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Colonial Wars of Ohio (charter mem. and founder of
soc in Ohio), mem Sons of Revolution and Soc. War
of 1812 in Md. and Ohio. Clubs: Union (N. Y.), Met-
ropolitan (Wash.), Queen City, Riding and Country
(Cincinnati). Address: Union Club, N. Y. City.


Chemical mf'r; b. June 6, 18G9, Cleveland, Ohio: s.
Thomas G. and Harriet (Este) Sholes; ed. Cleveland,
O., schools, university, tutors, and in practical work
of construction and manufacture in chemical plants;
m. Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1896, Mary Elizabeth Bab-
cock. Three years chemical works, Chicago; mf'r 3

years chem. works, Syracuse; mf'r for 10 years chem.
works, N. Y. ; pres. chem. works New York, 7 years;
veteran Troop A of Ohio. Republican. Mem. Brick
Presby'n Gh., N. Y. City. Mem. Soc. Chemical Indus-
try, Am. Chem. Soc. Clubs: Chemists. Mendelssohn
Glee. Address: 131 E. 15th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Plymouth, Pa., Oct. 28, 1881; e. George
W. and Ida E. (Klotz) Shonk; grad. Wesleyan Univ.,
A.B.; Harvard Law Sch., LL.B.; m. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct
28, 1907, S. Gertrude Knight; children: Sally, b. Sept.
20, 1908; Mary Elizabeth, b. June 25, 1912. Mem. firm
Crane, Woodward & Shonk, lawyers; treas. and dir.
Lubricating Metal Co. Mem. Co. K, 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y.
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.; Alpha Delta Phi fra-
ternity, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Clubs: Union League,
Harvard, Alpha Delta Phi, Whitehall Lunch, Knoll-
wood Country. Residence: Scarsdale, N. Y. Address:
2 Rector St., N. Y. City.


Railroad offcial; b. Crawford Co., Pa., May 5, 1856;
s. Dr. Henry Daniels and Margaret Nevin (Marshall)
Shonts; ancestry, Dutch and Scotch-Irish; went with
parents in boyhood to Appanoose County, la.; ed. pub-
lic schools Centreville, la., and Monmouth Coll., Mon-
mouth, 111., from which grad. 1876; m. Centerville,
la., 1882, Harriet Amelia, d. Gen. (afterward Gov.)
Francis M. Drake; children: Marguerite Theodora (now
Duchesse de Chaulnes). After graduation became an
accountant and in a very short time was employed by
nat. banks in la. to standardize and simplify their
methods of bookkeeping; studied law and practised a
short time at Centerville, la.; ibecame associated with
Gen. Drake, who had large financial and railroad in-
terests, and who placed much of the work of mg'mt
and construction in his hands; had charge of con-
struction of part of la. Central R.R. ; afterward built
the Mo., la. & Neb. R.R. and was its controlling owner,
later selling it to the Lake Shore & Mich. Southern
R.R. ; after a few months of rest and travel returned
to railroad business; with associates secured control
of Toledo, St. Louis & Western R.R. (Clover Leaf),
which rehabilitated and made successful; selected by
Pres. Roosevelt, Spring of 1905, chm'n Isthmian Canal
Comm'n, formulating the plans for that great work;
continued at its head until Felb., 1907, when elected
pres. of the Interborough-Metropolitan Co., of N. Y.,
entering upon duties March 4, 1907. Was pres. of the
Toledo, St. Louis & Western R.R. from Jan. 15, 1904,
and of Chicago & Alton from Nov. 1, 1909, to Sept. 1,
1912, also of la. Central and Minneapolis & St. Louis
R.Rs. from Nov. 1, 1909, to Oct. 9, 1911. Dir. Am.
Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago, Blaugas Co., of Amer-
ica., Chesapeake & Ohio R. R. Co., Fifth Av. Coach Co.,
Interborough-Metropolitan Co., Interborough Rapid
Transit Co., Iowa Central R'y Co., Kansas City, Mexico
& Orient R'y, Long Island Electric R'y Co., Minneapolis
& St. Louis R.R. Co., N. Y. R'ys Co., N. Y. & Queens
County R.R. Co., N. Y. & Long Island Traction Co.,
N. Y. Transportation Co., Pittsburgh & Shawmutt R.R.
Co., Rapid Transit Subway Construction Co., Realty
Trust Co., Atlanta, Ga Subwav Realty Co., Toledo,
St. Louis & Western R.R. Co., United States Light &
Heating Co., White Sulphur Springs, Inc. Address:
165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Baltimore, Md.; s. William Brengle and
Julia (Krebs) Shope; ed. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, X.
H.; studied law dn office of the late James C. Carter,
and at N. Y. Univ. Law Sch. (LL.M. ). Has practised
law in N. Y. City since admission to the bar. Demo-
crat; Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.
Author: Collision at Sea, a law treatise. By order of
the Navy Dep't, a copy of this book has been placed
on every vessel of the U. S. Navy, it having been
adopted by the Gov't as the standard authority on the
subject. Clubs: Calumet, Apawamis, Golf. Residence:
959 Madison Av. Address: 37 Liberty St., N. Y. City*


