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Presby'n and Rutgers Presiby'n Churches, 1901-1903;
pastor Bushwick Av. Cong'l Ch., Brooklyn, since 1906,
church now having 800 members and 1,000 in Sunday
Sch., and for two years has had largest increase In
membership of any Cong'l Ch. in N. Y. State. While
in Chicago was moderator of Presbytery and comm'r
to Gen. Assembly at Denver; while in Marble Collegi-
ate Ch. was sec. and treas. of Alpha Chapter. Patriotic
League, of which ex-Mayor Abram S. Hewitt was pres.
Republican. Congregationalist, Mason, Knight of
Pythias, mem. Delta Upsilon fraternity (N. Y. Univ.),
Am. Soc. Comparative Religions, Manhattan Ass'n of
Cong'l Ministers. Receives many calls for lectures be-
fore public sens., memorial addresses, coll. addresses,
after dinner speeches, etc. Recreations: Golf, fishing,
swimming, croquet, tennis. Clubs: Brooklyn-Forest
Park Golf, University of Brooklyn. Dunwoodie Coun-
try. Address: 47 Linden St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Author, lecturer; b. Camden, Ala., Feb. 22, 1851; d.
Edwin and Priscilla (Maxwell) Upson; grad. Wheaton
Coll., Norton, Mass., 1869; grad. Westfield (Mass.)
Normal Sch., 1872; taught in Cleveland (O.) Central
High Sch.. 1S72-1873; m. Milwaukee. Wis.. 1874, Edwin
Perkins Clark, for 18 years editorial writer on staff of



N. V. Eve. Tost (died L903); children: Charles Upson,
Ass't Prof. Latin Yale Univ.; John Kirkland, Ass't
Dist. Att'y, x. v. Co.; George Maxwell. Pres. Clark &
i y, inc.. ol N. X Clt; Ha! lectured widely upon
literary, edn'l, social and domestic topics. Mem. Mer-
idian, Browning and Cosmopolitan Clubs of X. t. City,
New England Soc, pies. W'heaton Club of N. Y. City
since its founding in 1886. Editor dep't "In tlie World
of Womankind." in Leslie's Weekly. Has edited sev-
eral magazines and many dep'ts In periodicals; contb'r
to most of leading- magazines, especially tor the voting.
Author: Bringing Up Boys, l'.KHi; White ButL-rllies

r. : How Dexter Paid His Way, 1901; Move Upward,'

1902; Up the Witch Brook Road. 1902; A Soldier of
Conscience, 1903; Th<- Adventures of Spotty, 1904;
Donald's Good Hen, 1905; The Dole Twins, l'.uii;; Art
and Citizenship, 1907. Trustee Wheaton Coll., 1907,
Address: 24Sa Monroe St.. Brooklyn. X. Y.


