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engaged in practice of law in N. Y. City until elected,
Nov., luoo, justice of the Supreme Court of N. i. for
term expiring Dec, 31, 1920. Democrat; Catholic. Ad-
dress: 2395 Valentine Av., N. Y. City.


Financier; b. Albany, N. Y., Oct., 1878; s. Anthony
N. and Marcia (Meyer ) Brady; attended Albany Acad.,
Albany, N. Y.; Yale Univ., New Haven, class 1899; m.
Aug., 1900, Genevieve Garvan. Pres. N. Y. Edison Co.,
United Electric 'Eight At Power Co.; pres. Edison Elec-
tric Illuminating Co. of Brooklyn; treas. and dir. Con-
solidated Telegraph & Electric Subway Co.; chm'n
B"d of Directors Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co., dir. Con-
solidated Gas, Electric .Light <& Power Co. of Balti-
more; Consolidated Gas Co. of N. Y., U. S. Cast Iron
Pipe & Foundry Co., Yonkers Electric Lignt & Power
Co. Mem. Am. Inst, of Elec. Eng'rs, Nat. Electric
Eight Ass'n, N. Y. Elec. Soc, Al'bany Soc, Am. Acad.
of Polit. & Social Science, Met. -uuseum of Art, Japan
Soc, N. Y. Zool. Soc. Clubs: Automobile of America,
Aero, Ardsley, Atlantic Yacht, N. Y. Athletic, -V i.
Yacht, Yale, Rumson Country, Oakland Golf, Engi-
neers. Residence: 989 Fifth Av. Address: 54 Wall
St., N. Y. City.


Representative Westinghouse Elec. & Mf'r Co.; b.
Cooperstown, N. Y., 1850; ed. in public schs.; m. Ooop-
erstown, N. Y., April 24, 1878, Sarah Begley; cnildren:
Vincent, Eugene, Arthur, Florence, Maud, Loretta,
Bernard, Mildred, Agnes, Paul. Mg'r Southern Dist.,
Bell Telephone Co., N. Y. State, 1882-1890; mg'r Thom-
son-Houston Co., 1890-1892; mg'r and treas. Central
Thomson-Houston Co., Cincinnati, also dist. mg'r Gen.
Elec. Co., 1892-1894 (Ohio, lnd., Ky. and N. Y. State
Dist. offices) ; dist. mg'r Westinghouse Elec. & Mf'g
Co., Syracuse, N. Y'., 1S94-1906. V.-p. Archbold-Brady
Co., Corning Eight & Power Corp'n; dir. Montana
Rapid Transit Co. Roman Catholic. Mem. Am. Inst.
Elec. Eng'rs. Clubs: Engineers, Transportation, Cath-
olic (N. Y. City), Republican, City Eunch, Technology
(Syracuse). Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Theatrical mg'r; b. San Francisco, June 19, 1863; s.
Terence A. and Catherine Brady; ed. public schs. N.
Y. City; m. 1st, Marie Rene (deceased); 2d, 1899,
Grace George (actress). Began stage career in San
Francisco, 1882; has produced many popular plays
since 1888; lessee Manhattan Theatre, N. Y., since

1890; also mg'r for Grace George, Wilton Lackaye,
Robert -Mantell, etc Address: 137 W. 48th St.. N.
Y. City.


Architect, author; b. Oberlin, O., Aug. 1, 1800; s.
George C anu .h-atherine n.. (snipheru; Braguon; at-
tendee, Oswego and Rocnester sen.; m. 1st, Syracuse,
.N. l., 1902, Charlotte Coffin Wilkinson (deceased),
2nd, 1913, Mrs. John Macauiay; children: Henry, b.
aept. 6, I90O; Chandler, b. Dec. 15, 19U7. served archi-
tectural apprenticesnip in offices of Bruce Price, of
N. Y., and Green & Wicks, Buffalo, N. Y.; practising
architecture, Rochester, -\. Y., since io93. compieteu
-s. Y. Central Passenger Sta., Rochester. Winner of
silver medal Architectural League ot -V Y.; bronze
medal Chicago Architectural League, and presioents'
medal of Architectural League ot -\. Y., three times.
Author: The Golden Person in the Heart (verse), The
Beautuul -Necessity (.work on architectural aestne-
tios), 1911; Episodes from an Unwritten History (a
history of the theosophical movement), 1912; A
Primer of Higher space, 1913. Has contributed essays
to leading magazines on literary, pnilos. and archi-
tectural subjects. Prominent in theosophical move-
ment as writer and lecturer. Senior mem. Bragdon <i:
Arnold, architects. Mem. Theosophical Soc, fellow
Am. Inst, of Architects; mem. Architectural League of
N. Y., one of mg'rs Rochester Memorial Art Gallery.
Clubs: Genesee Valley, Alembic. Residence: 3 Castle
Park, Mt. Hope Av. Address: 415 Cutler Bld'g, Rocnes-
ter, N. Y'.


