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Secretary of State; b. Salem, 111., Maich 19, 1860;
s. Judge Silas Dillard and iMariah Elizabeth (Jen-
nings) Bryan; ed. high sch., Salem, 111., Whipple Acad.,
111. Coll.; grad. Jackson Coll., A.B. (valedictorian),
1881; A.M., 1884- LLB, Union Coll. of Law, Chicago,
1883; m. Perry, 111., Oct. 1, 1SS4, Mary Elizabeth Baird;
children: Ruth (Mrs. R. B. Owen); William Jennings,
Jr., b. 18S7; Grace (Mrs. Richard L. Hargreaves), b.
1891. Practised law at Jacksonville, 111., 1883-1887;
removed to Lincoln, Neb., Oct. I. 1887, and formed law
partnership with Hon. A. R. Talbot. Elected to 52d
Congress, 1890; re-elected to 53d Congress, 1892; re-
ceived the Dem. vote in Neb. Legislature for U. S.
Senator, 1894 (but defeated by Senator JohnM Thurs-
ton); chief of editorial staff Omaha World-Herald,
1894-1896; delegate from Neb. to Nat. Dem. Conv.,
1S96, and made a speech on the platform which is
one of the most noted in the annals of Am. oratory;
nominated for pres. of U. S. by that conv.; defeated
by William McKinley; lectured on bimetalism and in
opposition to trusts. 1897-1898. Organized 3d Reg't
Neb. Vol. Inf. for war with Spain, 1898, and was Its
col. Nominated for pres. in Kansas City conv. by Dem.,
Populist and Republican paTties, 1900; defeated by
William McKinley. Established The Commoner, week-
ly paper devoted to polit. science, polit. economy and
sociology; head of Neb. delegation to Dem. Nat. Conv.
at St. Louis, 1904; made tour of the world. 1905-1906;
nominated for pres. by Dem. Nat. Conv., 1908; defeated
by William Howard Taft. Nominated for sec of state
and confirmed March 5. 1913. Author: The First Bat-
tle, 1897; The Old World, 1907: also many lectures,
magazine and newspaper articles. Address: Wash-
ington, D. C.




Physician, surgeon; b. Jackson, Pa., 1851; s. Chaun-
cey E. and Hannah I. (Corse) Bryant; ed. Windsor
Acad., Windsor N. Y. ; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.;
m. Hollisterville, Pa., Nov. 28, 1871, Sarah M.
Mitchell; children: Carleton Elliott, b. 1878; Frank
Mitchell, M.D., b. 1879. Attending physician to N. T.
Post-grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp. Dispensary; Med. ex-
aminer Postal Life Ins. Co. Principal Bryant Sch.
for Stammerers. Author: Definition, Causes and
Treatment of Stammering; Some Speech Disorders
and their Treatment; contb'r med. and lay press of
articles on Speech Disorder and Defects; editor and
publisher Voice Topics Journal. Travelled in Euro-
pean countries; U. S. Fellow N. Y. Acad. Med.; mem.
Am. Med. Ass'n, Med. Soc. County of N. Y., Med. Soc.
State of N. Y. Address: 62 W. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. E. Troy, Walworth Co., Wis., 1845;
ed. Norwich (N. Y.) Acad, and Bellevue Hosp. Med.
Coll.; interne in Bellevue Hosp., 1869-1871; sanitary
lnsp. N. Y. City Health Dep't, 1873-1879; comm'r N. Y.
B'd Health, 1887-1893; surgeon, 71st Reg't, N. G. 6.,
N. Y., 1873-1882; surgeon-gen. on staffs of Governors
Cleveland, Hill and Flower; prof, anatomy Bellevue
Hosp. Med. Coll., 1877-1897; prof, surgery Univ. and
Bellevue Hosp. Med Coll., since 1897; visiting physi-
cian to Charity Hosp., 1881-1882; visiting surgeon to
Bellevue Hosp., since 1882; St. Vincent's, since 1887;
consulting surgeon N. Y. Insane Asylum. Woman's
Hosp. and Hosp. for Ruptured and Crippled. Author:
Bryant's Operative Surgery (2 vols., 4 editions);
senior editor Am. System of Surgery (Bryant and
Buck); contb'r surg. articles to med. press. Mem.
and ex-pres. N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. State Med.
Soc, Am. Med Ass'n. Medical adviser and personal
friend of late President Grover Cleveland and family.
Address: 48 W. 59th St., N. Y. City.