Lawyer; b. Florence, Mass., Aug. 15, 1S59; s. Rev.
William and Mary Amanda (Haggertyi Shortt; grad.
Univ. of Toronto, B.A. (honors in mental and moral
science), 1880, M.A., 1SS1; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov.,
1890, Lucy E. Low; children: Allen, b. 1S96, Elspeth, b.
1901. After graduating, traveled in Europe, 1880-
1881; studied law in office of Bethune, Moss, Falcon-
bridge & Hovles, Toronto; of Martin & Smith, N. Y.
City, and at Law Sch. of Univ. of N. Y. Mem. of As-
sembly of State of N. Y. for Richmond Co., 1908, 1910,
1911. Counsel for George Cromwell in contest of 1897
for office of pres. of Borough of Richmond, when he
was successful in Court of Appeals; for W. R. Hearst,
in contest following elections of 1905, for mayor; for
Klchmond Co. in proceeding to set aside as unconsti-



tutional the apportionments into Senate and Assembly
Dists. made in N. Y. Legislature in 1906; counsel tor
Sailor's Snug Harbor, for Marine Soc, and supervisors
of Richmond Co. Served in Queen's Own Rifles, To-
ronto (Can. Militia), with rank of sergeant, four
years; candidate (Fusion) for office of dist. att'y of
Richmond Co., 1900. Republican and Citizens' Union.
Mem. of Wadsworth Hose Co. No. 4 (Borough of
Richmond iFire Dep't) for 12 years. Pres. Thurmond
Land Co. of Va.; dir. Rush Creek Land Co., Coal Run
Land Co. Vestryman St. Paul's Memorial Ch., Staple-
ton, S. I. Mem. Law Soc. of Upper Canada, Med.
Jurisprudence (X. Y.), Nat. Science Ass'n of Staten
Island. Mem. Phi Sigma fraternity (Univ. of To-
ronto), St. George's Soc, Alliance Frangaise, Amateur
Fencers' League. Clubs: Citv, Fencers' (X. Y. City);
Staten Island, Brooklyn. Clifton Boat. Residence: 21S
St. Paul's Av., Borough of Richmond. N T . Y. Country
home: Otterburn. Kingston, Ontario. Address: 45
Broadway, X. Y. City.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, April 14, 1S69; s. John
Shrady, M.D., and Jeannie Lockhart (Sammis) Shradv;
ed. in private sohools, Princeton (class of 1S90), Coll.
Thys. and Surg. (Columbia), M.D., 1S93; interne Roose-
velt Hosp., 1S95; m. June 7, 1S98, Aline B. Chaffee.
Appt'd instr. in physical diagnosis and later chief of
clinic in Hydrotherapy at Coll. Phys. and Surg. At-
tending physician Seton Hosp. for twelve years, now
consulting physician; also ass't attending physician
at Harlem Hosp. Formerly examining physician for
N. Y. State Hosp. for Incipient Tuberculosis at Ray
Brook, X. Y. Independent Republican. Mem. Am.
Med. Ass'n, X. Y. State Med. Soc, Alumni Ass'n Roose-
velt Hosp. and Sloane Hosp. for Women. Recrea-
tions: Golf, motoring. Address: 135 W. 73d St., N. Y.


