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bridge (Perkins) Goddard, Norwich. Conn, (died Jan.
22, 1SS4); 2d, Nov. 9, 1886, Louise Wakeman, d Rev.
J. H. Mason and Louise (Wakeman) Knox, of Phila-
delphia, Pa. (died May 8, 1904). Has painted in oil
and water colors, making a specialty of Oriental
scenes. His principal canvases are: The Dock Scene,
1869, Spring, 1874; Street Scene in Tangiers, 1876;
Wading at Seabright, N. J, 1876; Study of Quimper,
Brittony, 1877; Duane Street, N. Y., 1878; In the
Fields at Irvington, N. Y., 1879; The Cobblers at
Boufarick, 1888; Feeding the Flamingoes, 18S8;
Church in Morlaix, Brittany. 1890: Market Dav at
Nuremberg, 1892; Algerian Shops. 1895; Street Scene
in Algiers. 1895; The Pool, The Studio, Peacock, The
Bath, Peonies, and Woodland. Other important art
works include Tiffany Chapel, exhibited at Colum-
bian Exp'n, Chicago, 1893, now in Crypt of N. Y.
Cathedral of St. John the Divine; Electric Fountain
in Grand Court of Mf'rs and Fine Arts Bld'g at Pan-
Am. Exp'n. Ruffalo, N. Y., 1901. Discovered new form-
ula for making decorative glass known as Tiffanv
Favrile Glass. In 1879 established and became pres.
and art dir. Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co.. now
widely known as the Tiffany Studios, mf'rs Favrile
glass windows, decorators and gen. art workers; es-
tablished and controls Tiffanv Furnaces at Corona,
L. I., and Allied Arts Co. of N. Y. City; v.-p. and
trustee Tiffany & Co., the N. Y. jewelry house found-
ed by father, Charles L. Tiffany, deceased. Elected
asso. mem. 1871, academician. 1880, hon. A.M., Yale,
1903. Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Soc. Am. Artists, Am.
Water Color Soc. N. Y. Soc. Fine Arts. Architectural
League. Society National des Beaux Arts. Imperial
Soc. of Fine Arts. Tokio, Japan. In 1900 received
gold medal and decoration of Chevalier Legion d'Hon-
neur. Clubs: Century, Grolier, Union League, Na-
tional Arts. Barnard. City. Residence (summer):
Laurelton Hall. Oyster Bay, L. I. (winter) 27 E. 72d
St. Address: 401 Fifth Av N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Geneva. N. Y., Sept 6, 1854; s. Jonathan
Neville and Martha Elizabeth (Fish) Tifft; grad. Pub-

