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Oberlin Coll., Sc.B.. 1898, A.B., 1907; m. Dos Angeles,
Calif., April 25, 1899, Estelle Dunn Hynes; children:
Lucien Hynes, b. Oct. 9, 1900; Douglas Calvin, b. Oct.
25 1904. See. treas. and dir. Warner Chemical Co.;
dir Monarch Chem. Co., Tyson Bros., Inc., Women's
Hotel Co. Progressive. Congregationalist; dir. Nat.
Bible Inst, and McCauley Mission; trustee and treas.
Madura Coll. (India); treas. Talladega Coll.; chm'n
Army Branch, Y.M.C.A., N. Y. City. Residence: . 30
Ridgewood Av., White Plains, N. Y. Address: 141
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker, broker; b. N. Y. City; s. Henry S. and
Emma D. (Franklin) Warner; grad. Columbia Univ.,
A.B., 1891; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 7, 1901, Louise F. Clark-
son. Veteran Co. K, 7th Reg't. Mem. firm Warner &
Co. Recreation: Motoring. Clubs: Calumet, Country
(Westchester). Address: 15 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Rochester, N. Y., 1859; s. Andrew J.
and Kate (Foster) Warner; ed. public schs., Roches-
ter; m. Rochester, N. Y., 1883, Mary L. Adams; chil-
dren: Andrew J., b. 1884; John Adams, b. 18S7. En-
tered office of father, an architect of Rochester, after
leaving sch.; now considered one of leading architects
of Rochester. Chm'n for past 15 years of Bld'g Code
Comm'n, Rochester; appt'd by mayors of city; delegate
to Am. Inst, of Architects, to Internat. Congress of
Architects, London, 1906. Made 3 trips abroad, 1898,
1906, 1913. V.-p. Niagara Life Ins. Co., Buffalo; v.-p.
and treas. Warren Silica Co., Pa.; dir. Nat. Bank of
Commerce, Rochester, Stromberg Carlson Mf'g Co.,
Rochester, and Rochester Telephone Co. Fellow Am.
Inst, of Architects; treas. Rochester Soc. Archasol. Inst,
of America; mem. Soc. S. A. R., Nat. Fire Protection
Ass'n; trustee Rochester Homoe. Hosp., Rochester
Orphan Asylum. Recreation: Motoring. Clubs: Genesee
Valley, Automobile (Rochester). Residence: 5 Prince
St. Address: 1036 Granite Bld'g, Rochester, N. Y.


Lawyer, publicist; b. Schuyler Co., N. Y., Oct. 30,
1851; s. Daniel DeWitt and Charlotte (Coon) Warner;
descendant Andrew, s. John Warner, of Hatfield,
Gloucestershire, England, 1630, a protp'r of Cambridge,
Mass., and through grandmother, Mary DeWitt, from
Dutch ancestors who came to Manhattan (before 1665;
ed. Coll. Starkey Sem., Eddy town, N. Y. ; grad. in first
class to enter Cornell Univ., Ph.B., 1872; Albany Law
Sch., LL.B., 1876; m. Ithaca, N. Y., June 14, 1877, Lilian
Augusta Hudson; children: Joseph DeWitt, b. Aug.
15, 1881; Charlotte Lilian, b. March 8, 1885. Taught
Ithaca Acad.. 1872-1874: admitted to bar, 1876; mem.
law firms Iselin & Warner, 1877-1883, Warner &
Frayer, 1883-1893, Peckham, Warner & Strong, 1903-
1904, Warner, Wells & Korb, since 1905. Editor Ithaca
Daily Deader, 1871; tariff reform editor, N. Y. Weekly
World, 1891-1892. Mem. 52d Congress from 11th N. Y.
Dist, and of 53d Congress from 13th N. Y. Dist. Pres.
N. Y. City Art Comm'n, 1902-1905. In Congress, chm'n
of House Com. investigating Sweating System; active
for repeal Sherman Act, Silver Purchase and "Force"
bill, and for passage Wilson Tariff bill, to which se-
cured Free Sugar amendment; advocated Torrey Bank-
ruptcy Act, opposed Bland Seniorage Bill, and Anti-