Lawyer; b. Auburn, N. !., Dec. 21, 1863; s. John and
Mary A. (Juuson) Brainard; attended Auourn High
Sch., Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., A.B., 1884; A.M.,
1886; m. Auburn, N. Y., June 25, 1590, Jennie L. Bar-
rett. Admitted to bar, Oct., 1886; served as referee
in bankruptcy to May, 1910; pres. Auburn Trust Co.,
1906-1913. Mem. firm Taber ii Brainard, lawyers;
dir. Ohio Tool Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem.
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Am.
Bar Ass'n, Cayuga Co. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n, Am. Soc. internat. Law, Nat. Geog. soc, Am.
Economic Assn. Mem. Seymour Library Ass n,
Auburn, N. Y. Recreations: Tennis, boating, fishing,
travel. Clubs; City (Auburn), Alpha Delta Phi (N. Y.
City), University (Hartford, Conn.). Residence: 144
South St. Address: 122 Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y.


Civil eng'r (architectural) ; b. Haddam, Conn., -Mar.
10, 1805; s. Hubert and Cynthia V. Brainard. Engaged
in design of constructional features of buildings de-
signed by Carrere & Hastings, architects, including
N. Y. Puiblic Library, Yale Memorial Bld'g, Cornell
Univ. Bld'g, Blair & Co. Bld'g, U. S. Rubber Co. Bld'g,
Bank of Toronto. Partner in firm of Carrere & Hast-
ings, 1901-1907. Consulting eng'r, U. S. Capitol Bld'K
extension, Cong. Bld'g, Washington, D. C; The New
Theatre, Cuyahoga County Court House, Cleveland, O. ;
U. S. Steel Corp'n Industrial Villages, Lincoln Memorial,
Washington. Republican. Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil
Eng'rs, Am. Inst, of Architects (also N. Y. Chapter),
Architectural League of N. Y. Recreations: Fishing,
golf, riding. Clubs: Engineers, Apawamis Country.
Address: 58 W. 58th St., N. Y. City.


Born Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 16, 1S67; s. Rear Admiral
Daniel Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth (Fulton) Braine;
ed. Polytechnic Inst., Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. St. Stephen's
Ch., N. Y. City, Nov. 22, 1893, Ella Bird Warburton;
one son: Clinton Elgin, Jr., b. 1894. Engaged in bank-
ing business since 1S85. Jr. lieut. Naval Militia, N. Y.
Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, Mil. Order
Foreign Wars and Navy League. Trustee Seaman's
Inst. Address: 201 W. 72d St.. N. Y. City.


Managing editor, The Albany Evening Journal; b.
Macon, Ga., Dec. 25, 1855; s. Simeon and Emiline
(Brainard) Brainerd; went to work in The Journal
office at the age of 10 years; m. Albany, N. Y., April
26, 1881, Carrie L. Brumaghim; one son: Madison, b.
1887. Dir. The Journal Co., mn'g editor Albany
Evening Journal. Republican; Presby'n. Clubs: Al-
bany, Press. Address: 314 Western Av., Albany, N. Y.


