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Orange Judd Co. (editor, Editorial Book Dept ) Trav-
eled in all parts of this country on edn'l lecture work-
spent several months in Europe in investigation of
cereal production conditions. Author: History Ohio
Agriculture; Agriculture for Beginners; Cotton; Soils-
*arm Stock; Farm Crops; Our Domestic Animals;
farmers Veterinarian; First Principles of Feeding
Farm Animals: Farm Arithmetic. Editor: The Ginn
County Life Education Series of University Text
Books. Lutheran. Mem. Kappa Sigma and Alpha Zeta
fraternities, Ohio Soc. of N. Y. Recreations: Tennis
motoring. Club: Graduate. Residence: 660 River-
side Drive. Address: 315 Fourth Av., N. Y. City.

5.n! r 'n B,1 i r ( e Municipal Research; b. Adairville, Ky.,
&' 1 ' I S6 i ; T s T - Jesse Herring and Sabina (Dismukes)
ciif , nfT ad -i<7 lv ^ < ? f C h . lca S- P"B., 1S93; Univ. of
Calif ML 1894; Columbia Univ., Ph.D., 1905; fellow
i ed . n i Columbia, 1902-1903; m. 1900. Frances Willis-
ton, d. Martin Luther Williston, of Northampton, Mass.,
and Louise Stoddard; one daughter, Barbara, b 1902
Previous to college work, was 2 years in counting
room of Los Angeles (Calif.) Express, and one yea?
ass t mgr Los Angeles Safe Deposit & Trust Co.
Later, teacher and principal high schs. Calif., and
head of professional work in State Normal Sch. of
l^h % S0, S^X" , 6 y ears : acting principal Speyer
ben., Columbia Univ., 1 year; principal Normal Schs
5 years. Lecturer on edn'l administration, Columbia
Univ., summer 1909; co-operating specialist, Nv Y. Sch.
Inquiry, 1911-1912; since 1909. dir. Bureau of Munici-

Islands to lecture before a vacation assembly of the
American Teachers. At the close of this assembly
was comma by dir. of ed'n to inspect the insular
schools, report upon their condition, and suggest
means for their improvement. Active mem. Nat. Ed'n
Ass n. Am. Acad, of Polit. and Social Science, A. A. A.
fe.; contb r to various journals. Clubs: University,
City. Address: 249 Harvey St., Germantown, Pa.


Lawyer; b. Somersworth, N. H, April 18, 1870; s.
Hon. George William and Louise H. (Bryant) Bur-
leigh; ed. St. Paul's Sch, Concord, N. H.; Princeton
Univ.. A.B., 1892; A.M.. 1895; N. Y. Law Sch.; m. Tren-
ton, N. J Nov. 21. 1S94. Isis Yturbide Potter Stock-
ton, d. Gen. Robert F. Stockton, of Trenton. Admit-
ted to bar of N. Y., 1894. Dir.. sec. and treas. Lacka-
wanna Iron & Coal Co.; dir. Princeton Publishing
Co., Princeton Univ. Press. Republican; Episcopalian.

Life mem. N. Y. Zool. Soc; mem. Am. Museum of
Natural History, Am. Museum of Art, Am. Soc. inter-
nat. Law, Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: University (N. Y.).
University (Washington, D. C). Down Town Ass'n,
Princeton, N. Y. Fencers, The Pilgrims, Nassau, Uni-
versity Cottage (Princeton). Residence: 42 W. 9th St.
Address: 52 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Postmaster general; b. San Marcos, Tex., June 7,
1S63; s. EdwaTd and Emma (Kyle) Burleson; ed. Agr'l
and Mech. Coll. of Texas, Baylor Univ. of Waco; grad.
Univ. of Texas, 1SS4; admitted to bar, 1SS4; m. Aus-
tin, Texas, Dec. 22, 1S89, Adele Steiner. Ass't city
att'y, Austin, 18S5-1890; appt'd by gov. of Texas, att'y
of 26th judicial dist., 1891; served, 1892-1898; mem.
56th to 63d Congresses; appt'd postmaster gen. March
4, 1913. Address: Washington, D. C.