Accountant; b. Brooklyn, June 18, 1876; s. Ebenezer
and Annie M. (Banta) Bryant; ed. Brooklyn public
schs.. Non-resident Sch., Taylor Univ., N. Y. Univ.;
m. Woodside, L. I., N. Y., June 22, 1994, Laura Allen
Post. Sec. & treas. James Pyle & Sons (inc.); Bri-
gantine Dock Co., Laredo Bridge Co. (Texas). Re-
publican; Baptist. Mem. Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity
(N. Y. Univ.). Address: Palisades Park, N. J.


Physician; specialist in diseases of the ear, nose
and throat; b. Boston, Mass., May 15, 1861; s. Henry
Bryant, M.D., distinguished naturalist and brigade
surgeon in Union Army during Civil War; descended
from Rollo, through Count Godfrey de Brion, and
Elizabeth Brimmer (Sohier) Bryant, who traces her
descent through male line from Charlemagne through
the ancient Counts de Vermandois; received prepara-
tory ed'n at St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., and from
.tutors, Harvard, A.B., 1884; A.M. and M.D., 1888; m.
Orange, N. J., 1887, Martha Lyman Cox; children:
Mary Cleveland, Elizabeth Sohier, Alice de Verman-
dois. Julia Cox, Gladys de Brienne. Was formerly
aural surgeon Boston Dispensary; ass't in anatomy
and otology, Harvard Med. Sch.; ass't aural surgeon,
Mass. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; instr. in
otology, Coll. of Phys. and Surg., N Y. ; clinical ass't
in the dep't of otology, Vanderbilt Clinic, N. Y.; ass't
surgeon, St. Bartholomew's Clinic, N. Y. ; clinical
instr. and attending surgeon, otological dep't, Cornell
Univ. Med. Sch.; physician in class of nose, throat
and ear diseases, Presbyterian Hosp., N. Y., and ad-
junct prof, dep't diseases of the ear, New York Post-
( Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp. Was mem. Boston Soc.
for Medical Improvement, Boylston Med. Soc, Boston
Soc. of Med. Sciences, Internat. Congress of Arts and
Sciences, 1904; 6th, 7th, Sth and 9th Internat. Otologi-
cal Congresses; 4th and 5th Pan-Am. Med. Congresses;
15th, 16th and 17th Internat. Med. Congresses, the
5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Congresses of Am. Physicians
and Surgeons. Consulting otologist of Manhattan
State Hosp. and senior ass't surgeon aural dep't
N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary. Served in Mass. N. G.,
1883-1898. At outbreak of Spanish-Am. War appt'd
ass't surgeon 1st Mass. Heavy Art'y, U. S. V, and
soon comm'nd by Pres. McKinley as maj. and brig,
surgeon of vols.; served with Maj. -Gen. Fitzhugh Lee
in 7th Army Corps until May. 1899, after which served
for two years as surg. of Light Battery A, Mass. N. G.
Author: Section on ear of Knight and Bryant's "Dis-
eases of the Nose, Throat and Ear" (Blakiston's,
1909); also of 223 med. pub., anatomical and otologi-
cal. Mem. Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryng-
ology. Am. Laryngol., Rhinol., and Otol. Soc, Am.
Med. Ass'n, Am. Otol. Soc. Boston Med. Library. Har-
vard Med. Soc. of N. Y. (ex-pres.); Harvard Med.
Alumni Ass'n. Mass. Med. Soc, Mass Med. Benevolent