Physician; b. Burlington, N. J., July 1, 1865; s. John
and Elizabeth (Weber) Braislin; ed. Peddie Inst., N.
J.; Princeton Coll., 1885-1889; Coll. Phys. and Surg.,
M.D., 1890; m. St. Luke's Episcopal Ch., Brooklyn, Oct.
19, 1892, Alice Cameron; children: William Donald,
b. Aug. 16, 1893; John Cameron, b. March 5, 1896;
Gordon Stuart, b. Jan. 13, 1901; Alice Cameron, D.
Feb. 18, 1906. Following graduation and a brief hosp.



experience engaged six years in practise o gen. medi-
cine; since then in sp'l practise, exclusive!} devoted
to treatment of diseases of ear, nose and throat.
Editor of Brooklyn Med. Journal, 1903-1906; author
numerous med. papers especially treating of ear, nose
and throat. Aural surgeon, Brooklyn Eye and Ear
Hosp. ; consulting aural surgeon Bedford' Hosp., and
Dispensary. Mem. Am. Otol. Soc, Am. Laryngol.,
Rhinol. and Otol. Soc. Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y State
Med. Soc, Kings County Med. Soc, and numerous local
med. socs. Mem. Linn;ean Soc. Address: 556 Wash-
ington Av., Brooklyn, N. V.


Lawyer, notary public, comm'r of deeds; b. Brighton
(now part of Boston), Mass., Feb. 15, 1845; s. Or Isaac
Gordon and Caroline Williams (Balch) Braman- en-
tered Harvard Coll.. 1863, but left in freshman, year
to join 12th Unattached Co., Mass. Vols.; discharged
by order of Maj.-Gen. Dix, Aug. -1, 1864, having been
comm'nd July 21, 1864, Capt. Co. L), 47th Mass. Vols.;
was mil. storekeeper, U. S. A., at St. (Louis, and served
in Federal Army at New Orleans, La with Gen. B. F.
Butler; grad. Harvard Law Seh., LL.B., 186S; m.
Brighton, Mass., Sept. 10, 1867, Ella Frances Collins;
children: Susan Caroline, id. 1870; Joseph Chandler, b.
1872; Ella Angela, b. 1874; Joseph Herbert, b. 1S75.
Established in practise of law, X. Y. City, 1SS3; notarv
public and comm'r for deeds of all States and Terri-
tories, Canada, Dist. of Columbia, U. S. Court of
Claims, India, Australia, etc.; also passport and con-
sular legalization ag't. Mem. bar Supreme Court of
U. S., and Supreme Courts of N. Y. and Mass. Supreme
and State Courts of Calif. Assisted in 'business by
wife, Ella Frances Braman, who holds comm'ns from
Pres. Roosevelt and Govs, of principal States ana
Territories, including Alaska and Porto Rico, and is
notary public and comm'r of deeds for the States,
Territories, District of Columbia and U. S. Court of
Claims; also comm'r of deeds for the City of N. T. As
notary public and comm'r of deeds her authority en-
ables her to go and to act in any part of Sta'te of
N. T. ; she is also a passport, consular and natural-
ization agent. Mecca Temple Shrine has conferred
upon her its ladies' degree, and is mem. Alpha Chapter
No. 1, Order Eastern Star. Dir. T. Sheffield Co. Re-
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. Lafayette Post, No. 140
G. A. R N. Y. Lodge No. 1 of Elks. Shriners, East-
ern Star. mem. Veteran War Ass'ns of 3d Mass.
Vol. Cav. ; also 6th N. Y. Vol. Cav. ; mem. Grotto.
Mystic Order Veiled Prophets; N. Y. Ass'n of Harvard
Law Seh. Graduates; past Judge N. Y. City Consistory,
32 A. A. S. R., Masonry; and is also past judge ad-
vocate York Commandry, K. T. : Masonic Veterans'
Ass'n, past organist of Alpha Chapter. No. 1, Order
Eastern Star; mem. N. E. Soc. in N. Y. Recreation:
Music (organist Lafavette Post. G. A. R.). Address:
111 Broadway, and 540 W. 145th St., N. Y. City.


