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Beta Kappa, Am. Scenic and Historic Preservation Soc,
Hudson-Fulton Celebration Comm'n. Club: City His-
tory. Address: 101 W. 80th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Chappaqua, Westchester Co., Aug. 28,
1852; s. Jesse H. and Eliza A. (Sutton) Underhill; graa.
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., A.M. (honor man.
Phi Beta Kappa); Columbia Univ. Law Sch., LL.B. ;
m. N. Y. City, May 24, 1877, Anna T. Murray; children:
Ruth Murray, b. 1884, Margaret, b. 1887, Robert Lind-
ley Murray, b. 1889, Elizabeth S b. 1893. Has prac-
tised law in N. Y. City and Ossining 25 years. Trav-
eled extensively In U. S. and abroad. Dir. and sec.
Selah Valley Co.; dir. 1st Nat. Bank of Ossining. Re-
publican. Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Trustee and
treas. Mt. Pleasant Acad., Ossining; trustee and sec.
Ossining Hosp.; trustee and treas. Presby'n Ch., Os-
sining; ass't treas. Trustees of N. Y. Yearly Meeting of
Friends. Club: Psi Upsilon. Residence: Ossining-on-
Hudson, N. Y. Address: 56 Pine St., N. Y. City.


Publisher, mem. Congress; b. Bath, N. Y., Oct. 7,
1861; s. Hon. Anthony L. and Charlotte (McBeth) Un-
derhill; grad. Heverling High Sch., Bath, N. Y., and
Yale Univ.; m. Oct. 9, 1884, Minerva Elizabeth Allen.
Entered business career in office of Steuben Farmer
Advocate and was associated with father in Its publi-
cation. Purchased, 1899, Corning Daily Democrat (now
Corning Evening Leader), publisher of the Leader and
Advocate since father's death, 1902; elected to 62d
and 63d Congresses from 37Sh N. Y. Dist. Democrat.
Address: Bath, N. Y.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City, May 14, 1872; s. Edgar and
Mary Emma (Green) Underhill; grad. Columbia Gram-
mar Sch., 1889, Columbia Coll., A.B., 1893; m. N. Y. City,
Nov. IS, 1896, Hildegard E. Lellman; children: Helen
Oakley, Lois Dyckman. Merchant since graduation
from college, 1893. Pres. of Underhill, Clinch & Co.,
since 1906. Mem. Co. K, 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y. Epis-
copalian. Mem. Sec. of Colonial Wars, Sons of Revo-
lution, Soc. War of 1812, N. Y. Hist. Soc, Naval Order

of the U. S., St. Nicholas Soc, Ass'n of the Alumni,
of Columbia Coll., Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
Club: Columbia University. Residence: 170 W. 76th St
Address: 84 White St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, legal writer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 8, 1858; s.
John E. and Isabella (Rintoul) Underhill; grad. N. Y.
Univ. Law Sch., LL.B.; m. Margaret Glatz; children:
Ruth, b. 1892, Carol, b. 1902. Prior to period of legal
practice was engaged in mercantile pursuits, with four
years in U. S. Appraisers' Stores, N. Y. Custom House,
1886-1890. Author of Text Books an Evidence in Civil
Cases, Criminal Evidence, Law of Wills, Landlord &
Tenant, and an article In Cyclopedia of Law on Crim-
inal Law of 914 pages, which are cited as authority
by the courts. Republican; Baptist. Mem. and for-
merly v.-p. Broadway B'd of Trade. Address: 1367
Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Author and literary representative; b. Brooklyn,
N. Y., Jan. 10, 1876: s. Francis French and Frances H
(Bergen) Underhill; grad. Poly. Inst., Brooklyn, B.A..
1894, Columbia Univ., A.M., 1896, Ph.D., 1899. Ass't
in comparative literature, Columbia Univ., 1899-1901.
Am. representative of the Soc. of Spanish Authors
(Socleded de Autores Espanoles). Author: Spanish
Literature in Tudor England, 1899 (Macmillan). Club:
City. Address: 1100 Dean St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1876; s. Stephen
and Cornelia (Brockway) Underhill; grad. Poly. Prep.
Sch., Brooklyn, N. Y., N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1898; m.
Brooklyn, N. Y., April 14, 1904. Marion Langdon Bedell.
Admitted to bar of N. Y. State, June, 1898. Republican.
Mem. Brooklyn Bar Ass'n, N. Y. County Bar Ass'n.
Mason; mem. Improved Order of Heptasophs. Clubs:
Montauk, Lawyers (Brooklyn), L. I. Automobile, Drug
& Chemical, Greenwich Country. Residence: 38 Mont-
gomery Place. Address: 44 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Born N. Y. City, Sept. 13, 1839; s. Ira B. and Abigail
K. Underhill; ed. Burlington (N. J.) Coll. and Univ.
of Pa.; m. N. Y. City, 1866, Emily H. Grlffen. Clerk
in comm'n business, 1859-1862; in service of U. S.
Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y., as pres. and dir., 1862-1908; re-
tired from same Oct. 1, 1908. Address: 95 William
St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Jamestown, N. Y 1871; s. Frederick E.
and Sophia Underwood; studied at Art Student's
League, N. Y., and Julien Acad., Paris; m., 1905, Kath-
enne S. Whitehead. Many of illustrations are pub-
lished in McClure's Magazine, The Studio, Century
Magazine, Harper's Magazine, Illustrated London
News, etc. Address: 235 W. 103rd St., N. Y. City.