Jurist; b. Brookline, Mass.. Jan. 22. 1854; s. Lester
Manzer and Maria Isabella (Williams) Clark; ed. Bos-
ton Latin Sch. and Harvard Coll.. A.B., 1876; Columbia
Law Sch., LL.B.. 1S7S; m. Oct. 20, Irene M. de Ma Carty.
Admitted to bar, 1878. and engaged in practice until
elected, on the Republican ticket, Nov. 1906, justice of
the Supreme Court of New York for term expiring
Dec. 31, 1920. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Republi-
can. Clubs: Harvard (N. Y. City), Hamilton (Brook-
lyn), Staten Island, Richmond County Country. Ad-
dress: Clinton Av., Xen- Brighton. S. I., N. Y.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City; s. Joseph Ramsey and Mary
Elizabeth (Sherwood) Clark; received public sch. ed'n;
m. June 5th. 1SS9, Gertrude J. Wiswall. V.-p. and dir.
Shuttleworth Bros. Co., Amsterdam, N Y. ; dir. W. &
J. Sloane, N. Y. City, McCleary, Wallin & Crouse Am-
sterdam, N. Y.; C. H. Masland & Sons, Philadelphia:
Willow Grass Rug Co., Green Bay, Wis.: Rockton
Realty Co., Amsterdam, N. Y.; Mem. N. E. Soc. of the
Oranges. Clubs: Union League, Essex Countv Coun-
try. Residence: 00 E. Park st., East Orange, N. J. Ad-
dress: 575 5th Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Binghamton, X. v.. Mar. 14, 1869; s. Ed-
ward K. and Martha J. (Seymour) Clark; ed. Bingham-
ton Central High Sch., Cornell Univ. (not graduating);
unmarried. Admitted to bar, 1S93. .Mem. law firm Hin-
man, Howard & Kattell Binghamton, N. Y. Elected
dist. att'y Broome Co., Nov., 1901; re-elected 1904 and
1907. Mem. N. Y. State Probation Comm'n, 1905-1906.
State Comm'r of Prisons, 1907-1908,' and by designation
a State Probation Comm'r, 1907-190S. Resigned on be-
coming Deputy Att'y Gen., Jan. 1909; resigned as Third
Deputy General to become counsel to the Governor,
Jan., 1910; resigned as such Jan. 1, 1911. Republican.
Address: 117 Henry St., Binghamton, N. Y.


Architect; b. Somerville, N. J.; April 9, 1S75; s. Col.
J. S. Henry and Mary E. (Davenport) Clark: ed. West-
minster Sch., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.; prepared for Yale
Coll., class of 1898, but took up business instead of
entering univ.; m. Nov. 9, 1899, Gertrude Jerome Alex-
andre. Engaged in lumber business in 1S92; now mem.
firm of Warren & Clark, architects. Episcopalian.
Member Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: Union, Brook,
Racquet and Tennis. Address: 441 Park Av., X. Y.


Lawyer; b. Cooperstown, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1882; grad.
Academic Dep't, Y'ale Coll., A.B. ; Columbia Law Sch.,
1907. Admitted to bar of N. Y. State, and became
actively interested in politics, being candidate for
State senator, but after receiving support of county
of Otsego, was beaten in conv. by Senator Allds, Re-
publican; elected member Assembly, 1909. Address:
Cooperstown, N. Y.


Capitalist; b. in Norfolk, Eng., July 9, 1845; s. Robert
and Susan Clark; ed. bv private teachers; m. N. Y. .
City, July 8, 1879, Mrs. Fanny (Phelps) Foster. V.-p.
Western Union Telegraph Co., v.-p. and dir. Internat.
Ocean Telegraph Co., Gold and Stock Telegraph Co.,
Am. Telegraph and Cable Co., Am. Union Telegraph
Co., Internat. Ocean Telegraph Co., N. Y. Mutual Tele-
graph Co., Southern and Atlantic Telegraph Co., dir.
Am. Dist. Telegraph Co., of N. J., Marine and Inland
Telegraph Co., Stock Quotation Telegraph Co. Mem.
Met. Museum of Art, Nat. Geog. Soc. Dunlap Soc,
Museum of Natural History, N. Y., Botanical Soc.
Clubs: Century, Players, Ardsley. Residence: Madison,
N. J. Address: 195 Broad wa v. N. Y. Citv


Landscape artist; b. Brooklyn, N. v., (Mar, 9, 1848; s.
Daniel Candcc and 11. dm Maria, il'.allanli rlaik; ed
Mass. Inst. Technology, class 1S70; student Nat. Acad.
m. Art Students' League, and under late George
Inness; sculpture tinder J. S. Hartley; in. N. Y. City,
1 ^ 7 1 _ Jennie W. Clark; children: Walter Lemuel, Morris
S., Arthur F.. Eliot Candee Helen M. Daniel Willard.
Exhibited Columbian Exp'h, 1893, Paris, 1900, silver
medal, Pan-Am., ami St. Louis Exp'ns and the Inness
Gold -Medal of Nat. Acad. Design. Followed sculpture
five years until 1881; since then landscape artist.
Mem. Xat. Acad. Design; mem. Soc. Am. Artists, Soc.
Landscape Painters, X. Y. Water Color Club, Artists'
Fund Soc. Club: Century. Address: Bronxville, N. Y.