Coal operator; sec. Am. Bankers' Assn. 1895-1908; b.
Petersburg, Va., Dec. 14, 1863; s. Col. James R. and
Martha Louise (Patteson) Branch; ed. in schs. of Gen.
Robert Ransom, and John P. McGuire Pampatike
Acad., Richmond Coll.; m. Mary Lillian Hubball; chil-
dren: James R. Branch, Jr. (midshipman, TJ. S. N.,
killed at Annapolis in his 19th year), and Mary Cook
Branch, b. 1888. Began business career with Mer-
chants' Nat. Bank, 1881-1885; stock raising, 1885-1890;
returned to Merchants' Nat. Bank; appt'd by Pres.
Grover Cleveland, Nat bank examiner, 1895. Mem.
City Council, Richmond, Va., 1895; served as private
to lieut.-col., 1st Reg't Va. Cav., maj. 7th U. S. Vol.
Inf. (7th Immunes). Spanish-Am. War. Pres. and dlr.
Branchland Coal Co., Guyandotte Coal Co., Guvan
River Coal Co. Mem. S. A. R., United Spanish War
Veterans, Sigma Chi, Elks, Odd Fellows, Red Men,
Southern Soc, Virginians. Recreations: Athletics,
fishing, hunting. Clubs: N. Y. Athletic, Army and
Navy (Washington. D. C), Commonwealth (Richmond,
Va.). Address: Hanover Bank Bld'g, N. Y. City, and
Branchfield, W. Va.


Wholesale leaf tobacco; b. Elmira, N. Y.. Feb. 26,
1855; s. John and Margaretha (Kirch) Brand; ed.
public schs.; m. Elmira, N. Y., June 17. 1879, Clara
Elizabeth Woodruff; children: John Herbert, b. 1880;
Charles George, b. 1882; Florence Rena, b. 1894. Senior
mem. John Brand & Co., tobacco. Elmira. N. Y. ; v.-p.
F. M. Howell & Co.; Barker, Rose & Clinton Co.: dir.
Am. Sales Book Co.. Elmira Ice Co., 'Miami Telephone
Co. Trustee Chamber of Commerce, Elmira Coll.,
Park Comm'r. Clubs: City, Century, Country. Ail-
dress: 50 Pennsylvania Av., Elmira, N. Y.

Prof. German: b. Vilsen, Germany, Dec. 15, 1S50: s.
Frederick and Kiehne Brandt; ed. Gymnasium Verden,

Hamilton Coll., A.B., 1872; A.M.. 1875; Ph.D.. 1893:
studied in univs. of Gottingen, Strassburg and Frei-
burg; m. Clinton, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1870, Margaret Sophia,
d. late Prof. Marcus Catlin; one son, b. 1883. Traveled
in England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. In-
structor in Hamilton Coll., 1874-1876; prof. German
since 1SS2; asso. prof. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1876-1882.
Editor of a German Reader, of a German Grammar
and a German-English Dictionary (in press). Pro-
gressive; Presby'n. Mem. Folk Lore Soc, Am. Philol.
Ass n, Modern Language Ass'n of America, Alpha
Delta Phi, and Phi Beta Kappa Socs. Recreation.
Golf. Club: Yahnundasis Country (Utica). Address:
Hamilton Coll., Clinton. N. Y'.


Banker; b. near Maytown, Pa., May 21, 1847- s.
Christian and Elizabeth (Long) Brandt; ed. Millers-
ville (Pa.), State Normal Seh., Crittenden's Commer-
cial Coll. Philadelphia (diploma); m. Hummelstown,
F a ;VS c ' 26 - 1S76 > Agnes May Nissley; children: Edith,
, 1 o 8 7 ^ ; Gra ce, b. 1880; John Jay, b. 1882; J. Nissley,
b. 1SS6; Herman Long, b. 1888; Ruth, b. 1890. Taught
public schs. 14 years; cashier Exchange Bank, Mariet-
ta. Pa., since Jan., 1880; also conducted fire ins. busi-
ness during last 26 years. Treas. Marietta (Pa.) Cast-
ing Co. Republican ; ruling elder in Presby'n Ch. Ad-
dress: 5 Second St., Marietta, Pa.

,S. ler = y i Tlan ' autil or; b. Parkstown, Ireland, Aug. 15
tn tf S iffi a n d ^ aT S" e } (McGrath) Brann; came

^i.^'U 1&49 - : ed ' SL Gary's Coll., Wilmington, Del.,
and St. Francis Xavier's, N. Y. City; studied for Cath-
olic priesthood at St. Sulpice, Paris, and Am. Coll. at
?, ome: or dained to priesthood, 1862; v.-p. of Seton
Hall, 1S62-1864; dir. of Wheeling (W. Va.) Sem., 1868-
18,0; rect or , st] Agnes > Ch _ E 43a St __ N y Cj

since 1S90. Author: Essay on the Popes: The Age of
Unreason; Immortality of the Soul- Life of Archbishop
Hughes; Truth and Error; Curious Questions; Waifs
and Strays (two vols.); History of the American Col-
lege at Rome. Address: 141 E. 43d St., N. Y. City.

