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1913, term expires 1925; chm'n State Science Work and
State Museum; Higher Ed'n; State Library; Law; and
Legislation. Engaged with wife in large philan-
thropic affairs; presented with Sevres Group, as ac-
knowledgment of thanks from French Gov't, for
reception given to French Champlain Comm'n, 1912.
Trustee Princeton Univ. many years (Alexander Hall
was built and presented by wife, 1S92) ; trustee 5th
Av. Presby'n Ch. Hereditary mem. Soc. and treas. Pa.
State Soc. of Cincinnati; mem. Soc. Colonial Wars,
Sons of Revolution, S. A. R., Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Pilgrims of U. S. t Pan-Am. Soc.
of U. S. Clubs: Union, University, Riding, Tuxedo, Met-
ropolitan, Army and Navy. N. Y. Yacht, Lawyers, Auto-
mobile of America, Princeton (N. Y.), Princeton (Phlla),
Nat. Democratic, Saabright Beach, Seabright Lawn Ten-
nis and Cricket, Tuxedo Golf (pres.), Burlingame
Country, Pacific-Union (Calif.). Residences: Tuxedo
Park, N. Y., 4 W. 58th St.. N. Y. City, 80 Av. du Bois de
Boulogne, Paris. Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; ex-mem. Congress; b. Richmond, Me.,
July 17, 1S46; s. Stanwood and Priscilla (Brown) Alex-
ander; entered Union Army at age of 15, serving for
three years as private soldier, 1862-1865; prepared for
college at Edward Little Inst., Auburn, Me.; grad.
Bowdoin Coll., A.B., 1870; AM., 1873; later LL.D.; m.
1st. Sept. 21. 1871. Alice Colby; 2nd, Dec. 28, 1892, Anne
D. Bliss. Located at Indianapolis, Ind., where engaged
In law practice as partner of Hon. Stanton J. Peelle,
now chief justice of Court of Claims, Washington,
D. C. Delegate Nat. Rep. Conv., 1872; sec. Ind. Rep.
State Conv. 1874-1878; appt'd, 1881, fifth auditor of the
Treasury, and while in Washington was for one term
comd'r Dept. of Potomac, G. A. R. ; removed to Buffalo
and became law partner of college classmate, Hon.
James A. Roberts, formerly comptroller State of N. Y.
U. S. attorney for Northern District of N. Y., 1889-
1903; mem. of Congress from 33d N. Y. Dlst.. 1897-
1903: from 36th N. Y. Dlst., 1903. Republican;'
Preshy'n. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Overseer Bow-
doin Coll. Author: Political History of the State of
New York. 2 vols. (Henrv Holt & Co.). Clubs: Buffalo,
University, Liberal. Address: 31 North St., Buffalo, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. West Charlton, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1843; s.
Alexander F. and Margaret (Bunyan) Alexander;
grad. Union Coll., 1866 (D.D., 1884); grad. Princeton
Theol. Sem., 1870. Pastor East Av. Presby'n Ch.,
Schenectady, N. Y., 1870-1883; Presbyterian Ch. on Univ.
Place, N. Y. City since 1884. Chaplain of St. Andrew's
Soc. of the State of N. Y. Pres. of council of New
York Univ.. B'd of Foreign Missions of the Presbyte-
rian Ch., B'd of Dlr. New York Coll. of Dentistry,
American and Foreign Christian Union; trustee of
Union Coll.; pres. 1907-1909; dir. Princeton Theol. Sem.
Address: 47 University Place, N. Y. City.


Former pres. Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of the
U. S.; b. Princeton, N. J., July 19, 1839; s. Rev. Dr.
James W. Alexander, pastor 5th Avenue Presby'n Ch.;
grad. Princeton, A.B., 1860 (AM.); m. Elizabeth, N. J.,
Nov. 24, 1862. Elizabeth Beasley Williamson. Admit-
ted to N. Y. Bar, 1862; practised law until 1866: after
that in Equitable Life Assurance Soc, becoming pres.
on death of Henry B. Hyde, until 1905. Trustee
Princeton Univ.; formerly pres. Soc. of the Virginians.
Author: Princeton, Old and New, 1898. Clubs: Univer-
sity (was pres. 8 years). Metropolitan, Princeton (was
pres. 6 years), Century. Address: 24 Broad St., N. Y. City.