Soc, Ass'n of Mil. Surgeons of the U. S., N. Y. Otol.
Soc, N. Y. Acad, of Med., N. Y. Physicians Mutual Aid
Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Ass'n, N. Y. County Med. Ass'n,
Med. Ass'n of Greater City of N. Y., Boston Soc. of
Nat. Hist., Manhattan Med. Ass'n, Medico-Surgical
Soc. N. Y., Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, Fellow Coll. of
Surgeons of Am., New. Eng. Hist. Geneal. Soc, N. Y.
Geneal. and Biog. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, Veteran Ass'n
of Indp't Corps of Cadets, M. V. Militia, Ass'n Med.
Reserve Corps, U. S. A., N. Y. State Division; 1st
Lieut. Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. A. Also mem. Loyal
Legion, Mil., Order of Foreign Wars, Naval and Mil.
Order of the Spanish-Am. War, Spanish War Vete-
rans, Sons of Revolution, Mass. Soc of the Cincinnati,
Soc. of Am. Wars, Holland Lodge, Huguenot Soc of
America, New England Soc. of N. Y., Soc. of Colonial
Wars, Soc. of Mayflower Descendants, Knight Tem-
plar, 32" Mason, and Mecca Temple. Mem. Delta
Ka)ppa Epsilon and Zeta Psi fraternities. Clubs: Uni-
versity, Harvard (N. Y. City), Porcellian, Hasty Pud-
ding. Zeta Psi (Cambridge). Address: 19 W. 54th St.,
N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Winchendon, Mass., Dec. 17, 1863;
s. Calvin T. and Almeda (Dexter) Bryant; grad. Wor-
cester Poly. Inst., A.B., class of 1884; m. Waterbury,
Conn., April 5, 1887, Ida Gerald; children: Waldo
Gerald, Doris. Started in business mf'g electric
lighting devices, 1888; incorp'd The Bryant Electric
Co., 1889, of which is pres., treas. and gen. mg'r; also
pres., treas. and gen. mg'r The Perkins Electric
Switch Mf'g Co., v.-p. and dir. Siemon Hard Rubber
Corp'n; dir. Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport Hydrau-
lic Co., First-Bridgeport Nat. Bank, Bridgeport Trust
Co.; trustee People's Savings Bank. Republican;
Congregationalist. Mem. N. E. Soc. Am. Inst. Elec
Eng'rs; dir. Library B'd and Bridgeport Hosp. Ma-
son, 32. Clubs: Bridgeport Boys' (director). Union
League, Lawyers', Engineers', Railroad, City Lunch
(N. Y.), Brooklawn Country, Bridgeport Yacht
(Bridgeport), University, Algonquin, Contemporary,
Metabetchouan Fishing & Game (Can.), Accomack.
Residence: 271 Park Av., Bridgeport, Conn.


U. S. minister Xo Netherlands and Luxemburg, edi-
tor, author; b. Flushing, L. I., Sept. 20, 1851; s. J.
Smith Bryce (ass't adjutant-gen., U. S. A.), and Eliz-
abeth (Stephens) Bryce; grad. Oxford Univ., England,
A.B., A.M.; m. N. Y. City, Edith, d. Mayor Cooper of
N. Y. City, and g.d. Peter Cooper. Appt'd pavmaster
gen. State of N. Y., with rank of brig.-gen., 1886;
while Congressman of 7th Dist., N. Y. City, 1887,
served on Com. of Commerce, and devoted particular
attention to matters affecting harbor of N. Y.; vis-
ited Europe as chm'n Comm'n to study Bimetallism
for Sound Money Democratic League. 1896; editor
and prop'r North Am. Review, 1889-1896; appt'd U. S.
minister of Netherlands and Luxemburg, 1911. Hon-
orary vice-pres. Conf. on Bills of Exchange; appt'd
U. S. delegate to 2d Opium Conf., 1913. Author: Par-
adise, Friends in Exile, Romance of an Altar Ego,
Dream of Conquest, Lady Blanche's Salon, The Lit-
erary Duet After Christianity What?; also essays, etc.,
contb'd to reviews. Episcopalian. Clubs: Century.
Knickerbocker, Union, Authors, Metropolitan, Mea-
dow Brook, Tuxedo. Residence: Roslyn, L. I. AddTess:
1024 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. New Berlin, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1843; ed.
public schs. and U. S. Mil. Acad. Served during Civil
War in 1st Reg't, U. S. Sharpshooters (Berdan's) as
private, non-comm'n officer and 1st lieut.; acted as
adj. of reg't. Practising law in Albany, N. Y., since
Jan., 1874. Dir. Union Trust Co.; trustee Nat. Sav-
ings Bank, Albany, N. Y. Republican; Episcopalian.
Mem. Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Albany County and
N. Y. State Bar Ass'ns, Buchanan Soc, St. Andrew's
Soc. Trustee Albany Law Sch., Albany Acad, for
Girls, Young Men's Ass'n, major and judge advocate
(retired), N. G., N. Y. Clubs: Ft. Orange, University,
Albany. Army and Navy, Burns, Albany Country, M.
A. Union. Address: 83 State St., Albany, N. Y.