Pres. Erie R. R. Co.; b. Wauwatosa, Wis.; s. Enoch
Downs and Harriet (Flint) Underwood; ed. in public
schools and Wayland Acad.; m. Alice N. Stafford. En-
tered service Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y
Sept., 1870, serving until June, 1886, when appt'd gen.
sup't in charge of construction of the Minneapolis &
Pacific R'y, and same year was made gen. mg"r of
the consolidated Soo Dines. Became v.-p. and gen
mg'r Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Jan., 1899; elected
pres. Erie R. R. Co. and its allied lines, May, 1901.
Mem. Chamber of Commerce State of N. Y. Clubs-
Atlantic Yacht, Automobile of America, Buffalo, Chi-
cago, Columbia Yacht, Lotos, Metropolitan, Milwaukee
N. Y. Athletic, N. Y. Yacht, Railroad of N. Y., Sea-
wanhaka Corinthian, Sleepy Hollow Country, Stam-
ford Yacht, Tuxedo. Residence: 277 West End Av
Address: 50 Church St., N. Y. City.


Editor; b. Edward, N. Y., June 5, 1861; s. Jarvis A.
and Eunice K. (Shapleigh) Underwood; ed. Glens
Falla Acad., 1879; Williams Coll., 1883; m. 1st Glens
Falls, N. Y., June 14, 1889, Helen M. Coffin (died May
5, 1890); 2nd, Norwich, Conn.. Feb. 14, 1893, Mary G.
Lanman (died May 12, 1894); 3rd, Newport, Eng., Nov
3, 1899, Anne D. Bradbury; children: Sanford, b.
April 27, 1890; Elizabeth, b. Jan. 16, 1906. Ass't ed-
itor Amsterdam Democrat, 1883-1885; Springfield Re-
publican, 1885-1886; Washington Corr., Boston Adver-
tiser, 1886-1888; mn'g editor Boston Record and Bos-
ton Advertiser, 1888-1911; Boston Journal, 1911-1913;
city editor Boston Herald, since 1913. Episcopalian.
Clubs: University, Pudding Stone, Massachusetts, Win-
chester Country, Boston City. Residence: 9 Central
St., Winchester. Address: 171 Tremont St., Boston,




