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N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Stuttgart, Germany; s. John and Louise
(Hammer) Seeger; grad. Newburgh Acad., 1875; m.
Newburgh. N. Y.. 1S84, May E. Riker; one son: John
A., b. 18S5. Admitted to Bar, 1880; practising since
then at Newburgh. Ass't dist. att'y of Orange Co.,
1896-1904; dist. att'y of Orange Oo., 1904-1907; county
judge Orange Co., since 1907. Practising in the courts
of N. Y. State and U. S. Courts. Dir. Columbus Trust
Co. of Newburgh. Republican. Mem. N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n, Newburgh Canoe Ass'n. Clubs: Republican
(N. Y. City). Newburgh City, Wheelmen's. Address:
Newburgh, N. Y.


Physician; b. Woodhull, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1872; s. Dr.
Albert H. and Margaret (Sullivam) Seeley; grad. Addi-
son High Sch., 1S92; Cornell Univ. Ph.B., 1S96; Univ.
of Penn., M.D., 1900; unmarried. Mem. Assembly, 2d
Steuben Dist., 1911 and 1912 (two terms). Senator 43d
Dist. (Steuben and Livingston), 1913-1914. Democrat.
Mem. Senate Corns, on Public Health (chm'n), Conser-
vation, Internal Affairs, Military Affairs and Revision;
local mem. N. Y. State Dep't of Health. Mem. Hornell
Med. Soc. Club: N. Y. State Automobile Ass'n; hon.
mem. State Sealers of Weights and Measures. Address:
Woodhull. N. Y.


Manufacturer; b. N. Y. City; s. Ernest and Johanna
(Schnitzer) Seemainn; ed. public schools, N. Y. City;
m. Brooklyn, Laura Klein; children: Walter, b. 1887;
Arthur, b. 1899. Pres. and dir. Flatbush Hygela Ice
Co.; Metal Lubricating Co., N. Y. Dir. Empire Tin
Mining Co. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. 18th
Assembly Dist. Republican Club. Kings Co. Address:
200 East 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Merchant; b. Yonkers, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1857; s. Henry
and Martha G. (Gleason) Seggerman; ed. schs. of N. Y.
and Germany; m. N. Y. City. Oct. IS, 1887. Annie Haw-
thorne Timpson; children: Frederick, b. 1S90: Kenneth
M., b. 1S92. Traveled extensively in U. S., Mexico and
Europe. Pres. Seggerman Bros. Inc.; v.-p. Wisconsin
Condensed Milk Co. Served 4Vs years in 7th Reg't and
3 years in Squadron A. Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y.
Ohaimber of Commerce, Mayflower Soc. Recreations:
Golf, fishing. Clubs: Knollwood Country, Squadron
A, N. Y. Athletic. Residence: 302 West Slst St. Ad-
dress: 91 Hudson. St., N. Y. City.


Business mg'r N. Y. World; b. Portage, Wood Co.,
Ohio, Oct. 24. 1862; s. Rev. J. A. and Rebecca J.
(Brown) Seltz; ed. Norway Liberal Inst., Norway, Me.;
St. Lawrence Univ., Canton, N. Y., A.M.; m. East Deer-
ing, Me., April 15. 1890. Mildred E. Blake; children:
Mildred, b. 1891; Mabel G., b. 1897. Albany correspon-