ATtlst; b. Allegheny City, Pa., Oct. 7, 1856; s. John
and Frances (Smith) Alexander; student of Royal
Acad, of Fine Arts, Munich; (A.M., Princeton, 1892,
Ditt.D., 1909); m. Nov. 2, 1887, Elizabeth Alexander;
one son, James W., Jr. Awarded gold medal Phlla.
Acad. Fine Arts. 1897; gold medal of honor. 1904:
also at Paris Exp'n, 1900, and Pan-Am., Buffalo,
1901; Dlpplncott prize, Philadelphia; first prize, Wash-
ington, D. C, Art Soc; first Carnegie prize, Soc Am.
Artists; medal, Munich Acad.; gold medal Da. Purchase
Exp'n, 1904; represented In Luxembourg, Paris, gal-
lery at St. Petersburg; private galleries, London and
Edinburgh, Scotland; Carnegie Inst., Pittsburgh; Phil-
adelphia Acad. Fine Arts; Willstach collection, Fair-
mount Park, and Elkins collection, Philadelphia: Bos-
ton Museum Fine Arts; Met. Museum. N. Y.; Cincin-

nati Fine Arts Inst.; Princeton Univ.; Harvard Univ.;
R. I. Sch. of Design; Congressional Library, Wash-
ington, D. C. ; Chamber of Commerce, and Cooper
Union, N. Y.; State House, Trenton, N. J.; City Hall.
Albany. N. Y., and in many private collections. Painted
a portrait of President Loubet, which hangs in the
ElysGe Palace, Paris; Chevalier Legion d'Honneur,
1901: academician Nat. Acad. Design, 1902; mem
Society Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris; Soc. Am
Artists, Nat Soc Mural Painters Architectural
League, Nat. Inst. Arts and Letters, Societfe Nouvelle
de Paris, Internat. Soc. London; honorary mem. of
Soc. of Austrian Painters, and of The Secession of
Munich. Clubs: Century, Metropolitan. Union. Resi-
dence: 116 E. 65th St. Studio: 123 E. 63d St, N. Y. City.


