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Co., The Pittsburgh R'y and Light Co.. and others;
chm'n Depositors' Reorg"n Com. of Knickerbocker
Trust Co. Depositors, 1907; has lived eight years in
China and traveled twice around the world; offered
in 1900 comm'n in U. S. Army and apptm't on Gen.
Chaffee's staff in China, but declined. Admitted to
bar in Ind., Ark., Tenn., New York, Mich, and Calif.
Author: Railroads and Wages; What Shall We Buy?
Interurban Railways; also contributions to financial
and economic journals. Residence: 924 West End Av.
Address: 60 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 5, 1869; s. Alvah and
Isabel G (Flanders) Walker; grad. Chauncey Hall
Sch., Boston, Mass., June, 1886, later studied at Stutt-
gart, Germany, and Paris; m. Philadelphia, June 1.
1S96, Alice Morgan Cox (died April 11, 1897, at W.
Newton, Mass): m. 2d, Boston, Mass.. Oct. 21, 1903,
Alice Louise Prouty; children: Guy Warren, Jr b.
April 11, 1897; Richard Walker, b. Dec 13, 1904 (died
Oct. 12, 1905); Robert Warren, b. Feb. 26, 1907; Sam-
uel, b. Nov. 22, 1908. Served nearly six years as clerk
in banking house of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Boston.
In 1894, started banking business on own account.
Deals principally in high grade investment bonds,
under firm name G W. Walker & Co.; main office N.
Y. City; branch office Boston. Served six years 1891-
1897 in First Corps Cadets, Mass. Vol. Militia. -Mem.
N. E. Soc. City of N. Y., Veterans' Ass'n, First Corps
Cadets, Mass. Vol. Militia. Clubs: Union League,
Eastern Yacht. Corinthian Yacht (Boston). Address:
123 E. 80th St., X. Y. City.


Phvsician; b. Brattleboro, Vt., July 3, 1838: Coll.
Phys'. and Surg.. A.M., I860, M.D., 1866; clinical ass't



Coll. Phys. and Surg., 1S76-1SS1; attending physician
Nursery and Children's Hosp., 1871-1S75; visiting
physician at Bellevue Hosp., 1S75-1S90; consulting
physician St. Luke's Hosp. Mem. County Med. Soc,
Acad, of Medicine, Pathological Soc. Clubs: Uni-
versity, Century. Address: 18 West 55th St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Listowel, Ont., Canada, 1858; ed. in the
public schools of Ontario; studied art in Toronto and
N. Y. City. Received prizes and diplomas in many art
exhibits, including Exp'ns at Chicago, 1893, and Paris,
1900; also gold medals at Buffalo, 1901, Charleston,
1902, and St. Louis, 1904. Mem. Am. Water Color Soc,
Nat. Academician since 1S91; mem. Royal Inst, of
Painters in Water Color, London. Address: 550 Fifth
Av., N. T. City.