option Bills, and secured investigation of Federal
buildings in N. Y. City; compiled pamphlets exposing
Sugar Trust; after leaving Congress, successfully
fought Ship Subsidy legislation pending in 55th, 56th
and 57th Congresses; 1906-1908, pres. Am. Free Trade
League; 1908, Organizer Internat. Free Trade Con-
gress, London, 1908; Antwerp, 1910; mem. gen. com.
Ch. Congress. Prominently mentioned for Mayor and
active in campaign that elected Mayor Low. Speaker
and writer on Tariff, Finance, Social and Polit.
Economy, Church Polity, Municipal Art, University
Development, the Drama. Counsel for Mutual Life
Policy Holders Ass'n, and for Comm'n to revise N. Y.
Banking Law. Trustee Cornell Univ., 1882-1887, 1894-
1899, 1903-190S. Mem. N. Y. City, N. Y. State and Am.
Bar Ass'ns; Nat. Sculpture Soc, Scenic Preservation
Soc, Municipal Art Soc, Delta Kappa Epsilon Ass'n.
Democrat; Episcopalian. Clubs: Am. Playgoers (in-
corporator, v.-p. and gov.), Nat. Arts (a founder and
dir.), Shakespeare, Reform, Cornell Univ. (founder
and ex-pres. last three). Dir. and treas. Am. Humane
Soc. Address: 901 Lexington Av., N. Y. City.


Physician, mf'r; b. Cuyler, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1841; ed.
Oberlin Coll, Ohio, A.B., 1865, A.M., 1868, LL.D., 1900;
N. Y. Univ., M.D y 1867; m. McGrawville, N. Y., April
12, 1868, Keren S. Osborne; children: Agnes Warner
Mastick, b. Feb. 22, 1872; Franklin Humphrey, b. June
6, 1875; Lucien Thompson, b. April 18, 1877; Elizabeth
Warner Gallowhur, b. May 27, 1879. Practised medi-
cine until 1874, then engaged in importing business
and mf'g enterprises; pres. Warner Chemical Co.;
Warner Bros. Co.; dir. Home Fire Ins. Co., of N. Y.
Prominent layman of Cong'l Church; pres. Congre-
gational Ch. Building Soc, chm'n Exec. Com. Am.
Missionary Ass'n. Trustee Oberlin Coll. and gave it a
Conservatory of Music Bld'g ($100,000), and a Gym-
nasium Bld'g ($50,000). Clubs: University, Adiron-
dack League, Scarsdale Golf and Country. Residence:
Hotel Lorraine. Address: 141 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; h. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1872; s. Charles
M. and Lizzie T. (White) Warner; ancestors on
father's side settled on She east end of Long Island
about 200 years ago; ed. 'Brooklyn public schools
(night and day) and by home study; law course in
N. Y. Law Sch.; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 5, 1907, Clara
L. Frost; one s.: Walter Edwards, Jr., b. April 14,
1908. Has been practising law since being admitted
to bar in 1899; has had a gen. practice in law, but of
late years specialized along the equity and appellate
branches of the law. Has supported principles of
Dem. Party with pen and tongue, but has not hesi-
tated to criticise its leaders, or to denounce their
wrong doing when occasion required. Has taken
prominent part in preventing L. I. R. R Co. from
again seizing surface of Atlantic Av., the litigation
extending over number of years and being carried
to Court of Appeals of N. Y. V.-p. Brooklyn Mutual
Building and Loan Ass'n (the oldest in Kings County);
pres. Suburban Realty Co. Has traveled extensively
in Europe; also in Egypt. Unitarian. Mem. Brooklyn
Bar Ass'n, Empire State Soc, Sons Am. Revolution,
Commonwealth Lodge F. and A. M. Orient Chapter
R. A. M. Recreations: Travel, outdoor country life.
Clubs: Brooklyn Democratic, Andrew Jackson, N. Y.
Press. Address: 44 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Banker; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 9, 1S64; s. Dr.
George William Warren of Columbia Univ., and de-
scendant from Richard 'Warren of Plymouth, twelfth
signer of Mayflower Compact, 1620; ed. Trinity Seh.
N Y. Citv and St Paul's Mil. Acad., Garden City, D. I.,
Univ. of Calif.; m. April 12, 1892. Anna Margaret, d.
Hon. Jacoib Augustus Geissenhainer, mem. Congress.
Engaged in banking; now pres. Lincoln Nat. Bank of
N. Y.; v.-p., treas. and dir. Erie & Kalamazoo R. R.
Co. Served as major and ordnance officer, 5th Bri-
gade, N G. N Y. ; major commanding Veteran Corps
Art'y; mem. Veterans of 7th Reg't. Pres. N. Y. State
Bankers' Ass'n; mem. Sons of Revolution, Mayflower
Descendants, Mil. Order War of 1S12. Mil. Order For-
eign Wars, sec. Mil. Soc. War of 1S12, Soc. of the Cin-
cinnati. Clubs: Aero, Union League, Army and Navy,
Columbia Yacht, Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht, St.
Nicholas, Piping Rock, Rockaway Hunting (asso.).
Residence (summer): Cedarhurst, L. I.. N. Y. (win-
ter) 326 W. 89th St. Address: 60 E. 42d St., N. Y. City.