Clergyman; b. London, Eng.; s. Jonn and Elizabeth
(Mare) Underwood; ed. in schools N. Y. City, N. Y.
Univ., New Brunswick Theol. Sem., A.M. and D.D. ; m.
Seoul, Korea, March 13, 1889, Lillias Sterling Horton;
one son: Horace Horton, b. 1891. Missionary in Korea
since 1884; first ordained Protestant missionary to
settle in the land. Prof, of Theism in Theol. Sem. of
Presby'n Ch. in Korea. Deems lecturer at N. Y. Univ.,
1908, on theisms of China, Japan and Korea. Teacher
in Presby'n Boys' Sch., Seoul, Korea. Visited Holy
Land in 1903, and China and Japan. Had confidence
of Emperor and ruling classes. Author: Korean Gram-
mar; English Korean Dictionary; The Call of Korea.
Worker in native gov't Hosp. Sch.. Korea. Received
decoration of Tai Keuk from Emperor of Korea. Or-

fanizer Korean Religious Tract Soc; dir. Y. M. G A.
eoul, Korea; chm'n since foundation B'd of Bible
Translators; mem. Korean Branch Royal Asiatic Soc,
Delta Upsilon fraternity. Address: Care Underwood
Typewriter Co., 241 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 24, 1S56; s. William J.
and Susan (Carpenter) Underwood; ed. Coll. City of
N. Y., B.S., M.S.. 1874, Columbia Coll., B.S., LL.B., 1876:
m. N. Y. City, Jan. 13, 1886, M. Ada Hull; one son,
Kenneth F. H, b. 1899. Practising lawyer at N. Y.
Bar since 1876; counsel for several large corp'ns and
estates and generally of many large commercial firms
in this city; dir. Royal Baking Powder Co.; dir. and
sec. Am. Maize Products Co.; pres. and dir. Drevet
Mf'g Co. Mem. 7th Reg't N. G. N. Y. .since 1877, cap-
tain of Co. G; bvt'd major for faithful and meritori-
ous service In N. G. N. Y.; mem. of many National.
State and regimental rifle teams. Episcopalian
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. County Lawyers'
Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Delta Kappa Epsilon
fraternity. Clubs: Lawyers, Ardsley, Knollwood.
Country, Underwriters, N. Y. Yacht, Camp Fire. Resi-
dence: 268 W. 73d, St. Address: 52 William St., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, July 3, 1863; s. Solomon and
Emma Unger; ed. public schs. of N. Y. City; m. N. Y.
City, 1888, Isabella Peyser. At early age entered em-
ploy of law firm of Isaacs & Sanger, remaining until
1883, when appt'd clerk and stenographer to corp'n
counsel by U. S. Circuit Court Judge Lacombe; in 1884
sec. to Mayor Edison. In 1885 made official steno-
graphic sec. to Grand Jury by late Judge Randolph
B. Martine. Admitted to bar, 1884; entered firm of
Isaacs & Sanger. In 1891 appt'd deputy ass't and sec.
Dist. Att'y DeLancey Nicoll, and continued as such
and in additional capacities under administration of
Col. John R. Fellows and William M. K. Olcott; pro-
moted to dist. att'y and chief of Indictment Bureau.
1898, under Col. Gardiner; frequently served as acting
dist. att'y. Democrat candidate for dist. att'y, 1901,
against W. T. Jerome. Late mem. law firm of Levy
& Unger, which has appeared as counsel for defend-
ants in many of prominent criminal cases arising
in this county; formerly justice of 1st Dist. Municipal
Dist. Court. Residence: 139 W. 130th St. Address:
115 Broadway, N. Y. City. ,


Lawyer; b. Lynchburg, Va., June 6, 1858; s. Isador
and Therese Untermyer; ed. Coll. City of N. Y., Col-
umbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1878; m. Aug. 9, 1880, Minnie
Carl, of N. Y. Admitted to Bar 1879, and since in
practice in N. Y.; senior mem. firm Guggenheimer,
Untermeyer & Marshall; organized, and counsel for
many brewing, mf'g, mining, industrial and r'y corp'ns
and reorg'ns; counsel for Kansas City Southern R'y
Internat. Cotton Mills Corp'n, Central Petroleum Co.,
Antofagastra & Bolivia R'y Co., Nat. Enameling &
Stamping Co., counsel for leading copper and metal
cos. of country, and recently successfully carried
through the merger of Utah Copper Co. with Boston
Consolidated & Nevada Consolidated, representing a
market value of over ?100,000,000. At present repre-
senting First Mortgage Bondholders of Wabash Pitts-
burgh Terminal R'y against Gould-Wabash R. R. in-
terests in attempt to wrest control of Wheeling &
Lake Erie R'y from Gould Interests. Has been re-
cently championing rights of minority stockholders
and recommending changes in existing laws for their
protection both in Courts and public addresses. Among
other proceedings in which is now engaged with that
end in view, and those on behalf of Corns, of stock-
holders of Rutland R. R. against diversion of traffic
In interest of N. Y. Central R. R. and of stockholders
of St. Joseph & Grand Island R. R. to prevent diver-
sion of profits and failure to declare dividends by Union
Pacific R'y. Has also put forth in public addresses and

