville, Ky., Sept. 22, 1853; s.
William M. and Mary (Hodge) Scott; grad. U. S. Mil.
Acad., June 14, 1S76; m. Standing Rock, Dak., June,
1SS0, Mary Merrill; comm'd 2d lieut., 9th Cav., June
15. 1876; 2d lieut., 7th Cav., June 26, 1876; 1st lieut., 7th
Cav., June 28, 1JS7S; capt., Cav., Jan. 24, 1895; major,
3d Cav., 1903; lieut.-col., Cav., 1911; col., 3d Cav., 1911;
brig.-gen., 2d Cav., 1913. Major and ass't adj. -gen.
U. S. V., May 12, 1898; lieut.-col and ass't adj. -gen.,
U. S. V., Aug. 17, 1899; honorably mustered out of
volunteer service. June, 1901. Served in Sioux Expd'n;
Nez Perce Expd'n, 1877; Camp Robinson, Neb. and
Cheyenne Expd'n, 1S7S; routine duty, principally with
Indians of the Plains, 1878-1891; hon. mention from
War Dep't, Okla., 1S91; in charge investigation Ghost
Dance disturbances, 1S90-1891, and kept seven tribes
from making same trouble as the Sioux made at that
time; enlisted and com'd Kiowa, Comanche aind Apache
Indians, troop L, 7th Cav., 1892, until mustered out
after 5 years' enlistment (last Indian troop mustered
out), in charge Geronimo's band Chiricahua Apaches,
1894-1897. On duty at Bureau of Ethnology, Smith-
sonian Inst'n, writing work on sign language, Plains
Indians of N. America, Nov., 1897, until outbreak of
Spanish-Am. War. Adj. -gen. 2d and 3d Divs. 1st Army
Corps, May, lS98-Feb. 1899; adj-gen. Dep't of Havana,
under Gen. Ludlow, Mar. 1899-May, 1900; ass't adj.-
gen. Div. of Cuba, May, 1900-Aug. 12, 1900; adj. -gen. of
Cuba, under Major-Gen. Leonard Wood mil. gov. of
Cuba, 1900-1902: took part in turning over of gov't of
Cuba to the Cubans. May 20, 1902; gov. Sulu Archi-
pelago and comm'r Post of Jolo, Sept. 3, 1903-July 9,
1906; abrogated slavery In that archipelago; sup't U. S.
Mil. Acad, since Aug. 31, 1906-Aug. 31, 1910. Author of
various monographs and reports relating to Plains
Indians. Mem. Masonic Order. Clubs: Metropolitan
(Washington), Union League, Boone and Crockett,
Army and Navy (Washington), Army and Navy (N. Y.
City). Address: Ft. Bliss, Texas.


Lawyer; b. Albany, N. T., Jan. 13, 1865; s. William
J. and Martha Jane (Waters) Scott; ed. Albany High
Sch., Cornell Univ. and Albany Law Sch. ; m. Albany,
N. T., Dec. 17, 1891, Irene Embler; children: Gordon
Embler, b. 1898; Janet, b. 1904. Engaged in gen.
practice of law since graduation. Mem. Faculty of
Albany Law Sch., having the course in Criminal Law.
Has been actively interested in political matters, hav-
ing devoted much time to the interest of Dem. party.
Served as police comm'r of Albany and has been dele-
gate to numerous judicial and State Dem. convs. Mem.
Albany Bar Ass'n, N. T. State Bar Ass'n, Delta Upsilon
fraternity, Phi Delta Phi (law fraternity), Masters'
Lodge, No. 5, F. and A. M. Clubs: Fort Orange, Burns.
Address: 51 State St., Albany, N. Y.


