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Towne; ed. Iowa Central Univ.; m. Chicago, 1889, Sara
J. Cooper; one son: Fenimore Cooper, b. 1890. Prac-
tised law Chicago 10 years; moved to N. Y. City 1902;
has taken part in many celebrated cases. Written
many successful plays, including: Other People's
Money, A Game of Wits (vaudeville sketch), Too Rich
to Marry, By Wits Outwitted, In Old Madrid, A Masked
Battery, The White Cross, The Lady Barber, Easy
Money, Two of a Kind, A Lady Killer. Author:
Aphorisms, a Book of Sentences (10 editions). The
Completions of the Spire and Other Poems (4 edi-
tions), Ideals of An Idol Breaker (published 1913),
Philosophy of Jesus. Dir. Anselina Graphite Co.,
Ariston Press Corp'n, Nepera Realty Co., Interstate
Amusement Co., Playwrights' Productions Co., Inter-
nal Amusement Co. Mem. Iowa Soc. of N. Y. Clubs:
Musicians, Theatregoers (pres.), Twilight, Am. Drama-
tists, Authors (London). Residence: 214 W. 92d St.
Address: 124 W. 45th St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 28, 1844; s.
John Henry and Maria (Tevis) Towne; ed. academy,
and one year in Univ. of Pa., 1861-1862, receiving hon.
degree of A.M. 1887; m. Philadelphia, Pa., 1868, Cora
E. White. Draughtsman for Port Richmond Iron
Works, 1862-1863; in charge of Gov't work in the
shops, for repairs of gunboat Massachusetts, 1863-
1864; in charge of erecting engines in the monitors
Monadnock and Agamenticus and other important
Gov't work. 1864-1866; made sp'l studies in eng'rlng
with Robert Briggs, followed by sp'l course in physics
at the Sorbonne, in Paris, then in the shops of William
Sellers & Co., Philadelphia, until summer of 1868,
when became associated with Linus Yale, Jr., in the
mf'r of locks; after Mr. Yale's death (Dec, 1868), and
since, pres. Yale & Towne Mf'g Co., Stamford, Conn.,
and N. Y. City, mf'rs of Yale locks, builders' hard-
ware, chain blocks, etc. Life mem. and ex-pres. Am.
Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; pres. (1908-1913) Merchants' Ass'n
of N. Y. Author: Towne on Cranes, 1883; Locks and
Builders' Hardware, 1905; also numerous articles in
technical journals. Residence: 121 Madison Av. Ad-
dress: 9 E. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Mining eng'r; b. Portsmouth, O., Sept. 17, 1858; s.
Hon. Henry A. and Harriet (Nye) Towne; grad. Ohio
State Univ.. B.S., 1879, E.M., 1880. Pres. and dir. Alvarez
Land & Timber Co., Fresnillo Mining Co., Mexican
Lead Co., Potosi & Rio Verde R'y Co., Montezuma Lead
Co., Soubrette Mining Co.; pres., treas. and dir. Com-
pania Metalingica Mexicara; pres. and treas. Teziutlan
Copper Mining & Smelting Co.; v. -p. and dir. Teziutlan
Copper Co.; pres. and treas. Mexican Northern R'y
Co.; pres. Minerals Extractor Corp'n; v.-p. Metallurgi-
cal Engineering & Process Corp'n. Mem. Am. Inst.
Mining Eng'rs, Ohio Soc. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, Engi-
neers, New York, Lawyers. Address: 82 Beaver St.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Kenwood, N. Y., May 12, 1870; s. A. J.
and Augusta E. (Hamilton) Towner; ed. private schs.;
m. Aug. 4, 1906, Hermione Bronleben. Mem. N. Y. City
Bar Ass'n. Recreations: Riding, driving. Clubs:
Lawyers, Manhattan, Plain-field Country, Watchung
Hunt. Residence: Plainfield, N. J. Address: 62 Will-
iam St., N. Y. City.