lic School 14. N. Y. Citv. 1868; Coll. of the City of N. Y.,
B.S., 1873, M.S., 1876; Columbia Univ. Law Sen., LL.B.,
1876; m. N. Y. City. Nov. 20, 1883, Gertrude Havens;
children: Gertrude Havens. Henry Neville. Teacher In
public schools, N. Y. City, 1875-1S79; ass't U. S. dist.
att'v under Elihu Root, ex-Gov. Dorsheimer and
Stephen H. Walker, 18S3-1886; sch. insp. 21st Dist., and
mem. and chm'n Local Sch. B'd, 14th Dist., N. Y. City,
under Mayors Strong, Van Wvck and Low; appt'd
mem. B'd of Ed'n, May, 1903; elected pres. of B'd of
Ed'n. N. Y. City, Nov. 23, 1904, to fill unexpired term;
re-elected for full term. Fe'b. 6, 1905. Mem. Delta Kappa
Epsilon Ass'n, Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Municipal Art
Soc, Ass'n for Protection of Adirondacks, Public Ed'n
Ass'n, Sch. Garden Ass'n, N. Y. City; Sch. Garden Ass'n
of America, Soc. of Genesse, Botanical Garden; dir.
and sec. N. Y. Juvenile Asylum, since 1891; mem. B'd
of Mg'mt and Exec. Com. of West Side Branch,
Y. M. C. A.; trustee and treas. Madison Sq. Presby'n
Ch. and Madison Square Ch. House, *N. Y. City; mem.
Met. Museum of Art. Cluhs: Down Town, University.
Residence: 309 West 76th St, Address: 11 William St.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City. Oct. 4, 1858; s. Jonathan
Neville and Martha Elizabeth (Fish) Tifft; ed. private
instr'n. and in Grammar Sch. 14. N. Y. City; grad. Coll.
City of N. Y., B.S., 1877, class historian and honor man:
junior prize speaker, 1876; studied law in office of
Hon. Elihu Root; grad. Oolum'bia Coll. Law Sch.. LL.B.,
1879; unmarried. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1879; en-
gaged in active practice in N. Y. City since 1879.
Has travelled extensively throughout the U. S. and in
Europe. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n,
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Citizens' Union of City
of N. Y., dir. and counsel General Hotels Corp'n.
Methodist. Mem. Dwight Alumni Ass'n, Phi Beta
Kappa Soc. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Delta
Kappa Epsilon Ass'n of N. Y. City. Recreations:
Yachting, motoring, traveling. Clubs: N. Y. Athletic
(life mem ). N. Y. Bicycle. Residence: 56 Central Park
South. Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Manufacturer, fiscal supervisor of charities; b. New
Lebanon, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1853; s. Henry A. and Susan
(Gould) Tilden; grad. Greyl'oek Inst., S. Williamstown,
Mass., 1871; m. Br.ooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1890. Augusta
Halsey. Entered father's mf'g business, 1871, mf'g
pharm. preparations; upon retirement of father, 1879,
took charge of entire business until 1893, when or-
ganized stock co. under Tilden Co.. of which is pres.
Leader of Columbia County Democracy many years,
and delegate to State and Nat. Comvs. ; supervisor
town of New Lebanon. 1883-1890; chm'n Columbia
County Dem. Com., 18S2-1895. Appt'd bv Gov. Dix,
fiscal supervisor State Charities, 1912. Club: Manhat-
tan. Address: New Lebanon, N. Y.


Banker, business man; b. N. Y. City, July 22, 1852;
ed. private schools and Mt. Washington Collegiate Inst.
At early age entered business with his father, firm of
Park & Tilford; steadily advanced, became a partner,
and on father's death succeeded h'im as v.-p. and dir.;
bought all outstanding interests June 1, 1906, be-
came pres. of the corporation, and at same time as-
sumed active management of the business. In 1874,
at age of 22. was chosen dir. 6th Nat. Bank, being
then youngest bank dir. in the city; elected trustee
North River Savings Bank. In 1889, with George C.
Haven, organized Bank of New Amsterdam (later New
Amsterdam Nat. Bank), became its v.-p., and in 1896
was elected pres., but sold his interest in 1901; soon
after organized and established Fifth Av. Trust Co.;
sold interest; in 1902 organized Lincoln Trust Co., of
which was v.-p., chm'n Exec. Com. and pres., at vari-
ous times, 1902-1908, when resigned to give entire
time and attention to Park & Tilford and other com-
panies. In addition to interests before mentioned,
is dir. Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hosp. Was
mem. Exec Com. which successfully completed Grant
Monument. Life mem. N. Y. Geneal. and Biog. Soc;
mem. N. Y. Zobl. Soc, N. Y. Botanical Garden, Chamber
of Commerce, Sons of Revolution. Sheriff's Jury,
Colonial Soc. of America, Aldine Ass'n. Recreations:
Yachting and motoring. Clubs: Union League, Lotos,
Automobile of America, City Lunch, Republican, N. Y.
Athletic (life mem.), N. Y. Yacht, Indian Harbor Yacht
Larehmont Yacht. Address: 225 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Shelbyville, Tenn., Oct. 2, 1847; s. Lewis
and Mary C. (Davidson) Tillman; grad. Mil. Acad.,
West Point, N. Y., 1869; Yale Univ., A.M., 1906; m. N. Y.
City, April, 1887 Clara Williams; one d: Clara K. D.,
b. 1891. Traveled In Australia and extensively tti



