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Ass'n and Gloversville Bar Ass'n, Order of Red Men,
Odd Fellows, Maccabees, Loyal Order of Moose. Rec-
reations; Athletic sports and horsemanship. Clubs:
Manhattan, Tilden (N. Y. City). Address: 124 Kings-
boro Av., Gloversville, N. Y.


Author; b. Halifax, N. S., June 24, 1864; d. Robert
Talor and Mary (Garvie) Kirk; ed. public schools, N.
Y. City, Normal Coll. City of N. Y grad. 1SS3; studied
music in Leipzig and Berlin, 1889-1891; m. Leipzig,
Germany, April 22, 1S90, Edward Wheeler Scripture,
Ph.D., M.D.; children: Winifred, to. 1S91; Elsa, b. 1S94;
Edward W., Jr., b. 1S99. Lived in France, Germany
and Switzerland, 1902-1906. Author of the Baldwin
Primer (under pen name of "May Kirk"). Address: 32
High St., Montclair, N. J.


Lawyer; b. Yonkers, N. Y., Feb. 18, I860; s. William
Warburton and Mary (Kellinger) Scrugham; ed. pri-
vate schools in Yonkers; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B.,
1S80 (first honor man; received several scholarships
and prizes); Columbia! Law Sch., LL.B., 1S82; m.
Yonkers, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1891, Margaret Bradford Otis.
Engaged in practice of law at Yonkers, N. Y., since
1887. Acting city judge of Yonkers, 18S9-1S98, and
1893-1S94; mem. B'd of Ed'n City of Yonkers, 1888-
1891. Partner Reevs & Scrugham; dir. Yonkers Gas
Light Co., 1887-1900; (pres. 1895-1900), Westchester
Lighting Co., 1900-1910; (pres. 1900-1905); dir. and
chm'n B'd First Nat. Bank of Yonkers; trustee Yonk-
ers Savings Bank. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y., Westchester County Bar Ass'n (v.-
p., 1903-1904), Phi Beta Kappa. Trustee Yonkers Pub-
lic Library. Mem. Columbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n. Clubs:
Columbia University, Century Ass'n. Address: 34
Warburton Av., Yonkers, N. Y.

Telegraph company official; b. in X. Y. State July

18, 1S39; s. James Scrymgeour and Ann (Thompson)
Scrymser; grad. Coll. Hill Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y
1856; m. N. Y. City, 1869, Mary C. Prime. Projected
and organized, 1S65\ Internat. Ocean Telegraph Co.,
operating cable line between U. S. and Cuba, W. In-
dies and S. America; also Mexican Telegraph Co.,
1879, and Central and S. Am. Telegraph Co., 18S0;
these companies established 14,300 miles of cable and
2.500 miles land line connecting the U. S. with Mex-
ico, Central and S. America; now pres. Mexican Tele-
graph Co. and Central & S. Am. Telegraph Co. Vet-
eran of Civil War; enlisted in 12th N. Y. Militia, April

19, 1861; later appt'd Iieut., 43d N. Y. Vols.; detailed
as a.-d.-c. to Maj. Gen. "Baldy" Smith's Div., Army of
Potomac; capt. ami a.-d.-c. 6th Army Corps; also of
Left Grand Div , Army of Potomac, Armv of James,
18th Army Corps. V.-p. N. Y. Ass'n for Improving the
Condition of the Poor; promoted and established first
vacation schools in City of N. Y., the system of va-
cation schools later extending throughout U. S.,
Canada, Australia, England, Wales and Scotland; pro-
moted Constitutional Amendment of State of N. Y.,
prohibiting use of public funds for sectarian ed'n;
promoted and obtained from N. Y. Legislature Sch.
Census Bill: promoted and organized first public meet-
ing respecting enlargement of sch. accommodations
in- City of N. Y.; since which time over $50,000,000 has
been expended by Greater N. Y. for this purpose. Pro-
moted and provided for first public meeting calling
upon the public to sustain Dr. Parkhurst in his re-
form movement; obtained subscriptions amounting to
$30,000 for "Dr. Parkhurst Fund" in behalf of City
Vigilance League: original promoter and contb'r to
United Charities Bld'g, which was subsequently com-
pleted through liberality of John S. Kennedv, and es-
tablished at cost of about $1,000,000. Mem. Mil. Order
Loyal Legion; dir. N. Y. Botanical Gardens; fellow
Met. Museum of Art. Clubs: Century, Metropolitan,
Riding, Jekyl Island (v.-p.). Residence: 107 E. 21st
St. Address: 66 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 7, 1854; s. Henry J.
and Louisa Henrietta (Davies) Scudder; grad. Colum-