Director N. Y. Aquarium; b. in Pa., 1859; ed. public
and private schs.; hon. Sc.D. Washington and Jefferson
Coll. Naturalist U. S. S. Corwin Arctic Expd'n, 1885;
naturalist U. S. S. Albatross, deep-sea investigations
(Atlantic, Pacific oceans), 1SS6-1896; mem. Internat.
Fur Seal Comm'n. 1896-1897; chief Div. of Fisheries,
U. S. Fish Comm'n. 1897-1902; fishery expert Russo-
Am. Arbitration. The Hague, 1902. Pres. Am. Fish-
eries 9oc; dir. deep-sea investigations, U. S. S. Alba-



tross, 1911. Author: Gov't reports on the fisheries,
fur-sealing industries, deep-sea exploration, and gen.
natural history. Fellow N. Y. Acad. Sciences, N. V.
Zool. Soc. ; mem. Washington Acad. Sciences. Club:
Century. Address: The Aquarium, Battery Park, >.'. Y.


Diamond merchant; b. Philadelphia, Pa , May 30,
1S51; s. George C. and Beulah (Ogden) Townsend; ed.
Philadelphia, Pa. Central High Sch.; m. 1st, Philadel-
phia, 1S71, May Lynde Shipley (died 1895); 2d, N. V.
City, 1902, Jean Kirkpatrick, d. Thomas Kirkpatrick.
Diamond merchant, with offices in Amsterdam, London
and N. Y. Head of firm David C. Townsend & Co.
(diamond merchants). Trustee Citizens' Savings
Bank; pres. Quogue (L. I.) Gas Oo. Republican; Epis-
copalian; St. Agnes Ch., Trinity Parish. Mem. Colonial
Soc. of Pa., Sons of Revolution (N. Y.), Pa. Soc. (N. Y.),
Jewelers' B'd of Trade, N. Y. Chamber of Commerce,
Museum of Art. Museum of Nat. History. Clubs:
Church, 24 Kt. Address: 170 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Patent lawyer; b. Cambridge, 1850; s. Henry Town-
send and Mary Jane (Bacon) Townsend; went to
Washington in 1862, where father had been ordered
on public business; ed. Rittenhcuse Acad., grad. Har-
vard Coll., 1871; mem. Phi Beta Kappa; grad. Colum-
bia Univ. Law Sch., Washington, D. C. ; m. Washing-
ton, D. C, 1879, Katherine Goodall. Admitted to bar;
principal examiner in U. S. Patent Office in class ot
electricity, four years; resigned to accept lucrative
practice in N. Y. ; while in control of Div. of Elec-
tricity the great inventions which mark the begin-
ning of present era of industrial activity in matters
elec. passed his approval. Has business connections
with numerous prominent electric light and electric
mf'g corp'ns. Address: 149 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Author; h. Claughton, Cheshire, England, Feb. 3,
1859; s. Jackson and Pauline (Yaniewicz) Townsend;
ed. in Birkenhead School; m. N. Y. City, 1883, Mary
Ella Worth. Studied architecture as pupil of Charles
Barry, F.R.I.B.A. On staff of New York Tribune.
1883-1890; London corr. New York Herald, 1890-1895:
subsequently acted as European corr. for Chicago
Record, Phila. Ledger, Phila. Record. Author (plavs):
Child of Naples, Man in Black (Novels and Tales):
Little Gilrl in Grey; The Rogues; Handful of Silver.
Editor: Some Letters of R. L. Stevenson, etc. Joint
author (plays): Myles Aroon; Mavourneen. Contb'r
International Studio, Connoisseur, Harper's Magazine,
Fortnightly Review, Art Journal, Magazine of Art,
etc. Lecturer Soc. of Arts, London. Eng., and Royal
Inst. British Architects. Address: 824 St. Nicholas Av.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Albany, N. Y., 1858; s. Howard and Jus-
tine (Van Rensselaer) Townsend; ed. Albany Acad.;
grad. Harvard Coll., A.B. cum laude, 1890; m. 1st, April,
1888, Sophie Dickey (died Jan., 1892); m. 2d, Oct., 1S94,
Anne Lowndes Langdon. Admitted to bar, 1883; came
to N. Y. City and began to practice Jan. 1, 1884. Ac-
tively engaged for many years in effort to have con-
sumptive poor cared for by State and was the first
pres. N. Y. State Hosp. for Consumptives. During late
war with Spain was one of the Exec. Com. of Red
Cross Relief Com., and during Aug. and Sept. took
charge of Red Cross work at Montauk. Mg'r St.
Luke's Hosp., 1S96-1902; trustee Roosevelt Hosp., 1902.
Bellevue and Allied Hosps. Independent in politics;
Episcopalian (vestryman of Grace Ch.); gov. and v.-p.
NT. Y. Hosp.; sec. House of Rest for Consumptives;
chm'n of Grievance Com. of Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.;
pres. B'd of Ed'n, Union Free Sch., Dist. No. 6, South-
ampton, Suffolk County, N. Y. Clubs: Century, Union.
Residence: 15 E. 86th St., N. Y. City, and Southampton,
L. I., N. Y. Address: 27 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. La Grange, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; s.
James and Augusta M. Townsend; ed. De Garmo Inst.,
Rhinebeck. N. Y., 1880-1882; grad. N. Y. Homce. Med.
Coll. and Hosp., 1887. After his graduation, was in-
terne at Ward's Island Hosp. and the Children's Hosp.
of Five Points House of Industry; took several post-
grad, courses in diseases of the nose and throat: has
been clinical ass't, ass't surgeon and surgeon to throat
dep't, N. Y. Ophthalmic Hosp. during the past twentv
years; lecturer on diseases of the nose and throat at
N. Y. Ophthalmic Hosp.; laryngologist to Hahnemann
Hosp., and to the Laura Franklyn Free Hosp. for Chil-
dren. Independent Republican. Ex-pres. of Homce
Med. Soc, Co. of N. Y., and Dutchess Co. Soc. in the