statements 'before Nat. Civic Federation and elsewhere,
plea for regulation of trusts on lines prevailing in for-
eign countries. Delivered address before Finance Forum
Dec, 1911, entitled: Is There a Money Trust? which
aroused widespread comment, and led to Money Trust
Investigation by Congress, being retained by Gov't
as counsel. Dir. Am. Lithographic Co., N. Y. Brew-
eries, N. E. Breweries, Gen. Development Co., N. Y.
County Lawyers' Ass'n, mem. Met. Museum of Art, Am.
Soc. of Internat. Law, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n. Clubs:
Lawyers, Manhattan, Lotos (dir.), Nat. Democratic,
Press, Economic, Automobile of America. Residence:
"Graystone," Yonkers, N. Y. (formerly home of Sam'l
J. Tilden), and 675 5th Av., N. Y. City. Address: 37
Wall St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. May 2, 1876; s. Richard Michell and
Emma Degen (Tyng) Upjohn; ed. Brooklyn Poly. Inst.;
grad. Stevens Inst., Hoboken, M.E., 1899; m. April 8,
Margaret Miller. Built All Souls' Ch., Watertown,
N. Y., Rye Park Bathing Pavillion, N. Y., Mead Me-
morial Chapel, Lake Waccabuc, N. Y. Residence:
Scarsdale, NT Y. Address: 456 4th Av., N. ( Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 28, 1859; s.
Richard Michell and Emma Degan (Tyng) Upjohn; ed.
Brooklyn Poly. Inst.; grad. Cornell Univ., B.C.E., 1880;
Nashotah Theol. Sem., Nashotah, Wis., B.D., 1887; Cor-
nell Univ., C.E., 1899; m. East Orange, N. J., Oct. 10,
1905, Harriette May Westcott; children: Grace West-
cott, b. Nov. 10, 1909; Barbara Michell, b. Aug. 19, 1911.
In business as architect, 1880-1884. Ordained deacon
of Episcopal Ch., 1887; ordained priest, 1888; curate of
Ch. of the Advent, Boston, 1888; Ch. of the Ascension,
Chicago, 1892; rector Ch. of the Good Shepherd, Ro-
chester, 1894; curate Ch. of St. Mary the Virgin, N. Y.
City, 1899; Ch. of Transfiguration, N. Y. City, 1902;
rector St. Paul's Ch., Pleasant Valley, N. Y., 1903;
curate Ch. of Transfiguration, N. Y., since July 1, 1912.
Episcopalian. Mem. Cornell Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Club:
Psi Upsilon. Address: 14 East 30th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Akron, O., March 10, 1857; s. Judge Will-
iam H. and Julia A. (Ford) Upson; grad. Western
Reserve Coll., B.A. (salutatorian), Phi Beta Kappa,
1878; Univs. of Berlin and Gottingen, Germany, 1879-
1881; m. Canton, O., Oct. 6, 1885, Grace Hazlett; chil-
dren: Ralph Hazlett, b. 1888; William Hazlett, b. 1892;
Helen, b. 1894. Asso. counsel law firm of Scott, New-
comb & McLoughlin; appt'd receiver and trustee in
many bankruptcy matters; counsel for his college in
the Fayerweather litigation. Pres. B'd of Health and
chm'n of Township Com., Bloomfield, N. J., 1894-1895;
mem. and sec. B'd of Ed'n. Glen Ridge, N. J., 1895-1906.
and pres., 1906-1908. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
Ohio Soc. of N. Y., Soc. of Colonial Wars of the State
of N. J., Gramercy Neighborhood Ass'n. Club: Nat.
Arts. Residence: 15 Gramercy Park. Address: 233
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Lawrence, Mich., Jan. 25, 1864; s. John
B and Julia A. (Sherman) Upton; ed. Olivet Coll.,
Olivet Mich., B.S.; Cornell Univ., M.E.; Pd.IX, Albany
Normal Coll., Albany, N. Y.; m. Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 18,
1894, Sara C. Chatham. Sup't Trade Schs., N. Y. State
Reformatory, Elmira N. Y., 1S90-1892; salesman. 1S!>2-
1893; taught in Buffalo public schs., dir. of drawing,
dir. manual training, and principal Technical High
Sch., 1893-1909; principal State Normal Sch., Buffalo,
N Y., since 1909. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Alpha
Tau Omega fraternity. Clubs: University, Park, Cham-
ber of Commerce (Buffalo). Residence: 110 14th St.
Address: State Normal Sch., Buffalo, N. Y.