Newspaper man, author; b. N. Y. City, June 21. 1877,
s. Rev. Anselan and Willia (Thompson) Buchanan;
ed. public schools, Jamestown, Dak.; Knoxville, Tenn.;
Louisville, Ky.; Univ. of the South (Sewanee), Tenn..
1895-1897; unmarried. Dramatic critic, Louisville,
Ky., jjapers, Commercial, Courier-Journal, Herald,
1897-1903; with N. Y. Journal. 1904-1908. Author:
The Castle Comedy, 1904; Judith Triumphant 1905
(both Harper) ;A Woman's Way (Watt), 1909. Plays:
A Woman's Way, produced by Grace George at
Hackett Theater, 1909; The Intruder, 1909; A Worn-



an's Work, 1910; Lulu's Husband, adapted from the
French of Paul Soulie, 1910; The Cub, 1910. Served
as private Company C. First Kentucky Vol. Infantry,
1898, serving through Porto Rico campaign with reg-
iment; 1st lieut.. Ky., S. G., 1900. Episcopalian. Mem.
Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Recreations: Outdoor
sports. Clubs: Tavern (Louisville). The Players, The
Friars (New YorJO. Address: 158 Waverly PL, N. Y.


Educator; b. Dillsburg, Pa., Aug. 31, 1S65; s. Joseph
and Mary Ann (McClure) Bucher; grad. Princeton
Univ., 1890, A.M.. 1894; ra. N. Y. City, 1S9S, Florence
Katherine Van Dyck; children: Julius Van Dyck, b.
1905; Alan and Katrine Van Dyck (twins), b. 190S.
Fellow in History, Princeton, 1894; principal prep,
dep't Am. Coll. Beyrout, Syria, 1S90-1S94; principal
Peekskill Mil. Acad., since 1903. Progressive candi-
date for Congress, 1912. Address: Nassau PL, Peeks-
kill. N. Y.


University prof.; b. Paxton 111., Sept. 3, 1868; s.
Christian Jacob and Louise (Lohmann) Buchner; at-
tended Leander Clark Coll., A.B., 1SS9. A.M., 1892;
Yale Univ., Ph.D., 1893; m. Bridgeport, Conn., June 1,
1898, Hannah Louise Cable; children: Edward Frank-
lin, Jr., b. 1902; Morgan, b. 1905; Elizabeth, b. 1908;
Margaret Louise, b. 1911. Instr. Leander Clark Coll.;
lecturer and instr. Yale Univ.; prof. N. Y. Univ.;
docent Clark Univ.; prof, and dean of summer sch..
Univ. of Alabama; now prof, ed'n and philosophy,
and dir. summer courses Johns Hopkins Univ. Fellow
A. A. A. S., N. Y. Acad. Science; mem. Am. Psychol.
Ass'n, Am. Philos. Ass'n, Am. Soc. of Naturalists,
Southern Soc. of Philosophy and Psychology, Nat.
Soc. for Study of Ed'n, Soc. of College Teachers of
Ed'n; pres. Edn'l Soc. of Baltimore, since 1909; dir.
Nat. Inst'n for Moral Instr'n, Southern Ed'n Ass'n;
mem. 'Southern Ed'n Council. Clubs: Johns Hopkins,
City (Baltimore). Residence: 2120 Callow Av. Address:
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 20, 1842; s. Gurdon
Buck (M.D.) and Henrietta E. (Wolff) Buck, of Gen-
eva, Switzerland; grad. Yale, A.B., 1S64; Coll. Phys.
and Surg., N. Y. City, M.D., 1867; m. New Haven,
Conn., Laura S. Abbott; children: Harold Winthrop,
Winifred (Mrs. Lawrence F. Abbott). Was clinical
prof, diseases of ear, Coll. of Phys. and Surg., 1S87-
1904; consulting aural surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear In-
firmary, since 1884, and Presby'n Hosp., 1894-1904; now
retired from practice, but med. editorial work Con-
tinues. Edited Ziemssen's Cyclopaedia of Medicine
(English translation, 18 volumes). 1875; Hygiene and
Public Health, 1879. Buck's Reference Handbook of
the -Medical Sciences, 18S7, 1901. Author: Diseases of
the Ear, 1898, 1901; Vest Pocket Medical Dictionary.
Address: 51 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. Lawrence, Kan., Sept. 30, 1865; s.
Hon. Asabel and Mary A. (Hutchings) Buck; descend-
ed in both lines from old New England families of
English ancestry; ed. in public schs. of Southern
Kansas and St. Ann's Acad, conducted by Jesuit
Fathers at Osage Mission; m. Utica, N. Y., Aug. 16,
1S99, Carmaleta M. Ferguson. Head of publishing
firm of B. F. Buck & Company, N. Y. City, founded
by him 1S96; dir. and mem. Advisory B'd of Nat'l
Liberal Immigration league; v.-p. and dir. Italian
Am. Agr'l Ass'n; Mem. Nat. Soc. for Promotion of
Industrial Ed.; Nat. Com. for Celebration of One
Hundredth Anniversary of peace among English
speaking peoples, 1914-1915; Nat. Geog. Soc; Metro-
politan Museum of Art; treas. and dir. Colonial Soc.
of America (founded by Gen. Henry Edwin Tremain,
Hon. Levi P. Morton, Hon. Warner Miller, Dr. Edward
Everett Hale and others, having for its purpose the
preservation of historic places and buildings of the
Colonial period) ; awarded medal by Italian Senate
Com. of Milan Exp'n, 1906, in recognition of his plans
and efforts for better ed'n, and distribution of immi-
grants; was member of Exec. B'd and exec. sec. of
Am. Relief Com. during Russo-Japanese War; created
Chevalier and decorated with Imperial Order of Ris-
ing Sun by Emperor of Japan, 190S. Republican; v.-p.
and mem. Exec. Com. Republican League of Clubs
of State of New Yof-k; 32" Mason; Knight Templar
and mem. Mystic Shrine. Residence: 465 Central
Park W. Address: 160 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Hyde Park (now Chicago), 111., Feb. 10,
1875; s. Roswell R. and Maria (Barnes) Buck; ed.
private schs., Buffalo Central High Sch.,' 1892, Yale

