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heck, of Holland: m. 1SS6, Stella Stickney, of Somers-
worth, N. H. Exhibited at all leading Am. exhibitions;
art lecturer at Chautauqua seven years: free lecture
courses, N. Y. City, 20 years; lecturer before Brooklyn
Inst., Architectural League, Sculpture Soc, Nat. Acad.
Schools, and leading art clubs of countrv; appt'd lec-
turer on Art History. Smith College, Northampton,
Mass., season of 1905-1906. Mem. N. Y. Jury, St. Louis
World's Fair; bronze medal Oharlestown Exp'n; mem.
Jury of Awards, St. Louis Exp'n, Nat. Acad. Design
(N. A.); pres. Am. Water Color Soc. Clubs: Lotos.
Salmagundi. National Arts. N. Y. Water Color, Artist
Fund Soc, Rembrandt. Address: Litchfield, Conn.


Archivist; b. Utrecht, Holland, Oct. 21, 1869; s. Jo-
hannes Renatus Eugenius (Ph.D.) and Gerardina
(Neuman) van Laer; grad. Poly. Inst., Delft, Holland,
M.E., 1897; N. Y. State Library Sch., B.L.S.; m. Phila-
delphia, 1897, Naomi van Deur's. Archivist N. Y. State
Library, since 1899. Edited Van Rensselaer Bowier
Manuscripts and other publications. Mem. Dutch Re-
formed Ch. Hon. mem. Schenectady Hist. Soc; corr.
mem. N. Y. Geneal. & Biog. Soc, Soc. Dutch Archivists-
mem. Am. Library Ass'n, Am. Hist. Ass'n. Residence:
433 Western Av. Address: N. Y. State Library, Al-
bany, N. Y.


Lawyer, jurist; b. Ulysses, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1842; s. Sam-
uel R. and Catherine H. (Goodwin) Vann; grad. Yale,
A.B., 1863;- Albany Law Sch., LL.B., 1865; LL.D., Ham-
ilton, 1882, Syracuse, 1897, Yale, 1898; m. Syracuse, N.
Y., Oct. 11, 1870, Florence Dillaye; children: Florence
Vann Fowler, b. 1871; Irving Dillaye, b. 1875. Active
In legal profession Mar. 1, 1866-Jan. 1, 1882. when ju-
dicial career began; was mem. law firms, Vann &
Fiske, Raynor & Vann, Fuller & Vann, and Vann, Mc-
Lennan & Dillaye. Mayor of city of Syracuse, N. Y.,
1879-1880; justice Supreme Court, Jan. 1, 1882-Jan. 1,
1895; judge of Court of Appeals, Jan., 1895-Jan., 1913;
since then official referee as a retired judge of Court
of Appeals. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. (and a
founder) N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Onondaga Co. Bar
Ass'n; trustee Albany Law Sch.; founded 1881, and
ever since pres. Woodlawn Cemetery. Recreations:
Hunting, fishing. Clubs: Century, Citizens', Yale, Uni-
versity (Syracuse). Fort Orange (Albany). Summer
residence: Buck Island, Cranberry Lake, N. Y. Ad-
dress: 454 James St., Syracuse, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Watertown, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1877; s. Eu-
gene Clinton and Adele (Rivet) Van Namee; grad. Cor-
nell Univ., L.L.B., 1902; unmarried. Chm'n Jefferson
Co. Dem. Com., since 1907; ass't sec. Dem. State Com.:
sec. Dem. County Chairmen Ass'n. Ass't clerk Assem-
bly, 1911; clerk of Assembly, 1911 and 1913. Comm'r

N. Y. State Legislative Bill Drafting Comm'n, 1914.
Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Jefferson County Bar Ass'n,
Elks, Chi Chapter of Cornell. Psi Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi
fraternities. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Black River Val-
ternitles. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Black River Val-
ley, Watertown, Jefferson County Golf (Watertown),
Nat. Democratic (N. Y. City). Residence: Watertown,
N. Y. Address: 18 Cleveland Bld'g, Watertown, N. Y.,
and Assembly Chamber, Albany, N. Y.