Theatrical manager; b. Syracuse, N. Y., March 1.",,
18i5; s. David and Catherine Shubert; ed. public
schs., Syracuse, N. Y. Pres. and dir. Shubert Theatri-
cal Co., Sam S. and Lee Shubert, Inc., Shubert Realty
Co., Grand Opera House Co., Lyric Theatre Co., Shu-
bert Holding Co., Hyperion Theatre Co., 39th St. Thea-
tre Co., Elliott Theatre Co.; v.-p. and dir. Wm. A
Brady, Ltd., Sam S. Shubert Amusement Co., Winter
Garden Co., Ready Money Co., 50th St. Broadway Co.,
Garrick Theatre Co. (St. Louis), Garrick Theatre Co.
(Chicago), Washington Theatre Co.; sec, treas. and
dir. Broadway and 39th St. Co.; dir. Greenwich Bank,
44th St. Realty Co., Central Theatre Leasing and
Construction Co. Address: 141G Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physician, author; b. X. Y. City, Dec. 1, 1S50; s R.
W. and Sarah Hutchins (Abercrombie) Shufeldf ed
by private tutors at Xew Orleans, La., and Havana
Cuba; in public schools of N. Y. City and Stamford,'
Conn.; Kinne's Prep. Sch. to Cornell Univ., and, 1870-
1873, Sch. of Eng'ring, Cornell Univ.; grad. medical
dep't Columbia Univ., Washington, D. C, 1876- m 1st
Washington, D. C, Sept., 1876, Catharine Babcock
(died 1892); 2nd, Florence Audubon, 189S; 3rd, Alex-
andria, Va., Alfhild Dagny Lowum; children (by first
marriage): Robert Wilson 3d, b. June 7, 1877 (died
1S93), Percy Welles, b. Dec. 27, 1879, Sarah Aber-
crombie, b. June S, 1S82, Catharine, b. Oct. 9, 18S9
(died May 5, 1902). Traveled in capacity of officer of
U. S. Navy, U. S. Army, etc., in Mexico, West Indies
and throughout U. S.; founded the departments of
comparative anatomy at the Army Medical Museum
and at the Smithsonian Inst'n, at Washington, D. C
Was connected with the U. S. Hydrographic Office,
Washington, 1S74, and later, under Dr. George A. Otis,
Col. Med. Dep't, U. S. A.; assisted in the completion
of the Medical and Surgical History of the War of
the Rebellion. Was captain's sec, U. S. gunboat Pro-
teus, 1864-1S55, E. Gulf Squadron; 1st It., and ass't
surg., Med. Dep't, U. S. A., 1876; captain, 1881; major,
1904; retired, 1891; was surg. with various commands
in the field, in Indian wars in the West; post surgeon
at Laramie, Ft. Fetterman (Wvo.), D. A. Russell, Ft.
Wingate (X. Mex.); special duty at Washington, D.
O; served at Jackson Barracks (Xew Orleans) and
other mil. posts. Associated with various inst'ns fur-
thering the ends of art, biology, law and medicine in
this country and Europe. Mem. of many societies,
among them being: Zool, Soc. of London; Societa
Italiana d'Antropologia. Etnologia 6 Psicologia Com-
parata, of Florence, Italv; L'Alliance Scientifique Uni-
verselle de France; Acad. Natural Sciences of Phila-
delphia: Medico-Legal Soc. of New York. Fellow Am.
Ornithologists' L T nion, Am. and British Societies for
Psychical Research, Linnaean Soc. of N. Y., Acad, of
Sciences of Chicago, Royal Australasia Ornithol.

Union; mem. of various internal, med. congresses;
trustee Medico-Legal Soc. of N. Y.; mem. Alpha Delta
Phi, Cornell Chapter. Author of ovi r one thousand
books, memoirs, criticisms, magazine articles, etc., de-
voted to biology, medicine, law, art, psychics, popular
natural history, travel, exploration, photography of
fish, birds and other animals (living), anthropology,
criminology, etc. Principal books are: Osteology of
Birds of North America; Anatomy of Heloderma; My-
ology of the Raven; Chapters on the Natural History
of U. S.; Studies of the Human Form; The Negro;
Fossil Birds; and many others. Address: 3356-18th
St., N. W., Washington, D. C.


