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isiancis, Dy rres. Mcrviniey on org n ot Territory or
Hawaii, April 30, 1900; resigned, 1901. Represented
executors and trustees of Adolph Sutro in will con-
test (San Francisco, 1904-1905); represented Hono-
lulu Plantation Co. in closely-contested condemnation
suit brought by U. S. Gov't for site of the Naval Sta-
tion at Pearl Harbor; represented Col. C. K. C. Rooke,
of British Army, in celebrated Rooke will case, by
which property worth more than a quarter of a mil-
lion dollars, claimed by the Queen's Hosp., Honolulu.
was awarded to Col. Rooke, after having been in the
possession of the hosp. for nearly twenty years. Re-
publican. Mem. firm Ohoate & Laroque. Address: 40
Wall St.. X. Y. City.


Postmaster, editor, banker: b. Avoca. Steuben Co.,
X. Y., Oct. 30, 1S57; s. Horace A. and Ruth M. (Gris-
wold) Silsbee; ed. common school, Avoca; m. Avoca,
X. Y., Aug. 15, 18S2, Jennie E. Burns; one d. : Rhea J.,
b. 1S93. Has 'been postmaster for 20 years (4 years
under Pres. Arthur) and again appointed for 4 years;
publisher and editor Avoca Advance for 20 years;
pres. and founder Bank of Avoca; also served in sev-
eral other town and village offices. Republican. Ma-
son, Odd Fellow, mem. Maccabees. Address: Avoca.
Steuben Co., N. Y.


(Physician; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 24, 1860; s.
Charles Alexander and Helen L. (Mann) Silver; grad.
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1878, Yale, A.B., 1882,
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1885: Bellevue Hosp.,
18S7; m. Philadelphia. 1S94, Roberta Shoemaker; chil-
dren: Helen Mann. b. 1S95, Margaret Bird, b. 1S97,
Henry Mann. b. 1904. Has been practising medicine
in X. Y. City since 1S89. Republican. Presbyterian.
Mem. N. Y. Acad. Medicine, Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y.
State Med. Soc, N. Y. Countv Med. Soc, Soc. of
Alumni Bellevue Hosp., Yale Alumni Ass'n, N. E. Soc.
(N. Y.). N. H. Soc. Address: 103 W. 72d St., X. Y.


Real estate, builder and constr'n operator; b. X. Y.
City, Sept. 19, 1S75; s. Morris M. and Clementine M.:
ed. N. Y. public sen.; m. Rose Liebeskind; children:
Clementine Beatrice, Gladys Roabert. Pres. and treas.
Tomahawk Realty Co., City Holding Co., dir. Amelia
Relief Soc. Mem. True Craftsmen, F. and A. M., No.
651, K. and P. Unique Lodge. Residence: 319 W. 92d
St Address: ICO Claremont Av N. Y. City.


Head worker at Greenwich House, Prof, social
economy; b. Chestnut Hill, Mass.; d. Col. I. F. and
Laura 'Holmes) Kingsbury; grad. Newton High
School, Boston Univ., A.B., 1890; grad. work at Rad-
c li& e ' Berlln . Germany; and Columbia; m. Jan. 7,
1899, prof. Vladimir G. Simkhovitch. Head worker
at College Settlement, 1898-1899; Friendly Aid House
1899-1903; Greenwich House since 1903. Adjunct prof'
social economy, Barnard Coll. since 1907; Teachers'
Coll., 1910; also lecturer at Sch. of Philanthropy. Has
contb'd various articles on social subjects. Address:
26 Jones St., X. Y. City.


University prof.; b Russia, 1874; ed. in Russia and
?o e oc many V rece ,'yn d Ph ' D - de &ree in Halle, Germany,
1898; m. Jan., 1S99, Mary Kings'burv. Now asso prof,
economic history in Columbia Univ. Has written on
various hist, and economic topics in English, German
, a " d ^"ssian. Prof and Mrs. Simkhovitch have been
identified with settlement movement and betterment
of conditions of tenement-house population and they
now reside in Greenwich House, a settlement on the
lower West Side, which they organized in 1901. Mem.
numerous learned socs. and academies here and abroad
Clubs: r Century, City, Camp-Fire. Residence: Green-
wich House, 26-28 Jones St. Address: Columbia Uni-
versity, N. Y. City.