City of X. Y. (air.). Mem. of Co., State ami Nat.
Homce. Med. Soc, and mem. of Legislative Com. of
State Med. Soc of N. Y. Mem. Hudson-Fulton Cele-
bration Comm'n, Royal Arcanum. Hon. mem. Dutchess
County Med. Soc. Recreation: General outdoor sports.
Olulbs: N. Y. Athletic, 27th Assembly Dist. Republican,
Meisser, Unanimous. Address: 150 W. 59th St.. N. Y.


Editor, author, publisher; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 30,
1855; s. Dwight and Emily (Hodges) Townsend; ed.
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., Princeton Univ., class
1878. A.M., 1882; m. N. Y. City, March 1, 1886, Eugenie
M. Gibert; children: Mildred Gibert, b. 1888; Reginald
Wilmot, b. 1890: Noemi Gibert, b. 1896. On staff of
N. Y. Tribune, 1878-1879; one of founders and editors
Art Exchange, 1879; on editorial staff N. Y. World and
art critic, World, 18S2-1891; founder, sec. and gen.
mg'r Press News Ass'n, 1887-1892; N. Y. Times, ass't
literary editor and art critic, 1896-1900; N. Y. Recorder
1895; Commercial Advertiser-Globe, 1895; on editorial
staff N. Y. Herald, art critic and cable editor, 1902-
1906; founder, pres., treas. and dir. Am. Art News Co.,
since 1904. Pres. and dir. Staten Island Beach Land
Improvement Co. Sec old 25th Assemlbly Rep. 0>rg'n,
1892-1895; mem. N. Y. Rep. County Com., 1893-1899;
Rep. candidate for Congress, old 13th Dist. N. Y.,
1899. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. St. Nicholas
Soc, Soc. War of 1812. Recreations: Yachting, motor-
ing, golfing, fishing, hunting, traveling. Clubs: Calumet,
Players, Twilight. Aero (N. Y.), University (Washing-
ton, D. C). Residence: 299 Lexington Av. Address:
15 E. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. North Attlebaro, Mass., March 27,
1860; s. Rev. Julius Sylvester and Martha Louise
(Rice) Townsend; ed. Hobart Coll., A.B., 1880, A.M.,
1S83, D.D., 1901; St. Stephen's Coll., Ph.D., 1894; St.
John's Coll., Annapolis, Md., DL.D., 1903; m. Mil-
waukee, Wis., Oct. 2, 1884, Kathryn Cranston Smith.
Ordered deacon, 1883 and ordained priest, 1884, in
ministry of Episcopal Ch.; rector St. Lu'ke's Ch.,
Whitewater, Wis., 1S84-1887; asso. rector All Angels
Ch., N. Y. City, 1887-1897, rector since 1897. Mem. St.
Nicholas Soc. Clu'b: Century. Address: West End Av.
and Slst St., N. Y. City.