Surgeon; b. Lodi, N. J., Jan. 16, 1860; s. Avery Skin-
ner and Rosanna (Baldwin) Walker; grad. Phillips
Exeter Acad., Harvard Univ., A.B., 1S84, M.D., 1S88; m.
Easthampton, L. I., June 22, 1910, Mai Elmendorf Hack-
staff; children: John Baldwin, Jr., b. April 13, 1911;
Margaret Elmendorf, "b. Dec. 14, 1912. Abroad, 1890-
1893, for professional study in Vienna, Munich, Paris,
London, Berlin; instr. surgery, N. Y. Polyclinic, ass't
surgeon Hosp. for Ruptured and Crippled, 1894; instr.
operative surgery, Columbia Univ., 1897; visiting sur-
geon, N. T. Hosp., 1899; visiting surgeon, Bellevue
Hosp., 1900; asso. surgeon Hosp. for Ruptured and
Crippled, 1902; visiting surgeon Hosp. for Ruptured
and Crippled, 1909; consulting surgeon Manhattan
State Hosp., 1905. V.-p. Eugene A. Hoffman Estate.
Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Surg. Ass'n, Am.
Med. Ass'n, N. T. State Med. Soc, N. T. County Med.
Soc, N. Y. Surg. Soc, N. Y. Acad. Medicine, Societe In-
ternationale de Chirurgie, Am. Coll. of Surgeons, N. E.
Soc, Sons of Revolution, Soc. Colonial Wars. Recrea-
tion: Golf. Clubs: University, Century, Brook. Har-
vard, Church, Sleepy Hollow. Residence: 7 E 54th
St. Address: 50 E. 34th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Rutland, Vt., Aug. 24, 1874; s. Aldace
Freeman and Katharine (Shaw) Walker; grad. Am-
herst, A.B., 1896; Columbia Law Soh., LL.B., A.M.,
1899; m. Mohegan, N. Y., June 16, 1904. Edna Morse;
children: Katharine, b. 1905, Mary Manning, b. 1907.
Diantha Roberts, b. 1909, Rhoda, b. 1910, Challis, b.
1912. Dir. Multiple Speed and Traction Co., Chicago,
Rock Island & Pacific R'y Co.; partner in firm White
& Case, att'ys. Republican; Congregationalism Mem.
Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi
Beta Kappa. Clubs: Century, Players, University, Re-
publican, Railroad, Sleepy Hollow Country. Address:
14 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1872; s. Bernhard
and Fredericka (Holtz) Wall; ed. public schs. of Buf-
falo; m. Houston, Texas, Dec. 25. 1899, Jennie Martha
Hunter. Engraver and art teacher, art dir, in publish-
ing house. Traveled European countries and Cuba.
Served in Co. H, 74th Reg't, N.G.N.Y., and 202nd N.
Y. "Vols, in Cuba, past dep't comd'r, 1912, United Span-
ish War Veterans; mem. Old Guard, N. Y. City; asso.
mem. G.A.R. Chm'n Me. Memorial Service. 1910, Car-
negie Hall, resulting in passage of bill to raise the
Maine. Scottish Rite Mason, Shriner; mem. Nat. Geog.
Soc, Y.M.C.A., Patriotic Instructors' Ass'n. Recrea-
tions: Traveling, etching. Club: N. Y. Press. Resi-
dence: 515 W. 187th St. Address: 520 W. 48th St.. N. Y.


Publisher, real estate, auctioneer; b. Freeport, L. I.,
N. Y.; s. George and Mariana (Raynor) Wallace; ed.
Freeport public sch., 1884-1892; Claverack Coll. and
Hudson River Inst., 1892-1895; post-grad, work at Cen-
tenary Collegiate Inst., Hackettstown, N. J., 1896; m.
Freeport, L. I., Dec. 10, 1899; children: George Donald,
b. 1900, Elizabeth Denton b. 1902, Marion Raynor, b.
1904, Jack Schuyler, b. 1909, Robert Roland, b. 1911.
Reporter on South Side Observer later Brooklyn Daily
Times; newspaper mg'r and publisher since 1902; also
book publisher. Treas. and mg'r South Side Observer
Co.; pres. and treas. Central Book Co. When Nassau
Co. was formed, gave it its name "Nassau," and father
was Assemblyman who introduced bill in State Legis-
lature, forming new county. Republican. In 1898
joined Chanler's Vol. Inf. Reg't in N. Y. City; trans-
ferred to 71st Reg't, N.G.N.Y.. with which served in
Cuba, 1898. Police justice of Freeport, 1899-1903; jus-
tice of peace and coroner of Nassau County, 1904-1907.
Appt'd Nov. 10, 1913, Justice and Coroner of Nassau
County to succeed Justice Corodon Norton, resigned.
Republican; Methodist. Mem. Alpha Phi fraternity,

Elks, Odd Fellows, Masons, Royal Arcanum, Junior Or-
der United Am. Mechanics, Foresters of America,
United Spanish War Veterans; ex-chief eng'r Freeport
Fire Dep't, and pres. Bug House Hose Co. No. 1, of
Nassau, organized in 1807. Life mem. N. Y. State Fire-
men's Ass'n, and ex-pres. Southern N. Y. Vol. Fire-
men's Ass'n, ex-chief of Police, Freeport. Recreations:
Motor boating, automobiling, golf, football, baseball.
Clubs: Freeport, Freeport Elks (chm'n house com.).
Address: 65 Church St., Freeport, L. I.