bia Coll., B.A., 1874, M.A., 1877, Berkeley Divinity Sch.,
Middletown, Conn., Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn.; m.
St. John's Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., June 5, 1889, -Mar-
garet Mott Weeks; children: Edna Hewlett, Henry
Hclloway, Dorothy Weeks. Ass't Grace Episcopal Ch.,
Brooklyn; rector St. Stephen's Episcopal Ch., Brooklyn;
Christ Ch., Tarrytown, N. Y. Mem. Order of Foreign
Wars. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution. Recrea-
tions: Boating, walking, etc. Author: Fairy Tales for
Children; Alcuin (in. Church Eclectic), and other short
articles. Clubs: University, Grolier, Columbia Uni-
versity, St. Nicholas. Address: Tarrytown, N. Y., and
201 W. 35th St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Palamanir, India, Sept. 28, 1860; s.
Ezekiel Carman and Sarah Ruth (Tracy) Scudder; at-
tended Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, 1877; Rutgers Coll.,
A.B., 1882, A.M., 1886; Yale post-grad., 1898-1899; m.
Far Hills, N. J., June 23, 1897, Martha iDumont. Instr.
Fort Plain public schs., 1882-1883; gen. sec. Y.M.C.A.,
Yonkers, N. Y., 1883-1884; principal Fort Plain Schs.,
1SS4-1S8S; Rome Free Acad., 1888-1890; instr. classics,
Plattsburg State Normal Sch., 1S90-1892; Insp. Regents
Schs., N. Y. State, 1892-1897; principal Hillhouse High
Sch., New Haven, Conn., 1897-1S99; prin. State Normal
Sch., New Paltz, N. Y., 1899-1908; prof, ed'n, Rutgers
Coll., 1908-1912; pres. Scudder Sch. and Normal Inst.,
N. Y., since 1911; lecturer N. Y. Univ., 1903-1904, Sum-
mer Sch. Univ. Maine, 1909, Univ. of Va., 1911, 1912,
1913. Progressive; Presby'n. Mem. Delta Phi and Phi
Beta Kappa Socs., Nat. Edn'l Ass'n, Religious Edn'l
Ass'n, Nat. Soc. for Study of Ed'n, N. Y. Schoolmasters'
Ass'n, Patrons of Husbandry; Mason. Dir. Playground
and Recreation Ass'n of America; mem. B'd of Electors
Camp Fire Girls of America. Author: New York, Its
State and Local Gov't, 1895; Recreation for Rural Com-
munities, 1913; numerous monographs on ed'n, recrea-
tion and travel. Address: 59 W. 96th St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Vellore, India, Jan. 1, 1862; s. Dr. Silas D.
and Marianna (Conover) Scudder, Am. missionaries to
India under Dutch Reformed Board; ed. at Hastings,
Eng., finishing with five-year course at Stuttgart, Ger-
many; m. San Antonio, Texas. Dec. 1886; three chil-
dren. Entered service of Bank of Montreal, 1878. Es-
tablished banking partnership with Frank H. Dyck-
man at Sleepv Eye, Minn. (State Bank of Sleepy Eye),
1882. Because of ill health moved to San Antonio,
Tex., engaging in mortgage loan and insurance busi-
ness there in 1885, representing Scottish-Am. Mort-
gage Co. of Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Germania
Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y., London Assurance Corporation
cf London, Eng., and others. In 1S96 appt'd Southern
mg'r of Germania Fire Ins. Co., N. Y., at New Orleans,
La.; promoted to Germania's head office, N. Y., in 1899,
and became interested in various Northern enterprises.
Elected treas. North American Trust Co., 1901, and
when the merger took place between that company
and the Trust Co. of America, was elected treas. of
the combined inst'ns under name of latter company. On
Feb. 1, 1907, elected ass't to president of Bank of New
York, N. B. A., and on May 26, 1910, elected pres. Jef-
ferson Bank of N. Y. In merger of Jefferson Bank
with Century Bank of N. Y. in 1912, was elected v.-p.
of Century Bank; in Nov., 1912, upon org'n of Rich-
mond Trust & Savings Co., with a capital of $1,000,000,
at Richmond, Va., elected active v.-p. Address: Rich-
mond, Va.