Port warden; b. Melykut. Hungary, Feb. 11, 1865;
s. Emanuel and Caroline (Rothschild) Braun; ed. in
public sch Budapest, Hungary; m. N. Y. City, March
24. 189o, Fernande Englander; one d., Carola Roose-
velt Braun, b. Sept. 26, 1S9S. Traveled all over
Europe before emigrating to U. S. in 1892; started
life here as porter in dry goods house. After six
months became reporter on German Herold, subse-
quently associated in similar capacity on leading
dailies of N. Y. City. World's Fair correspondent for
Morning Journal. 1893; sp'l correspondent for same
paper at opening of Baltic Canal at Kiel, Germany,
lS9o, and correspondent N. Y. World at Millennial
Celebration at Budapest, 1896. Published in N Y"
City The Hungarian Am. and later Oesterreichisch-
Ungarische Zeitung. Appt'd March, 1903, U. S. Sp'l
Immigration Insp. ; now port warden; in 1905 had
serious altercation with Hungarian Gov't, which led
to serious diplomatic friction between U. S. and
Austro-Hungarian Gov't. Later Hungarian Gov't,
apologized and incident was amicably closed. Editor
and publisher Monthly Review "Fair Play." Prior to
immigrating to U. S. served two years in First Hun-
garian Inf. Reg't at Budapest, as private. Republican
Mason, Odd Fellow; mem. First Hungarian Sick and
Benevolent Society, etc. Clubs: Republican, Hun-
garian, Hungarian Republican, N. Y. Press. Address'
501 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Editor, publisher; b. Salineville, O., May 7, 1866;
s. James Madison and Wilhelmina (Chapin) Bray; ed!
Chamberlain Inst., Allegheny Coll., Wesleyan Univ
Ph.B., 1S90; m. Washington, Pa., June 18, 1901, Ger-
trude McMillan. Journeyman printer; proof-reader,
Hartford (Conn.) Courant; city editor Middletown
(Conn.) Herald; mn'g editor, Erie (Pa.) Morning Dis-
patch; editorial staff. Literary Digest, N. Y. City-
editor Phi Kappa Psi Shield; editor The Chautauquah;
mn'g editor Chautauqua Press publication dept. of
Chautauqua Inst., Chautauqua, N. Y. (Chautauqua
Home Reading Course, books, sp'l course pamphlets.
The Chautauquan, a weekly news magazine, Chau-
tauquan Daily in Summer season and quarterly).
Author: A Reading Journey Through Chautauqua.
Mem. Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Clubs: Nat. Arts (N.
Y. City). Literary (Chicago). Address: Chautauqua,
N. Y.


Educator; b. Burnside, 111.; s. William and Martha
Ann (Foster) Bray: attended Cornell Univ. 18S9-1S91;
Indiana Univ., A.B., 1893: Lake Forest Univ., AM.,
1894; Univ. of Berlin, 1896-1897; Ph.D., Univ. of Chi-



cago, 1SS8; m. Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1809, Alice
Weston; children: William Weston, b. Sept. 23. 1900,
Alice Koberta, b. Jan. 17, 19U2; Florence, b. Dec. 18,
1903. Author of numerous articles and scientific
papers on plant ecology, plant geography, etc. Act-
ing dean of N. Y. State College of Forestry at Syra-
cuse Univ., 1911-1912; organizer and head of Sch. of
Botany, Univ. of Texas, 181)7-1907; prof, botany, Syra-
cuse Univ., since 1907. National Progressive (Repub-
lican); Methodist Mem. A.A.A.S., Soc. Internat.
de Bot.; Bot. Soc. of Am.; N. Y. Acad. Science; Sigma
Xi fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Club: University
(Syracuse). Residence: 1005 Harrison St. Address:
Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, N. Y.