Insurance official: b. Carlton, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1856.
Began railway service in 1876, as clerk with the Chi-
cago & Northwestern R'y Co.; and held various posi-
tions with that road, .1876-1881; gen. passenger agent
and comptroller St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba R'y



and its successor, Great Northern R'y, 1881-1894; gen.
mg'r same road, 1894-1896; gen. mg'r Montana Cen-
tral R'y, 1S94-1S96; ass't to pres. Central R R. of N.
J., 1S97-1S99, 1st v.-P., 1899-1902; 1st v. -p. Chicago,
Rock Island and Pacific R'v Co., 1902-1904; treas Mu-
tual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. since 1904. Clubs: Lawyers,
Lotos, Union League, Railroad of X. Y. Address: 32
Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Chicago, III., Nov. 1, 1876; s. Moses War-
ren (publisher) and Julia (Allen) Warren; of N. E.
ancestry, the Warren family for many generations
having resided in Mass. and Conn., and is the fifth
Moses Warren in a line which 'began with an officer
of that name who served in Revolutionary army;
grad. Yale Univ., 1899, N. Y. Law Sch. Engaged in
practise since admission to bar, now mem. firm of
Thompson, Warren & Pelgram. Mem. Delta Kappa
Epsilon Ass'n. Clubs: Calumet, Squadron A, Yale.
Address: 52 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Middleboro, Mass., April 11, 1866; s. Ed-
ward and Anne E. (White) Washburn; ed. Cornell
Univ., Ph. B., 1889; Georgetown Univ., LL.B. 1895; and
Univ. of Va.; m Springfield, Mass., Jan. 11, 1906, Flor-
ence B. Lincoln; one son: Albert Lincoln, b. 1911. U
S. consul at Magdeburg, Germany, 1890-1893; ass't
U. S. att'y for Dist. of Mass., 1897-1901; counsel be-
fore B'd of U. S. Gen. Appraisers, 1901-1904; resigned
latter position, 1904, to become mem. law firm of Corn-
stock & Washburn, and has been retained in conduct
of many important customs cases. Decorated by King
Haakon, Sept., 1913, Chevalier of The First Class of
the Royal Order of St. Olav, in recognition of dis-
tinguished legal services to Norway. Mem. Am. Bar
Ass'n. Clubs: Lotos, Down Town Ass'n, Deutscher
Verein, N. Y. Athletic.- and Cornell University (N. Y.
City), Metropolitan (Washington, D. C); Universitv
(Boston). Residence: 140 W. 69th St. Address: 12
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Retired clergyman; b. N. Y. City, July 9, 1843; s.
Jacob Cheeseman Washburn (MjE. minister, mem. N.
Y. Conference) and Margaret (Yury) WashJburn of
Spring Valley, N. Y.) ; in. Ch. of St. Martin in the