Jurist; b. Northport, Suffolk Co., N. Y.. July 26, 1865;
s. Townsend and Sarah Marie (Frost) Scudder; ed. in
Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and the U. S.;
Flushing (N. Y.) Inst., Columbia Coll. Law Sch., LL.B.,
1888; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 3, 1891, Mary Dannat,
d. George A. Thayer; children: Atala Thayer, b. June
3, 1892, Elizabeth Hewlett, b. April 5, 1894, Townsend,
Jr., 'b. Aug. 27, 1900. Mem. Congress from First N. Y.
Dist., 2 terms, serving in 56th and 58th Congresses;
elected Nov., 1906. justice of the Supreme Court of the
State of New York, 2d 'Dist., for term expiring Dec. 31,
1920. Grand master of Masons, State of New York.
Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N.
Y.. N. Y. Law Inst.. Soc. Colonial Wars. Dir. Nassau
Hosp.; mem. Standing Com. and trustee Fund Aged
and Infirm Clergy. Diocese of L. I. Recreation: Hor-
ticulture. Clubs: Hamilton (Brooklyn). Piping Rock,
Seawanhaka Yacht. Lotos. Nassau Country, Demo-
cratic. Address: Glen Head, Nassau Co., L. I., N. Y.


Physician, ophthalmologist; b. Keyport, N. J., Oct.
23, 1859; s. Henry Hendrickson and Therese (Walling)
Seabrook; ed. dist. and private schools, Peddie Inst.,
Hightstown, N. J., and grad. Coll. Phys. and Surg., M D.,
1881; m. Montclair, N. J., Nov. 2, 1881, May Nason;



children: Raymond, b. 1888, Alice, b, 1890. Interne in
Bellevue Hosp., 1881-1883, then six months in Europe.
Was instr. ophthalmology in Univ. of City of N. Y., and
had eye and ear clinics in Presby'n, Bellevue and other
dispensaries, 1884-1890; attending opthal. Surgeon, St.
Luke's Hosp., 1894-1897; opthal. surgeon N. Y. Eye and
Ear Infirmary, 1891-1907. Has written various papers
on subject connected with the eye, and a book on eye
muscles. In 1903 published a paper on protection of
strained and diseased eye from injury from chem. light
by means of amber yellow glasses. Spare time de-
voted largely to study of eng'ring problems, also of
illumination and its effects upon vision and the eye
structures. Mem. N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Co. Med.
Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n Alumni of
Bellevue Hosp.. Soc. Med. Jurisprudence. Pres. Nason
Mfg Co., eng'ring specialties. Mem. Sons of Revolu-
tion, Am. Physical Education Soc, Illuminating
Eng'ring Soc, Am. Geog. Soc, 29th Assembly Dist. Re-
publican Club. Clubs: Machinery, Water Witch (dir.).
Summer residence: Water Witch, N. J. Residence: 118
E. 72d St. Address: 71 Fulton St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; was engaged in practice of law in N. Y. City
until nominated on Independence League ticket, in 1906,
and elected justice Supreme Court of N. Y. for First
District, term expiring Dec 31, 1920. Residence: 8
W. 10th St. Address: County Court House, N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 25, 1837; s. Rev. Sam-
uel (D.D.) and Hannah Amelia (Jones) Seabury; grad.
Columbia Coll., B.A., 1856, A.M., 1859; grad. Gen. Theol.
Sem., 1866; Hobart Coll., D.D., 1874; D.D., ad eundem,
Gen. Theol. Sem., 1885; m. N. Y. City, 1868, Alice V. W.,
d. Thomas Marston and Mary Susan (Saltonstall)
Beare; children: Susan Saltonstall (wife Dr. E. W.
Bill), Samuel, Dydia Winthrop (wife W. H. P. Oliver),
William Marston. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1858. Or-
dered deacon and priest 1866. Rector Church of the
Annunciation, N. Y. City, 1868-1898; prof, ecclesiastical
polity and law, Gen. Theol. Sem., N. Y. City, since 1873.
Author: Lectures on Apostolic Succession; An Intro-
duction to the Study of Ecclesiastical Polity; Notes on
the Constitution of 1901; Memoirs of Bishop -Seabury,
1908, etc Address: 8 Chelsea Sq., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y., April 2,
1870; s. Stephen H. and Emma (Sands) Seacord; ed.
High Sen. and Albany Law Sch.; m. N. Y. Citv, Oct. 6,
1904, Mary A. Elliot. Admitted to bar of N. Y., prac-
tising law since Dec, 1892, at Unadilla, Otsego Co.,
N. Y. Seic and treas. Standard Light, Heat and Power
Co. Pres. Village of Unadilla, 1911, 1912, 1913. Demo-
crat; Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ma-
sonic Lodge and Odd Fellows Lodge at Unadilla, N. Y.
Recreations: Fishing, tennis, whist, chess. Address:
Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y.