Surgeon; b. Staten Island, Aug. 5, 1856; s. Wisner
Helme and Emily (Kyle) Townsend; grad. Charlier
Inst., Columbia Coll., Coll. of Phys. and Surg., N. Y.,
M.D., Columbia Univ.; m. St. Louis, April 27, 1893,
Elizabeth Walker; children: Walker, b. 1894; Wisner
R., Jr., b. 1896. Asso. surgeon Hosp. for Ruptured and
Crippled; consulting orthopedic surgeon, French Hosp.;
Bayonne Hosp., S. R. Smith Infirmary. Mem. Am. Med.
Ass'n, N. Y. Co. and State Med. Soc, Bellevue Alumni
Soc, Clinical Soc, Am. Orthopaedic Ass'n, N. Y. and
N. E. Ass'n R'y Surgeons, etc. Club: University. Ad-
dress: 125 W. 58th St., N. Y. City.


Superintendent U. S. Mil. Acad.; b. De Kalb, N. Y.,
Sept. 24, 1855; s. Hon. Elias Page and Louisa Ellen
(Thompson) Townsley; grad. Mil. Acad., 1881; Ar-
tillery Sch., Fort Monroe, Va., 1884; Torpedo Sch.,
Willett's Point, N. Y., 1885; m. Newport, R. I., Jan. 7,
1891, Marian Howland. Appt'd from Iowa, additional
2d lieut., 4th Art'y, June 11, 1881; 2d lieut., Oct. 21,
1881; 1st lieut., Jan. 16, 1888. Served with reg't at
Presidio of San Francisco, Calif.; in field in Arizona;
Plattsburgh Barracks, N. Y., Madison Barracks, N. Y.,
1881; Ft. Preble, Me., 1882; Artillery Sch., Ft. Monroe,
Va., and Ft. Warren, Mass., 1S84; detached at Willett's
Point, N. Y., 1885 (completed couirse at Torpedo Sch.);
with reg't at Ft. Warren, Mass., 1885; detached at U.
S. Mil. Acad, as instr. of drawing, Oct., 1888; with
reg't at Ft. Trumbull, Conn., 1888; Ft. Warren, Mass.,
and Jackson Barracks, La., 1889; Ft. Adams, R. I.,
Light Battery B, 4th Art'y, 1891; Ft. McPherson, Ga.,
1893; Washington Barracks, D. C, Tampa, Fla., and
Washington, D. C, 1898; Huntsville, Ala., and Havana,
Cuba, 1899; Ft. Moniroe, Va 1905; comd'g Ft. Strong,
Mass., 1907; at Ft. Barrancas, Fla., comd'g Art'y Dist.
of Pensacola, Jan. 30, 1909; at Ft. Monroe, Va., as com-
mandant Coast Art'y Sch.. and commanding Art'y Dist.,
Chesapeake Bay, 1909-1911; also major chief ordnance
officer, U. S. Vol., July 27, 1898-Mav 12, 1899; capt.
Art'y, March 27, 1899; major Art'y; June 30, 1905;
lieut. -col. Art'y, 1908; col. Art'y, April 1, 1911; com-
manding 2d Provisional Reg't, C. A. C, March-July,
1911, at Galveston, Tex.; commanding Art'y Dist , Port-
land, Me., Sept., 1911-Aug.. 1912. Sup't U. S. Military
Acad.. West Point, N. Y., since Aug. 31, 1912 Address:
West Point, N. Y.