dent Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1887-1889; city editor
Eagle, 1890-1891; city editor and business mg'r New
York Recorder, 1892-1893; mg'r Brooklyn World,
1893-1894; advertising mg'r N. Y. World, 1895-1897;
business mg'r since 1898. Author: Discoveries in
Everyday Europe, 1907; writings by and about James
Abbott McNeill Whistler, 1910; Elba and Elsewhere,
1910; Surface Japan, 1911; Letters of Francis Park-
man to E. G. Squire, 1911; The Buccaneers, 1912. Mem.
Met. Museum of Art, Armstrong Ass'n, St. Lawrence
Soc. Clubs: Grolier, Authors, Manhattan, Riverside
Yacht. Address: 239 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Banker, stock raiser; b. N. Y. City, Fefb. 24, 1859; s.
Jesse and Henrietta Seligman; ed. N. Y. public schools,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., M.E., 1878, afterward at
Royal Bergacadernie, Freiberg, Saxony, and Royal
School of Mines, Liege, Belgium, 1878-1881. Wemt to
Helena, Mont., in 1881, and acquired interest in (mines
near that place; since 1899 resident of N. Y. City and
mem. firm of Seligman & Meyer, bankers and brokers.
Republican. Mem. Territorial Legislature of Montana,
1884-1885; chm'n Rep. State Com., 1889-1890; chm'n
Montana delegation to Nat. Rep. Conv. at Minneapolis,
1892. Knigtht of Pythias (grand chancellor K. P.,
Montana, 1888-1890); mem. B. P. O. Elks (exalted
ruler Helena Lodge, 1897-1898). Residence: 38 East
50th St. Address: 52 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Bonn N. Y. City, March 22, 1853; s. James and Rose
(Content) Seligman; grad. Columbia Coll., Ph.B., Col-
umbia Coll. Law Sch., LD.B.; m. N. Y. City, June 5,
1878, Addie S. Bernheimer; children: Mrs. Ethel S.
Dinkelspiel, Mrs. Alma S. Seligsberg, James B. Mem.
of N. Y. Bar., N. Y. Stock Exchange. Trustee N. Y.
Ass'n for Improving Condition of the Poor since 1891;
served as sch. comm'r N. Y. City, 1884-1889. Club:
Columbia Univ. Address: Hotel Netherland, 59th St.
and Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


McVickar prof, political economy, Columbia Univ.;
b. N. Y. City, April 25, 1861; s. Joseph and Babette
(Steinhart) Seligman; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1879;
DL.B. 1884; Ph.D., 1885; LL.D., 1904; student Univs. of
Berlin, Paris, Heidelberg and Geneva, 1879-1882; m.
April 4, 1887, Caroline Beer; children: Eustace, Jr., b.
1889; Mabel H., b. 1894 (died 1905); Violet, b. 1S99;
Hazel, b. 1908. Adjunct prof. 1888-1891, McVickar
prof, political economy, Columbia Univ. since 1891.
ahm'n Com. on Taxation, Nat. Civic Federation. Mem.
N. Y. Com. of 70, of 1894; sec. Com. of 15, of 1901; mem.
Mayor's Com. on Municipal Finance and Taxation,
1905-1908; N. Y. State Comm'n on Taxation, 1906.
Editor: Political Science Quarterly, Series in History,
Economics and Public Law. Author: Mediaeval Guilds
of England, 1887; Railroad Tariffs, 1887; Progressive
Taxation, 1892 (2d edition, 1908); Shifting and Inci-
dence of Taxation, 1894 (3d edition, 1910); Essays on
Taxation, 1895 (8th edition, 1913); Economic Interpre-
tation of History, 1902 (2d edition, 19u7) ; Principles of
Economics, 1905 (5th edition, 1912); The Income Tax.
1911; The Social Evil (2d edition, 1912). Five of these
works have been translated into French, three into
Italian, three into Japanese, two into Spanish, two
into Russian, one into Mahratti. Republican. Pres.
Soc. for Ethical Culture, Am. Econ. Ass'n, 1902-1904;
Nat. Tax Ass'n, Am. Corr. Royal Econ. Society; corr.
mem. Russian Imperial Acad. Science, Academia dei
Lincei (Italy), Societe d'Economie Politique of Paris,
chm'n B'd Trustees Bureau of Municipal Research;
mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Hist. Ass'n, N. Y. Acad, of Polit.
Science, Am. Archaeol. Soc, Am. Oriental Soc, Am.
Polit. Science Ass'n, Am. Sociol. Soc, Am. Ass'n Labor
Legislation, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Nat. Child Later
Oomm'n, Civil Service Ass'n, Nat. Municipal League,
Prison Ass':n, N. Y. Probation Ass'n, Public Ed'n
Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, N. Y. Kindergarten Ass'n, State
Charities Ass'n, Am. Scenic and Hist. Preservation
Soc, Columbia Alumni. Phi Beta Kappa, Nat. Sculpture
Soc, Municipal Art Soc, Met. Museum of Art, Bo-
tanical Garden; dir. University Settlement, Tree Plant-
ing Ass'n, People's Inst., Ass'n Protection of the Adi-
rondacks, Pres. Coop. Social Settlement, Shore-owners'
Ass'n of Lake Placid, v. -p. Am. Soc. for Social Prophy-
laxis. Recreation: Bicycling. Clubs: City, National
Arts, Municipal Art, Sculptors, Economic, Authors.
Address: 324 West 86th St., N, Y. City.