Economist; b. Defiance, O.. June 9, 1873; s. Lemen
Taylor and Martha Ann (Robinson) Clark; ed. public
sells., Delphos, O., Ohio Wesleyan Univ. A.B., 1890,
A.M., 1898; Columbia Univ., Ph. D. (Political Science),
1903; fellow in economics, Columbia Univ., 1902-1903;
m. Hartford, Conn., June 6, 1908, Euphemia Murray
Abrams; children: Walter Van Tilburg, b. 1909;
Euphemia Murray, b. 1911; David Greer, b. 11H2. Instr
mathematics, Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1896-1899; tutor and
instr. ass't & asso. prof. Coll. City of N. Y., 1901-191U;
prof, and head of dept. Polit. Science Coll. City of N.
Y., since 1910. Lecturer on Economics Public Evening
Lecture Bureau, N. Y. City, 1905-1913. Independent;
Methodist. 'Mem. Am. Economic Ass'n, Nat. Ass n
Labor Legislation. Nat. Industrial Ed'n Ass'n, Am.
Peace Soc, Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Phi Beta
Kappa Soc. Recreations: Handball, tennis, fishing.
Residence: 824 St. Nicholas Av. Address: College City
of N. Y., N. Y. City.


Consulting eng'r; b. Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 2.:,
1876; s. Thos. A. and Eunice M. (Wright) Clark; ed.
public schs., Salt Lake Acad., Calif. Sens, of Technol-
ogy; unmarried. Engaged in hydraulic, steam and
elec. eng'ring in Calif., Oregon, Wash, and H. I., 1893-
1903. In 1899 became v.-p. and mn'g dir. Kilbour'ne Si
Clark Mf'g Co. of Seattle, Wash., handling eng'ring,
contracts, and commercial electrical business. In 1905
became eng'r and mg'r of Elec. Dep't of Ansonia Brass
& Copper Co. of N. Y. and Conn. In 1908, opened con-
sulting eng ring offices in N. Y.; engaged in research
work at Columbia Univ. Now v.-p. Kilbourne & Clark
Mfg. Co., Seattle, Wash., Clark Electric & Mfg. Co.,
New York; dir. Lewiston-Clarkston Improvement Co.
of Clarkston, Wash., Texas Traction Co., Dallas, Tex.;
consulting eng'r Victoria Falls & Transvaal Power Co.,
London and Johannesburg, S. Africa. Mem. Pacific North
West Soc. of Eng'rs, Am. Electro Chemical Soc. Am
Int. Electrical Eng'rs. Elk, Mason. Clubs: Union
League, Engineers, Faculty (of Columbia Univ.), Ex-
plorers. Railroad (New York), Greenwich Country
(Conn.), Royal Automobile, American Universities
(London), Rainier (Seattle, Wash.). Residence: Engi-
neers' Club. Address: 149 B'way, N. Y. City.