Lawyer; b. Plainfield, N. J., Aug. 31, 185S; s. Rev.
Aaron Hale and Emma S. (Starr) Burlingham; grad.
Harvard, A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1879; Columbia, LL.B.,
1SS1; m. Sept. 29. 1S83, Louisa W. Lawrence; children:
Charles, Anne Hoe, Ro'bert. Admitted to bar, 1881.
Mem. law firm Burlingham, Montgomery & Beecher;
mem. City and State Bar Ass'ns. Delegate from U. S.
to Internat. Conf. on Maritime Law, Brussels, 1909,
1910. Mem. N. Y. B'd of Ed'n, 1897-1903 (pres., 1902-
1903). Independent Democrat; Episcopalian. Clubs:
Century, City Midday, Harvard, University. Residence:
140 E. 38th St. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. City.


Banker, fire ins. underwriter; b. New Vernon, Pa.,
July 31, 1871; s. Abijah H. and Dorothy C. (Boyd)
Burnett; ed. McElwain Inst., New Lebanon, Pa.; Grove
City Coll., Pa., class 1890; m. W. Middlesex, Pa., Sept.
21, 1892, Anna J. Marsteller; children: Clifton A., Esta
Mae, Dorothy Jane. In fire ins. business since 1894;
purchased local agency in Greenville, Pa.; organized
Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. of Greenville, 1901,
of which is dir.; First Nat. Bank, Middlesex, 1903;
Springdale Nat. Bank, 1906 (pres.), and First Nat.
Bank of Aspinwall, 1907 (pres.). Also v.-p. and mg'n
underwriter Monongahela Fire Ins. Co., Pittsburgh;
pres. L. A. Burnett Co., Pittsburgh; pres. and mg'r
Monongahela Underwriters' Agency, Inc.; mem. Whil-
den & Hancock, of N. Y., gen. ins. agency; dir. Aspin-
wall Saving & Loan Ass'n. Security & Investment Co.,
Sterling Security Co., Northwestern Lumber Co. Dep-
uty sheriff of Mercer County, 3 years. Republican;
Methodist Episcopalian. Clubs: Pittsburgh Athletic,
Smoke and Cinder. Residence: 107 Emerson Av., As-
pinwall. Pa. Address: 307 Fourth Av., Pittsburgh,
Pa., and 105 William St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Philadelphia; s. Nathan Clark and
Mary Arrison (Pancoast) Burnham; ed. Franklin and
Marshall Coll., Lancaster, Pa.; Hahnemann Med. Coll.,
Philadelphia; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 23, 1888, Ma-
tilda Hoyt Spelman; children: Lois, b. 1S91; Rogers, b.
1S94; Barbara, b. 1897; Katharine, b. 1899; Lvman, b.
1902; Matilda, h. 1906. Gynaecologist, Cumberland St.
Hosp.; LectureT to Training Sch., Cumberland St.
Hosp. Independent. Mem. Kings Co Homce. -Vied. Soc,
N. Y. State Homce. Soc, Brooklyn Clinical Soc, Am.
Soc. of Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis, N. Y. Patho-
logical Soc. Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Recre-
ations: Golf, mountain climbing. Clubs: Hamilton
Rembrandt, Dyker Meadow Golf, Garden Citv Golf,
Ekwanok Country. Address: 182 Clinton St., Brook-
lyn, N. Y.


Pres. Am. Game Protective and Propagation Ass'n:
b. New Castle. Del.. March 16, 1S69; s. John and Eliza-
beth Van Leuveneigh (Bird) Burnham; ed. Rugby
Acad., Wilmington, Del.; Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn,
B.A., 1891; m. Keene Valley, N. Y., June 15, 1892, Hen-
rietta Heathcote Du Bois; children: Henrietta Rose
b. 1893; John Du Bois. b. 1895; Hilda Bird, b. 1897;
Koert Du Bois, b. 1904. Was business mg'r Forest
and Stream. 1891-1897; was in the first Klondike rush
in fall of 1897. Has hunted and fished over U. S and
Canada and killed most of the varieties of American
big game. Supervisor Town of Essex, 6 years; chief
game protector and deputy comm'r of forest, fish and
game, State of N. Y. 1906-1912. Pres. Boquet Electric
Power Co.; prop'r Crater Club. Episcopalian. Mem.
various fish and game protective org'ns. Clubs- Ex-
plorers, Progressive, Camp Fire. Address: 233 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Professor; b. Exeter, N. H, Feb. 1, 1842; s. Edwin

and Alice (Dennett) Bumham: ed. Newburyport

(Mass.) High Sch : Bowdoin Coll.. A.B., 1862; A.M.