Born N. Y. City, June 21, 1858; s. John Bay and Cora
Minerva (Wright) Van Ness; g.-g.s. of Judge William
Williams Van Ness, and g.g. -nephew of Congressman
John Van Ness; ed. in public schools of N. Y. City; m.
N. Y. City, June 21, 1895, Katherlne Reynolds; chil-
dren: Marcia, b. 1897, Phyllis, b. 1899, Claire, b. 1904.
Began business as a salesman, 1881, with Van Derveer
& Holmes Biscuit Co., working up to head salesman in
two years; assisted in placing the Manhattan Biscuit
Co. on the market against the National Biscuit Trust,
and was a dir. and v.-p. of the company, until its dis-
solution in 1907; now connected with Knickerbocker
Biscuit Co. Independent in politics. Mem. Reformed
(Dutch) Ch., Holland Soc Address: 1865 62d St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.


Banker; b. Feb. 26, 1869; s. Warner and Martha
(Philips) Van Norden; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B.,
1890; studied at Oxford, England, 1891-1892; m. Pitts-
field, Mass., 1892, Grace Camplbell. Has for many year s
been engaged in financial affairs; is interested in agri-
culture and farming, and owns Naarden Farm, Smith
Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y. Has traveled in Europe
and in the Orient. Progressive. Mem. Met. Museum
of Art, Am. Museum of Natural History, N. Y. Zo.ol.
Soc, Hakluyt Soc. of London, Westchester Hist. Soc,
N. Y. Hist. Soc, Holland Soc, Delta Kappa Epsilon fra-
ternity; various org'ns in northern Westchester Co.
Clubs: University, Players. Address: 22 W. 59fih St.,
N. Y. City.


Banker; b. New Orleans, La., Feb. 7, 1873; s. Warner
and Martha A. (Philips) Van Norden; ed. Columbia
Coll.; m. N. Y. City, 1898, Grace Talcott. Dir. Fifth
Av. Estates Co. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Geog.
Soc, Zool. Soc, and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
Treas., trustee Rye Presby'n Ch.; mem. Advisory B'd
Shantung Christian Coll., Advisory B'd Presby'n Rest
for Convalescents. Mem. Am. Bison Soc. Am. Soc.
Psychical Research. Bibliophile Soc, N. Y. Chamber of
Commerce, Hakluyt Soc, Holland Soc, Met. Museum
of Art, Am. Museum Natural History. Recreations:
Automobiling, horseback-riding. Clubs: Metropolitan
Grolier, Columbia University, Fencers, Riding, Auto-
mobile of America, Am. Yacht. N. Y. Yacht, Apawamis
Address: 7 West 57th St., N. Y. City.


Editor; b. Quebec, Can. Aug 3, 1869; s. Edwin M.
and Elizabeth Eleanor (Healey) Van Norman; grad.
Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1891, A.M., 1896; m. Cracow,
Austria, Oct. 4, 1903, Daniela Kotnowska, daughter of
a Polish exile of 1863; children: Hubert, b. 1904;
Stephen, b. 1906; Tekla, b. 1907; Louis Edwin, Jr., b.
1908. Engaged in newspaper work from 1890; be-
came ass't editor The Voice (weeklv paper of N. Y.
City) and revising editor for Encyclopaedias of So-
cial iReforms, Quotations, and Classified Dates; for-
eign editor Literary Digest, 1900; went to Europe in
1900. Editor civic improvement publications, Spring-
field, Ohio, 1902; asso. editor The Chautauquan, 1902;
ass't editor Review of Reviews, In charge of Foreign
Dep't since 1904. Writer for magazines, reviews and
lectures on internat. polities and economics, and
especially on Polish and Russian subjects. Mem.
Am. Soc, Inter nat. Law, Phi Delta Theta fraternity,
Phi Beta Kappa, honor fraternity, hon. mem. Polish
Patriotic Internat. Soc Methodist. Author: Poland,
the Knight Among Nations. (Fleming H. Revel],
Pub.). Translator and editor: States General, from
the story of a Peasant (Erckmann-Chatrain), 1903.
Recreations: Walking, canoeing. Address: 13 Astor
PI., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. New Orleans, La., Feb. 24, 1874; s.
John Vredenburgh and Emma Louisa (Fields) Van
Pelt; ed. private schools in Germantown and Phila-
delphia. Eeole des Arts Decoratifs and Ecole des
Beaux Arts, Paris; degree of Architects DtplOmS par
le Gouvernement (Frangaise) ; in 1895 received one
first medal and five first-second medals; laureate of
the S. A. D. G. for two years; holder of the Prix St.
Agnan Boucher; holder of grand medal of the So-
ciety Centrale; m. March 20, 1902, Betsy A. South-