Decorative painter; b. Concord, Mass., 1852; s
George Frederick and Mary Emerson (Rinley) Sim-

S s; v atl ; end . ei l H , arv , ara Co11 " 1874 ; m - 1st, London,
1883, Vesta Schallenberger; 2nd, New Haven, Conn.,

1903, Alice Ralston Morton; children: William Francis,
b. 1884; George Bradford, b. 1886; Peter, b. 1904.
Clubs: Players, Lambs. Residence: 140 E. 18th St.
Address: 16 Gramerey Park, N. Y. City.


Publisher, manufacturer; b. Brooklyn, X. Y., March
20, 1875; s. John Wesley and Agnes Anni lowers)
Simmons; ed. common sch., Brooklyn; m. 1S93: Carrie
Hamilton Horton. Entered service of Simmons-Board-
man Publishing Co. (publisher of Railway Age Ga-
zette), Sept., 1899, in editorial dep't; elected sec, 1898;
v.-p. and treas., 1903; pres. since 1911; elected chm'n
b'd Am. Sawmill Machinery Co., 1909; v.-p. Am. Saw
W r orks, 1910; pres. McCall Corp'n, 1913, and pres. and
treas. The McCall Co., 1913. all of which positions now


Merchant; b. .Brooklyn, N. Y.,

Jan. 1, 1874;




and Mary (Rutzler) Simmons; grad. Yale Univ
m. N. Y. City, Aug. 29, 1913, Alice Dominick. T
and dir. John Simmons Co., Vulcan Rail & Cons
tion Co.; sec. and dir. Simmons Realty & Constru
Co., and Essex Foundry. Presby'n. Dir. Music
Settlement. Clubs: University. Yale, Engineers,
chants, Ardsley, Apawamis. Residence: 116 E
St. Address: 110 Centre St., N. Y. City.


Congressman; b. Frederick Countv, lid., Nov. 25,
1861; s. R. Emory and Sarah (Urner) Simmons; ed.
Liberty Acad, and Frederick Coll.; m. 1890, Agnes M.
Kinstry, of Md. Has been engaged in real estate bus-
iness during all of his business life Pres. J. S Sim-
mons Real Estate Co., Electric City Bld'g Co Fair-
view Land Co.; v.-p. Frontier Electric R'y Co. and of-
ficer in other companies. Elected to Sixtv-first Con-
gress, 1908; re-elected 1910, 1912. Lutheran. Address-
Niagara Falls, N. Y.


Printer and bookbinder; b. N. Y. City, April 4, 1868;
s. Joseph Edward and Julia (Greer) Simmons; of old
Puritan and New England colonial descent; ed St
Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H.; m. N. Y. City, April 30,
1906, Mabel Louisa Storm. Treas. and dir. Trow Di-
rectory, Printing and Bookbinding Co. Democrat;
Episcopalian. During 1SS7-1896 was mem. of Company
B, 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y. Mem. Chamber of Commerce,
7th Reg't Veteran Ass'n, Kane Lodge, F. and A M.,
Scottish Rite, 32; St. Nicholas Soc. IN. E. Soc.
Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, N. Y. Hist.'
Soc, Soc. of Am. Wars, N. Y. Chapter Colonial Order
of Acorn, Soc. War of 1812, Friendly Sons of St. Pat-
rick. Clubs: N. Y. Athletic, Metropolitan. Badminton.
Residence: Plaza Hotel. Address: 201-213 E. 12th St
and 89-91 Third Av N. Y. City.