1863; D.D., 1SS5; Newton (Mass.) Theological Inst'n,
1873; Colgate Theological Seminary of Colgate Uni-
versity, Hamilton, N. Y.; m. Amherst, Mass., June 2S
1876, Miriam M. Tucker; one d., Mrs. Alice Miriam
Meyers, Feb. 17, 1878. Also studied at Heidelberg,
1871-1872; Gottingen, 1882, and Leipzig, 1895-1896. Re-
publican; Baptist. Mem. Soc. Biblical Literature and
Exegesis, American Philo. Ass'n. Address: Hamilton.
N. V.


Sec. and treas. William J. Burns Internat. Detective
Agency, Inc.; b. Columbus, Ohio, March 25, 1886; s.
William J. and Annie M. (Ressler) Burns; ed. public
schools; Ohio State Univ.; grad. from Law Sch. of
Ohio State Univ.; m. Toledo, Ohio, Alice Lilley, of
Columbus; one son; William J., Jr. After graduating
from law sch., joined father, William J. Burns, and
took part in so-called San Francisco Graft Prosecu-
tion. In company with father, came East and opened
what is known as The William J. Burns Internat. De-
tective Agency, Inc. Mem. Delta Chi fraternity. Ad-
dress: The William J. Burns Internat. Detective
Agency, Transportation Bld'g, Chicago, 111.


i. The Burns Co. of N. Y., Burns Realty Co. and
R r. Burns Realty Co.; b. Fredericktown. Cecil Co.,
Md., 1866; s. Capt. Owen Burns (U.S.N.) and Martha
Ann (Armstrong) Burns; g.s. Capt. Otway Burns,
comd'r of U. S. privateer "Snap Dragon," war 1812-
1815, to Whose memory State of N. C. erected monu-
ment at Beaufort, in 1903, and town of Burnsville,
N. C, (nami:d after him) erected monument in 1908.
Mr. Burns retains in his name a large tract of land
in North Carolina, granted by King of England to
his g.g. grandfather, in 1732, and which has been
handed down from father to son; ed. Calvert Hall,
Baltimore; m. N. Y. City, April 11, 1902, Ursula
Amelia Dudley Catlin; children: Walter Francis, Jr.,
b. Dec. 28, 1903; Otway, b. Mar. 10, 1904; Owen Austin,
b. July 13, 190G; Ursula, b. Oct. 13, 1907. Originator
of the Home Savings Bank System, which has been
placed in eight million homes throughout the world,
and thereby caused that number of savings accounts
to be opened, his system of securing savings accounts
having been adopted by over three thousand banking
inst'ns in U. S., and over five hundred in foreign
countries, said system of savings accounts has been
commended by Pres., of U. S., Kings of England and
Italy, and many foreign Gov'ts. Traveled exten-
sively in Europe, South America and Asia. Mem.
Eastern Finance Co., Nat. Dem. Party, 1908-1912; sec.
23d Cong. Dist. of N. Y. City; mem. 23d Assem. Dist.
Corns, and County and Borough Corns. Appt'd by
Gov. Dix as delegate to Deeper Waterways Conv.,
held in New London, Conn., Sept. 4,. 5, 6, 1912. Clubs:
Nat. Dem., Lotos, N. Y. Athletic, Columbia Yacht.
Residence: Inwood-on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 29
W. 3Sth St., X. Y. City.