Architect; b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 13, 1880; 8.
Christopher and Julia Wilson (Stackhouse) Brazer;
ed. Uiexel Inst., Philadelphia; Columbia Univ., N. Y.
City; 4 years in Philadelphia offices; 4 years in office
of Cass Gilbert, and Soc. of Beaux Arts Architects
Ateliers, N. Y. City and Europe; m. Phila., April 25,
1905, Mary Ella Mendenhall. Traveled and studied
extensively in Europe; has been engaged in practice
as an architect, N. Y. City, since 1902. Architect of
several churches, schools, etc., and bld'gs on board-
walk at Asbury Park, N. J., as well as many resi-
dences. In an open competition held in 1908 for new
capitol of Porto Rico at San Juan, his design was
recommended for second .prize by jury of architects,
from among 133 competitors; his plans were later pur-
chased to be followed in erection of the building.
With E. Donald Robb formed firm of Brazer &
Robb, 1911, who designed Improvements to Delaware
Co. Court House, Media, Pa.; and several churches,
schools, etc., in middle Atlantic States. Mason. Mem.
Architectural League. Clubs: T Square (Phila.), Grad-
uates, Rotary.. Address: 1133 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Louisville, Ky., Sept. 7, 1870; s. Joseph
Cabell and Sallie Francis (Johnson) Breckinridge; ed.
Harvard Coll.; Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1895; m.
Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 14, 1900, Isabella Goodrich;
children: Joseph Cabell, b. 1902; Mary Marvin, b. 1905.
Admitted to bar 1895, and has since practised in N. Y.
City. Served as captain and ass't quartermaster, U.S.
Vols., Spanish-American War. Mem. Delta Kappa
Epsilon Soc, The Kentuckians, Southern Soc. Clubs:
Union, Brook, Harvard, Knollwood Country The Vir-
ginians, Automobile of America, Sleepy Hollow Coun-
try. Residence: 24 E. 94th St. Address: 32 Nassau
St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. Louisville, Ky., June 14, 1876; s. George
H. and Lizzie (Johnson) Breed; grad. Harvard Coll.,
class of 1899; Mass. Inst, of Technology, 1895-1896:
Atelier Paulin (Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris), 1903.
Architect for 2nd Cong'l Ch. (Unitarian), Lynn. Mass.,
store for John R. Roberts, Utica, N. Y. Traveled ex-
tensively throughout European countries, 1903, 1904
1906, 1912. Served 3 years in 1st Corps of Cadets,
Boston, 1902-1904. Unitarian. Mem. Theta Delta Chi
fraternity, N. Y. Southern Soc. Recreations'. Fencing
(capt. Am. Fencing Team that represented U. S. in
Stockholm, succeeding in Olympic games, 1913), golf,
tennis. Clubs: Harvard (N. Y.), Technology (N. Y.),
N. Y. Fencers (sec.), Ardsley (Ardsley-on-Hudson.
N. Y.). Address: The Oakdale, 36 W. 35th St.. N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Malone, N. Y.. June 24, 1871; s. Charles
Webster and Eweretta (McVickar) Breed; grad. Am-
herst Coll. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1S93; Univ. State of
N. Y.', LL.B., 1895. Admitted to Bar of N. Y. State.
1.S95. Mem. Arm Breed, Abbott & Morgan. Dir. Irving
Nat. Bank. Broadway Trust Co., mem. Ass'n Bar City
of N. Y., Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs: Union League,
Merchants' Ass'n of N. Y., Sleepy Hollow Country.
Republican. Down Town, Chur ch, Knollwood Country.

1-1: Mutual Life Bld'g, 32 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Born N. Y. City, Dec. 21. 1854: s. J. Salisbury and
Augusta Eloise Breese; grad. Rensselaer Pol'v. Inst.,
Troy, N. Y., 1875; m. Newport, R. I., Sept. 8, 1S80, Fran-
ces Tlleston Potter; children: Sidney S.. James L
Jr., Robert P., Frances T. Clubs: Union, Tuxedo,
Racquet and Tennis. Lambs, Players, The Brook.
Southampton, Meadow, Newport Casino, Currituck,
Restigouchi Country homes. The Orchard. Southamp-
ton L. T .. and Thp Blind, Oakington, Md. Address:
3S E. 23d St., X. V. City.