Prof, political economy Columbia Univ.; b. Lansing,
Mich., July 21, 1870; s. Schuyler F. and Alice (Berry)
Seager: grad. Univ. of Mich., Ph.B., 1890; Univ. of Pa.,
Ph.D., 1894; m. June 5, 1899, Harriet B. Henderson, of
Philadelphia; one son: Schuyler, b. Oct. 22, 1900. Asso.
prof, polit. economy. Univ. of Pa., 1896-1901; since then
present chair at Columbia. Independent in politics.
Mg'r Greenwich House Social Settlement Ass'n. Mem.
B'd of Editors, Political Science Quarterly; Executive
Com. Am. Ass'n for Labor Legislation, etc. Author:
Principles of Economics (Holt), 4th edition, 1913; Eco-
nomics, 1908 (Holt), and numerous magazine articles
on economic questions. Cluibs: Century, City, Columbia.
Officers, University of Michigan. Address: 257 West
86th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Rutherfordton, N. C, Dec. 24, 1868;
s. Philip C. and Mary S. (Drake) Seagle- grad. Gen.
Theol. Sem., N. Y. City, 1894, and from N. Y. Univ.,
1899; hon. degree, D.D., from Rutgers Coll., 1908; m.
April 15, 1895, Emma Fraser, of N. Y. City. Ordered
deacon. 1894, and ordained priest, 1895, in Episcopal
ministry. Ass't minister St. Thomas Parish, N. Y. City,
1894-1900; rector St. Stephen's Parish, N. Y. City, since
1900. Trustee N. Y. Bible and Common Prayer Book
Soc. Address: 120 W. 69th St., N. Y. City.


Prop'r the Publicity Bureau of America; b. Bucking-
ham Co., Va, Nov. 26, 1870; s. Joseph G. and Martha W.
(Taylor) Seal; m. Richmond, Va., May 12, 1902, Kate
Wortham Burress; one d.: Martha Virginia, b. March 1,
1904. Traveled all over the world. Lived three years
in Europe and four years in South America. Recrea-

tion: Golf. Club: Lotos. Residence: Hotel Seville,
29th St. and Madison Av. Address: 141 Broadway, N.
Y. City.


Justice Municipal Court of N. Y. City; b. Winsted,
Conn., Sept. 7, 1856; s. Rev. Samuel A. and Anna Alice
(Byrne) Seaman; grad. Columbia, 1879. Admitted to

lounriers ot Tenement House tsia g (jo., one oi iiisl iu
build model tenements in N. Y. City. Active official
of Citizens' Union from its org'n, and of the Com. of
100 on Transit Reform. Mem. Sons of Revolution, Co-
lumbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n, Psi Upsilon fraternity,
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: University, City, Psi
Upsilon, Fencers. Summer residence: New Canaan,
Conn. Residence: 147 W. 87th St. Address: 141 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 5, 1862; s. Frederick
Augustus and Jane (Bowles) Seaman; grad. Swarth-
more Coll., B.S.; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 21, 1911, Juliet X.,
d. Dr. Prince A. Morrow, of N. Y. City. Pres. and dir.
Rubber Tire Wheel Co.; sec. and dir. Consolidated
Rubber Tire Co., Kellv-Springfield Tire Co., Buckeye
Rubber Co. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: Univer-
sity, Morris County Golf. Residence: Madison. X. J.,
and 117 W. 79th St., N. Y. City. Address: 229 YV. o7th
St.. X. Y. City.