Pres. Wm. J. Burns Internat. Detective Agency,
Inc.; b. Baltimore. Md. Oct. 19, 1861; s. Michael and
Bridget (Trahey) Burns; ed. public sens, and busi-
ness coll., Columbus, Ohio; m. Columbus, Ohio, 1880,
Anna M. Ressler; children: George, Edwin, Ray-
mond, Florence, Sherman, Kathleen. Joined U. S.
secret service, 1889, and appt'd to headquarters, St.
Louis; handled many celebrated cases throughout U.
S. Resigned from secret service, 1903, and appt'd to
take charge of investigation of Oregon, Washington
and Calif, land fraud cases, which resulted in prose-
cution and canviction of numerous Federal, State
and city officials; cleared up most remarkable coun-
terfeiting case world has known, Monroe-head $100
silver certificate, bill so accurate defied all experts
as to its genuineness; counterfeiters arrested Phila.,
Pa., April, 1899; won the gratitude of the entire na-
tion for the thoroughness and fearlessness with which
he laid bare the truth in the dynamite cases, and
clearing up of Los Angeles Times, Oct. 1, lull etc.
Organized Wm. J. Burns Nat. Detective Agencv, N. Y.,
1909, now Wm. J. Burns Internat. Detective Agency,
Inc., hiving branches all over U. S., including one in
London. Paris and Brussels. The London office is
first permanent office established by an Am. detec-
tive in Europe. Author: The Masked War The
Argyle Case (in collaboration with Harriet Ford and
Harvey J. O'Higgins). Lectured in all universities
and colleges throughout the U. S. and Europe. Pro-
gressive; Roman Catholic. Mem. Nat. Federation of
Theatres. Mem. N. Y. Press Club. Address: Wool-
worth Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Pres. Asbestolith Mfg Co.; b. N. Y. City; s. James
and Georgina Burnside; ed. X. Y. City schools; m. Eva

Frances Macgowan (of old Webb family); children:
Eva Frances, Maud Vivian. Pres. Asbestolith Mfg
Co., contractors; furnished all granite for Grant's
Tomb in connection with Pason Tucker; also many
others bld'gs. Travelled extensively. Republican;
Methodist. Mason (N. Y. Lodge 330; Amity Council,
R. A. M.); mem. Our Council, Royal Arcanum. Clubs:
Consecutive Republican (exec, mem.), West Side,
Railroad. Address: 200 W. 86th St., N. Y. City.


Ex-senator, breeder trotting horses; b. Commack,
L. I., N. Y Sept. 26, 185S; s. Carll S. Burr; descendant
of Jehu ?nd Benjamin Burr, who came to America
with Winthrop's fleet, 1630, and whose descendants
became prominent in the Colony of Conn.; ed. Hunt-
ington Union Sch. and Flushing Inst. On leaving
Flushing Inst, engaged in business with father. Since
1S92 judge of Horse Dep't at annual exb'ns of Nat.
Horse Show of America, held at Madison Sq. Garden,
N. Y. City, and at the State Fair at Sjracuse; dir.
Arizona Cattle Co.; insp. race tracks of trotting cir-
cuit for First Dist. Republican; mem. Republican
Co. Com., Suffolk Co., for several years; elected mem.
Assembly from Suffolk Co., 1895, 1896 and 1897; elect-
ed, 1904, and re-elected 1906, senator from First Dist.,
in 1905 appt'd mem. com. on Railroads, Commerce and
Navigation, Forests, Fish and Game, and Affairs of
Villages. Address: Commack, L. I., X. Y.


Educator, librarian; b. Oramel, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1857;
s. William Josiah and Jane Charlotte (Lincoln) Burr;
grad. Cornell Univ., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1881;
Univ. of Leipzig, Sorbonne and Ecole des Chartes,
Paris, Univ. of Zurich, 1884-1886, 1888 (LL.D., Univ.
of Wis., 1904; Litt. D.. Western Reserve Univ., 1905);
m. Lewisburg, W. Va., Aug. 20, 1907, Martha Alex-
ander Martin (died Jan. 31, 1909). Librarian White
Library, Cornell Univ., since 1878; president's sec.
and inst. history, Cornell, 1881-1884; instr. ass't prof.
Ass'n., Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Polit. Science Ass'n, Am.
1892. Hist, expert to Pres. Cleveland's Comm'n on
Venezuelan Boundary, 1896-1897. Mem. Am. Library
Ass'n, Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Polit. Science Ass'n, Am.
Soc. of Church History. Editor: Am. Historical Re-
view since 1905; editor Century Hist. Series. Address:
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.