Banker; b. Staten Island, N. Y.. July 10, 1855; s. Jo-
seph Seligman, a well-known N. Y. banker; ed. Co-
lumbia Grammar Sch., and Columbia Coll., A.B., 1876
(was one of the famous university crew that won the
intercollegiate races in 1874); m. Frankfort, Germany.

1883, Guta, d. Solomon Loeb (of Kuhn. Loeb & Co., N.
Y. City); children: Margaret V., b. 1895, Joseph L., b.
1897. On leaving college became connected with bank-
ing firm of J. & W. Seligman & Co. (founded by his
father), at their New Orleans branch, 1876-1878, and
in 1878 was called to the N. Y. house; became a part-
ner on death of his father, and since the death of his
uncle, Jesse Seligman, in 1895, has been active head of
house. This firm controlled the St. Louis & San Fran-
cisco R'y, which they sold to Jay Gould ana subse-
quently was acquired by the Rock Island; reorgan-
ized the Am. Steel and Wire Co. (now part of U. S.
Steel Corp'n), the Cramp Steamship Co.. and other
large corp'ns. Was mem. Rep. Nat. Finance Com.;
trustee Manhattan State Hosp. for Insane (appt'd by
Gov. Morton and reappt'd by Gov. Roosevelt) ; now
mem. Advisory Com., Nat. Rep. Com.; dir. Sound Money-
League; chm'n Finance Com. and treas. Citizens'
Union. Dir. U. S. Savings Bank, Munich Fire Ins. Co.;
trustee Rossia Ins. Co., Mount Morris Nat. Bank, Lin-
coln Trust Co., United Hebrew Charities. Treas. of
"American Hebrew." Mem. com. of Nat. Conf. Chari-
ties and Correction; trustee and treas. City and Subur-
ban Homes Co. (model tenements); dir. Columbia
Univ.; trustee Columbia Univ. Memorial Hall; Colum-
bia Alumni Ass'n, Civil Service Ass'n; dir. N. Y. Forest
Preserve Ass'n, Gen. Grant Tomb Com.; trustee and
treas. St. John's Guild; mem. Com. of Seven for Sup-
pression of Raines Hotels. Treas. and mem. of Com.
of Nine on Police Reform; mem. of Com. on Municipal
and State Taxation of Chamber of Commerce; trustee
McKinley Memorial Ass'n; treas. and mem. Exec. Com.
of Hudson-Pulton Celebration Comm'n; treas. and
mem. Exec. Com. of Carl Schurz Memorial Com.; v.-p.
and treas. Andrew Green Memorial Com.; v.-p. United
Hebrew Charities, People's Inst., Co-operative Com. on
Playgrounds, Hebrew Charities Bld'g (founded by his
father-in-law) Trustee of Civic Forum, Legal Aid
Soc, Univ. of Wichita, Kan.; trustee, treas. and mem.
Finance Com. Nat. Civic Federation; chm'n Finance
Com. Nat. Child Labor Ass'n; treas. Com. of Nine to
reorganize Police Dep't; mem. Chamber of Commerce
(and mem. of its Com. on Taxation). Treas. 4th of
July Com.; mem. Municipal Campaign Com. 1913, and
chm'n of its Finance Com. Trustee-mem. Finance
Com. of Canal Ass'n of Greater New York. Clubs:
Lotos, University, N. Y. Athletic, City (trustee and
treas.), Nat. Arts, Columbia, Recess. City Midday,
Lawyers, St. Andrews, University Athletic. Lakewood
Country, Garden City Golf, Seabright. Republican.
Residence: 36 W. 54th St. Address: 1 William St., N.
Y. City.