Lawyer, author; b. Craigsville, N. Y., June 24, 1863;
s. Dillon and Rachel Ann (Ferguson) Wallace; ed. pub-
lic schs., RIdgebury, N. Y., and N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B.,
1896; m. N. Y. City. April 7, 1897, Jennie E. Currie (de-
ceased). Admitted to N. Y. Bar 1897. Mem. Leonidas
Hubbard, Jr., Expd'n to Labrador, 1903, and in 1905
himself conducted a second expd'n, and in 1913, a
third, to Labrador. Author: The Lure of the Labrador
Wild, 1905; The Long Labrador Trail, 1907; Ungava
Bob, 1907; Beyond the Mexican Sierras, 1910; Saddle
and Camp in the Rockies, The Wilderness Castaways.
Republican. Fellow Am. Geog. Soc, mem. Nat. Geog.
Soc. Clubs: Arctic. Explorers'. Residence: Beacon, N.
Y. Address: 15 William St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Elora, Ont., Canada, Feb. 28, 1849; s. Don-
ald and Harriet (Lasby) Wallace; ed. public schools
and by private tutors; grad. (N. Y. Univ. Law Sch.,
187S; m. Freeport, L. I., July 22, 1871, Mariana Raynor;
children: Harriet R. and Archer B. In law practice
since 1878; specialties, water rights and municipal law.
Secured new interpretation of law laid down by courts
as to water rights. Smith v. City of Brooklyn; numer-
ous cases in Court of Appeals, where had new princi-
ples sustained in interpretation of municipal law and
lower courts reversed. Republican. Nine years jus-
tice of peace; served in N. Y. Legislature of 1898.
chm'n of com., declined renomination. Pres. Village
of Freeport two terms. Methodist. Past master Mas-
sapequa Lodge, N. Y., F. and A. M., past grand Free-
port Lodge, I. O. O. F. Recreations: European travel,
also extensive tours in nearly all States of the Union.
Clubs: Freeport, Union League (Brooklyn). Also does
some literary work. Author: The Disinherited: Indus-
trial Peace; etc. Address: Freeport, L. I., N. Y.


Consulting civil eng'r; b. Fall River, Mass.; s. David
A. and Martha J. (Findley) Wallace; ed. Monmouth
Coll. (LL.D., Sc.'D.) ; m. Rock Island, 111., 1871, Sarah
E. Ulmer; children: Harold U, Berdena Francis. Ass't
civil eng'r U. S. Corps; engaged on river and harbor
works, 1871-1876; chief eng'r, Peoria & Farmington
R'y and Iowa Central R'y in 111.; sup't of construction
and master of transportation, 1878-1886; bridge eng'r
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R'y in charge of con-
struction of bridge over Missouri River, 1887-1889.
Resident eng'r, chief eng'r, ass't 2d v.-p., ass't gen.
mg'r and gen. mg'r Illinois Central Railroad, 1890-
1904; chief eng'r Panama Canal, 1904-1905; Isthmian
Canal Comm'r, 1905; v.-p. and gen. mg'r Panama R. R.
& Steamship line, pres. Electric Properties Corp'n since
1906; chm'n B'd of Dirs. and pres. Westinghouse,
Church, Kerr & Co., eng'rs and constructors. Presbv'n
Past pres. and mem. Am. Soc Civil Eng'rs; Am. R'y
Eng'ring and Maintenance of Way Ass'n; Western Soc.
of Eng'rs; mem. Inst'n Civil Eng'rs of Great Britain;
Am. Inst, of Elec. Eng'rs. Recreations: Golf, hunting,
fishing. Clubs: Engineers, Century Ass'n, Railroad
(N. Y. City), Metropolitan, Cosmos (Washington, D. C),
Chicago. Union League, Kenwood (Chicago), Green-
wich Country (Conn.), Sleepy Hollow Country. Ad-
dress: 37 Wall St., N. Y. City.'