Justice Supreme Court; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept.
11, 1850; s. Joseph Arthur and Harriet (Nash) Burr;
ed. Wilton Acad., Wilton Conn.; grad. Yale, A.B., 1871;
Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1873; m. New Haven, Conn.,
Ella A. Dawson; children: Harriet B. (Mrs. Edward
P. Folger), Jessie B. (Mrs. Howard C. Loudon). Ad-
mitted to bar, May, 1874; corp'n counsel for Brooklyn,
Jan., 1896, to Jan., 1898. Appt'd by Gov., Justice of
Supreme Court, to fill vacancy, Dec. 27, 1904; elected
to same office for full term Nov., 1905; assigned to
Appellate Div. 2d Judicial Dep't, Dec. 24, 1908. Mem.
Brooklyn Bar Ass'n, Law Library of Brooklyn,
Brooklyn Inst., X. E. Soc. of Brooklyn, Sons of Revo-
lution. Republican; Presby'n. Clubs: Brooklyn,
Universitv, Hamilton (Brooklyn), Graduates (Xew
Haven, Conn.), Residence: 16 Montgomery PL Ad-
dress: Borough Hall, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Civil eng'r; b. Watertown, Conn., July 14, 1851; ed.
Watertown Acad., Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y.,
C.E. 1872; m. 1st, 1876, Caroline Kent Seelye (died
1894); 2d, 1900, Gertrude Gold Shipman; children:
Marion E., William F., George L., Anne Louise. Was
in subordinate positions building wrought iron
bridges and water works at Newark, X. J.. 1872-
1875; mem. faculty Rensselaer Poly. Inst., 1S75-1884;
prof, rational and technical mechanics while practis-
ing civil eng'ring; ass't to chief eng'r Phoenix Bridge
Co., 1884; later gen. mg'r; v.-p. Sooysmith & Co..
1891; prof, eng'ring at Harvard, 18y2-lS93; since 1893
prof, civil eng'ring Columbia Univ. Appt'd by Pres.
Cleveland, 1894. mem. B'd Eng'rs to investigate crossing
of Hudson, at X. Y. City, with one-span bridge; also
one of the sub-coinmittee of "Com. of 70" for con-
sidering improvement of city water front; mem. ex-
pert com. on plans and estimates for rapid transit;
mem. B'd Consulting Eng'rs to Dock Dep't, 1895-1898;
consulting eng'r to Dep't Public Parks, 1896, in charge
of bld'g Harlem River driveway and bridges; appt'd
by Pres. Cleveland on b'd to locate deep-water harbor
on South Calif, coast, 1896; consulting eng'r Dep't of
Bridges, N. Y. City, 1898-1905; appt'd by Pres. Mc-
Kinley, 1S99, mem. first Isthmian Canal Comm'n, and
by Pres. Roosevelt, 1904, mem. Second Isthmian Canal
Comm'n; chm'n 1992-1903. of Comm'n on Additional
Water Supply for N. Y r . City; expert eng'r to Aque-
duct Comm'n, X". Y". City; mem. B'd Consulting Eng'rs,



Isthmian Canal Comm'u, 1905; since 1905 consulting
engr B'd Water Supply, City of N. Y.; consulting
engr Dep t Bridges for the design and constm
of Henry Hudson Memorial Bridge, 1007-1908.
Bd Trustees Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Mem
Am hoc. Civil Kng'rs, Inst'n Civil Eng'rs of Greal
P rl ' al j Nat - >eog. faoc, etc. Author: The Stresses
in Bridges and Roof Trusses, 1SS1; The Elasticity and
Resistance of Materials, 1SS3; Ancient and Modern
Engineering and the Isthmian Canal, 1902; and nu-
merous contributions to eng'ring and scientific socie-
ties. Address: Columbia Univ.. N. Y. City.