Physician; b. Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh Co.,
Pa., Aug. 16, 1832; s. Samuel and Mary (Miller) Sell;
ed dist. pay school, Bethlehem Moravian Seh v Friends'
Sch., Quakertown, Bucks Co., Pa., Allentown Sem.
mow Muhlenberg Coll.), Pennsylvania Coll. (Gettys-
burg), A.B., 1856, A.M., 1859; grad. Gettysburg Theol.
Sem, 1858; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1866;
studied several years in Europe; grad. Master of Ob-
stetrics, Vienna Univ., 1S72; m. Delphos. O.. Jan. 17,
1894, Anna J. Lloyd; children: Edward Lloyd (b. Nov.
24, 1S94), Charles Samuel (b. Feb. 2, 1897). Practised
medicine, N. Y. City, 1866-1869, abroad 1869-1872, mak-
ing sp'l studies of gynecology, obstetrics, chronic dis-
eases, and the alcohol and opium habits. Served
through cholera epidemic in N. Y. City, 1866, and the
smallpox epidemic of 1869, having been specially
appt'd for the service by N. Y. B'd of Health; was in
Paris during the siege, 1870-1871, and later in 1871
organized at Univ. of Vienna the first, and at that
time the onlv, practical gynecol. operative course in
the world Editor The Physician and Pharmacist,
1869-1880. ' Physician to N. E. Dispensary of N. Y.,
1873-1876, to Eastern Dispensary for Diseases of Wom-
en, 1874-1884; in 1876 was one of the seven physicians
(now sole survivor) who organized at the Centennial
Exp'n in Philadelphia the Am. Acad. Medicine: at
same time discovered and brought to attention of the
med. profession the medicinal properties of Avena
Sativa, the common oat. for the. cure of alcoholism
and opium habit. Has been chm'n Section on Theory
and Practice of Medicine in N. Y. Acad. Medicine,
v.-p. and treas. Am. Acad. Medicine: for several years
trustee Medico-Legal Soc; censor N. Y. Co. Med. Soc,
delegate of Am. > T ed. Ass'n, to Internat. Med. Con-
gress at Berlin. 1890. Rome, 1S94. and to the British
Med. Ass'n, 1870, 1873. 1876. Life mem. Huguenot Soc.
of America, also mem. other med. societies. Author:
The Opium Habit, 1 SS3 : also many contb'ns to current -
med. journals. Address: White Plains, N. Y.


Surgeon; b Chillicothe. Ohio: s. Albert C. and Vale-
ria (Schmittj Sellenings; ed. Ohio State Univ pl !,-,n
1896, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp., Med. Coll., M.D., 1899;



m. Columbus, Ohio, 1902, Florence Corner; children:
Eugenia, b. 1905, Florence, b. 1906. Interne Bellevue
Hosp., 1900-1902; late demonstrator of anatomy, Univ.
and Bellevue Hosp., Med. Coll., visiting surgeon Gou-
verneur Hosp.; contb'r to surgical literature. Mem.
Soc. of Alumni of Bellevue Hosp., N. Y., County Med.
Soc., Med. Ass'n of Greater N. Y., Ohio State Univ.
Ass'n of N. Y., Ohio Society, Chi Phi fraternity. Club:
Hospital Graduates. Residence: (summer) Belle Terre,
L. I., X. Y. Address: 104 E. 31st St. N,. Y. City.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, July 27, 185S; s. Welles
Ham. Hon and Helen B. (Smith) Sellew; grad. Colum-
bia. 1881; m. Portland. Conn., 1SS7, Catharine E. Will-
cox; children: Welles Hamilton, b. 1S8S, Waldo White,
b. 1892. Mem. Acad, of Medicine, Soc. Med. Judispru-
dence, Pathol Soc. Club: Grolier. Countrv residence:
Portland, Conn. Address: 78 E. 79th St., N. Y r . City.