Lawyer, soldier, cabinet official; b. Owego, Tioga
Co N. Y., April 26, 1830; s. Benjamin Franklin Tracy;
ed in common schools and Owego Acad.; m 1851, JJe-
lin'da E. Catlin. Studied law at Owego, and admitted
to bar May, 1851, and engaged in practice; elected
dist atfy Tioga Co., 1853, as Whig candidate in
strongly Dem. county and reelected 1856; organized
the Republican party in Tioga Co.; elected to Gen As-
sembly of N. Y\, serving 1861 and 1862. Recruited
toTth and 137th Reg-ts, N. Y. Vols and.comm'd col.
1862- on duty at Washington until spring of 1864,
when reg't was attached to Hartranft's 1st Brigade,
3d Div Burnside's 9th Corps, Army of the Potomac,
and took part in the battles of the Wilderness, near
close of first day fell, exhausted by exertions, and was
carried from the field, but refused to go to hospital
and continued to lead reg't during three days' conflict
at Spottsylvan a, when he broke down surrendered
command^ to lie'ut.-col. and went North to regain
.health- a few months later was made col. 127th Keg i,
US Colored Troops, and assigned to command mil.
Dost'at Elmira, N. Y., where was a prison camp (at
Sne time containing 10,000 prisoners) and the draft
rendezvous for Western N. Y.; brevetted brig. -gen.
March 1865, for gallant and meritorious services dur-
ing the war, and June 13, 1865, tendered resignation
anil wa7 honorably discharged. Established law
practice in N Y. City; appfd U. S. dist. att y 1866,
serving until 1873, when resigned to return to private
nracUce; appfd Dec, 1881, to fill temporarily the
Position of Judge Andrews, who was acting as chief
Fudge, and in 1883 established practice which became
one of the largest in N. Y. Also took active part in
campaigns of Republican party; appfd and served as
Se of Navy during Benjamin Harrison^ administra-
tion, 1889-1893; was chm'n of comm'n which drafted
new' charter for Greater NY.- Republican candidate
for Mayor of N. Y. Citv. 1897. Mem. Mil. Order Loyal
Legion G A R N. Y. Clubs; Union League Metropoli-
tam Residence: 14 E. 60th St. Address: 2 Rector St ,
N. Y. City.

TRACY, ELMER C. -.!.-) 1 S R-

Physician; grad. Univ. of Rochester NY, in 188..
Columbia Univ., M.D., 1885. Physician N. Y. City, 1885-
1886; ass't surgeon ln u. S. N. for some time; now
practising physician and surgeon, N. Y City. Mem.
Med. Soc. County of N. Y. Address: 29 E. 126th Bt
N. Y. City.

Architect; b. N. Y. City, May 23 1868: s J Evarts
and Martha S. (Greene) Tracy; grad. Yale Univ., B.A.,
1890; BcoleNationale et Speciale des Beaux Arts Paris,
1894- m Plainfield, N. J., June 23, 1904, Caroline F.
Streuli Has traveled extensively in Europe also in
America including British possessions, and S. Amer-
^ca; mem. firm Tracy & Swartwout, architects of public
hiiildino-s clubs banks, hotels, court houses, etc. Rep-
resentative wok Yal4 Club, Home Club Hotel Web-
stl? New York; National Metropolitan Bank. Wash-
niton D. 6; Connecticut Savings Bank, New Haven
Conn.;'Somerset County Court House; Somerville, N .J..
Minneapolis Club, Minneapolis Minn.; U S. Postoffice
and Court House, Denver, Colo.; Missouri State Cap-
ftol Republican Mem. Beaux Arts Soc. Architects,
irrhitertural League of N. Y., Am. Inst. Architects.
Recreations- 1 AU^utUr sports, including fishing and
shooting Clubs: The Players (N. Y.), West Indian
(JLondSn, Eng ). Address: 244 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Westborough, Mass., Aug. 1, 1866; s.
Teremiah Evarts and Martha Sherman (Greene)
Tracv grad Yale Univ., A.B., 1887; Columbia Univ.,
LLB (ctm laude), 1889; m. St. Paul, Minn June 24,
1893 Minerva Bingham Lamson. Admitted to bar in
NY City 1889. Mem. firm Dean, Tracy & McBarron.
Served several years as mem. Rep. City Exec Com.,
Plainfield, N. J.; several years private, Troop A, N G.
N a y P ro gr el ss ive; Episcopalian. Mem. Psi Upsilon
fraternity, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y Recreations:
Canoeing gardening, fruit growing. Residence: 1331
PrSspe?t Altplain field, N. J. Address: 160 Broadway.
N. Y. City.