Lawyer, ass't eorp'n counsel; b. Dublin In land.
Mar. 30, 1856; s. John Arch/bold and Anne (Lovely)
Burr; ed. De La Salle Acad., N-. Y. Citv; St James
Coll., Baltimore, lid.; Columbia Coll. Law Sell m.
Jennie Philomene Lynch; children: Natalie. William
Arahbold, Jennie Philomene, Constance Fabiola An-
nette, John Lovely. Engaged in active practice of law
in X. Y. City since 1879; tried many notable cases,
counsel for many eorp'ns. Head of Franchise Div.
N. Y. Daw Dep't. Prepared and tried the celebrated
"SO-cent gas" case for City of N. Y., decided in favor
of city by U. S. Supreme Court, Jan. 4, 1909, resulting
in 513,000,000 being returned to gas consumers, and
a saving to them of $7,000,000 annually thereafter,
the city saving $750,000 on its gas bills, and $150,000
annually thereafter; this case is considered on e of
most important and far-reaching legal victories in
history of this country, making national reputation
for Mr. Burr. It fixed 6 per cent, as a reasonable rate
ot return on the present value of property actually
and necessarily devoted to the business of a public
service eorp'n; also conducted the litigation known as
the Death Avenue" case, brought by City of X Y
against the N. Y. Central & Hudson River R R Co ,
to compel removal of its tracks from surface of the
streets, which resulted in legislative action provid-
ing for such removal at expense of Co. Is recognized
as an authority on franchises. Elected delegate to
Constitutional Conv., 1894, from 11th Senatorial Dist.
N. Y. City, taking prominent part in proceedings In-
dependent Democrat; Catholic. Mem. Am Bar Ass'n
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y. Countv Bar Ass'n, Ass'n
Bar City of N. Y., Municipal Art Soc, Am.-Irish Hist.
Soc, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Recreations- "Walk-
ing, swimming, handball. Clubs: Manhattan Demo-
cratic, Catholic. Address: 129 W. 118th St N Y


Banker, broker; b. X. Y. City, 1852; s. Thomas H.
and Mary E. Burras; ed. N. Y. Coll.: m. Savannah, Ga.,
Kate Wheatson. Mem. firm H. K. Burras & Co. Clubs:
Metropolitan, Lotos, N. Y. Athletic, Automobile of
America, Pilgrims. Residence: Hotel Netherland,
Fifth Av. and 59th St. Address: 66 Broadway, N. Y.


"Writer; b. Chicago, 111.; d. Amzi and Catherine
(Walrath) Benedict; grad. Ferry Hall (Lake Forest,
HI.), Ditt.M. Univ. of 111.; m. Lake Forest, 111., Oct.
IS, 1888, Joseph Dunn Burrell; children: Katherine B.
Sicord, Monica. Three summers of European travel.
Writer of short stories in magazines, juvenile stories
in St. Nicholas and elsewhere, essays, four volumes on
domestic science, dep't work in Harper's Bazar, Good
Housekeeping, The Circle, Woman's Home Com-
panion, etc. Presb'n. Mem. D. A. R. Club: Meridan
(N. Y. City). Address: 58 Downing St., Brooklyn,
N. Y.


Clergyman Reformed Ch. of America; b. Mt. Pleas-
ant, Pa., Aug. 1, 1844; s. David and Elizabeth (Felgar)
Burrell; grad. Yale, A.B.. 1867; Union Theol. Sem.,
1870 (D.D., LL.D.); m. Freeport, HI.. Oct. 18, 1871,
Clara S. de Forest; children: Miriam, Elizabeth, David,
Norman, Eleanor, Katherine. Former pastorates in
Chicago, 111., Dubuque, Iowa, and Minneapolis, Minn.;
since 1891 pastor Marble Collegiate Ch.. N. Y. City.
Author: The Religions of the World (Presby'n B'd),
Gospel of Gladness, The Morning Cometh, Religion of
the Future, The Spirit of the Age, For Christ's Crown
and Covenant. The Golden Passional. The Wondrous
Cross, God and the People, Hints and Helps in Bible
Study, The Early Church, The Verities of Jesus, The
Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Scriptures, The
Evolution of a Christian, The Cloister Book, In
David's Town, At the Gate Beautiful. The Home
Sanctuary, The Centurion's Story, The Old-Time
Religion (all Am. Tract Soc), The Gospel of Certainty
(Hodder & Stoughton, London), A Quiver of Arrows,
The Lure of the Citv (Funk & Wagnalls) . Christ and
Progress, The Wonderful Teacher, The Unaccountable