Banker, mine owner, ex-U. S. Senator; b. near
Connellsville, Pa., Jan. S, 1839; ed. Laurel Hill and
other academies; studied law Mt. Pleasant (la.) Univ.;
m. 1st, 1809, Kate L. Stauffer (died, 1892); 2d, May 25,
1901 Anna E. La Chappelle. In Missouri and Colo.,
1859-1863, Mont, since 1863; extensive interests in
mines and railways; pres. United Verde Copper Co.,
Arizona. Served in Nez Perce Indian campaigns, 1878,
as major, Butte (Mont.) battalion; comm'r from Mont
to New Orleans Exp'n, 1884; nominated by Democrats
for U. S. senator, 1890, and claimed election, but was
denied seat; candidate for U. S. senator, 1898, and
elected; contest ensued at Washington, 'but before in-
vestigation concluded, resigned; elected by legislature
for term 1901-1907, U. S. senator, which he served
Mem. Am. Inst. Mech. Eng'rs, Chamber of Commerce,
N. Y. Hist. Soc, N. Y. Zool. Soc, N. Y. Botonical Gar-
dens. Clubs: Manhattan, N. Y. Yacht, Down Town
City, National Arts (N. Y. City); Silver Bow (Butte)!
Montana (Helena). Home: Butte, Mont Residence-
962 Fifth Av. Address: 20 Exchange PI., N. Y City.

Lawyer, editor, publisher; b. Lyons, Wayne Co N
Y.; s. William Clark (State senator from Wayne 'and
Cayuga Dist., 1S54-1S56) and Amelia R. (Heermans)
Clark; ed. Hamilton Ooll., 1865-1866; Union Coll 1866-
1S68, A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa, Ingham, Warner and
Essay Prizes, Prize speaker), 1868, A.M.- (Master's
oration), 1871; <m. Cortland, N. Y.. Dec 31 1S79 Helen
d. Rev. Thomas Street. ^D.D.; children: Antoinette h"
1881; Thomas Street, b. 1S84; Edward Heermans,' b.
1885; Helen, b. 1890. Admitted to bar, 1869; practised
until April 1, 1876: bought, 1876. Cortland (N Y)



Standard, a 'weekly newspaper, now a daily and semi-
weekly; now pres. Cortland Standard Printing Co.
Since 1903 also pres. Norwich (N. Y.) Publishing Co.,
publishing- Norwich Daily Sun and Chenango Semi-
weekly Telegraph. Mem. Assembly from Wayne Co.,
1875; now chm'n local B'd Mg'rs, State Normal and
Training Sch., Cortland N. Y. One of first Union Free
Sch. comm'rs of Cortland. Mem. Republican State
Com. under chairmanship of Chester A. Arthur, appt'd
Postmaster of Cortland, Feb. 23, 1911. Address- 31
Prospect St., Cortland, N. Y.


Jurist; b. Elgin, 111., Feb. 14, 1858; s. De Marcus and
Mary Ella (Walker) Clark; ed. Whitestown (N. Y.)
Sem., grad. 1S74; Hamilton Coll., A.B., 1878; m. Forest-
port, N. Y., Sept. 18. 1879, Hattie M. Hill. Began prac-
tice at Wayland, N. Y., 1879; served as dist. att'y of
Steuben County, 1893-1902; judge Steuben County
Court, 1902-1900; elected, 1906. on Rep. and Dem.
ticket, justice Supreme Court of N. Y., for Seventh
Mat., for term expiring Dec. 31, 1920. Also pres. First
Nat. Bank of Wayland. Address: Wayland, N. Y.