Field, London, 1879. Elizabeth Floy, d. late Hon.
James Davis (a supervisor of N. Y. County), and Mar-
garet, d. Michael Floy; one d.: Margaret Floy Wash-
burn, Ph.D., prof, philosophy at Vassar Coll. Studied
for Episcopal Ministry under Profs. Hall & Oliver of
Theol. Sem., N. Y.; ordered deacon in P. E. Ch., by
Bishop Seymour, 1878, ordained priest by Bishop Ho-
ratio Potter at Trinity Oh., N. Y., 1880. Lay reader
in Calvary Parish, under Bishop Walker for some
time. Has had rectorship of two parishes in Arch-
deaconry, of Orange, since 1879. chiefly St. Andrews,
Walden, N. Y., 1879-1882, and Ch. of the Holy Spirit,
Kingston, 1S82-1892, charge of two churches, and for
some years honorary ass't of Church of Good Shep-
herd, Newburgh, N. Y. Sec. archdeaconry of Orange,
N. J., 4 years. Previous to entering ministry, was
Methodist Episcopal local preacher, Trinity Methodist
Ch., N. Y. Sec. of Dist. Conf. and corr. sec. Nat. Local
Preachers' Conv. Lived in England, 1868-1871. Mem.
Sigma Phi Chapter (St. Stephen's Coll.) and Sigma
Alpha Epsilon fraternity of U. S , Sons of Revolution
of Empire State (pres. 1908-1909 Newburgh Chapter)
Hist. Soc. of Highlands (Newburgh, N Y.), Ellis Post
G. A. R. (chaplain). Army and Navy Union. A. d. c.
to Gen. Loud at Newburgh State Encampment of G.
A. R., 1912. Author of religious books and contribu-
tions in prose and verse to religious and general pub-
lications. Address: 20 Bav View Terrace, Newburgh,
N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 30, 1854; s. John
H. and Jane A. (Ives) Washburn; on paternal side is
a lineal descendant of John Washbourne, 1st sec. of
Mass. Bay Colony; on maternal side lineal descendant
of William Ives, one of signers of original compact
of New Haven Colony; ed. in private schs., N. Y. City,
Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass.; grad. Amherst
Coll., 1876, A.M., 1878; Law Sch., Columbia Univ.,
LL.B., 1878: m. N. Y. City, Nov. 15, 1883, Carrie W.
Fisher; children: Grace Ives, William Ives, Jr., Na-
thalie Fisher (deceased). Engaged in gen. law prac-
tice; gen. counsel for many large corp'ns; has made
specialty of corp'n. insurance, and religious corp'n
law, judge advocate in Judge Advocate Gen's Dept.,
1899, detailed to First Brigade, N. G. N. Y., grade of
major, resigned 1912. Mem. B'd of Trustees and
treas. Broadway Tabernacle Soc; trustee Hartford
Seminary Foundation; dir. and counsel for N. Y.
Christian Home for Intemperate Men; dir. Home In-