Botanical investigator; b. in Clarke Co., O., April
15, 1874; s. Harrison and Catharine (Ryman) Shull:
ed. in country schools of Clarke, Miami and Mont-
gomery counties, O. ; grad. Antioch Coll., B.S., 1901;
Univ. of Chicago, Ph.D. (in botany and zoology),
1904; m. 1st, Bushnell, 111., July S, 1906, Ella Amanda
Hollar, b. Feb. 14, 1877 (died May 7, 1907); 2d, Brook-
lyn, X. Y., Aug. 26, 1909, Mary Julia Nicholl. Taught
in public schools of Greene Co., O., 1893-1897; stu-
dent ass't in, Bureau of Forestry in E. Tenn., 1901;
botanical ass't U. S. Nat. Museum, Washington, D. C,
1902; botanical expert, U. S. Bureau of Plant Industry,
1902-1904; ass't in plant physiology, Univ. of Chicago,
1903-1904; botanist, Carnegie Inst'n Station for Ex-
perimental Evolution, Cold Spring Harbor, L. I., 1904.
Mem. Botanical Soc. of America, Torrev Bot. Club,
Am. Soc. Naturalists (v.-p. and chm'n of Eastern Sec-
tion, 1911), Am. Geog. Soc, Ass'n Internationale des
Botanistes, Deutschen Botaniscihen Gesellschaft, Am.
Breeders' Ass'n (chm'n Plant Section, 1912-1913); fel-
low A. A. A. S.; asso. Royal Horticultural Soc, Eng.
Author of papers on morphology, variation, heredity
and evolution in plants. Address: Cold Spring Har-
bor, D. I., N. Y.


Artist: b. Rindge, N. H June. 14, 1S38; s. Asahel
Dewey and Eliza (Morse) Shurtleff; ed. Dartmouth
Coll., B.S., 1857; m. Hartford, Conn., June 14, 1867,
Clara E. Halliday. Worked as lithographer at Buf-
falo, 1858-1859, drawing on wood for engraver, Bos-
ton, and studying in evening classes at Lowell Inst.,
1859; illustrator, N. Y. City, and student of Nat. Acad.
Design, 1860-61; enlisted as private 99th N. Y. Vols.,
April 16, ISfil; promoted 1st lieut. and adjutant:
wounded and taken prisoner July 19, 1861, and spent
eight months in Southern hospitals and prisons be-
fore being released on parole. Continued as illus-
trator of magazines and books in N. Y. City; since
1S70 painter in oils and water colors of animal pic-
tures and landscapes; has specialized in recent vears
on scenes in The Adirondacks. Asso. 1881, academi-
cian since 1890, Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Am. Water
Color Soc Address: 350 W. 55th St., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Rochester, N. Y.; s. Hiram and Eliza-
beth (Tinker) Sibley; ed. Heidelberg Univ. Ph D Co-
lumbia Univ., DL. B. ; m. Feb. 6, 1S73, Margaret Durbin
Harper, of N. Y. City; children: Mrs John A. Gade.
Harper, Urling. From 1869 to 18S1 interested and
active in mg'mt of Southern railroads, with residence
in N. Y. City; since then in iron mines, timber lands
and lumber operations in West and South, and in bank-
ing, with residence in Rochester. Trustee Rochester
Savings Bank, Security Trust Co.. of Rochester Clubs:
Genesee Valley, Country (Rochester) ; University, Union
League; N. Y. Yacht, Riding (X. Y City) Address-
100 Sibley Block, Rochester, N. Y.