Europe. In Eng'r Corps of Army, 1869-1880; appt'd
prof. U. S. Mil. Acad., Jan. 1, 1881. While in the eng'r
corps, engaged in surveys west of the 100th meridian,
to observe the transit of Venus, 1874; making station
in Australia. Since 1S80 continuously on duty at Mil.
Acad. Author of 'text-books on Heat, Chemistry and
Mineralogy. Clulbs: Century, University, Metropolitan
(N. T. and Washington), Chevy Chase (Md.), Army
and Navy. Address: Care'Century Ass'n, 7 W. 43d St.,
N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r; b. Thomastcn, Me., Dec. 18, 1852; s. Perez
and Harriet (Collins) Tillson; grad. Bowdoin Coll.,
C.E., 1877; m. Lancaster, N. H, Oct. 5, 1887, Mary E.
Abbott; one d: Madalene Abbott, b. Sept. 20, 1888. En-
gaged in work of sewer construction, Memphis, Tenn.,
1880, under Col. George E. Waring, Jr.- engaged In
preparing sewer plans for Kalamazoo, Mich., fall of
1880; charge of construction, 1881; city eng'r, Omaha,
Neb., 1887-1892; engaged in private eng'ring and con-
tracting work in West, 1892-1895; appt'd ass't eng'r in
Dep't of City Works, Brooklyn, N. T., 1895-1902; chief
eng'r. Bureau of Highways, Borough of Brooklyn, N.
T., 1902-1907; since 1907 chief eng'r Bureau Highways,
Borough of Manhattan. Author: Street Pavements
and Paving Materials, 1900 (John Wiley & Sons);
contb'r to eng'ring socs. and journals on construction
of roads, pavements and other municipal subjects.
Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Eng'rs (director); Am. Soc. of
Municipal Improvements (pres.); Municipal Eng'rs,
City c-f N. Y., Zeta Psi, Phi Beta Kappa fraternities.
Clubs: Midwood (pres.), Brooklyn Engineers. Address:
376 Parkside Av., Brooklyn, N. T.


Surgeon; b. Newport, R. I., July 17, 1868; s. Frederic
W. and Ellen (Trowbridge) Tilton; grad. Harvard
Univ., A.B., 1890; Freiburg, Germany, M.D., 1893; m.
Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 14, 1905, Anna Griggs. Consult-
ing surgeon Manhattan State Hosp. ; visiting surgeon
St. Mark's and Lincoln Hosps.; attending surgeon
Babies' Ward, Post-Grad. Hosp. Mem. N. T. Acad, of
Medicine, N. T. Surg. Soc. Clubs: University, City,
Harvard. Address: 14 E. 58th St., N. T. City.


Clergyman; tb. Brooklyn, N. T., Jan. 12, 1865; s.
Edgar and Ellen C. (Putney) Tilton; ed. in N. T. Univ.,
A.B., 1886; New Brunswick Theol. Sem., 1889; D.D., Rut-
gers Coll.; m. Jersey City, N. J.. June 11, 1889, Clara
Louise Skinner; children: Harold Skinner, b. 1890 (died
Nov. 25, 1910); Edgar Stiger, b. 1895. Was pastor of
the Bethany Chapel, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1889-1891; Re-
formed Ch., Jamaica, N. T., 1891-1898; Harlem Re-
formed Ch., N. T. City, since 1898. Has traveled ex-
tensively in Europe and U. S. Served as chaplain of
71st Reg't, N.G.N.Y. 1900-1912, 71st Reg't Veterans
since 1905, and Daughters of Revolution of N. T. State,
1907-1912. Dir. B'd Domestic Missions Reformed Ch.
of America. Mem. Delta Phi fraternity, Phi Beta
Kappa Soc. Address: 269 Lenox Av., N. T. City.


Architect; b. N. T. City, Oct. 19, 1861; s. Benjamin
W. and Mary (Baker) Tilton; ed. private schools;
Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1890; m. Mount Vernon,
N. T., June 5, 1901, Mary Eastman Bigelow; children:
Mary Elizabeth, b. 1903; Charles Edward, b. 1905. Sent
to Greece, 1895-1S96, by Archseol. Inst, of America to
restore Herseum at Argos, 2 vols. (Houghton, Mifflin).
Treas. and dir. Goodwin Car Co.; dir. Hatasatah Realty
Co. Mem. Inst, of Architects, Soc. Beaux Arts Archi-
tects, Arohaeol. (Inst, of America. Clubs: Centurv.
Lawyers. Residence: Scarsdale, N. T. Address: 32
Broadway, N. T. City.