Civil eng'r.; b. N. Y. City, 1861; s. Valentine H. and
Rebecca (Cromwell) Seaman; grad. Siwarthmore Coll.,
Pa., 1881, C.E.; m. East Orange, N. J., 1904. Grace Dut-
ton; two sons: Ayres Cromwell, Henry Bowman, Jr.
Ass't eng'r Kings Co. Elevated R'y Co., Brooklyn, N.
Y. ; bridge eng'r, Erie R. R. ; eng'r on construction, N.
Y., N. H. & H. R. R.; consulting eng'r Dep't Bridges N.
Y. City chief eng'r Public Service Comm'n 1st Dist.,
State of X. Y. ; now consulting eng'r. Mem. Am. Soc.
Civil Eng'rs, Am. Soc Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Inst. Mining
Eng'rs. Clubs: University, Engineers, Railroad. Ad-
dress: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Surgeon; b. Newburgh, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1851; s. Val-
entine and Anna A. (Ferris) Seaman; grad. Cornell
Univ., A.B., 1872; Jefferson Med. Coll., Philadelphia,
1876; Med. Coll. City of N. Y., 1877; law dep't Univ. of
N. Y., LLjB., 1884; m. N. Y. City, 1907, Mary Stuart
Huntington. Has practised medicine since 1876; resi-
dent surgeon, N. Y. State Emigrant Hosp., 1877-1879;
sup't State Emigrant Insane Asylum, 1879-1881; chief
of staff of various hospitals and of Training Sch. for
Nurses, Blackwell's Island, 1881-1886; made tour
around world in 1888, and made sp'l studies in hospi-
tals in India of contagious and epidemic diseases pe-
culiar to the Orient. Delegate to Internat. Med. Con-
gresses of London, 1881, Berlin, 1894, Moscow, 1897,
Paris, 1900, Madrid, 1903, Lisbon, 1906, Budapest, 1909,
London, 1913. Major-surgeon 1st Reg't U- S. Vol.
Eng'rs in Spanish-Am. War; served with 17th and 23d
U. S. Inf. Reg'ts in Philippines, 1899-1900, and with
Army of Occupation in Pekin, 1900-1901; was with
Russian Army in Manchuria, 1904, and at front 'with
Japanese in Mongolia, when peace was declared, in

1905. In East Africa with German forces, summer of

1906. Surgeon-gen. Spanish-Am. War Veterans; sur-
geon Soc. Colonial Wars and Naval and Military Or-
der Spanish-Am. War. Author: The Social Waste of a
Great City; the Army Cartridge Belt; Utilization of
Native Troops in Our Colonial Possessions; Observa-
tions in China on the U. S. Army Ration and the Can-
teen; the Army Ration and Its Adaptability for Use in
Tropical Climates; Observations in the Russo-Japa-
nese War; From Tokio Through Manchuria with the
Japanese; the Real Triumph of Japan; Portable Ra-
tion for soldiers in Battle or on the March; Triumphs
of Scientific Medicine in Peace and War. Has contrib-
uted many articles to the North Am. Review, Century-
Magazine, Military Service Institution, New Interna-
tional Encyclopedia, etc. Mem. Am. Med. Ass n, Ass n
of! Mil. Surgeons, Acad, of Medicine; Fellow Royal
Geog Soc , London. Clubs: Authors, Players, Calumet,
Lotos. City, Cornell University, Army and Navy, Re-
publican, University (N. Y. City); Metropolitan (Wash-
ington D. C), Royal Societies Club (London). Ad-
dress: '247 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