Phvsician (specialist in nervous and chronic dis-
eases)- b NY. City, Sept. 6, 1867; s. William and
Catherine Tracy; ed. 'in public schools of NY City

H^ C^S^

married Formerly or at present connected with foi-
ling institutions* and societies: Electro Therapeutic
Cep't of Post-Grad. Coll. and HosP v Neurological
Clinic of Vanderbilt Clinic, Columbia Univ Bellevue
Hosp (Out Patient Dep't), N. Y. Skin and Cancer

Hosp., Bloomingdale Clinic (founder), N. Y. County
Med. Soc, Med. Soc. of Greater N. Y., West End. Med.
Soc Inventor of Electrophone, electric device to en-
able the deaf to hear. Made special study of value
of electricity and magnetism in medicine, and has
written various papers on the subject. When radium
was discovered was among the first in this country
to procure some of it and investigate its properties;
wrote small volume on Radium and Radioactivity.
Authority on med. use of electricity magnetism and
radium. The N. Y. Mail (Nov. 19, 1910), speaking of
Br. Tracy's use of electricity, says: "Wonderful waves
of wireless electric energy passing through solid brick
walls are being used by Dr. Samuel G. Tracy for the
successful treatment of nervous diseases and other
ailments. Dr. Tracy used the ordinary street current,
causing the 110 volts to pass from the wire through
the air and into the room where he is operating. Here
it is taken up by a transformer coil and converted
into a smooth, painless and harmless current. An
ordinary electric light socket was attached to the
transmormed coil, the receiver being in another room
and having an electric lamp attached. Instantly thij
lamp glowed, showing the current at work through
the air and wall. Two sponge electrodes, when taken
in the hands, gave the patient only a pleasant sensa-
tion, although the current was sufficiently powerful
to light the lamp and illuminate the room. By this
new method Dr. Tracy claims that a patient may be
treated for nervous diseases with constantly increas-
ing tonic results, while with stimulatory drugs the
effect, he says, is momentary only. The remarkable
part of the treatment is the harnessing of the electric
waves without the aid of wires, and their transforma-
tion into harmless activity." Republican Mem Dutch
Reformed Ch.; chancellor Walworth Lodge 271. i 1 . &
A M.; Emerson Literary Soc. Founded the Health
and Longevity Club, Jan., 1911. Address: 240 W. 102d
St., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. Dartmouth, Mass., Nov. 6, 1866: s. William
Bradford and Rachel Mott (Davis) Trafford; grad.
Phillips Exeter Acad., 1885; Harvard Coll.. A.B., 1889;
Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1891; m. N. Y Nov. 28, 1898,
Grace Elizabeth Meeker; children: Melinda, b. 1901;
Perry Davis, Jr., b. 1903; Ruth, b. 1906; William Brad-
ford, h. 1910. Mem firm Miller, King, Lane & Trafford.
Republican. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs:
Harvard, Baltusrol, University. Address: 80 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Statistician, journalist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 7,
1857; s. William Henry and Catherine E. (Miller)
Trafton: ed. Mil. Acad., Jamaica, N. Y., and at home
under private tutor; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 22, 1881, L.
Kiersted; children: William, H. Jr., b. 1882, Chris-
topher Klersted. b. 1885, Sarah Bancker, b. 1889.
Statistician and correspondent since 1875; has been
commercial editor of N. Y. Produce Exchange Re-
porter, also of N. Y. World, N. Y. Commercial, Mail
and Express and Evening Post; sp'l correspondent and
contb'r to Am. and foreign papers and magazines. Sec.
and treas. Am. Inst, of Civics, N. Y. Produce Exchange,
West Side Republican Club. Address: 90 Broad St.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 6, 1875; s. Charles
R. and Sarah M. (Cheney) Train; grad. Harvard, A.B.,
1896 LL.B., 1899; m. N. Y. City, April 20, 1897, Ethel
Kissam. Ass't dist. atfy, N. Y. County, 1901-1908, re-
sumed private practise 1908. Appfd ass' dist. atfy
N Y. by Charles S. Whitman, Nov., 1913. Author: The
Prisoner at the Bar, True Stories of Crime, Mort-
main, MacAlllster and His Double. Clubs: University,
Harvard, Down Town Ass'n, Century. Residence: 113
E. 73d St. Address: 30 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Journalist and music critic; b. Baltimore, Md.; d.
George William and Elizabeth (Nass) Trapper; ed.
public and private schs. and private tutors. As a
young woman sang in church choir; started news-
paper work on N. Y. Press in 1889; wrote a series of
articles on unsanitary condition of quarters of women
servants In N. Y. hotels, which resulted in new laws,
which prevented human beings from sleeping in
damp basements. For twenty-four years has worked
as reporter, editor and music critic on N. Y. Press,
Brooklyn Standard Union, and the N. Y. Musical
Courier. Has contb'd articles on musical subjects for
The Youth's Companion, of Boston; Harper's Bazar,
and other papers and magazines. Established the
Emma L. Trapper Press Bureau, April, 1913; delivered
lectures on musical topics before schools and clubs,
and under distinguished social auspices. Interviewed