Capitalist; b. Ottawa, Can., Jan. 21, 1862; s. Thomas
Curtis and Susan Harriet (Smith) Clarke; grad. Har-
vard Coll., A.B., 1884; m. Feb. 10, 1890, Louisa Hall
Ward o-f N. Y. Pres. and dir. Lackawanna Steel Co.,
Brotherton Iron Mining Co., Buffington Water Co.,
Corsica Iron Co., E. Wheatfield Water Co., Ellsworth
Collieries Co., Ellsworth Coal Co., Franklin Iron Co.,
Hobart Iron Co., Lackawanna Coal & Coke Co., Lacka-
wanna Iron & Steel Co., Scranton Mining Co., South
Buffalo R'y Co., Sunday Lake Iron Co., Tilly Foster
Iron Mines, Lackawanna Steel Co. (of N. J.), Bonzano
Rail Joint Co., Nat. Bank of Ellsworth; v. -p. and dir.
Cornwall R. R. Co., OdanaJh Iron Co., Ont. Mining Co.,
Witherbee, Sherman & Co., Verona Mining Co.; dir.
Lake Erie Co., Negaunee Mine, Seneca Mining Co.,
Fidelity Bank of N. Y., Canada Rail Joint Co., Mem.
N. Y. Acad. Polit. Science, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social
Science, Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs, Ass'n Harvard
Eng'rs, Harvard Eng'ring Soc. N. Y., Nat. Geog. Soc,
Am. Iron & Steel Inst., Am. Ass'n for Testing Ma-
terials, Internat. Ass'n for Testing Materials, Nat.
Conservation Ass'n, Lincoln Memorial Road Ass'n,
Monmouth County Hist. Ass'n. Clubs: Metropolitan,
Century, Harvard, Riding, Railroad (N. Y.), Rumson
Country, Nat. Golf Links of America, Sealbright Lawn
Tennis and Cricket; Chicago (Chicago), Harvard
(Buffalo), A.D., Cambridge, Harvard Union, Har-
vard Varsity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Zeta Psi ana
Economic. Residence: Seabright, N. J. Address: 2
Rector St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Worcester, Mass., Feb. 8, 1874; s. Dr.
Henry F. and Mary E. (Davison) Clarke; descended
from earliest settlers of Plymouth and Mass. Bay
Colonies; ed. Harvard Univ.; m. Dec. 13, 1904, Isabelle
Lewis; children: Donald, b. April 17, 190S; Constance,
b. 1913. Admitted to Mass. Bar, 1895; practised law
in Boston, 1S95-1S97; removed to N. Y. City, 1897.
Mem. N. Y., Mass., Federal U. S. Pat. Office Bars, and
Bar of Supreme Court of U. S. Republican; mem. N.
Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Am.
Bar Ass'n Washington's Morristown Headquarters
Ass'n, N. J. Hist, Soc; Mason, 32; life mem. Harvard
Law Sch. Ass'n; v.-p. of Mass. Soc. in State of N. Y.,
mem. S. A. R. ; hon. mem. Nat. Geog. and Statis. Soc.
of Mexico. Clubs: Harvard, N. Y. Yacht, American
Kennel, Canoe Brook Country, Baltusrol Golf, N. J.
Auto. Address: Care Harvard Club, Paris, and 32
Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Albion, Orleans Co., 'N. Y.; s. Thomas S.
(late cashier Bank of Orleans, Albion, N. Y.) and
Caroline Isabella (Rathbun) Clarke; ed. private sch.
and Albion Acad., Albion, N. Y. ; m. Kingston, N. Y.,
Dec. 12, 1878, Mrs. Kate Wright Adams, d. late Chief
Justice William B. Wright of N. Y. State Court of
Appeals; one d. : Isabella Wright. In early life a
practical pharmacist, practising the profession at Al-
bion, Rochester and Kingston, N. Y. In active busi-
ness in Kingscon, N. Y., from 1S75-1896, when entrance
was made in banking. Now pres. and dir. Nat. Ulster
Co. Bank. Kingston. N. Y.; v.-p. and trustee Ulster Co.
Savings Inst., Kingston. N. Y.; pres. and dir. Chehoc-
ton Bridge Co., Hancock. N. Y. Independent; Episco-
palian. Mg'r and treas. City of Kingston Hosp., King-
ston, N. Y.j trustee Industrial Home, Kingston. N. Y..
treas. local branch State Charities Aid Ass'nr local
visitor by apptm't. Supreme Court. State of N. Y., to
Ulster Co. Almshouse and Kingston City Almshouse.

Clubs: Kingston (trustee and late pres.), Winnlsook
(Slide Mountain, N. Y.). Address: Kingston, Ulster
County, N. Y.