Lawyer, consul; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 20, 1848;
s. William and Jane (Ross) Wallace; ed. public schs.
of Pa. and 111., Commercial Coll., Peoria, 111.; studied
law with private tutor, and as clerk of dist. and cir-
cuit courts in Iowa; m. Atlantic, Iowa, Oct. 6, 1874,
Margaret A. Gill; children: Thomas Ross, b. Oct. 31,
1875, Bruce N., b. Nov. 5, 1882, Donald G., b. June 7,
1893. Engaged in farming, and at same time taught
sch. in winter; commenced practice of law 1886; appt'd
Am. consul at Crefeld, Germany, July 5, 1901; consul
at Jerusalem, March, 1907; consul at Martinique, June
24, 1910. Traveled extensively in U. S. and Europe;
visited north portions of Africa and west parts of
Asia; served three terms as clerk of dlst. and circuit
courts of Iowa; three terms as mayor of Atlantic,
Iowa, and several terms as alderman of city. Repub-
lican; Presby'n. Mason, Odd Fellow, Elk and mem.
other beneficial socs. Recreations: Outdoor sports,
shooting-, fishing, riding, bicycling, walking. Address:
Am. Consulate, Fort de France, Martinique, F. W. I.




Retired merchant; b. N. Y. City; s. John and Ellen
(Maher) Wallace; ed. public and private sens., N. Y.;
m. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 12, 1855, Frances R. Cope-
land; children: Edward C, Gustavus S., Laura B..
Frances E Traveled many times in Europe. V.-p.
and trustee Franklin Trust Co.; dir. Brooklvn Ware-
house & Storage Co., Franklin Safe Deposit Co.; trus-
tee Law, Union & Rock Ins. Co. (London). Republi-
can; Episcopalian (Ch. Warden). Trustee Brooklyn
Hosp. Recreations: Golf, travel. 32 Mason. Clubs:
Hamilton, Brooklyn, Lawyers, Church. Address: 451
Clinton Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Jurist; b. Syracuse, N. Y., April 14, 1837; s. E. Fuller
and Lydia (Wheelwright) Wallace; grad Hamilton
Coll., LL.B., LL.D., Syracuse Univ., LL.D.; m. N. Y.
City, 1878, Alice Heyward Wheelwright. Mayor of
Syracuse, 1873; U. S. dist. judge, 1874-1882; U. S. Cir-
cuit judge since 1882. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fra-
ternity. Clubs: Metropolitan, Union League, N. Y.
Yacht (N. Y. City), Century (Syracuse), Ft. Orange
(Albany). Residence: (summer) Cazenovia, N. Y.
(winter) Albany, N. Y. Address: 6 Elk St., Albany,
N. Y.


Manufacturer, mem. Congress; b. Easton, Pa., July
31, 1856; s. John and Sarah Wallin. Removed with
parents to Amsterdam, 1864; ed. public schs. and Acad.
of Amsterdam; m. Margaret Faulds. Mem. firm of
McCleary, Wallin & Crouse, carpet and rug mf'rs, since
1886; also connected with W. & L. Sloane, of N. Y.
City, and Shuttleworth Bros., of Amsterdam, 2nd v.-p
Amsterdam Savings Bank; dir. Farmers' Nat. Bank,
Amsterdam B'd of Trades, pres. Rockton Realty Co.
Was alderman, also mayor of Amsterdam; elected to
63rd Congress from 30th N. Y. dist. Republican.
Trustee 1st M. E. Ch. Clubs: Union League (N. Y.),
Antlers Country, Fort Johnson (Amsterdam). Ad-
dress: Amsterdam, N. Y.