.Manufacturer; b. Ilion, N. Y., June 5, 1854; s. Abner
Clark and Caroline (Williams) Seamans; m. Ilion. N.
Y, Feb. 26, 1879, Ida Gertrude Watson; children: Mabel
(ni. Robert Payson Loomis), Dorothy Founded Wyck-
off, ISeamans & Benedict and Remington Typewriter Co.,
chm'n Union Typewriter Co. Dir. Washington Trust Co.,



People's Trust Co., Soc. Prevention of Cruelty to Chil-
dren. Trust,,- Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sciences.
Clubs: Union League (Brooklyn), Riding- and Driving,
Parkway Driving, Hardware, Dyker Meadow, Nassau
Country, Essex Count; (Mass.) Country. Address: 293
Broadway, X. V. City.


Sup't schools; b. Sherwoods. N. Y., Sept. 16, 1SGC; s.
Samuel H. and S'usan (Strang) Searing; ed. in public
and high schools of Rochester, and Univ. of Rochester,
class of 1885; m. 1st, Nov. 25, 18^7, May Elvira Ellis
(died 1889); 2d, 1892, Amy Elizabeth Tamblingson ;
children: Ellis Richard, b. 18S8, Robert Tamblingson, b.
1901. Principal Rochester Normal Training- Sch. for
Teachers, 1S96-1904; sup't schools, City of N. Tona-
wanda, since 1904. Pres. N. Y. State Training Teach-
ers' Conf., 1SS9-1S90; mem. N. Y. State Teachers' Ass'n
(V.-p. 1896-1897, sec. 1901-1913), N. Y. State Council of
School Sup'ts, Nat. Soc. for Scientific Study of Ed'n.
Western N. Y. Sch. Masters' Ass'n, N. Y. State Exami-
nations B'd since 1905, Nat. Geog. Soc, Nat. Edn'l
Ass'n Dep't of Superintendence; sec. B'd Trustees, Car-
negie Library. N. Tonawanda. iPast comd'r Munroe
Commandery 12, K. T. ; past master Yonnondio Dodge
163, F. and A. M.. mem. Damascus Temple Mystic
Shrine. Rochester Consistory A. A. S. Rite Masons.
Republican: Baptist. Club: Masonic (Rochester). Ad-
dress: 226 Bryant St., N. Tonawanda, N. Y.


Publisher; b. Boston, April 15, 1866; s. Joseph Henry
and Emily (Nickerson) Scars; grad. RoxBury Latin
Sch., Harvard Coll., A.B., 1SS9, studied one year in
Univ. of Berlin and one year in Ecole des Sciences
Politiques. Paris. France; m. N. Y. City, 1891, Anna
Wentworth Caldwell: one d., Penelope, b. 1894. Worked
on Youth's Companion six months; six months ass't
editor Cosmopolitan Magazine; with Harper & Bros.,
in various capacities, ten years; pres. D. Appleton &
Co. since May, 1904. Clubs: Union, Century, Seawan-
haka, Harvard, Cosmos (Washington), Garrick (Don-
don) Cercle Union Artistique (Paris). Summer home:
Oyster Bay, L. I. Residence: 113 E. 62d St. Address:
D. Appleton & Co.. 35 W. 32d St , N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Ovid, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1833; s. John C.
and Elizabeth (Covert) Sebring; ed. Ovid Acad., Rut-
gers Coll., and New Brunswick Theol. Sem.; m. Ithaca,
N. Y Dec. 31, 1862, Caroline H. Campbell; one son:
William Campbell Sebring, M.D. Ordained to ministry
Oct. 22, 1S62. Pastor Second Reformed Ch. of Clave-
rack, 1862-18S5; pastor Reformed Ch. of Katsbaan since
May 26. 1SS5. Author of two volumes of poems, en-
titled Faith in Song, published by B'd publication, Re-
formed Ch.. and Girdle of Gladness, published by Rich-
ard G. Badger, Boston, Mass. Has written numerous
articles in X. Y. religious papers latterly an essay on
"Calvinism: Its Place in Modern Thought" read by
apptm't before particular Synod of Albany, and pub-
lished in part, as an article, in the Christian Intelli-
gencer, June 23, 1909. Mem. N. Y. Ministerial Ass'n,
Hudson River Ministerial Ass'n. Was for 20 years
mem. Board of Publication of the Reformed Church in
America. Address: Saugerties, N. Y.