Lecturer, physician, physiognomist, scientist, author;
b. Plainfield Centre, N. Y., Sept. 3, 1833; s. Ephraim
Fitch and Florinda Johnson (Norton) Simms; on pa-
ternal side, descendant of Robert II., King of Scot-
land (1316-1390); g. g. grandfather John Simms, emi-
grated from England, 1730, and settled in Conn.; on
maternal side direct descendant of Gen. Norton, officer
of Wm. the Conqueror, who settled in England, 1068;
ed. dist. schs., and acad. West Winfield, N. Y. Taught
in public schs., N. Y., Wis., N. J. and 111. In 1854 be-
gan public lecturing on physiology and physiognomy,
but realizing the necessity of a thorough training in
anatomy, and the allied sciences, began course of
study under Ur. John W. Draper, of N. Y.; attended
med. dep't of Univ. of N. Y., 1866 and 1867, and be-
came pupil of celebrated surgeon Dr. Willard Parker-
later attended Coll. of Phys. & Surg.; grad M.D., 1871,
Eclectic Med Sch.; m. N. Y. City, April 7, 18S5, Jemima
Sinclair. Worked as practical operator in dissecting
rooms of med. colls, of N. Y., 3 winters; lectured on
physiognomy and physiology in N. Y. City and
throughout cities of U. S. and Can., with unrivalled
success; discovered and first published forms of musi-
cal and unmusical ears; the cautious and incautious
nose; the eloquent mouth, and formations by which
more than 100 mental faculties are apparent in the
face; lectured in London on 52 different occasions on
physiognomy; returned to N. Y., 1875, and continued
lecturing in the principal Am. cities, 6 years in Aus-
tralasia 1881-1884, lecturing in most of chief towns-
delivered 67 lectures on physiognomy and kindred
topics in Sydney, and 61 in Melbourne, drawing im-
mense audiences. Returned to U. S. 1884, and retired
from lecture field, after 30 years' distinguished labor.
Reads diseases and character from faces by a physi-



ognomical system of his own, and is only person in
world able to do so successfully. In addition to hav-
ing contributed- to permanent progress of human race
has given liberally toward objects of charity. Has
written considerably on favorite studies, including: A
Physiological and Physiognomical Chart of Character
(Glasgow, 1873); Nature's Revelations of Character
(London, 1874); 12 Scientific Lectures on Education,
Physiognomy, Natural History, etc. (London, 1875):
Health and Character (San Francisco, 1879); Practical
and Scientific Physiognomy, 1884; Past, Present and
Future of Woman (San Francisco, 1889); has also con-
tributed largely to popular and scientific press, on
suggestions of foreign travel, betterment of mankind,
and latest achievements of science. Now engaged
upon advanced discoveries in physiology, physiognomy
and morphology. Has perseveringly devoted several
years to travelling; while collecting facts in all quar-
ters of the world, and writing an exhaustive work on
brains and their functions (this manuscript is nearly
ready for the press). Served in Union Army during
the Civil War, under Gen. Sherman, 1861-1863; dis-
charged on account of sickness. Active mem. various
literary and scientific socs.; 32 Scottish Rite
and Royal Arch Mason, Knight Templar. Recrea-
tions: Feeding birds and squirrels, and donating books
on science, history and biography to libraries, and
money to the needy. Address: N. T. City.


Physician, writer, lecturer; b. N. Y. City. Feb. 28,
1871; s. Gustave Simon; ed. Wiener's Acad., Public
School, Univ. cf France, 1890 (medical), N. Y. Poly-
clinic, 1893, N. Y. Eclectic Med. Coll., M.D., 1894; m.
N. Y. City, Feib. 28, 1892, Monetta Worthington Marler;
children: Rosa Bonheur, b. 1895, Carleton, Jr., t>. 1896,
Discovered sleep center in the brain, for which was
made hon. mem. French Psychol. Soc. ; his researches
into field of hypnotism are classics. Inventor of
Simon spygmograpn to measure pulse tracings. Ex-
posed tortures of "water-cure" carried on by U. S.
soldiers in Philippines, May, 1902. Medical and insan-
ity expert in many criminal and civil cases (Garra-
brandt murder case, Burntz murder case, Morrison
murder case, etc.); has made many med. experiments
for lay press. George Francis Train left his brain to
Dr. Simon for examination after death. Author: The
Line Between Crime and Insanity; Inheritance; Hyp-
notism in Music, Color and Sound; Moral Imbeciles;
Longevity; Handwriting of Insanity; The Phenomena
of Life and Death. Has made extensive experiments
on effects of smoking cigarettes in children and crim-
inals, anthropol. investigations, examined Czolgosz,
murderer of McKinley, for anthropological data; ex-
amined every criminal of note in America before exe-
cution from 1894 to 1908. Mason. Hon. mem. French
Psychol. Soc; mem. Medico Legal Soc; ex-pres. Hun-
dred Year Club; pres. Universal Research Soc, Soc.
for Longevity and Vital Research, Am. Congress Tu-
berculosis. Recreation: Aquatics. Address: 114 E.
56th St., N. Y. City.