Philatelist, numismatist and writer; b. London, Eng-
land; s. John and Martha (Stone) Scott; m. Minnie
Peyton; children: Charles P., Waller S., Minnie Martha,
Emily Florence, Dorothy K. Came to N. Y., 1863, and
created present business, which is now known
throughout the world. Author of various stamp
albums and reference lists, of "which over half a mil-
lion have been sold. Treas. The J. W. Scott Co. (Ltd.);
treas. The Philatelic Soc, N. Y.; mem. Numismatic and
Archaeol. Soc. (N. Y.), British Numismatic Soc. Treas.
Collectors' Club, N. Y. (6 years); pres. The Vegetarian
Soc, N. Y. (10 years). Recreation: Traveling. Lec-
turer on the vegetarian doctrine; has induced hun-
dreds to adopt this healthful mode of living. Address:
36 John St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Lanesboro, Mass., Mar. 31, 1835; s. Lear-
ned and Fanny Dickinson) Scott; ed. Lenox Acad.,
East Williston Sem., Mass.; Charlottesville Sem., N. Y.;
m. June 26, 1866, Maria E. Hull; childrein: Rufus L.,
Jr., b. July 28, 1872, Howard Dickenson, b. June 26,
1867; Clara Louise, b. Oct. 4, 1869 (died May 8, 1903).
Admitted to bar, 1861. Traveled in Europe. 1889.
Collector of arrears of taxes, Brooklyn, 1877-1878;
alderman, 1884-18S5; mem. B'd of Ed'n, 1887-1889;
comm'r of taxes, City of N. Y.. 1902-1903. Trustee and
counsel Bushwick Savings Bank. Democrat. Mem.

Aurora Grata Masonic Club; pres. Masonic Veterans'
Ass'n, Brooklyn, 1906. Residence (summer): Lanes-
boro, Mass. Address: 93 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Physician, surgeon; b. Readsboro, Vt., March 25,
1871; s. Walter and Euphlna A. (Bowen) Scott; grad.
Syracuse Univ., M.D. 1892; m. Syracuse, N. VT., April
26, 189H, l'uella E. Tallman; one son: Roger W., D.
1897. Health officer Niagara Falls, six years; past
nine years coroner Niagara County. Capt. Marine
Corps, N. G. N. Y. Republican; Methodist. Mem. Am.
State and County Med. Ass'ns, Mason. Clubs: Fort
Sclossher, Ongaria. Address: 010 Pine St., Niagara
Falls, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 27, 1844; ed. in schools
of Dayton, Ohio, and Washington, D. C. ; enlisted as
private, 4th Iowa Cav., 1861; mustered out as adju-
tant of reg't in 1865. After war studied law; formerly
senior mem. law firm of Scott, Upson & Newcomb,
N. Y. City, now Soott, Newcomb & McLaughlin. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Mil.
Order Loyal Legion, Mil. Service Inst'n of U. S.
Author: The Story of a Cavalry Regiment, 1S93; His-
torical Roster of the 4th Iowa Cavalry Veterans, 1905.
Residence: Yonkers, N. Y. Address: 233 Broadway, N.
Y. City.


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 6, 1872; s. Thomas L.
and Mary E. (Ely) Scovill; ed. schs. of N. Y., grad.
Mt. Pleasant Acad, attended Princeton Univ.; m.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1902, Medora H. Piatt;
children: Helen, Edward E., Jr., Mary. Associated
with banking firm of William Morris Imbrie & Co. of
N. Y. and Chicago, and mems. N. Y. Stock Exchange.
Served 4 years in Co. I, 7th Reg't, N. G., N. Y- Republi-
can; Presbyterian. Recreations: Golf, yachting. Clubs:
Princeton (N. Y.), Nassau, Quinnipiack. Residence:
Verplanck Av., Shippan Point, Stamford, Conn.