Journalist, raconteur; b. Cincinnati, O., Feb. 13 1837;
d. David and Anna (McCrackin) Urner; ed. public
schs. of Cincinnati, grad. Old Woodward, A.B.; m. 1st,
Cincinnati, O., May 1, 1877, Webster K. Setzler (died
July 6, 1887); 2d, 1893, Charles M. Wallingten, of
Philadelphia; children: Frederick David, b. Oct. 10,
1878 (deceased), Earle Urner Setzler, b. Aug. 21, 1884,
Maude Eloise, b. Aug. 31, 1880 (deceased). Began jour-
nalism in 1872; years later began nat. historical book.
Author: Historical Churches of America; American
History by American Poets; Year Book of American
History; National Historical Calendar, and The
Legends of America, Told by Her Poets. Episcopalian.
Address: Woodlawn Heights, N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Eastport, Me., June 14, 1862; s. Richard
C. and Sarah Helen (Meating) Wallis; ed. Boston pub-
lic schs. and private schs.; m. Boston, 1888, Grace L.
Parker; children: Richard F., b. 1889; Charles F b.
1892. Studied architecture in Boston, in office of
Cabot & Chandler, 1876-1885; in Europe, 1885-1886;
with Richard M. Hunt, N. Y., 1888-1896; practising
architecture since 1896. Senior partner Wallis & Good-
willie. Author: Colonial Architecture, Furniture of the
18th Century, How to Know Architecture. Built pri-
vate residences, churches, hotels and office bld'gs,
most important being the office and laboratories in
"Nela Park," Cleveland, for Nat. Div. of Gen Electric
Co. Independent. Mem. Architectural League, fellow
Am. Inst, of Architects; mem. Illuminating Eng'rs
Soc. In London and N. Y., chm'n Com. on Factories Am.
Museum of Safety. Received gold medal at Paris
Exp'n (1900J: diploma at World's Fair. Chicago. Clubs:
Players (N.Y.), Cleveland Athletic. Residence: Cleve-
land, O., Players Club, N. Y. Address: 346 Fourth
AV., N.' Y. City.


! Physician, lecturer and historical writer; b. Arch-
bald, Pa., April 12, 1865; s. Martin J. and Brigid
(Golden) Walsh; grad. Fordham Univ., A.B., 1884,
A.M., 1885, Ph.D.. 1896, Univ. of Pa., M.D., 1895, LL.D.,
Fordham. 1900. Litt.D., Georgetown Univ., 1909; studied
medicine for three years in Paris, Vienna and Berlin.
Prof, physiol. psychology, Cathedral Coll. Author:
Pastoral Medicine, 1906 (Longmans); Makers of Mod-
ern Medicine, 1907; The Popes and Science, 1908; Edu-
cation, How Old the New, 1910, Makers of Electricity,
1909, and Old Time Makers of Medicine, 1912 (Ford-
ham Univ. Press); The Thirteenth, Greatest of Cen-
turies, 1907 (Catholic Summer Sch. Press), Psycho-
therapy (Appleton, N. Y.), 1912, Catholic Churchman

in Science, 1906 (The Dolphin Press, Phila.); also
many articles in Catholic Encyclopaedia. Lecturer
on literature, Univ. Extension. Democrat; Roman
Catholic. Fellow N. Y. Acad. Medicine; mem. Am. Mf d.
Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Soc; Collaborating Editor In-
ternal Clinic, editorial writer Journal Am. Med.
Ass'n. Med. Editor N. Y. Herald. Neurologist Cen-
tral and Neurological Hosp., N. Y. City. Consulting
physician Gabriels Sanitarium; consulting Neurolo-
gist United Hosp., Portchester; St. Agnes Hosp. for
Crippled Children, White Plains; Champlain Valley
Hosp., Plattsburg; Mercy Hosp., Hempstead, L. I.
Trustee Catholic Summer Sch. of America. Catholic
Inst, for Blind, N. Y. Recreation: Tennis. Mem.
Knights of Columbus, Papal Knight Commander of St.
Gregory. Address: 110 W. 74th St., N. Y. City.


Asso. City Sup't, Dep't of Ed'n; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Mar. 17, 1853; s. Thomas and Mary (Ryan) Walsh;
grad. Georgetown Coll., A B., 1873, A.M., 1889; Colum-
bia Coll., LL.B., 1880; m. Feb., 1884, Elizabeth McGee;
children: Eugene T., b. 1885, Mary G., b. 1887, Eloise,
b. 1890, Henrv J., b. 1892, Margaret M.. b. 1894. Demo-
crat. Catholic. Club: Catholic. Address: 8506 Fort
Hamilton Av., Brooklyn.