Real estate; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 4, 1877; s. Edward
S. and Pauline (Morgenthau) Simon; ed. N. Y. City
public schs., City Coll. of N. Y.; m. Whitehall, N. Y..
May 31, 1909, Elsa I. Weil. Mem. firm of L. J. Phillips
& Co. until Dec. 31, 1905, then v.-p. Henry Morgenthau
Co.; treas. Morgenthau Realty Co., Hunt's Point
Estates; pres. Hunt's Point Realty Co., Elmore Realty
Co., Hunt's Point Construction Co.; 1st v.-p. Sykes
Realty Corp'n, Meehan Realty Corp'n; sec and treas.
Manida Co., Meehan Bld'g Co.; dir. Edn'l Alliance, Self
Government Com., Columbia Bank, Social Halls Assn.
Democrat; Hebrew. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Har-
monic City, Lunch, South Side Field. Address: 320 W.
87th St., N. Y. City.


Capt. 16th Inf., U. S. A.; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 26, 1871;
s. Alonzo B. and Susan (Hathaway) Simonds; grad.
Poughkeepsie (N. Y.) Military Acad., 1887; m. Chey-
enne, Wyoming, Jan. 19, 1898, Louise Marshall.- En-
tered U. S. Army in 1893; served in Santiago (Cuba)
campaign, 1898; in Cuba to 1901; Moro campaign in
Philippine Islands, 1902-1904; relief duty during the
earthquake and fire in San Francisco, Cal., April-June,
1906; ass't to purchasing commissary, San Francisco,
June, 1906, to Aug., 1907. In Philippine Islands, Aug.,
1907-March, 1909, as ass't to Depot and Chief Commis-
sary Philippine Div. and Chief Commissary Dep't
Luzon in Philippine Islands; served in Alaska, 1910-
1912. Episcopalian. Has U. S. medals for Santiago
and Philippine campaigns, by Act of Congress. Mem.
Soc of Armv of Santiago de Cuba, Mil. Order Caraboa
(Philippines). Clubs: Union League, University (Chi-
cago), Cheyenne (Wyoming), Officers (Presidio, San _,
Francisco). Address: Care Adjutant General, War
Department, Washington, D. C.


Clergyman; b. La Porte, Ind., Mar. 19, 1874; s. Rev.
George Henry and Ottilie (Schulzj Simons; ed. Adelphi
Coll., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Baldwin- Wallace Coll., Berea,
O., A.B., and M.A.; N. Y. Univ., N. Y. City, A.B.; Drew
Theol, Sem., Madison, -N. J., B.D.;(D.D., Baldwin- Wallace
Coll., Berea, O. Became mem. East German Conf.
M. E. Ch., pastor Wyckoff St. M. E. Ch., Brooklyn
(now Prospect PI. Ch.), 1899-1902, having succeeded
his father on latter's decease; transferred to N. Y.
East Conf.. 1903, and appt'd asso. pastor Sixty-first 'St.
M. E. Ch., N. Y. City, remaining two years, April, 1905,
to Aug., 1907, pastor Bayside M. E. Ch., Bayside, Bor-
ough of Queens, N. Y. City. Appt'd sup't of Finland
and St. Petersburg Mission of M. E. Ch., Aug. 1907-
1911, and sup't of Russia Mission since 1911. Mem. of
Ecumenical Methodist Conf., Toronto, 1911; delegate
to Gen. Conf., Minneapolis, 1912; mem. Comm'n on
Europe of World's Sunday-Sen. Ass'n; sec. Central
Conf. of Europe, M. E. Ch., Rome, 1911. Published
memorial edition of Der Lebens Compass (by Rev.
George H. Simons, his father) a year after father's
decease. Editor and publisher Christiansky Pobornik
(Russian Christian Advocate, Russian organ of M. E.
Ch.). Editor quarterly Methodism in Russia (English).
Asso. editor Continental quarterly: Methodism in Eu-
rope. Address: 9th Line, 34 W. O.. St. Petersburg,
Russia; and Mission Rooms, 150 5th Av., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Newark, N. J., April 27, 1865; s. Frederick
and Anna (Knights) Simonson; ed. Newark, N. J., pub-
lic schs.; m. Newark, N. J., 1896, Elizabeth Ball; chil-
dren: Douglass, b. 1896; Elizabeth, b. 1898. Served as
clerk in Second Nat. Bank. Newark, 1880-1890; joined
Nat. Citv Bank, N. Y., as clerk. 1890; appt'd ass't cashier,
1896; elected v.-p. Nat. City Bank, 1901, which position
still holds. In 1899 elected v.-p. Second Nat. Bank of
N. Y. and pres., 1909; v.-p. Lincoln Nat. Bank, N. Y.,
1903, and still holds that position. Pres. and dir.
Second Nat. Bank, N. Y. ; treas. and trustee Fifth Av.
Safe Deposit Co., N. Y.; dir. New Amsterdam Gas Co.,
Ridgeiwood, N. J., Gas Co. Republican; Episcopalian.
Mem. Holland Soc, St. Nicholas Soc, Chamber of Com-
merce. Clubs: Union League, Essex County Country,
Aldine, Sleepy Hollow Country. Address: 43 W. 71st
St.. N. Y. City.