Physician; b. New Orleans, La., 185S; s. Dr. George
and Mary Minor (Humphreys) Seratchley; ed. by
tutors and at Washington and Lee Univ., Lexington,
Va., which was founded by an ancestor; med. ed'n N.
Y. Univ.; m. Bella Kenner Harding, d. George Hard-
ing, the celebrated patent lawyer of Philadelphia, 1900,
(died 1909). Served in the Manhattan State Hosp.,
Ward's Island, and the Hudson River State Hosp.,
Poughkeepsie; now asso. in Nervous and Mental Dis-
eases, and chief of clinic in Univ. and Bellevue Hosp.
Med. Coll. of the N. Y. Univ. Special lecturer in Neu-
ropathology, Med. Coll. of State of S. C. Attending
neurologist to the Univ clinic and to the City Home
for the Aged; Neurologist to the hosps. of the Work-
house and the Penitentiary; formerly senior attend-
ing neurologist to the hosp. for Nervous Diseases of
N. Y. City. Consulting Neurologist to the Home for
incurables. Attending Neurologist to the Central and
Neurological Hosp. Lecturer for the Dep't of Educa-
tion of N. Y. City; examiner for the Soc. for Instruc-
tion in First Aid to the injured. Mem. Sigma Chi fra-
ternity, for several years pres. of N. Y. Alumni chap-
ter of the same. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, County Med.
Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, and numerous other socie-
ties. Author of many papers and edited and trans-
lated Electro-Diagnosis and Electro-Therapeutics.
Clubs: Salmagundi, Church. Residence: Palenville N.
Y. Address: 330 W. 59th St., N. Y. City.


Book publisher; b. N. Y. City, March 15, 1859; s.
Charles and Emma L. (Blair) Scribner; grad. Prince-
ton, 1881; m. 1300, Helen C. Annan. Treas. and v.-p.
Charles Scribner's Sons. Mem. Met. Museum of Art.
Clubs: Century. University, Grolier, Racquet and Ten-
nis, Riding, Aldlne, Ardsley, Princeton. Residence: 39
E. 67th St. Address: 597 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 18, 1854; s. Charles
Scribner (founder of the Scribner publishing house)
and Emma E. (Blair) Scribner; grad. Princeton, 1875;
m. Louise, d. Rev. Jared B. Flagg, D.D. (mem. Nat.
Acad. Design). Connected with the pulishing house
since graduation in 1875. Dir. Nat. Park Bank, Bank
of the Metropolis; formerly pres. Am. Publishers
Ass'n. Trustee Princeton Univ. Clubs: Century, Uni-
versity, Union, Racquet and Tennis, Morris Co. Golf,
Princeton. Residence: 9 E. 66th St. Address: 597 Fifth
Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer: b. Delafield, Wis.. Dec 21, 1867; s. Robert
C. and Frances (Hillabrandt) Scribner; m. N. Y. City,



Camp Wawenock











"""**'' "- -^ ""^^3t ^ *jt


BEAUTIFULLY situated just above the Image Rocks, on Broad
Cove, Sebago Lake, Me. Nearly 200 acres of cleared and wooded
land and one mile of shore front, own farm and dairy; full equip-
ment of boats, canoes and launches. Baseball grounds, tennis courts,
rifle range, trap-shooting stand, swimming float with diving tower.
Commodious boathouse and laboratory on wharf. Large, elegant cot-
tage in a fine grove. Tents with board floors well up from the ground.
Iron beds, wire springs, wool mattresses.

Unexcelled corps of directors, college men, experienced educators,
physical directors; and specialists in various lines.
Opportunities for tutoring.

Inspection and investigation invited. This camp will give the boy
the right proportion of fun and seriousness to make a well-balanced sum-
mer vacation. f



Address Dr. W. C. Kendall, during camp season, South Casco, Me. ;
at other times, 1130 Park Road, Washington, D. C, or the immediate
manager and New York representative, Dr. Wm. P. Small, 470 West
146th Street, New York City.

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April 20, ISO), Mollie A. Groff; children: Donald Cheva-
lier, b. Feb. 24, 1900; Hilda Elizabeth, b. Sept. 30, 1901,
Robert E. D., b. May 30, 1903, Philip Le Grande, b.
June 13, 190S, William Francis, b. Jan. 12, 1910, Gor-
don Victor, b. Sept. 6, 1911, Helen Louise, b. March
6, 1913. Successful gen. practitioner of law, orator
and journalist. Served as city att'y of City of
Gloversville, N. Y.; county att'y for Fulton County, N
Y., police judge of Northville, N. Y.; pres. Northville
Fire Dep't; mem. B'd of Ed'n; chm'n Dem. Assembly
Dist. Com., 9 years, comprised of Counties of Fulton
and Hamilton; ass't dist. att'y of Hamilton County, N.
Y. Dir. People's Co-operative Stores of Fulton County,
N. Y. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y. State Bar

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