C'Vil eng'r; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 16, 1870; S.Robert
A. and Henrietta Maria (Calbraith) Clarke; grad. Pa.
State Coll., C.E.; m, Juniata County, Pa., Sept. 6, 1898,
Elizabeth Lloyd; children: George C, Jr., b. 1902; Eliza-
beth L, b. 1900. Entered construction dep't of Pa.
R. R. Co.; worked through various grades to that of
ass t eng'r, 1900. Had charge of constructing Union
Sta., Pittsburgh, and many changes of line and track
elevations between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Be-
came resident eng'r on Tunnel Line of Pa. R. R. into
N. Y. City, 1903, and had charge of preparation of site
for terminal, and construction of approaches of tun-
nels in Long Island. Chief eng'r and dir. Fraser Brace
& Co.; pres. Hydrolithic Water Proofing Co., Inc.; mem.
Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Beta Theta Pi fraternity;
Mason; dir. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, 1911-1914. Clubs:
Engineers (N. Y. City), Richmond Hill Ass'n. Resi-
dence: 531 Beech St., Richmond Hill. Address: 1328
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Cornetist, composer; b. Woburn, Mass., Sept. 12,
1867; s. William Horatio and Eliza Tufts (Richard-
son) Clarke; ed. in public schools; m. Feb. 7, 1S96 Lil-
lian Bell Hause. Was cornet soloist with Queen's
Own Rifle Reg't Band of Canada, then with Giknore's
Band, F. N. Innes' Band, Victor Herbert's 22d Reg't
Band, and 7th Reg't Band. N. Y. City, since then In
Sousa's Band, of which is now cornet soloist and ass't
conductor. Composer of orchestral music, etc. Ad-
dress: Care Sousa's Band, 1 W. 34th St., N. Y. City.


Business mg'r; 'b. Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 5, 1858;
s. David William and Louisa (Curtis) Clarke; ed. Tidi-
oute, Pa., Union Sch.; m. Tidioute, Pa., June 16 18S0,
Amni Brown; children: Mariamne, Howard Marcus,
Elizabeth. Bookkeeper, 1872-1SS0, Grandin Bros. Bank,
Tidioute, Pa.; mg'r lumber plant, Grandin Bros., Tidi-
oute, Pa., 1876-1884; cashier Tidioute & Titusville Pipe
Line, 1880-1884; sec, treas. and gen. mg'r Tidioute
Chair Co., Fredonia, N. Y., 1884-1899; and since 1905
pres. and mg'r M. M. Fenner Co.; sec, treas. and mg'r
1905-1906, pres., 1906, Dunkirk & Fredonia R. R. Co.;
sec.-treas., 1905-1906, pres., 1906, Fredonia Natural
Gas Light Co.; sec.-treas. and gen. sup't Chautauqua
Co. Ag'l Corp'n, Dunkirk, N. Y., 1901-1909 (still dir.),
trustee Western N. Y. Soc. for Protection of Homeless
and Dependent Children. Mem. Local B'd Mg'rs of
State Normal Sch., Fredonia, N. Y.. since 1906. Re-
publican (pres. Taft, Sherman and Hughes Club,
1908); Taft, Sherman and Hedges, 1912. Alternate
delegate to Rep. Nat. Conv., Chicago. 1908, delegate
Rep. State Conv., 1911. Episcopalian, senior warden,
1889-1S99, Ohrist Episcopal Ch., Tidioute, Pa.; vestry-
man, 1900-1909, Trinity Ch.. Fredonia, N. Y. ; sec. and
treas. State Normal Sch., Fredonia, N. Y., since 1908.
Clubs: Monday Literary (v.-p., 1903-1904, pres.. 1905);
Dunkirk-Fredonia Country; Citizens' (president. 1908-
1914). Address: Fredonia, N. Y.