Merchant; b. Spencer, Mass., Dec. 3, 1841; s. Brig-
ham and Adaline (Adams) Sibley; ed. in schools of
spencer, Mass.; m. Rochester, N. Y., 1885, Elizabeth S
Conkey; children: Dr. Edward R., Elizabeth Adams,
John R. Pres. Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co.; trustee Se-
curity Trust Co., Rochester Savings Bank, both of
Rochester, N. Y. ; dir. Minneapolis Dry Goods Co. of
Minneapolis, Minn., and Erie Dry Goods of Erie, Pa
University of Rochester, Reynolds Library, Rochester.
Clubs: Genesee Valley, Country (Rochester), Am. Jersey
Cattle (N. Y'. City). Address: Rochester, N. Y.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 30, 1883; s. Henry and
Mary (Brooks) Sidenberg; grad. Yale Univ. A. B., class
1904; m. N. Y. City, March 15, 1910, Mildred Barbara
Bcholle; one d. Janet, b. Dec. 12, 1911. Mem. firm G.
Sidentierg & Co., Importers and converters of .laces,
cotton goods, etc. Recreations: Outdoor sports, tennis.
Clubs: Yale, Century, Country. Residence: Hastings-
on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 116 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.




Lawyer; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1869; s. Franklin
and Charlotte (Spaulding) Sidway; ed. public and pri-
vate schools of Buffalo, Phillips Exeter Acad., 1888,
Harvard Coll. (1 year), Buffalo Law School, LL.B., 1894;
m. Buffalo, N. Y.. April 16, 1903, Amelia Minerva Rob-
erts, d. James A. Roberts; children: Margaret St. John,
b. May 16, 1907; Martha Roberts, b. Oct. 1, 1908; Edith,
b. Feb. 22, 1913. Admitted to bar Oct. 17, 1894, was
with firm of Sprague. Moot Sprague & Brownell. 1894-
1897; since then practising alone, principally in
care of estates. Comm'd 2d lieut. Co. B, 74th
Reg't, N.G.N.Y., March 1, 1894; 1st lleut., March
6, 1895, capt. same co. Nov. 23, 1897, capt. Co. C.
202d N. Y. Vols. Inf., July 5, 1898 to April 15, 1899;
served with army of occupation in Cuba; re-elected
capt. Co. 'B, 74th Regt. on return and received full f>nd
hon. discharge Oct. 1, 1902. Chm'n Erie County Rep.
Gen. Com. 1909 and 1910, Republican; Episcopalian.
Mem. Erie Countv Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n,
N. Y. State Hist. Soc, S. A. R.. Spanish War Veterans.
Naval and Military Order Spanish-Am. War, Buffalo
Fine Arts Acad. Clubs: Buffalo, Saturn, Ellicott, Buf-
falo Orpheus. Address: 194 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y.