Certified Public accountant; b. Muscatine, Iowu,
March 1, 1S5S; s. Elijah and Isabel (Watt) Sells; ed.
in public schs. and Baker Univ., Baldwin, Kan.; hon.
M.A., Baker Union, June, 1909; m. Dubuque, Iowa,
April 24. 1SS4, Mabel Graves. Employed in telegraph
and railroad offices as telegrapher and agent in Kan-
sas, later at Kansas City, Mo., until 1879, when be-
came cashier, paymaster and gen. bookkeeper of the
Clinton, Dubuque & Minnesota R. R., at Dubuque,
Iowa; afterwards ass't to comptroller Oregon R'y &
Navigation Co., and Oregon Improvement Co., also
auditor of latter; ass't comptroller Kansas City, Ft.
Scott & Memphis R. R. Co., sec. and auditor Colo.
Midland R'y. With late Charles Waldo Haskins es-
tablished, in 1893, firm of Haskins & Sells, certified
public accountants, of which is now senior mem.; firm
selected by Joint Com. of 53d Congress, 1893, to effect
a revision of accounting system of U. 9. Gov't for
purpose of simplifying and expediting public busi-
ness; also audited sp'l assessment accounts of City of
Chicago, 1871-1901. and installed an entirely new sys-
tem of accounts for City of Chicago; has executed
many other important comm'ns for municipalities in
inaugurating, correcting and investigating accounting
svstems, reorganizing corp'ns, etc. Nov., 1908 jour-
neyed to Philippine Islands on behalf of U. S. Gov't,
proceeded Westward and completed trip around world.
Mem. Am. Ass'n Public Accountants (pres. 1906-190S),
and of State Socs. of Public Accountants for N. Y.,
Pa., 111., Ohio and Mo.; mem. Empire State Soc, S. A.
R.. Mil. Order Loval Legion, Am. Acad. Polit. and So-
cial Science. Clubs: Manhattan, N. Y. Yacht, Riding,
N. Y Athletic, Lawyers (N. Y. City), The Pilgrims
(London): Chicago. Chicago Athletic (Chicago), West-
chester Country (N. Y.) Residence: Armonk, West-
chester Countv, N. Y. Address: 30 Broad St., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Bennington. Vt., 1861: s. Amzi Chapin and
Marv Hepburn (Johnson) Semple; grad. Amherst Coil-
class of 1S83, B.A., Columbia Law Sch.; m. Baltimore,
June 8, 1898, Hester M. Callahan. Teacher in Lowell.
Mass., 1883-1884; lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn.. 1886-1891;
N Y. Oity since 1S91. Ass't corporation counsel City
of N. Y., 1902-1903; Ass't counsel Public Service Comm'n
First District since 1907. Trustee Good Gov't Club F,
1S95-1S97; chm'n Fifth Assembly Dist. Citizens' Union.
1897-1901 (mayoralty campaigns); mem. City Com.
Citizens' Union. 1901-1902, 1904-1905; chm'n Com. on
Dist. Org'n of Citizens' Union, 1901-1902; candidate Re-
publican Party and Citizens' Union for justice of Mu-
nicipal Court. 1899. Republican; mem. Republican Co.
Com., 1906-1913. Presby'n. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of
N, Y. N. Y. County Lawyers Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n. Am. Bar Ass'n, Amherst Ass'n, Phi Beta Kappa.
Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs: University, Republican.
Wykagyl Country. Address: 154 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Anatomist; b. Croydon, Eng Oct. 30, 1870; s. Joseph
and Amy (Westall) Senior; ed. Chatham House Coll .
Ramsgate. Eng.. Charing Cross Hosp. Med. Sch., and
Durham Univ. (honors in intermediate and final M.B.):
fellow Royal Coll. Surgeons. Eng.. Licentiate Royal
Coll. Phrs., London: hon. D.Sc. Syracuse Univ.; m.
British Columbia, 1901, Jean Hedley. House surgeon
and house physician Charing Cross Hosp., London,
1892-1893; ass'n demonstrator anatomy, Durham Univ.,
1893-1894; demonstrator anatomy Charing Cross Hosp.,
Med. Sch., 1S94-1895; med, registrar. Charing Cross
Hosp., 1895-1897; demonstrator anatomy Medico-Chi-
rurgical Coll., Phila.. 1902-1904; asso. in anatomy, Wis-
tar Inst. Anatomy, 1904-1907; prof, anatomy Syracuse
Univ.. 1907-1910; prof, anatomy N. Y. Univ., since 1910.

Mem. Am. Ass'n Anatomists; fellow A.A.A.S., N. Y.
Acad, of Science. Club: Authors (London, Eng.). Resi-
dence: 129 E. 40th St. Address: 338 E. 26th St., N. Y.