Publisher; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 9. 1869; s. George
T. and Mary Jane (Hulbert) Timpson; ed. private
schools, Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Nov. 1, 1893, Ida Belle Place; one d: Ruth, b. 1897.
Publisher The Excelsior, at Old Chatham, N. Y., for
several years; advertising mg'r Brooklyn Standard
Union until 1893: since then connected with Brook-
lyn Life Publishing Co., in various capacities; now
part owner and mg'r. Sec. and treas. Brooklyn Life
Pub. Co. Republican: Methodist Episcopalian. Clubs:
Brooklyn. Crescent Athletic. Union League (Brook-
lyn); City, Reform (N. Y. City). Address: 548 Put-
nam Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Capitalist; b. Chelsea, Vt., Jan. 8, 183S; s. Almerin
and Sbphronia Burnham (Gilchrist) Tinker; ed. Dist.
Sch., Romeo, Mich., to 1850, Acad., Northfleld, Vt., 1851-
1852, Newbury (Vt.) Sem., 1S55-1856; m. 1st, Oxford,
Pa., June 11, 1863. Elizabeth Ann Simkins; m. 2d,

Kirkwood, Mo., Oct. 10, 1894, Mrs. Stella F. Jewell;
children: Mrs. M. Tracy Smith (Flora E., b. 1864),
Arthur Lincoln, b. 1866. Learned telegraphy at
Northfleld, Vt., 1852, and continued in that profes-
sion as operator, chief operator, mg'r, sup't and gen.
supt. respectively until resigning May 1, 1902, from
Eastern Div., Western Union Telegraph Co., and re-
tired from active business. Entered U. S. Mil. Tele-
graph Corps at Washington, D. C, Oct. 11. 1861;
served with McClellan in his Peninsula Campaign and
was recalled to duty in War Dep't office, July, 1862,
filling positions of operator, chief operator, cipher
clerk and mg'r until the disbandment of that branch
of mil. service. May 30, 1869. Officer and dir. Am.
Dist. Telegraph Co., Am. Union Telegraph Co., Am.
Speaking Telephone 'Co., Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph
Co., Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph Co., Franklin Tele-
graph Co., Great North Western Telegraph Co. (Can-
ada), Gold & Stock Telegraph Co., Holmes Electric
Protective Co., N. Y. Telephone Co., Pacific & Atlantic
Telegraph Ct>., Stock Quotation Telegraph Co.,
U. S. Telegraph Co., Vermont & Boston Telegraph
Co., and numerous other subordinate telegraph,
telephone and dist. messenger companies. Re-
publican; Baptist. Was personal friend of Abraham
Lincoln. Recreations: Fishing, hunting. Club: Lin-
coln (former pres.). Address: 379 Washington Av.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.