worth; children: Betsy Southworth, b. 1903, Margaret
Vrendenburgh, b. 1905, John Vredenburgh, b. 1907,
Diana, b. 1909. Studied abroad during 1888-1897;
ass't prof, in charge of Design, Cornell Univ., 1897-
1900; spent 1900-1903 abroad traveling and studying,
and was delegate to the Architectural Congress,
Paris; prof, in charge Coll. of Architecture, Cornell
Univ., 1903-1905; resigned from Cornell to practice
architecture; since 1905 asso. dir. Atelier of Colum-
bia Univ., Dep't of Architecture. Architect of Alumni
Fields Com., Cornell Univ., for athletic fields, sta-
dium, etc., at Cornell: also architect of sanatorium
at Otisville, for B'd of Health, N. Y. City; architect
for improvements of Watkin's Glen, N. Y., for the
Am. Scenic and Historic Preservation Soc; architect
School of St. John the Evangelist, N. T. City, Patch-
ogue Public Library, St. Gabriels, N. Y. City, St.
Ambrose, N. T. City, Our Lady of Victory, Nippon
Club of N. T., etc. Mem. Am. Inst, of Architects,
Societe des Architectes Diplomas, Beaux Arts Soc,
Municipal Arts Soc, Architectural League, Am.
Scenic and Historic Preservation Soc, Sons of the
Revolution, Holland Soc, Kappa Alpha Soc. Author:
Discussion and Compositions as Applied to Archi-
tecture, 1902 (Macmillan). Clubs: Republican, Cor-
nell University, Columbia University, National Arts,
Century (N. T. City); Country (Ithaca). Country
residence: Patchogue Lake, Patchogue, L. I.; N. T.
Residence: 126 E. 80th St. Address: 381 Fourth Av.,
N. Y. City.


Real estate dealer; b. Hoboken, N. J.; s. William
J. and Mary A. (Trenor) Van Pelt; ed. in public
schools; m. Florence A. Travers; children: George R.,
Marie A., Florence T. V.-p. and treas. Geo. R. Read
& Co., treas, Roxton Realty Co. Clubs: Manhattan,
St. Andrews Golf, Laurentian. Address: 20 Nassau
St., N. Y. Oity.


Lawyer; b. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1859; s. Gratz
and Catherine (Van Cortlandt) Van Rensselaer; grad.
Hobart Coll., Geneva, N. Y., 1880, A.B., M.A.; m. June
17, 1891 Horace Macaulay; one son: Cortlandt Schuy-
ler b. 1900. Ass't U. S. att'y, Southern Dist. of N. Y.,
1886-1890. Has practised law since 1890, att'y for
Am. Surety Co. of N. Y. Candidate for Congress 12th
Cong. Dist. of N. Y., 1888. Dir. Omaha Water Co.
and Valley R. R. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem.
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n. Mem. St. Nicholas Soc. and
Soc. of Colonial Wars. Trustee Am. Soc. for the Pre-
vention of Cruelty to Animals. Clubs: Union, Metro-
politan, University, Church. Residence: 40 E. 61st
St. Address: 100 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physioian; b. Albany, N. Y., June 26, 1858; s. Bay-
ard and Laura (Reynolds) Van Rensselaer; ed. Al-
bany Normal Sch., St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H.,
Yale, Ph.B., 1881, Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Columbia),
1884; interne N. T. Hosp., 1885-1886; studied in Eu-
ropean hosps., 1887-1889. Since 1889 engaged in
practice of medicine, Albany, N. Y., prof, materia
medica and therapeutics, Albany Med. Coll. Attend-
ing physician Albany Hosp. for Incurables, St.
Peter's Hosp., Child's Hosp., and Home for Friend-
less; Med. examiner for leading ins. companies.
Mem. N. Y. State Med. Soc, Albany County Med. Soc,
Am. Therapeutics Soc. Contb'r to med. journals; for-
merly editor Albany Medical Annals. Pres. of Charity
Org'n Soc. pres. Boys' Club. Clubs: Fort Orange,
Albany County, Racquet, Camera, Calumet. Ad-
dress: 123 State St., Albany, N. Y.