many celebrities, including musical artists, great
singers^ authors statesmen and politicians. Clubs:
N. Y. Woman's Press (cnarter mem.), Musicians. Ad-
dress: 105 W. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Author, reformer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.; d. George L.
and Christina (Cole) Nichols; ed. in private schs., and
by private tutors; m. Brooklyn, N. Y 1874, Spencer
Trask. Has throughout lite engaged in much humani-
tarian and altruistic work, and has written several
poems and articles published in leading magazines,
tending to uplifting ot humanity and freedom of
thought and religion; active in literary and social
circles. Active Democrat, though not a suffragist,
and influential in politics, working personally for good
citizenship and good gov't. Author: Free Not Bound;
Mors et Victoria; Night and Morning; King Alfred's
Jewel; In the Vanguard. Residence: Yaddo, Saratoga
Springs, N. Y.


Constructing eng'r; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 7, 1872; s.
Adolph and Charlotte (Stillwell) Traub; ed. Public
Sch. 68, N. Y. City; grad. Cooper Inst., B.S., 1893; m.
N. Y. City, March 22, 1897, Myrtle Barto; children:
Gerald Douglass, b. 1899, Beatrice Cornwall, b. 1901,
Alexander S., Jr., b. 1904, John Line, b. 1906, Richard
Bentley, b. 190S. Gov't and municipal contractor. Uni-
tarian. Royal Arch Mason, Knight Templar and
Shriner. Address: 217 W. 125th St., N. Y. City.


Produce merchant; b. June 10, 1863; s. Mabbett and
Adrianna (Fleet) Travis; ed. public sch., Commercial
Sch.; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan., 1884, Fannie Bell Peck;
children: Helen Peck, b. 1885, Charles Mabbett, b.
1886, Grace, b. 1889. Mem. firm Eugene Travis &
Co., N. Y. Prominent In local politics for many years.
Senator of N. Y. for 6 years, term ending Dec. 31,
1912. Was mem. Republican State Conv. for many
years; trustee Irving Savings Bank, N. Y., dir. Travis
Slawson Co., Middletown, N. Y. Supt. Nostrand Av.
M. E. Sunday Sch. Republican: Methodist. Mason,
Knight Templar, Royal Arch Mason, Shriner. Mem.
Royal Arcanum, County Republican Com. for 15 years.
Clubs: Union League, Crescent Athletic, Masonic, Lo-
gan, Congress, 10th A. D., 12th A. D., 11th A. D.,
Long Island Auto. Residence: 436 Grand Av., Brook-

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