Stockbroker; b. in Meade Co.. Ky. ; s. Junius B. and
Lucy Fltzhugh (Dade) Alexander; ed. Washington
Univ., St. Louis, and Jefferson Coll., Pa., A.B.. 1864; m.
Madison Sq. Presby'n Ch., June 12, 1866, Orllne St.
John; children: St. John, Orline, Lucy, Lawrence D. Jr.
Engaged in banking and Stock Exchange business
since 1866. Independent in politics. Presby'n. Mem. Phi
Kappa Sigma fraternity. Club: Century. Residence:
New Canaan, Conn. Address: 20 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Sec Equitable Life Assurance Soc of U. S.; s. Rev.
James W. (D.D.) and Elizabeth (Cabell) Alexander:
ed. In Univ. of Va. ; m. Frances Gordon Paddock; one
d.. Mrs. Frances A. Wellman. Mem. Ass'n for Protec-
tion of the Adirondacks, Charities Organization Soc.
Southern Soc. Clubs: Century, Union, University.
Lawyers. The Virginians, Ausable. Address: 165
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Broker; s. J. Henry Alexandre; grad. Harvard Univ..
class of 1907; m. Anne Loomls Dyar. Mem. N. Y.
Stock Exchange. Clubs: Riding, Racquet and Tennis.
Squadron A. Address. 7 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Burlington, Vt. ; s Charles J. and Harriot
S. (Murdoch) Alger; ed. Univ. of Vt, A.B. (Phi Beta
Kappa), 1892; N. Y. Univ. Daw Sch., 1895; m. Boston,
1903, Grace E. Drew. Engaged In practise of law In
N. Y. City since 1895; now mem. law firm of Alger &
Simpson. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y., County
Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. Law inst, Phi Delta Phi frater-
nity. Interested in reform of laws relating to child
labor, and drafted present Employers' Liability Act of
State of N. Y., and many of the State laws relating to
child labor in factories and stores. Author: Alger and
Slater on the New York Employers' Liability Act (2d
edition) 1907; Moral Overstrain, 1906. The Old Law
and the New Order (Houghton, Mifflin) 1913; also va-
rious contb'ns to magazines. Clubs: City, Economic.
Phi Delta Phi (ex-pres.). Residence: 451 West End
Av. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 28, 1865; s John and
Mary (Hill) Allen; descendant Gen. Ethan Allen, Lord
Cadwalader Blayney, and Hon. Joseph Addison; ed.
LeonaTd Acad., 1872-1875; Essex County Grammar
Sch., N. J., 1875-1879; N. Y. Sch. of Languages, Amherst
Coll., Columbia Univ., AM., LL.B., Ph.D.; m. June 26,
1901, Sarah Edith Kutz of Reading. Pa. Admitted to
bar, N. Y. City, 1889, in practice since 1891. Traveled
in Europe and Western Asia, 1889-1890. Contb'r to
Educator, Sag Harbor Express, and various articles
on European Travel, and lectured for N. Y. B'd of
Ed'n. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. A. A. A. S.,
Columbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n. Dwight Alumni Ass'n.
S. A. R. Clubs: Alpha Delta Phi. Quill, University.
Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Postmaster, Jamestown, N. Y.; b. Jamestown, N Y.,
Sept. 7, 1873; s. Alfred D. and Virginia (Mahcn) Allen;
ed. The Gunnery. Washington, Conn.; Berkeley Sch.,
N. Y. City; Phillips Exeter Acad.; Harvard A.B, 1896;
Buffalo Law Sch., 1896-1898. Enlisted at Buffalo, N.
Y., July 27, 189S, in 202d N. Y. Vol. Inf.; app't serg't
Aug 5. 1898: comm'd 2d lieut. Oct 3. 1898; served four
months in Cuba; discharged at Savannah, Ga., >nrtl
15, 1899; since then engaged in real estate busings at
Jamestown. N. Y. Elected supervisor from Jamestown
N. Y., to the Chautauqua County B'd of Supervisors
April 5, 1905: elected mem. Assembly from dhaufannni
County in 1906 and 1007, re-elected 1916; chm'n Com
on Federal Relations of Gen. Asse.nbiy 1908-191O -
appt'd Postmaster, Jamestown N. r Tp e h 1 mii*
Republican. Mem. Phi Delta Phi (las- fraternity) Fra
ternal Order of Eagles. Aerie 816 Address: James-
town, N. Y.




Banker; b. Manchester. Mass.: s John and Evelyn
(Hooper) Allen; m. Louie Sutherland; children:
Catharine, Evelyn, Benjamin, Louis. V.-p. Columbia-
Knickerbocker Trust Co-; v.-p. and dir. Knickerbocker
Safe Deposit Co.; dir, Tanana Valley R. R. Co., Globe
Lithographing Co., U. S. News Co., Brunswick Site Co..
Hotel Holding Co., Hotel Securities Co., N. Y. Title
Ins. Co., Santa Cecilia Sugar Co., Trustee Rosedale and
Linden Cemetery Ass'n. Episcopalian. Address: (ill
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Author; b. Windsor Locks, Conn., May, 1865; s. B.
Rowland and Annie Pierson (Dexter) Allen; ed. pri-
\ :i i.-, com n and high sens., Hartford, Conn.: m. Hart-
ford, Conn., 1890 Frances Louise Clark. Banker 20
years; writer, editorial critic, etc., 15 years. Author:
American Book Plates (New York and London, 1894),
and several other books on book plates. Contb'r to
magazines, papers, encyclopedias, etc. Mem. Internat.
Jury of Award, Louisiana Purchase Exp'n, 1904 (Dept.
of Books, Bindings, etc.). Clubs: Authors, Arts (N.
Y. City). Recreations: Golf, walking. Address: 30
Gates Ave., Montclair, N. J.