Geologist; b. Canandaigua, N. Y., Apr. 15, 1857; s.
Noah Turner and Laura (Merrill) Clarke; grad. Can-
andaigua Acad., Amherst Coll., 1877. A.B. A.M., hon.
LL.D., Ph.D., Marburg Univ. D.Sc, Colgate Univ.; m.
Philadelphia, Pa., Fannie V. Bosler; one son: Noah T.,
b. 18S9. Instr. Canandaigua Acad., 1877-1880; instr.
Geology Amherst Coll., 1878-18S0; Utica (N. Y.) Acad.,
18S0-1S81; prof, geology and zoology. Smith Coll., 1881-
1S83; student at Gottingen, 1S83-1S85; lecturer Mass.
Agr. Coll., 1885; ass't N. Y. State paleontologist, 1888,
ass't geologist, 1893, N. Y. State paleontologist. 1898;
N. Y. State geologist and paleontologist, and dir. Sci-
ence and State Museum since 1904; prof, geology and
mineralogy, Rensjselaer Pdlv. Inst., Troy, N. Y. "since
1S94; sec. N. Y. State B'd of Geographic Names, 1913.
Mem. Nat. Acad., Am. Philos. Soc, fellow Geol. Soc. of
America, Paleontological Soc. (1st pres.), A.A.A.S.,
(fellow); Acad. Natural Science, Phila. (corr.), Brook-
lyn Inst. Arts & Sciences (corr.), Buffalo Soc Nat. Sci-
ences (corr.), Champlain Soc Toronto. Royal Soc. of
Sciences, Gottingen (corr.), Geol. Soc. of London (for-
eign corr.). Deutsche Geol. Gesellschaft. Geolog. Ver-
einigung, Paleontologische Gesellschaft, Soc. Mineral.
Imperiale. St. Petersburg, hon. mem. Geog. Soc. Que-
bec, Antiquarian Soc. Montreal. Mem. Canadian For-
estry Ass'n. N. Y. State Forestry Ass'n, Soc. Am. In-
dians, and many other organizations. Co-editor
American Geologist, Century Dictionary. Author of
many scientific and other books and papers, also
Heart of Gaspe (Macmillan). 1913. Recipient of Hay-



den gold medal for geol. research, 190S; Splndiaroff
prize of Internat. Congress of Geologists, 1910. Clubs:
Authors', London. Address. Education Bld'g, Albany.
N. Y.


Jurist; b. Florence, Italy (of Am. parents), April 3,
1S5U; s. I, Edwards and -Mary .Louise (Proctor) Clarke,
grad. Yale, B.A., 1878; m. Shrewsbury, N. J., June 2J.
1SS4, Sarah M. Parker; one son: Robert Parker, b.
May 2S, 1889. Admitted to bar, 1SS0; ass't U. S. att'y
Southern District, N. Y., 18S1-18S6; mem. law Arm
Hascall, Clarke & Van der Poel, 18S6-1S9B; ass't cor-
poration counsel in Mayor Strong's administration,
1S95-189S; counsel to Fallows' Com. of the Assembly
to investigate Surrogate's Court, 1899; counsel to
Mazet Com. of the Assembly to investigate N. Y. City
Gov't, 1S9U; appt'd by Gov. Roosevelt, Dec, 1900, justice
Supreme Court to fill a vacancy; elected Nov., 1901, for
full term; assigned to Appellate Division Supreme
Court for First Dep't, by Gov. Higgins, Oct., 19U5,
reassigned by Gov. Hughes, Oct., 1910. Republican.
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: Union League,
University, Yale, Manhattan, Larchmont Yacht, Re-
publican, 'West Side Republican. Address: 1 W. 81st
St., N. Y. City.