Physician, surgeon; b. Hudson, N. Y., April 10, 1855;
s. George Nicholas and Caroline (McCann) Simpson;
ed. Cornell Univ., 1876; Coll. Phys. & Surg., Columbia
Univ., M.D., 1880; m. Hudson, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1882, Anna
Farrand; children: Sarah H, Kenneth F. In practice
of medicine, N. Y. City, since 1880; prof, laryngology,
Coll. Phys. & Surg., Columbia Univ., since 1904; con-
sulting laryngologist Presby'n Hosp., Seton Hosp., St.
John's Hosp., Yonkers; Somerset Hosp., N. Y. Found-
ling Asylum. Progressive Republican; Episcopalian.
Fellow Am. Laryngol. Ass'n, N. Y. Acad, of Medicine,
Nat. Ass'n for Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis,
Congress of Am. Physicians & Surgeons (sec. of Exec.
Com.), Alumni Ass'n Presby'n Hosp., Am. Med. Ass'n,
A. A. A. S., Soc. of Sanitary & Moral Prophylaxis.
Author of numerous medical and surgical monographs.
Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Cornell University, Lotos,
Zeta Psi, Hospital Graduates, St. Andrew's Golf,
Knickerbocker Whist. Address: 952 Lexington Av.,
N. Y. City.


Railroad official; b. Abercrombie's Landing, Ark..
Jan. 12, 1868; s. Clifford Stanley and Mary Josephine
(Abercrombie) Sims; m. Baltimore, Md., Dec. 8, 1909,
Martha Lee Jenkins. Engaged in eng'ring dep't of Pa.
R.R. and others, 1885-1SS8; ass't supervisor Cleveland
& Pittsburgh Div. of Pa. Lines West of Pittsburgh,
1888, later ass't eng'r and eng'r -of maintenance of
way at Toledo, O, Allegheny, Pa., and Chicago; sup't
Pa. Lines West of Pittsburgh at Chicago, 1901-1902;
gen. sup't Baltimore & Ohio R.R. in N. Y., 1902-1903;
gen. mg'r in Baltimore, 1903-1905; ass't to pres. Erie
R.R., in N. Y., 1905-1907; 2d v.-p. and gen. mg'r Dela-
ware & Hudson Co., in Albany, N. Y., since 1907. Pres.
Schenectady R'y Co.; v.-p. Quebec, Montreal & South-
ern R'y Co., Napierville Junction R'y Co., Greenwich
& Johnsonville R'y Co., Bluff Point Land Improvement
Co., Fort William Henry Hotel Co., Champlain Trans-
portation Co., Lake George Steamboat Co., Chateaugay
Ore & Iron Co., Hudson Coal Co., United Traction Co.,
Hudson Valley R'y Co.; dir. Ulster & Delaware R.R.
Co Albany Trust Co., Manufacturer's Nat. Bank (Troy,
NY), Bank of Lake Placid, Corn Exchange Bank
(Staten Island Branch), City Bank of Syracuse, Bank
of Ausable Forks, Casualty Co. of America (N. Y.).
Mem Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Am. R'y Ass'n. Am. R'y
Guild. Am. Forestrv Ass'n, N. Y. State Hist. Ass'n, Lake
Champlain Ass'n, Soc. Eng'rs Eastern N. Y. Clubs:
Engineers, Citv. Railroad, Manhattan (N. Y.), Country,