Banker; b. near S. River, N. J., June 2, 1851; s. Rich-
ard and Esther (Messier) Serviss; ed. public and pri-
vate schs., Claverack Coll., Claverack, N. Y.; m. Brook-
lyn, N. Y., Oct. 6. 1886, Mary Throckmorton; one d'.,
Esther R., b. Sept. 15, 1889. Agent Home Ins. Co. of
X. Y., Ins. Co. of N. America, Philadelphia, Phila. Un-
derwriters, Continental I'ns. Co. of N. Y., Standard Fire
Ins. Co., Trenton. N. J., and New Brunswick Fire Ins.
Co., of New Brunswick, N. J., conducting the ins. busi-
ness at S. River, as well as surveying and convey-
ancing, since 1883. Pres. First Nat. Bank, South River,
N. J., since org'n, 1902. Appt'd township clerk, East
Brunswick Township, 1877, re-elected till 1898; county
collector, 1893-1905. Democrat. Trustee and sec.
Washington Monumental Cemetery Ass'n since 1903.
Address: South River, N. J.


Author; b. S. Shields, Durham, Eng., Aug. 14 1860;
ed. in Canada, Eng., and France; m. N. Y. City June
1, 1S96, Grace Gallatin; one d., Ann, b. Jan. 23' 1904.
Went to Canada at age of 6, lived in the backwoods
till 1870; ed. public schools of Toronto and Collegiate
Inst.; received art training in London 1879-1881; went
to Manitoba to follow natural history; became natu-
ralist to the Gov't of Manitoba. Published in 1898 Wild
Animals I Have Known (the biographies of eight wild
animals), which went through ten editions in one
year, and Birds of Manitoba. Author: Anatomy of
Animals; Mammals of Manitoba; Trail of the Sand-
hill Stag; Biographv of a Grizzly; Lives of the Hunt-
ed, 1901; Two Little Savages; Pictures of Wild Ani-
mals; Monarch, The Big Bear; Wood Mvth and Fable;
The Birch-bark Roll; Animal Heroes; Biography of a
Silver-fox; Life-histories of Northern Animals; The
Forester's Manual, Manual of Scouting; Rolf in the
Woods, Woodcraft and Indian Lore; Wild Animals at
Home. Recreations: Hunting with the camera; natural
history, and woodcraft. Mem. Nat. Inst, of Arts and
Letters, Chief Scout of Boy Scouts of America. Club:
Camp-fire (ex-pres.). Address: AVvndygoul Park,
Greenwich, Conn.


Writer, designer of book make-up; b. Sacramento,
Calif.; d. Albert and Nemie N. (Rhodes) Gallatin; ed.

^u.i,_ihji vja ^4.111. ^iviu .fias ji, v".-p. State B'd of Com.
Woman's Suffrage Ass'n; v. -p. Greenwich Eoual Fran-
chise League. Recreations: Outdoor country life, music.
Clubs: Pen and Brush (pres. 1898-1901, 1902-1913),
Woman's Press^ Wednesday Afternoon, MacDowell
Ass'n, Lyceum Club (London). Address: Greenwich,
Conn., and 562 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Composer, violinist, lecturer, teacher; b. Notting-
ham, England, Dec. 10, 1862; s. Edmund and Elizabeth
(Thornton) Severn; ed. in Hartford, Conn., Boston,
Mass., Berlin, Germany; m. Montclair, N. J.. 1890,
Minna Sites. Composer of orchestral, choral, and
chamber music and solos. Published works, including
violin solos, songs and piano solos. Lecturer for B'd
of Ed'n, N. Y\ City, on musical subjects. Violin solo-
ist; has performed in Maine, Mass.. X. Y., N. J. Pa.,
Conn., Vermont, N. H. Clubs: N. Y. State Music
Teachers' Ass'n, Bohemian. Tonkuenstler, Fraternal.
Address: 131 W. 56th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Newark, N. Y.. Aug. 4, 1872; s. Albert
C. (D.D.) and Helen Sarah (Ives) Sewall; ed. Will-
iams Coll., A.B., 1893; Union Theol. Sem.. B.D., 1898;
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1S93-1S94; m. Rochester, N. Y.,
Jan. 16, 1900, Kate Louise, d. Pres. A. H. Strong, D.D.,
of Rochester Theol. Sem.; children: Greenville Strong,
b. Jan. 11, 1902, John Ives, b. Sept. 5, 1905, Richard
Benson, b. Feb. 11, 1908. One year of travel and study



abroad, 1896-1897. Ass't minister. Third Presby'n Ch.,
Rochester, 1898-1900; was minister, Presbv'n Ch., Rome,
N. Y.. 1900-1907; minister, State Street Presby'n Ch..
Albany, N. T., since 1907. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa and
Kappa Alpha iSoc, Williams Coll.; Sons of Revo-
lution. Visitor State Charities Aid Soc. Recreations:
Seashore occupations, golf. Clubs: University, Country
(Albany). Address: 73 Willett St., Albany. N. Y.