Banker; b. Lowell, Mass., April 15, 1848; s. Otis and
Louise (Bixbv) Allen; grad. Amherst Coll., 1869, A.M.,
LL.D., 1900; m. Nov. 10, 1870, Harriet Coleman Dean;
two daughters. Was lumber merchant at Lowell; mem.
Mass. General Court, 1881-82; Mass. State Senate, 1883;
elected mem. of Congress, 1884 (two terms), holding
important place en tihe corns, on Indian Affair's and
Post Offices; Republican candidate for governor of
Mass., 1891. but defeated by a small majority by Gov-
ernor Russell; succeeded Theodore Roosevelt as ass't
sec. of the Navy, 1898. and served during the war with
Spain; was, in 1900, made first civil governor of Porto
Rico under American authority, and organized the new
gov't; for these services was offered by President Mc-
Kinley the choice of 'several dipolmatic appointments.
Since 1902 pres. Appleton Nat. Bank at Lowell; dir.
Nat. Bank of Commerce, Am. Surety Co., Guaranty
Trust Co.. N. Y.; Union Exchange Nat. Bank, N. Y.:
Appleton (Nat. Bank, Electric Properties Co., N. Y., and
pres., dir. Am. Sugar Refining Co. Trustee Amherst
Coll., Smith Coll. Clubs: Union (Boston). Metropoli-
tan (Washington), Yorick. Vesper (Lowell), Metro-
politan, Universitv (New York). Residence: 131 E.
66th St. Address: 117 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. St. Louis, Mc, Dec. 3, 1875; s. Gen.
Charles J. Allen (U. IS. Army, retired) and Elizabeth
Walbridge (Cleveland) Allen; ed. Columbian Univ. Law
Sch. (now George Washington Univ.). LL.M., and D.
C.L., 1899, 1900; Nat. Univ. Law Sch., LL.B., 1897, LL.M.,
1898; m. Litchfield, Conn., April 24, 1909, Ethel Whit-
ney, of Oakland, Cal., and Washington, D. C. ; chil-
dren: Charles Klssam, Jr., b. 1910; George Whitney,
b. 1911. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. Co.
Lawyers' Ass'n. Residence: Ridgewood. N. J. Ad-
dress: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City.


Publisher: b. Bordentown, N. J.. Jan. 5, 1860; s.
Col. Joseph Warner (9th N. J. Vols.) and Sarah B.
(Norcross) Allen; grad. Princeton. A.B., 18S0; m. N.
Y. City, June 2, 1890, Julia Hawks Oakley (died 1909);
children: Sara Burns, Marjorie Hawks, Doris Harwood,
Olive Trowbridge. Entered service of Nat. R'y Pub-
lication Co., 1881, as clerk; made ass't editor Official
R'y Guide, 1890; ass't mg'r Nat. R'y Publication Co.,
1906; sec. and treas. Knickerbocker Guide Co. since
1883; sec. and treas. R'y Equipment and Publication
Co., since 1897. Sec. Manhattan Fire Alarm Co. Vet-
eran 7th Reg't. N. Y. (Co. B); sec. B'd of Health, So.
Orange, N. J.; elected trustee, same village, Nov. 1905,
1911 and 1913. Republican. Episcopalian. Vestryman
Ch. of the Holy Communion, So. Orange, N. J. Clubs:
Underwriters, Transportation. Address: 24 Park
Place, N. Y. City.


Editor Jamestown Morning Post; b. Moscow, Liv-
I Lngston Co., N, v.,\ 14, 1868; s. Elias and Rosetta
1 (Sheldon) Allen; ed. in dist. sch., S. Bristol. N. Y., and
. ublic schs. of Rochester, N, Y. ; grad. Rochester Free
AcJ., 1887; m. Canandaig-ua, N. Y.. Dec. 4. 1895. Mar-
tha C. Van De Vyver; children: Marjorie, b. 1897; Ed-
ward Robert, b. 189*9; Elizabeth, b. 1901. R.
Rochester herald, 1887-1891, Rochester Union a
vertiser. 189\1-1892; asso. editor Rochester Herald,
1892-1895; cashier Rochester post-office, is
editorial writer I'tuffalo Enquirer, 1897. Buffalo Ci
1897-1901; interested Jamestown capitalists in
lishment of Morning Post. 1901, and has been editnr
since its first issue, Sept. 2, 1901; sec. Post PuV,