Editor, playwright, author; b. Kingstown, Ireland,
July 31, 1S46; resided in London, 1S5S-1867, entering
civil service there 1S63; resided in Paris, 1S67-1S6S;
came to U. S., 1S6S; on editorial staff of N. Y. Herald,
187U-1S83; mn'g editor N. Y. Journal, 1883-1895; editor
Criterion, N. Y., 1S9S-1900. On N. Y. Herald, 1902-1905;
chief of Publicity Dep't, Standard Oil Co., 1906-1913.
Author: Robert Emmet, a Tragedy; Malmorda, The
Fighting Race and other Ballads and poems; Cullivan,
1779; Heartsease (joint author); For Bonnie Prince
Charlie, Great Plumed Arrow, The First Violin, Lady
Godiva, The Prince of India. Clubs: Manhattan, Au-
thors, Catholic, N. Y. Press. Residence: 159 W. 95th.
St., N. Y. City.


Banker; b. X. Y. City, Feb. 21, 1871; s. Dumont and
Cornelia P. (Ellery) Clarke; ed. private sen., Engle-
wood, N. J., public sen., Dumont, N. J., Berkeley Sen.,
N. Y., Packard's Business Coll., N. Y*.; m. Dumont, N.
J., June 12, 1901, Florence Marguerite Kenzel; chil-
dren: Florence Marguerite, Lois Quantain. Entered
employ of Am. Exchange Nat. Bank, N. Y"., March 17,
1SS9; app't ass't cashier, 1901, v. -p. 190S, pres., 1910.
Dir. Am. Exchange Nat. Bank, Am. Locomotive Co., Fi-
delity & Casualty Co., N. Y. (mem. Loss and Claim
Com.), First Nat. Bank, Tenafly, N. J., Home Insure
ance Co., N. Y. (mem. Finance Com.), Hudson &
Manhattan R. R., Manhattan Beach Estates, Mercan-
tile Safe Deposit Co., Miss. River Levee Ass'n, Inc.,
N. Y. & Honduras Rosario Mining Co. (1st v. -p., mem.
Exec. Com.), Norfolk Southern R. R. Co., Pacific Bank,
S. Pearson & Son, Inc., John L. Roper Lumber Co.,
Norfolk, Va.; Swift & Co., Chicago, 111.; U. S. Mortgage
& Trust Co., U. S. Safe Deposit Co., N. Y. (mem. Exec.
Com.). Mem. Com. on Membership Xat. Currency
Ass'n, N. Y. City, chm'n Conf. Com., N. Y. Clearing
House, Exec. Com. Clearing House Section, Am. Bank-
ing Ass'n. Traveled in U. S. and Europe. Served In
Co. F, 7th Reg't, N.G.N.Y., 10 years; regimental adj.
71st Reg't, later capt. Co. E. Mem. Rifle Team State
of N. Y., 1900. Rode in bicycle races for Berkeley
and N. Y. Athletic Clubs, before entering business.
Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Acad, of Polit.
& Social Science, Phila. ; Chamber of Commerce, N. Y.;
Japan Soc, Junior Order United Am. Mechanics, Navy
League of U. S., Nat. Horse Show Ass'n of America,
Lt'd, N. E. Soc. in N. Y. City, Acad. Polit. Science in
N. Y. City, 7th Reg't Veterans' Ass'n. Recreations:
Golf, motoring. Clubs: Automobile of America, Deal
Golf and Country, Englewood Country, Lotos, Metro-
politan, N. Y. Athletic, Railroad (mem. B'd of Govs.),
Recess, Rumson Country, St. Andrew's Golf, Sleepy
Hollow Country, Touring of America, Union League.
Residence: 32 E. 64th St. Address: 128 Broadway,
N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 1859; s. Dr. Noah
T. and Laura Mason (Merrill) Clarke; ed. Canandaigua
Acad.; Amherst Coll., A.B., 1880, D.D.; grad. Auburn
Theol. Sem., 1885; m. Grand Rapids, Mich., 1885, Maude
Fowler. Ordained 1885; pastor 1st Presby'n Ch., Wol-
cott, N. Y., 1885-1889; Park Central Presby'n Ch., Syra-
cuse, 1889-1897; 1st Presby'n Ch., Brooklyn, since
1897. Pres. Council, Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences;

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