Lawyer (retired); b. New York City, Nov. IS, 1856;
s. Horace and Hannah A. (Fuller) Secor. Descendant
of Pilgrim, Puritan and. Huguenot stock, all settled in
New England and Xew York between 1620-1680, many
having taken notable part in the civil and military
affairs of the Colonies; grad. Columbia Univ.,LL.B. ;
m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 6, 1879. Annie V. (d. of George
W. Bergen of the old Brooklyn firm of Valentine,
Bergen & Co., wholesale grocers); children: Alfred
B., b. Jan. IS. 1SS3 (died Jan. 29, 1S96), Florence M
b. Nov. 29, 1887 (m. July 1, 1909, Dr. George G. Herr).
Practised law in N. Y. City, 1879-1902: with firm of
Secor & Page, the latter State 9enator, 1S96-1898.
Progressive (Independent). Mem. 22d Reg't, N. G
N. Y., 1876-1S79. Mem. Soc. Mayflower Descendants',
Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, Soc. War
of 1S12. Soc. of Am. Wars. Club: N. Y. Athletic (Sec.
1909-1910). Address: US W. 57th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 6, 1844; s. Theodore Sedg-
wick, lawyer and law author; ed. Harvard, A.B., 1864,
LD.B., 1866, A.M., 1870. Admitted to bar 1866, practised
in Boston; admitted to bar of N. Y., 1875, and since
then practising in X. Y. City. Associated with Oliver
W. Holmes, Jr., (now asso. justice Supreme Court of
U. S.) in editing Am. Law Review while residing in
Boston: was for several years on editorial staff of the
N. Y. Evening Post and The Nation; delivered lectures
on law before Lowell Inst., Boston. 1oS5-1SS6. Edited
the 5th and was co-editor of the 7th and 8th editions

of his father's best-known work, The Measure of Dam-
ages; author Elements of Damages; also (witli F, S.
Walt) of a Treatise on the Principles and Practise
Governing the Trial of Titles to Land: Joint author
Essays o'n the Nineteenth Century. Mem. Ass'n Bar
City of N. Y. Club: Century Ass'n. Residence: 8 E.
10th St. Address: 54 William St., N. Y. City.


Author; b. Stockbridge, Mass., Sept. 24, 1861; s.
Henry Dwight and Henrietta (Ellerv) Sedgwick; grad.
Harvard Univ., 1S82; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 7, 1895, Sarah
Minturn; children: Henry Dwight, Jr., b. 1896; Robert
Minturn, b. 1899; Francis Minturn, b. 1904. Dawyer;
mem. Suffolk Bar, Mass., N. Y. Bar. Ass't dist. att'y,
Southern Dist. of N. Y., 1895, 1896, 1897. Author:
Essays on Great Writers, Life of Francis Parkman,
A Short History of Italy, etc. Independent in politics.
Club: Century. Address: 120 East 22d St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Stockbridge, Mass., Aug. 2, 1863; s.
Henry Dwight and Henrietta (Ellery) Sedgwick; grad.
Harvard Univ., A.B., 1-886; m. May 4, 1903, Mary Aspin-
wall Bend; children: Theodore, Jr., b. 1904; Edith
Ludlow, b. 1906; Harold Bend, b. 1908; Charles, b.
1912. Ordained, 1890; Curate St. George's Ch., N. Y.,
1890-1894; rector St. John's Ch.. Williamstown, Mass.,
1894-1900; rector St. John the Evangelist Ch., St. Paul,
Minn., 1900-1911; rector Calvary Ch., N. Y. City, since
1911. Episcopalian. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.
Mem. Gen. B'd of Missions, P. E. Ch., trustee St. Luke's
Home, N. Y. Mem. Churchman's Ass'n. Clubs: Cen-
tury, Harvard, The Press, Ministerial, Theta, The
Club, The Clericus. Address (summer): Falmouth
Foreside, Portland, Me.; (winter) 103 East 21st St..

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