Coll., 1896, A.B., Buffalo Law Sch. 1898; m. Buffalo,
N. Y., Oct. 6, 1903, Louise Hussey; children: Roswell
Seymour, b. Aug. 22, 1904; Ruth, b. May 29, 1906; Oll-
\.r Hussey, b. April 11, 1908. Lecturer in Buffalo
Law Sch. on negligence. Was mem. Republican Dist.
Com. 4 years; Erie County B'd of Supervisors. 8 years;
now serving second year as auditor of Erie County.
Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Erie County Bar Ass'n,
Chamber of Commerce, Beta Theta Pi, and Phi Delta
Phi fraternities; Lodge of the Ancient Landmarks
and Zuleika Grotto. Recreations: Tennis, sailing,
gardening. Clubs: University, Manufacturers, Canoe,
Buffalo Yacht. Residence: 599 Ashland Av., Buffalo,
N. Y. (summer), "Tanglewood," Pine Woods, Abino
Bay, Ontario. Canada. Address: 117 Erie Co. Savings
Bank Bld'g, Buffalo, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Natchez, Miss., May 3, 1875; s. Samuel
H. and Annie (Fleming) Buck; grad. Univ. of Va.,
B.A., 1894; B.L., 1898; m. Wheeler, Ala., Oct. 2, 1906,
Carrie P. Wheeler; children: Harrison Leigh, b. Aug.
1, 1907; Lucy Wheeler, b. Sept. 30, 1908; Joseph
Wheeler, >b. April 16. 1911. Ass't gen. counsel of
Southern Pacific Co.; dir. and mem. exec. com. South-
ern Pacific R. R. Co. of Mexico. Honorary mem.
Squadron A. Democrat; Presby'n. Mem. Bar Ass'n.
City of N. Y., Southern Soc, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Kappa
Sigma. Clubs: University, Squadron A. Address:
165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Consulting eng'r; b. N. Y. City, May 7, 1873; s.
Albert H. and Laura (Abbott) Buck; grad. Yale Coll.,
Ph.B., Columbia Univ., E.E.; m. 1902, Charlotte R.
Porter; children: Winthrop Porter, Gurdon, Charlotte
Abbott. Elect. Eng'r of Niagara Falls Power Co..
1000-1907 and allied companies. Since 1907 consulting
eng'r and v.-p. of eng'ring corp'n of Viele, Bladwell
& Buck. Dir. Appalachian Power Co., General Utili-
ties Corp'n. Mem. Am. Inst. Elect. Eng'rs, Am. Elec-
tro Chemical Soc, Nat. Electric Light Ass'n., Frank-
lin Inst., Pa. Clubs: University, Engineers, Rockaway
Hunting. Residence: Hewlett, L. I., N. Y. Address:
49 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Publisher and editor; b. Cincinnati, O., Jan. 26,
1S64; s. Elisha Atkins and Elizabeth (Fries) Buck;
grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 1887. Editor and publisher
of The Racing Calendar (Weekly). Clubs: Harvard,
University, Turf and Field (ass't sec), United Hunt
(sec). Address: University Club, 5th Av. and 54th
St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Philadelphia. Sept. 30, 1858; s. Edward
S. and Katherine (Watmongh) Buckley; grad. Epis-
copal Acad., Phil.; grad. Univ. of Pa., A.B., A.M.; m.
Philadelphia, June 7, 1883, Charlotte Carter; one son:
Edward S.. 3d. Engaged in manufacture of iron many
years; treas. Real Estate Trust Co., since its reorg'n,
1906. Dir. Ins. Co. of America, Catawissa R. R.,
Grays Ferry Passenger R'y Co., Delaware & Chesa-
peake Canal Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem.
Hist. Soc. of Pa., Pa. Acad Natural Sciences, Pa.
Acad, of Fine Arts, Swedish Colonial Soc. of Pa.,
Franklin Inst., Nat. Geog. Soc, Delta Psi fraternity.
Trustee Acad. P. E. Ch., Pa. Inst, for Deaf and Dumb,
Seamen's Mission of Phila. Clubs: Philadelphia,
Philadelphia Cricket (pres.), Aztec. Residence: 2039
Sansom SL Address: Real Estate Trust Co., Phila-
delphia, Pa.