Sup't of schools; b. Little Falls, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1864;
s. William L. and Eunice (Morehouse) Tisdale; ed.
Hamilton Coll., Clinton, N. Y., A.(B. 1888, A.M. 1891;
m. Ilion, N. Y., June 29, 1892, M. Olive Devendorf; one
d.: Muriel D., b. 1899. Taught Latin in private sch.,
Mechanicsville, N. Y., 1888-1889; principal High Sch.,
Frankfort, N. Y., 1889-1891; principal Franklin Sch.,
East Orange, N. J., 1891-1900; sup't schs. Watertown,
N. Y., since 1900. Mem. N. Y. School Masters' Club,
1891-1900; Psi Chapter, Psi Upsilon, Hamilton Coll.;
mem. Corona Lodge, I. O. 0. p - Watertown; Water-
town Lodge and Watertown Chapter, F. & A. M. ;
High Priest Watertown Chapter, 1911-1912, 1912-1913.
Pres. N. Y. State Council of Sch. Sup'ts, 1913-1914:
pres. Jefferson Co. Sportsmen's Ass'n. 1912-1913. and
Hamilton College Alumni Ass'n, 1912-1913. Trustee
Carnegie Library, East Orange, N. J., 1891-1900. Recre-
ations: Fishing, hunting. Address: City Hall, Water-
town, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. St. Louis Co., Mo., Dec. 23, 1857; s. Hip-
polyte and Hannah E. (Doyle) Tison; grad. Olivet
(Mich.) Coll.. A.B. 1878. A.M. 1881; Harvard Law Sch.,
LL.B. and A.M., 1886; m. N. Y. City, Nov., 1894, Annie
H. Stevens; children: Paul. Claire, Alexander. Jr. Ad-
mitted to practise of law. Michigan, in 1885. N. Y. City
1887, practising until 1889. when went to Tokio. Japan,
as prof, of English and Am. law in Japanese Imperial
Univ. for 5 years; also practised in British and Am.
exterritorial courts in Tokio. Yokohama and Kobe,
1S89-1S94. Returned to N. Y. City, 1894. where has
since practised law. Partner Tison & Goddard. Dem-
ocrat. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n, Asiatic Soc. of Japan, Japan Soc. of N. Y. ; life
mem. Red Cross Soc. of Japan. Decorated with orders
of Rising Sun and Sacred Treasure. Clubs: Century,
Harvard. Economic. Residence: 308 W. 72d St. Ad-
dress: 15 William St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer- b. Binghamton, N. Y. June 19, 1859;
s. Edmund C. and Margaret M. (Ring) Titchener; ed.
Binghamton public schools; m. Binghamton. N. Y.,
May 3, 1883, Jessamine S. Davis; children: Paul, b.
1891; Frances, b. 1900. Engaged in various lines of
business since 1880 and in present line (wire goods
and ornamental iron work) since 1886. Pres. E. H.
Titchener & Co. (Inc.), Titchener-Culver Iron "Works
(Oneonta, N. Y.); sec Wilkinson Mf'g Co, Candidate
for State Treas. (Citizens' Union) 1898 and for .Mayor
of Binghamton (Dem.) 1905. Independent Democrat;
Baptist. Mem. Y. M C. A. Address: Binghamton,
N. Y.


Psychologist; b. Chichester, England, Jan. 11, 1S67;
s. John and Alice Field (Habin) Titchener; ed. Mal-
vern Coll., 1881-1SS5; Brasenose Coll., Oxford, 1885-
1890- Leipzig Univ., 1S90-1S92; A.B., Oxon., 1890;
A..M., 1894; D.Sc, 1906; Ph.D. Leipzig, 1892; LL.D.,
Wis., 1904; Sc.D., Harvard, 1909; Litt.D., Clark. 1909;
m. Portland. Me., 1S94, Sophia Kellogg Bedlow; chil-
dren: Margaret Sevmour, b. 1895; John Bradford, b.
1898; Frances Haliburton, b. 1900; Alice McDellan, b.
1902 Extension lecturer in biology. Oxford, 1S92;
non-resident lecturer psychology, Columbia Univ.,
1907-1908. and Univ. of 111.. 1909: lecturer Lowell Inst.,



1911; ass't prof, psychology, Cornell Univ.. 1S92-1.V.I.V.
prof, in charge of musical courses, 1896-1MS; Sage
prof, psychology, 1S95-1910; Sage prof, psychology,
Graduate Sch Cornell Univ., since 1910. Author: Out-
line of Psychology. 1S96; Primer of Psychology, 1898:
Experimental Psychology, 1901-1905; Feeling and At-
tention, 190S; Thought Processes, 1909; Text-book of
Psychology, 1910-19il. Translator of various German
works; Am. editor of Mind, a quarterly review of
psychology and philosophy; co-editor Am. Journal of
Psychology. Fellow A.A.A.S., Zool. Soc. of London.
Royal Soc. of Medicine; mem. Philos. Soc, Aristotelian
Soc, Am. Psych. Ass'n; hon. mem. Mind Ass'n; In-
ternal. Com. 3d, 4th and Sth Internat. Cong, of
Psychology; mem. Sigma Xi. Residence; Cornell
Heights. Address: Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. T.