Retired sea captain; b. Essex, Conn., June 26, 1838;
s. John and Ann Frances (Carr) Urquhart; ed. Acad,
sch. Essex, Conn.; m. London, Eng. ; two children. Be-
gan sea life at age of 16; commanded ocean packet
passenger ship American Eagle of Black X London
line at age of 23; commanded several ships in this
line; later in the Black Ball, N. Y. and Liverpool
packets. Nov. 22, 1873, while in command of ship
Trimountain, rescued from British ship Loch Earn, in
midocean, 85 passengers and crew of French steamer
Ville du Havre, took them to Cardiff, Wales; 226 were
lost in collision with Loch Earn. Two years later
rescued crew of sinking British ship Isolena. Received
valuable gifts from French and British gov'ts, mayor
and citizens of Bristol, England, passengers and others
for these services. At centennial of Washington's In-
auguration, 1889, was one of crew who rowed Pres.
Harrison on shore from Battery, and lunched with



Presidential party at Equitable Bld'g. Independent
Democrat. Received Gold Medal of Honor from French
Gov't and silver beaker from British Gov't, for services
rendered at sea. In recognition of services rendered
at sea, Nov., 1873, four women survivors of lost French
steamer Ville du Havre, dedicated in 1913, room No.
518, with suitably inscribed doorplate in new Seamen's
Ch. Inst., N. Y. Sec. B'd of Trustees and mem. of B'd
of Finance for IS years of Church of the Strangers,
N. T. City; now mem. B'd of Advisory Council; pres.
N. T. Practical Aid Soc (charitable inst'n). Mem.
Marine Soc, City of N. T. Published, March, 1910,
"Reminiscences the Merchant Marine and Ocean
Travel," which was favorably mentioned by N. T. and
other newspapers. Address: 142 Hicks St., Brooklyn
Heights, N. Y.


Importer; b. Strasbourg (Alsace), May 23, 1862; s.
Antoine and Marie (Haubtman) Utard; ed. Strasbourg;
m. Aug. 27, 1895, Odile Richard; children: Madeline,
Genevieve, Emile, Helen, Frank, Ducile. Gen. agent
for Parfumerie E. Pinaud, Paris; pres. Baracoa Plan-
tation Co. and Consolacion Plantation Co. Roman
Catholic. Clubs: Fencers, Salmagundi. Residence: 340
West 88th St. Address: 84 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1875; s. Henry-
Theodore and Emma (Ayres) Uterhart; grad. Columbia
Univ.. B.A., 1894, M.A., LL.B., 1896; m. N. Y. City, April
27, 1903, Josephine Stein; one d.: Josephine Henrietta,
b. 1904. Mem. Republican Co. Com., N. Y. Co., 1903;
mem. Troop C, 1896. Mem. law firm Uterhart & Gra-
ham; treas. Prudential Realty Co.; sec. Crescent Realtv
Co. Address: 27 Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; 'b. Clinton County, 111., Dec. 25, 1874;
s. W. F. and Jamima (Teter) Uzzell; grad. Univ. Den-
ver, A.B., 1903; m. Springfield, Mo., Feb. 14, 1906, Mary
M. Blaine; children: William Cowan, b. Jan. 14, 1910;
Rudyard Stephen, Jr., b. June 26, 1912. Taught school
for 3 years, 1895-1897. Mg'r of "Seeing Denver" Ob-
servation Cars for 4 years during summer vacation
from univ. In summer of 1901 started Observation Cars
at Salt Lake City, Utah. Pres. Internat. Travel Circle
Swing Co. since 1904, and Novelty Machine Co. since
its org'n. Lecturer. Has travelled extensively through-
out the U. &., Europe and Canada, and made one trip
to Mexico. Republican; Congregationalist. Mem. Sig-
ma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, pres. and one of the exec,
com. of N. Y. Alumni Ass'n of this fraternity. Past
Master Long Island Masonic Lodge, No. 38.2, of Brook-
lyn, N. Y. Address: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City.