Co., Jamestown, N. Y. Mem. Jamestown Charter Re-
vision Comm'n, 1900-1907, Jamestown Board of Health,
1910-1913; sec. Chautauqua Co. Direct Primary Ass'n;
mem. Advisory Council of State Direct Primaries Ass'n,
Executive Council of local Anti-Tuberculosis Con.
Presby'n. Mem. Alpha Zeta fraternity, Nat. Civic Fed-
eration, State Press Ass'n. Club: University (James-
town). Address: Morning Post, Jamestown, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Amenia, Dutchess Co., X. Y., .Nov.
26, 1844; s. John T. and Mary (Soule) Allen; ed. Dutch-
ess Co. Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Cornell Coll.,
Ml. Vernon, Iowa, and four years' course Union Coll.,
Schenectady, N. 1'., A.B., 1865, and elected mem. Phi
Beta Kappa; also one of two speakers at closing ex-
ercises of Philomathean Lit. Soc. ; m. N. Y. City, Oct.
25, 1876, Mary Eleanor Devoe; one d., Ethel D. Allen,
b. 1878. Admitted to bar 1876, at N. Y. City, where has
since been engaged in general practice of law. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. As mem. of Good Government
Club, and later of Citizens' Union, engaged for sev-
i id years in work for better municipal gov't; trustee
n! the common schools 14 years, in the 24th Ward of
-\ T . Y. City. Episcopalian. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa
Alumni Ass'n, Union Coll. Alumni Ass'n, Delta Kappa
Epsilon, Civil Service Reform Ass'n, Dutchess County
Soc. Address: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands; s. Hon.
Elisha Hunt Allen, M.C. (also chief justice Hawaiian
Islands and minister plenipotentiary to U. S.), and
Mary Harrod (Hob'bes) Allen; grad. AJB., 1880 (A.M.),
LL.B., 1883, Harvard Univ.; m. N. Y. City, 1892, Adele
Livingston Stevens; children: Frederic Stevens, Mary
Dorothy Adele, Barbara Frances Gallatin, Joan Liv-
ingston, Julian Broome Livingston, Priscilla Alden
Sampson. Studied law in office of Holmes & Adams;
admitted to bar. 1884; became mn'g clerk Miller, Peck-
ham & Dixon; later practised alone; in 1894 formed
firm of Adams & Allen, and on death of senior part-
ner, 1900, formed firm of Allen & Cammann. Sec.
Hawaiian Legation, 1882, charge d'affaires; resigned
1883; has been corp'n counsel, also pres. Village of
Pelham Manor. Chm'n Dem. Co. Com., Westchester
County, N, Y. ; has been delegate at various State
convs. ; delegate to Dem. Nat. Con v. at Denver, 1908,
twice mem. Exec. Com. of Dem. State Com. of N. Y.
(in last campaign mem. Gen. Finance Com. of Demo-
cratic Nat- Com.). Mem. Permanent Am. Comm'n that
went abroad to study agr'l finance, production, dis-
tribution and rural life. Mem. Sons of Revolution,
Soc. Colonial Wars. Recreations: Hunting, polo.
Clubs: Knickerbocker, Union, Manhattan, City. Resi-
dence:. Bolton Priory, Pelham Manor, N. Y. Address:
63 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman, author, lecturer; b. Lyme, N. H. Oct. 1,
1845; s. Philander and Rhoda Lord (Hovey) Allen; ed.
Deerfield Acad., Boston Univ.. Hartford Theol. Sem. ;
studied at Univ. of Paris, also in Vienna (honorary
LL.D.); m. Auburn, Me., 1881, M. Cora Bumpus, noted
singer and musician. After leaving Deerfield Acad,
learned printer's trade; in company with H. A. Wads-
worth, published weekly edition of the Lawrence
(Mass.) Eagle; founded and edited Lawrence Daily
Eagle; purchased and edited Suffolk Co. Journal, Bos-
ton, two years. Ordained to ministry, 1874; acting
pastor Conga Ch., W. Brookfield. Mass.. IS months;
pastor E. St. Cong'l Ch.. S. Boston, and Olivet Ch.,
Boston, about three years; acting pastor Cong'l Ch..
Abington, 14 months; pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., Rockland,
Mass., 7 ye.ii s. World-wide traveler; visited over 500
studios in great art centers. In 1883 brought to Amer-
ica first successful process of photogravure plates;
made the first Am. plates and first book ever issued in
America from American-made plates. Author: Master-
pieces of Modern German Art (2 vols.), Recent Ger-
man Art. Modern German Masters (10 vols.). Great
Cathedrals of the World (2 vols.). Famous Paintings
(2 vols.). Grand Modern Paintings (2 vols.), Bowdoin
Art Collection, History of the Reformation, Parisian
Ail Mini Artists, Gerome (brochure), Dore (brochure),
Edited: Lalla Rookh. Columbus. Cortez, Pizarro, Amer-
ican Scenery. European Scenery. The Heart of Europe,
Mountain. Lake and River; Art expert, and commis-
sionaire in fine paintings. Republican. Mem. Nor-
folk Ass'n of Cong'l Ministers, Metropolitan Museum
Of Art. Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences, Nat. Geog.