Minister, editor; b. Rahway, N. J., Dec, 1836: s.
John and Abby L. (Monroe) Buckley; ed. Pennington
(N. J.) Sem., Wesleyan Univ., Middltown, Conn., class
1860; health failed in second year; studied later under
pTivate instructors (A.M..D.D., Wesleyan Univ.; LL.D.,
Emory & Henry Coll., Va.; L.H.D., Syracuse Univ.).
Entered ministry of M. E. Church, 1859; pastorates
in New Hampshire until 1863; spent year 1863-1864
in Europe; pastor Detroit, Mich.. 1864-1866; pastorates
in Brooklyn, N. Y., and Stamford, Conn., 1867-1880;
elected 1880 editor The Christian Advocate, N. Y., and
successively re-elected every four years till 1912;
elected mem. Gen. Conf. M. E. Ch., 1872, and once in
four years to each session till now. Made six tours
in Europe, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco.
Pres. B'd Mgr's N. J. State Village for Epileptics
from foundation till resigned, 1903; mem. B'd Mgr's
State Hosp. for Insane, Trenton, N. J., for 5 years;
also for last 9 years B'd Mg'rs State Hosp. for Insane,
Morris Plains, N. J.; pres. B'd Mg'rs M. E. (Seney)
Hosp., Brooklyn, N. Y., since its foundation; v.-p.
N. Y. Soc. for Prevention of Vice; trustee Wesleyan
Univ., Woman's Coll., Baltimore, and Drew Theol.

550? fil)



Sem. Hon. mom. Medico-Psychol. Soc, America; mem.
N. E. Soc. of N. y. Recreation: Travel, pedestrianism.
Author: Oats vs. Wild Oats; Faith Healing, Christian
Science and Kindred Phenomena; Christians and the
Theatre; The Midnight Sun; The Czar and the Nihi-
list; Travels in Three Continents Europe, Asia, Af-
rica; History of Methodism in the United States;
Extemporaneous Oratory for Professional and Ama-
teur Speakers: Supposed Miracles; Fundamentals of
Religion and Their Contrasts. Address: Morristown,
N. J.