surance Co., Lawyers Title Ins & Trust Co. Inde-
pendent Republican; Congregatlonalist. Mem. Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y.; Sons of Revolution; Soc. of Colonial
Wars; Soc. of Descendants of Colonial Governors-
Military Order of Foreign Wars. Clubls: Century,
Lotos, Alpha Delta Phi, Adirondack League, Congre-
gational. Residence: 39 W. 47th St. Address: 149
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer, author; b. Boston, Mass., 1841; ed. Harvard,
A.B., 1862, A.M.. 1866; student at Harvard Law Sch.;
m. Mary R. Doughty. Engaged in gen. practice of
law N. Y. City. Author: Fair Harvard; The Unknown
City; The Deuce of Hearts; The First Stone; Spring
and Summer (verse); also volume of Poems. Resi-
dence: 52 E. 79th St. Address: 59 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Wessyngton, Cedar Hill, Tenn.; s. Joseph
E. and Mary Boiling (Kemp) Washington; grad. Yale
Univ., A.B., 1903; Harvard Univ., LL.B., 1906. Demo-
crat; Episcopalian. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.
Clubs: Union, Yale, Harvard, Siuadron A. Residence:
103 W. 55th St. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Clover Sea, Va.; s. Lewis W. Washing-
ton and Ella Basset Washington; ed. Mary Schools &
M. A. Coll. Pres. and dir. Armour Villa Park Co., v.-p.,
treas. and dir. N. Y. & N. J. Water Co.; v.-p. and dir.
Church Roller Bearing Co.; dir. Grand Conservatory of
Music of City of N. Y.; N. Y. & Philadelphia Co., Twin
City Union Ry's Co., U. S. Traction Co., of Louisville.
Mem. Southern Soc, Fellow Am. Geog. Soc. Mem. Am.
Soc. Civil Eng's. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Sons of
Revolution, Va. Hist. Soc, etc. Club: Calumet. Ad-
dress: 36 W. 25th St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Montgomery, Ala., March 30, 1865; s. Maj.
James Barrall and Jane Bretney (Lanier) Washing-
ton (descendant of two of the brothers of Gen. Geo
Washington); ed. Western Univ. of Pa.; m. N. Y. City,
June 6, 1900, May Bruce Brennan. Auditor and gen.
pass, ag't of Penna. lines of Baltimore & Ohio System,
1888-1890; pres. and gen. mg'r Elliott-Washington
Steel Co., 1893-1898; chm'n and mn'g dir. Pittsburgh
Sheet Steel Mf'g Co., 1898-1901; pres. United Oil Cloth
Co., Trenton, N. J., 1905-1906; v.-p. U. S. Fireprooflng
Corp'n, 1901-1902, Laurel Land Co. of Pittsburgh, 1891-
1S99; also former dir. Wheeling, Pittsburgh & Baltimore
R. R., and others. Partner in firm Atwood, Violett &
Co., bankers and mems. N. Y. Stock and N. Y. Cotton
Exchange, New Orleans Cotton Exchange, N. Y. Coffee
Exchange, and asso. mem. Liverpool Cotton Ass'n,
1909-1911. Also treas. Am. Road Machinery Co., and
dir. Takstad-Burger Co. Independent Republican;
Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. of Cincinnati (treas.), mem.
Standing Com. of Soc. of Cincinnati in Va., in which is
representative of Gen. Washington), Soc of Colonial
Wars; mem. Exec. Com. Huguenot Soc; 32 Mason.
Recreations: Shooting, hunting, traveling. Residence:
120 W. 57th St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. San Francisco. Calif.; s. August W. and
Regina W. Wassermann; grad. Heidelberg. 1880; m.
Emma Seligman; children: Jesse A b. 1890, Renee H.,
b. 1892. Edward, Jr., b. 1895. Address: 33 W. 56th St.,
N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Stamford, Conn., 1850; grad., B.S., Coll
City of N. Y., 1SV0; m. N. Y. City, 1881, Miss Moller.
Trustee Alliance Assurance Co. of London in U. S.;
dir. Am. Telephone and Telegraph Co., Audit Co. of N.
Y.; v.-p. Chamber of Commerce, of State of N. Y., dir.
Chase Nat. Bank, City of N. Y. ; Chicago, Indianapolis
& Louisville R'y Co.. Internat. Mercantile Marine Co.,
Louisville & Nashville R. R. Co., Pacific Coast Co., U.
S. Guarantee Co.. Western Electric Co., Western Union
Telegraph Co., delegate of Chamber of Commerce of
N. Y. to London Chamber of Commerce, 1901; U. S.
delegate Internat. Preliminary Conf. on Wireless
Telegraphy, Berlin, 1903; also to Internat. Conf. on
Wireless Telegraphy, Berlin, 1906; and to Internat.
Conf. on Wireless Telegraphy, London, 1912. Mem
Com. of Trust Co. Presidents, 1907. Clubs: Metropoli-
tan. University, N. Y. Yacht (N. Y.), Somerset (Bos-
ton), Metropolitan (Washington), Devonshire (Lon-
don). Residence: Fairfield House, Morristown N J
Address: 14 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Consulting eng'r; b. Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 30, 1865; s.