Critic and poet; b. X. Y. City, 1875; s. late Michael
and Catherine (Farrell) Walsh; ed. Georgetown Univ.,
D. C, and Columbia Univ., Ph.B., A.M., Ph.D.; deliv-
ered dedication ode for monument to the Martyrs of
British Prison Ships, Brooklyn, Nov. 14, 1908; ode on
Battlefield of Antietam, Sept. 14, 1910; ode on the
John Carroll Monument, Georgetown, May 3, 1912.
Contb'd sp'l articles and translations to Warner's
library of The World's Best Literature. The New In-
ternat'l Encyclopaedia, The Catholic Encyclopaedia,
and poems and criticism to The Bookman, Pall Mall,
Harpers, Century, Atlantic, Independent, North Am.
Review, Ecclesiastical, Lippincott's. Scribner's, Every-
body's, N Y. Times, The Globe, Revista del Rosario,
Bogota, etc. Author: The Prison Ships & Other
Poems, Boston, 1909. Mem. Alumni Georgetown
Univ., Columbia Univ., Irish Folk-Song Soc, and
Royal Acad, of Seville. Club: Columbia Univ. Ad-
dress: Mount Arlington, N. J., and 227 Clinton St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.


Catholic -priest and mem. Soc of Jesus; b. N. Y. City,
July 1, 1855; ed. St. Francis Xavier Coll., N. Y. City.
Formerly dir. St. Francis Xavier Preparatory Sch., N.
Y. City, and St. John's Hall, Fordham, N. Y.; now in
charge of Italian Mission of Our Lady of Loretto, N.
Y. City; also of Seven Springs Summer Home, a fresh
air place for boys, situated at Monroe, N. Y. Recre-
ations: Music, and "work among poor boys. Address:
303 Elizabeth St., N. Y. City.


Retired merchant; b. N. Y. City; s. I. D. and Henri-
etta (Content) Walter; grad. Columbia Grammar Sch.,
and Columbia Coll. (with honors, 1881); m. Mar. 5,
1889, Florence Bernheimer; one d.: Marjorie (Walter)
Goodhart. Dir. Lawyers' Mortgage Co. Democrat;
Hebrew. Mem. Chamber of Commerce, Phi Beta
Kappa fraternity, Calif. Soc of N. Y., Columbia
Alumni; dir. Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y. State Training
Sch. for Boys, N. Y. Soc. for Reformation of Juvenile
Delinquents, Neustadter Foundation. Mem. N. Y. State
Dem. Exec. Com., 1908. Clubs: Economic. Lotos, Man-
hattan, Bohemian (San Francisco), Lawyers, Century
Country, Bungalow, Automobile, Nat. Democratic.
Residence: 115 W. 57th St. Address: 52 Broadway, N.
Y. City.


Lewyer,. State Senator; b. Syracuse, N. Y Jan. 23,
1874; ed. public and high schs. of Syracuse; grad.
Cornell Univ., 1896. Admitted to Onondaga County
bar; mem. law firm Costello. Burden, Cooney & Wal-
ters. Elected mem. Assembly from 3rd Assembly dist.
1907, 1908, 1909, elected state senator from 38th Sena-
torial dist., 1910, re-elected 1912. Republican. Ad-
dress: University Block, Syracuse, N. Y.


Commission merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y, 1883; s.
John J. and Agnes C. (Hunter) Walton; attended Poly.
Preparatory Sch., Brooklyn, 1900; Yale ^cad, 1904.
Mem. firm Hunter, Walton & Co. Mem. 2nd Ttep't
Cav., N. G. N. Y., since 1907; now sergeant. Clubs:
Hamilton, Yale, Brooklyn Riding and Driving, Rich-
mond County Country. Residence: 106 W.Uo-v St,
Brooklyn, and 128 W. 72d St., N. Y. City. Address:
164-166 Chambers St., N. Y. City.




Lawyer; b. Chicago, 111., Nov. 17, 1881; s. Myron K.
and Jennie (Kelsey) Walton; ed. Grand Rapids (Mich.)
public and high schools, and Univ. of Mich., L.L.B.,
1904; m. Lucerne, Switzerland, Aug. 24, 1911, Geor-
gina Prances, d. of John P. Jones, ex-U. S. Senator
from Nev. Mem. firm Parker, Davis, Wagner & Wal-
ton, lawyers. Independent. Mem. N. Y. County Law-
yers Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n,
Michigan Soc, Sigma Chi Alumni Soc. Clubs: Law-
yers, Graduates, Univ. of Michigan, Am. Universities
(London, Eng.). Address: 34 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Author; b. Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1868; d. M. T.
and Ellen (Hardin) Walworth; attended Acad, of Sa-
cred Heart, "Kenwood," Albany, N. Y. Author: An
Old World as Seen Through Young Eyes, or Travels
Around the World; The Life and Times of Kateri
Tekakwitha; The Lily of the Mohawks, 1656-1680;
Life Sketches of Father Walworth (1st edition issued
1907). Charter mem. Saratoga Chapter, D. A. R. ; mem.
Exec. B'd of Kenwood Alumnae of Sacred Heart,
Albany. Recreations: Open air games, reading, walk-
ing. Address (summer): P. O. Box 74, Saratoga
Springs, N. Y.; (winter): 91 Columbia St., Albany, N. Y.