Insurance official; b. Bloomington, 111., Jan. 18,
1865; s. Walker and Margaret (Tully) Buckner; ed.
private acad., Woodland Coll., Mo.; m. Ottumwa, Iowa,
June 4, 1889, Myrtle Lewis; children: Thomas A., Jr.,
Mary Olive. V.-p. N. Y. Life Ins. Co. Republican;
Presby'n. Dir. T. M. C. A. Recreation: Golf. Clubs:
Merchants', Transportation, Ardsley, St. Andrew's,
Sleepy Hollow. Residence: Riverdale-on-Hudson.
Address: 34G Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Fredericksburg, Va., Aug. 4, 1856; s.
Maj. Colwell Calhoun and Louisa Fitzhugh (Dickin-
son) Buckner; attended Rappahannock Acad; grad.
Randolph Macon Coll., Va., C.E.; studied in London
and Paris; m. Quogue, L. I., Oct. 1, 1910, Helen E.
Griffiths, of Boston. After leaving coll., taught sch.
2 years; commenced civil eng'ring, 1881; was ass't
eng'r on extension of Chesapeake & Ohio R. R Ky.
Central R. R., and Atlantic & Pacific R. R ; in
charge of locating party on Mexican Western' R'y,
1886, later chief eng'r; chief eng'r Santa Anna & Paci-
fic R. R.; organizer of Prospect Park Bank, 1904, be-
coming pres, and mg'r; name of bank changed to
Bank of Flatbush, 1913, still continuing as pres. Has
traveled extensively in U. S., Mexico, S. America and
Europe. Pres. and dir. Bankers & Merchants Mortgage
Co.; treas. and dir. Midwood Realty Co.; dir. United
Cities Realty Corp'n; mem. Exec. Com. N. Y. Title Ins.
Co.; trustee Greater N. Y. Savings Bank. Independent
Democrat; Presby'n. Mem. Phi Delta Theta fra-
ternity; treas. and mem. Exec. Com. N. Y. Southern
Soc. (trustee of fund), treas. and mem. Exec. Council
The "Virginians. Has written frequently on polit. and
financial subjects. Recreations: Golf, quail and duck
shooting, horseback riding, hunting. Clubs: Hamil-
ton, Brooklyn (Brooklyn). Residence: 130 Livingston
St. Address: Bank of Flatbush, 885 Flatbush Av.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.


Merchant; b. X. Y. City, 1871; s. Samuel and Mary
Hudson (Beach) Budd; ed. at Everson and Dabney
Sens., and Auteuil, Paris. 1890-1893; m. N. Y. City,
Julia Warren McClave; children: Hudson, b. 1897;
Natalie. Entered Arm of Samuel Budd, men's fur-
nishings, 1893; became partner in 1895, and later
successor Samuel Budd in ownership of business,
"which continues, however, under same name. Trav-
eled extensively in Europe. Republican; Episcopalian
Mem. Southampton L. I. Horse Ass'n, S. A. R.,
Founders and Patriots of America, N. Y. Zool. Soc,
Met. Museum of Art, Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Church,
N. Y. Athletic, Apawamis (Rye), Country (Lakewood),
Town (Lakewood), Press, Economic, Shinnecock Hills
Golf, Suffolk Hunt (Southampton), St. Regis Yacht
(Paul Smith's). Residence: 12 E. 64th St. Address:
1123 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Broker; b. N. Y. City, July 9, 1861; s. Bern L. (M.D.)
and Catherine Fowler (Gallaudet) Budd; grad. Coll.
City of N. Y., A.B. (hon. mention for general scholar-
ship), 1881; m. N. Y. City, May 4, 1886, Grace A. Jack-
son; children: Bern, b. 1886; Annie McCoun Noble, b.
1888; Ogden D., Jr., b. 1892; Thomas Gallaudet, b. 189S.
Clerk, by competitive examination, in N. Y. Custom
House, 1881-1883; in mercantile business, 1883-1885;
joined Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange,
1885, and since then engaged in comm'n business on
that exchange. Elected, 1900, and re-elected 1902
and 1904, mem. B'd of Govs., and in June, 1906, elected
pres. Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange
of N. Y. and served as such 2 years; now mem. B'd
Govs.; dir. Consolidated Clearing House, and Con-
solidated Stock Exchange Bld'g Co.; formed partner-
ship with Kenneth M. Jackson, June, 1906, forming
firm of Ogden D. Budd & Co. Democrat; Episco-

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