Nehemiah and Sarah Frances (Marshall) Waterman;

grad. Cornell Univ., M.E., 1889; Brooklyn Poly. Inst,



M.S., 1907; ra. New Britain, Conn., 1892, Anna Louise
Smith; children: Ruth, b. Dee. 23, 1892; Frances, b.
July 24, 1898; Marshall Nehemiah, b. Feb. 21, 1902.
Constructing eng'r Westinghouse Electric Mf'g Co., 4
years; eng'rN. Y. office and eng'r of legal dep't until
Oct. 1900; consulting engr. since 1900. Fellow Am. Inst.
Elec. Eng'rs; mem. Inst, of Radio Eng'rs; Am. Electro
Chem. Soc, Soc. Automobile Eng'rs. Clubs: Engineers,
Railroad. Residence: 25 Norwood Av., Summit, N. J.
Address: 100 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Manufacturer of fountain pens; b. Newton, Mass.,
March 12, 1867; s. Lewis Edson and Sarah Ann (Rob-
erts) Waterman; ed. N. Y. City schools; m. Jan. 18,
1893, Cara Parker. Father invented Waterman's Ideal
Fountain Pen. Was first outside salesman and trav-
eler for firm, and has traveled all over U. S. and Eu-
rope. Served six years in Co. D, 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y. ;
v.-p. and dir. L. E. Waterman Co., mf'rs of fountain
pens. Mem. Stationers' and Booksellers' Ass'n, of
Pittsburgh, Pa., 7th Reg't Veteran Ass'n, Kismuth
Temple A. A. O. N. M. S., Aurora Grata Consistory A.
A S. R., Clinton Commandery No. 14 K. T., Orient
Chapter No. 138 R. A. N., Orion Lodge, 717, F. and A.
M Clubs: Lawyers, Masonic. Summer house: Sandal-
side, Keene, N. H. Address: 173 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 4, 1867; s. Will-
iam Webster and Elizabeth Loring (Critchlow) Wa-
ters; ed. Sewickley Acad., Sewickley, Pa., Princeton
Univ.. B.A., 1889, Biol. Fellow, 1889-1890; Coll. Phys.
and Surg. (Columbia), M.D., 1893, M.A., Princeton, 1893;
m. St. Ignatius Ch., N. Y. City, Sept. 4, 1906, Jessica
Howard Buck, d. late Jerome and Kate (McGrath)
Buck. Interne Presby'n Hosp., 1893-1895, Sloan Mater-
nity Hosp., Aug.-Oct., 1895; traveled and studied in
Europe Dec, 1895 to June, 1896; in active practice of
medicine and clinical work at Vanderbilt Clinic and
Presby'n Hosp. Clinic, 1896-1901; clinical ass't and
instr. Dep't of Phthisio-therapy at Post Graduate
Hosp., 1908. Appt'd bacteriologist Dep't of Health in
1901; in 1906 made ass't chief of Div. of Communica-
ble Diseases and chief of clinics; clinics for tuberculo-
sis of the Dep't for Boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx and
Brooklyn; chief of Tuberculosis Div. Bureau of Infec-
tious Diseases, and dir. Tuberculosis Clinics for City
of N. Y., 1913; mem. Internat. Anti-Tuberculosis Ass'n.
Lecturer N. Y. State Dep't of Health, 1908. Mem. N. Y.
State Med. Soc, N. Y. County Med. Soc, Am. Med.
Ass'n, Nat. Ass'n for the Prevention of Tuberculosis.
Hervey Soc Clubs: Princeton, University. Residence:
202 W. 103d St., Address: 40 E. 41st St., N. Y. City.


Piano mf'r; b. Augusta, Me., Feb. 8, 1845; s. Horace
and Annie E. (Leeds) Waters; grad Brown Univ.,
Providence, R. I.; m. Feb. 21, 1871, Fanny L. Vaughan;
children; Leeds V., Reade L., John Louis. Veteran 23d
Reg't, Brooklyn. Pres. and Treas. Horace Waters &
Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Chi Psi frater-
nity. Clubs: Lincoln (Brooklyn), Brown University,
Chi Psi. Address: 134 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Alexandria, Va. ; s. Thomaa A. and Cor-
delia (Hunter) Waters; grad. Univ. of Va LL.B.; one
d.: Emily Southall. V.-p. and dir. Alaska Securities
Corp'n; dir. Slusort, Waters & Co., Inc., Mortgage Se-
curities Corp'n. Democrat. Clubs: Lambs, Racquet
and Tennis. Address: 15 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Philologist, educator; b. Winthrop, Me., Dec. 20,
1856; s. Jazeb Mathews and Martha Ellen (Webb)
Waters; grad. Yale, B.A., 1878, Ph.D., 1886, in 1885 and
1886 was student in the Univ. of Berlin, Germany,
studying under Kirchoff, Vahler, Oldenburg, Albert
Weber, Johannes Schmidt, in classical philology; m.
Cincinnati, O., June 30, 1888, Alma Filia Oyler; one d.:
Everett Oyler. Tutor In classics, Yale Univ., 1883-
1887; prof. Greek and comparative philology, Univers-
ity of Cincinnati, 1890-1891; pres. and prof. Greek and
comparative philology, Wells Coll., 1894-1900; now
prof. Greek languages and literature, N. Y. Univ
Author: Town Life in Ancient Italy; Cena Trimal-
chionas of Petronius; also (with William R. Harper)
Inductive Greek Method. Democrat; Presby'n, elder
West End Presby'n Ch., N. Y. City. Mem. Am. Philol.
Ass'n, N. Y. Chapter Phi Beta Kappa. Address: 430
W. 118th St., N. Y. City.