Born Owattonna, Minn., Mar. 3, 1859; s. Gregory and
Magdalena Walz; ed. in public schs of Minnesota; m.
Mankato, Minn., May 11, 1880, Luella Shaubut; chil-
dren: Thomas ft, b. 1881, C. S b. 1882, Edgar A., b.
1888, Jack S., b. 1894, Shaubut G., b. 1897. Went West
1876, and became cowboy in New Mexico, 1878, later
mg'r of one of the largest cattle ranches in the ter-
ritory; for several years gen. mg'r five Pacific Coast
States for Equitable Life Ins. Soc. of N. Y.; 1893 set-
tled in N. Y'. City and organized Travelers Hotel
Credit Letter Co., whose Letters enabled travelers to
have checks cashed at all hotels in U. S., Canada,
Mexico and Cuba; the Nat. Hotel Keepers Protective
Ass'n, through which the hotels conduct a reporting
system regarding delinquent debtors, similar to the
commercial agencies; the Internat. Hotel Brokerage
Co., through which hotels are bought and sold, and
lessees and mg'rs furnished for new hotels, all of
which is pres. and gen. mg'r. Residence: Elderwood,
Pelham Heights, N. Y. Address: 505 Fifth Av., N Y.


Merchant; b. Philadelphia County, Pa., July 11,
1838; s. Nelson and Elizabeth (Koche'rsperger) Wana-
maker, ancestors came to America from Germany,
about time of landing of William Penn; ed. public
schs.; m. Mary B. Brown. Obtained employment as
errand boy in publishing house of Troutman & Hayes,
at age of 14, later salesman in retail clothing house;
established small clothing house of Wanamaker &
Brown, 1861, which conducted successfully until 1876,
when opened dep't store. Bought out A. T. Stewart
business, N. Y. City, 1896; now conducts large whole-
sale and retail mercantile business, N. Y. City, and
Philadelphia. One of organizers, and dir in Mer-
chants Bank; several years dir. Philadelphia & Read-
ing R'y; founder and pres. First Penny Savings Bank.
Mem. B'd of Finance, Centennial Exp'n, Philadelphia,
1876; aided materially in raising first $1,000,000; acted
as chm'n Citizens' Relief Com., to aid Irish Famine
Sufferers, to assist Southern people at time of yellow
fever plague, and help Ohio River Flood sufferers;
also assisted in sending shipload of provisions at
time of great famine in Russia, and has taken promi-
nent part in various other public charitable move-
ments. Served as chm'n of com. appt'd to aid in elec-
tion of Gen. Harrison to presidency; nominated post-
master gen. in recognition of services during cam-
paign of 1888, which accepted. During term, intro-
duced many improvements in P. O. Dep't. Delegate
to Republican Nat. Conv., Chicago, 1912. Republican;
Presby'n; active .in religious matters. Has taken
great interest in arehseol. collections of Museum,
Univ. of Pa., of which is v. -p., and has made exten-
sive and valuable contb'ns toward it. Founder and
trustee Bethany Industrial Coll.: trustee Williamson
Free Sch. of Mich. Trades; organized Bethany Sunday
Sch., 1858. One of founders Presby'n Hosp., of which
was trustee (with wife built Children's Ward); for-
merly mg'r University Hosp. Erected John Wana-
maker Branch of Free Library, Philadelphia, also
Men's Friendly Inn (temporary home for men). Built
Y. M. C. A. at Madras; Y. M. C. A. Boys' Hall, Cal-

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