Engineer; b. N. Y. City, April 14, 1863; s Henry C.
and Caroline (Berg) Vail; ed. public and private schs. ;
m. Rutherford, N. J., Nov. 25, 1890, Laura Louise Bain;
children: Carl Waldemar, b. 1893, Donald Bain, b
1895, Eileen, b. 1897, Rosemary, b. 1910. Dir. People's
Bank and Trust Co., Passaic, N. J.; Rutherford Trust
Co., Rutherford, N. J. Republican. Recreations: Fish-
ing, golf. Residence: Ridgewood, N. J. Address: 37
Wall St., X. Y. City.


Educator; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 23, 1870; s
Charles Montgomery and Hattie Halsey (Durlandi
Vail; ed. German-Am. Acad., Brooklyn, Columbia
Univ., A.B., 1892, A.M., 1893 (honor in Latin, Gree.k.
history and German; fellow in Germanic languages
and literature, 1892-1893); m. Goshen, N. Y., April,
1893, C. Hettie Hock; children: Clarence Walton, Jr..
b. 1894, Katherine Durland. b. 1896, Richard Montgom-
ery, b. 1903. Ass't in English, Columbia Univ., 1893-
1894; tutor, 1894-1895, to Feb., 1896; teacher of Eng-
lish and history, Manual Training High Sch., Brook-
lyn, N. Y.. since Feb. 17, 1896. Episcopalian. Corr
sec. Am. Whist League, the English Club, High Sch.
Teachers' Ass'n; representative Men's High Sch.
Teachers' Ass'n, N. Y. City; mem. Zeta Psi fraternity
(Columbia Univ.), Sigma Lamlbda Nu (Manual Train-
ing High Sch.); dir. Dramatic Soc, Manual Training
High Sch. As dir. of Manual Training High Sch.
Dramatic Ass'n, produced at Majestic Theatre, Brook-
lyn, 1907, a production of "Why Smith Left Home,"
pronounced the best amateur production of season.
Recreations: Amateur dramatics, whist, baseball, the-
atre. Clubs: Knickerbocker Whist, University (Brook-
lyn). Address: 238 Garfield PI.. Brooklyn, N. Y.


Retired publisher; b. Pomfret, Vt., May 27, 1839; s.
Joshua and Harriet (Warren) Vail; ed. common
schools, Royalton Acad., Vt., Middlebury Coll., A.B.,
1S60; hon. LL.D., 1896; m. Newton, Union Co., Ohio,
Oct. 10, 1867, Minerva Elizabeth Hewitt; children:
Cora Lucy, b. July 7. 1868 (died Jan. 2, 18S4); Bessie
Hewitt, b. Aug. 27, 1869; Mary Catherine, b. June 9,
1872; Clara Warren, b. Nov. 3, 1875. Taught school
several years in Vermont, N. Y., Mich, and Ohio, long-
est at Dayton, O. Entered service of Sargent, Wilson,
Hinkle & Co., publishers of school-books at Cincinnati,
May 1, 1866; partner with their successors, Wilson,
Hinkle & Co., and Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co. When
this business was sold to Am. Book Co., in 1890, re-
moved to N. Y. City: dir. Am. Book Co. from the first,
chm'n of the B'd and v. -p. Engaged in planning and
editing school-books for forty years, many of which
became very popular. Retired 1911. Served in Civil
War, as sergeant Co. C, 131st Ohio Vol. Inf., under
Col. Lowe, and was honorably discharged at end of
the term without having lost a day's service. Mem.
Ohio Soc. in N. Y., N. E. Soc, Soc Colonial Wars, and
various hist, and geneal. socs. Fellow in corp'n of
Middlebury Coll. Recreations: Golf, travel, Ashing.
Clubs: Century Ass'n, University. Grolier, Ardsley
Golf. Jekyl Island, Woodstock (Vt.) Country, Lake
Mitchell, Dakota. Address: 100 Washington Sq., N. Y.