Artist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 16, 1862; s. Jacob
and Ann (McMahon) Sieber; ed. Brooklyn grammar
schools; studied art with Prof. F. T. Lee Boyle in
Brooklyn Inst., where won second prize; Prof. Winter,
Brooklyn High Sch., and at Acadgmie Julian, Paris.
France, Nat. Acad, of Design, N. Y. City. Exhibited
Charleston Exp'n (won bronz medal), St. Louis Exp'n,
Omaha Exp'n, Detroit Museum, Nat. Acad. Design, N. Y.
City, Philadelphia Art Club Salmagundi Club, N. Y.
City, and received the J. T. Story gold medal from
Brooklyn Art Club. Has had various works published
and copyrighted by Art Interchange, the Soule Photo-
graphic Co., Osborn Co., the Knapp Art Publication
Co. Represented in the Bueck, Frauenfelder, Hurley,
Mills and Mollenhauer collections and others. Spe-
cialty in art is painting cattle and landscapes. Ad-
dress: 212 Freeman St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Manufacturer; ib. Minden, Prussia, May 24, 1839; s.
John J and Charlotte Siedler; ed. pu'blic sens., N. Y.
City; ni. 1st, 1863, Mary Van Schaick; 2d, 1866, Julia
Franklin- 3d, 1879, Grace Syms; children: Mary Ella,
George J., Julia F., Charlotte, Marguerite, Ernestine,
Mary, Dorothy, Charles P.. Howard D. In partnership
with late Peter Lorillard in tobacco business, 35 years,
as mn'g partner, now retired; receiver for Lorillard
Brick Works Co. Pres. and receiver Ft. Plain &
Richfield Springs R. R. Mayor of Jersey City, N. J., 2
years Club: Carteret (hon. mem.). Address: 156
Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 15, 1866; s. William and
Magdalena (Frick) Siegel; grad. N. Y. Univ. Med. Dep't
M.D. with honor, 1890; m. 1st, 1889, Louisa Long (died
1895)' 2d 1902, Grace Williams; children: Ferdinand
F., b. 1891, Caroline, b. 1893, Beatrice Grace, b. 1904,
Herbert Carter, b. 1907. Surgeon Eastern District
Hosp Dispensary, 1891; examiner Metropolitan Life
Ins. Co., 1891-1892; traveled in England, Holland, Ger-
many Switzerland and France; 1900; lecturer on care
of infants and children's diseases to nurses in Eastern
Dist Hosp. 1906. Has traveled through Canada and
Southern States. Mem. Kings County Med. Soc, N. Y.
State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n; Physicians Mutual
Aid Ass'n. Pres. Brooklyn Symphony Ochestra. Re-
publican; Baptist. Odd Fellow. Mem. Allied Arts
Ass'n. Recreations: Music (plays the flute), chess,
checkers. Address: 294 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Merchant; b. Eubigheim, Germany, Mar. 17, 1852; s.
Lazarus (iburgomaster) and Zurich (Koch) Siegel; ed.
in Germany, came to U. S. 1S67; m. 1st, 1S85, Julia
Rosenbaum (died 1S86); 2d, 1898, Marie Vaughan
Wilde widow of George Wilde and d. Judge J. G. and
Isabel'le Oliver (Peters) Vaughan. First business ex-
perience was gained in Washington, D. C, Parkers-
burg, Va., and Lanceburg, Pa.; established firm of Siegel
Hartsbield & Co., in Chicago, 1876; ten years later es-
tablished dep't store of Siegel, Cooper & Co., Chicago,
in 1S96 established Siegel, Cooper & Co., N. Y. City;
purchased Simpson-Crawford Co. in Jan. 1902; opened
Fourteenth Street Store April 1904, and Henry Siegel
& Co., Boston, 1905; controls five of largest dep't stores
in the world. Dir. in several banks, street railways
and various corp'ns. Fellow Am. Geog. Soc. mem.
N Y Hist. Soc, Nat. Museum of Art. Club: West-
chester Hunt. Residences: 26 East S2d St., N. Y. City,
and "Driftwood," Mamaroneck, N. Y. Address: Simp-
son-Crawford Co., 'N. Y. City.


Pres. The Siegfried Co., Inc., of N. Y.: b. Louisville.
Ky., Mar. 3, 1876; s. late A. H. Siegfried, gen. mg'r of
Curtis Publishing Co., and represents the fourth con-
secutive generation of his family to engage in pub-
lishing work; grad. Univ. of Pa., B.S., 1898, later tak-
ing the degree of the Wharton Sch. of Economics; m.
Oct. 1898, Mary Louise Delano. Removed to Boston
and Joined staff of Boston Herald, for several years
doing important regular and sp'l work for this paper
and also for N. Y. Herald particularly in real estate
and in marine and naval lines, of which he made
especial study. Returned to N. Y. 1900 to join busi-
ness staff of Eng'ring Record, taking the business
management of that periodical when the McGraw Pub-
lishing Co. purchased it in 1902. Was later exec, head
of two successful publishing houses in textile and
pharmaceutical lines respectively. Entered advertis-
ing agency field in 1907. Dir. Montclair Civic Ass'n.
Mem. Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Clubs: Phi Gamma
Delta, University of Pa. (N. Y.), Montclair, Montclair
Dramatic. Residence: Montclair N. J. Address. 50
Church St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. St. Paul, Minn., May 7, 1871; s. John
H. and Julie (Strissbuth) Sieker; came to N. Y. City
with parents, 1876; ed. St. Matthew's Acad., 1876-1881;
N. Y. Pro-gymnasium, 1881-1887; Northwestern Univ.,
Watertown, Wis., A.B., 1891; studied theology in Con-
cordia Sem., St. Louis, 1891-1894; m. N. Y. City, July
7, 1896, Adelheid Weichmann; ass't pastor, 1894-1904,
pastor since April 2, 1905, St. Matthew's Lutheran
Church (oldest Lutheran Ch. in America, founded
1664), Evangelical Lutheran; mem. of Synod of Mis-
souri, Ohio and other States. Member Alumni Ass'n,
Concordia Coll., Ministers (Lutheran) Conf. of N. Y.,
B'd of Mg'rs, Lutheran Hosp., East N. Y.. Luth. City
Mission B'd. Address: 146 Elizabeth St., N. Y. City.