Author; b. N. Y. CUy; d. George and Lydia (Alley)
Griswold; ed. N. Y. City and Germany; Litt.D. from
Columbia Univ.. 1910; m. Schuyler Van Rensselaer.
School insp. for two years in N. Y. City; pres. for
seven years (until 1906) of the Public Ed'n Ass'n of
N. Y. Author: Life of H. H. Richardson, Architect;
English Cathedrals; Art Out of Doors; Six Portraits;
One Han Who Was Content, Poems, and History of
the City of New York in the Seventeenth Century.
Honorary mem. Am. Inst, of Architects. Address: 9
W. 10th St., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. N. Y. City, April 7, 1886; s. Kiliaen
and Olivia Phelps (Atterbury) Van Rensselaer; grad.
Yale Univ., A.B., 1908; N. Y. Law Sch. Clerk of Amer-
ican Legation. Lisbon, Portugal, 1908; one of the in-
corporators of The Equitable Safe Deposit Co. of N.
Y., 1909; sec. Gerard, Barney and Willard Construc-
tion Co. of N. Y., 1910; Atlas Portland Cement Co.,

1913. Designated by Pres. Taft for Diplomatic Ex-
amination, 1912. Mem. Nat. Progressive Party; Pres-
by'n. Mem. Zeta Psi fraternity, Holland Lodge, No.
8, B'd of Mg'mt Army Branch Y. M. C. A. of N. Y.
Clubs: Union (N. Y. City), Country (Westchester
County). Address: 30 Broad St., N. Y. City.


American consul; b. Camden, N. J., April 13, 1865;
s. Rev. Samuel and Susanna (Hays) Van Sant; ed.
State Model and Normal Sch., Trenton, N. J., and
Toms River, N. J.; m. Trenton, N. J., Oct. 31, 1907, Ar-
villa Harper; one d. Gretchen Howard, b. 1908. Mayor
of Deland Heights, N. J., several terms; held office of
city councilman and justice of the peace; consul at
Guelph and Kingston, Can., now at Dunfermline, Scot-
land. Scottish Rite Mason. Address: Am. Consulate,
4 Abbey Park, Dunfermline, Scotland.


Lawyer, mf'r, banker, author; b. Troy, N. Y., Dec.
17, 1858; s. George (lawyer author) and Elizabeth
(Van Schaack) Van Santvoord; grad. Union Coll., 1878;
Albany Law Sch., 1880; m. 1888 Caroline Hart Shields
of Va., d. Capt. Hamilton LeRoy Shields, U. S. A. Ad-
mitted to bar, 1880. Pres. and treas., Walter A. Wood
Mowing and Reaping Machine Co., 1896-1907; one of
organizers Security Trust Co., Security Safe Deposit
Co., of Troy, 1902; pres. of each until 1912; pres. N. Y.
State Trust Companies Ass'n until 1912; counsel to
Gov. of N. Y., 1912; dir. Troy Public Library, Troy Or-
phan Asylum, Emma Willard Sem., Samaritan Hosp.;
trustee Union Coll.; v.-p. Albany Law School. Author:
The House of Caesar and the Imperial Disease; The
Excavation of Herculaneum and various pamphlets on
archaeology. Mem. Holland Soc. of N. Y., St. Nicholas
Soc. Club: University. Address: Troy, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 15, 1864; s. Henry and
Charlotte Sargent (Gray) Van Sohaick; ed. Heidel-
berg and Oxford Univ.. Columbia Coll., grad. DL.B.,
1887; m. Hackensack. N. J., June 2, 1903, Minnie Dela-
mater Haulenbeck. Senior mem. Van Schaick & Brice,
corp'n lawyers; pres. and dir. Knickerbocker Oil and
Gas Co., gen. counsel and dir. Bankers Life Ins. Co.,
Union Life Ins. Co., Knickerbocker Investment Co.,
Manhattan Bond and Underwriting Co., Essex Copper
Co., Lafavette Copper Co., dir. Patent Tile and Guar-
antee Co. Mem. Zeta Psi fraternity, Holland Soc.
Clubs- Union, Manhattan, Strollers, N. Y. Yacht. Ad-
dress: 30 E. 42d St., N. Y. Oity.