Pres. Am. Telephone & Telegraph Co., and Western
Union Telegraph Co.; b. Carroll Co., O., July 16, 1845;
s Davis and Phoebe (Quinby) Vail; ed. Morristown
Acad.; LL.D. from Dartmouth Coll., and Middlebury
Coll., Vt. ; m. Mabel R. Sanderson. Studied medicine
2 years. Ass't sup't mail service, Washington, 1873;
ass't gen. sup't, 1874; gen. sup't, 1875-1878; engaged
in telephone business, 1878-1887; introduced Am. elec.
system street r'ys in Buenos Ayres, and installed tele-
phone system in principal cities. Since 1907 pres. Am.
Telephone & Telegraph Co.; became pres. Western
Union Telegraph Co., Dec, 1910. to succeed Col. Rob-
ert C. Clowry. Life mem. Corp'n of Inst, of Tech-
nology, Boston. Mem. Am. Acad, of Pollt. & Social
Science. Phila., Acad, of Polit. Science, N. Y., Am.
Museum of Nat. History, Am. Inst, of Elec. Eng'rs,
Am. Economic Ass'n of Harvard Univ., Met. Museum
of Art Maritime Exchange of Port of N. Y., N. Y.
Acad, of Sciences, Nat. Inst, of Social Sciences. Clubs:
Union League, Automobile of America, Nat. Arts,
Whippany River (N. J.), N. Y. Athletic, Eastern Yacht,
N. Y. Yacht, Larohmont Yacht, Metropolitan, Railroad,
Jekyl Island, Hobby, Country of Westchester, Sleepy
Hollow Country. Union, Exchange (Boston); Royal
Automobile, Sphinx (London). Residence: Speedwell
Farms. Lvndonville, Vt. Address: 15 Dey St., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Philadelphia, Mar. 5, 1847; s. Benjamin
Eyre and Elizabeth (Hacker) Pope; grad. Haverford
Coll., A.B., 1866, Harvard Univ., LL.B., 1868; m. Nov.,
1872, Marie Antoinette Storrs; children: Ethel Eyre
(Mrs. H. Edward Dreier), b. 1874. Marie Antoinette
(Mrs. George B. B. Lamb of Westfleld, N. J.), b. 1875,
Elizabeth Hacker Valentine (Mrs. Thomas Louden), b.
1877, Harriet and Marguerite Valentine (Mrs. J. Will-
iam Yotes), b. 1878. Admitted to bar in Mass., 1868,
in N. Y., 1869, Supreme Court of U. S., 1872; admitted
to practice also in Conn., Calif, and Dist. of Columbia.
Practised for thirty years in U. S. and State Courts,
especially in patent, mining and land grant cases; for
past ten years engaged in land development In the
Cedarhurst neighborhood and reclamation of water-
front on Jamaica Bay; treas. and gen. mg'r Cedar-
hurst Co. and South Shore Improvement Co. Has
been engaged in mining for many years; owner of
Rising Sun Mine in Calif. Appt'd justice of peace by
Gov. Andrew, in Mass., 1S6S; on staff of Major-Gen.
Dakin until 1878; div. inspector of rifle practice N. G
N. Y. for 5 years with rank of lieut.-col. Life mem.
New England Soc; mem. Sons of the Revolution;
Damascus Conrmandery, Mecca Shrine; 32 Mason.
Countrv home, Woodmere, L I. Address: 51 Chambers
St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Charlton, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Oct. 1,

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