!., Soc. Graphic Arts. Vienna Art See. of Munich;
Auditor Home for Crippled Children, Boston. Royal

ih Mason, Knight Templar. Club: City. Address:
Hntel San Remo, 146 Central Park W., N. Y. City.


U. S. Comm'r of Patents; b. Auburn, N. Y., Jan. 19,
1S59; s. William Allen; ed. Auburn High Sch., Phillips



Acad., Andover, Mass., Yale (Sheffield Scientific Sen.).
B.S., 1879 (received the class prize in mineralogy); m.
Auburn, N. Y., June 3, 1SS4, Cornelia Margaret, d. Gen.
William H. Seward. Alter graduation studied law;
admitted to bar, 1SS2; practised patent law at Auburn
until appt'd, March, 1901, U. S. Comm'r of Patents.
Lecturer on patent law, George Washington Univ.;
represented I*. S, at the Congress of the Internat.
Ass'n for the Protection of Industrial Property, at
Berlin and Berne. Residence: Auburn, N. Y. Address:
2 Rector St, N. Y. City.


Merchant, mem. of Assembly; b. Mexico, Oswego
Co., N. Y Dec. 13, 1874. Moved to Clinton, N. Y., 1884,
and attended Clinton Grammar Sen., 1884-1889. Now
engaged in hardware business. Mem. Republican
County Com. of Oneida County from town of Kirk-
land, 1908-1910; chm'n of Town Com.. 1906 and 1907.
Mem. of Assembly from Oneida Co., 1910, 1911, 1912,
1913. Clubs: Masonic, Arcanum (Utica), Shenandoah
(Clinton), Sangerfield Country (Sangerfield), Albany
(Albany). Address: Clinton, Oneida County, N. Y.


Physician; b. N. Y. City; s. Samuel F. and Narcissa
Jane (Stutsman) Allen; grad. N. Y. Homeopathic Med.
Coll. and Hosp., M.D., 1895; special course N. Y. Post-
Grad. Seh., 1S99; m. N. Y. City, 1896, Bertha Brush;
one d. Eliazbeth Hoadley, b. 1903. Lecturer on physi-
ology, 1897-1901; lecturer on practice, 1903-1904; prof,
materia medica, X. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. Visiting
Physician to Hahnemann Hosp.; on staff of Laura
Franklin Free Hosp. for Children, 1897-1902. Mem.
Am. Inst, of Homeopathy, N. Y. State Homeo. Med.
Soc. N. Y. Co. Homeo. Med. Soc. N. Y. Homeo. Materia
Medica. Soc, Alumni Ass'n of N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll.
and Hosp. Progressive. Presbyterian. Club: Dun-
ham. Address: 117 W. 12th St, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Chenault, Ky., June 1, 1871; s. A. S.
and Lettie E. (Gilliland) Allen; grad. Kentucky Univ.,
Lexington, A.B., A.M., LL.B.; Yale Univ., M.L., D.C.L.;
m. Covington, Ky., Oct. 31, 1900, Lula Pearl Jeffers.
Has practised law in N. Y. City since 189S. Mem. N.
Y. Assembly of 1902. Formerly Republican, now of
Independence League. Mem. Christian Ch. (Disci-
ples). Mem. Bar Ass'n City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, West
Side Tax Pavers' Ass'n, Kentucky Soc., Southern Soc.
Club: National Arts. Address: 35 Wall St.. N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Warrenton, Ga., Aug. 9, 1875; s. Jacob
Aaron and Mary Will (Cody) Allen; descendant of
James Allen of Eng., who settled in Ga. (since the
residence of the Allen family), 1786; ed. Warrenton
High Sch.; grad. Emory Coll.. Oxford, Ga., A.B., 1895;
m. Atlanta, Ga., June 14. 1897. Minnie A. Battle. En-
tered employ Western Nat. Bank, now Nat. Bank of
Commerce, N. Y. City, 1902, as ass't to pres. With
Seaboard Nat. Bank, until 1909, when organized bank-
ing firm of J. F. Allen & Co., of which he is head.
Also dir. Piedmont Wagon & Mfg Co.. Hickory, N. C.
Democrat; Methodist. Mem. Am. Bankers' Ass'n.
Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Southern Soc. of N. Y.;
ex-pres. Ga. Soc. of N. Y. Recreations: Golf, motoring.
Cluhs: Lotos. Lawyers', N. Y. Athletic. Baltusrol Golf,
Englewood Golf. Atlantic Yacht (trustee). Residence:
116 Riverside Drive. Address: 111 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Author; b. near Lexington, Ky., 1849: s. Richard
and Helen (Foster) Allen; ed. Transylvania Univ.,
A.B., A.M. At father's death, 1870, began teaching in
public schools; became a private tutor; taught Latin
and higher English in Bethany Coll., W. Va.. for two
years; since then engaged In literature. Author;
Flute and Violin and Other Kentucky Tales and Ro-
mances: The Blue Grass Regions of Kentucky and
Other Kentucky Articles; John Gray, a Kentucky
Tale of the Olden Time; A Kentucky Cardinal; A
Summer in Arcady; The Choir Invisible (dramatized,
1S99); The Increasing Purpose: Aftermath (Second
Part of a Kentucky Cardinal); The Mettle of the Pas-
ture; The Reign of Daw; Bride of the Mistletoe; The
Doctor's Christmas Eve; The Heroine in Bronze. Ad-
dress: 66 5th AT., N. Y. City.