Jurist; elected justice Supreme Court State of N. Y.,
for 2nd dist. for term expiring Dec. 31, 1925. Address:
Highland Av., Jamaica, N. Y,


Sup't of Banks, State of N. Y.; b. Albany, N. Y.,
April 3, 1872; s. George C. and Angeline E. (Hawley)
Van Tuyl; of Holland Dutch descent; ed. public sch.
of Albany; m. Oct. 14, 1903, Sengena Birch. Started
work as messenger in Nat. Exchange Bank, Albany,
1888- advanced through various grades, until forma-
tion of Albany Trust Co., 1900, where accepted posi-
tion as sec. and treas.; became v.-p. 1906, and was
pres from 1908, until appt'mt as sup't of Banks, State
of N Y , 1911. Formerly pres. and dir. First Nat.
Bank of' Albany; trustee Albany Exchange Savings
Bank- dir. First Nat. Bank, Ravena. Niagara Falls
Trust Co., Adirondack Trust Co., Saratoga Spa and
Mutual Fire Ins. Co., resigning 1911. Clubs; Albany.
Fort Orange, Calumet, Recess. N. Y. Athletic (N. Y.
City). Address: State House, Albany, N. Y.


Cotton broker; h. N. Y. City, Dec. 25, 1862; s. I. N.
and Louise (Cornwall) Van Vliet; ed. in schools of N.
Y City and San Francisco; m. Plainfield, N. J., Jan. 19,
1888 Charlotte Groendyke; children: Ruth G., Janet
C, Barbara H. Engaged in grain and cotton business
since 1880 in N. Y. City; mem. both of N. Y. Cotton
Exchange and N. Y. Produce Exchange. Served full
term in 7th Reg't, N.G.N. Y.; mem. 7th Reg't Veteran
\ss'n Independent Democrat; Presby'n. Recreations:
Fishing, riding. Mem. Holland Soc. of N. Y. Clubs:
Plainfield Country, Forest Lake (Pike Co., Pa.). Res-
idence: 59 Washington Av., Plainfield, N. J. Address:
69 Cotton Exchange, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Rochester, N. Y., Mar. 11, 1864; s. John
and Frances A. (Galusha) Van Voorhis; ed. public
sobs of Rochester; grad. Univ. of Rochester, A.B.,
1885- m. Washington, D. C, Feb. IS, 1S96. Allis M.
Sherman; one son, John, b. 1897. Admitted to X. Y.



Bar, Oct., 18S7; pres. Rochester Bar Ass'n, pres. Ga-
lusha Stove Co. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon frater-
nity, Irondequoit Grange, Holland Soc. Club: Gene-
see Valley (Rochester). Residence: Coerte Farms,
Irondequoit, N. T. Address: 500 Powers Block, Roches-
ter, N. Y.


Banker; b. Oxford, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1S41; s. William and
Ursula (Glover) Van Wagenen; ed. Oxford Acad.; m.
Binghamton, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1S72, Clara L. Lester:
children: Helen M., William L., Henry T., Florence,
Harold W., Ursula. Pres. First Nat. Bank of Oxford,
N. Y. ; v.-p. Am. Bankers' Ass'n, treas. Chenango
County, N. Y. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Hol-
land Soc. Warden St. Paul's Ch., Oxford; trustee Van
Wagenen Missionary Fund, and Oxford Public Library.
Address: First Nat. Bank, Oxford, N. Y.