Lawyer; b. Caton, Steuben Co., N. Y., July 17, 1877;
s. Byron A. and Jennie (Mead) Tobey; ed. common
schools; received Life Teacher's State Certificate 1899
and Regent's Academic Diploma 1900; m. Elmira, N. Y.,
Oct. 22. 1902, -Mary E. Rees. Taught school, 1894-1900.
Studied law with Judge Gabriel L. Smith at Elmira.
and admitted to bar Nov., 1903, engaging in practise
until Jan., 1909. at which time was appt'd gen. agent
of Provident Life & Trust Co. for Central N. Y. ter-
ritory, where, during five years, has built up one of
strongest agencies in Central N. Y. Progressive;
Mason. Address: 320-322 University Block. Syracuse.
N. Y. *


Banker; b. Port Henry, N. Y., May 13, 1877; s.
Franklin W. and Jennie G. (Ransom) Tobey; grad.
Cornell Univ., 1897, Ph.B., LL.B. In practise of law,
Chicago, 189S-1904; engaged in banking since
1904, being pres. N. W. Halsey & Co. Republican.
Clubs: University, Metropolitan (N. Y.), Sleepy Hol-
low Country, Baltusrol Country. Cornell Univ., Re-
publican, University (Chicago). Residence: 1 W. 64th
St. Address: 49 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Oneonta, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1875; s. Albert
Burrell and Caroline E. (Edwards) Tobey; grad.
Oneonta State Normal Sch., 1S94; Amherst Coll., A.B..
1898; N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1900; m. June 28, 1913,
Helen Keyes, of Orange, N. J. Admitted to N. Y.
State bar 1900; later to bar of Federal Court; has
practised law in N. Y. since 1900; dir. League Pub-
lication Co. of N. Y. Republican; Presby'n. Mem.
Amherst chapter Delta Upsilon. Royal Arch Mason.
Recreation: Golf. Club: University (Brooklyn).
Residence: 1461 E. 13th St., Brooklyn. Address: 66
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Chartered accountant; b. Edinburgh, Scotland, Nov.
8, 1871; s. Andrew and Jane Towers (Russell) Tod;
attended George Watson's Coll., Edinburgh; grad. Ed-
inburgh Univ., degree of Chartered Accountant; re-
ceived degree of Certified Public Accountant from
Univ. of 111.; unmarried. Came to U. S. after S.
African War and engaged in practise of profession,
Partner in firm Marwick, Mitchell, Peat & Co., of
N. Y., Chicago, London, Paris, Montreal, etc; dir.
Cox Gelatine Co., Mitchell Mendenhall & Co.; sec N. Y.
Sugar Trade Laboratory. Served with Scottish Yeo-
manry in South African War, seeing active service
at the front 15 months: received South African Medal
with 4 clasps. Republican. Mem. Am. Ass'n of Pub-
lic Accountants. Mg'r St. Andrew Soc. of State of
<N. Y. Recreations: Golf, riding; while at Edinburgh
Univ. rowed in varsity crew. Clubs: Racquet and
Tennis, Down Town. British Schools and Universities
(N. Y.), Edinburgh Univ., Scottish Conservative,
Bruntsfield Golf, Scottish Pipers' Society (Edinburgh).
Residence: 333 West End Av. Address: 79 Wall St..
N. Y. City.


Banker, financier; b. Glasgow, 1852; s. Andrew and
Mary K. Tod; ed. Scotland, and Willston, Mass.; m.
N. Y. City, 1SS2, Maria H. Potter, Entered firm of J.
S. Kennedy & Co., largely interested in Great North-
ern R'y Co., and in construction of Canadian Pacific
R'y; firm reorganized und"er J. Kennedy Tod & Co.,
upon retirement of J. S. Kennedy; active in reorg'n of
Am. Cotton Oil Co., Minneapolis & St. Louis R'y Co.,
St. Louis & San Francisco R'y Co., Norfolk & West-
ern R'y Co., Phila. & Reading R'y Co.. Colo. & South-
ern R'y Co.; dir. in many r'y and industrial com-
panies. Formerly treas. Anti-Tammany movement,
Citizens' Union. Independent. Address: 5 Nassau St.,
N. Y. City.