Coal operator; b. Pittston, Pa., May 17, 1860; s. Israel
and Ana (Hamer) Watkins; ed. public schools and
Wyoming Sem., Kingston, Pa.; m. Pittston, Pa., May
22, 1884, Elizabeth C. Law; children: Charles Law,


Artist; b. San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 17, 1857; s.
Charles and Ruth (Willson) Watrous; studied at
Atelier Bonnat and AcadSmie Julien, Paris; m. N. Y.
April 27, 1887, Elizabeth Snowden Nicols. Traveled
and painted in Europe and Africa. Asso., 1894, acad-
emician, 1895, Nat. Acad. Design; sec Nat. Acad, of
Design since 1898. Received Thomas B. Clark prize,
N. Y. ; bronze medal, Buffalo; special commemorative
gold medal, St. Louis. Clubs: Metropolitan, Century,
Union League, Lotos. Address: 145 W. 58th St., N. Y.


Lawyer, b. Holly Springs, Miss.; s James H. and
Annan Walker (Robinson) Watson; grad. B.L., Univ.
of Va. 1894; m. Paris, France, Aug. 3, 1904, Margaret
Percival O'Neil; children: Nancy, b. July 20, 1906;
Archibald R., Jr., b. Jan. 6, 1908. Established Bench
and Bar Magazine, 1905; practised law in Memphis,
Tenn., later in N. Y. City, as mem. firm Nicoll, Ana-
ble, Lindsay & Fuller. One of the com. of nine to
whom Mayor Gaynor first announced his willingness
to accept nomination; Corp'n Counsel City of N. Y.
during Gaynor administration. Independent Democrat;
Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y.
State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, Southern Soc. Rec-
reations: Golf, motoring. Clubs: Garden City Golf,
Huntirgton Country. Residence: 59 W. 44th St. Ad-
dress: Hall of Records, N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 22, 1850; s. William
and Caroline (Ely) Watson; ed. Trinity Sch.; m. N. Y.
City, April 26, 1877, Anna Josephine Sutton. Mem. firm
of Passavant & Co., importers. Dir. Colonial Bank,
Trustee Citizens' Savings Bank. Independent in poli-
tics. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Museum Natural His-
tory. Clubs: Water Witch, Church, Union League,
Manhattan. Residence: 26 W. 71st St. Address: 83
Greene St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; r'y official; b. Bucks County, Pa., ed. pri-
vate schs. Pres. Peoples' Nat. Bank of Langhorne,
Washington, Potomac & Chesapeake Co.; dir. Phila-
delphia Co. for Guaranteeing Mortgages; Bucks Co.
Trust Co.. Langhorne Electric Light & Power Co. Re-
publican; Episcopalian. Clubs: Philadelphia, Union
League. Residence: Langhorne, Pa. . Address: 906
Franklin Bank Bld'g, Philadelphia, Pa.


Treas., dir. and mem. Exec. Com. Internat. Agi'l
Corp'n; b. Jamestown, R. I., Nov. 12, 1874; s. John Jay
and Gertrude T. (Stanhope) Watson; ed. public schs.,
Rogers High Sch., Newport, R. I.; m. Providence, R. I.,
Nov. 14, 1900, Eliza J. Ralph. V.-p. and dir. Prairie
Pebble Phosphate Co.; v.-p. Dominion Fertilizer Co. of
St. Stephen, N. B.; v.-p. and dir. Agr'l Investment
Corp'n, Florida Mining Co., and dir. in several other

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