Prof. Latin; b. Ft. Wayne, Ind., Jan. 2, 1S53; s. Rev.
William Sihler, Ph.D.; ed. Concordia Coll., Ind., A.B.,
1869, Concordia Lutheran Sem., St. Louis, Mo., Univs.
of Berlin and Leipzig, specializing in classical philol-
ogy, 1872-1875; fellow in Greek, 1876-1879, Ph.D.,
187S, Johns Hopkins Univ.; m. N. Y. City, 1881, Emily
Johanna Birkner. Classical Instr., N. Y. Univ., 1879-
1891; prof, classical philology, Concordia Coll., Milwau-
kee, 1891-1892, prof. Latin N. Y. Univ., since 1892, also
lecturer in Graduate School. Author: Lexicon to
Latinitv of C<esar's Gallic War; Testimonium Ani-
mal, or Greek and Roman before Jesus Christ, dealing
with the Spiritual Elements in Classical Civilization.
1908, Annals of Caesar, a critical biography, 1910
(Stechert, N. Y.), of which B. G. Teubner of Leipzig
Drought out a German version in 1912; ed'r of edi-
tions of Plato's Protagoras, and of Cicero's Second
Philippic. Has written much on American Classicism
in the N. Y. Evening Post, and in the Neue Jahrbiicher
of Leipzig. Joint author, with Chancellor Henry M.
McCracken, of Memorial Volume on The Hall of
Fame, and of History of New York University. Took
a leading part in securing the transfer of the
archseol. collection of late Prof. Hiibner from Berlin
to N Y. University. Visited Pompeii, Rome, Oxford
and Cambridge Univ., 1897. Mem. Am. Philol. Ass'n.
Address: University Heights, N. Y. City.


Physician and surgeon; b. Cohoes, N. Y., Aug. 27,
1870; s. John E. and Mary Eleanor (King) Silcocks;
ed. Cohoes High School, grad. Albany Med. Coll., M.D.,
1897; m. Watervliet, N. Y., Deo. 19, 1898, Henrietta
Smith; children: Dorothv Eleanor, b. 1901, William
Robert, b. 1900. Surgeon to Delaware & Hudson R. R.;
coroner's physician, Albany Co.; Mem. Albany Co. Med.
Soc, Rensselaer Co. Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Ass'n,
Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. and N. E. Ass'n R'y Surgeons,
Modern Woodmen of America; mem. Apollo Com-
mandery, K. T., and Oriental Temple, Mystic Shrine;
also mem. Roval Arcanum. Club: Green Island. Sum-
mer home: Stony Creek, N. Y. Address: 102 George
St., Green. Island, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., July 10, 1S76; s. War-
ren Scott and Marv (Wyckoff) Sillcocks; grad. Adelphi
Acad., Brooklyn, 1894, Yale, A.B., 1898, N. Y. Law
Sch., DL.B., cum laude, 1900; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 24,
1904, Ada Jackson. Mem. Fletcher, Sillcocks &
Leahy; pres. Lincoln Iron Works; treas. and dir. Ham-
ilton Securities Co. Republican; Presby'n. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Sons of Revolution, Zeta Psi
and Alpha Phi fraternities. Clubs: Yale, Drug and
Chemical. Residence: 19 W. 68th St. Address: 165
Broadway, N. Y. City.




Lawyer; 1>. Hudson. Wis., May 17. 1S71; s. Dr. D.
and Marietta (Parka) Stillman; ed. High School, St.
I'aul. Minn., 1887-1891; grad. Univ. of Mich., LL.B.,
1S94; m. Duluth, Minn., Aug. 3, 1898, Belle Evelyn
Eddy; one son: Sherwood Eddy, b. 1901. Practised

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