Educator, author; b. Woodstock, III. .March 13,
1854; s. Rev. Richard Kimball and Martha (Clover)
Todd; ed. Todd Sem. for Boys (of which lather was
the founder); Princeton Coll., A.B., 1876; Johns Hop-
kins Univ., PhD.. 1885; student at Univ. of Berlin,
Paris, Rome, Madrid, 1880-1883; m. July 30, 1891, Mir-
iam, d. John S. Oilman, of Baltimore; children:
Henry Wallingford, b. Aug. 2, 1897, Paul Wallingford,
b. Nov. 15, 1899. Lisa Gilman, Martha Clover. F. 1-
low and tutor, Princeton Coll., 1876-1880; instr. and
asso. at Joihns Hopkins Univ., 1883-1891; prof. Ro-
mance languages, Stanford Univ., Calif.. 1891-1893;
prof, of Romance Philology, Columbia Univ. Dele-
gate to St. Louis Congress of Arts and Sciences,
1904; pres. Modern Language Ass'n, 1906. Life mem.
Early French Text Soc. (Paris), Hispanic Soc. of
America, Am. Numismatic Soc, Modern Language
Ass'n French Inst, in U. S. ; mem. Am. Philol. Ass'n.
Am. Oriental Soc, Am. Dialect Soc, Met. Museum of
Art. Clubs: Century, Independent of West Side
(trustee and mem. exec, com.) Address: 824 "West
End Av., N. Y. City.


Mine operator; b. Cambridge. Mass., 1S37; s. John
N. and Julia (Parsons) Todd; ed. Cambridge, Mass.;
m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1866, Margaret L. Owens;
children: John J., b. 1874; William Parsons, b. 1878,
James Madison, b. 1883. Resided on Lake Superior
at the Quincy copper mines, 1859-1S64; since then in
N. Y. City. Connected with Quincy Mining Co. on
Lake Superior, and in N. Y. City over 50 years. Sec
and treas. Adventure Mining Co. Residence: 50 Hill
St., Morristown, N. J. Address: 32 Broadway, N. Y.


Educator; b. Morton's Corners, N. Y., April 15, 1S67 (
s. John and Barbara (Staffin) Toepp; ed. Griffith
Inst., 1887-1890, Teachers Coll. Columbia Univ., 1900-
1903; m. Sprlngville, N. Y., April 25, 1891, Alta
Churchill; children: Emmet John, b. 1892. Alta M., b.
1894, Donald L., b. 1897, Florence Churchill, b. 1901,
Margaret Anna, b. 1910. Principal of public and high
schools of N. Y. State for many years; now lnstr. in
English Public Sch. 17, Richmond Borough. Demo-
crat. Scout master Westerleigh Boy Scouts (Troop
1). Recreations: Gardening, chicken raising. Club:
Male Teachers', Richmond Borough. Address: 250
Livermore Av., West New Brighton, N. Y.


Surgeon, U. S. Navy; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1873j
s. Joseph Herbert and Hattie (Brown) Tolfree; gradi
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1897. Mem. Ass'n of
Mil. Surgs. Clubs: Army and Navy (Washington),
Army and Navy (N. Y.), Army and Navy (Manila).
Residence: 220 Jersey St., Buffalo, N. Y. Address:
Navy Dep't, Washington, D. C.


Lawyer; b. Attica, N. Y., May 27, 1867; s. Edward
D. and Josephine B. (Brainard) Tolles; grad Hamil-
ton Coll., AJB., 1886; Columbia Coll. Law Soh., 1887,
Admitted to bar, 1888; mem. firm Maynard & Tolles,
1897-1901; mem. firm Davies, Stone & Auerbach since
1902, Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Phi Beta Kappa
Alumni Ass'n, N. Y. Hist. Soc, Met. Museum of Art,
Sons of Revolution. Clubs: Reform, Alpha Delta Phi,
Press, Areola Country. 'Residence: 752 West End Av.,
N. Y. City, and Hohokus, N. J. Address: 32 Nassau
St., N. Y. City.


Social eng'r; b. Pawtucket, R. I., June 2, 1861; s.
William E. and Martha Lee (Howe) Tolman; grad.
Brown Univ., 1882; post-grad, studies, Dep't of His-
tory and Politics, Joihns Hopkins Univ , Ph.D., 1891;
m. N. Y. City, Aug. 25, 1891, Anna C. Gernold; one
son: George L., 'b. 1894. Former gen. agent N. Y.
Ass'n for Improving the Condition of the Poor; or-
ganized and dir. until 1908 Am. Inst, of Social Service;
now dir. Am. Museum of Safety, N. Y. City. Mem.
Internat. Jury, Paris Exp'n, 1900; pres. Group and
Dep't Jury in Social Economy, and 'mem. Superior
Jury La. Purchase Exp'n, 1904; dir. U. S. Section Social
Economy, Internat. Exp'n, Liege, 1905; comm'r and

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