Naturalist; h. Springfield Mass., July 19, 1S38; a.
Joel and Harriet (Trumbull) Allen; ed. Wilbraharo
Acad, and Lawrence Scientific Sch.. Harvard, 1862-
.1867. specializing in zoology under Agassiz: Hum-
boldt scholar, same. 1871 (Ph.D., Ind. Univ.); m. 1st
Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 6, 1874, Mary Manning Cleve-

land (died April 17, 1S79) ; 2d, Cornwall-on-Hudson,
April 27, 1S80, Susie Augusta Taft; one son: Cleve-
land, b. June 25, 1878. Ass't to Prof. Agassiz on
scientific expedition to Brazil, 1865; made scientific
researches In Florida, 1869; chief of scientific staff,
Gov't Expd'n, Northern Pacific R. R. Survey 1873
special collaborator U. S. Geol. Survey, Rocky 'Moun-
tain Region (Hayden), 1878-1883. Ass't ornithology,
Museum Comparative Zoology, Harvard, 1871-1885-
curator mammalogy and ornithology, Am. Museum
Natural History, N. Y. City, since 1885. Editor Bul-
letin Nuttall Ornith. Club, 1876-1883; editor The Auk
ornith. quarterly, 1SS4-1912; Bulletin and Memoirs',
Am. Museum Natural History, since 1887. Has writ-
ten a large number of monographs, reviews and con-
tributions relating to mammalogy and ornithology,
more especially on geographical zoology, North Am.
Rodentia and Pinnipedia, Mammals of Patagonia,
Mammals of Nicaragua, Mammals and Birds of North-
eastern Siberia and of Columbia, and on the genus
Didelphys. Fellow American Ornithologists' Union
(pres. 1883-1891); mum. National Academy Sciences
since 1876; hon. mem. British Ornithologists' Union
Zool. Soc, London; Deutsche Ornithologische Gesell-
schaft and N. Y. Zool. Soc; mem. Am. Soc. Natural-
ists, Am. Geog. Ass'n, Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences,
Am. Philos. Soc, N. Y. Acad. Sciences (v.-p. 1891)
Lmnaean Soc. Natural History of N. Y. (pres. 1890-
1897), Washington Acad. Sciences, Biol. Soc Washing-
ton; Am. Ass'n Museums, Internat. Comm'n on Zool.
Nomenclature; dir. Nat. Ass'n Audubon Socs. N Y

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