Physician; b. Hersfeld, Hesse-Nassau. Jan. 19. 1840;
= . Abraham and Henrietta (Werthan) Brekes; ed. in
svmnasium at Hersfeld; X, Y. Free Acad., 1857-1862;

Puiblic Sch. of Rothenburg, Ophthalmic and Aural
Inst., N. Y. Med. Coll. and Charity Hosp., 1862-1864;
M.D., 1864; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 14, 1865, Dora Danen-
berg; children: Hattie, b. 1867; Jonas, 'b. 1873; Kica,
b. 1875. Served in Carver Hosp. and Harewood Hosp.,
Washington, D. C, and Slough Hosp., Alexandria, Va. ;
took charge of steamer Northern Light, that brought
the exchanged prisoners from Andersonville Prison to
Naval Acad, at Annapolis; had on board six men who
constituted the court-martial within stockade. Acting
ass't surgeon U. S. A., during Civil War; has served.
as dist. physician, Dep't Public Charities and Correc-
tions; examining physician of insane at Bellevue
Hosp.; physician Health Dep't, N. Y. City; physician
City Prison, comm'r in lunacy; physician Eastern Dis-
pensary, N. Y. Ophthalmic and Aural Inst, Ladies'
Deborah Nursery. Mem German Med. Soc. of N. Y.,
East "Side Physicians' Ass'n (Medico-Pharm. League),
House and Real Estate Owners' Ass'n, Aaron Lodge,
No. 20, Independent Order Free Sons of Israel; Henry
Clay Lodge, No. 18, Sons of Benjamin; Manhattan-
Columbus Lodge, No. 800, Knights of Honor; ex-pres.
Ass'n of Acting Ass't Surgeons, U. S. A.; N. Y. County
Med. Ass'n. Congregation B'nai Israel. Public Sch.
No. 1, 1854-1857. Address: 319 E. 51st St., N. Y. City.


Analytical and consulting chemist and expert; b.
Lancaster, Pa Apr. 28, 1847; s. Abraham (M.D.) and
Anna (Reigart) Breneman; early ed'n in private schs.
and Lancaster High Sch.; grad. Pa. State Coll., S. B.
(2d honor), 1866; M.Sc, 1871. Prof, chemistry Pa.
State Coll. at 21; ass't prof. 1875-1879; prof, industrial
chemistry, 1879-1882, Cornell Univ.; traveled in Europe,
1877, for scientific study and observation; since 1882
engaged in practise as chemist in N. Y. City; expert
in industrial chemistry, Tvater analysis, explosives,
etc. Served in Pa. Militia at age of 16, during Lee's
invasion of Pa.. 1863. Ch'm'n Internat. Jury on Min-
eral Waters, Chicago Exp'n, 1893, and St. Louis Exp'n,
1904; expert mem Municipal Explosives Comm'n, NT Y.
City, 1906-1910. Joint author: Manual of Introduc-
tory Laboratory Practice (with Prof. C. G. Caldwell),
1875; author of pamphlet. Fixation of Atmospheric
Nitrogen, 1889, and of papers on sewer and electric
conduit explosions in N. Y. City (Eng'ring News).
Contb'r to Journal Am. Chem. Soc, editor journal,
1884-1892; v.-p., 1889-1S91: chairman N. Y. Section
(1906). Recreations: Athletics, canoeing. Clubs:
Chemists (trustee, 1S98-1899, 1904-1905), N. Y. Canoe.
Address: 97 Water St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Baltimore, Md., Feb. 25, 1866; s. James
S. and M. Annie (Gaw) Brengle; grad. Harvard Univ.,
A.B., 1887. Treas. Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and
Ins. Co. Clubs: Philadelphia, Rittenhouse. Resi-
dence: Radnor, Pa. Address: 415 Chestnut St., Phila-
delphia, Pa.


Medalist, sculptor; b. Shavly, Russia, June 12, 1871;
s. George and Sarah (Margalis) Brenner; came to
U. S., 1890; studied at Paris under Louis Oscar Roty;
exhibited works at Paris Exp'n and Salon, 1900; Pan-
Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901, and La. Purchase Exp'n, 1901,
receiving awards from each; designed the William
Muhlenberg medal on opening of St. Luke's Hosp.,
25th Nat. Conf. of Charities medal; souvenir plaquette
of Am. Section of Paris Exp'n, 1900; George W. Curtis
medal; Columbia Univ.; Volunteers' Medal, given by
State of Mich, to her soldiers and sailors; Prince
Henry medal by Am Numismatic Soc; Theodore L.

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