Fort Orange, Albany (Albany), Troy (Troy), Mary-
land (Baltimore), Engineers (Philadelphia), Glens Falls
(Glens Fails, N. Yj. Residence: 62 S. Swan St. Ad-
dress: Delaware & Hudson Co., 58 N. Pearl St., Albany,
X. Y.


Engineer, editor, publisher; b. Forfar, Scotland; s.
Alexander Sinclair and Margaret (McLeay) Sinclair;
ed. In parish sch. Laurencekirk, Scotland, and Iowa
State Univ., received degree of E.D. from Purdue
Univ., Lafayette, Ind.; m. Xew Providence, X. J., 1908,
Medora E. Head. Received eng'ring training at Ar-
broarth, Scotland, in workshops of Caledonian R'y;
ass't eng'r of Chicago, Clinton & Western P..R., Iowa
City, la.; chemist and engine house foreman. Burling-
ton, Cedar Rapids & Xorthern R'y, Cedar Rapids, la.
Asso. Editor Am. Machinist; pres. Am. Machinist Pub-
lishing Co.; editor Xat. Car Builder and of Railway
and Locomotive Engineering, X. Y. City. Pres. Angus
Sinclair Publishing Co. Author: Locomotive Engine
Running (Wiley); Combustion in Locomotive Fire-
boxes; Firing Locomotives: Twentieth Century Loco-
motives; Railroad Men's Catechism; History of. the
Development of the Locomotive Engine; all except
first published by Angus Sinclair Publishing Co. Spe-
cial instructor Erie R.R. Dir. Tabor Mf'g Co. Inde-
pendent in politics. Governor St. Andrew's Soc. of
X. Y".. mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; treas. Am. R'y Mas-
ter Mechanics Ass'n; pres. Scottish Home Rule Ass'n,
X. Y. Recreations: Golf, automobiling. Clubs: Auto
mobile of X. J. (pres), Arsdale Golf of East Orange-
(pres.), and five railroad. Residence: Marion Av.,
Millburn, X. J. Address: 114 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Author; b. Baltimore, Md., Sept. 20, 187S; s. Upton B.
and iPriscilla (Harden) Sinclair; grad. Coll. City of
X. Y., A.B., 1897; m. 1st, 1900, Meta H. Fuller; 2d, 1913,
Mary Craig Kimbrough. His novel, The Jungle, hav-
ing to do with conditions in the packing houses in
Chicago, led to the Gov't investigation (in which he
assisted) of the Chicago Stock Yards, 1906, which led
to legislation and reforms in slaughtering and pack-
ing methods: founded Helicon Home Colony, Engle-
wood, X. J., 1906, which ended by the burning of the
buildings, 1907. Author: Springtime and Harvest.
1901; King Midas, 1901; The Journal of Arthur Stirling,
1903; Prince Hagen, a Phantasy, 1903; Manassas, a
Xovel of the War, 1904; The Jungle, 1906: The Indus-
trial Republic, 1907; The Overman, 1907; The Metropo-
lis, 1907 (Moffat, Yard & Co.); The Monev Changers,
1908; Samuel the Seeker, 1910 (W. B. Dodge & Co.);
Love's Pilgrimage, 1911 (Mitchell Kennerley) ; Plays
of Protest, 1912 (Mitchell Kennerley); Sylvia, a novel,
1913 (J. C. Winston Co.). Socialist; candidate for
Congress from X. J., 1906; v.-p. Intercollegiate So-
cialist Soc. Address: Box 2064, X. Y. City.