-Man, The Church in the Fort, Christ and Men, The
Wayfarers of the Bible, The Sermon: Its Constm
and Delivery (all Revell). Republican. Address: 1
W. 29th St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Freeport, 111., Dec. 22, 1858; s. David
and Elizabeth (Felgar) Burrell; brother or Rev. David
James Burrell, pastor Marble Collegiate Ch.. X. Y.
City; ed. Freeport (111.) High Sch., Yale Coll., A.B.,
1881, A.M., 1893. Socs: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Skull and
Bones, Chi Delta Theta; Union, Theol. Sem. (D.D.,
Park Coll., 1900); m. Lake Forest, 111., Oct. 18, 1SS.S,
Caroline F. Benedict; children: Katherine B. Sicord,
Monica. Pastor Presby'n Ch., Clinton, la., 1881-1892;
Classon Av. Presby'n Ch., Brooklyn, since 1892. Eu-
ropean travel in 1S94, 1901, 1902. Joint author (with
Rev. Dr. David James Burrell): Hints and Helps in
Bible Study, and The Earlv Church (both Am. Tract
Soc). Author: The Singular Death of Christ, 190H
(Revell); A New Appraisal of Christian Science, 1906
(Funk & Wagnalls). Republican. Mem. Brooklyn
Clerical Union, Alpha Kappa (ministers' soc), Pres-
by'n Ministers' Club of N. Y., D. I. Yale Alumni Ass'n.
Union Sem. Alumni Club, Barnard Club of N. Y.,
Brooklyn Presby'n Social Union. Moderator, Pres-
bytery of Brooklyn. Pres. Brooklyn Presby'n Union
for Church Extension; dir. Union Theol. Sem., Pres-
by'n B'd Home Missions. Recreation: Walking. Sum-
mer home: Point o' Woods, L. I., X. Y. Address: 58
Downing St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Ira, Cayuga Co., N. Y., May 20, 1874- s.
Calvin W. and Lucy S. (Johnson) Burritt; ed. Auburn
High Sch., Albany Law Sch.; m. Barker, Niagara Co.,
N. Y., June 18, 1903, Maud Selina Hoag. Admitted to
bar, 1898; ass't dist. att'y Cayuga Co., 1899-Jan 1,
1906; dist. att'y of Cayuga Co., Jan. 1, 1906-Jan. 1,
1912. Since then practising law at Auburn, N. Y. Re-
publican; Baptist. Mason. Mem. B. P. O. Elks. Club:
City (Auburn). Address: 133 Genesee St., Auburn,
N. Y.


Artist; b. Hyde Park. Mass., Sept. 8, 1869; s. Major
George and Caroline (Bryson) Burroughs; ed public
and high schs., Cincinnati, Ohio; Art Students' League,
VVT' Clty ' and in P ari s and Florence; m. in England,
1893, Edith Woodman. Curator of Paintings Met.
Museum of Art, N. Y. Chanler scholarship, 1891 Art
Students' League, N. Y. City; silver medal, Pan-Am.
Exp'n; bronze medal. St. Louis Exp'n; silver medal,
Carnegie Inst., Pittsburgh, 1902, etc. Mem. Soc. Am.
Artists: associate Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Nat Soc.
Mural Painters. Club: Nat. Arts. Address: 67 Hill-
side Av., Flushing, N. Y.


Author; b. Roxbury, N. Y., April 3, 1837; s. Chauncey
A - and Amy (Kelly) Burroughs; ed. Roxbury Dist.
Sch., Cooperstown, N. Y.; Sem. and Heading Literarv
Inst., Ashland, N. Y. (D.Litt.), Yale, 1910; m. Sept. 13,
1857, Ursula North; one s.: Julian, b. 1879. Taught
school 1854-1863; treasury clerk and bank examiner.
1864-1885; engaged in fruit farming, 1885-1902; writer
for magazines since 1860. Visited England and France,
1871 and 1882; was a companion to Theodore Roose-
velt in trip to Yellowstone Park, 1893; and mem.
Harriman Expd'n to Alaska, 1899. Author: Wake
Robin, Signs and Seasons. Pepacton, Birds and Poets,
Winter Bunshine, Locust and Wild Honey, Fresh
Fields, Indoor Studies, Whiteman A Studv, The Light
of Day, Literary Values, Far and Near, Wavs of
Xature, Bird and Bough (collected poems), Camping
and Tramping with Roosevelt, Leaf and Tendril, Time

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