' Lawyer; b. Wilmington, Del., March 23, 1878; s. Rev.
Samuel S. and Christina F. (Kimber) Seward; grad
Columbia Coll., A.B., 1899; N. Y. Law Sch.; m. Aug
30, 1902, Sara Femington Day; children: Kimber b
1904; Katharine, b. 1908; Samuel S., Ill, b. 1910. Mem
hrm Curtis, Mallet-Provost & Colt, since 190S- dir
Gunn, Richards & Co., Western Clock Mfg Co. (N Y )
Ocean Freight Line, Ltd. Democrat. Clubs: Lotos'
Columbia Univ.. Reform, Mendelssohn Glee. Residence-
542 W. 112th St. Address: 30 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 20, 1868; s. Rev
Samuel S. and Chrissie F. (Kimber) Seward; ed. public
schools, Gibbens & Beach Sch.; grad. Columbia A.B.
1890, N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll., M.D.. 1S93; m. N. Y. City
June 2, 1900, Edith de C. Hibbard; children- Ruth d"e
'> 1901; Christine K., b. 1903; John Perry Jr., b.
1905; Ralph Theodore, b. 1907. Was house physician,
Nat. Ho-mce. Hosp., Washington, D. C, 1893-1894; dem-
onstrator and lecturer on anatomy, N. Y. Homce. Med
Coll., 1894-1900; prof, hygiene and dietetics, N. Y. Med.'
Coll. for Women, 1899-1901; prof, materia medica, N Y
Homce. Med. Coll., 1901-1903; visiting physician, Hah-
nemann Hosp., Laura Franklin Hosp., Metropolitan
Hosp. Swedenborgian. Prof, of practice, N Y. Med
Coll. and Hosp. for Women, since 1910. Mem. Am. Inst
of Homoeopathy, N. Y. State and Co. Homce. Med
Socs., Acad. Pathol. Science, N. Y. Homce. Materia
Medica Soc, Columbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n, Phi Beta
Kappa Soc. Clubs: Dunham, Columbia University. Ad-
dress: 200 W. 70th St., N. Y. City.


Soldier, banker; b. Auburn, N. "ST., June 18, 1839;
youngest s. William H. (sec. of State of U. S., 1861-
1S69) and Frances A. (Miller) Seward; privately edu-
cated; m. June, 1S60, Janet M. Watson; children: Cor-
nelia (wife of Frederick 1. Allen), William H, Frances
Janet. Began business career as clerk in hardware
store in Albany, N. Y., 1857-1859; private see. to father
(then U. S. senator from N. Y.), 1859-1860; with Clin-
ton D. McDougall 1860; established at Auburn the
banking house of William H. Seward & Co. Appt'd
1862, by Gov. Morgan, one of War Com. of his Cong,
dist., of which com. was made sec; appt'd, Aug., 1862,
lieut.-col.. 138th N. Y. Vols., soon after changed to 9th
X. Y. Heavy Art'y; reg't was assigned to duty in Has-
kins' Div., 22d Army Corps, defenses of Washington,
where, under direction of Eng'rs Dep't, took active
part in construction of several of the large forts on
the Potomac, in spring of 1S63, with much danger and
hardship, successfully accomplished secret mission
from Rres. Lincoln to Gen. Banks, then operating on
Bayou Teche, in Louisiana; promoted col., 9th Art'y,
May, 1864, and joined Army of the Potomac at Hano-
ver Court House, Va., and became part of 2d Brigade,
Ricketts' 3d Div., Wright's 6th Army Corps, under Gen.
Grant; participated in many of the engagements
around Petersburg, including Cold Harbor (where per-
sonally led successful assault on the Confederate
earthworks in front of his command with loss to his
reg't of 142 killed and wounded); was at battle of
Monocacy, where was wounded in arm and had leg

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