Consulting patent eng'r; b. Jersey City, N. J., April
24, 1S7S; s. Edward and Mary Jane (Wandell) Van
Winkle; ed. public schs. of Jersey City, Stevens High
Sen., Stevens Inst, of Technology, and Columbia Univ.,
E.E., PL.M.; m. N. Y. City, Aug. 15, 1900, Sama Le Roy
Batdorf; one d.: Sama Gertrude, b. July 30, 1904. Em-
ployed in eng"ring dap't of Otis Elevator Co., N. Y.
City, until 1902- in charge of estimating dep't Marine
Engine & Machine Co. until Jan. 1, 1903, when re-
signed to devote time to perfecting coin-counting ma-
chine, superintending construction of tools, gigs, dies
and gauges, to manufacture coin machine automat-
ically. Principal incorporator, formerly v.-p. and gen.
mg'r, now dir., Lonsdale Novelty Co., mf'rs of lace
novelties; also v.-p. and gen. mg'r Nat. Coin-Counting
Machine Co.; pres. and dir. Security Automatic Signal
Co., Theta Delta Chi Press; sec. Twentieth Century
Window Cleaning Co. of N. Y. and N. J. Republican;
mem. Dutch Reformed Ch. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng"rs, Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Canadian Soc. Civil
Eng'rs, Eng'ring Soc. of Columbia Univ. Pres. Grand
Lodge of Theta Delta Chi fraternity; recording sec.
and trustee Holland Soc. of N. Y. Clubs: Engineers,
Columbia Univ., University of Hudson County (sec. 9
years). Residence: The Stuvvesant, 483 Park PI.,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 90 West St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 5, 1885; s. Edgar B. and
Elizabeth (Mitchell) Van Winkle; attended Harvard
Univ. and N. Y. Law Sen.; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 2S, 1911,
Mary Laird Busk; one son: William Mitchell, Jr., b.
Jan. 17, 1913. Admitted to [practise, N. Y. City, 1911.
Mem. Arm Mitchell & Mitchell since 1913. Republican;
Episcopalian. Recreation: Hunting. Clubs: Harvard,
Apawamis. Residence: Harrison, N. Y. Address: 44
Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Oct. 14, 1S50; ed. Phillips Exeter Acad,
and Univ. of N. C, A.M. Practices law in N. Y. City;
judge Superior City Court of Brooklyn, 1884-1896;
Judge Supreme Court of N. Y., 1896-1898; Dem. candi-
date for gov. 'of N. Y., 1898, against Theodore Roose-
velt. Democrat; pj-es. Kings County Gen. Com., 1882;
mem. of numerous Nat., City and Dist. convs. of Dem.
party. Grand Master Zeta Psi fraternity of N.America,
1882; pres. Holland Soc. of N. Y., 1892; North Carolina
Soc. of N. Y., 1898; N. Y. Southern Soc, 1902; South
Carolinians in N. Y., 1909; Univ. of N. C. Alumni Ass'n
of N. Y., 1900-1913; N. Y. Ass'n of Zeta Psi, 1913; trus-
tee N. E. Soc. of Brooklyn. Mem. L. I. Hist. Soc. Mem.
Standing Com. of Episcopal Ch., Diocese of L. I.
Clubs: Lincoln. Brooklyn, Hamilton, Montauk. Cres-
cent Athletic, Lawyers, Nat. Democratic, Manhattan,
Brooklyn Episcopal Church. Address: 149 Broadway,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. New Utredht, N. Y Sept. 12, 1864; s.
Jeffrey and Martha (Ketdham) Van Wyck; ed. Poly.
Inst., Brooklyn, class 1884; Columbia Coll. Law Sen.,
1886. Mem. Bar Ass'n City of N. Y., Holland Soc.
Clubs: Down Town Ass'n, Brooklyn, Montauk. Resi-
dence (summer) : Oak Neck Road, West Islip, L. I.
(winter): The Montauk Club, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ad-
dress: 40 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Ex-Mayor of Greater N. Y. City; b. N. Y. City, July
20, 1849; grad. Columbia Coll. Law Sch. (valedictorian
of a class of 124), 1S75; m. Kate E. Hertle. Admitted
to bar stson after graduation, practising until 1889,
when elected judge of City Court, and Ibecame presid-
ing judge. Elected mayor Greater N. Y. at first elec-
tion held under new charter, 1897. serving until 1902.
Mem. and one of founders Holland Soc, of which has