Designer, illustrator; b. Cleveland, O., Feb. 3. 1867; s.
Anthony T. and Rosalia (Hrebyk) Sindelar; ed. Cleve-
land High Sch., and under Alphonse Mucha and Carl
Hecker; m. X. Y. City, Oct. S3, 1900, Kalherine Imogene
Lawrence; one d.: Ruth Imogene. b. Sept. 25,1904. In-
structor X. Y. Sch. of Design for Women; designer
Lotos Club souvenir menus. With Oneida Community,
Ltd., doing publicity work. Mem. B'd of Control, Ar-
tists Fund Soc. Clubs: Lotos, Salmagundi. Residence:
Elmhurst, L. I. Address: 33 Union Sq., X. Y. City.


Publisher, editor; b. Weisskirchen. Moravia, Austria,
Xov. 10, 1S59; ed. high schs., Ung. Hradisch, Troppau,
and Kremsier; Univ. of Vienna (Ph.D.) and Univ. of
Berlin. Founded and published Allgemeine Oester-
reichische Literaturezeitung, Vienna, 1884-1885; went as
sec. and librarian to the late French Ambassador at
Vienna, Count Alexandre Foucher de Careil (editor of
Leibnitz's works), to Paris, 1887; became employe
French Foreign Office, in Bureau de la Presse;
founded and editor-in-chief La Vraie Parole (paper
founded to counteract Ed. Drumont's anti-Semitic La
Libre Parole); went to Italy, 1891; came to X. Y. City,
1895, to carry out his life work of The Jewish En-
cyclopedia (of which was mn'g editor), and whose
12th and final volume was issued Dec. 30, 1905; origin-
ator and mn'g editor The International Insurance En-
cyclopedia (Vol. 1, 1910); German Classics of the
XlXth and XXth Centuries in 20 volumes (Vol. 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 1913); Popular Insurance Magazine. Has
taken active part in East Side campaigns in favor of
the Rep. party and in the Jerome campaign, 1905.
Late pres. Justice Lodge, 536, I.O.B.B. Publications:
Berlin, Wien und der Antisemitismus, 1S82; Presse und
Judenthum, 2d ed., 1882; Sollen die Juden Christen-
werden (with prefatory letter bv Ernest Renan), 2d
edition, 1884; Briefe Bertihmter Christlicher Zeitgenos-
sen ii"oer die Judenfrage, 1S84; Die Beiden Elektren-

Humanistische Bildung und der Klassische Untericht,
1884; Auf dem Grabe Meiner Mutter (translated into
Hebrew by Dr. Solomon Fuchs), 18S8; I,e Prestige de
la France en Europe, 1SS9; Da Question Juive, 1893;
Anarchie et Antisemltisme, 1894; Der Juden Kamf urns
Kecht, 1902; Russia at the Bar of the American Peo-
ple, 1904; Jacob H. Schiff and the Zionists; Rabbi and
Pope, 1907; The Jews and Jesus, 190S; also numerous
translations of French works into German. At present
engaged preparing The World's Debt to the Jew (16
vols.). Recreation: Extended promenades. Residence:
370 St. Xicholas Av. Address: 225 Fifth Av., X Y.


Life ins. official. lawyer; b. Xiles. Mich., Feb. 2, 1S53;
s. Henry and Margaret Arvilla (Hanna) Sisson; at-
tended Univ. of Mich., classical course, class 1875, leav-
ing to take up study of law; m. Chicago, Xov. 27, 1880,
Mary Elizabeth Brown; children: Claudine, b. Oct. 1,
1881; Roberta Shields, b. Aug. 30, 1883; Mary Arvilla,
b. Xov. 2, 18S5; Wesley Ericsson, Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1889;
Mary Elizabeth, b. Dec. 9, 1890; Viva Valentina, b.
Feb. 14, 1911. Trustee, sec. and advertising dir. Postal
Life Ins. Co., X. Y. ; pres., treas. and dir. Am. Inde-
pendent Telephone Co., X. Y. Democrat; Baptist.
Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Recreations: Golf, tennis,
swimming, yaohting. Clubs: Rye Beach (pres.), Man-
hattan Golf (pres.), Press. Residence: 5A Elm Av., Mt.

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