been pres. Clubs: Manhattan, National, Democratic,
Automobile of America, N. Y. Athletic. Address: 149
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Novelist, playwright; b. Troy, N. Y., May 2, 1863; s.
Oscar E. and Sarah M. (Perry) Van Zile; ed. Troy
Acad, and Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., A.B., 1884;
A.M., 1887; 'hen. LH.D., 1903; m. Hartford, Conn., Dec.
8, 1886, Mary Morgan Bulkeley; children: Mary (Mrs.
Gerald A. Cunningham), b. 1S87; Edward B., b. 1888;
Sally (Mrs. Walter F. Scott), b. 1890; Harriet Lee, b.
1892. Editorial writer, N. Y. World, 1886-1890; later
mg'r Literary Bureau, United Press, and editor Cur-
rent Literature. Author: Wanted a Sensation, 1886;
The Last of the Van Slacks, 1889; A Magnetic Man,
1890; Don Miguel, 1S91; The Manhattaners, 1895; Kings
in Adversity, 1897; The Dreamers and Other Poems,
1897; With Sword and Crucifix, 1899; Defending the
Bank, 1903; A Duke and His Double, 1903; Perkins the
Faker, 1903; Into the Sunset, 1913. Plays (produced):
Champagne (Felix Morris); Mrs. Van Veckten's Di-
vorce Dance (Mrs. George J. Gould and Kyrle Bellew);
Campaign Dies; The Brink of the Precipice. Progres-
sive (mem. N. Y. County Com.); Episcopalian. Mem.
Delta Psi fraternity, Am. Dramatists Soc. Clubs:
Players, Authors (N. Y.). Authors (London). Resi-
dence: Hotel Irving. Address: 26 Gramercy Park, N.
Y. City.


Eng'r, mf'r; b. Troy, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1864; s. Oscar
Edward and Sarah M. (Perry) Van Zile; grad. Rens-
selaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y., C.E., 1884; unmarried.
Pres. Franklin Boiler Works Co., N. Y. City; v.-p.
Washington Co. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Delta
Phi fraternity, Rensselaer Poly. Inst. Alumni Ass'n,
Rensselaer County Soc Clubs: Engineers, St. Elmo,
Machinery. Amateur Billiard of N. Y. Address: 39
Cortlandt St., N. Y. City.


Real estate broker; ~b. Providence. R. I., Aug. 16,
1877; s. Henry Wheaton and E. J. (Potter) Vaughan;
ed. Cutler Sch., N. Y. Citv, class 1895; Coll. Phys. and
Surg., 1895-1897; m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1907,
Eleanor Lewis. Formed real estate brokerage firm
Harris & Vaughan, Oct., 1906, whidh firm has had
charge of much property for estates. Episcopalian.
Former mem. Llnnsean Soc. of N. Y., and Am. Orni-
thologists Union. Clubs: Racquet and Tennis, Auto-
mobile of America, Columbia Univ., Badminton, Rac-
quet (Philadelphia), Meadow (Southampton). Resi-
dences: 105 E. 53d St., N. Y. City, and 30 S. 22d St.,
Philadelphia. Pa. (summer): Easthampton, L. I. Ad-
dress: 569 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, capitalist; b. N. Y. City; s. John and Mary
Vause; ed. Elmwood Acad., Conn.; Barnard Soh., N. Y.;
Columbia and N. Y. Law Sons.. M.A. Has been identi-
fied wich many financial inst'ns; was identified with
Vanderbilt Cup race. Sec. Brunswick Realty Co.: sec.
and dir. McAdoo & Co., also connected with other com-
panies. Recreations: Automobiling, hunting. Clubs:
Constitution, Long Island Automobile. Residence:
1 Virginia PI., Brooklyn. Address: 15 Broad St., N. Y.


Physician; b. Flushing, L. I., N. Y., Jan. 16, 1868; s.
Maus R. and Sarah (Cutwater) Vedder; ed. private
schools of N. Y. City; grad. Columbia Coll., 1888, B.A.;
Coll. Phys. and Surgs., MjD., 1891; m. Dec. 12, 1894,
Effie Turner Boultbee, of Toronto, Canada; children:
Harmon Boultbee, James Cutwater, Glen Turner. After
an interneship of eighteen months at N. Y. Hosp., and
three months at Sloane Maternity Hosp., went abroad
and pursued course of study at Edinburgh Univ. and
Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1893 began
practice of medicine in N. Y. City. Mem. Alumni Ass'n
of Columbia Coll., Alumni Ass'n, N. Y. Hosp., Alumni
Ass'n of Sloane Maternity Hosp., Greater N. Y. Med.
Soc, Holland Soc. Clubs: Delta Phi, Quiz. Address:

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